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Twin Souls ‘Water Into Wine’ show their maturity with fab single ‘’Soul On Fire’’.

Pop/House/Trap/Chill/Rock ‘Water Into Wine’ are based in New York City, USA. They are two creatives and they are very honest on what they say. You will either love or hate this music. They won’t mind either, they just want to perform live.

‘Water Into Wine’ is a pop duo that officially formed in the summer of 2019 when Slovak singer/actress/model Barbra Zi started to collaborate on music that Darryl George had written 4-5 years prior. This lit the fuse for them to begin writing music together. Currently, they have upwards of 50 songs that they are fine-tuning for future releases. Beyond that, the plan is to continue to write and record as much as they can and begin a string of shows in late 2020/ early 2021, depending on lockdown of course. 

“Since beginning Water Into Wine, Barbra and I have been such an inspiration to each other. Our synergy acts as a constant source of motivation to write, perform, and produce more music.”

Darryl performs all instrumentation and acts as recording, mixing, and mastering engineer on all tracks. Barbra directs/edits/produces all video releases and co-produces too.

This is a power duo, as you can see and let’s see what they have in store for the rest of the year.

Click here to hear more on their SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Justin Forrest sings all the right notes with pleasing ‘Lighthouse’’

Let me see your Lighthouse. Finding love and seeing that light within is so important to make sure that it’s real. It can take months, sometimes years. You will know when you find it.

‘’Lighthouse’’ is the follow up to 2019’s ‘’Attention’’. Being a new artist on the world scene, it’s very impressive that Justin has brought out two quality R&B Pop songs so quickly. This is a musician on a big mission for global domination. He makes happy music, catchy and they have a Bruno Mars feel to it. No pressure.

I like this song as you can probably tell. ‘’Lighthouse’’ is definitely the superior of his two songs so far. You can hear the confidence in his voice and this song is personal. With a big momentum boost on the way with lots of streams, ‘Justin Forrest’ is coming for that crown. He is a talented musician who has a crystal clean voice and the guitar riffs at the end of the tracks were a welcome addition. 

Now comes the hard part. Maintaining that buzz and not letting distractions get in the way. If Justin can do this, he will see that lighthouse burning bright, right in front of his eyes. 

Get all of Justin’s music in your ears via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The Netherlands prodigy ‘Os Yvers’ get summer started early with the sexy ‘’High Hopes’’

Mixed and Mastered at Katsu Studios in the UK, this is a summer hit if there ever was one. ‘’High Hopes’’ is all about turning the tide and setting those goals for satisfying achievement unlocking. Are you ready?

‘Os Yvers’ is a new producer/singer-songwriter and this is his 2nd released track on SoundCloud, the first being a demo. The future’s so bright here, this could be the breakout artist of 2021 and one could easily see him working with someone like Kygo really soon. 

The 80s inspired disco/ pop song ‘’High Hopes’’ is a real mood booster and the best part is the sexy sax to just top it all off. This is summer all the way. Have ‘’High Hopes’’ and make sure you are dancing to this when that holiday begins. 

This Dutch producer has put out a top song here and we will await more releases to fully see if he can maintain the high standard set. Get that sunblock ready, this song is coming in sizzling hot.

Keep the hopes up high with this 80’s inspired track here

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Lovable Marty returns with a positive message and happy hearts on ‘’Dance With You’

It won’t be long now. I don’t know about you but I really miss dancing with other humans. The feeling and smiles, that warm embrace or even the drunken shouting in the ear if it’s with a mate during a night out. Ah, good times. 

Marty’ is an all-female band based in Nottingham in the UK, dedicated to experimenting with new sounds and styles and trying out a multitude of genres. After doing solo work before, the three girls joined together to form the band, bringing their individual musical influences and performance styles to the group. Whilst only being a band for just over a year, the group have made a good impact and when the music scene opens up again, expect them to be on many exciting lineups.

I love ‘Marty’s’ sound. They mesh well together and make beautiful music. This is a band that deserves the big stage and I can’t wait to see them live. 

Dance with ‘Marty’ and immerse yourself in their beautiful music on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Filip Finado has released their blissfully accordant feat of Psych Folk Pop “Your Songs”

“Your Songs” is the accordantly blissful latest single from Indie singer-songwriter Filip Finado. With melodies which you can melt into and instantly resonant lyrics, Your Songs is everything we need on the airwaves right now.

There are subtle nuances of Psych Pop and Alt Folk Pop within the soundscape which tangibly shimmers with aural resolve in a way that any fans of the Beatles and the Zombies will undoubtedly appreciate. Yet ultimately, the essence of the single lies in the magnetic resonance which will hit you as soon as you hit play. Your Songs may be a break-up song, but there’s just something so soulfully captivating about the artfully distinctive soundscape, it will soothe your soul whatever you’re lamenting over.

You can check out the official video to Your Songs on YouTube from May 28th via YouTube.

Make sure to subscribe to Filip Finado’s channel and follow them via Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with new releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Hannah Ureste has released Pop single HIGH

Artist Hannah Ureste has released her Pop infused single ‘HIGH’, with these moving rhythms and intriguing style.

As the piece begins to start, you’re instantly drawn into the unique vocals that Hannah portrays throughout. Having that soft tone, but sometimes stretching the voice out to create a different texture of vocal as the song goes on. In parts, she turns into more of a raspy whisper and in some parts she hits the high-notes effortlessly.

The melody that intertwines, is like any Pop beat. Making sure it’s upbeat and tends to overpower the vocals as it cuts through all the elements, as the vocals begin to draw back into the background.

A wide range of different uses of instrumentation is what makes this melody flow and create this catchy beat, from the trumpet to the drums all pulling together to make this uplifting sound.

Check out Hannah Ureste’s HIGH by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

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Extremely sensitive to the latest events caused by the spread of Coronavirus, Estella Kirk drops her first single Shelter in the Storm

Dreaming of becoming the next pop star and about to release her debut EP in 2020, up and coming artist Estella Kirk drops her first single Shelter in the Storm, written in collaboration with Kira Fontana of Kingdom Sound and produced by Josh “Igloo” Monroy.

Extremely sensitive to the latest events caused by the spread of Coronavirus, Estella has been looking for security, truth and shelter in a world of chaos where she’s found her safe spot in God. In this regard, the storm she sings about is the panic and fear that the virus has spread, but someone is always here to give us peace, to help us find shelter in the storm: the Lord Himself.

Evocative and hopeful lyrics are introduced into a mellow pop dimension with wider harmonies in the choruses as to give us the feel of a divine presence that acts in intervention.

You can listen to Shelter in the Storm for yourself on Youtube.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Artist Eloe reminisces on a one-night stand in his latest release More Than Just A F**k – Rolling

Magnifying the unexpected feelings following a one-night stand, artist Eloe put his reflections into words in his latest release More Than Just A F**k – Rolling.

Playing with synths and new-wave sounds that work out through a smooth background pad, hip hop slow beats design a contour for gentle Soul vocals describing the aftermath of what at first seemed to be lust but ended up being a surprising emotional connection.

Most times it doesn’t have to be love to make two people connect. Some nights that start with a physical instinct can still result in a beautiful empathy that won’t necessarily evolve into a longer relationship but will still endure as a memory to cherish. Something that in a such materialistic world is just so rare.

By combining all of the above, Eloe creates a sensual R&B effort that you can check out for yourself on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Up and coming artist Kuna drops her new E.P Bittersweet

Up and coming artist Kuna drops her new single Bittersweet, released May 1st 2020 from her debut EP with the same name.

Bittersweet is a stylish interpretation of modern pop that gives in to airy and soothing vocals, developing into catchy and original melodies that are all but alike any of the current mainstream acts. Her wide vocal range is astounding, going from deep bass tones to higher pitches with incredible simplicity – a natural skill that only a true talent is able to master.

Kuna just sounds different, and releases a unique product that features an interesting meld of R&B and alt-pop creating an emotional mood over hip hop beats and dreamy sounds. If you go through the entire EP, you’ll better experience her pioneer style, but for now keep your focus on Bittersweet that you can listen to on multiple platforms through Ditto.

She’s definitely going into one of my playlists, how about yours?

Review by Jim Esposito


Dylan E. Crampton – Pretty Clothes: Psychedelically Sweet Indie Pop

Fans of the Beatles, the Zombies, and the Beach Boys, prepare to be enamoured by Dylan E. Crampton’s psychedelically sweet single Pretty Clothes which dropped in March 2020.

The melodies in the quintessentially affable single will win you over from the first verse, while Dylan E. Crampton’s harmonically soft vocals add even more magnetically captivating warmth to the soundscape.

The Irish Singer-Songwriter has an enviable skill when it comes to crafting efficacious guitar hooks and inventive melodies. Along with their tangible talent when it comes to writing solid, instantly accessible tracks, it’s easy to see big things in the pipeline for Dylan E. Crampton with his nostalgic yet authentic style.

You can check out Dylan E. Crampton’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast