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Treva and the Mojos release relevantly single “In the Ditch”

With Italian roots and currently in majestic Melbourne, Australia. You will want to turn up Treva and the Mojos real loud. The distorted sound at the beginning reminds me of a Radiohead song and then the vocals hit right in the stomach.

The band created this indie pop track back in 2012 and released it only now to inspire as it felt relevant and real during these times of COVD-19.

This is a band forging their own path and doing it their way. “In the Ditch” is all about getting ourselves out of that ditch and struggling to make it happen due to all the ugliness out there. I’m so inspired by this track as it’s so real. Millions have hidden away and might never emerge again as they are too scared to come out. It’s so important not to lose your mind right now and stay strong for whoever you care about in the world. Keeping your eyes open and looking to the stars for inspiration is the only way to survive and for our souls to be saved. This is a band with a massive future and their realness is for all to see and their music so stunningly crafted with love.

Stream this soulful band right here on their Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


”Springbreakers” is a tale of misspent youth from Marshall Stannus

Getting caught up in the party scene and seeing it right in your face is a fun time with life-altering memories, all the good times seem to last forever and caring about too much seems pointless in the moment. When you finally face the facts however, reality smacks your mind harshly and hits you solid in the face like a Mike Tyson knockout punch.

Marshall Stannus shows passion in his lyrical delivery and youthfully crafts a memorable new track called ”Springbreakers” that will relate to many out there who have taken it a bit too far.

I love the beat in this song, it teases you in the beginning and has the rough vinyl cut, before launching into melody with the voice and rhymes of a future star who is now ready for his big moment to shine.

The Melbourne, Australia native Marshall Stannus raps through a vivid lens that has captured the picture of youth perfectly but painfully. ”Springbreakers” is such an underrated track that takes you on a reflective journey of wild parties that never seem to end. When they do however, the crash and the emotional funk afterwards is very real.

Get this song into your ears now on SoundCloud.

Review by Llewelyn Screen


Up and coming producer and singer Ruyi releases Take Me Back, I Want More

From Melbourne, Australia, up and coming producer and singer Ruyi has released a new outstanding pop track Take Me Back, I Want More.

The song builds up on warm guitar notes and piano chords, and in its even and balanced progression maintains deep intensity of sound. An evolution comes with the vocals that in the bridge range from bass tones to sweet falsetto notes before returning to low tones to quietly finish the song.

There’s a taste of beautiful sadness in Ruyi’s voice, as if he was passionately re-living vivid and hurtful moments. Besides, that pinch of sadness in his voice lies only in the song and doesn’t make of Ruyi a melancholic person, according to what he says on his Spotify profile.

There are some profound and sonorous vibes in this tune that you can get to enjoy for yourself if you head over Spotify and listen to Take Me Back, I Want More.

Review by Jim Esposito.


ANTVNIO’s ‘BROTHERS’ is a taste of Melbourne’s rap scene

Melbourne-based ANTVNIO has released Brothers, a Pacific-ocean crossing mesh of dominated hip-hop waves.

With heavy influence from both modern UK and US trap and rap styles, Australia’s young trap artists are beginning to expand in droves – and ANTVNIO’s ‘BROTHERS’ feels very much a part of that. While the track has its both high and low points, there’s an enjoyable ‘real-life’ sensibility about this release, and it speaks to the lengths of just how much the digital era has really affected music creation. 

While there’s more persistence needed from the young artist in smoothing out the rougher edges to compete in an extremely exciting wave of artists like The Kid Laroi, BROTHERS might be worth a listen if you want to expand your tastes and dive into the independent waters of Australian-seasoned trap. 

You can check out BROTHERS on ANTVNIO’s Soundcloud page here


Jecht_0 drops his single Right Past You: A rather intriguing piece of music

Jecht_0 has dropped his single ‘Right Past You’, this enticing piece filled with soothing vocals and incredible instrumentation.

Having this gentle beat of the drum as humming begins to take over, to introduce the rather unique vocals that are rather compelling to listen too. Adding in the clasp of the strings on the guitar, as the tone of voice begins to lower and the instrumentals cut through the voice, swaying in and out of one another and gradually getting louder.

Every part of this song is different in its own way, it has this overpowering use of the high-pitched hum that mixes in with the pluck on the electric guitar strings, the vocals begin to fade into the distance as the instrumentation shines again until it all comes to a rather smooth end.

Be sure to check this one out by Jecht_0, he really lets his impressive talent excel through this.

Listen to Jecht_0 Right Past You by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall


Samara – Pull Up – Does temptation ever die?

“Pull Up” is a chilled-out track by a 27-year-old R&B artist, Samara, about two former lovers, including one who is already in the arms of another, that maintain a connection despite their separation. Would one call be enough to reunite them? If they’re on each other’s minds, like the song suggests, then it’d certainly seem to be a matter of time before such an eventuality comes to pass.

Knowing a person, inside and out, is something that can be either taken for granted or appreciated in a loving, long-term relationship.

In this song, Samara seductively talks about desire, through thoughts and feelings that are real for one party and observed as fact about the other, that live on even though they weren’t enough to keep their relationship from imploding in the first place.

Once you’ve tasted someone’s flesh, can you ever get over the temptation to return?






Written by Lisa Knight


SuperSymmetric Release Mesmerising Synthpop Track “Dawn”

SuperSymmetric is a project with a very signature dark synthpop sound that is inimitable and unique. This sound is literally nothing like you’ve ever heard before and apart from being very artistically well crafted it is also polished to perfection. Their most recent track “Dawn” is in fact taken from the EP with the same title and is part of something bigger and greater that allows this authentic style to be communicated even further.

“Dawn” starts off with pulsating and swelling synth sounds together with a steady beat that set up the rich intricately textured backdrop in preparation for what’s to come next. A few seconds later, the sonorities get even richer with smooth vocal melodies in combination with some interesting harmonic changes. Later on in the song there is also a brief break followed by even more changes in texture and developmental content. Overall there is something quite dark about the sound of this song but that added element of mystery adds a lot of depth to its character and makes it even more intriguing. The way all the synth sounds, digital elements and vocal lines come together creates something truly unique and one of a kind. Definitely worth checking it out!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


A&R Factory Present: Elsie And The Vibe

Independent Australian soul singer-songwriter Elsie has released explosive debut single Riverside with her band Elsie and The Vibe. Elsie’s smooth and smoky vocals command each note with a deep, raw emotional vulnerability, and her honest lyrics connect directly with the listener to create a cell-tingling, two-way exchange.

Elsie is a Melbourne-raised Brooklyn-based artist whose music resides at the intersection of soul, Motown, R&B and pop. Her explosive tracks sit somewhere on the spectrum of Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone and Alicia Keys and have been touted as “some of the most exciting new music to come out of Melbourne’s booming soul scene”.

2016 will see the long awaited release of Elsie’s debut EP with her band, Elsie and The Vibe. The independent EP was produced by Robert Upward (emaar, Shelly Segal) and Jonathan Dreyfus (Gretta Ray, Lama), and features a number of talented and accomplished musicians known as The Vibe. Lined with modern references to vintage sounds, the 5-track EP is refreshing yet uniquely familiar, strong on horn and string lines but rooted in an inescapable groove. Elsie’s smooth and smoky vocals command each note with a deep, raw emotional vulnerability, and her honest lyrics connect directly with the listener to create a cell-tingling, two-way exchange.

Elsie is passionate about social change, empowerment, the expansion of thought and that an inherent positivity exists in all people. These beliefs serve as the foundation for her music as well as her online blog, Higher Vibration, which focuses on people who are expanding our collective social conscience (i.e. anybody and everybody!). She believes that art is a platform to promote social good and hopes to be a part of the change through her work. Elsie and The Vibe is a collection of 60s throwbacks, gospel inspired refrains and soulful ballads and will be available on November 22 2016. Get ready for some serious vibe.


A&R Factory Present: Tourist Dollars

With just two singles to their name, Melbourne trio Tourist Dollars have certainly made a strong impression for themselves — having already charmed the likes of Triple J, Indie Shuffle and Spotify (who featured previous single ‘Horse Girl’ on their global Fresh Finds playlist) in recent months.

Ahead of their eponymous debut EP release, Tourist Dollars will share the record’s enchanting opening track ‘Ageless’.

Playing out like a hazy, reverb-doused ballad, ‘Ageless’ is teeming with soaring harmonies; underpinned by warbling synths and a rickety drum machine, it finds itself sitting somewhere between a Beach Boys b-side and an Ariel Pink offshoot.

Much of the heavy-lifting is left to the trademark croon of songwriter Jesse McCormack though, whose penchant for ‘60s favourites The Zombies continues to shine through — as it did with previous singles ‘Horse Girl’ and ‘End of Times’.

McCormack’s knack for crafting potent, and engrossing pop songs is what’s particularly at work here. It’s a talent sure to see  Tourist Dollars continue to gain recognition, and one that will likely see them go far.

Tourist Dollars ‘ eponymous debut EP is due for release June 9th