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SVRPoole get over their fear of rejection with ‘Dusted Artist’

Pop-folk as a concept might sound like it takes a bit of explaining, but that’s what we’ve got here with acoustic singer-songwriting duo SVRPoole; a mix of early Fleetwood Mac, June Carter, ABBA, and Steeleye Span. It’s a cute little mix, vocalist and guitarist Simona-Valentina’s high resonance, Angel Olsen-like vocal underpinned by some frankly delicious slide guitar work and ballady brushed drum-and-tambourine patterns.

Lyrically, this is a song for mistakes, misshapes, and misfits, or anyone who feels stigmatised, rejected, or otherwise discriminated against. Written originally as a poem for Simona-Valentina’s sister, it’s gentle, it’s quirky, it’s got a bit of a boho indie vibe going on amongst the folk-country-ish tinges, and the lilting chorus vocal is irretrievably hummable.

You can hear ‘Dusted Artist’ on Soundcloud. Follow SVRPoole on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

Terez – One of Canada’s most sought-after songwriters drops new solo single ‘This City’

Fresh off the back of her recent single release ‘Hot Mess’ comes this new track from Calgary-based singer-songwriter Terez, an early 2000’s electro-pop ballad that’s all fizzing synths and multi-faceted vocals; dance-oriented, catchy as hell, and utterly relatable, ‘This City’ was inspired by Terez’ move to Toronto, and the reminiscing feelings of missing an old lover. Nostalgic and uplifting in equal measure, there’s elements of Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, or Victoria Monet in here; part pop-classic, part club-banger.

Terez is already a name in her home country, and rapidly becoming one of Canada’s most sought-after songwriters and creative directors; with a new EP due out later this year, on the basis of ‘This City’ it’s very easy to see why she’s already so much in demand.

‘This City’, and it’s accompanying video, will be released across all major platforms at the end of May; in the meantime, you can check out Terez on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


Looked Into My Eyes: German singer/rapper ARU moves away from the darkness on ‘Emotions’

Taken off his upcoming debut mixtape called ‘Epiphany‘ which is a result of a five year dream that has now come alive, ARU shows us the love with the romantic new single which will have you looking to dim the lights on ‘Emotions‘.

ARU is a new German-born, Lisbon, Portugal-based rap/RnB indie singer-songwriter, former policeman and sales promoter. He makes that soothing music which shows you how he feels deep inside, singing away all the bad vibes by staying present throughout.

This is the type of song that might have you swaying your body around as you think about that time you were low — but soon so high in the cloudless sky again —  like the click of a finger. The nights were sad and dull but then the flirty eyes link together, and sparked close to immerse a light that has you feeling so happy inside.

He sings with a truly buoyant attitude, his new journey has enthused him so much and the vocals are raw — but eloquently performed — with so much care and that extra desire within is heard.

Emotions‘ from the focused German RnB/rap artist ARU, shows us that deep love he has for the girl who flipped his whole life upside down, when he was spinning out of control before. She had that spark of someone who helped him warm up inside — after so many doubts and cold weather nights alone, that was threatening to freeze him out of love in an unwanted icy igloo.

Check out the YouTube audio link and follow his social movements on IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Libby Butterworth explores femininity with her indie-pop earworm CHANEL.

CHANEL is the latest single to be released by Cambridge-hailing 21-year-old singer-songwriter Libby Butterworth who has already earned a spot on the BBC Introducing Hotlist in 2020 for her catchy, vulnerable indie-pop sound.

Hit play on CHANEL, and you will immediately see why there is so acclaim amassing around her soft feminine vocals that bring plenty of intimacy to her candid lyrical style. Your archetypal pop track leads you to believe that you are the outlier for not having it all figured out; Libby lets her listeners hear her uncertainty and internal conflict with lines such as, “I want it all and I don’t want anything”.

CHANEL flows perfectly along with the shift in the tide away from demands on pop stars to be less iconic and more humanistic. The single finds a nuanced way of saying that femininity doesn’t always come easily, and the desire to be the embodiment of Audrey Hepburn doesn’t always come from within.

Not only is CHANEL an infectiously moody indie-pop earworm, but it also has the potential to help so many women understand their own identity. Naturally, we look forward to hearing plenty more from Libby and her sultry subversive style.

Libby Butterworth’s latest single, CHANEL, is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Debrah Jade has released her funk-fuelled hyper-pop single, Nobody But You.

‘Nobody But You’ is the latest fierce feat of  hyperpop left on the airwaves by the breakthrough artist Debrah Jade. After racking up hundreds of thousands of streams since making her debut in 2018 with her single, ‘Drenched in Love’, Jade has stayed true to her signature funk-fuelled, disco-pop affectionate style that unapologetically reminds her listeners of their capacity to feel.

Hit play on Nobody But You, and you won’t just hear Jade’s optimistic disposition; you will be inclined to share it. We may have all collectively endured the most trying times in living history. But the presence of resoundingly visceral voices, such as Debrah Jade’s that remind you of the time when Houston and Turner were the reigning queens of pop, bring back a sense of normality.

Nobody But You is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Best Version: Erin Frances looks to the exciting future on excellent new single ‘My Voice’

Released from her latest four-track EP ‘What’s In The Woods‘, Erin Frances returns with a sumptuous new single that will have you in a relaxed mood and ready to conquer called ‘My Voice’.

Woodland, California-based indie alt-pop singer-songwriter, art lover and student Erin Bruni aka Erin Frances, is an authentic musician with a huge love for genuine creations. After being inspired in 2019 to get into songwriting, she has only blossomed from there and is a fresh voice with so much potential.

After starting out with a musical theatre, jazz and classical upbringing, she sings with such grace and care that has your ears feeling so warm and loved. This is a young woman who’s lyrics filter into your mind, as you embrace her gorgeous voice that has you enjoying her sweet story.

My Voice‘ from the terrific California indie alt-pop singer-songwriter Erin Frances, shows us a positive thinker who is just looking to improve and be the best version of herself. This is a song all about opening the doors to figure about what her true loves are, as she searches for that happy road that will help her reach all those incredible goals that are waiting to be accomplished.

Stream this soulful new single on YouTube and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Farrah Hanna explores evolution in her indie-folk single, ‘Everything is Different Now’.

With an introduction that is the aural equivalent to Nikita Gill’s collection of poetry, Fierce Fairytales, the prelude to Farrah Hanna’s latest single, ‘Everything is Different Now’, instantly puts you in a suggestable and contemplative state. With the following verses flowing through in Farrah Hanna’s conversationally narrative style, you will find yourself amongst the lyrics as the changes in your life coalesce with Hanna’s.

Any fans of Angel Olsen, Big Thief and Phoebe Bridgers will appreciate Farrah Hanna’s quaintly lo-fi acoustic folk style. The meditatively short and sweet single uses haunting, almost neo-classic, keys sporadically behind the gentle acoustic rhythms to amplify the already potent sense of emotion in this succinct indie-folk instant classic. Everything is Different now allows the inevitability of change to feel far less daunting.

Everything is Different Now officially released on May 6th; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

They Wanna Be Her: Rising Hartlepool sister duo Khalysis drop dazzling new single ‘Diablo’

With a heart-warming sound that has your body moving and grooving like it was 2019, Khalysis tell us the story of that gorgeous girl who heats up the room like a sauna on ‘Diablo‘.

Khalysis (Formerly LIV’n’G) is a supremely talented all-sister tropical pop duo from cozy Hartlepool in England. They are formed by Olivia Crawford and Georgia Fletcher, who make that fun party music which makes you dance all night long.

The honey coated beat has your eyes and ears sparked to attention — as you get those dance shoes onto your eager feet — to dust off those moves you missed so much through these strange times. Her vocals are calming and natural, swirling into your mind as you start to smile, as this is the type of song you just want to turn up loud.

This is the story of having your heart sprung to attention, as that one person has the power to get everyone to change what they were doing and to glance cheekily in their direction.

Diablo‘ from the stunning singer-songwriter sister duo Khalysis (ca-LEE-sis), is a terrific track with so much potential as you remember sliding to this type of tune in the local club. This is the story about that gorgeous girl who makes everyone’s jaw drop — as she drifts into the room with a cheeky smile — and causes the medics to arrive quickly, from too many people fainting on the ground.

Stream this fresh new song on Spotify and check out their IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

TAYLOR ESPOSITO breaks though with her hyperpop debut single ‘KISS ME LIKE IT’S NOT OVER’.

Shaking off her small-town-girl status, TAYLOR ESPOSITO is here with her impassioned hyperpop earworm, ‘KISS ME LIKE IT’S NOT OVER’. In the same vein as anthemic tracks by Rihanna, Ariana Grande and Cardi B, the single resounds with fervent energy but you would be hard-pressed to find any singles by the aforementioned artists with a bassline that slaps as hard.

The debut is an unapologetically archetypal pop track but with the formula perfected under TAYLOR ESPOSITO’s meticulous approach to production and her fierce attitude colliding with the bass-riding beats. There’s no denying that KISS ME LIKE IT’S NOT OVER doesn’t leave you adrenalized and insatiable to hear what ESPOSITO has in the pipeline.

If her music wasn’t exciting enough, the artist and influencer has made it safe to see pop stars as role models again.

KISS ME LIKE IT’S NOT OVER is now available to stream via Spotify. Follow the artist via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

A New Talent Emerges: Transfixing Czech artist Niki Sabrina fascinates on her alt-pop debut ‘Validate’

Taken off her upcoming ‘Forever Misunderstood‘ five-track EP that is set for a 28th May 2021 release, Niki Sabrina stuns our senses awake on a debut track to certainly appreciate called ‘Validate‘.

Nicole Sabrina Stenzl aka Niki Sabrina, is a flourishing London-based bilingual eighteen years old indie alt-pop singer-songwriter, producer, Goldsmiths University student and multi-instrumentalist from the Czech Republic.

After being inspired by the tragically late-great Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black album, the spark was set in stone when she was just fifteen, as her young heart gravitated massively towards making music for a living.

Her glorious voice is so enticing and has you listening super intently inside her soul, as she is so mysteriously spellbinding throughout and you feel engrossed with each word that comes out of her cleverly-worded lyrics.

Validate‘ from the Czech indie jazz-fused, pop singer-songwriter/producer Niki Sabrina, swirls into your mind like a fleeting memory that you have felt before. The catchy hook keeps you locked in, as you immerse yourself in a new talent who’s fresh energy and skillful vibrations, has you feeling excited to explore on this sultry single.

Stream this catchy new release on Spotify and see more visuals via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen