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Only Love: Melbourne six-piece band Rambal heat up our anxious mood with funky new album ‘Hold Your Fire’

Stylishly bringing us their freshly squeezed positive groove vibrations that soothes all worries away, Rambal are back with their highly-awaited new album called ‘Hold Your Fire’.

Formally known as Justin Yap Band, Rambal, is the ambitious six-piece soul/funk/blues outfit from the creative shores of Melbourne in Australia. They inspiring make that unifying music that asks for acceptance from us all to peacefully alter the world to a state of peace and love, no matter who you are or where you are from.

This fantastic ten-track socially conscious release has so many gems inside, the glow feels quite right as your senses are alive again. Particular highlights-there are no fillers here-has to be ‘Follow Me Down‘, ‘Another Tomorrow‘ and ‘Step In‘.

Your body grooves with their energy as they take you on this exciting journey with a smile, each track made with care and purpose as you float into another world, that is so much better than the one we are in right now.

Hold Your Fire’ from the lovable Ozzies Rambal, is a soulful journey through their fascinating world, as they tell us to get rid of unnecessary weapons and negativity, remembering that we can indeed live in a peacefully content world, with so much love and calm energy illuminating from our bodies.

Stream this wonderfully crafted album on Spotify and see their IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Two needed to tango: Ray Ramon is back with the catchy ‘What Do You Mean’ (ft. Morgan McElhone)

With smooth vocals and a glint of the eye, Ray Ramon returns with the exciting dance-filled new single ‘What Do You Mean‘ (ft. Morgan McElhone).

Ray Ramon is a strong-voiced Nigerian-born, Australian-based indie singer-songwriter/EDM artist and he is joined by the emerging Australian dancer, model and singer Morgan McElhone. Together they form a tremendous team that show their chemistry with a grooving new single, that keeps you captivated and wanting more.

“What do you mean is a song about unrequited love. A one-sided kind of love and knowing when to draw the boundary between love and lust.”- Ray Ramon

This is the story about a one sided love, that as much as you want it to be true, probably isn’t ever going to happen as you need two birds to make a nest in life.

They sing with passionate energy as both are supremely talented artists and mesh well here for a fresh new single that will have you fascinated and trying out your own dance moves, to see if they are up to scratch.

What Do You Mean‘ (ft. Morgan McElhone) is a crush-filled indie r&b fusion of sweet sounds that shows you that sometimes, two people can’t be together unless you both have that burning desire inside to burn bright, with the class to realize that, so you can move on and find your perfect soul.

Hear this hot new single on YouTube and see his IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


I’ll treat you better: Angus Brill Reed is ready for when they see the light on ‘Nth Degree’

The recent EDM Winner of the 2020 UK Songwriting Contest, Angus Brill Reed returns splendidly with the wonderful new single about that deep feeling in your body, that can’t be explained called ‘Nth Degree‘.

Angus Brill Reed is a talented indie EDM/trap/funk artist from Australia, who is a fresh talent on the rise who makes music that explores love and finding those meaningful relationships to illuminate your soul.

”This song explores love without limits, where chemistry in a relationship has the potential to create forever harmony. Wrapped in an upbeat and fresh groove.”-Angus Brill Reed

This is the sweetly crisp story of that special kind of chemistry between two people that should be together, that has you dancing all over your lounge, you have been in his place when you care so much for someone, but they are taken right now. You are ready for the time when they see the light, as there is no one else you want.

The jazzy beat is a waterfall of pureness onto your body as you sense the love, and feel so vibrantly happy with his voice that illuminates the speakers and sizzles with a cheeky grin.

Nth Degree‘ from the incredible talent Angus Brill Reed, is a stunning effort from a soulfully advanced singer who brings us a true message of doing your upmost to look for something real and pure. Life is too short to have your heart played with so finding that special love, is something that is beyond valuable.

Hear this uplifting single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Can’t give up: Eamonn Conor drives as fast as he can to keep the love alive on ‘Dig Deeper’

With so much jazzy energy and soul laced perfectly to embrace ultimate sensations of love, Eamonn Conor asks his lover to ‘Dig Deeper‘ and feel that passion again.

Eamonn Conor is a thrilling Melbourne, Australia indie-pop singer-songwriter, who sings about those deep passions within and performs with an honest and caring nature, that complements his incredible vocal ability.

He isn’t over them yet and the story opens the door to us looking into this salvage operation in the works. He wants things to be like they were before but he question is, do they feel the same? Sometimes we have to be realistic but if you believe in this as much as the words coming out of your mouth, you have to give it one last shot and drive as far as you need to go, in order to know if you were mistaken, or actually right to do whatever it takes.

Over a lovely beat that calms your heartbeat, we witness glorious vocals over that saucy jazzy/soul/pop background that is such a pleasurable listen. His voice is so sumptuous, each word clear audible and the passion is such a tremendous inspiration to all lovers out there.

Dig Deeper‘ from the exciting Australian pop artist Eamonn Conor, makes you think about the times you gave up on love too easily and regret that moment, vowing never to ever (ever) do that again.

Doing your best to fix a relationship is courageous but this only works if both of you are willing to drive on the same path and try to make your energies sync together again. Otherwise, you will be the one driving by yourself and they will jump out of the car sooner or later.

Head to YouTube for the track and see more about this rising artist on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Be my other half: Lou P Scarlett brightens up Valentine’s Day with ‘Life Together’

Bringing her effervescent flamboyance intertwined with cute kisses to the world on this special day for so many, Lou P Scarlett bubbles beautifully with awe-inspiring enthusiasm on her latest single called ‘Life Together‘.

Lou P Scarlett is an inspiring multi-talented Marrickville (New South Wales), Australia-based futuristic burlesque showgirl,  enthralling electronic-pop singer. creative director, choreographer, bachelor of music graduate and dancer.

The love for her partner shines through and her voice sounds like a woman deeply in love, her soft tone feels like her eyes are glowing, each word is sung with that deep feeling of caressing waterfalls that have rare pureness.

This is the story of telling your lover what you like and how you see things going together, hand in hand. The manifestation to the universe is important for you as you think about all the wonderful times you have ahead, especially on this romantic day.

Life Together‘ from Australia’s Queen of tease, Lou P Scarlett, is that catchy song you have to listen to again and again, as her lovely voice shines through the doom and gloom of current times, her stunning nature has you locked in close to the speakers all the way through this glorious effort.

Thinking of being together long-term with someone can be a scary thought sometimes, but if you both want it enough, you will make it happen, no matter what obstacles are thrown your way by this crazy world.

Hear this loving track on Spotify and see her visual journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


A sonic experience like no other: Adam Plant drops latest single ‘Ur Mom’

Taken off his latest twelve-track album called ‘Just Another Generic Album Title‘, Adam Plant returns with the entertaining single ‘Ur Mom‘.

Adam Plant is a Australian singer-songwriter, author, producer, multimedia artist, filmmaker and music composer who makes music with a twist and turn like no other before him. He is a constantly evolving creative who makes electrifying sounds the way he wants to and doesn’t follow any fads or trends to suit anyone else.

The electric guitar squeals and haunts your heart and you get grabbed deep by a truly unique artist that let’s his intentions be knows quite clearly on this quick-fire single.

This is an artist who’s music is intoxicating and so real, he puts his heart and soul into each second and is a performer that must be counting down the minutes to being live on stage again, shocking new fans and entertaining old ones, as they dance like there is no tomorrow.

Ur Mom‘ from Adam Plant is a song that you will either love or hate, there is no in-between to this Australian multi-talented professional. He has a sharp voice that is mysterious and brooding; just the way he likes it.

Hear this new single on his Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The road away from religious extremism: Reverend Bones finds his true path in this greedy world on ‘Tycoon’

Reverend Bones changed his life around recently after being sucked into a world of religious fundamentalism he got sucked into from a very young age. ‘Tycoon‘ is his real story that should make you think and give you chills.

Reverend Bones is the new moniker of Australian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and climate activist, Michael John Bones. He makes music about his former life being in a religious cult, his life to help the planet survive and his new path to help others. He sings with a eye to the future and the concern in his voice is palpable.

This is the exciting lead single that forms part of his debut LP ‘Escape From Heaven‘, which is a deeply personal exploration on the topic of religious fundamentalism. He wants to help create a safe place for former Exvangelicals, to feel comfortable enough to share their stories of an extreme life, that has changed drastically since getting away from that scary world.

With stories about how sex, money and power rules the world, he sings with such care in a world that has shown him how extremism can be so blind. With so many people unfortunately stuck in a world that they didn’t choose, his vocals are strong, tender and you feel the hairs on the back on your neck shiver. This is music with a real message of hope.

Tycoon‘ from the passionate Australian musician climate activist Reverend Bones, is a sensational song and story that will probably be made into a movie. With a music video on the way that is bound to raise the eyebrows of many, this is a re-awakened creative, who is seeing clearly now and is only getting started.

Hear this conscious lesson that opens your mind on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Saying goodbye to bad energy: Bæm drop indie-pop realness on ‘bleach your hair and write songs about me’

Bæm are back with an intriguing song dropped on New Years Day, that will get you in a thoughtful mood on ‘bleach your hair and write songs about me‘.

Bæm are a flourishing Finnish-American alt-pop girl duo formed by Emilia Lahtela and Bailey Krawczyk. They met in Sydney, Australia and their creative journey has lasted for three years as they aim to make music that triggers authentic aesthetic responses, to hug their listeners souls.

With the recording process made possible with a terrific small and loyal team, Bailey was able to add her vocals just before she unfortunately had to leave to head back to the USA for a while.

Their illuminating style slides gracefully in a real song that speaks about a breakup that hurts so bad. The story of being so young as you kissed them in your car and then just like that, it was all over and you felt like your time was wasted,

Sometimes things happen so fast you barely have time to take a breath. You have moved onto feeling upset about this whole experience as you realized that they were so controlling and now you feel like they are good riddance as you wouldn’t want to ever see them again.

Their fascinating energy is raw and genuine, the lyrics are well-made and the vocals stream through your emotions as you recall being around narcissists before and how you do your best to ignore and avoid them now.

bleach your hair and write songs about me‘ from Bæm is a top track that shows that it is okay to be single for a while, rather than being with someone that is so unhealthy for you.

Sometimes you need to break free and let everything that happened soak in, so you can wash off all the self-doubt that was thrown at you unfairly.

Hear this uniquely good single on Spotify and see what the girls get up to next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


2020’s anthem is here: From Scratch rock out with comedic and flamboyant new single ‘It’s Not Ok’

From Scratch aim to be listened by a diverse audience from all over the globe on ‘It’s Not Ok‘ and their ability to lift the mood is palpable on this melodic rock track, that surpasses all expectations and adds in a touch of comedy that keeps it real.

After being formed during lockdown 1, the electric Australian four-piece rock band From Scratch have made it their life’s mission to make excellent music that gives the grieving world something to rock hard to during these harsh times.

“It was begging to be written. We know we speak not just for us but for many people all over the world” – Steven Caperna

With an innate ability to provide thunderous melodies and incredibly well-structured lyrics that are hard hitting and honest, this is a band that doesn’t take themselves overly serious either. Their funny video about the current political landscape in Australia is an inside look into how so many people are feeling. After appearing to do so well with the virus, this is a country that is currently in the grips of a new wave that frustrates so many. Their appeal also extends globally as many of us are feeling exactly the same thing and millions will be more careful about who they vote for next time.

With the band all on the same page despite the age differences, they show that it’s all about good music that is easy to sing with and by keeping things lighthearted, this is a new track that is exactly what we needed to hear. Things are not okay right now and real leaders need to step up and do what they were elected to do. Lead, not spin webs around us like a busy spider.

It’s Not Ok‘ by the Adelaide indie rock band From Scratch is one of those songs you can’t stop listening to as its excellent music video shows what can be done during these horrid times. Music and comedy mixed together, is a welcome addition to 2020.

Stream this excellent new single via their Spotify, see the music video on YT and join their band journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


From South Africa to Australia: Indie singer-songwriter Oshua showcases his story of being stuck inside on ‘Monke’

South African born and Perth, Australia based new artist Oshua shows us his growing music maturity on the scrumptious new single called ‘Monke‘.

The refreshing sounds of tweeting birds in the background adds a natural element for our tired ears and we hear the fresh vocals of this young storyteller right away. His story of minding his own business and being stuck in his own head from the time alone and in this horrible pandemic, is so real. The lyrics are so understandable as we are all searching for that special soul to hold our hand tight and help us out of the sticky quicksand. That’s all we really need; an angel to help us get up and be strong again.

The Lofi-Pop with RnB fused in to make this a tasty song to lather our soul in, is a wonderful moment during this horrific year that doesn’t seem to end quick enough. This is a talented singer-songwriter who has a golden voice that seems to have a hint of honey coated filling inside to make it so sweet and tender.

There is lots of potential here and if he can stay focused and work out what he needs to do in order to properly prioritize his goals for a long-term impact, the sky is literally the limit for this young talent.

Australian based Oshua makes such sweetly juiced music on ‘Monke‘ and this makes you want to laze in bed all day, headphones on loud and forget all your worries while having a relaxing nap to replenish your soul.

Support this fast-rising musician on his Spotify and see more of the vision on his FB & IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen