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Dark Honey – The Moon: Ethereally Resounding Eighties-Inspired Indie

For a track to be simultaneously uplifting yet melancholic should be somewhat of a paradox, yet that’s exactly what Dark Honey created with their latest single The Moon. The eighties inspired pensive Indie anthem almost spills over with emotion. By the time you reach the second chorus it’s almost impossible not to be consumed by their ethereally resounding offering of pure aural alchemy that’s been put on the table with their latest single the Moon.

The New York based four piece powerhouse have a synergetic way of weaving some of the catchiest hooks and melodies, before throwing your off kilter with some seriously impressive instrumental breakdowns in the track. Their melodic nature audibly paints dreamscapes which are surely enough to ensure that these rapturously relented artists won’t remain on the underground for too long.

You can check out Dark Honey’s music out for yourselves by heading over to their official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


There Are Haunting Piano Pieces, Then There’s Steven Araico’s Latest Masterpiece

Well, one things for sure Steven Aracio knows how to compose a haunting prelude, within the first few notes I was preparing myself to reach for the tissues. Each note of the piano is enough to send piercing spears through your stomach as you feel yourself slipping deeper in this sensationally melancholic Indie Acoustic Piano piece.

If Steven Araico’s latest track doesn’t move you, it’s safe to assume that you’re dead inside. The piano melody carries as much emotion as the painfully beautiful vocals in Letting Go. There have been a million songs written about letting go, but this up and coming artist makes it feel like you’re being treated to a whole new emotion. The contrast between his Neo-Classical piano styling and Indie Pop Rock vocals create a synergy that’s so fresh it could only be described as organic. The sporadic drum rolls placed around the keys provided an unexpected grounding rhythm that seems to catch me off guard every time I listen to Letting Go (You can’t just play it once)

Head on over to YouTube where you can check out Steven Araico in all of his maestro majesty in the official music video to his latest composition Letting Go which was released June 23rd, 2018.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Old Cities – Again: An Intricate Indie Weaving of Melancholy with Melody

Listening to Old Cities’ latest single Again is pretty much as easy as breathing, it’s not a soundscape that demands your attention, it’s a soundscape that immerses you whether you like it or not. Resistance is futile.

The indie track seamlessly blends electronic elements around acoustic for contemporarily fresh yet timelessly classic edge which is sweetened by the romantic twinge of the poignant lyricism. The pensive sporadic chords weave around the tentatively passionate lyrics to create an aural alchemy which could only be defined as aural alchemy. The only slight criticism that I would have for Old Cities with their latest single Again, is that the vocals convey to be a little generic, there wasn’t much to separate the artist from the hoards of Indie, Pop and Rock singers that all seem to have some reminiscence to an ex-member from Take That. Having said that, there aren’t many acts on the scene today that could match Old Cities with their intricately weaved compositions of rhythmic indie melody.

You can check out Old Cities latest single Again which was released June 2018 via SoundCloud now. You’ll have to wait a little longer for the full EP release which will be due out in August 2018.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


ARA – End Game: A Tenderly Raw Infusion of Indie Pop & Trap

The fact that 2018 has seen no shortage of female Indie Pop artists can’t be disputed, but there’s something irrefutably fresh about ARA’s style. With her latest single End Game, she proved that with an experimental mix of Trap and Synth Pop it’s hard to go wrong.

There’s a raw grittiness to ARA’s approach which allows her biting attitude to bleed through the track. In the prelude you’re treated to her almost fractured twee vocals, yet when the Trap beat really kicks in through the hook the momentum switches up to create an energetic energy which is beyond captivating. If you could imagine a mash up between Peaches and London Grammar, you’d be close to imagining the prodigal offerings of ARA’s latest single. Alongside the beat and ARA’s poignant vocal range the lyrics carry their own waves of resonance with each line throwing a punch with a little help from ARA’s playful style of delivery which you just can’t help but being captivated by.

End Game was released May 2018 and is now available for you to check out on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Brady Jacquin – Fool Heartless: Ethereally Sweet Alt Indie Folk

Acoustic Folk all seems to sound the same right? Wrong. Brady Jacquin may just be the talented solo artist to put that belief to rest with the quiescent soundscapes which he has created with his latest single Fool Heartless.

The atmospheric styling of the track isn’t something that you hear every day. The harmonies which Brady creates as he projects his pensively penned lyrics into the mic alongside the complexity in the rhythmic guitar strumming all together creates a sound of pure acoustic aural alchemy.

There’s a quaint air of endearing fragility contained within the acoustic singer songwriter’s vocals which makes it almost impossible to find reminiscence to any other contemporary act out there to date thanks to his alternative sensibility. At just twenty years old, the US based artist’s voice still carries the innocence that most vocalists would kill for. On top of that there probably isn’t an instrument that he can’t turn his deft hands to.

If extensive harmonies, ethereal effects and piercingly sweet vocals are your bag, you can check out Brady Jacquin’s latest track Fool Heartless which was released 16th June 2018 as part of his second EP release on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast




Tom Holden – Flesh Vessels: Grindingly Intricate Up-Funk Indie

Putting Tom Holden’s ethereally quaint style in words almost seems blasphemous given the fact that he’s created something completely, irrefutably succinctly prodigal with his sound. His single Flesh Vessels from his latest album is just one of the tracks that left me in a state of beguilement after drinking in the up-funk sultry rhythms on offer from the cathartic yet grinding experimentalism. If you could imagine a subtler offering of the conceptual contortions of sound created by Frank Zappa you may get close to imagining Tom Holden’s Jazzy, rhythmic Alternative soundscapes which could only truly ever be contained under the label of Art Rock. The amount of progression packed into a track that already hosts such an array of complexity made Flesh Vessels one of the most enigmatic tracks I’ve checked out this year.

You can check out Tom Holden’s latest track Flesh Vessel’s as part of his 2018 10-track album ‘Chickens Drinkin’ on Spotify now, and yeah, based on the title alone you can throw out any expectation of normalcy out the window before you hit play.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Fake Blond – Sweet Adolescence: A Prodigal Plateau of Melodic Indie Synergy

The Arctic Monkey’s may have sold out, but Fake Blond certainly haven’t with their first ever single recently released on Spotify ‘Sweet Adolescence’ The Utah based trio’s style bleeds pure archaic rock reminiscence through the soaring guitar hooks and charismatically sweet yet raucous vocals. To create their synergistically fresh sounds, they take inspiration from some of the most iconic acts of recent decades such as Velvet Underground and the Strokes whilst incorporating the jangly melodic synergy of 60’s Surf Rock with punchy Post-Punk basslines which packs plenty of knee-weakening reverb. With an already radio ready sound I can’t see them sticking around for long on the underground.

With their debut release, Fake Blond proved that they’re so much more than just a revival band, their style takes their sound to a brand new prodigal plateau of pure resonant Indie bliss.

You can check out Fake Blond’s latest single Sweet Adolescence on Spotify now. Whilst you join me in the bitter sweet anticipation for the release of Fake Blond’s debut EP which is due to drop August 2018.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Box The Oxford: 1922

Indie surf rock band, Box the Oxford have recently released a classic single music lovers will rock to during summer and all four seasons.

The band was created in the year 2013, when lead vocalist Andrew Krippner met with guitarist Colton Stapper while both were Engineering students at the California Polytechnic State University. Soon enough, bassist Davis Muxlow and drummer Eric Osborn joined the line up.

In the same year, Box the Oxford began work on their EP which was also released later in 2013. Songs from the EP got to be aired on local radio stations, and the band had the opportunity to work with other San Luis Obispo acts as Sherwood and Fialta.

In 2016, the band released their debut album and got the chance to perform alongside T-Pain and Jai Wolf at a Central Coast Music Festival. A moment they’ll always cherish. In that same year, they also got to play with KID CADAVER and DWNTWN.

Their recent single 1922, is a majestic piece of art that could only have come from one of the most brilliant music minds of our time. The record, is a phenomenal glossy pop sounding rock song, the typical sound of the best surf rock songs ever made.

1922 is a charismatic record with a phenomenal up-tempo sounding that gets you grooving; it’s also a peppy song that creates that summer-like atmosphere and mood we all long to experience all year round.

In addition to the aforementioned, the song has got a lovely composition and great melody. In fact, every element of the song reflects the ingenuity of the prodigious artists behind the recording. It’s perfect, and you’re definitely going to adore it for all time.

The remarkable single 1922 by Box the Oxford, is now available online for download and streaming on all major media platforms.


The Crow Family Tell It Like It Is

Music in general, and pop music in particular has always been a great medium for laying town scathing retorts, after all what is the point of getting up on stage in the first place if you have got nothing to say, nothing to get off of your chest? And that being the case, The Crow Family certainly have something to say about the state of the modern music industry. It isn’t the first time a band has felt the need to comment on such affairs but I think that it is something worth repeating and if a proper, competent, eloquent and original working band aren’t the right people to comment on the production line chancers and manipulated talent show wannabes, then who can?

And they do so over a cool pop-rock tune, one imbued with melody and no small amount of groove. Rock fans will love the classic lines, pop fans the danceability and everyone who cares about the future of music will get behind the message.


The Provisioners – Halcyonic: Romantically Raucous Indie Rock

It’s mellow, it’s sexy, it’s rhythmic; what more could you ask from an Indie Pop Rock anthem? The Provisioners created a storm of a soundscape with their latest single Halyconic. It’s the perfect track to ingest if you’re looking for something romantically raucous yet pensive. The Provisioners vocalist laid down his lyrics that I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought with them a significant piece of his soul. There aren’t enough flowery words in the world to depict just how cathartic and beautiful Halyconic is. Then there’s the guitars, my God, the guitar solos, which seem to stretch on endlessly, as you catch onto each note hoping that it won’t be the last. With a slightly extended track duration the Provisioners created a progressively enthralling which is an absolute pleasure to get caught up with. It takes a lot to move me in the way the Provisioners did.

You can be overwhelmed by the Provisioners latest single which was released May 2018 by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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