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‘Sleep Safe and Warm’ is the theme from Rosemary’s Baby (Komeda) – Adam Simmons | Jean Poole

Sleep Safe and Warm‘ is the Jazzy delightful theme from Rosemary’s Baby (Komeda) – Adam Simmons and Jean Poole.

This is the second single release from ‘Zatoczka – Tribute to Komeda‘ – and famously known for being the theme from Roman Polanski’s film Rosemary’s Baby. 2019 was 50 years since the untimely passing of legendary Polish jazz pianist and film composer Krzysztof Komeda and, to mark the occasion, celebrated Australian saxophonist Adam Simmons produced a large-ensemble tribute to the musician in collaboration with video artist, Jean Poole. The team effort has been a fantastic success due to the quality of the music.

Zatoczka – Tribute to Komeda‘ is the resulting album captures the magic from the concert, which saw Adam Simmons’ 8-piece Creative Music Ensemble joined by legendary Australian pianist Tony Gould and masterful vocalist Deborah Kayser.

Adam Simmons and Jean Poole bring us a beautiful song and the video matches the aura. The young boy is learning about the world as he walks around and seeks to be safe around himself. This is a stunning song and I feel so relaxed with the jazzy energy and occasional vocals that hit the spot. ‘Sleep Safe and Warm‘ is a work of art in a troubled year for the world. With 11 artists and team members featuring here, this is a true team effort.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Elegant Australian singer-songwriter Darcy has a voice that heals on ‘Ill Be There for You’

Darcy sings with such poise and class that you can’t teach. Her voice guides you into her world and keeps you close.

Sparkling alien fantasy fan and singer-songwriter Darcy is a 20 year old from sunny Australia, After being on The Voice Australia and since then has been writing, collaborating and performing around her home city of Melbourne in Australia.

This is all about making that change and healing the world. You try and find the words to describe what is going on and it takes time to full take it all in. You are now ready to hold the hand of those close and make that real change, with hopes to spread your feelings. The time for keeping quiet is over.

Darcy impresses highly here on ‘Ill Be There for You‘ and she has a very special voice that we all hope to hear more of. There is a special sound to her, with the crisp and dreamy vocals on this fine new track.

Stream the Spotify link here.

Click here for the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Omari lays down the easy melodic grooves in her debut single “Gameboy”

Many RnB artists like to play it safe with their lyricism and end up saying what has been said a thousand times before. Refreshingly, Melbourne artist Omari poured plenty of bold sentiments on the airwaves with her debut single “Gameboy”.

The Indie RnB Pop single has an engaging narrative lyrical style through which Omari assassinates the character of the unworthy waster which inspired Gameboy. Hearing the realisation of Omari’s self-worth in the single which packs in sublimely melodic grooves becomes an empowering aural experience. I can only imagine what it felt like to write it.

Even though you’ll hear plenty of the roots of Soul and RnB within Gameboy, there’s no understating the fresh evocative appeal behind the production. Despite the RnB vibe, it’s safe to say fans of Kate Nash and Florence and the Machine will quickly become enamoured by Omari’s stunning beyond definition vocals.

You can check out Omari’s debut for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Australia’s Gordon Holland sings for the colder months on ‘I’m Looking Forward To Winter’

Gordon Holland is back with the soulful ‘I’m Looking Forward To Winter‘ and this is such a gem to the tired ears.

Australian singer-songwriter Gordon Holland has been making waves all over the Melbourne’s music scene and is on top form here. Following his relocation from Perth and bringing with him his musical partner, the pair formed The Naysayers in 2010 and soon took their garage rock to live stages around Australia.

While still writing and working within The Naysayers, Gordon found himself on a solo path which saw him merging his musical creativity into waters that had previously been uncharted. Soon after, he collaborated with fellow singer-songwriter Charlie Lane where the two constructed her successful The Darkest Time.

Following on from such successes, Gordon has been sailing the seas between his Takamine acoustic and Fender Jaguar in a way that enables his music to flow through lyrics that are confessional and nostalgic yet humorous and wistful.

I’m Looking Forward To Winter‘ from Gordon Holland is an ode to the colder months where you can cuddle with your loved one. You smile when you think of all the hot chocolate and blankets. Perhaps your cat is close by and you can watch movies together and hide away for a while. All you want to do is snuggle close and get away from the world. The soft singer-songwriter vibes are so pleasant and I love the true stories here. This is a quality track for 2020.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Facebook page to hear more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Marshall Stannus lusts for love but not yet on indie-pop ”Friends”

After reviewing ”Springbreakers”, ”Euphoria” and now ”Friends”, Australian indie rapper-singer Marshall Stannus rolls in with next track and 3rd single of 2020.

The mysteriously brilliant Melbourne artist is certainly bringing out some quality content during these covid-19 times. Music is flowing and this is up there with his best songs so far. His vocal delivery and hard-hitting style that catches your attention is back.

Friends” finds Marshall in a good place for a while before we are lowered into the story of wanting to be friends but also needing that alone time. This is a new artist inside as realizes that this is his path and if something is in the way, he needs to let go and grow. Inside however, you keep looking at your phone thinking briefly if it was the right decision.

Melbourne, Australia Indie rapper-singer Marshall Stannus brings his a-game on this Hip Hop crunched beat ”Friends” that is an excellent track from the Australian performer on the rise.

Stream this new song here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Australian Alt-Rockers KaKu bring the heat with ”Winners Are Grinners”

KaKu are an Alt/Hard-Rock band straight outta Melbourne in Australia. They groove our hearts charmingly with their latest track called ”Winners Are Grinners”.

The band are from Melbourne’s inner north and are made up of the bearded Ben Schier, Dan Bergowicz and Andrew Cossey. The 3 piece band have loudly been flying their way up the Australian music biz for over 5 years.

KaKu have just released their debut EP on the 1st July which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Julian Schweitzer. This release is a product of a long musical relationship which explores brooding and introspective ballads, riff-laden jams and deep hooks that power through the speaks to magnetic levels.

Winners Are Grinners” is a terrific single from the outstanding Australian band KaKu. The Melbourne 3 piece blow past the noise and send us a great song. The Ozzie band are on the way up due to their quality song and intricate lyrics.

Stream this fab indie rock tune here on the bands Soundcloud.

Check out their YouTube channel to see their videos.

Spotify is the place to hear more.

Head to this acts Facebook music page and see when they are playing live again.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Treva and the Mojos release relevantly single “In the Ditch”

With Italian roots and currently in majestic Melbourne, Australia. You will want to turn up Treva and the Mojos real loud. The distorted sound at the beginning reminds me of a Radiohead song and then the vocals hit right in the stomach.

The band created this indie pop track back in 2012 and released it only now to inspire as it felt relevant and real during these times of COVD-19.

This is a band forging their own path and doing it their way. “In the Ditch” is all about getting ourselves out of that ditch and struggling to make it happen due to all the ugliness out there. I’m so inspired by this track as it’s so real. Millions have hidden away and might never emerge again as they are too scared to come out. It’s so important not to lose your mind right now and stay strong for whoever you care about in the world. Keeping your eyes open and looking to the stars for inspiration is the only way to survive and for our souls to be saved. This is a band with a massive future and their realness is for all to see and their music so stunningly crafted with love.

Stream this soulful band right here on their Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


”Springbreakers” is a tale of misspent youth from Marshall Stannus

Getting caught up in the party scene and seeing it right in your face is a fun time with life-altering memories, all the good times seem to last forever and caring about too much seems pointless in the moment. When you finally face the facts however, reality smacks your mind harshly and hits you solid in the face like a Mike Tyson knockout punch.

Marshall Stannus shows passion in his lyrical delivery and youthfully crafts a memorable new track called ”Springbreakers” that will relate to many out there who have taken it a bit too far.

I love the beat in this song, it teases you in the beginning and has the rough vinyl cut, before launching into melody with the voice and rhymes of a future star who is now ready for his big moment to shine.

The Melbourne, Australia native Marshall Stannus raps through a vivid lens that has captured the picture of youth perfectly but painfully. ”Springbreakers” is such an underrated track that takes you on a reflective journey of wild parties that never seem to end. When they do however, the crash and the emotional funk afterwards is very real.

Get this song into your ears now on SoundCloud.

Review by Llewelyn Screen


Up and coming producer and singer Ruyi releases Take Me Back, I Want More

From Melbourne, Australia, up and coming producer and singer Ruyi has released a new outstanding pop track Take Me Back, I Want More.

The song builds up on warm guitar notes and piano chords, and in its even and balanced progression maintains deep intensity of sound. An evolution comes with the vocals that in the bridge range from bass tones to sweet falsetto notes before returning to low tones to quietly finish the song.

There’s a taste of beautiful sadness in Ruyi’s voice, as if he was passionately re-living vivid and hurtful moments. Besides, that pinch of sadness in his voice lies only in the song and doesn’t make of Ruyi a melancholic person, according to what he says on his Spotify profile.

There are some profound and sonorous vibes in this tune that you can get to enjoy for yourself if you head over Spotify and listen to Take Me Back, I Want More.

Review by Jim Esposito.


ANTVNIO’s ‘BROTHERS’ is a taste of Melbourne’s rap scene

Melbourne-based ANTVNIO has released Brothers, a Pacific-ocean crossing mesh of dominated hip-hop waves.

With heavy influence from both modern UK and US trap and rap styles, Australia’s young trap artists are beginning to expand in droves – and ANTVNIO’s ‘BROTHERS’ feels very much a part of that. While the track has its both high and low points, there’s an enjoyable ‘real-life’ sensibility about this release, and it speaks to the lengths of just how much the digital era has really affected music creation. 

While there’s more persistence needed from the young artist in smoothing out the rougher edges to compete in an extremely exciting wave of artists like The Kid Laroi, BROTHERS might be worth a listen if you want to expand your tastes and dive into the independent waters of Australian-seasoned trap. 

You can check out BROTHERS on ANTVNIO’s Soundcloud page here