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Dani Enli opened the doorway to the RnB Pop pantheon with ‘till the end of time’

After the phenomenal success of her debut single, used to it, singer-songwriter & producer Dani Enli ensured the momentum amassing around her stayed high by releasing her sophomore single, till the end of time. By synthesising future-forward RnB melodies with a pensive trap beat and the sentimentality of pop balladry, Enli opened the doorway to the RnB pop pantheon with the downtempo release which gives every aching word to breathe and resonate over the synths that echo emotion as much as the lyrical poetry.

The bittersweet RnB pop symphony delivers the heart-wrenching epiphany that in the mind and reality of the one that got away, all you will ever be is a memory that fades. Inspired, written, composed and produced following a breakup, the single tenderly explores the transitions between resentment and longing, regret and mourning, proving that nothing is ever black and white; everything lies on a spectrum which Enli profoundly explores with the blissful tonal hues that drift between the progressions in this mellifluously flawless production.

till the end of time reached the airwaves on May 10th; add the single to your Spotify playlists or stream the single on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ride the waves of neo-soul transcendence in Livvy Clarke’s artfully arcane release, Love Letter

Livvy Clarke

What Radiohead is to art rock, Livvy Clarke is to neo-soul; the dreamy zeal within the artfully composed complex time signatures in her latest single, Love Letter, allows the release to defy gravity as it transcends through installations of endlessly ascending cultivation, guided by her arcane vocal range.

With this single, the singer-songwriter who has been likened to her heroines, Angie Stone, India Arie and Tracy Chapman, proved that the most powerful love letter you can ever write is a love letter to yourself after overcoming adversity with enough gratitude and tenacity that you can celebrate still being here.

Love Letter is by no means an affecting exception. Livvy Clarke’s evocative repertoire cages swathes of singles which evoke emotion and bare her soul. By always using personal events as thematic underpinnings in her releases, authenticity and sincerity are always guaranteed.

Her sophomore single, Enough, covered the tragedy of saying goodbye to her mother; watching her daughter become disabled to the point of nearly saying another heart-wrenching goodbye convinced Livvy Clarke of the necessity of writing for catharsis.

Her latest single, co-written with renowned songwriter, arranger and producer, Julian Hinton, (Stormzy, Seal, Rod Stewart) captures Clarke in her free spirit era, unshackled by the weight of monumental grief and strife; it is a testament to the fortitude of the human spirit which lies within us all.

Love Letter will be available to stream on all major platforms from May 16th.

Find your preferred way to listen on Livvy Clarke’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Shadowed Heights: Ikechi Onyenaka Unpacks the Solitude of Success in his Neo-Trap Single, ‘Eclipse’

Ikechi Onyenaka’s latest single, ‘Eclipse,’ delivers an avant-garde blend of saxophone-laden jazz and sharp trap rhythms, underpinned by the emotional richness of neo-soul. This intrinsically authentic release evolves with each soulful progression, compelling listeners to groove along with Onyenaka’s reflective journey. Through ‘Eclipse,’ he explores the seldom-discussed loneliness accompanying success, challenging the enviable facade often associated with prosperity.

In ‘Eclipse,’ Onyenaka’s artistic versatility shines as he oscillates between rap verses and neo-soul vocal spills, each dripping with unfiltered emotion. The heavy bass and ambient synths create a nostalgic backdrop reminiscent of 90’s neo-soul, while the alto saxophone commands attention, weaving through the composition with soul-stirring authority.

By portraying the stark reality of success through the upbeat, genre-melding soundscape of neo-trap, Onyenaka not only rips up the clichéd narrative of an effortless life at the top but also emphasises the fundamental human need for connection.

Eclipse hit the airwaves on May 3rd, stream the single here now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Serotonin Surge: Kennedy Administration’s ‘Be Your Lucky Number’ Strikes R&B Gold

From the first vocal note of Kennedy Administration’s single “Be Your Lucky Number,” you’re pulled under the artist’s infectiously vibrant spell which evokes euphoric soul over the zestfully serotonin-soaked groove pockets that carry the synthesis of hip-hop, RnB, and funk, leaving ample room for the pop hooks that keep you immersed in this riot of high vibe charisma that Kennedy Administration has become renowned for.

Every now and again, rare artists emerge that can transcend sound with the soul they deliver, it’s safe to say that Kennedy Administration is firmly in that camp. They’re the antithesis of your average painting-by-numbers artist, their intuitive relationship to music ensures that when Kennedy attacks the canvas, she becomes a conduit for unbridled otherworldly feel-good sensations.

Kennedy’s roots in Michigan’s musical soil, combined with her collaborative spirit alongside the keyboardist and producer Ondre J in New York, have cultivated a fertile ground for their creativity. The dynamic project, based in Brooklyn/NYC, pulses with the energy of the city. Their joy and passion are palpable, promising listeners an immersive journey into a world where every note celebrates the power of music. The single could easily be sold as a cure for depression.

Stream the live performance of Be Your Lucky Number at Studio G in Brooklyn on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Harmony Serenaded Hope in Camille Rose’s Jazz Pop Installation of Optimism, Be Alright

Camille Rose’s recently released EP, Be Alright, is a sojourn of warmth in the murky waters of early adult life. The title track encapsulates a journey of inner reflection, set against a backdrop of jazz-pop reverence. As Rose navigates through themes of self-development, her soulful voice serves as a comforting guide through the turbulent tides of coming to age in an imperfect world.

Released on the 18th of April 2024, the three-track EP is a blend of introspective lyricism and lush musical arrangements, kicking off with the title single which sees the sax elevating the listening experience with its vibrant and cinematic presence that pierces the soul with serotonin and pull listeners into the very core of the music’s optimistic spirit.

The title single weaves together the complexities of life’s challenges with a narrative that reassures us, in Rose’s tender timbre, that everything will “be alright”, which becomes a soulful reprise throughout the release, which follows the high bars set by previous releases which showcase Rose’s growth as an artist who not only understands her musical roots but also knows how to enthral her audience. Her ability to blend jazz, soul, and R&B into a sonic experience that resonates with authenticity and emotional depth is a testament to her evolving, and increasingly honed artistry.

In essence, Be Alright is a therapy session wrapped in melody and harmony, promising solace and a sunny-side-up disposition for anyone needing a moment of musical catharsis.

Be Alright is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

‘Drift’ into euphony with Drew Dean’s Latest RnB Soul Serenade

Drew Dean’s latest single ‘Drift‘ tranquilly unravels as a celestial blend of soulful rhythms and ethereal melodies which pays homage to the 90s R&B aesthetic while boldly stepping into the future of the genre. Hailing from the vibrant shores of St. Kitts & Nevis, Dean’s journey in music, marked by a nomadic childhood and a rich West Indian heritage, culminates in this mesmerising track, which invites you to get lost in a lush tapestry of innovation.

Dean’s voice presents a paradox through the light luminescence of the register and the profound emotional depth it carries through the layers of R&B, Neo-Soul, Pop, and a hint of trappy hip-hop beats. Hit play and float in a dream-like state, unbound by the gravity of mundane reality.

The single’s cinematic quality makes it worthy of any Hollywood love story soundtrack, yet it retains an intimacy that feels like a love letter that anyone would want to muse. The testament to love’s divine nature and Dean’s execution is nothing short of angelic.

Dean’s influences, ranging from The Fugees to D’Angelo, resonate in his eclectic style, aptly termed ‘Eclectic Soul’. His background in church choirs and various international influences have clearly shaped his ability to create music that not only entertains but also touches the soul.

With ‘Drift’, Drew Dean solidifies his place in the evolving world of R&B, not just as a singer but as a visionary.

Stream the official music video for Drift, which premiered on March 22, on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sarah O’Moore – Troubled Mind: A Soulful Reflection on Contemporary Tribulation

Sarah O’Moore’s latest single, ‘Troubled Mind’, from her upcoming debut EP ‘Social Paralysis‘, is a poignant exploration of mental health and the complexities of modern life. The powerful narrative challenges the listener to introspectively sit with societal expectations and personal struggles and proves that good songs make you feel, great songs inspire profound shifts of perception.

‘Troubled Mind’ is a testament to O’Moore’s exceptional ability to blend genres, fusing elements of RnB, Folk, and Soulful Jazz into an indie singer-songwriter production. Her vocal harmonies, reminiscent of Amy Winehouse and Macy Gray, carry endless emotional weight, resulting in a hauntingly affecting delivery as the instrumentals complement her voice perfectly, creating an eye-opening soundscape which addresses the disconnect in conversations about mental health. She delves into the reality of living with the scars of trauma and facing an uncertain future, a theme that resonates deeply in today’s climate. Her music offers a space to sit with struggles authentically, without succumbing to the pressures of toxic positivity.

Inspired by James Joyce’s “Dubliners”, O’Moore’s upcoming EP, ‘Social Paralysis’, promises to delve further into themes of social stagnation and the struggles of today’s youth. ‘Troubled Mind’ sets the tone for this journey, inviting listeners to confront the unspoken and find solace in shared experiences.

Troubled Mind was officially released on March 29; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Go down the rabbit hole with TaQuan MonChez’s ode to 80s soul, Wonderland

Start your 80s RnB love story by slipping into TaQuan MonChez’s latest single, ‘Wonderland’, which pours the essence of gospel into the heart of RnB. After honing his skills in a 20-year tenure as a church musician and a self-taught pianist, Wonderland showcases TaQuan’s journey and his ability to construct auditory embraces, capable of enveloping listeners in lush, hazy tones.

The ode to an ethereal kind of love, one that allows the material world to dissolve into insignificance, ensures this emotional theme resounds through each element – especially through his velvety magnetic vocals as they effortlessly ascend into a higher vocal register.

The guitar lines in ‘Wonderland’ are also a standout feature, dancing through the track with a pop and groove that’s infectious, intricate, and definitively 80s. These melodies underpin TaQuan’s vocal prowess, creating a layered and immersive soundscape.

Moreover, ‘Wonderland’ is a showcase of TaQuan MonChez’s exceptional songwriting ability. Each musical element is meticulously woven to create a tapestry that visually and sonically represents the sanctity of transcendent love. The song is a testament to TaQuan’s belief in music that resonates with integrity and decency.

Wonderland was officially released on February 16; stream the single on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ty Ellenbogen unveiled the heart of modern RnB with ‘Stolen Time’

Ty Ellenbogen’s latest single and seminal piece of his Day by Day EP is a contemporary continuation of the ever-evolving RnB genre, which carries all the timeless soul of the greats. In Stolen Time, the singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer’s evocative vocal range shines as the melodious jazzy neo-pop instrumentals groove, shimmer, and envelop you in swathes of kaleidoscopic colour.

If The Weeknd, Drake and Frank Ocean are always in rotation on your playlists, you’ll easily accommodate this slick-with-innovation release that makes no bones about cutting to the candourous core of his bitter-sweet lament on investing in someone intent on deceiving their way through the dating pool.

The 20-year-old Nashville-hailing RnB Pop artist has been cutting his teeth in the music industry for the past 12 years and writing and recording original music for the past three. With his debut EP, he did more than prove to be a force to be reckoned with; he gave you a reason to fall head over sonic heels.

Stolen Time was officially released on February 23; stream the single and EP on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Swedish Soul Pop Firebrand, Nadine Randle, Has a New Chart-Topper on Her Hands with ‘Man Up’.

Nadine Randle’s voice has proven to be one of the most magnetic of this era; each of her hits goes down a soulful storm on streaming platforms and in the charts; her latest single, Man Up, is no exception to that rule.

Man Up revolutionises the 90s RnB Pop vibe, with all of the firebrand swagger you’d expect from an artist musing through that stylistically influential epoch. Exuding the same empowering edge as the iconic likes of Destiny’s Child and TLC, the Swedish singer-songwriter delivered a fiery anthem that will speak to anyone who wants to regain their power after suffering through a relationship that was beneath them.

Even though the title of the single has a slight misandrist undertone, when you hit play and sink into the soulfully melodious grooves of the release, you will realise that Randle versed this earworm to deliver vindication hand over fist to the women that need an affirmation that settling for less than what you’re worth is a recipe for destruction and frustration.

Man Up was officially released on February 9th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast