Waiting For You: Melbourne’s Anna Leeworthy wonders if this love is truly worth the noise on ‘Sirens’

As she cutely daydreams about those beautiful eyes that makes her heart flutter like an innocent bird, Anna Leeworthy wishes that her true love would actually make that extra bit of effort to hold out the rope so they could be tied together as one on ‘Sirens‘.

Anna Leeworthy is a hugely talented indie alt Pop/RnB singer-songwriter who is based in creative Melbourne, Australia. She has such a pure voice and sings with that real love and genuine affection, which is often missing in this forget-quick kind of world.

Anna’s emotions are accessible like an open wound to hopefully resonate with any young women out there looking for signs that they’re maybe, not alone.” ~ Anna Leeworthy

Sirens‘ from the inspiring Melbourne, Australia-based alt Pop/RnB solo artist Anna Leeworthy, shows us a determined woman who is on a quest to seek her true lover. She wants to know if it is all actually worth the effort, or if she should move onto another love path completely.

Made with a courageous energy and packed full of beautiful vocals that are easy to truly admire, this is a find-your-soul-compass type single which will have you gazing into the sky above, as you wonder deeply who your soulmate actually is.

Hear this wonderful new single from a truly exquisite artist on her Spotify and uplift into her world on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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