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Off My Shoulders: Billy Moran tells us all to have faith no matter what the obstacles on Little Dreamer

Often compared to Gary Clark Jr. and Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme), Billy Moran has nothing to lose and cuts it loose rather brilliantly on the guitar-lovers-anthem which might be just perfect for those days when you just need to explore again on Little Dreamer.

Billy Moran is a Los Angeles, USA-based alternative blues/rock solo artist who is well-travelled and is known as one of the best underground acts around who is ready to conquer the world.

If you like music with a serious edge and a skillset which has been forged over many years of practice, Billy Moran takes us into a happier place away from any mixed feelings of current times. This is so catchy and might be a special single to whistle with on the way to work.

Little Dreamer from the LA-based alternative blues/rock solo artist Billy Moran is a body-grooving track which might take you back to a better time in the galaxy. This is a song all about getting great advice. Turning up the heat and taking us into a thoughtful melody to tap those feet with, we find a single to believe in.

When the world is cold, it’s best to look upwards, never down.

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After School: Mattelight remembers those fun Tony Hawk times

With massive inspiration from the classic Tony Hawk Pro Skater game, Mattelight jams with youthful delight to savour on the superb new single to grind with, Tony Hawk.

Mattelight aka Matthew Parker is a New Paltz, New York-based indie rock project who loves to bring laughs and nostalgia to our lives at each possible opportunity.

Taken from the 12-track release from 2019, Greatest Hits!, Mattelight ramps us back to an innocent time with introspective lyrics, a likeable video and ear-hugging vocals to stir that passion from within. If you like music to take all worries away, this is the perfect tonic.

Tony Hawk from New Paltz, New York-based indie rock solo singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mattelight is a refreshingly honest story about how life flips around so quickly. Showing love for his mates and those fun times munching snacks and playing a classic video game, we are thrilled to the core by a catchy song which will get many feet tapping nostalgically.

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Show Me How You Feel: Amirah Lov3 wants to trust the possible romantic connection on Tranquility

Desiring close skin contact and many kisses to make the world better again, Amirah Lov3 sends dreamy imaginative kisses to her lover on the superbly pure and innocent release, Tranquility.

Amirah Lov3 is a 16-year-old Las Vegas, Nevada-based FreshAzEva LLC-signed solo RnB singer-songwriter, actress and model who has the kind of vocals which has the power to flip moods back into contentedness.

Tranquility shall enhance all moods and we have the sensational young talent Amirah Lov3 to thank for reminding us that everything can be so simple if two hearts can connect naturally. Easing our stressed bodies above the fake noise and into a warm embrace, this is a must-listen if true romance has been hiding away recently.

Tranquility from Las Vegas, Nevada-based RnB singer-songwriter and multi-talented Amirah Lov3 are the sound many romantically intertwined souls shall intrinsically feel. Looking for caressing peace and a place in time where she feels safe and valued, this is a heart-tingling single which guides us to that happier higher ground for the better.

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I Couldn’t Let You Go: Benevolent and DIvine follows his soul on Hyacinth

Taken from his upcoming debut album The Bouquet, Benevolent and DIvine searches bravely for that happy place to thrive on the heart-shining new single to glide away with on the 1st single Hyacinth.

Benevolent and DIvine is a Long Island, USA indie project led by the enigmatic Branden Andrade who has a hugely loyal following due to his honest ways and memorable performances.

Impressing from all corners and taking us for an exhilarating ride with vocally breathtaking technique, Benevolent and DIvine steam in and take us on a voyage that is unlikely to be forgotten quickly. This is a song which has exponential meaning and kind force, which shall take many into a hugely reflective place.

Hyacinth from Long Island-born indie solo project Benevolent and DIvine is a shining example of how well-crafted music can certainly be used to fly away from the hate. Skyrocketing high into the sky and leading us into a better perspective, we find a single waiting to be unwrapped rather quickly and with meaning.

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Nightmare: Denmark-based alternative act Heathe leads us into the unknown on Black Milk Sour Soil

Showing us deep into the darkness of this corrupted planet, Heathe swabs off the face-soaked blood and cherishes the moment with those now-lost birds who used to roam so freely on the hardcore single Black Milk Sour Soil.

Heathe is an Aalborg, Denmark-based alternative act that started off as a solo outfit and has now moved into a group collaboration.

The group debuted in the spring of 2019 with the full-length album “ON THE TOMBSTONES; THE SYMBOLS ENGRAVED”, consisting of one long, uncompromising, and all-encompassing composition. A record that was well received by several international media, and which marked a busy 2020 for the group until the pandemic hit.” ~ Heathe

Stalked in sizzling symmetry which is layered with a possible visit to the cemetery, Heathe slice a deep hole into many consciousnesses on this rather superior and ominously created soundtrack for the ages.

Black Milk Sour Soil from Aalborg, Denmark-based alternative solo artist Heathe is such a heavy song that will spill all blood from our hearts and into a different place altogether. Sending our shocked souls into a quicksand of no return, we find a tremendously intense soundtrack which will rattle all ribcages.

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The Ashes Will Hold Us: HADEE feels that sleep-crashing waterfall brewing closer on Kerosene

Locked away inside a distant memory and waiting for the special moment it rises high in the mind again, HADEE yearns for that close contact on the beat-heavy new track to find the path called Kerosene.

HADEE is a Miami/LA-based indie alternative pop/rock solo artist who explores the reckless themes of romance and its evanescent nature in this spellbinding experience.

It started out as an instrumental idea I had made a couple of years back. It was a bassline that I had then developed, but I couldn’t seem to think of the right words for this one idea. I had almost accepted that it would never become a full song. Fast-forward to this past summer, I had found the original recording of the instrumental, and that’s when the chorus melody we hear in the song came to mind. This allowed me to further get into the storyline and arrangement, so I could create a decent demo.” ~ HADEE

Saturated with excitement and sizzling with a vigorous blend of brilliance to swim deeply into, HADEE is on top form with a stunning track made with dazzling power and precision.

Kerosene from Miami/LA-based alternative pop/rock solo artist HADEE is a rather extraordinary track for many reasons. It glows through the speakers and takes us into a whole new burnt-packed planet. There is intoxicating energy brimming with splendour here, from a fiercely talented performer who is ready with the lighter to spark up our lives.

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Listen To The Voice Of Peace: Neba Wilson veers us away from the burnt graveyards on Fîrloo

Rumoured to possess a therapeutic effect to ease all willing listeners away from everyday issues, Neba Wilson calms all worried humans away from the ragged corners of doom on his latest stunner called Fîrloo.

Neba Wilson is a Bamenda, Cameroon-based indie solo artist who loves to create music that helps heal the wary world and bring a sense of hope to all.

Choosing to perform his debut album in his mother tongue he also recreates an atmosphere which welcomes the diversity of cultural music across borders and leaves the listeners with a feel of warm mental calmness.” ~ Neba Wilson

Soaking our senses with a droplet of reality that could turn into a flood, Neba Wilson returns to some aplomb. Showing us his messenger-from-a-deep-power aura, to startle many and guide the world into what is really happening.

Fîrloo from Bamenda, Cameroon-based indie solo artist Neba Wilson is a call for true peace to flow across all lands. Tired of the cruel carnage and evil spirits lurking in the shadows, we find a real hero who is ready to help us all recover again. With a moody backdrop and so much to look inside, this is an ominous video to take seriously. A sign of the times indeed.

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How Do You Expect Me: Angael feels the controlled walls closing in on You Found Me

After posting her first songs in the summer of 2013, Angael returns to the solo waters with a superbly devised single to play on full volume and this one is called, You Found Me.

Angael aka Rachael Ward is a Manchester, UK-based indie alternative pop solo artist who was recently in the English-Portuguese band Rilke.

Not to be confused with being “found” romantically, YFM is about feeling watched over and controlled. Taking inspiration from Eminem and Dido’s ‘Stan’, as well as other trip hop/pop style beats from the early 00’s(cc: SugababesStronger), You Found Me will trigger an immediate sense of y2k nostalgia, that wouldn’t be too far off a sound found in the Bridget Jones soundtrack.” ~ Angael

With beautifully authentic vocals and brimming with the type of quality usually reserved for the best, Angael has dropped a much-loved song to gain courage from. This is top-tier stuff from one of the most enchanting artists on the map.

You Found Me from Manchester, UK-based indie alternative pop artist Angael is one of the more elevating tracks to play when a new door needs to open. After feeling trapped and rather unloved, this is the call to shake all fears away when the cold nights start to catch up.

When you need to fly away, it’s probably time already.

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Can’t Leave That Behind: Yvngerror sees those hazy nights misbehaving on Gold Roses

With his bright hair and bags of energy to spare, Yvngerror looks deeply into the fun friendships in his local town of Camden on the super song to soar highly with called Gold Roses.

Yvngerror is a London/Surrey, UK-based indie alternative solo artist who makes a tremendously definitive blend of music to spark all imaginations alive again.

Taken off the upcoming debut album Definitely tea, London’s Yvngerror drops a rather special look into an electric expedition which lights up our inventiveness through the night’s luminous glimmer. This is proper raw British music at its best. Underground fused and ready to be loved, this is a rather exuberant speaker-buster designed for all weather patterns.

Gold Roses from London, UK-based indie alternative creative Yvngerror is a rather eloquent look into the future with a mesmerizing soundtrack of anthem-sounding proportions. We are invited on a magnificent mission to turn up loud with mates who appreciate a bit of grit with the music of edgy substance you can down a shot with.

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Had To Pull Back: Sulu and Excelsior urges us to be smart in love on Run and Hide

With a groovy flow which shall transport your spirit into a timeless world, Sulu and Excelsior have that genuine vibe and shall get all fingers clicking in delight with Run and Hide.

Sulu and Excelsior aka Steven E. Mallorca is a Manhattan, New York-based indie solo RnB/soul artist and award-winning filmmaker.

Sometimes you hear a song, and it somehow changes your mood in a flash. Run and Hide by Sulu and Excelsior is that song. Its catchy energy is so foot tapping, it could shake all worries away.

Run and Hide from Manhattan, New York-based indie RnB/soul artist Sulu and Excelsior is a jovial effort which shall get all bodies on that dance floor. Soaked in so much vibrant energy and a heartfelt message for the youth to learn from, this is a genuinely incredible release. The quality and authenticity on offer is just that good, you see?

Never letting go of the moment has never been more vital in modern day society.

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