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Turn This Up: Ozzie hard rockers Hawker drop speaker-breaking debut double A-side single ‘Bot Noxious’ and ‘Chaka’

With a slasher-like sound that reverberates ominously into your previously-calm consciousness like a hot flame has just been lit into your heart and won’t stop burning, Hawker strips our ears apart with their debut track that have been released as one called ‘Bot Noxious‘ and ‘Chaka‘.

Hawker is a brooding Sydney, Australia-based indie hard rock band who make the sort of intense music that you either rapturously love or can’t stand at all.

Hailing from Sydney’s northern beaches, the four-piece – Jefferson Grainger on guitar/vocals, Ish Karunanayake on lead guitar, Chris Grainger on bass and Jason Robertson on drums – conjure the spirit of grunge for the 2020s, its searing music invoking the likes of grunge-era royalty like Nirvana, Mudhoney, Hole and Tool.” ~ Hawker

Hawker might be the most hardcore band you will hear all year. Their music seems to help you get over any heartbreak you are considering, as they grab you by the scruff of the neck and take you to a community that is loaded with sweaty mosh-pits and lots of jumping around like it was 1994 again.

Bot Noxious‘ and ‘Chaka‘ from the full-voltage Sydney, Australia-based indie hard rock band Hawker, is a stand-up and take action type of encounter. They showcase their highly effective skills in all corners with tyre-ripping drums, window-cracking guitar riffs and head-knocking vocals that might cause an ear or two to bleed out as the paramedic’s patch you up. This is that heavy music that your neighbours might call the cops to, as it defies normal volume standards.

Hear this enraged new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No One Else To Hold: Soothing Sydney pop artist Jeffrey Chan drops the break up single of the year with ‘You Only Want Me When I’m Gone’

With an honestly-written story that tells us how those maddening nights staying up too late while wondering what their true intentions actually are, Jeffrey Chan wonders why his ex-lover wasted valuable time in the first place with a sadly shallow love that could have been avoided on ‘You Only Want Me When I’m Gone‘.

Jeffrey Chan is a Sydney, Australia-based retro pop solo artist and pianist, who sings with such a calming nature, you feel like you are being transported into a whole new dimension.

His passion for music was first ignited through classical piano lessons from the age of 5, but it wasn’t until later when he began to incorporate his piano training with his love for singing and songwriting, into modern pop music.” ~ Jeffrey Chan

Jeffrey Chan shows us his world-class quality yet again on a lost love track which is completely packed full of introspective enlightenment – which opens the door to that much-needed process to get bad energy out of your system – so that you may resume normal service in your life.

You Only Want Me When I’m Gone‘ from the Sydney, Australia-based retro pop solo artist Jeffrey Chan, is that track which most of us can certainly relate to. You fell in love with the wrong person who didn’t actually care for you as they were so selfish – and you are now left with repairing your broken-down-like-a-car heart – which needs time to heal up. There is such a deep tone sung here from a truly unique musician, who has the rare gift of getting your complete attention.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She Do Anything For A Dollar: Perth rapper Young Pascal reminds us to stay true to our valuable hearts on flashing 5th single ‘City Lights’ (feat. Kid Rey and Perry P)

On a highly relatable track about meeting someone with so many stars in their eyes as they do silly things just for an ultimately worthless follow or like, Young Pascal is utterly brilliant on this latest single all about staying away from things that don’t actually matter with ‘City Lights(feat. Kid Rey and Perry P).

Young Pascal is a youthfully promising Perth, Australia-based indie trap artist who raps about important topics, that are highly prevalent in society during these confusing modern times.

City lights is all about getting lost in the sauce and losing yourself to chasing that temporary kick of happiness in life which happens to more and more people nowadays and an example is clout-chasing. People are so infatuated with their likes or follower count to feel like they are worthy, they’re getting blinded by the lights!” ~ Young Pascal

With a steady flow and smartly-penned lyrics about how easy it is to fall into the devilish trap that so many stumble easily into, this is a bass-bouncing warning that has your heart sore with sorrow that this actually happens. The flashing lights and addictive comparison social media can really suck you in so quickly, as this true story grabs you quickly like watching an engrossing movie.

City Lights(feat. Kid Rey and Perry P) from the prodigious Australian rapper Young Pascal, is an outstanding effort from three top-notch artists who bring their best to the fore here. With raps of high quality and a background beat that has you nodding your head, this is up there with the best tracks in this genre from 2021.

Keeping your valuable soul away from the temptation filled potholes of heart destruction seems to be one of the most important missions of modern-day life.

Hear this truthful warning about the pitfalls of social media via Spotify and see more on his Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Piece Of Me: Australian RnB artist Caylene knows that she was more than good enough on ‘Late Calls’

As she thinks back to that sweet time that they first met and things were so much simpler, Caylene wishes that they had just stayed friends and not become evening lovers on her sizzling new single all about those ‘Late Calls‘.

Caylene aka Caylene Gutierrez is a 22-year old Sydney, Australia-based RnB singer-songwriter who makes such an exceptional blend of emotionally arousing music for our hidden senses to truly swim deeply into.

Caylene’s lyrics in “Late Calls” draws inspiration from real-life experiences that involve heartbreak and pain. Caylene expresses within the song, a situation with someone that is only with her for the physical parts of their relationship, while she is fixated on being with them emotionally as well, craving something more serious.” ~ Caylene

Caylene’s scintillating vocals are so lusciously braided within the seduced speakers right next to you, as you feel your heart beating so much faster than before. This is a true storyteller at her best – slowly opening up the curtains into this romantic moment – as she thought twice about answering the phone but did anyway. The lip-biting desires took over automatically and she yearned for that spark-filled intense skin touch, no matter what the consequences were the next morning.

Late Calls‘ from the excellent 22-year old Sydney, Australia-based RnB solo artist Caylene, shows us a mature woman who realizes now that the playful passion took over and she regrets that moment it all changed. She understands that there is no time machine and nothing can go back to normal – as she wonders if her former lover actually did care for her after all – or just wanted to ravenously engage with just her perfectly sculptured body, and not think about her precious soul in the slightest.

Hear this uplifting gem from a true future star on Spotify and see her journey upwards on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

What’s Your Excuse: Old Monk know that time will tell the true story eventually on ‘The Beach’

Taken from their highly well-received 4-track EP named ‘Monks In Paradise‘, Old Monk are quite splendid on their lastest sea-infused single called ‘The Beach‘.

Old Monk is a two-piece Melbourne, Australia-based indie alt-rock band. They make a catchy-on-the-soul blend of introspective vibrations, that certainly has your attention picked up quickly.

Overindulging in reverb and being generally sad.” ~ Old Monk

This is the story about feeling let down and wondering how much more you can take, of someone who broke you down when you least expected it. There are stunning vocals expressing much frustration with a rampaging – but never overbearing melody and sexy solos – energy that gushes through the window and has you feeling so reflectively emotional.

The Beach‘ from the Melbourne, Australia-based indie alt-rock band Old Monk, is a fiery effort from a top notch Ozzie act who seem to have found their niche. Their music is totally honest, sad sometimes, while also bringing through a fresh sound to truly enlighten our conciousness to see things for what they really are. Sung with a catchy edge and with highly memorable riffs for days – this is the type of song to put on loud – when you need to move on from a moment, that is dragging you down underwater.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see more news on the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Only Here For You: The Domain X Lakes drop debut sizzler to soak into with ‘Want Your Love’

Crusading majestically through with a crisply created pure vocal ability that is expertly mixed together with ear-grabbing beats, The Domain X Lakes bring us a romantic party track that is perfectly made for those sultry summer nights ahead on ‘Want Your Love‘.

The Domain is a former hip-hop artist from Adelaide, Australia, who is now a synth pop/electronic solo act. He is joined on this soul-enhancing debut collab by Montreal, Canada-based musician, Lakes.

Vibey beats and sweet vocals. Roughly translated as synth pop and/or electronic music for legends.” ~ The Domain

There is much to swim gloriously into here on such a sexy track made with a world class sonic soundscape – that seems to take you to another dream destination entirely – as you calmly lather yourself into this memorable moment shared with the partner of your desires. Everything is so natural here and totally fresh, with a bass-busting beat drowing out all of the pesky noise around you that serves no purpose.

Want Your Love‘ from Australian artist The Domain X Lakes, is that I-can’t-get-enough-single all about telling that lover of yours that you mean the world to them. Featuring a sensual vocalist who sings with so much purposeful freedom and delightful affection, the background buzz seems to light up like a shooting star into the sky. Being with that special someone and telling them your real feelings, is the only way to have that long-lasting love after all.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more buzz.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Know Where You Belong: Lace de Bridge looks deeper inside to find the truth on ‘Lost Boy’

Blending through important stories about identity, belonging and spiritual reality, Lace de Bridge effortlessly reminds us that you need to keep your inner essence to truly be free inside your valuable soul on ‘Lost Boy‘.

Lace de Bridge is a conciously connected Melbourne, Australia-based indie Electronic/Alt-Pop artist who was Roman-raised.

Lost Boy is a song about identity, personal strength and spiritual awakening. The song is a reminder to live our own truth, whatever that may be. The only way to go forward is to embrace who we really are. Go inward, look deep inside and embrace your true nature. There you will find all the power and answers you have been looking for.” ~ Lace de Bridge

Lost Boy‘ from Melbourne, Australia-based indie Electronic/Alt-Pop solo musician Lace de Bridge, is a wake-up call to us all on Earth. With so many distractions and temptations at every corner lurking, this is the heart healing message we all needed. Taking control of your soul is the only way to be really happy – as this well-shot music video shows us – with flourishing vocals and an important calling to redeem ourselves.

Sometimes you need to just keep that key close by, before someone snatches all that keeps you free.

Check out this new music video on YouTube and see more news via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She Had To Go: Tony Ronalds reflects on a relationship from the past on ‘Gone’

With a glance to the past of something that shined so bright when it was around, Tony Ronalds recalls when he went to the bottle to survive the trauma of lost love with his top notch new single ‘Gone‘.

Tony Ronalds is a highly experienced and soulfully aware Sydney, Australia-based, Canada-born indie Pop solo singer-songwriter.

Gone” shares the story of a man realizing too little too late that not all relationships have a fairytale ending.” ~ Tony Ronalds

You feel his memory revert back to the moment when the ex lover left him behind, as he wanted her back but soon moved on anyway after healing his soul up for a while. Featuring an atmospheric beat of desire that is filled with that breathtaking bounce, that puts you into an instantaneously contemplative mood from a door you closed shut before.

Gone‘ from the Sydney-based indie Pop solo artist Tony Ronalds, is the deep story about thinking about a previous relationship which has come and gone, that has your curious heart remembering the moment when it shattered all over the place like misplaced glass. He sings with a real insight and this is a tremendous listen – filled with a story from the past that he has since learnt from – but will never forget.

Hear his new single on Spotify and follow his journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

How I Feel: Delightfully exhilarating Australian Pop artist Stilla remembers that sweet moment she misses on Sugarbabes cover ‘About You Now’ (feat. Cam Noble)

After the remarkably huge and well-deserved success of her debut track ‘Somebody Else‘, Stilla tastefully returns with a stunning new single all about knowing you need those sweet kisses again on ‘About You Now(feat. Cam Noble).

Stilla is a dazzlingly exciting 20-year-old Australian indie Pop singer-songwriter with a stylishly tremendous natural style that you are either born with or not.

Featuring the well-respected pianist and music producer Cam Noble, this is a soulful spin on a Sugarbabes classic that has you turning the volume up and singing with to shatter windows nearby. The story about those regrets ring true, as you close your eyes and hope that your tender lips shall be happily reacquainted again in the near future.

Her stimulating voice has your heart beating twice, as you quickly realize you’re listening to someone truly special. Each second seems effortless and the world class production only makes this a really dazzling release, which is immaculately projected and worth more than one listen.

About You Now(feat. Cam Noble) from the highly promising Australian indie Pop artist Stilla, shows us a scintillating singer who hasn’t even reached an inch of her potential yet. She holds her lovely voice with such classy elegance and brings us a new look into a classic track – that so many of us remember – with her own lathering of beauty inside to make this something rather excellent.

Hear this fresh track on Spotify and see more on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Do We Know How Long: Sensational Sydney creative Ash Hendriks looks for that hero on ‘Overdrawn’

After sparkling up our mixed moods like a stunning mermaid sent to help heal the world from all worries on ‘Above Water‘, Ash Hendriks reminds us of her always-evolving greatness with her latest gem called ‘Overdrawn‘.

Ash Hendriks is a beach-loving Sydney, Australia-based indie Electronica-Pop solo singer-songwriter and music producer. She makes the type of music vibrations that has your soul reinvigorated again, after many months of sad slumber.

You feel her simmering light slowly moving onto your hungry heart as her superbly toned voice takes you to a place in time you didn’t know existed. Ash somehow fills your body with enough strength to move beyond the past, and into a new world that takes your gains with too. You sense her angelic-like energies taking you to a better place – that has you soaked in her enchanted ways – which are truly spellbinding and brilliantly projected.

Overdrawn‘ from the elegantly classy Sydney, Australia-based indie Electronica-Pop solo singer-songwriter Ash Hendriks, is that story all about hoping the hero emerges to make everything okay again. With a voice so dreamy you will miss your alarm clock ringing, it turns out she is actually the hero. This is exactly the type of track to lather peacefully in, while you look up to sky to wish for a better tomorrow.

Hear this glorious release that shall break away all tensions on Spotify and see her journey unfold via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen