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Nostalgic Vibes: Brazil act The Daily Spreadsheets drop ‘Call It A Day’

After taking us on a trip through the 90’s with the previous single from July 2021 called ‘I Walk Alone‘, The Daily Spreadsheets are back with more exciting adventures on the new track named ‘Call It A Day‘.

The Daily Spreadsheets is the musical alias of 40-something Brazilian indie solo rock singer-songwriter Henrique Neves.

With smoothly toned vocals with that real grit and a funky riff to get you off your cozy seat, this is a tasty release that takes you back to a time which was far more simpler than current days. He has a vibrant style, the energy is high and there is a air of nostalgia here with an honest singer-songwriter who it feels like is at the peak of his powers.

Call It A Day‘ from the Brazilian solo indie rock artist Henrique Neves aka The Daily Spreadsheets, is a feel-good-track made with a glittering edge, filled with that Brit-Rock style from yesteryear and mixed with a modern twist to satisfy our hungry palate. This is a new single to fully immerse into, as he sings with a flourishing style that has you thinking about the oceans of life. A perfect weekend song to play loud after a long week, this is a thoroughly riveting listen.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Going Home: Estonian rapper PK doesn’t want to be stopped on ‘Stillwater’

As he feels like his stories are getting dull and the time has arrived to head back home, PK feels rather down about current times with his latest single called ‘Stillwater‘.

PK is a Tallinn, Estonia-based indie alt-emo hip-hop artist. He blends in euro-trance, pop punk and hyperpop into his vivid music creations, to bring the world a truly unique experience from all of his much-awaited releases.

After starting off as a battlerapper, his craft has developed into less traditional hip-hop and is influenced a lot by mid-west emo and new school trap..” ~ PK

With an honest flow that is packed full of his introspective feelings about how he views the world and himself, this is a thoughtful affair with lots to wrap into from a rapper with an intriguing style that has you totally captivated.

Stillwater‘ from the Estonian indie alt-emo hip-hop solo musician PK, is the story about knowing when its time to get away from people for a while. Your true friends know that you just need some space, but others just don’t get it and start to question you.

This is a high voltage track made with a knowing insight – as he brings forth he uniquely new school sound – for our awaiting speakers to immerse deeply inside.

Hear this intense new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rope On The Mattress: Fresh Atlanta electro-pop artist GoshujinSama finds the naughty one he wants on debut track ‘Princess.wav’

With a high-tempo energy and lots of sassy vibes heating up his evening just the way he wants it, GoshujinSama finds the lady who makes him feel alive inside with his debut single ‘Princess.wav‘.

GoshujinSama is an anime-fueled Atlanta, Georgia-based indie alternative electro-pop/metal, hip-hop and punk-pop solo artist.

‘My music is very familiar, yet always subtly different and interesting. I travel the uncanny valley, in Doc Martens and a Band Tee.” ~ GoshujinSama

With quick-fire vocals that are backed up with a thumping speaker-shaking sound, that feels like you are in the middle of a video game music festival. This is a unique track that has a consistent edge and never lets up – as we are thrown into a washing machine-filled experience – with a waterfall-packed sensation of electric vibrations.

Influenced by acts like Green Day, Bring Me The Horizon, and Billie Eilish.” ~ GoshujinSama

Princess.wav‘ from the new Atlanta solo electro-pop artist GoshujinSama, is the message that heats up the windows in his candle-lit room. As he found the girl that will serve him in the way he desires, this is a naughty new single all about doing all those things that most others wouldn’t be keen for.

This is a hot-and-heavy effort from a youthfully exuberant musician, who is exploring his imagination all the way to the max.

Hear this debut track on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The World Will Keep On Turning: Nashville-based Americana singer-songwriter Brian Allison tells us to stay strong on ‘Keep Your Head Up’

As he urges us to stay calm despite the stormy seas around as things will always get better, Brian Allison sings with such a caring ambiance on his latest single which is all about gritting your teeth and never giving up on ‘Keep Your Head Up‘.

Brian Allison is a touring Americana singer-songwriter based in Nashville with a highly impressive beard, who has just moved with his wife and four kids from Chicago. He changed cities so he could be immersed into the mecca of live music in the USA, as he has goals that are lofty but definitely obtainable.

The song showcases beautiful string arrangements, and an emotional message of not giving up in the hardest of times. I wrote this song right after the lockdowns accrued last year during the pandemic.” ~ Brian Allison

He sings with such an intricate understanding and love for humankind, as each lyric performed seems to mean so much to him. Brian reaches notes that are rather outstanding and he turns up the volume quickly, showing us his vocal range which certainly leads us through into a new world of thought from before. His message is interwoven into our fluctuating mindsets, as he helps us understand that we can actually survive anything if we try hard enough.

Keep Your Head Up‘ from the Nashville-based indie Americana singer-songwriter Brian Allison, is a lively effort that certainly rattles your bones and wakes you up from the slumber-filled negativity, that is swirling around suspiciously on the empty streets like a vicious wind. This is the marvelous message we all need to consume, as the world will always be turning and there are opportunities out there to succeed.

As long as you are alive and kicking, there is always something to smile about.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more on IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Higher Place: Fantastic Italian EDM music producer Federico Procopio has us on the path to true elation with ‘Genesis’

Taken off his latest three-track EP, Federico Procopio helps us return to the welcoming roots of all things good and pure with his brand new instrumentally-charged release named ‘Genesis‘.

Federico Procopio is a Rome, Italy-based indie solo electronic artist. He makes a blissful blend of sensually-awakened vibrations which captures your entire imagination, helping you to overcome any self-doubt and tiring anxiousness.

Coming from a jazz education, expanded by arrangement and audio engineering studies, he finally came to the interest in composition and electronic music.” ~ Federico Procopio

On a supremely atmospheric nine-minute hair-lifting escapade into the inviting cloud-covered blue skies above, you feel a sense of exciting exhilaration transform each part of your delighted body. He has that rare ability to take your fragile mind to a happy place, where you may only feel a sense of calming exultation of the highest order.

Soundscapes and visualscapes inspired by the idea of returning to the core of things.” ~ Federico Procopio

Genesis‘ from the Rome, Italy-based indie electronic artist Federico Procopio, is a heart stirring song that washes off any toxic sewage in your life. Made with a bass-thumping flow and featuring a mystic background, this is a song for the movies if there ever was one.

With a translucent experience the whole way through, you might feel like you are floating away into a new world with so many exciting possibilities.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

He’s Ready: Southern Californian rock artist Rudy G drops debut single ‘Finally An Escrow Jay’

As he turns the page on the past and moves up to the heights which he wants to reach, Rudy G sounds rather inspired as he flies freely after being caged up for too long on ‘Finally An Escrow Jay‘.

Rudy G is an experienced Southern California-based indie rock artist, multi-instrumentalist and music producer. After being involved in various projects over the past decade, he is ready to kick-start his solo career and sounds in inspired form here.

His passion began when he discovered the electric guitar in high school, the high-energy antics of Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the emotionally intense artistry of Nirvana, later discovering the creative forces of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles.” ~ Rudy G

As he sings with an unwavering purposeful vigor, this is a skilled musician who performs like a man on a mission. Each lyric is meaningful and his soundscape is one that is clearly influenced for his love of all things rock and punk. It feels like Rudy is keen to make up for lost time – as he plays with a strong-willed style – that is full of gutsy perseverance, which streams like a gushing lake all over this debut release.

It’s a metaphor that entails the side of us that always wishes to break the mold that binds us to complacency. We need to build the courage within us to pursue our dreams and passions. We need to do what we believe is right, despite the opposition.” ~ Rudy G

Finally An Escrow Jay‘ from the highly motivated Southern California indie rock solo artist and music producer Rudy G, is a track with renewed energy from an energetic artist with an extra bit of fire in his belly. He sings and plays with that unflinching style which totally enhances his aura, as he pertinaciously explodes into our minds to show us what is possible if you want it enough.

Believing in what is right, is the way to feeling free inside your soul.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Can’t Expect To Run Far: Richie Madewell flips direction with new Bond-esque single ‘There Is No Time to Die’

Inspired by the late great Chris Cornell’sYou Know My Name from Casino Royale, Richie Madewell gets his 007 suit on with his new single all about spreading your wings and not relying on anyone else with ‘There Is No Time to Die‘.

Richie Madewell is an indie alternative rock singer-songwriter, cat lover, and voice actor based in Incheon, South Korea.

His lyrics cover topics such as love, loss, politics, hope, and dreams and he continues to expand his musical repertoire.” ~ Richie Madewell

Sung with a real gritty meaning and heartfelt intent, he tells us to avoid the negative lies spreading around the world and to break through all self-doubts. Only we can save ourselves after all, and we are the only chance to actually fly up and take charge of this world, which wants you to fail.

He released his debut album, ‘The Colors in My Dreams,’ in 2018 and is currently working on his second album.” ~ Richie Madewell

There Is No Time to Die‘ from the South Korea-based indie rock voice actor/singer-songwriter Richie Madewell, is the story all about hiding away from death and just getting on with what you need to do. No matter what happened in the past, where you have been or what you have seen, if you push through and believe in yourself, anything is actually possible.

