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There are some artists that command an infinite amount of admiration and respect through their music. SAMIERE with her humble demeanour is one of those artists. Her latest hit PRSPCTV featuring and produced by Femdouble is the epitome of an R&B & Soul masterpiece, SAMIERE is an artist that never disappoints with her natural harmonious lyrical abilities which she wraps around the sweet rattle and snare of the drum machine.

When the beat drops, you’re almost certainly going to fall a little bit in love with SAMERE. It’s almost a shame for the artist to put effects over her naturally empyreal voice, but it wraps up the track into the perfect package for fans of mid-tempo R&B to soak up.  I’m in love with SAMIERE’s sound and all she stands for. The profits of her latest EP ‘Moments’ go to help victims and survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Which you can download via iTunes here:

You can check out SAMIERE’S fresh new track PRSPCTV on SoundCloud using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Matt Brown – Mona Lisa: A Pious Piano Production To Unwind With

Matt Brown has just released his latest awe inspiringly poignant piano piece Mona Lisa, featuring the timeless talent of Rudy Brown, Jr. With a strong R&B Soul influence and a little bit of jazz thrown in there for good measure, the track unwinds through an immersive flow of tentatively caressed piano keys against one of the sweetest voices I’ve heard, in well, I can’t remember.

There’s a ring of innocence within the track, which is definitely a rarity to come across, the resounding sound grounds you into the romanticism of the song. The Brunswick, New Jersey based composer has been making music for over 6 years, dabbling each genre, until with his Jazz/R&B mash up he found his uniquely spectacular sound. Listening to his composition of R. Kelly’s ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ took me back, if an artist can smash that piece, then they deserve the upmost respect in my book.

The list of Matt Brown’s influences seems to go on forever, from My Chemical Romance to BB King, Portishead to Slick Rick, they all play a part in the delectable making of Matt Brown as a pioneering artist who can tackle pretty much anything he sets his mind to, from remixes, to original scores, mix tapes and covers. I have a feeling this won’t be the last we see from Matt Brown in the future!

Check out the fresh new track Mona Lisa on SoundCloud using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


MarcoAntonio – You Were: Paralysing Downtempo Jazz R&B

MarcoAntonio dropped his sweet collaboration back in 2017, it’s a sound that we still can’t get enough of. The R&B beat master from Canberra, Australia has an eclectic mix of sounds in his back catalogue, however none of his R&B & Soul mixes ring as sweetly as his last debut track ‘You Were’, the heavy bassline and stomach churning drops make the track more of an experience, than merely just an audio pleasure.

I’m really stoked to hear what MarcoAntonio has in store for 2018 with his wide array of talents and ability to polish beats to perfection. The slick styling of You Were Is ultimately what gives the track it’s rippling prowess, although there’s no notable mention to the female vocalist, she deserves the upmost respect for bringing this track alive and putting the soul into the soulful mix the track set out to be. If you’re a down-tempo fan, that isn’t averse to a few jazz jingles, I highly recommend adding this track to your chilled out playlist. The urban vibes are truly nothing like I have ever heard before

You can check out You Were by using the SoundCloud link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


RXCH – Like You (Feat. Seiairah Page) Raw, Relatable R&B

RXCH (Javon Mitchell) teamed up with Seiairah Page to create a R&B & Soul mix that will make you forget everything you thought you knew about R&B. The dirty mix, curtesy of the Saginaw Michigan based vocalist, songwriter, and all-round music genius has a unique edge to it’s flow, making it stand out in the swamp of sub-par R&B that’s floating round the scene today. His roots have a massive part to play in the orchestration of his tracks, he manages to keep his sound real, and raw wounding lyrics that are truly relatable to R&B/Soul, Hip Hop and Rap artists alike. The concept behind his latest album is to explore the strength of love and relationships between lovers, so if you like your music with a little bit of romanticism injected. You’re going to need to check out RXCH

Back in November 2017, RXCH dropped his debut self-titled EP, which featured Like You as the stand out track from his album, lending a vocal hand from Seiairah Page and her hauntingly melodic vocals which seamlessly resonate over the Synthy soul of the urban beats.

Check out Like You on Soundcloud by using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Red Vinci – LMLU: Sensually Ambiguous Irish R&B (Ladies, You’re Going To Want To Pay Attention)

Ever heard Irish R&B before?

Yeah, me neither.

Until I had the upmost pleasure of stumbling upon the sensual sounds of Red Vinci.

LMLU was Red Vinci’s smash hit of a single off his debut album The Orion Tape which was dropped in May 2017. How this mesmerising track by the Dublin based artist isn’t already blaring on my radio Is absolutely beyond me. The singer uses all of his iconic Irish charm to create an enticing sound that would frankly excite a nun.

His muted and restrained vocals almost tease his full passion that he pours into his sound which is combined with dark ambiguously beguiling piano sounds that are brought to life with the Nostalgic sound of 80’s Hip Hop. The lyrics are unequivocally aimed at the female R&B fans, which makes an amazing change from the phallocentric mixes of misogynist urban artists, to finally have a sonorous sound where women aren’t being audibly defiled.

If I’ve done Red Vinci’s sound justice, check out their single LMLU via BandCamp using the link below:

If you like what you hear, check out Red Vinci on Facebook and stay up to date with all his new releases & live events.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ryan Ramirez – Looking Out: Rolling Rhythms of Pop Infused R&B

Emerging artist Ryan Ramirez has just dropped his fresh new track ‘Looking Out’ for Soul & R&B fans, released on the 16th Jan, 2018, this colossal hit from the stunning Los Angeles based artist proves to be a soulful melodic mix which draws you into the centre of the sound. Ryan Ramirez’s shattering vocals allow him to prove that he’s more than just an assimilation of the old 90’s boyband sound. The harmony that he possesses along with his unique styling puts Ramirez in a league of his own.

Looking Out was Produced by Sid Jain who lent his stylish hands to the project of making play-worthy Pop R&B with a twist of melancholic soul. The down-tempo pace projects ambience through the track which follows passionate rhythm and timing to blow you away with its old school R&B edge.

If you’re a fan of R Kelly, Chris Brown, AKON or Ludicrous, you’re going to love the fever of this soothing mix. You can check out Looking Out along with his earlier mixes on SoundCloud using the link below:

-Amelia Vandergast


Harman – Adios: Humble Harmonious Hip Hop

Adios is a profanity packed pounding mix by Hip Hop & Rap sensation Harman, a feverishly talented Hip Hop artist from Brampton, Canada. His resonantly unique and soulful sound echoes his passion through the soundwaves in this ambiently mid-tempo mixed track.

Whilst the vocals may be a tad overdubbed, it’s evident that Harman has an enviable command when it comes to composing catchy rhythmic hits. Adios was the first track released by the determined artist, his later mixes infuse a Jazz sensibility into the mix to create an ethereally pacifying sound for his band of loyal followers to soak up. Adios is definitely not a track that you can listen to just once, it’s catchy beat will ring in your ears long after the beat has faded out after the succinct guitar riff draws the track to a close.

Check out Harman’s harmonious mix on SoundCloud by using the SoundCloud link below:

Follow Harman on Facebook to keep up to date with his latest releases:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


TAYM – If Only I Knew: A Tempo of Tearful Transience

Haunting piano music is set to make a massive comeback in 2018 and TAYM is at the forefront of the talented pool of pianists with his resonant composition If Only I Knew.

If Only I Knew is as far as you can get from a classical composition with a twinge of R&B & Soul, yet, it pertains the heart wrenching melodies of other classical contemporaries such as Nils Frahm & Sigur Ros. With a chilling, yet transient progression, the track unfolds as Taym uses his sonorous vocal ability to lull you into a state of melancholy. What hits you the hardest in Taym’s new release which was dropped on January 03, 2018 is the lyrics, normally it’s a tad cliché to say that the lyrics offer a window into the soul, yet, there’s simply no other way to explain the tearful narrative which the pensive artist has put out there. The track probably hit me harder than the iconic Titanic theme song by Celine Dion with it’s unique ability to just let you slip into the music.

So, grab some tissues and check out the poignant new track by Taym on SoundCloud by using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Chill to the Max with “Come Thru”

“Come Thru” is smooth and chilled combination of soulful pop-oriented vocals with mellow and laid back contemporary urban beats. “Come Thru” is one of those tracks that could serve as something to chill and and bring you some relaxing vibes, or could serve as a hot track at a party. There is just that certain overall sound that makes this track chill, with a certain “it” factor that says “this needs to be on a DJ’s playlist because people are going to dance to this”.

Hailing from Berlin, MarzNb has spend a little time perfecting his art, and is building a wave of momentum that you can’t help but feel is going to be big. As of this writing, “Come Thru” has already seen 1,200 Soundcloud streams in only 10 days, and with 55 reposts I would expect that number to rise exponentially by the end of the month. MarzNb seems to have found his sound, and I would look to hear a lot of noise from this artist in the very near future. For now, you need to go check out this track for yourself.

Listen to “Come Thru” here:


Hip Hop and R&B Artist Mayze Announces New EP ‘The Afterparty’

This new single from Mayze is an untorn seduction that’s so damn easy to cling on to. A three-minute masterpiece that can puncture the silent sound of anguish, a slog studded cool jam that discussed how he’d so wanna be on par with that special person that meant a lot to him; “even after the fights and arguments, you’re the only one I’d rather argue with”.

The self-indulgent rapper who has already fallen heads over heel for the partner he raps for seems to be overdosing on the fact that he so would love to wake up each day in twilight and remaining a pair with his partner.

An enchanting melody that’s formed by the union of that mild and enthralling beat, clear annunciation, the basic easy-go lyrical flow, the top-notch control and sweet vocal sound of the artist; all in its appropriate amount – is what makes this song have this cosmic foreign power.

Undeniably, Mayze is a talented rapper that’s quite good with what he does; he killed it on this song. He so much sounded professional.  You’ll find no reason to dislike this song because it’s really awesome and well-laid. A smooth easy style of rapping like that that’s in resemblance with Drake’s.

A good sound quality with a clear message is one of the good features Mayze’s “Ride with You” can be characterized with. In a nutshell, this song is dope and nice.

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