Newcastle Rockers Indoor Kids leave no doubt to their brilliance with ”Down”

Indoor Kids

Ah yes. This is such a quality sound and they are going places. Indoor Kids have a powerful style with incredible production and the band executes the sound like no other.

Down” is just over 5 minutes and you can’t get enough. Newcastle natives Indoor Kids take us into the unknown with breath-taking precision and rock 2020 into shape with 80’s style music that is timelessly crafted for this lost generation. Get off your phone and turn this up until your speakers shake into shape.

The start of the song is a bit haunting and then we are told to settle down. The band are in control here and they are taking us into another world like Neo in The Matrix. They have built up for this moment and each member knows exactly what they need to do. This is the Champions League final and the boys are lining up for that Free Kick. My body shakes as I anticipate the next build and listen even closer. It’s not often that a band has me jamming like this. Always ready for the fight. This is an act that is breaking through to the very top and they are going to put on one heck of a show.

Taken off new album ”The Great Outdoors, Pt. 1”, ”Down” is a powerfully fused anthem and sits comfortably seated in the front row of majestic music releases from 2020.

Head to the band’s Spotify page to get this single in your head all day.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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