Made with a 007 inspiration, this is an exciting song to get you off your cozy chair and into the world again.

Hear his new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Just Gotta Let It Go: Montana’s Cody King feels all his dreams are finally coming true on ‘Plans’

With the built-up stress at an all-time high but his mind thinking deeply on the end goal, Cody King ignores the distracting dm’s as he only focuses on the master ‘Plans‘.

Cody King is a prolific Helena, Montana-based indie hip-hop artist. From the Queen City of the Rockies, this is a highly motivated musician who has used this art form to better himself, as he looks to find that true purpose in life.

I started making music going on 2 years ago not knowing anything. I didn’t have anyone to help me so I learned how to do it all on my own. Its been an up and down struggle but this is my dream and I don’t ever plan on giving this up.” ~ Cody King

With an ever-improving flow, he rocks the mic with careful abandon as he shows us into his life’s work. His style is certainly eloquent as he has those smooth vocals and keeps us entertained the whole way through with his vivid storytelling, piecing together his thoughts into one big mind map. Finding that treasure is his mission.

Plans‘ from the passionate Helena, Montana-based rapper Cody King, is the track all about wondering if he is on the right path. As he breathes, eats and sleeps music, this is a creative cat on an exciting mission all the way to the top. He knows that some people greedily want his plan to fail, but he is so determined that nothing shall stop him from finding that all-conquering success.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding My Purpose: San Francisco pop artist Theredsafari rides for the right cause on ‘Ain’t Rich Yet’

After losing himself into the jungle-ridden eight-track ‘Safari World: The Lost EP‘ with his fresh Nike’s on recently, Theredsafari pledges to make it up to those who backed him when he had nothing on the inspiring new single about reaching those manifested goals on ‘Ain’t Rich Yet‘.

Theredsafari is a melodic Indian pop artist who is based in San Francisco. He has the inner desire to keep on hustling no matter what his bank account says, as he seems to sing with a real long-term idea in mind.

Keep goin bro all u need is 1 person 2 believe in u.” ~ Theredsafari

On stunning visuals inside a vast mansion most of us would move into without a second invitation, he opens the massive door and shows us into the life which is possible. This is the message of never giving up no matter what, as succeeding spiritually, matters as much as how much paper you have to count.

With glorious vocals and heartfelt lyrics who feel like they are out of a motivational movie, he sings with such a highly motivated spring in his step. Each note is performed with a promising ambiance which has you totally enthralled into the moment, as you clean your shoes to take that all-important step outside into the world again.

Ain’t Rich Yet‘ from the San Francisco-based Indian pop solo artist Theredsafari, is the story of keeping those in mind who never left you for dead when they could of lost your number for good. He sings with a real winnable style and you sense that this is a mentality he has deep inside, as he looks to the future which seems like it is ready for him.

When you are on the way to finding that true purpose in life, doors seem to open that lead to you into the promised land.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Set You Free: Christian Prior amazes our ears on spacey new single ‘Why Should I Care?’

With a reflective glance up to see this massive planet in its full glory, Christian Prior wonders about the magnitude of everything around us with this superb music video for his latest track which has recently got some well-deserved BBC Introducing love called ‘Why Should I Care?‘.

Christian Prior is a London, England-based indie jazz solo singer-songwriter, keyboardist, writer and music producer, who was born in a small town in the North. He has a vivid imagination which is always looking at what is possible, as he expresses himself through a wonderful array of dazzling music creations, which are certainly satisfyingly progressive.

Christian’s music brings together his love for jazz, rock, classical music, electronica, as well as traditional music from across the globe.” ~ Christian Prior

You sense that he is always looking for something new to bring into his music as he strays away from the boring norm, as a blend of contemplative thoughts come crashing into your fragile mind during this exciting new single. Each second feels like it is truly special and the old school video only adds to the nostalgic effect of imagination, which we all have hidden somewhere inside us.

Christian grew up in a tiny, remote village on the beautifully bleak moors of the North of England. Without much to do and nowhere to go, music became his companion and escape. His days became filled with it: writing songs, playing piano, singing, and listening to as much music as he could.” ~ Christian Prior

Why Should I Care?‘ by the London-based indie jazz artist Christian Prior, is a stunning track that has you thinking about everything around us. Made with a deep look up to our whole world which in turn has your mind alive with the power and possibilities we have in our fingertips, this is a song to feel inspired by. With vocals that has you feeling that you can indeed achieve something special if you put your mind in the right process, you might feel a different perspective after viewing this music video experience.

See this planet gazing new music video on YouTube and see more on his IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen