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Waiting For You: Melbourne’s Anna Leeworthy wonders if this love is truly worth the noise on ‘Sirens’

As she cutely daydreams about those beautiful eyes that makes her heart flutter like an innocent bird, Anna Leeworthy wishes that her true love would actually make that extra bit of effort to hold out the rope so they could be tied together as one on ‘Sirens‘.

Anna Leeworthy is a hugely talented indie alt Pop/RnB singer-songwriter who is based in creative Melbourne, Australia. She has such a pure voice and sings with that real love and genuine affection, which is often missing in this forget-quick kind of world.

Anna’s emotions are accessible like an open wound to hopefully resonate with any young women out there looking for signs that they’re maybe, not alone.” ~ Anna Leeworthy

Sirens‘ from the inspiring Melbourne, Australia-based alt Pop/RnB solo artist Anna Leeworthy, shows us a determined woman who is on a quest to seek her true lover. She wants to know if it is all actually worth the effort, or if she should move onto another love path completely.

Made with a courageous energy and packed full of beautiful vocals that are easy to truly admire, this is a find-your-soul-compass type single which will have you gazing into the sky above, as you wonder deeply who your soulmate actually is.

Hear this wonderful new single from a truly exquisite artist on her Spotify and uplift into her world on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying to block out the noise: Toronto based singer/rapper Brandeus drops new single ‘Sirens’

Australian born Hip Hop artist, singer, emcee and producer Brandon Williams aka Brandeus, is back with a song all about the crazy sounds from his flat on ‘Sirens’.

Inspired by fellow RnB/Rap artists such as Saint Jhn, NAV, Drake and Russ, this is a quality act that is creating his own lane in the music world and driving straight through to the top. You can sense his extra motivation in his voice that the best acts have.

After feeling extra anxious from the constant sounds of sirens bellowing while he’s trying to work or sleep, he craves the love of that special soul to make his mind calm again. The rain is falling down and so many people are dying due to covid and crimes out there which is making this young artist think so deeply about the whole situation.

His voice and style are excellent and this musician has the gift of being able to sing and rap at the same time. The beat is marvelously woven together and made to perfectly suit him. You feel a thoughtful air cloud over you and also get into the lyrics, wondering what life is like in his world, staring outside and trying to stay safe from all the madness so close to you. Big city life can be so draining on the soul.

Sirens’ is a dope track and there is so much potential for Brandeus to reach his goals. If can stand out from the crowd and get some support slots for well-known artists once the world calms down again, the crowds will go wild for his style. Blocking out that noise is tough but finding that inner peace and laser focus is the only way to go in 2020.

Check out this hot track via Soundcloud and check out his socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New York’s multi-talented storyteller Nikki Taylor is excellent on new single ‘Games’

Taken off her electric new EP ‘Siren‘, New York singer-songwriter, indie-hip hop artist and actress Nikki Taylor, is back with the indie-pop fused single ‘Games‘.

With a voice that grabs your attention like a song that makes you stop. This is an electro-food fusion that makes the whole listen a happy one. This is about standing up for yourself as you learnt from feeling so low. You know that the time for mindless games is over, you have seen through all the fake games and now you are stronger for moving on.

This is a fresh artist who is growing before our eyes, she has stopped the mind games around her and is on a mission for independence from unfit influences. The way her voice projects is so fresh, she is so tired of small things that mean so little taking up space. This is a poet who is ready to move into her own zone and Nikki Taylor’sGames‘ is an excellent track.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen