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Broken Heart: J-Desir keeps on ‘Searching’ to be with his true soulmate

With a caring tone that shows evidently that he shall never give up on who he truly desires, J-Desir drops the delightful visuals for this romantic story which is all about realizing that you can never understand her, but will always be there for her when she needs you on ‘Searching‘.

OG Josh aka J-Desir, is a talented RnB/hip-hop artist from South Florida in the USA. He cleverly constructs that loving sound that sweeps you off your feet and has you reaching for those dusty candles, to dim the flashing lights of this harshly lit world.

Music is not my passion or my hobby, music is my life! I am a creator I was made to create“. – J.Desir

The visuals are clear and concise, you easily see his passion towards her as he hopes that she will indeed forget the other guy and join him hand in hand again. His voice is smooth and full of animation on his bearded face, as he wishes that things could be simpler than they appear right now.

Searching‘ from the stylish South Florida hip-hop/RnB artist J-Desir, shows us a man on a mission to be with that sweet woman who he really wants to spend all of his spare time with. He knows that she wondered away for a while to see what what out there, but in his deepest heart he knows that they will end up being together.

Sometimes you can wait forever, or it will happen sooner than you think. Such is the unpredictable game of love after all.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out his IG music channel for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Think About You: Emerging Texas artist Black Pat can’t get her out of his mind on ‘Lying’ (ft. Sekend)

Released off his exciting debut eight-track album called ‘Never Mind‘, Black Pat can’t stop daydreaming about her all day on his top notch new single that will have you smiling broadly on ‘Lying(ft. Sekend).

Black Pat is a fast-rising-to-the-top DeSoto, Texas-born hip-hop/RnB artist. He makes that honest music vibration that sends a positive aura out to the world to embrace.

This is the sweetly cooked story of how two people care for each other so much, and want to be in each others arms. The timing might not be the best – but if you want it to happen – it definitely will.

The raps are polished and full of effortless charm, with glassy vocals that are rather fresh and full of love. You feel that this is a track that you could just vibe with, when you are thinking about that special human in your life.

Lying(ft. Sekend) from the tremendously soulful Texas rapper Black Pat, is a chilled song that shows you inside his racing mind. He wants nothing more to be with her and for nothing else to be a possibility. With a clean beat and a bag full of refreshing lyrics to sooth your worries away, this a smoothly cut song that deserves to be on your repeat.

Stream this awesome new track on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stormin’⚡️Norman gives us a shot of ‘Novacane’ in his latest single

RnB pop takes a dark turn in Boston, New York-born rap artist Stormin’⚡️Norman’s single, Novacane, taken from his debut EP Before I Go. The single poignantly shines a light on the despair that the loss of love can bring broiling to the surface as the cold chilling tones mimic the emptiness of a noted absence.

Starting with a delicate yet cavernous intro, Novacane hooks you in from the atmospheric prelude; when Stormin’⚡️Norman starts to lay down his authentic RnB pop vocals around the hip hop beats, you’ll already be hooked, allowing everything that follows to hit with bruising impact.

Since making his debut in 2020, he has garnered over 11k monthly listeners on Spotify alone. His ability to connect with his fans through candid lyrics and evocative mixes is sure to see him go even further in 2021 and beyond.

Novacane is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Cache-Cache pulls back the curtain in their soul-funk single, ‘Pantomime’, featuring Alice Grace and Ken Masters.

‘Pantomime’ is the latest quirky, jazz-instilled RnB soul track from the up and coming alternative North-East based ensemble, Cache-Cache; an artist quickly becoming renowned for their quintessentially eclectic sound. It’s theatrical without feeling novel or pretentious, thanks to the playful sense of accessibility behind the grooves that were made to melt into.

You’d probably need a serious concussion to forget the lyrical hook-filled chorus. After Pantomime has demonstrated its earworm potential, the grimy, gritty, almost nu-metal-style rap bars allow the track to take a tectonic shift in tone, leaving you even more immersed in the colourful melodies.

Pantomime is due for release on June 4th; you can check it out via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Oso brings in the new wave of summer RnB with his latest single, ‘Over the Moon’, featuring Eric Bellinger.

Joe Amoroso, AKA Oso, is a Queens, New York-residing RnB artist bringing the genre into the 21st-century with his crossover beats and old school RnB grooves.

His new material features multi-platinum artists and a multi-platinum feel, the perfect introduction to his slick and affectionate style is his single, ‘Over the Moon’, featuring Eric Bellinger. It’s a high-vibe salacious vignette of contemporary culture told through lush harmonised vocals and unpredictably galvanising beats.

Oso may have some tough competition in the New York RnB scene, but he’s well on his way to reaching the same heights as Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys and Mario. Get him on your radar.

You can check out the official music video that premiered on May 27th by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Survival Mode: East London’s Sarah Isabella is honestly exquisite on ‘Pressure’ (feat. Tolu Shorts)

As she curiously wraps her head around the past, present and what the future holds in a sometimes bleak world around us, Sarah Isabella is quite simply incredible with a single that is so relatable to so many on ‘Pressure‘.

Sarah Isabella is an exceptionally gifted indie RnB/jazz and hip-hop fused singer-songwriter from East London in England. She brings onboard the top class production of Tolu Shorts for this one – which will have you lighting up the healing candles in your room – to importantly meditate those bad vibes out of your body for good.

For those sleepless nights, repetitive days, consuming self doubts and compressing unrealistic self expectations – ‘Pressure’ is my honest ode to all the moments spent feeling trapped and lost over these last couple years.” – Sarah Isabella

Her stunning vocals transforms your fragile emotions and has you closing your tired eyes to filter out all the negative thoughts and undesirable energy fields, that need to be closed off like a dusty tap.

The production and accompanying instrumentals are so classy and cool, as the song fills you up with sadness but shows you where to go so you may be free again, and unshackle your deepest thoughts from the wholesome treasures that awaits you.

Pressure(feat. Tolu Shorts) from the sumptuously talented East London, UK singer Sarah Isabella, is a true story about how things that happen in the world and with your life can really cause you to overthink and start to doubt yourself. You feel like you are being weighed down by a ton of bricks and can’t escape – when all you need is a change of scenery and perspective – to feel alive inside your precious soul again.

Flicking the inner switch from survival to winning mode is possible, if you open yourself up to the possibilities which are awaiting your eyes to see.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see her stunning visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

They Can Take A Bite: Prodigious Vancouver-based singer Sofia Evangelina shows so much bravery on the astonishingly exceptional ‘Endure’

With a powerfully elegant vocal ability that might cause your heart to pulsate a bit quicker than before, Sofia Evangelina fights through the darkly-lit carnage with a new single that will have you shaking with admiration on ‘Endure‘.

Sofia Evangelina is a fully focused, multi-award-winning, teen indie RnB/pop singer-songwriter and actress from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. She makes that inspiring music, with a superb presentation, that has a real message and is combined with crisp production and stunning vocals.

This is the heroic message about staying strong no matter what, as you need to have the courage to face life-altering moments that scare you, hurt you, and make you question who you are inside. The fight to dig yourself out of those dreadful circumstances will harden you up and make you a true survivor, who will never (ever) let anyone claw at you undesirably again and take your glowing shine away.

You feel her spirit getting stronger as her stunning song goes deeper in – her tremendous story is so striking and has your breath taken away for a few moments – as you get lost with her, you close your eyes to fully understand her story of taking on the horrible beasts and succeeding like a valorous Lioness.

Endure‘ from the outstanding and highly-motivated Vancouver-based RnB/pop artist Sofia Evangelina, is one of the best vocal performances of the year so far, as she sings with such fight and desire. The wolves may have circled her before but she made it out stronger – and brings us a truly glorious song that should inspire us all to reach our dreams – no matter what or who is biting at us. The scars will heal, if you want to win enough.

Stream this excellent new single on Spotify and see more of her stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Don’t Need To Match Them: South London singer Salliefoyeh urges us to see our own fire on the sumptuous ‘Young Dreamer’ (Look Inside) (feat. The K. Collective)

Powered by The K. Collective, Salliefoyeh has our hearts in a real spin of delight with her latest single all about being where you need to be on ‘Young Dreamer(Look Inside).

Salliefoyeh is a classy British-Malaysian-Nigerian, South London-based indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter and writer. Influenced by legends such as Lauryn Hill and Corinne Bailey Rae, you feel her terrific tone form a real daydream all of your body, as you just sit back and take each word in.

This is the lovely story about firing that fire inside yourself as you are actually special, no matter what else anyone says or does to bring you down. The key is to always dream brightly and to never forget that you can be whoever you want to be, if you believe it enough and stay grounded always.

You feel her smooth voice shine through so brightly, just like after the rain has fallen and the summer sky powers through. The production is first-class and stamps a happy face all of your dial, the combination is a breath of fresh air that feel so right.

Young Dreamer(Look Inside) (feat. The K. Collective) from the wonderfully sultry South London RnB starlet Salliefoyeh, shows us into the mind of a confident young artist who has that inner imagination that you just can’t teach. She sings with such an inspirational style and reminds us that we are actually exactly where we need to be right now. Free your mind and be yourself is the way forward, not comparing yourself with anything or anyone else.

Stream this electric new single on Spotify and see more via her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Moving On: London’s Tana tries to brush off the past and slide freshly into the now with ‘Bad Habits’ (Keep On Coming)

With a gripping style that has you listening twice as its that nice, Tana warms up steamy with her new lover after being left in the cold too many times with her ex on ‘Bad Habits(Keep On Coming).

Tana is a sensationally talented half Italian and Nigerian, London, England-based indie RnB singer-songwriter. She sings fluidly with such flair and fuses some trap and electric guitar elements in this one, to make a track that certainly has your mind alive.

Her rich and diverse views on gay culture, have strongly influenced her musical and personal journey. Tana’s music is unapologetic, revolutionary, and liberating.” – Tana 

This is the story of being in a new relationship and soon realizing that you are actually taking some of the bad habits into this new adventure. You want to grown and start again — so choose to be self-aware and to work on yourself — so that you aren’t bogging down a new start with old rubbish, that needs to be cleared out into the trash forever.

Bad Habits(Keep On Coming) from London, England-based multi-skilled indie RnB singer-songwriter Tana, is a truthful single that speaks up on issues that plague so many. You want to move on but feel like your ex still has a pesky hold on you, even if you want to rid yourself of their memory and toxic claws. This is a song to play loud as it will inspire you to close the door on the past memory, so that you can give your new love the best chance possible to succeed.

Hear this striking new single on Spotify and follow her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Holly Santonato – Wildfires featuring Mona: Empoweringly Affectionate RnB

Two RnB soul luminaries in their own right, Holly Santonato and Mona, teamed up for the collaborative single, ‘Wildfires’; a serious contender for the most stylish RnB track of the year.

The release flows with the change in the tide of contemporary RnB; between the affectionate and amorous tropes, you’ll get to explore the darker, far more insidious side to love. This multi-faceted track is steeped in enough realism that it will simultaneously remind you of the importance of knowing your worth and how sweet it can be to utterly surrender to another soul. It’s a stunning extension of the ‘playing with fire always leaves your fingers burned’ motif that perpetuates through contemporary culture.

With the distinctively soulful dual vocals pulling together to offer plenty of collaborative chemistry over melodic downtempo trap beats, it’s impossible not to fall into the serene and sultry atmosphere in Wildfires.

Whether they’re working together or solo, we hope to hear more from Holly and Mona in 2021 and beyond.

You can check it out for yourselves by heading over here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast