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K N A F F – Sweatshop: Melodically Genius, Conceptually Resounding New Wave Hip Hop

If you’re looking for a playfully fresh new addition to your Pop playlists then look no further than the standout single dropped by K N A F F ‘Sweatshop’. The Las Vegas based brothers teamed up to create a new wave drop which is as resonantly sweet as it is lyrically genius. The dreamily melodic Trap beat sets the perfect pace for the sweetly dubbed vocals to transcend above in a lucidly cathartic mix.

It is almost impossible not to find yourself a little in awe of the conceptual lyricism that went into Sweatshop; the two up and coming artists playfully skirt around the issues of slave labour and capitalism to create an upliftingly experimental mix that will leave you torn between considering the disparities in humanity and simply losing yourself in the fresh Hip Hop/Pop crossover mix.

You can check out K N A F F’s single Sweatshop on SoundCloud which was dropped June 2018 now along with the rest of their genre mashing singles which have been released this year.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Niine – Only He Knows: The Avant-Garde Aural Offering of the Summer

Just when I started to think that no one in the Pop genre could surprise me Niine blew my jaded prejudices out of the water with her latest single Only He Knows. The Melbourne based artist’s sultry, edgy vocals are the perfect expression of loss, vulnerability, but more importantly they contain a bite of empowered honesty which resonates with you as deeply as the complex instrumental arrangements.

The punchy grooves of the electric guitar along with the cataclysmically infectious synth creates an anthemic vibe which is tinged with an avant-garde splendour that Lydia Lunch herself would be impressed by. Niine’s conceptually prodigal approach to the archetypally dry genre creates a soundscape that you never knew you needed on your playlists. For Only He Knows Niine teamed up with the rhythmically blessed drummer Tim Pickup along with a guitarist and synth player to create a pulsating thorny arrangement which is riddled with groove, melody, and reverb.

You can check out Niine’s latest single which was released July 12th on SoundCloud now; any fans of Angel Olsen, Bjork and Radiohead are going to seriously thank me for the recommendation.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


Lana Love – Don’t Let Me: Palpably Punchy Pop

Lana Love has proven that she’s a Pop artist ahead of the contemporary curve with her latest single Don’t Let Me; stylish doesn’t even begin to cover her sensational sound. The palpably punchy Pop track, carries plenty of urban hype mixed with gritty realism to create a track that doesn’t just skirt around superficially. The Lyrics are as deep as the beat in her new single which dropped on May 31st, 2018.

The EDM Trap style beat provides the perfect platform for Lana to lay down her pitch perfect vocal offerings which blast through your speakers carrying an empowering good-vibe feel. There is as much strength as there is passion within her vocal offerings which switch from sultry to soaring. For her latest track Don’t Let Me, Lana Love teamed up with fellow vocalist Señor Cruz who perfectly rounded off the synergy of the track with his baritone vocals which makes Don’t Let Me one of the most visceral Pop tracks I’ve heard this year.

You can check out the official music video to Lana Love’s latest single Don’t Let Me via YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


A Day A Week – T.G.I.F: The New Soundtrack to your Friday Feeling

We all have that one track that we whack on as soon as we sniff the freedom of weekend. Perhaps yours is still by Rebecca Black (we won’t judge), but maybe it’s time to mix it up with A Day A Week’s latest single T.G.I.F. The track stands in a completely different league to every single feel good track I’ve checked out this year.

The soundscape is alive with polished Pop, Jazz soaked Funk, popping basslines, and beautifully hyped vocals that will leave you as euphoric as you need to be to start the weekend.

Whatever day of the week it is, head on over to SoundCloud and check out A Day A Week’s latest single T.G.I.F and embrace the ecstasy which the up and coming Pop sensation has cooked u with their debut hit. Any fans Owl City & Carley Rae Jepsen’s iconic track Good Time are sure to love T.G.I.F.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dinny Skip – The Stabber Pad: An EP of Chaotic Catharsis

In January 2018 Dinny Skip dropped the first half of his two-part EP ‘The Stabber Pad’ and the wait is almost over for the second half. Whilst I was bowled away by his earlier release, nothing could prepare me for EP part two and the chaotic catharsis which was on offer.

Being a massive Mike Patton fan, it was hard not to appreciate the experimental style of the New Orleans, US based artist as he created  Soundscapes which could almost be described as Lynchian. Whilst the tracks on the EP may be concordantly uplifting in parts, it’s not long before Dinny Skip surprises you and almost terrifies you with his macabre aural alchemy which wouldn’t be out of place in a Horror soundtrack. The progression which fluidly creeps through each of Dinny Skip’s extended tracks is seamless, and what more, it’s polished to perfection.

No two tracks on the second half of the EP are the same or can even be defined by the same genre. Whilst the 10 minute Dreamscape track sold Dinny Skip’s sound for me, My Religion will make me a repeat customer thanks to the level of genius riddled into the mix.

The second part of the EP will be available on BandCamp from July 6th, but you can check out the first part of the Stabber Pad now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.


Otherwife – Tired of Fighting: But We’ll Never Tire of Hearing Their Adventurously-Arresting Pop Anthems

After checking out Otherwife’s first single ‘Talking not Touching’ earlier in the month, I can guarantee that once you hear their magnetic sound you won’t forget it easily. For a start, how many bands mixing Prog Pop, Electronica and Rock with a country twist do you hear every day?

As much as I loved their debut single, I have to say they’ve outdone themselves with their second single Tired of Fighting. The sensational vocalist has clearly stamped down her ethereally strong style in this track, whilst it wasn’t audible that she was finding her feet in the previous release, Tired of Fighting has a beautifully domineering, empowering sensibility behind it. If you could imagine a mash up between Amanda Palmer, Alison Kraus and Taylor Swift you may get an idea how captivating her vocal offerings are. The instrumentals provide an Americana-soaked, Folk tinged, guitar-driven country melody that creates the perfect progressive Pop backing but once you get to the riff you’ll see Otherwife in a whole new light. It’s with that sensational guitar riff Otherwife moves from being considered as just another loosely defined Pop act and really take hold of their Rock roots.

You can check out Otherwife’s latest single for yourselves over on SoundCloud.

Stay up to date with Otherwife’s new releases by giving the Norther Californian based collectives

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Talia Perez – West Coast: Introducing EDM Pop Royalty

Slapping the label of EDM onto Talia Perez’s latest Dance hit West Coast doesn’t come close to encapsulating just how alive this track is. If any track has the potential to blow your speakers; it’s this one. She wraps her soaring soulful melodic vocals around some of the punchiest euphotic beats I’ve heard drop this summer. From start to finish, West Coast is packed full of Talia’s overwhelming attitude which proves that she can match her male counterparts all too easily in the EDM game.

At the age of only 18 Talia Perez has proven that she has the potential to dominate the EDM Pop game with her abilities as a singer songwriter and musician. In short, she’s an absolute queen. You can check out Talia Perez’s latest anthemically hyped single on SoundCloud now. West Coast was dropped on June 25th to treat EDM fans to the perfect offering of Summer soaked beats. A track this fresh could really only have been born out of Los Angeles. Calvin Harris may be one of Talia’s influences, but I would put my money on it that she’ll be dominating the charts alongside him in no time at all if West Coast is anything to go by.

Keep up to date with the prodigal child of EDM Pop’s latest releases by heading over to Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jacob Lee – I Belong to You: A Perfectly Pensive Pop Hit

If romantic Pop ballads are your bag, Jacob Lee’s latest single I Belong to you could very well be considered the Louis Vuitton of the contemporary Pop genre.

The up and coming emerging Pop artist teamed up with producer Matt Bartlem to create a perfectly pensive Pop hit that bleeds pure emotion through melodically sweet instrumentals and Jacob Lee’s vocals. Perhaps what was most refreshing about I Belong to You was the fact that the lyrics actually spoke to you, unlike most of the lyricism that defiles the Pop genre. Around the gentle keying of the piano the passion behind this project pierces straight through you as you embrace the cathartically lucid soundscape.

You can check out Jacob Lee’s latest Pop single I Belong to You from his 2018 album ‘Philosophy’ over on SoundCloud now. If at least one of the tracks doesn’t move you, I think it’s safe to say you are dead inside.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Shemy and Alex Kidd – Let It All Out: Wax Lyrical Hip Hop Pop

I have no doubt in my mind that younger audiences will absolutely devour Shemy and Alex Kidd’s latest 2018 single Let It All Out, although it has to be said, I don’t believe it’s for everyone. There comes a point in your life when it becomes a little unacceptable to listen to tracks about getting wasted and that’s probably after you get out of the death grips of the 27 club.

Before I digress any further, the hype that Shemy and Alex Kidd poured into their latest single is absolutely euphoric deserves the highest praise possible. The lyricism used within Let It All Out paints the portrait of the perfect summer and the beat creates the synergy to help you embrace that summer vibe. The synthy prelude to the track almost set you up to believe that you were about to be treated to some 80’s synth Pop, then you’re hit by the artists contrasting vocal styles; the melodic vocals with the rap bars create one hell of a contemporary Hip Hop mix.

You can check out Shemy and Alex Kidd’s latest track Let It All Out on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Matthew Schuler – Here’s to You: Pop Rock Perfection

There are very few tracks which instantly hit you with the same momentum contained within Matthew Schuler’s latest single Here’s to You. The Pop styling of the track make it somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me, but God damn, it’s catchier than anything Taylor Swift has ever put out. Even with the Pop polish, the strength in Matthew’s vocals is almost overwhelmingly perceptible. If anyone is wondering how to create the perfect Pop Rock track, I’d suggest you take a few tips from Schuler’s sound which also incorporates the perfect lick of R&B. Perhaps what I loved most about Here’s to You was the punchy up-vibe Jangle Pop guitars that bled into the melodies to make this track almost ultrasonic.

Between the sweet lyricism, the holistically vibrant sound and Matthew’s hyped vocal offerings, it’s not had to see why he has seen so much success within his career as a recording artist.

You can check out Matthew Schuler’s latest Pop hit Here’s to You on Spotify now along with the rest of his 2018 EP ‘Baby Steps’.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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