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When you think of Pop music today, names such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Madonna quickly come to mind, but Pop music, as a genre, is so much more. The rich and complex history of pop started in the 1890s; back then, ragtime stole the show before the jazz era began in the 1920s, only to be usurped by the big-band-era in the 1940s. 

In the 1950s, pop started to encompass rock until they became synonymous until the late 60s when pop music formed its ephemeral, accessible and commercial sound that it still boasts today. 

While the term ‘pop’ originally described popular music, pop, as a genre, is no longer applied to all music topping the charts. Instead, pop music is defined by structure, length and tempo. Some see the perfect pop formula as short and danceable hook-and-chorus-filled tracks, but plenty of artists find a way to put their own spin on the sound while laying down infectious melodies. 

If you’ve got a radio-ready perennial pop earworm that you’d like to share with the world, we want to hear it. 

About A&R Factory 

Since 2012, we have been helping pop artists climb the charts, garner critical acclaim and sign record deals. We are one of the most respected A&R blogs in the UK; we help artists from across the globe to further their reach and progress in their career. 

In recent years, we have worked with double-Grammy award-winning Finnish artist JORI SJÖROOS’ helping to promote his debut solo single, ‘Take a Chance on Me’ (plenty of people did). 

We are also proud to have worked with Croatia’s J.R. August. After his award-winning debut album, Dangerous Waters, became the best-selling album in his country, he arranged an international tour to expand his reach even further. 

What we are looking for 

Whether you’re a dance-pop producer, acoustic pop singer-songwriter, or a synth-pop outfit, what we really want to hear from you is the ability to evoke emotion with your music. 

We love to hear from pop artists who aren’t afraid to be bold and daring in their expression. Whether that’s through raw and honest lyrics or experimental twists on pop eras from across the ages.  We want to hear the mould being broken by artists with the ability to connect with their listeners by empowering them through lyrics, making them move on a dancefloor or creating high-vibe anthems which evoke nostalgia or welcome the future. 

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