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Conor Latcham brings realism to romance with their disco-pop track, ‘Do You Think You’re in Love?’

If you’re still sore from Daft Punk’s disbanding, the sonic indie disco pop grooves in Conor Latcham’s ‘Do You Think You’re in Love?’ brings all of the funk-laden consolation you could possibly ask for.

With Luke Marc Hughes (Tom Odell, Lewis Capaldi) on drums and Barry Grint (Bowie, Prince, Beatles & Oasis) in charge of mastering, the production matched the talent exhibited in the subversively relatable track.

Given the number of love songs hitting the airwaves (probably every second at this point), it’s nice to hear an almost-lovesong. It’s passion-driven; it grooves away from the sickly sweet proclivities of pop that allow all tracks alluding to love to sound like the lyrics were written by Disney screenwriters. We can see how Latcham came about their ‘blue-collar poet’ reputation. We can also see how he is going to take the scene by storm in 2021 and beyond.

You can check out Conor Latcham’s track, released by Trident Records, via Spotify and SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Music Pop

Finnish Grammy-award-winner JORI SJÖROOS has unleashed their forceful-feat of future pop ‘TAKE A CHANCE ON ME’

Every up and coming artist wants nothing more than for people to take a chance on them, but that’s something only the brave will admit; JORI SJÖROOS’ standout single ‘TAKE A CHANCE ON ME’ puts harmony to the desire which hides behind our assured facades.

The entrancing hit maybe lyrically reaching for love, but the humble vibe to the single permits you to unashamedly embrace all facets of desire. As it allows you to recollect all of the times you wanted nothing more than for your potential to be seen, the forceful and polished beats, orchestrated by the Finnish artist, producer and songwriter, will make sure that emotions are running high.

It comes as no surprise that JORI SJÖROOS has achieved gold and platinum status on their releases and has been awarded multiple Finnish Grammys. Their sound is beyond radio-ready and given the diversity in their discography, you never know quite what they’ll pull off the soundboard next. Get them on your radar.

TAKE A CHANCE ON ME is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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Narley Tree puts a warming funk twist on their indie pop-rock debut ‘In Your Head’

Soul pop fans are going to want to pay attention to Narley Tree’s debut indie single, ‘In Your Head’,  which comes with a warming funk twist while never compromising on the international commercial potential. After spending years as a session guitarist, founding member and singer-songwriter, Alex decided to release their debut; based on In Your Head, he was well overdue.

With a Maroon 5-style level of smooth, In Your Head is an intimate declaration of affection sweetened by high-octane power-pop melodies. By switching from dreamy grooves to massive pop-rock choruses, In Your Head offers everything you could possibly ask for. But if that wasn’t enough, Narley Tree will be releasing their forthcoming debut EP – you’ll want them on your radar before that drops.

To fully appreciate In Your Head, head over to YouTube and check out the official music video that premiered on February 12th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Music Pop

Can Keep It On The Low: Lifeandthetribe wonders why her crush doesn’t feel the same way on ‘Type’

Through a wondrously alluring amalgamation of jazz, RnB, rock, and pop music all beautifully wrapped together for us to enjoy, Lifeandthetribe starts on her new journey fresh, to bring us the new single that will have you in a reflective daydream called ‘Type‘.

Aisha Barrow aka Lifeandthetribe is a Gambian-born, Hamilton-based indie pop artist who makes that real type of music about life as she sees it, her desire to be successful is paramount and you can feel the passion in each verse that she belts out with ear-soothing results.

She sings with such strength and desire, her smooth vocals lather so elegantly on this catchy beat and tremendous visuals that shows us her mental energy just right.

You feel her confidence in herself, as she tells the story of a person that doesn’t feel the same way at all, even though she feels like they must of heard something from small-minded person, who doesn’t want them to be together. She is willing to keep it quiet for a while, but wants them to be real and show who they really are inside, without hiding away.

Type‘ from Gambian-born, Hamilton-based pop singer-songwriter Lifeandthetribe, is a pulsating journey to finding out why they aren’t interested like you are, as you know that you are good enough and your self-worth is shining bright, so they are definitely going to miss out.

See the music video on YouTube and find our more about this fascinating artist on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music Pop

Swipe right on Coupdekat’s latest synth-pop single, ‘Love Online’.

UK-based singer-songwriter Coupdeka brought narrative pop to the next level with her latest single, Love Online, which optimistically captures the potential for love during Covid times, even if it has to be digital.

Under the influence of 80s indie icons such as Mazzy Star, The Slits and Blondie, Coupdekat brought a comforting feeling of familiarity to the track as she runs through the dystopic pitfalls of dating in 2021; if you know, you know. And if you know, you’ll undoubtedly find plenty of resonance in lyrics such as “we only make love online”.

Any fans of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Shiny Toy Guns will appreciate Coupdekat’s indie approach to contemporary pop with Love Online.

You can hear Coupdekat via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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Where To Go: North London’s RahThatsMad and F.R.E.Y.A navigate the wild world of new age dating on the stunning ‘I Don’t Know’

As they try and work out the best way to proceed with a quick-swipe world before them, RahThatsMad and F.R.E.Y.A show us how unnecessarily confusing people can be for no reason on ‘I Don’t Know‘.

RahThatsMad is a talented hip-hop artist and songwriter based in North London, who makes music that shows us his relaxed style to life and his determination to make something of his talents. He joins forces with his best friend F.R.E.Y.A, a soulful London-based RnB/pop singer/student, who performs with a free spirited style, a smile on her face and a sweet style that shows us her wonderful spirit, that flows beautifully into this catchy track.

His raps are confident and honest, mixed with a catchy beat that has you listening closely. When you then have a supremely honey-tipped vocalist added in, who sings about how some people are full of stories and no facts — all becomes cleared up in your heart and the mixture is tremendously satisfying to the music palate within — that yearns for more soundscapes like this.

The modern dating world is tough at the best of times, as this excellent songs relates to so many that go through this when they are brave enough to take the chance, rather than meeting someone through mutual friends. The rush and excitement seeps into your mind to ultimate temptation at times, if you let it inside you. Some people talk in riddles, as you just want clarity, so you know what’s going on, without being placed in a puzzle you would rather not be involved in.

I Don’t Know‘ from London rapper RahThatsMad and vocalist F.R.E.Y.A, is a true look into the story of modern life, as we are told to look into a dark world with so many undesirable corners, when that old school spontaneous meeting is actually the best remedy after all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see their journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music Pop

Sophia Gonzon goes ‘Dancing With The Devil’

Working with producer Cesar Da Emperor and management company Dre London (who are responsible for artists such as Post Malone, Tyga, and Tyla Yaweh) is clearly working well for Florida-based Italian-American Sophia Gonzon, who – in collaboration with singer-songwriter Ryan Curtis – brings us her new single ‘Dancing With The Devil’.

Poppy, dancy R&B with enough of a hint of rock to perfectly suit the gritty edge to her voice, ‘Dancing With The Devil’ is all dynamics, soft verses and big, overdriven power-chord choruses. There’s a mix of influences here, from Pink and Christina Aguilera through Gwen Stefani and Gloria Estefan to Flo Rida and Lil Wayne. There’s some well-put together self-harmonies on the choruses, that Stefani/No Doubt vibe coming through on the catchy pop-funk-rock guitar stylings and Gonzon’s powerful vocals.

You can hear ‘Dancing With The Devil’ on Spotify; follow Sophia Gonzon here or on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

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Dreamy Love: Refreshing NYC/Lima indie-retro act Tipa Tipo lead us into that sweet innocent connection with ‘Voy Por Ella’

With their special blend of Spanish lyrics and loving pop pureness, Tipa Tipo help us fall in love again with the sweetly sung new single ‘Voy Por Ella‘.

Tipa Tipo are a Brooklyn, New York City-based indie retro-pop duo formed by wife-husband team, Adele Fournet and Felipe Wurst, who are producers/multi-instrumentalists originally from Lima in Peru and were called Humanimals in their past life. They refreshingly fuse that distinctively creative energy to make music that helps you see clearly again, to what is actually possible.

”The track is about falling for a special someone on the streets of Lima, Peru (in the park, on the beach, in the bus) – a dreamy love song that evokes the urban landscapes of Latin America.”-Tipa Tipo

Their likable sound has you sliding on the floor with your feet making those moves you thought were lost forever, as her dreamy vocals lift you up with the smooth soundscapes adding so much, to give you hope again as your eyes spark live never before.

Voy Por Ella‘ from the electric Tipa Tipo, is that love song to help you feel happy again and close the door away from darkness again. With a catchy entourage of sounds for the heart, this is exactly what the doctor ordered so that you may find that special one, who is waiting out there for you.

Stream this quality new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music Pop

Beth Macari’s ‘Gotta Get Back’ to 90’s soul.

Beth Macari

Boom! What goes around, comes around, it seems, and ‘there ain’t nothin’ new under the sun’, and in the case of ‘Gotta Get Back’, that’s a very, very good thing indeed: The spirit of 1990’s soul and R&B artists like Lisa Stansfield, Dina Carroll, or Gabrielle, lives on through Newcastle-based chanteuse Beth Macari’s new single. That’s Newcastle UK, not North-Eastern Wyoming, although you’d never necessarily know that from Macari’s smooth, soulful voice and deliciously well-polished delivery. This is solid gold old-school UK pop-tinged soul/R&B (and if you think that’s hard to say, you should try writing it) that equally sounds beautifully up-to-date, immediate, and fresh. It’s got that Ian Devaney/Andy Morris/Nigel Lowis/CJ Mackintosh production feel courtesy of long-term collaborator ‘Phil The Beat’, opening with smoky vocals and stabbed electro-piano before those retro Linn/TR-808 beats kick in, chokky little funk guitar chords and deep, deep bass carrying the melody behind Macari’s stunning vocal delivery and multi-layered chorus earworm hook. It’s catchy, bouncy, upbeat, hopeful, and danceable all at once.

Macari is already lined up to support Alexandra Burke and Will Young later this year; on the basis of ‘Gotta Get Back’, those won’t be the only high-profile artists coming calling for her services in the near future.

‘Gotta Get Back’ is released on April 13th through all major streaming services; in the meantime, you can check out Beth Macari here or on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

Music Pop

Mike Cortes – the New York-based musician/writer drops first solo single with ‘Unstable’

Mike Cortes

‘Unstable’ is the first single from newcomer Mike Cortes, but he’s far from new to ‘the scene’; with a publishing deal and writing credits for numerous other artists over the last six years, this is Cortes putting everything he’s learned in the last six years into practice for himself, with a gentle little dance-pop track. Part Hispanic-beat, part soft, catchy pop chorus, held together by Cortes’ high, sing-song vocal. It’s a great little opener, a perfect radio-friendly pop track, dance beats mixing with a bouncy skank groove bassline and choppy guitar-and-keys chords – there’s a touch of Deanz, Tommy Ljungberg, Aiyo, or Blaeker. It’s a track that promises much, much more from Mike Cortes.

Check out Mike Cortes on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes