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Roman Blue III – Stone Cold Beauty: A Mix of Resoundingly Ethereal R&B Riddled With Melancholy

Even if you don’t consider yourself a R&B & Soul fan, I find it impossible to believe there’s anyone out there that wouldn’t be won over by Roman Blue III’s latest track Stone Cold Beauty which was released in March 2018. As the waves of rhythmic melancholy crash against your eardrums it’s hard not to get caught up in the hauntingly ethereal vibes of the track.

The smash of the trap beat fits around Roman’s subtle vocal style, the artist dubbed Stone Cold Beauty as ‘just another sad love story’, the fact that such an unfathomably talented artist can remain humble is almost baffling. If you could imagine an urban twist to bands such as London Grammar or Interpol, you can get a sense of how resoundingly beautiful Roman Blue III’s sound is. Normally artists that centre their sound on sadness can quickly start to grate on me, yet Roman’s music is definitely an exception to that rule.

You can check out Stone Cold Beauty on SoundCloud now, follow Roman on Facebook to keep up to date with his new releases. I’ve got a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more from the frankly beautiful artist.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


TashonSaquan – Noir

Up and coming artist,  TashonSaquan  penned down a colorful rhymes on rolling wheels.

There’s definitely something particularly earth shattering here – we’ve heard this subject broached in countless indie pop songs, naturally – but what is earth shaking, instead, is how this artist takes the familiar and revitalizes it for his audience through the sheer force of skill and personality.

It’s truly invigorating to hear the vocals of the artist as well. The swing pace of Noir was carried off by the artist’s smooth vocals with exceptional skill.

Everything comes off with great naturalness and consideration – the drum bass beat, in particular, mixes strong chord work with glittering melodic lines.

The chorus is the song’s unquestioned musical high point.

There’s never any sense of throwback or pastiche pervading this track; it has a biting current sound that touches on tropes that will immediately click for both casual and longtime listeners.

I really enjoyed the simplicity of the song as it helped the listeners focus on the actual song which I must say is pretty good & catchy. Noir definitely features catchy lyrics & beat that mesh with the artists voice perfectly.

I highly suggest checking out the music as it is a definite must add to your playlist!


Silver Screens – Love the Way: The Ultimate R&B Mash Up Track

Listing to Silver Screens latest collaborative track Love the Way was as comfortable as coming home and putting on your favourite sweater. The R&B & Soul track may not be overly pioneering, yet it can’t be said that the track didn’t have charm.

Silver Screens teamed up with Philip Wild, Jess Clark & Chris O to create progressive track complete with organ grinding and some of the harshest Trap beats I’ve heard in along time. The switch up from the vocalists creates an unpredictable flow to Love the Way which was first released April 4th, 2018. The rap verses in the track were undeniably the most immersive element, sure it’s nice to hear a bit of R&B crooning, yet in 2018, there’s not much fresh ‘romantic’ material that R&B crooners can bring to the table. That said with Silver Screens vocals paired up with the rest of the stunning effects, you can hardly dispute that it doesn’t make for a resounding sound.

You can check out Silver Screens latest track Love the Way ft. Philip Wild, Jess Clark and Chris O on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Tilde – I Think I Made You Up in My Head: Organically Orchestrated Indie Soul Pop

I Think I Made You Up in My Head is the latest single from Indie Pop Rock sensation Tilde; A Swedish/British singer songwriter who first started to record her sensually electric sounds at the age of 19. Over the course of her musical career, she’s taken the time to perfect and mature her style to create one of the most hauntingly raw Pop tracks I may have ever heard. It takes guts to put a track as beautifully honest as I Think I Made You Up in My Head out there, and I fully applaud Tilde for her bravery. The beat behind the track was like nothing I have ever heard before. The upbeat strumming combined with the complexity of the bassline creates a truly unique aural experience that any fans of Kate Nash, London Grammar, Florence and the Machine and Lily Allen will definitely appreciate.

I Think I Made You Up in My Head was released April 6th, 2018 is now available to stream via Spotify.

Make sure to follow Tilde, her second single will be released later in May, fans will also have an album to look forward to this autumn.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Elias Burbick – Belongs to Me ft. Thornberry Jerry: A Soulful 21st Century Love Story

If you’re on the hunt for a sensual new R&B & Soul track, you can’t go far wrong with Elias Burbick’s latest track Belongs to Me ft. Thornberry Jerry. Their latest single pertains all of the romanticism that you’d expect from the genre and then some. The switch up between lyrical style creates a progressive element to the track never giving you a moment to get bored as you soak in the funk and groove of the bassline, the tantalisingly numbing affect of the Trap style beats and the soul that’s being projected through the mic. The lyrics to the track paint a gritty, yet sultry narrative for you to follow as you get lost in the multi-layered high-vibe blissful track.

Belongs to Me was just one of the standout tracks from Burbick’s 2017 6-track EP ‘Love Lessons’. I definitely learnt a thing or two by checking it out.

If that sounds up your street, you can check out Belongs to Me on SoundCloud now, I can guarantee fans of Chris Brown, Post Malone and Eric Bellinger will not be disappointed.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Lamar the Creation – King Forever: Bringing the Romanticism Back to R&B

If you like your R&B mixes sweet and sensual, you really can’t go far wrong with Lamar The Creations debut track King Forever which was first dropped July 2017. His solid beat his steeped in timeless romanticism that resonates succinctly against his smooth and almost bewitching vocals. The swirling progressions of sound create a stunningly sweet soundscape which is fairly typical of the R&B Soul lothario’s iconic style. Whilst the Chicago Illinois artist isn’t offering anything particularly pioneering with his singles such as King Forever off his debut EP which was released on February 13th, 2018, the familiarity of the sound provides a soothing, familiar sound that wouldn’t go a miss on your down-tempo playlists. The high fidelity sound quality stands as testament to Lamar the Creations ability as an audio engineer, although I can’t help but think a more amped up sound with more personability behind the lyrics wouldn’t go a miss.

You can check out the official music video to King Forever on YouTube now

Keep up to date with Lamar the Creations latest drops on Faceook

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Seeking Attention In The Most Understated Way

For an artist who has chosen the title Attention, this track runs fairly underneath most peoples sonic radar. If you like music which is obvious and bombastic, which panders to the more run of the mill pop urges then this is not for you. If however you want a lesson in emotive minimalism, soulful deliveries and slow burning majesty then I can think of nothing better.

Purpose runs on gentle piano and the most wonderfully vulnerable male voice you have heard in a long time. And even through the song adds textures and layers as it moves from this musical starting point it still manages to retain a smoke like quality, a restraint and an understated deftness. And that is the clever thing, when you break the song down there is a lot going on, distance vocals are just on the edge earshot, pianos play with more atmospheric space than actual notes, beats are intermittent but confident and musical layers wash gently into each other. But it still contains enough room and musical separation that you could drive a bus through the middle of the song and not disturb a single thing. Very clever indeed.


Limit – Red Roses: There’s a Soulful R&B Chill In The Air

Red Roses is the latest R&B & Soul chilled-out vibe from one of the fastest rising stars in the underground Urban arena. Fresh faced soulful singer-songwriter Limit may just have achieved perfection with his debut which was put out at the beginning of 2018. The absolutely ingenious lyrics rest against the chilled-out vibe that Limit has orchestrated with a little help from producer Aamon. Red Roses bleeds pure sentimentality, so even if you’re flying solo, you won’t be able to resist falling for Limit’s timelessly deep sound that he’s brought into a new arena. Limit is definitely going to be of appeal to the millennial crowd with previous singles such as ‘Netflix and Chill’ and ‘Drunk Text’.  The narratives to all of his tracks are sweetly resonant, you just can’t help but be overwhelmed by the sound thanks to all the clear cut beats and passionate vocal delivery.

You can check out Limit’s debut hit Red Roses on Soundcloud along with all other major streaming platforms.

Keep up to date with all Limit’s new releases & tour information by giving him a follow on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Brae Leni – Fine with Me: Soulfully High-Vibe Rhythmic RnB

It’s probably safe to say if you were a fan of Pharrell Williams 2013 hit Happy, you’re going to love lyricist & producer Brae Leni’s latest track Fine with Me. The Little Rock, Arkansas based artist has gained quite the following with his uniquely enigmatic rhythmically soulful sound. It would probably be a different story if ‘Fine with Me’ was written by a woman, perhaps the irony was riddled into the track? Who knows. But Fine with Me is an upbeat track that’s almost a little too upbeat. I totally get that good vibes need to be put out on their air waves, yet, I can’t help but mourn the lack of substance behind the lyrics to the track. But there’s no doubting the decadence behind the contemporary rhythmically RnB soul track that is guaranteed to move you even if the lyrics don’t.

Check out the official music video to Brae Leni’s latest mix Fine with Me on YouTube

Head on over to Facebook to stay up to date with Brae Leni’s new projects.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Justice Armor – Addicted: A Cacophony of Melodic R&B

Addicted is the brand new soulful R&B hit from New Jersey, US Urban sensation Justice Armor. The pop style down-tempo track has had the Pop RnB style production which creates a seamless sound and allows Justice Armor’s vocals to float neatly on top of the harmony created by the minimalistic beat.  Addicted is a song that can be enjoyed by R&B and Ambient fans alike. It serves up some of the best down-time atmospheric experiences that we’ve heard this year. The quintessentially cute romanticism that’s poured into this track is tangible, even between the space in the beats the momentum is never lost in this highly resonant track. It’s safe to say with Addicted Justice Armour created a pioneering sound that lays somewhere between Trap, Ambient and R&B. If you check out one unsigned urban artist this year, make it Justice Armor.

You can check out his latest track on SoundCloud using the link below:

Connect with Justice on Twitter & keep up to date with all his latest hits.

Or check out his stunning video’s! Don’t forget to subscribe to his channel.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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