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TIANI – Wonder: Blissfully Transcendently Hyped Up Minimalist Electro Pop

How TIANI managed to create such a blissfully transcendent, yet palpably hyped track is an absolute riddle of complexity that it was my pleasure to get lost within.  Wonder is TIANI’s debut Minimalist Electro Pop release, the London based singer song writer and vocalist may be a new contender to London’s underground Indie Pop scene, but with such an ethereal energy I have no doubt that her unique soulful style will land her a record deal in no time. You can taste her international influences reverberating through her track, after the stunning artist was brought up between Croatia, Italy and Boston. Her life’s journey has been translated into some of the freshest sounds on the scene today through bi-lingual vocals and a sensually modern style that’s created through contemporary EDM beats with plenty of drops and breakdowns to immerse yourself in.

Check out TIANI’s Electro Pop anthem was released in February 2018 and is now available to stream via SoundCloud using the link below:

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


ESP Evolution – Burning: A Spiralling Labyrinth of Rock Pop Dance Chaos Brought by Soaring Riffs and Soulfully Domineering Vocals

When ESP Evolution doesn’t play by the normal rules, it makes it an almost impossible task to define their sound after they’ve broken through every constraint with their Funk drenched Rock Pop Dance hit. ESP’s latest debut Burning was released on March 2nd, 2018. It’s an absolute mind mash of sound that spins out of control, never allowing you to put your finger on the sound, it’s a spiralling labyrinth of chaos brought by soaring guitar riffs, soulfully domineering vocals and pretty dirty EDM.

ESP Evolution is the music from two blindingly talented Los Angeles’ artists Overdose & Lady Capri who have been making dope hits since 2010 through Lady Capri’s hyped up empowering Pop vocals and Overdoses’ infinite prowess which he exudes through his delicate licks on guitar.

Burning isn’t a track you want to miss out on, so head on over to SoundCloud where you can check out the blindingly brilliant single:

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


Emma G – SOLD (Take A Shot): Emma G Calls Time Up on the Weinstein’s of the Music Industry

Through her debut track released on November 3rd, 2017, Emma G uses her platform to tell her own #MeToo story. When I first heard the track, I was caught between admiration for her vocal talent and her astounding bravery to speak up and demand to see an end to the sexual exploitation that’s forced upon too many women by record labels and media moguls. SOLD is about as real and resonant as music gets, the track stands as testament to the fact that Emma B is not a force to be reckoned with. Rapper Tony B also adds a blindingly beautiful element to the track through his poignant vocals which show a beautiful solidarity in the Urban music genre. The strength which Emma G exudes through her vocals are enough to make this track a hit, combined with the sentimentally behind it, makes it an essential listen.

Check out Emma G’s debut single SOLD on Facebook using the link below:

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


Denis Coleman – Young, gifted and skilled!

If this was a song forged at the hands of any other artist, it would still be a great bit of soulful pop music. It is skilled and infectious, has appeal for the younger market and is deft enough to catch the older ear too. You would be rightly impressed that it is a self penned song with all vocals and instruments played by the artist themselves. Impressive enough at any age, but the fact that Denis Coleman is 13 puts a whole new spin on things. 13? That’s doubly impressive.

But thoughts of child prodigy aside It’s great to come across an artist which is beholden to neither guitar riff nor borrowed sample, that takes the keyboard approach of a previous age and uses it to create songs which are very much of modern times but generously tip their hat and acknowledge previous eras and styles. For Radio rings with everything from boy band balladry to slow burning soul to cool contemporary jazz to neo-classicism. If you think this is cool now, imagine what he will be doing in 10…or even 5 years time.


Burning bridges built from astute and lyrical pop music

As Bridges Burn is the sound of Wil Gwin doing what he does best, cutting through the fashionista style over substance approach and just getting on with delivering a decent groovy, dance fuelled soulful pop song. Somehow as he careers around the subsection of the Venn Diagram he has created for himself, this bubble which exists where pop, R&B and soul music meet, he seems to know instinctively just what to fashion a song from so that it is lithe and clean-limbed, unburdened by gimmick and glitter.

This is a perfect example of his musical artisanship a blending of sweet pop addiction with more mature sounds but also employing just enough dance floor sass and swagger to keep things fresh. But if his music is straight to the point,  the lyrics wander through deeper and more thoughtful territory, poetic and soul searching but the charm of the song is that even whilst musing on such a subject he still managing to make the whole thing sound as infectious as hell.


Omar Veluz – Gold: Hispanic Heritage With the Ultimate Contemporary Pop Edge

Omar Veluz isn’t the type of artist to demand hype around his music, he’s the irresistibly vibrant type that brings his own hype to his sound that you can’t really ignore. Through his latest track Gold, he proves that he’s beautiful inside and out. What you think is going to be just another Pop track transcends into a pretty dirty Dance hit that you can’t help but being swept up in. His crystal clear vocals carry perfectly over the Trance style beat with plenty of Dubbed breakdowns, then he breaks into one of the best verses of Spanish Rap I’ve ever heard. Gold stands as testament to Omar Veluz’s diversity in vocals, whilst the stunningly shot video shows allows you to appreciate his pretty special moves. But what really made me fall in love with Omar Veluz, is his proactive dedication to helping change people’s lives not only through his music, but by also putting his hand in his own pocket and helping to fund scholarships as part of the Arizona University Outreach Program. Top man

Check out the Official Music Video to Gold on YouTube using the link below:

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Or head on over to his official website:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ella M – Don’t Know You: A Debut of Stunningly Soulful Pop

It feels criminal to classify Ella M’s latest track Don’t Know You as Pop, because her Soulful sound is much more than a genre can imply. The track is pure emotion and empowerment contained within the synthy orchestration of her vibes.

Whilst her vocals may be a little overdubbed in parts which dampens her naturally raw vocal power, the track is flawless, the upbeat vibe is a refreshingly pioneering sound that I have no doubt Ella M will have time to perfect over the duration of her career as a successful Indie Pop artist. Don’t Know You was the first single released by the UK based singer songwriter, however you can already get a taste of her palpable Pop sensibility and it’s fantastic. Don’t Know You is a high-vibe feel good track with all the potential of an anthemic club hit all rolled into one.

You can check out Ella M’s fresh new hit Don’t Know You on Spotify:–pbqAzBULvg

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


Painting new pop with the finest of brush strokes

Finally a pop record with a difference. It is always great to come across a record where it is easy to see the appeal but which avoids the cliches and Cappellino’s Ghost Town is just that. And it is pop but without being everything that the term seems to stand for these days. It is much cleverer than that. It isn’t that it doesn’t sound totally accessible, thoroughly modern and wonderfully slick, it does, but what makes it so great is the sonic choices it makes.

The driving beat is built of hand claps, the body of the song is understated but deft guitar picking and the vocals emotive, honest and soulful and by the time it kicks into a higher gear as it heads towards its crescendo, it gets even more exotic, otherworldly and beautiful. In a world that thinks pop is all about painting musical landscapes with bright colours, Ghost Town is the most gorgeous watercolour depiction where at least half of the work is done by the spaces between the brush stokes.


Tyler Gomez – Without You: Universally Lovable Indie Pop

As a Valentine’s Day gift to the world Tyler Gomez Released his debut hit Without You on 14th Feb 2018. The up and coming Pop artist hails from Clover California where the young musician & vocalist gets to work with world-class producers that have seen Pop acts such as Rhianna and Britney Spears rise to fame. With the palpable passion that Tyler Gomez carries within his vibrant vocals I have no doubt he can rise to stardom by himself. His Pioneering Pop sound almost falls into the Alt Rock arena, but in reality, it’s a universally lovable sound that deserves some major radio play.

Without You is a timelessly uplifting feel good anthem which is just impossible to listen to once. It’s empyreal resonance rings to the sweet sound of muted piano and rhythmic bass that carries this track through the sweet ecstasy of the track. Whatever your Facebook relationship status, I can guarantee If you’re a Pop fan, you’re going to adore the stunningly romantic track which is Without You.

Check out Tyler Gomez’s Official Lyric Video on YouTube using the link below:

For more music head on over to Tyler’s Official Website:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Chrisy Nova – Love Is Dead: A Jolted Allegory

The debris of what he used to be was found nowhere around the new him. This song hints at the richness of Chrisy’s trans-angelic imagination and astounding creativity. This music is a dark fantastic life story of the artist’s love life, presumably. It’s more about a reminiscent of a good-gone-bad love situation which had just recently occurred.

The singer “Chrisy Nova” has recently released his debut EP “Embryo” which is set to be followed by a further EP later in the year and his first studio album towards the end of 2018. As the first stage of his growth as a musician, Embryo represents Chrisy’s evolution from childhood to adulthood.

Drawing inspiration from life experiences as an identifying gay male, each song on the EP discusses various struggles experienced by Chrisy himself throughout his life, such as identifying as gay in a religious household and the journey of discovering the person you’re growing into, something that all people can identify with.

“Love is dead” is one of the outstanding piece of work by the artist in his EP album.

Chrisy’s sound and imagery is majorly influenced by likes of Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks. The artist’s song writing is invigorated by a headlong rush of narratives, exploring episodic shifts of tone at each interval. Chrisy Nova’s music can be described as dance music with a dark twist and an artistic edge.

The artist’s irresistible vocal is melodic and still fine-tuned. “Love Is dead” can be categorized as a pop electro music. The exultant sound of the song and the low percussion beat is what’s waiting on to enwrap anybody that listens to the song.

It’s quite a slow cool pop music that’s definitely hard to dislike. The Artist’s amazing vocals even settles the score here.

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