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San Francisco delivers driving alt-indie in his latest single, ‘Night Drive’

After a successful debut, Welsh alt-indie singer-songwriter San Francisco (Iwan Grant) is set to release their highly anticipated single, ‘Night Drive’, which switches up his sound from his preceding singles to expose a softer side; but the sonic guitars still made the cut.

The indie-rock jam practically leaves trails of headlights and streetlamps in your eyes as you listen to the viscerally sticky-sweet anthem unfold, exuding the same angular popping fretboard ingenuity as the likes of Johnny Marr and Aaron Dessner. Even with the reminiscences, Night Drive carries plenty of the artist’s distinctive style. Any fans of indie big riffs and catchy choruses will be literally and figuratively hooked.

You can check out San Francisco on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

She’s So Savage: Judah Kim respects the way that she moves on ‘Radiate’

With a cheeky glow in his eye and a bounce in his step, Judah Kim does what he does best and shines so brightly on his brand new sharply created single called ‘Radiate‘.

Judah Kim is a determined Korean/American solo indie-pop/rock singer-songwriter and producer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Formerly the songwriter and lead vocalist for Philadelphia Rock acts Stonethrown, and Judah Kim & The Assassination, you feel like he is thoroughly enjoying the solo journey — as he can fly free and put all his creative juices into his own blender — and sip from it daily while doing his own thing.

He sings with such a delightful flow that sparks your mind into action — into telling those who you respect how it is — your mind connects with his story and leads you to the right way of thinking. Being with those souls that are always looking to improve is the only way to go, rather than being bogged down by negative thinkers.

Radiate‘ from the extremely confident Philly songwriter/producer Judah Kim, is that finger-clicking new song which gives a big shout-out to all the ladies out there who know where they are headed and do things the right way. He sings with lots of passion and desire, as he brings us a catchy pop/rock track that has him in full flight.

Hear this electric storm on Soundcloud and see more info on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pleasure Centre – deep, ethereal dreampop with ‘Blue (Bertha)’

Carving a unique niche in the overly-effected and saturated tones of the current Shoegaze scene is a tricky call, but that’s pretty much what Scarborough’s Pleasure Centre have managed to do with ‘Blue (Bertha)’, mixing up old-school Slowdive, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, and BDRMM with Beach House, bits of Bloc Party, and a touch of Morrissey’s vocal vibrato and lazy delivery. Add in some Psychocandy-era Jesus and Mary Chain, a touch of Swervedriver, and a liberal sprinkling of Fleeting Joys, and you get ‘Blue (Bertha) – a gentle, ephemeral thing of beauty, all chiming chorused guitars, pushing, background-soaking bass, and layered, reverb-drenched vocals. Melancholic, ephemeral, and echoing, this is a floaty, ethereal take on post-rock dreampop that – for all its delicacy – really deserves to be played loud.

You can check out Pleasure Centre on BandCamp now, and follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Junebug delivers meditative empowerment in her debut indie-pop single, ‘cut you loose’,

If you’ve been putting off severing toxic ties, the debut melodic indie-pop offering, ‘cut you loose’ from up and coming Cambridge, MA-hailing artist Junebug offers plenty of extra incentives with a stunning melding of easy guitar chords and playful synths.

There’s intrinsic innocence to cut you loose. Usually, tracks in the same vain spin the same archetypal, spiteful, ‘better off without you’ narrative. Yet, cut you loose is meditative in the way it reminds you that you’re worthy of inner peace with the cool choral tones.

Any fans of Kate Nash and Big Thief will appreciate Junebug’s airy yet ardent style which is heavily inspired by Joni Mitchell and Laura Marling, paired with her conversationally narrative lyrics that bring her voice as a queer artist into the conversation.

cut you loose was created in collaboration with instrumentalist Chris Howat, who added more depth to the cathartically connectable single that was written, recorded and mixed by Junebug (AKA Carolyn Fahrner) who has been part of the intrinsic fabric of the Boston music scene prior to her Junebug debut.

With her debut EP, ‘Turncoat’, in the works, which promises to be her most vulnerable material yet while exploring queer experiences and growing pains, Junebug is well worth a spot on your radar.

cut you loose is now available to stream via Spotify.

Connect with Junebug via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lindsay Brazell reached the pinnacle of indie-folk with her single, ‘Midnight Gospel’.

With chord progressions that flow as easily as Courtney Barnett’s and the Beatles’, from the first note, you’re suckered right into Lindsay Brazell’s latest bluesy folk-pop single, ‘Midnight Gospel’.

The choruses practically act as transcendental experiences as you get caught up within Brazell’s chorally arcane vocals that give you the same vibe as Stevie Nicks as they work with the popping melodies that remain contemporary until the solo where the roots of bluegrass pull through.

With her sound exuding as much distinction as Amigo the Devil and the 2020 supergroup Bonny Light Horseman, combined with the impression that she lights up every room she walks in, it comes as no surprise that the singer-songwriter has been dubbed one to watch by The Nashville Songwriters Association International. We wholeheartedly agree.

Midnight Gospel is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Things Have Turned: Arie drops emotion-filled new single ‘Freakin’ Her Out’

After saying something he probably shouldn’t have even thought of, Arie drives home whilst shaking his head in disappointment on ‘Freakin’ Her Out’.

Aaryan M.Khurana aka Arie is a skilled producer, engineer, songwriter and singer, who brings the world his pop flows to smooth up the world, as he fuses RnB inside his soul that combines just right.

This is the message about being careful about what you say otherwise it will come back to haunt you. The world moves so quick and if you take the wrong path — even for a second — it can and probably will haunt you forever.

He sings with such pain and sorrow that he might have lost her love for good, his intentions were pure but she saw it another way and the damage has scarred like a devastating forest fire. The burnt smell is around and it might take a while for it to fully clear, if it does at all.

Freakin’ Her Out‘ from indie pop/RnB artist Arie, is that story about how if you push things a bit too far, you might lose the one that you truly care about as they will start to lose trust in you, no matter if you meant what you said or not.

Stream this emotional single on Spotify and see the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tired Of It: London’s Mark Izatt sings with so much passion as he knows things have to change quick on ‘The Hand’

With his mind made up that his friend needs help immediately to know where to land, Mark Izatt is back with a gloriously created single which opens up his heart to dealing with this matter on ‘The Hand‘.

Mark Izatt is a tremendously underrated London-based indie pop singer-songwriter and self-confessed extreme hobbyist, who makes that deeply rooted music which holds your mind, and has you in an introspective daze as you look inside your soul for answers.

He sings with so much enlightenment as he has seen this moment flash before his eye like a bright bulb flickering constantly, the moment to speak deeply to his friend about their issue is here and its time to fix the broken glass.

Each verse is more emotional than the last, the pain he is seeing is starting to effect his mood, the era of putting up with this has finally come to an end.

The Hand’ from Mark Izatt, is a terrific single that strikes you right into your heart, as you worry about your friend that perhaps has one too many too often and can’t cope, as you wonder with if they will ever be okay or stay in the loop forever. This is a song sung with utmost care and loving tenderness, with vocals that are hauntingly beautiful.

Stream this fine single on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nothing Is Impossible: Jake Banfield and Duane Wave drop instant soul-healing single ‘Can’t Let Go’

As they both sing with such a pleasurable tone that has you believing in love again after the cold darkness, Jake Banfield and Duane Wave are truly incredible on the new single that ‘Can’t Let Go’ from your heart.

Tulsa, Oklahoma self-taught singer-songwriter Jake Banfield joins forces with Duane Wave, to mend our broken hearts with a romantic song that breaths hope into your consciousness again. They fuse that special cocktail of delicious vocals and mellow beats into one tasty bowl of goodness to nibble on, that you will want to lather yourself into all day.

With eloquently delightful vocals, a chilled beat that sets the picture just right and a loving video that gets your mood uplifted so quickly, this one of the best songs of the year so far without doubt. Music with a positive message is strangely rare these days and there is so much to like here.

Can’t Let Go‘ from the popular Jake Banfield and Duane Wave, is a magnificent new single that has you smiling deep inside. They sing with such a belief and calmness that is such a reassuring touch that could be a bit much if you are hurting, but will surely seep inside your veins to have that hope returning.

When you truly believe that you won’t ever let go of someone you care about so much, the world does seem a lot brighten than before.

See this quality music video on YouTube and see the IG for more release news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Where Did They Go: BEE wonders what happened to that fleeting love on ‘Blue Sky’

After being drawn into being a musician thanks to watching the legendary Shakira live when he was just fifteen years old, BEE looks above to bring in the fresh clear vibes of a new dawn, on his new single called ‘Blue Sky’.

BEE is an inspired Abu Dhabi indie pop singer-songwriter, who loves to create that stunning soundscape that lifts you off your seat and takes you to sun-lit places, that you didn’t know were possible before.

He sings with such love and fire, the relationship didn’t happen the way he though it would, as he loved her so much. With a confident voice and true determination in his veins, you feel the story wash over your heart and you remember when you lost that person who you wanted to be with forever.

Blue Sky’ from the exciting Abu Dhabi indie pop singer-songwriter BEE, is a touching story about how sometimes love doesn’t work out sometimes, no matter how much you want it to happen. Life can be harsh, but holding onto those sweet memories is always a way to feel that you made a connection, that might be reignited one day when your eyes lock again.

Stream this song on Spotify and check out his IG for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All My Timelines Love Me: Jay Threatt rejoices on his favorite time of the week with ‘Good Ole Tuesday’

As he sings with such enthusiasm about the best time of the week for him, Jay Threatt gives us some insight into what soothes his soul, with the provocative new single ‘Good Ole Tuesday‘.

Jay Threatt is an entertaining North Mississippi indie singer-songwriter and music producer, who makes those fun songs that takes the top off your mood and takes you to a place that is far away from the stress of the world.

This is the story about appreciating a day where the energy is a bit more relaxed than most, as the summer comes in and the appreciation is high with what is awaiting on his timeline, no matter what the social media channel.

He sings with such a fun style, his voice reflects his mood and performs in such a way that lets you know that he doesn’t take life too seriously, as he brings us a lighter moment to take away the darkness.

Good Ole Tuesday’ from North Mississippi singer-songwriter/producer Jay Threatt, is that chill track to sit back with, as you groove with an entertaining artist who sends us a mellow vibe, that has you smiling and singing with him.

See this vibrant new single on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen