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Smaiblue shows us what true love sounds like on ‘I Blushed Before Your Kind Soul’

With the first single off his new project that signals a change in direction, Smaiblue shall stop you from whatever you are currently doing and hold your hand while singing with such kindness on ‘I Blushed Before Your Kind Soul‘.

Smaiblue is an indie alternative solo artist who is always looking to develop through time and make music that touches our hearts.

In the deepest part of the Indonesian jungle there lies a dilapidated home; this being houses speaking if rusting music equipment. Multi-instrumentalist and varied songwriter Smaiblue began here in 2016.” ~ Smaiblue

Beaming a light from that first moment when the door opened and your voice changed, Smaiblue shows us a vulnerable side that is so innocently beautiful and shall shine a ray of hope on all those who feel that special moment has passed away into the night forever.

The production is clear and less in the realm of dreams, the genres to create in have expanded to crazy electronica designed to get you moving or encourage you to delve into the imagination in a much bolder and exciting way than before. The new album is called When We’re Vulnerable, We Come In Peace and its focus is on change, inclusion, ambition, anxieties, the city and our inner humanity.” ~

I Blushed Before Your Kind Soul‘ from indie alternative solo artist Smaiblue is a delightful new track that shall spark a sense of energy back into your consciousness. There is a sweet ambience on offer that takes your breath away for a moment, as you recall that time you first saw the love of your life. Performed with majestic precision, this is a rather transcendent single that will have you smiling to yourself, rather happily.

Hear this brand new release on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nashville-based Dinzy reaches for the skies above for guidance on ‘I Wish’

With her bright hair shining through as the picture turns into a galaxy-exploring maze of potential destinations, Dinzy wonders if that love can be rekindled after they have both saved themselves on the voyage to self-discovery with, ‘I Wish‘.

Dinzy is a Nashville, USA-based indie rock solo artist who enjoys being original and shows us that hard work and belief really is the special sauce.

With only a suitcase in the back of a sun baked Mustang, hard-luck LA-orphan Kristen Dinsmore is bringing her all-or-nothing anthems of survival, power, and discovery, with full-force, to the heart of Music City.” ~ Dinzy

Showing us upwards to a planet of expedition that is needed even though you should be there for each other at this precise moment, Dinzy is rather excellent in a thought-provoking experience of the very highest quality.

A beautiful spacey breakaway from the usual hard rocking Dinzy sound.” ~ Dinzy

I Wish‘ from Nashville, USA-based indie rock solo artist Dinzy is a sensationally sung track that will have you on the edge of your seat. She sends us a body-shaking manifestation to the world and is quite superb, with a story which will resonate with so many lost-in-love souls. Dinzy seems to possess a naturally dynamic vocal output that has you listening closer, to see her whole beautifully drawn picture.

Sometimes you need to be far away from each other, so that you can both learn how strong the love really is.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wav shows us his inside that shattered picture with ‘Who Was The One?’

With a tranquil energy that shows you inside the mind circles that have spun out of time, Wav knows that there is not much else to say to a former lover who has slowly faded away into the past with ‘Who Was The One?

Wav is a Montreal, Quebec-based indie experimental alternative solo artist and music producer who is inspired by artists such as Pink Floyd and Kanye West.

”The track explores themes such as addiction to comfort, self-doubt and self realization. Share, like, save. Over-analyze to the point where you know the song more than me and most importantly: enjoy.” ~ Wav

With a majestic approach that shows us all his growing maturity mentally as his calming vocals send you to a nostalgic place, Wav opens up the door into his past that has you shivering at the recollection from that memory you have hidden away for years.

Coming from an Indian family he was constantly surrounded by Bollywood music and his older siblings would encourage him to sing as early as he could talk. Performing with his sisters at their Sikh Temple became Balkirat’s first introduction to the stage and where he fell in love with performing. ” ~ Wav

Who Was The One?‘ from Montreal, Quebec-based indie experimental alternative solo artist/music producer Wav is a cinematic experience that shall take your mind away and get you thinking deeply about that time you wish you could have back. The vocals simmer in hot like a burning fire and shake up your mood while pondering why things reversed so quickly.

Thinking about something for too long that you can’t change can really mess with your mind.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Norwood can’t wait for that passionate night that shall get the body grooving with ease on ‘Cheek To Cheek’ (ft. The Weather Girls and Terri B)

After impressing us with the dynamic single ‘Maskerade‘ from July 2021, Norwood returns with that heat-filled delight that will get your whole body feeling alive on the dancefloor with, ‘Cheek To Cheek(ft. The Weather Girls and Terri B).

Norwood is an Atlanta, Georgia-born indie electronic dance solo artist who makes those anthem-sounding tracks to get really excited about.

My goal during every performance is for people to escape for a few hours, dance like no one is watching, and feel empowered to love themselves exactly as they are and express themselves freely.” ~ Norwood

Featuring the iconic American female duo The Weather Girls and legendary disco diva Terri B, Norwood shows us a lip-quivering single of epic proportions with a finger clicker of note that shall steam up the windows. The vocals are crisp and rather wonderful, that shall get your whole soul awake again.

Cheek To Cheek(ft. The Weather Girls and Terri B) from Atlanta, Georgia-born indie electronic dance artist Norwood is one of the more passionate singles that shall take your mind away from any drama. This is a track to really get involved with, as we are blessed by sexy lyrics, fresh vocals and spark-filled production to stimulate your appetite all night.

Life is always so much better when you have something romantic to look forward to.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Milwaukee rapper YLS bravely rides by herself to find that ideal home on ‘Solo’

Showing us that nothing will stop her as she searches for that real place that shall set her free forever, YLS shows us her incredible courage to carry on despite losing most of her family on, ‘Solo‘.

Eshauna aka YLS is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based indie Hip hop artist who has had a really tough life growing up and has faced many family tragedies that no one should ever deal with.

She still is on a journey of finding her way through life being alone and hopes to become the next big female rapper to strive through the life struggles she has faced and still facing till this day.” ~ YLS

YLS is one of those underground artists who you feel like you need to support, as her music is so real, it’s almost like you are in a movie. This is how it is for millions, who have had to grow up faster than anyone could imagine. Her courage is boundless and the intense lyrics give you a sense of what the pain actually feels like.

Solo‘ from Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based indie Hip hop artist YLS is a song that a generation will understand if they have dealt with a traumatic feeling in their stomach, that can only be explained through music. Rapped with a gritty edge and a flow that shall impress many real fans of this genre, this is a sensational single that shall rattle your senses awake.

Life is about finding your home, but sometimes it takes longer than first expected and that’s okay. We all move in our own time anyway.

Check out this YouTube track to see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Helping Danny: Myrtle Beach local Grant Nesmith sings with such love and care on, ‘Days’

Sung with such a mellow tone that shall set your mind at ease, Grant Nesmith returns with a surf-filled single which is packed with only good vibes on, ‘Days‘.

Grant Nesmith is a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-based singer-songwriter who has been in so many bands and we find him in peak form here as a solo artist on a mission.

Grant began writing songs the following year, receiving hands-on experience playing in bands from Nashville to New York. Grant returned home in 2015.” ~ Grant Nesmith

Showing us a tranquil air that seems to feel so refreshing just like a swim in the healing waters of the ocean, Grant Nesmith reflects a leader-like atmosphere to help to see where the road actually is. With so much confusion and misinformation brewing like coffee that doesn’t taste quite right, this is a special single to truly embrace.

Danny Brown, Jon Stell and I were working on this project before Danny’s motorcycle accident. All proceeds from downloads are going directly to the Danny Brown Recovery Fund.” ~ Grant Nesmith

Days‘ from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-based singer-songwriter Grant Nesmith is a such a calming track that urges us to make use of the time that we have on this planet, With dreamy vocals and chilled energy that sends you into a trance of thought, this is exactly the type of track that will have you feeling rather nostalgic. Life is all about making use of that valuable time and forming close bonds before you regret what moves you could have made.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Irish RnB artist Donohue let’s us in on dynamic debut track, ‘Solo’

Showing us that he is here and never going to let anyone bring him down, Donohue sends us into a happier state of mind with a debut single to remember called, ‘Solo‘.

Donohue is an 18-year-old Galway, Ireland-born, Manchester, UK-based indie RnB solo artist who is a true entertainer at heart and is clearly ready for the big time.

Donohue looks to bring a timeless style of music back to the forefront by blending influences from Prince, Stevie Wonder and D’Angelo, with his own modern, musical sensibilities.” ~ Donohue

Inspired by so many different genres and with a confident perspective that has him thriving when others are doubting, Donohue will have you dancing and getting into the mood to reach your goals no matter what barriers are in your way.

Donohue was lucky to be given a wide musical palette at a young age, listening to everything from Bach to the Beatles, from Jazz to Folk.” ~ Donohue

Solo‘ from Galway, Ireland-born, Manchester, UK-based indie RnB solo artist Donohue is a catchy track that is loaded with quality and freshly-toned vocals that send you into a new stratosphere of delight. His voice sounds ravenous for more, as we are placed into a world packed with potential, from a young musician who seems absolutely fearless. With live music back globally and venues opening their doors again, he seems to have chosen the perfect time to launch himself into our consciousness.

Real music with soul, is always welcome.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Calgary’s Her Motives Are Silent pleads for that deserved peace for humanity on ‘Pieces’

Pieces by Her Motives Are Silent

With his eagerly-anticipated debut album being currently created to perfection and on the way soon, Her Motives Are Silent sends the world a song that should be heard by the current world leaders who persist to cause devastating butchery without feelings on, ‘Pieces‘.

Founded by Michael Valenzuela, Her Motives Are Silent is an experimental solo project that has been warmly created in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

His goal is solely to create art that resonates with others. Hoping to make timeless music that defies limitations. His music is a mix of genres ranging from pop, rock, piano ballads, noir, electronic, trip-hop, orchestral, psychedelic and ambient.” ~ Her Motives Are Silent

Gliding up above to lead the way for those who have lost hope and only see such haunting visions that have been thrown at them lately, Her Motives Are Silent shows such care and a leader’s mentality with a beat that will pull on all your feelings.

Pieces‘ from Calgary, Alberta-based experimental artist, composer, drummer and music producer Her Motives Are Silent, is an emotional call for common sense to prevail again in this wartorn world that needs a calm holding of hands to bring some sense of normality again. He sings with an air of love and understanding, which is such an inspiring listen. This is the type of release that will cause your heart to beat faster, as you take time to have a moment of silence for those who continue to lose their lives.

Love and peace must always conquer, not hate and war.

Hear this deep new single on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Boston trap artist Lemedicus wonders if its all real or not with ‘Heal’

Taken off his 4-track EP from 2021 called ‘Medecia‘, Lemedicus guides us into this enlightening single which is all about wondering if everything is as it seems or if you are in fact in the midst of being used like a paper towel with ‘Heal‘.

Lemedicus is a Boston, USA-based indie trap solo artist who makes a fresh brew of ear-pleasing music that shall have new school fans hoppin’ to his likeable style.

I’m new to the music scene, I’m trying to see where the journey takes me.” ~ Lemedicus

Opening up our eyes to a moment where you could be used and quickly thrown away like yesterday’s newspaper, Boston native Lemedicus shows us his growing maturity with a new single that will strike your heart like a hot iron.

Heal‘ from Boston, USA-based indie trap solo artist Lemedicus is an open-the-door-to-your-soul kind of track that urges his own caution. In a world where some people can grab your kindness and greedily use all the sauce for their own evil ways. this is a reminder to be super careful and make make sure everything is legit first. Rapped with an introspective style that has you moving closer to his rhythm, this is a release for all those who have been hurt before.

Sometimes, you need to look around and get the full picture, before you plunge into something that could take you underwater and leave you breathless forever.

Hear this catchy single on Spotify and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Excellent UK dark-pop Tizane urges us to break free from the worrying thoughts that can consume us on ‘in the dark’

Released from her indie label Burning Girl Records, Tizane is in inspired form with a sincere message that should encourage many to reach their dreams and get away from anything negative with her latest brilliant release, ‘in the dark‘.

Tizane is a 20-years-old South-East London, UK-based indie dark-pop solo singer-songwriter who performs with an honest style that has you in awe of her gorgeous melodies.

Anyone who suffers from anxiety will tell you how crippling it can be. “In The Dark is about pushing through it all; doing instead of thinking.” ~ Tizane

Showing us why she is one of the most respected artists in London right now, Tizane is sensationally immaculate here with a single that will surely help so many to follow their goals and to block out those thoughts that serve no purpose but to lock you inside. Her calm aura is radiantly captivating and you feel like this is someone genuine and naturally caring, in a cold world that can harshly freeze you out for no reason.

In this ‘grim’ little Fairy Story our Dark Queen has been captured by a giant woodland ogre. Like so many others before him, the unsuspecting monster is soon seduced by Tizane’s mesmerising music and in the fine tradition of Beauty and The Beast he becomes enthralled.” ~ Tizane

in the dark‘ from South-East London, UK-based indie dark-pop solo singer-songwriter Tizane. shows us into a place that so many people hide away from and throw away the key at times. It’s a world that is scary and can destroy all the light that is inside your bright soul, as our hearts are suddenly warmer from such a beautiful vocal performance and well-made animated video.

The world can be intimidating and the wastelands barren, if you let yourself into that alleyway that will snap you up forever. Listening to enlightening music like this and putting your heart into the sun again, will only make you smile as you deserve.

See this honest single come to life on YouTube and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen