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Lilo is so stunning on self-aware ‘Running in the Rain’

UK singer-songwriter Lilo is so stunning on ‘Running in the Rain‘ and sings with growing confidence and is always elegant.

With a voice that is hauntingly beautiful, Lilo is one of those genuine souls that loves making and performing her music to hungry hearts. Her vocals are tremendous, never too much and she is one determined young lady. After learning how to play the piano at aged 4, guitar at 8, songwriting at 13, singing lessons started at 17. She clearly loves music and learning new things so that she can immerse herself into the peaceful indie-pop sounds.

This is a song all about learning to enjoy the present rather than wishing constantly for the future and reaching your end goal. This is such a true predicament and something most of us battle with each day. Living for the moment is the way to go instead of over-thinking everything.

Running in the Rain‘ from Lilo is a lovely indie-pop pure song full of lovely energy that grabs your attention. The Yorkshire-based music is a huge talented and the music is so great to listen to.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Garage Rockers AlterModerns impress on debut track ‘Day Off’

This is a strong debut outing from AlterModerns on their brand new rock track Day Off’.

Released off This Could Prove Fatal, this is a psychedelic rock bouncer with powerful energy. They have a terrific vibe and rip through on this 1 minute firestorm. The vocals are fantastic and the guitar smash in, you listen closely and just want to dance around on this one.

For a debut, this is all about doing fun things on your day off. You want to play as work has been hectic. This is that fun song to turn up real loud to wake up the neighbors. The garage rock style is for all to see and this new Brazilian act really strut their stuff on this rocking single.

AlterModerns from Brazil might just be your new alarm call with Day Off’. Putting this on your phone will certainly get you up and that is the beauty here. This is a new band that have just teased us on what they are capable of. Bring it on.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


San Gabriel – Another One: Absorbingly Amorous Indie Synth Pop

There’s nothing quite like hearing the debut single from a professional artist who has finally decided to let their expression freely flow through their solo work. That very same blissful sensation washed over us after hitting play on San Gabriel’s stunning Dreampop single “Another One”.

The soulfully connectable, stylistically spellbinding release unravels through dreamy lush accordance as the imploringly soothing vocals add plenty of personality to the mix. If you could imagine what John Grant would sound like if you caught him in an amorous mood, you’ll get an idea of what San Gabriel has to offer.

I knew I was right to trust an artist wielding a Jazzmaster in their cover art. From said axe, San Gabriel carved the warm effervescent tones that the JM is infamous for. Yet, it is probably safe to say that the distinguishable JM sound has never found itself around such absorbing synth pop notes before.

You can check out San Gabriel’s single Another One for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Amelie Blake sings with such grace on ‘Let The Words Unfold’

Amelie Blake sings with such grace and pureness on the indie-pop single called ‘Let The Words Unfold‘.

Amelie Blake is a UK based singer-songwriter with a stunning voice that sweeps through your heart and cleans up the rubbish that is cluttering your blood flow. She has made her own unique sound that has clippings of pop, soul and alternative music. This is a singer you have to be a fan of.

Amelie says that ‘Let The Words Unfold‘ is all about reclaiming your power and not letting outside sources affect you in a negative way. It’s about being who you are and not censoring your true self for the sake of others. It’s about not accepting others opinions as facts and owning who you are, this is a song about being comfortable in your own skin.

⁠I love how this song has been created and the message is so true and empowering. She has battled with this before, just like millions out there. The key is that she hasn’t let it define who she is.

Amelie Blake in incredible on her song ‘Let The Words Unfold‘. This is a singer who sings for the love of music and you can tell that she is a sweet soul, so genuine and authentic. A new role model in this crazy world has risen.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Bones & Bukenya – SHE: Restoratively Oceanic Alt Indie Folk

Bones & Bukenya

Bones & Bukenya are set to drop their stunningly masterful Alt-Indie Folk Pop single “SHE” on September 25th.

Transfixingly hypnotic Hawaiian surf rhythms introduce the track and bring the catharsis, when you find yourself in the midst of the harmonically timeless production, you’ll also find that you’re consumed by the restoratively oceanic single which stands as a testament to Bones & Bukenya’s authenticity.

Even sweeter than the stylistically soulful vibes that they were able to orchestrate through pairing their dual vocals with the mellifluous instrumentals are the lyrics which pay ode to women who know their value and shine with the confidence they exude.

Despite the quiescent tranquil air to SHE, it’s an incredibly powerful record that you’ll definitely want to give repeat attention.

You can check out SHE via the artist’s official Facebook page from the date of release

Review by Amelia Vandergast


‘Let the Music’ from Berlin-based Patrizia is a fun journey of dreamy pop pureness

Let the Music‘ from Berlin-based Patrizia is a fun journey of dreamy pop pureness that will make you smile and possibly dance.

Patrizia was born into an Italian immigrant family who lived in small town Germany. At the age of just 6, she discovered a dance studio. This formed the foundation of meshing music with performance. Her creative ambition was not welcome in her lower working class, suburban world. However, a move to Berlin was on the cards and this would change everything for this young musician. She just wanted to dance and sing. Now, with the freedom to be creative in a safe environment that wasn’t small-minded, she could fully express herself.

I love the pop pureness here, this is about letting the music come to you and not to force anything in life. Just turn the music up and do what come naturally to you as this is the best way to live in life. The beat is so 80’s and this is so great to listen to. There is innocence here, the dancing and fun music resonates in a world that can be so cold.

Let the Music‘ from Berlin-based Patrizia is the type of song that makes you happy and smile. Simple pleasures that inspire and makes the day a bit more tolerable. This talented singer & actress has just kissed our ears with this gorgeous song.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Andrea Dee sings with vigor on ‘Not Sorry’

Stunning singer Andrea Dee sings with such passion on the indie-pop statement to the world: ‘Not Sorry‘.

With a wild frame of songwriting, singer Andrea Dee invites us briefly into her wonderful world of love, passion, heartbreak, and vulnerability. Her music is always an honest take on life, the journey, and the process plus everything in the middle.

Andrea Dee is a London based producer, singer-songwriter, performer and composer, originally from Paris, France. Now in London, she is on a mission for her music to be heard all over the world.

Not Sorry‘ from Andrea Dee is a story of not accepting people that don’t really get you. You know what you want and like and aren’t taking anything less in life. You feel like you are being put in a corner and can’t express yourself.

Andrea Dee sings so well on ‘Not Sorry‘. I can’t wait to see her live and hear this tremendous talent up close and personal. She has such a fine voice and I like the meaning behind this song. We need to be free and wild, not locked in.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen



Alt Pop took a supersonic shift into the future with the release of Luan Seguim’s single “Terminator”

Chicago-based Alt Indie Pop artist Luan Seguim has crashed onto the airwaves with their unapologetically authentic track “Terminator” which still fizzes with commercial potential in spite of the arrestingly visceral distinction.

Remember when Imagine Dragons dropped Radioactive in 2012? Yeah, it’s as stylistic and fresh as that. With an eclectic array of influences behind their futuristically grooving sound, Luan Seguim was able to serve up a genre-defying hit which Indie, Rock, Dark Pop and Electronic Pop fans will all undoubtedly approve of.

You can check out Luan Seguim’s track Terminator by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Half Way to Saint Petersburg rock in with solo effort on ‘Forever Yours’

Half Way to Saint Petersburg rock in with solo determination on ‘Forever Yours‘ and this is a strong effort.

After several failed attempts to start a band, the artist known as Half Way to Saint Petersburg flies into the music game with this new single.

This is a one man band and this is the way he likes it. He is accountable and just wants to play music and learn new skills. The Sound engineer, producer, guitarist, bassist and drummer, you can tell that he really wants this. After learning from trial and error, he knows now what it takes to get the album done as smoothly as humanly possible.

Half Way to Saint Petersburg is on top form here on ‘Forever Yours‘ and this is a solid effort from the multi-talented artist with a lot to give. He is just getting started and is loving this music journey.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Indie rock group Gentlemen’s Crow has released the new single “You Were Never Really Here”

Gentlemen’s Crow – You Were Never Really Here Indie rock group, Gentlemen’s Crow, from St. Augustine, Florida has released the new single “You Were Never Really Here”.

The band consists of Cameron Moratis on Guitar and Vocals, Alex Sandlin on Lead Guitar, Mike Eyer on Bass Guitar, and Mark Rutski on Drums. They use poetic word choices in their lyrics and mix it with their raw indie-rock sound. They released their debut single in November 2019, titled “Was That You With The Ice Cream?” and followed that up with a self-titled 2-track EP in January 2020.  A relaxing indie-rock vibe fuels “You Were Never Really Here” with Cameron Moratis’ vocals making an impact over the intricate guitar and drum melodies from the band that will certainly get stuck in your head. The song has great energy and certainly showcases Gentlemen’s Crow’s distinct sound and how talented they are. This is one song we’re sure would sound amazing live on stage.

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Reviewed by Jonathan Currinn