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Talk To Me: ASE drop loving hand-holding lyric video for ‘Run Away’

After taking some time to reassess his goals and to re-brand his music, ASE returns with a track all about wanting that special soul to join you back in the first moment you first met and the natural times that were so clear on ‘Run Away‘.

ASE is an American rock/pop band that is bravely led by the much-respected indie singer-songwriter, guitarist, drummer and pianist, Ed Ward.

Never take a single moment for granted. Moments will become memories, and memories will become all that you have left.” ~ ASE

ASE shows us back into an innocent time that is highly treasured like a first kiss – as he projects his message so wonderfully and has you reminded of that classic 90’s time – when music just somehow sounded better. This is an artist who took a break and sounds so reinvigorated, as he flows with majestic energy that has you beaming brightly.

Run Away‘ from the USA-based indie rock/pop act ASE, is that sweet single which has you remembering the first time you met someone who was so close, that you swore you would love them your whole life. Sung with a pure vocal skill that has you turning the volume slowly upwards, this is a special effort from an artist who truly ignites the fire in your romantic soul with a vocal delivery that is absolutely soul-healing.

See this lyric video on YouTube and find out more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

What A Time To Be Alive: Camila Knight wants us all to be ‘Brave’ during these highly challenging times

As she purrs with a gallant intellect that compels us to ascend any mountain we wish to conquer, Camila Knight comprehends that we exist in unfamiliar circumstances but we need to carry on and be ‘Brave‘.

Camila Knight is a very likeable free-spirited indie-pop solo artist who makes music to heal her own soul and to assist others with a safe area to immerse themselves in.

Passionate about empowering others she aims to create a space for those who feel lonely, misunderstood, unsettled, and make them feel at home.” ~ Camila Knight

Camila Knight shows so much inner fortitude to circumvent all the gloom and doom, to bring the world a sweetly-textured single that sweeps out all the negativity with a smile-filled broom. You feel so much reinvigoration dripping all over your intrigued body, as you feel like you have just been saved by a kind and genuine soul.

Brave‘ from the open-minded magic-seeker and indie-pop artist Camila Knight, is a really pleasant single that packs a groovy beat that has you suddenly feeling a lot stronger than before. This is an enlightened singer-songwriter who knows her place in the world and performs to bring some joy in this often-cold world, that needs much more love and compassion than is currently on offer.

Check out this graceful new release on Spotify and see more of her adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Was Terrified: Lovable Portland folk singer-songwriter Tirlyn Sky tells us about the familar romantic dream on ‘I’m Okay With It’

As she ponders a time and place that felt so eerily similar and deja-vu like, Tirlyn Sky sings with growing confidence on a sweet story that will probably give you butterflies in your stomach with ‘I’m Okay With It‘.

Tirlyn Sky is a youthful 17-years-old Portland, Oregon-based indie-folk/pop singer-songwriter who sings with a likably shy nature and sings about love, life and finding your destined path in this overly-complicated world.

Music from other artists has helped me so so so much and it really does heal. Like, when you find that one song it’s literally therapy. You play it on repeat, you get to sing, yell, cry, and just express yourself. I hope I can bring that to people, and that would mean the world and so much more.” ~ Tirlyn Sky

There is much to love about a soulful artist like Tirlyn Sky, who performs with a natural smile and writes lyrics of real-life experiences. With a blossoming technique that seems to flow smoothly through your whole curious consciousness. this is a pure musician – who makes music to help herself and others get through any heartbreak or sadness – with the end goal being that ultimate recovery.

I’m Okay With It‘ from the Portland, Oregon-based indie-folk/pop solo artist Tirlyn Sky, is a journey through her late-night dreams as she sees the girl she likes right in front of her and forgets to breathe. Sung with a loving and heartfelt attitude and an authentic nature, you feel like she is only going to improve after each track. With more experience and the support of those who she respects, there is no reason why we won’t be hearing more gems from this lovely young musician who sings from the heart. Expressing yourself through music is a great way to fulfil all your creative urges after all.

Hear this delightful new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Endless Oceans: Breathlessly talented Slovakian duo Dennyiah are quite brilliant on ‘Sense of the Rain’

After soothing our heartbroken ears on the excellent ‘Autumn 2015‘ from September 2021, Dennyiah shows us a natural way to live on the beautifully-projected new single ‘Sense of the Rain‘.

Dennyiah is a world-class Slovakian indie-pop/country/soul and blues-fusion duo who make an important blend of musical soundscapes that actually matters, with eloquently-written lyrics that shall bring you much hope in times of apparent hopelessness.

Dennyiah is at its brilliant best with a supremely stunning earth-hugging experience that will have your whole sensitive body in euphoric raptures. They seem to make the type of rare stimulating sound that is so genuinely made – and filled with only positive energy – that wraps gently all of your fragile heart to help it feel better again after all the unnecessary destruction recently.

Sense of the Rain‘ from the brilliant soulfully-enlightened Slovakian indie-pop/country/soul and blues-fusion duo Dennyiah, is such a pure track that might send day-changing shivers all over your naked soul. The superb drum-filled beat is rather compelling and the stunning vocals of a glorious singer who is clearly in tune with the world’s core, takes you to a much better mindset than before. Music has the power to heal after all.

Hear this stunning single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bad Ideas: Outstanding Philly indie-pop artist Samryebread is at her honest best with ‘Softie’

After learning new skills behind the boards for the past 5 years assisting others to master their sound, Samryebread returns to much-awaited acclaim via her extremely courageous self-acceptance gem called ‘Softie‘.

Samryebread aka Sam Rosen is a well-respected and much-loved Philly, USA-based indie-pop/folk artist, cat lover, and sound engineer, who is based at the multi-Grammy award-winning MilkBoy the Studio.

You feel like you are witnessing a strong woman that is reborn musically who is an ever-evolving creative with music flowing in her inventive veins at every turn. Her highly imaginative mind is on top form here – with an inspiring release – that is so relevant in a society that cages so many inside and discourages us from truly stretching for our goals.

Samryebread is brilliantly dreamy with her gorgeous vocals that just seem to trigger so many emotions in your glowing soul. This beautiful song is all about learning to accept yourself no matter your faults, as you just want someone close to love you and be there for you, helping you make better decisions and not judging you as so many small-minded folks do.

Softie‘ from the Philly-based indie-pop/folk artist and sound engineer Samryebread, is one of those tracks you just can’t help but love. The production is world-class, the lyrics so inspiringly honest and with her lusciously honey-tipped voice, this is a real treasure that you just want to listen to all day long.

Hear this deep new track on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Italian singer-songwriter, Flame set souls alight with her soulfully-composed, orchestrally-scored single, Anyway.

‘Anyway’ is the latest orchestrally scored single from the Italian singer-songwriter, Flame. With a vocal timbre that more than justifies Flame being put in the same league as Amy Winehouse and the stunning instrumentals that bring a cinematic edge to the release, you’re left with little option when it comes to surrendering to the artistic intensity. It is enough to make Adele sound pedestrian.

Anyway unravels as a candid open letter to the sorrow imparted through torrid passion; it runs through relatable and witty notions that are rarely voiced, but Flame’s boldness lends itself to her sonic style as much as her lyricism.

The official video for Anyway premiered on November 26th; you can check it out for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I Miss You: Arlando Mba sends incredibly beautiful tribute on ‘Sweet Child Of Mine’

On a timeless reminder that might have you stretching for the tissues to soak up those sad tears of loss, Arlando Mba sings with such stunning class on a beautifully-written single made for her loving mother who tragically passed away called ‘Sweet Child Of Mine‘.

Arlando Mba is a well-loved Los Angeles, California-based indie solo singer-songwriter with Cameroonian heritage who expertly blends in rock, soul, RnB, and pop, which makes you feel like you are listening to a vintage artist who could hold her own in any era.

When her mom passed away in 2019, Arlando wrote Sweet Child of Mine. She wrote the song to help her privately cope with her mom’s death. Little did she know that she would be singing her song at her mom’s funeral.” ~ Arlando Mba

Arlando Mba is quite incredible on this exquisitely sung single which is filled with heart, laced with soul, and sung with an everlasting affection for that special soul who is truly missed each minute. You feel her emotion intertwining through this magnificently projected piano-filled experience, with such gloriously delicate vocals taking you to a place you can’t help but admire.

Sweet Child Of Mine‘ from LA indie singer-songwriter Arlando Mba, shows us the love between a mother and a daughter, who cared for each other so much and miss each other terribly. Performed with so much classy elegance from a sincerely astonishing musician who is only just getting started – this is a loving track that is will have you feeling rather reflective – about those who you truly care about. It is okay to cry sometimes after all.

Hear this heartfelt tribute on her Soundcloud page and find out more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hide In My Head: SVNDRA is quite ravishingly resplendent on the excellent ‘STAY’ (feat. wifisfuneral)

On a breathtaking rhythm that has your entire foundation vigilant and eager for anything, SVNDRA is quite sensational on her more-loving-please new single called ‘STAY(feat. wifisfuneral).

SVNDRA is a naturally-creative Estonian-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and classically trained dancer, who blends hip-hop and sensuous synth to pack a refreshing ambience into each one of her gorgeous tracks.

SVNDRA dreamt of being a singer and living in Los Angeles from the time she was a child growing up in the beautiful forests of her country and she let nothing get in her way. Alone, and only 17 years old she made her initial trip to the United States and wound up recording her first demos in a basement in Queens. The following year she returned, this time to LA and started her life in America.” ~ SVNDRA

This is the sensually evocative narrative of desiring your partner to stay no matter what, as the enchanting SVNDRA pulsates the airwaves like the world-class artist that she is. There is so much to lather lovingly into here, with a smoothly comprehended production that is simply flawless from all corners.

STAY(feat. wifisfuneral) the compelling Estonian-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie-pop singer-songwriter SVNDRA, is one of the finest singles yet from 2021. There is so much extraordinary pure essence all the way through, and the combination of a singer in her prime and a rapper reaching the peak of his powers is quite a beautiful combination. This is the type of hot track that is perfect for any time of the day or night, as you just turn this up on full and see where you end up next.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Know I Shouldn’t Need You: Sensational Leeds singer Pixia is addicted to the taste on ‘Pink Sugar’

After dazzling our minds on the exceptional single ‘If I’m On Your Mind‘, Pixia stuns our tastebuds with her brand new lip-loving release all about questioning why you miss that taste you shouldn’t like on ‘Pink Sugar‘.

Anna-Rose aka Pixia is a Leeds/Manchester, UK-based indie electro/dark-pop singer-songwriter who sings with such genuine beauty which warms up your whole consciousness to believe that anything is actually possible if you believe in yourself enough.

”” I originally wrote ‘Pink Sugar’ at 16 years old on acoustic guitar. The finished product has been inspired by a variety of influences: from new wave bands such as Japan and The Cure to contemporary female artists such as Melanie Martinez and LANA DEL REY. My range of influences inspired me to experiment with the sound of ‘Pink Sugar’ to create something pleasantly familiar, yet also very unique to my listeners.” ~ Pixia

Pixia is on top form with a stunningly propelled single that is sung with her signature sweetly-tipped vocals that somehow has your heart beating faster than you can ever remember, as she takes us into her angelic world of lust. She has a world-class ability that is unconditionally spellbinding and is one of the most alluringly classy singer-songwriters around.

Pink Sugar‘ from the scintillating Leeds/Manchester, UK-based indie electro/dark-pop singer-songwriter Pixia, is a quite brilliant single from an artist who seems to tingle your ears like no other artist around at the moment. Her lusciously expressive vocals and intelligently-created lyrics – are quite gorgeous and she shows us into this story about feeling sick – that you are still thinking about a former lover who you know isn’t good for your ravenous soul.

Hear this highly captivating single on Spotify and see more via her growing IG music account.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Alyssa Keen & Nickay – thanks but no thanks: emboldening ‘over you’ indie pop

For her latest single, singer-songwriter Alyssa Keen teamed up with Nickay to create the ultimate emboldening ‘over you’ track “thanks but no thanks”

Alyssa Keen’s natural, elysian and airy vocals make it all too easy to succumb to the soul in the romantically scorned track that reminds the listener how sweet it is to take back emotional power over yourself.

Around the easy acoustic guitar chords are stunning nuances of shoegazey indie and elements of style that fans of Kurt Wilde will instantly want to melt into. The single is so much more than your average bitter and coming age of single. Alyssa Keen’s motivation to pull optimistic perspectives out of the bad to enlighten the world is enough to restore your faith in humanity.

thanks but no thanks is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast