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Naanie – More: Urban Attitude Doesn’t Get Much Sweeter Than This

Up and coming Boston recording artist Naanie’s single More is perhaps one of the sweetest attitude-soaked tracks I’ve heard this summer. The track may have been released three years ago, yet it’s as contemporary and fresh as any other 2018 release, it also proves that Naanie shouldn’t hesitate to get back to the studio to create some more sultry tentative beats that carry a pure soulful vibe.

Her vocal range is absolutely awe inspiring, her ability to stretch notes without the slightest quiver is intoxicating. Even though that More is steeped in female empowerment, the groove of the R&B beat makes the track perfect for all genders to enjoy. Pair that with the visceral harmony that pours from emerging artist’s vocals and you’ve got one hell of a track.

I can’t help but be excited imaging how polished Naanie will be on her aural return.

You can check out Naanie’s single More for yourselves by heading on over to SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast


N’DRE – Louder: Transatlantic Transient R&B

Louder is the second single released by the up and coming R&B Soul recording artist N’DRE. If you’re looking for an artist with the capability of carrying R&B into the 21st century look no further.

The rhythm to Louder still carries that same sultry groove of any self-resecting R&B track, yet the signature R&B beat has been reinvented to incorporate a fresh new Trap energy that helps to amplify the emotion that N’DRE pours into the mic alongside his romantically sweet lyrics.

The Mediteranian born London, UK dwelling artist has put to use his experience of diverse landscapes by creating a sound that carries the essence of them both alongside the songwriter’s myriad of other influences. The passion fuelling N’DRE’s sound is his desire to create an accessible sound in which we can all share in the euphoric high-vibe notes and melodies which are amplified by his soaring vocal style.

You can check out N’DRE’s latest single Louder out for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


K.O.G – Deny It: Sensually Fresh R&B Soul

There’s something delectably raw about K.O.G’s latest single Deny It which was released on June 21st, 2018.

With a lucid mix of Trap, Soul and R&B the track unfolds as an upbeat yet paradoxically cathartic hit which is packed with plenty of tentatively paced melodies which are all too inviting to slip into. There is little in the way I could offer as criticism to the up and coming artist, Deny It stands as testament to K.O.G’s rhythmic flow and ability to create a high fire beat which unfolds around acoustic and digital instruments. When Deny It get’s to the chorus, I’m sure K.O.G won’t mind me saying that it get’s a little hot. His sensual vocal style kicks into full effect around his Rap bars to create a holistically sweet track

Whichever urban soundscape that you are most inclined to listen to, I can guarantee everyone will find K.O.G’s track accessible. The weaving of genre’s gave the track a quintessence which isn’t all too easy to find on the soundwaves today.

You can check out K.O.G’s latest single Deny It for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Roman Blue III – Darker: Romantically Gritty R&B

It’s not often you’re treated to such a deep pool of pensivity within an R&B & Soul track, yet, Roman Blue III is no ordinary urban artist. He uses his tentatively slow and immersive vocal styling to draw you into a track which is brought to life around romantically gritty lyrics. The beat was kept alive by the reverb from the meandering of the bleeding synths with the occasional trickle and smack from the 808’s. If you’re looking for a lucid hit, you really couldn’t go far wrong with Darker.

Of course, there was no forgetting Roman Blue III from his release of ‘Stone Cold Beauty’ earlier this year, but it’s clear that with his latest release his soundscapes have become more intrinsically dark than ever before. Everyone needs a soundtrack to their melancholy, and now you have a blissfully resonant one steeped in urban ambience thanks to Roman Blue III. T

If you like your R&B & Soul as raw as it comes you can check out Darker which was released in July 2018 for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

To connect with Roman, head on over to his Facebook page and keep up to date with all of his latest releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


NinaReed – Hot Coco: Ambient Transience Entwined with Urban Groove

NinaReed’s sound isn’t one that’s easily forgotten. After discovering her ground-breaking single Fire which dropped earlier this year I’ve been gripped in anticipation to hear her next release of experimentally cathartic soundscapes. And sure enough by mixing an urban groove with ambient transience NinaReed has created yet another blinding single with Hot Coco.

With one of the most harmonious Trap melodies I’ve heard unfold, the track progresses with NinaReed’s voice in perfect rhythm with the beat. Waves of reverb sat atop of the beat to create a lucidly alchemic feel that stands as testament to the emerging artists talent. Her vocals were smooth, yet ethereally piercing at the same time. While you slip into the Soulful instrumentals the lyrics are more than enough to keep hold of your attention, the narrative styling of the lyrics fed even more energy into the rapturously laid-back beat.

You can check out NinaReed’s latest single which dropped in July 2018 on SoundCloud now

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jacobi – That’s What I See: The New Wave of R&B Has Arrived

With his latest single ‘That’s What I See’ up and coming urban Pop artist Jacobi put a fresh spin on R&B. From start to finish his single is euphorically polished. The sound weaves through a fluid progression to provide an unpredictably gripping track which is soaked in sweet, romantic vibes.

Whilst romantic R&B tracks aren’t all that hard to come across, there’s something conceptually beautiful about Jacobi’s approach. Perhaps it had a little to do with the sun-soaked anthemic reverb from the synth, the playful approach to the tracks arrangements, or the immersive drops curtesy of the 808 beats.  Either way, I’m gripped and I can’t wait to hear what Jacobi cooks up next.  With his strong yet sweet vocal ability and commitment to solid production I wouldn’t say it’s likely that this will be the last you hear from Jacobi.

You can check out Jacobi’s latest single That’s What I See out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Capital P – High for This: EDM-Inspired R&B

If you like you R&B EDM-inspired and a little on the ambient side, you’re going to adore the softly hyped soundscape of Capital P’s latest single High for This.

The intro to the track orchestrated by the deftly skilful German artist kicks off at a tentative pace and seamlessly slides into a melodic synth-driven mix with just the perfect pinch of reverb by the time you get to the bridge. The track may run at a slower pace to your average R&B track, but the amount of harmony which is weaved into the multi-layered beat is more than enough to sink your teeth into. There are no dramatic drops or offerings of unrestrained vocals, High for This was just an offering of pure R&B Soul which is an absolute pleasure to slip into.

High for This was also the perfect testament to Capital P’s vocal ability; there aren’t many R&B crooners who could keep that same sonorously sensual rhythm right the way through the track. You can check out Capital P’s latest single which dropped July 20th, 2018 on SoundCloud now, you can also head on over to their official website for more.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Reed Willy – You Think; R&B Soul Fit for This Century

Reed Willy’s latest track You Think has successfully brought R&B & Soul into this decade, whilst may other artists are still trying to revive the tired old R Kelly vibes Reed Willy has taken his sound in a completely different direction.

Reed Willy is to the R&B genre what New Wave Trap is to the Rap scene, his playful approach which is steeped with high-vibe polyphonic melodies is infectious and up-beat bounce. You Think contains all the funk and groove that you’d expect from any Jazz track, yet Reed Willy’s urban charisma creates something else entirely. The lyricism is as sweet as it is genius and as for his vocals, they’re just the cherry on the cake to the stellar release of ‘You Think’ which dropped in July 2018. If you’re expecting the same old tired crooning you’re in for a disappointment, Reed Willy constantly switches up the momentum of the vocals, going from melodic Rap bars that run like pure poetry to soulful soaring harmonies.

You can check out Reed Willy’s latest R&B & Soul track for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Lee Clark Allen – Religion: Jazz-Inspired, Soul-Driven R&B

If you like your R&B infectiously funk-addled, you might want to turn your attention to Lee Clark Allen’s Jazz inspired latest smash hit of a single Religion. It’s even made me feel a little pious.

As soon as you hit play, you can expect your speakers to blast high-octane sensual Soul which has been brought to life by the Denver based Jazz Blues artist who uses key elements from multiple genres to create something truly prodigal yet simultaneously timeless.

The concordant synergy is palpable from the instrumentals -deconstructing the arrangements almost seems criminal when the overall harmony is that ethereal. From an R&B artist you’d expect viscerally inviting vocals, which is exactly what you get from Lee Clark Allen; his upbeat, passionate vocal delivery won’t fail to leave you in awe of his charismatic vocal prowess which floats above the instrumentals.

You can check out Lee Clark Allen’s latest single Religion which was released July 17th by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dolce – Concept Distort; R&B Reverberant Bliss

Concept Distort is a R&B Soul track like no other and stands as testament to up and coming artist Dolce’s clearly deft command when it comes to lacing reverberant ambient bliss into his urban soundscapes.

The track may only be 2:26 minutes long, but the catharsis contained within the short progression of Concept Distort is sure to stay with you for long after the track fades out. The Lo Fi recording quality of the Chill Hop mix further amplifies the brevity of the organic emotion and motivation behind this lucidly ethereal soundscape which is left with an air of mystery thanks to the multi-lingual lyrics. Yet, the lyrics which I could decipher were melancholically soulful and served as a pensive tonic perfect to ingest when you’re looking for an aural escape. The carefully orchestrated resonance bleeds through the track to create one of the best down-tempo mixes I have heard this year. To learn that Concept Distort was created using a home studio further adds to the awe of Dolce’s resounding talent. I’d prepare to hear A LOT more from this prodigal son of R&B & Soul.

You can check out Dolce’s latest single Concept Distort which will almost certainly go viral for its melodically sensuous nature by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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