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Hazel Ray’s Musical Alchemy: Unveiling ‘My Demon’ – A Journey of Empowerment

Hazel Ray, the remarkable pop-soul sensation hailing from Melbourne, Australia, has recently graced the music world with her latest masterpiece, “My Demon,” released in July 2023. Produced by the legendary Steve James, whose illustrious career spans iconic bands like The Jam, Sex Pistols, and The Screaming Jets, this track is a testament to Hazel Ray’s artistry and vision. Accompanied by a visually captivating music video crafted by the talented videographer Jarrod from Ourfolklore, “My Demon” is more than just a song; it’s an introspective voyage of self-discovery, resilience, and empowerment.

Hazel, ‘My Demon’ is a powerful and introspective song. Could you share the inspiration behind the lyrics and what message you hope your listeners take away from it?”

My Demon’ is just as much about a personal journey as it is about the journey of all. Everyone at some point in their life faces the little voice in their heads that tells them that they aren’t good enough or that they won’t amount to anything. For some people these voices become so strong that it can lead them to paths in life that can be destructive to their health emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. This unfortunately/fortunately was also the case for myself. I say fortunately because it was through facing these inner Demons that has pushed me to live a more fulfilled and inspired life, aligned with my Truth. My Demon is a song of hope and strength, that no matter how dark things become, the light will always prevail. Fear is what cages souls from living their dreams. Face the fears, face the Demon, live your Dreams.

Your collaboration with renowned producer Steve James has garnered attention. What was it like working with him, and how did his expertise influence the creative process for this song?

Steve is an amazing human. Super kind and encouraging. He has one of those minds that must be running with about 50 tabs open at a time. When he is working on your track he gives you all of his attention and is already planning legendary session musos to add flare to different parts of your song from the moment you step into the recording studio. So professional and always willing to explore creative routes.

The music video for ‘My Demon’ is visually stunning. Can you tell us about the concept behind it and your collaboration with Jarrod from Ourfolklore to bring your vision to life?

I came up with the concept for the music video, upon reflecting on what it felt like to have a voice that controlled my every thought and every move. The chess game symbolised the inner fight between the moves that I wanted to make in my life and the way in which the Demon was able to override every decision to make my life a living hell. There is a scene in the film clip where I realise that there are no rules to the game if I don’t want there to be, so I pick up the Queen and place it back in the game. This is the first sign of transformation of control, which puts the Demon on edge. I chose to show the cleansing of the Demon by diving into the ocean, cleaning myself of all those negative thoughts and lack of control. Jarrod did an amazing job capturing the changes between the mental struggle and how the Demon manifests into our reality. He has such a flair for abstract concepts and bringing them to life. I was so grateful for his input and the overall outcome.

Your music has been described as a refuge and a source of healing for listeners. Can you elaborate on how you aim to connect with your audience on a deeper level through your music?

Music that offers healing, answers questions in people that they didn’t even realise they had. It offers empathy in a way that just words can’t. From there the audience feels closer to the artist as for the first time for whatever reason in that particular moment they feel seen and understood. My music can offer this to those who need it. Many of the songs that I write and many of the songs that are yet to be released, discuss the questions of ‘who am I’, ‘why am I here’, ‘what is my purpose’. These very questions are asked by every single human at some point in their life and I hope that my music will be there to guide the future generations as they look inwards to find those answers.

Your sound has been compared to the likes of Adele, Eva Cassidy, and Lady Gaga. How do you feel about these comparisons, and how would you describe your unique musical style and approach?

I am absolutely flattered that people find similarities between my music and sound with these artists. They are definitely inspirations of mine. My uniqueness comes in my very own story and the knowledge that I endeavour to share with the world. For me it’s not just about the music. I have created a unique show called ‘Asleep to Awake’ where I put 10 years of Science teaching, a neuroscience degree, song writing and storytelling together, to invite my audience to explore their true nature and the relationship between Science and Spirituality.

Can you share some insights into your musical upbringing and how it has shaped your career as an artist? Are there any specific influences or experiences from your childhood that have had a lasting impact on your music?

My Grandfather (Ray) was a musician, he played the drums. Sadly, he passed away when I was 10. I really struggled with his passing, which led me down a path of trying to understand death, afterlife. energy, spirit and ultimately how it is possible that I am a soul. I have also had some mental health battles in my life that have taught me so much about who I am and my true nature. These topics of mental health and the spiritual world , for me, overlap and I love exploring their intertwined nature in my songs.

Find out more about Hazel Ray by visiting her website

The Sky Is Grey Right Now: Isiah & The New People take us deep within the carnage and recovery on Hold On

Telling us a harrowing story which almost ended everything, Isiah & The New People shows us inside Hold On and what happened on that fateful day. This is one of the most emotional interviews we’ve ever done and is one not to miss.

Llewelyn: Hi Isiah & The New People. Thank you for having a chat with us. Firstly, how did you all join together and where can we find you in the world today?

Isiah: Hi Llewelyn, thanks for taking the time to chat as well. Isiah & The New People are just a bunch of musicians from the Wisconsin Great Lakes Region that decided to get together for a jam. We are all from the same city of Appleton, Wisconsin USA.

Llewelyn: Hold On is your new single and this is a deep one. Please let our readers know the story and how is the recovery going?

Isiah: Yeah so Hold On is a new song that came to be after I was involved in a significant car accident. My wife, former bandmate and I were hit by a drunk driver going about 80-90mph. My friend, who I was playing drums with before this recording, was killed. My wife suffered a traumatic brain injury and I broke a bunch of bones and my stomach was dislodged into my chest. The song Hold On in a lot of ways is about managing pain as well as surrendering to the universe and allowing life to unfold as it needs to. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why things happen in life but there is always something to learn in every experience we have.

As far as recovery goes, my wife is on the trajectory to make a full recovery and I am completely healed. Thanks for asking.

Llewelyn: What genre would you describe your music as being inside if you were asked the question by a fan?

Isiah: I’d have to say Western Psychedelic Folk. I grew up listening to a lot of Pink Floyd, Neil Young and Nanci Griffith so it makes sense.

Llewelyn: Life has changed for you. What do you wish to achieve now and do you feel more grateful for each moment in your life more than before?

Isiah: Yeah, I definitely feel more grateful. It’s easier to let things go. I see no point in holding a grudge to the grave. None of us know when we are going to die so it’s best to let things go and find ways to enjoy one another while we can. As far as what I would like to achieve I’d say I have a few things. Outside of just establishing an inner peace and calm state of being, I have a couple projects I’m working on. I want to tour. See the world. Meet different people. Make all sorts of music. I love creating. I like acting and writing and would love to make some comedy sketches. All sorts of stuff but ultimately I wish to achieve a lifestyle that affords me to do these things.

Llewelyn: What does it feel like to make music and does it make your soul happy?

Isiah: Making music is beautiful. Through life we have these traumatic experiences that get stored in our bodies and music has this incredible way of allowing ourselves to release these energies. Music makes my soul happy for sure. It also makes me sad and angry and everything in between. It allows me to feel everything I need to feel.

Llewelyn: If you could travel to any country in the world, where would it be and why?

Isiah: I’d really like to spend some time in Australia. I think I would get along with the people down there. I’m curious if they are that crazy or if it’s just the internet. I need to see with my own eyes.

Llewelyn: Last, are there any bands you would love to perform with on the same lineup? Please share with us the ideal festival or event and what the expectations would be?

Isiah: The ideal festival would be somewhere overlooking Lake Superior with wonderful views and fantastic food. Line up would include Dakhabrakha, Paul Simon, Los Super Seven, Tinariwen, Paolo Nutini, Brulé, and Elvis if he is still alive.

See the single come to life on YouTube.

See more on the IG page and follow the journey.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Pull Me Closer: Jimmy Theo wonders why we lose ourselves sometimes on Pray for Us (feat. Matthew Clark)

Taken from his brand new 10-track album Next Step, Jimmy Theo wants to talk closer to his love on the body-swaying single about keeping things calm romantically despite the chaos amongst the windy trees of life with Pray for Us (feat. Matthew Clark).

Jimmy Theo is a UK/Australian indie singer-songwriter and music producer who makes meaningfully substantial music to make everything okay again.

After previously featuring on our platform via the memorable The End Of Time in 2020, Jimmy Theo is in top form here. Goodness me. This has real quality in droves.

Pray for Us from the multi-creative and artist-collaborating Jimmy Theo is a gem of a track made for all indie fans all over the world. Helping us forget our fears and find ourselves again after past romantic blunders, this is a stress-evaporating soundtrack to ease the anxiousness away into the wind.

Well done Jimmy. This is a special track for everyone who loves the solo singer-songwriter vibe. Turn it up okay?

Hear this single come to life on Spotify.

See more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

How Hard Can It Be: Ian Shortall feels his epicentre bypass a nostalgic beat on Chesapeake

Sensing that he was under a special spell by a lovely water-loving human with a heart of gold, Ian Shortall feels sad that they left in the middle of the night on the massively reflective single to contemplate with, Chesapeake.

Ian Shortall is a Melbourne, Australia-based indie country/folk-blues-fusion solo singer-songwriter who learnt his trade back in Dublin in the 90s.

Not one to shy away from outside influences and bring something new to the table, Ian also pulls imagery from the metal world, which is echoed and hinted at throughout his lyrical content.” ~ Ian Shortall

Captivating all alert listeners with something rather special and indelible to be enraptured by, Ian Shortall has brought forth a gem of a song which hasn’t been rushed in the slightest.

Chesapeake from Melbourne, Australia-based indie country artist Ian Shortall might be one of the most beautifully created singles of the year so far. This has been made with complete care. There is affection in droves throughout and we are opened up to a memorable story to cherish for its authenticity.

There is so much to like about such a lovable story with so much emotion and total class, which shall give many hearts an extra beat to help when the lonely nights set in.

Embrace the feeling shine through the curtains on Spotify.

Find out more about live shows and more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All by Myself: Canberra’s MAXO keeps on climbing to stay alive on Can’t Hold Me Back

After being featured on Sky Sports, BBC Radio, Triple J and many more established worldwide platforms, MAXO returns to the music world after courageously dealing with and speaking up about his battle with anxiety & depression and drops a hugely unforgettable banger to help mend despondent hearts on Can’t Hold Me Back.

MAXO is a Canberra, Australia-based indie pop artist who has shown us all what a proper lifetime commitment to one’s craft looks like.

Sending shivers down our backbones and clicking us back into shape again like a professional chiropractor, MAXO rips through the reaper’s glances and survives like the brave warrior that he is. Dropping a reminder of his greatness, we find a sing-with-me modern-day classic determined to help others rise above everything.

Can’t Hold Me Back from Canberra, Australia-based indie pop artist MAXO is a move-forward-from-yesterday anthem which cements his status as one of the best in the game. Known best for his massive single Dreamers, this is a return like no other and shows us immaculate progression in a forget-quick world.

Ascending up those moody mountains is a test which will teach many lessons.

Turn this one up on full blast to burn away the past on Spotify.

See more vibes manifest on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Good die young: Goatzilla stomp their feet all over our fragile speakers with Leave It All Behind

Shredding all sofas into tiny pieces and booming in a sound which might either age or excite, Goatzilla is at its roaring best with a lionhearted exhibition on the hard-road-ahead ripper an ace cricket bowler would be proud of on Leave It All Behind.

Goatzilla is a Gold Coast, Australia-based indie punk rock 4-piece band who are best known for their explosively entertaining live concerts and have been on the scene since 2015.

They like good whiskey, cars, heavy music, and collecting way too many guitars.” ~ Goatzilla

On their first album since 2019’s Muthafukasaurus, Goatzilla seemingly has the power to destroy all tired faces with the ultimate pick-me-up. This is hardcore and raw. Are your ears ready for a pounding? If so, press play and turn it all the way up.

Leave It All Behind from Gold Coast, Australia-based indie punk rock 4-piece act Goatzilla is a meaty song which needs a steak for consumption right next to it. There is a hugely colossal track on the cards for anyone brave enough here.

With so much strength from all corners and a vivid vocal rendition to take note of, this is a truly life-enhancing single for anyone who likes it rather heavily textured.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

It Sucks: Energetic Adelaide band Late Night Lies breaks through the Small Town Bullshit

Showing us through the exalted frustration of a tiny town where everyone knows each other’s business, Late Night Lies displays the mood of so many who feel rather trapped like a caged bird just waiting to fly free from the mind pollution forming like an angry cloud on Small Town Bullshit.

Late Night Lies is an Adelaide, Australia-based indie pop-punk quintet that sings about real-life issues and have a sound which is practically impossible to dislike due to its catchy style.

We’ve all been there – feeling stuck and desperate to break free from mediocrity,” say Late Night Lies. “This song is about that feeling and finding the strength to move on and live your own life.” ~ Late Night Lies

Sending the world something to be inspired by despite the easy-to-understand resentment caused by being locked inside a small town, Late Night Lies shall change mindsets and teach others the life so many have. A sterling performance is on the cards for anyone who wants to dance away the boredom.

Small Town Bullshit from Adelaide, Australia-based indie pop-punk band Late Night Lies is a raw track which reminds one of Blink 182 before they got way too famous. Soaring high and looking for more than 1 bar to play in, this is a tremendous performance to be proud of from an emerging band with so much flair.

Turn this up loud on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All Night: Bree Gregory drops vocally supreme single Waiting

After blessing our previously torn ears on the body-healing debut from 2022 called Only You, Bree Gregory shines so brightly on the crisp gem to open up with care, Waiting.

Bree Gregory is an Adelaide, Australia-based indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter who has a smokey cool voice which will probably alleviate any discomfort away into the distance.

After many years singing throughout Australia, Bree discovered her own style and passion for songwriting only 2 years ago when she was watching a tv show and heard the theme song “Cold little heart” by Michael Kiwanaku. Something ignited in her, she turned off the tv immediately before the show had even started, dusted off the keyboard from the attic and the rest is history.” ~ Bree Gregory

With a stunning single all about staying patient for that sweet touch, Bree Gregory guides us through the feelings of biding time and connecting when the moment is right. Elevating our emotions and taking us into a lift of persistence, to ultimately getting exactly what is desired.

Waiting from Adelaide, Australia-based indie RnB/soul artist Bree Gregory is probably one of the most gorgeous singles available for all to wash the doubts away with. Delivering on all aspects needed and with excellent delivery, this is a delightfully enjoyable performance to appreciate for its world-class sound.

Hear this quality song on Spotify. See more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Memories are frozen in my mind: Kevin Silvester feels the raw emotion on visuals for Be The One (feat. JVCQUI)

Intertwined into a mesmerizing story about finding out about a partner’s devilish infidelity, Kevin Silvester is rather dynamic in a saucy story about a romantic triangle which is cinematic-like on Be The One (feat. JVCQUI).

Kevin Silvester is a Melbourne, Australia-based 20-year-old indie electronic pop artist, music producer and DJ who is joined by the excellent singer JVCQUI.

With the 4th single taken from the much-awaited debut album Sleepwalker, classically trained pianist and cellist Kevin Silvester has dropped a rather exceptional effort on Be The One (feat. JVCQUI) and this is a must-listen for anyone who loves music and visuals with a real sentiment.

Be The One (feat. JVCQUI) from Melbourne, Australia-based electronic pop artist Kevin Silvester is a rather stunning effort from two souls who seem so connected. This is the dramatic story of a romance which seems tilted, as one heart wants it all, and one desires an extra element.

When you want it all, it’s best to see if it’s available before giving everything.

See this hot music video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No More Monsters In My Bed: Kamanda helps us find a purpose on I Will Always Shine (feat. Regikay)

Neglected when young and feeling like everything was going under, Kamanda heats up the airwaves with a visualizing greatness soundtrack of the highest standard on I Will Always Shine (feat. Regikay).

Kamanda aka Nehemiah Kamanda is a Liberia-born Newcastle, Australia-based indie poet, rapper and songwriter who makes the kind of music which helps wounds heal.

Kamanda raps about his life, his struggles and overcoming hard times.” ~ Kamanda

Displaying much leadership and projecting a superb anthem for anyone who feels rejected in this odd world, Kamanda and Regikay join forces rather smoothly and calm all anxious hearts on this rather special song. This is a track about clawing out of the struggle when it’s easier to just give up.

I Will Always Shine (feat. Regikay) from Newcastle, Australia-based indie poet/rapper Kamanda is a thunderously emotional single which is a real stunner in a cold world. With enlightening melodies to ease all worries away into the distance, we are treated to a proper message to the world.

Shining no matter what the past, is more valuable than anyone can quantify.

Listen up on Spotify. View more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen