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Feel That Summer Rain: ZUSO wants to feel that much-needed higher place on ‘Melt Like Gold’

With a riding-out-the-storm mentality and bringing the world a track to really lather deeply into as we forget past worries, ZUSO has our attention with a catchy dance track you will find compelled to party all night with on ‘Melt Like Gold‘.

Gabriel Cuenca aka ZUSO is a youthful Sydney, Australia-based indie electronic artist and DJ. He is best known for his smooth electronica creations and mesmerizing melodic house.

Towering high above us all and steering us where that beautiful nature is inside our souls, ZUSO brings us one of the most stimulating dance tracks of the year so far with an outstanding display for the ages. After listening to a real body-healer like this, you will feel driven to call up your mates and see where the party is at.

Melt Like Gold‘ from Sydney, Australia-based indie DJ and electronic artist ZUSO, is a euphoric track that takes your whole soul away from the previous darkness and into a much better place to achieve all your dreams. This is arm-raising energy here that has you lifting you away from that sleepy slumber, and back into a better world where you may feel free and happy again. This is a real gem when we needed it most.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rising Above It All: Electronic artist Jacquiequinox shows us deeply into ‘The First Smile’

With a sultry start to proceedings that might have you wandering lucidly into this dreamy track, Jacquiequinox brings us a single that might be just perfect for a forthcoming Hollywood thriller movie with ‘The First Smile‘.

Jacquiequinox is a Providence, Rhode Island, USA-based indie electronic artist who makes that mystique-filled ambience you can’t seem to easily forget.

Surging ahead as a shining light away from all previous darkness of doom, Jacquiequinox has just dropped a song that will have you feeling so thoughtful as you vow to shake off any lingering shadows that threaten to bring you down. There is a consistently brooding beat attached that smarms your mind, as you unlock your potential that has been hiding away for too long.

The First Smile‘ from the Providence, Rhode Island, USA-based indie-electronic act Jacquiequinox, is a new single that is made with an edge that takes your mindset into a new place of intrigue. This feels like the perfect track to play when you are cruising around town as you look for inspiration – to finally get away from this rat race – that can suffocate your priceless soul if you let it dominate your actions and thoughts.

Remembering to smile in the face of adversity, is something that no one can buy from you anyway.

Listen to this new single on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

AKMV-18 shows us what it sounds like when nature turns mechanical in his latest release, Chevalerie

‘Chevalerie’ is the latest dark and caustic electronic track that acts as a blackened sign of our times from the up and coming US artist and producer, AKMV-18. With visceral reminiscences to Celldweller, the pulsating beats thrash through the cavernous soundscape that embraces the darkest facets of our dystopic age.

The mechanical rhythms pierce through the comfortingly cold and hollow atmosphere of the track that bleeds an all too relatable melancholy while taking control of your rhythmic pulses through the psytrance nuances. Even the most pretentious cybergoth snobs would have a hard time picking holes in this entrancing hit which was just one of the seminal singles to feature on their latest EP.

Chevalerie is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Marked Since Day 1 has unleashed his dirty electro-rock earworm, Dirty Little Lips

‘Dirty Little Lips’ is the latest sultry industrial electro pop-rock track from the renowned multimedia artist and model, Marked Since Day 1. By matching the galvanising sex appeal in She Want Revenge, Mindless Self Indulgence and Alec Empire tracks, apathy isn’t an option once the fiery track builds to full momentum.

If Taylor Swift is the lyrical angel that sits on your shoulder, the Chicago hailing alternative artist, Marked Since Day 1 (David Gabriel) is the devil that sits on the other. The macabrely meta lyrics allude to the nefariousness that comes to the surface in modern dating etiquette while never letting the realism slip. The devilishly twisted single hits the spot in every conceivable way.

Dirty Little Lips is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

A True Escape: German electronic artist Verena Hentschel is quite superlative on her ‘Break Out’

Taken off her wildly creative 9-track album ‘Transformation‘ which is based on field recordings, Verena Hentschel sends us a world-class performance via her made-for-movies track that shall have you looking around nervously called ‘Break Out‘.

Verena Hentschel is a Cologne, Germany-based indie-electronic composer and visual artist (painting/visual media). This is a supremely inspiring young woman who has impressively obtained a Master of Music in Electronic Composition and a Bachelor of Music in Music and Media.

The focus lies on the experience of sound and visuals and ranges between rhythmic-percussive elements and experimental soundscapes.” ~ Verena Hentschel

On a new single for the ages that has you feeling so compelled to listen loudly again and again, as its attention to detail is quite marvellous – Verena Hentschel might be up there with one of the best underground artists we have seen in a long time.

Break Out‘ from the Cologne, Germany-based indie-electronic composer and visual artist Verena Hentschel is one of the most creatively stimulating tracks you might ever hear. This is a seriously talented multi-creative who makes that spiritually-awakening experience that sends shivers down your spine that you can’t explain. You feel like you are in nature here as you look for your escape from danger, and there is so much to love about this excellent track that is absolutely spellbindingly brilliant.

Hear this astonishing new single on Spotify and be sure to see this enthralling visual on Vimeo.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Close to Monday – Kripko Spi: Transcendently Experimental Progressive Electronica

The indie breakthrough artist, Close to Monday, was one of the few artists that managed to garner international attention and affection in 2021. Based on their recently released EDM hit, Kripko Spi, Close to Monday’s success was one of the only things that made sense during our most recent perplexing trip around the sun.

With entrancing beats that would give Front 242, Covenant, and Skinny Puppy a run for their money towards the outro, it scarcely comes as a surprise that so many immersed themselves in Close to Monday’s sound that breaks the monocultural mould while creating a demurely alluring sensory experience.

With the 7-minute duration of Kripko Spi, the progressive single has plenty of time to transition from the ambience in the prelude to the dancey harsh beats. The vocals are minimalist, but every time they come to the surface, they’re nothing short of intoxicating.

Kripko Spi is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Newfaces embraces the chaos in his glitchy EDM hip hop single, I Can’t Make You Love Me

Experimentalism has always been an intrinsic part of Newfaces’ creativity. Yet, with his latest alt electro single, the LA-based artist and producer moved into Avant-Garde territory with his glitchy serving of hip hop, Neo soul and RnB pop.

With stormy and tribal textures entwined in the artful arrangement, I Can’t Make You Love Me is touched by chaos as a reflection of torrid human emotion. While the driving momentum in the gorgeously layered single never lets any of the weight in the candid lyricism sit uncomfortably. If Saul Williams collaborated with Radiohead, the sonic result wouldn’t be all too different from the absolute triumph that is I Can’t Make You Love Me. Newfaces’ sound leaves you with no uncertainty around how he managed to garner so much hype. He’s definitely one to watch.

I Can’t Make You Love Me is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Turn It Louder: Del Piombo rattles our senses awake with cinematic track ‘Sinai’ (Club Mix)

Mastered at Abbey Road Studios by the well-loved and award-winning engineer Simon Gibson, Del Piombo has our minds alive with the possibilities that are so abundantly clear on ‘Sinai(Club Mix).

David Anderson Cosgrove aka Del Piombo is a much-respected composer, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, sound engineer, and EDM performer. This skilled professional attempts to show us that the world between the 18th century and today can be joined together in a classy style which we can all enjoy no matter our music tastes.

Music and the arts are part of David’s family legacy. His grandfather, John Nelson Cosgrove, was part of the Silly Center Opera Company in NYC, whose members included Pulitzer Prize-winning author Carl Sandburg and virtuoso Spanish guitarist Andrés Segovia.” ~ Del Piombo

Del Piombo shows us his compelling mindset that has him assembling an experience like none other, as he radiates so brightly through the darkness of current times with a new single that is quite outstanding.

From decades of composition, David knows that every release is an opportunity to dazzle and delight an audience. Del Piombo is the next step in that lifelong mission, combining classical composition with modern technology to bring new sounds to audiences everywhere.” ~ Del Piombo

Sinai(Club Mix) from the prolific music producer and performer Del Piombo, is a quite wonderful track that somehow mixes in two genres that are so different but may co-exist when integrated with love by true professionals. There is a raging start that shocks you awake, followed by beautiful melodies that gets your whole body twitching with delight. On a track that merits being in a Hollywood blockbuster with Jason Statham, you are completely wrapped into this fabulous mind-bending anthem.

Hear this speaker-shaking new single on Soundcloud and see what he comes up with next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Full Paced: Brisbane dance artist Replenished Sky turns up the volume on ‘Mess With Us’

After the release of his highly ambitious 18-track album ‘Maladaptive Daydreaming‘ from 2020, Replenished Sky reestablishes his ambient shockwaves of intrigue back into our curious minds with his latest single ‘Mess With Us‘.

Replenished Sky is a Brisbane, Australia-based indie dance artist who makes a powerful blend of speaker-shaking music creations that shows us his always-evolving visionary mind at its peak.

I aim to express emotions across these electronic waves to you via the magic that is modern-day technology. I want you to be able to travel through each song as opposed to just listening.” ~ Replenished Sky

Delivering a throbbing rhythm that feels like you are in a videogame and heading towards ultimate victory, Replenished Sky is in such majestic form here with a riveting track that has you inspecting your heartbeat.

Mess With Us‘ from the genre-bending Brisbane, Australia-based indie dance solo musician Replenished Sky, is a breathless experience that has us feeling revitalized and ready to party with aplomb. There is an intoxicating blend of mind-numbing music that is perfect for when you need to take the edge off naturally – and need to take yourself into a new world – for a few minutes in the company of a wildly innovative individual.

Hear this new release on Spotify and see more adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wanted A Peek: N.A.V.E urges us not to fall down the rabbit hole on ‘This Is Hell’

After the downright mind-blowing events that needlessly caused ten innocent fans to lose their lives, over 300 others to be injured, and for so many millions around the world to be confused as to what really occurred, N.A.V.E discovered that the whole room went cold with frigid energy on the ominous new single ‘This Is Hell‘.

N.A.V.E aka Nathan Evans is a Bournemouth/Brighton, UK-based dark alt-electronic artist, singer-songwriter, and music producer.

This is the type of creative artist who loves to blend in rock, trip-hop, and electronica with a moody feel to proceedings, that eerily has you shuddering in suspense for what is coming next.

NAVE’s ‘This Is Hell’ was written and fueled by Nathan’s observation of the recent tragedy at Travis Scott’s Astroworld and the aftermath driven by social media to guide and coerce its users down numerous rabbit holes.” ~ N.A.V.E

This Is Hell‘ from the Bournemouth/Brighton, UK-based dark alt-electronic artist N.A.V.E, leads us into a mournful event that has caused shockwaves around the world for the needless events that transpired. We are hurled into a really gritty track that is filled with an illumination-packed feel that has you looking around rather nervously, as the ambience is rather spooky at times. This is a single to place on loud to get the full effect – as this excellent artist takes us into a mournful tragedy that has generated a lot of reflection – on how future music events are constructed to make sure that this never happens again.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more happenings on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen