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Royston Vasie – Creeping: A Melodic Renaissance in the Indie Landscape

If you have had your fill of indie landfill, cleanse your sonic palette with the latest release, Creeping, from Melbourne’s most affecting melodicists, Royston Vasie.

With synth melodies sweeter than honey/Grandaddy, soulfully sludgy ennui in the same vein as Dinosaur Jr, sweepingly angular guitar licks that give Johnny Marr a run for his money and a modernist touch as a courtesy of the Jaws and Peace-esque indie accordance, Creeping is a smorgasbord of influence which amalgamates to portray Royston Vasie as one of the most promising up-and-coming artists on the airwaves in 2024.

After releasing their first two albums through Courtney Barnett’s now-defunct label, Milk! Records, Creeping marks a shift in their musical style, which previously oscillated between the garage ethos of Black Lips and the shoegaze of early The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

If the outro leaves you aching for more, mark your calendar for the release of the fourpiece’s upcoming album, Through the Canopies, which will arrive on May 15.

Creeping will inch its way onto the airwaves on February 15; stream the single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hazel Ray’s Musical Alchemy: Unveiling ‘My Demon’ – A Journey of Empowerment

Hazel Ray, the remarkable pop-soul sensation hailing from Melbourne, Australia, has recently graced the music world with her latest masterpiece, “My Demon,” released in July 2023. Produced by the legendary Steve James, whose illustrious career spans iconic bands like The Jam, Sex Pistols, and The Screaming Jets, this track is a testament to Hazel Ray’s artistry and vision. Accompanied by a visually captivating music video crafted by the talented videographer Jarrod from Ourfolklore, “My Demon” is more than just a song; it’s an introspective voyage of self-discovery, resilience, and empowerment.

Hazel, ‘My Demon’ is a powerful and introspective song. Could you share the inspiration behind the lyrics and what message you hope your listeners take away from it?”

My Demon’ is just as much about a personal journey as it is about the journey of all. Everyone at some point in their life faces the little voice in their heads that tells them that they aren’t good enough or that they won’t amount to anything. For some people these voices become so strong that it can lead them to paths in life that can be destructive to their health emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. This unfortunately/fortunately was also the case for myself. I say fortunately because it was through facing these inner Demons that has pushed me to live a more fulfilled and inspired life, aligned with my Truth. My Demon is a song of hope and strength, that no matter how dark things become, the light will always prevail. Fear is what cages souls from living their dreams. Face the fears, face the Demon, live your Dreams.

Your collaboration with renowned producer Steve James has garnered attention. What was it like working with him, and how did his expertise influence the creative process for this song?

Steve is an amazing human. Super kind and encouraging. He has one of those minds that must be running with about 50 tabs open at a time. When he is working on your track he gives you all of his attention and is already planning legendary session musos to add flare to different parts of your song from the moment you step into the recording studio. So professional and always willing to explore creative routes.

The music video for ‘My Demon’ is visually stunning. Can you tell us about the concept behind it and your collaboration with Jarrod from Ourfolklore to bring your vision to life?

I came up with the concept for the music video, upon reflecting on what it felt like to have a voice that controlled my every thought and every move. The chess game symbolised the inner fight between the moves that I wanted to make in my life and the way in which the Demon was able to override every decision to make my life a living hell. There is a scene in the film clip where I realise that there are no rules to the game if I don’t want there to be, so I pick up the Queen and place it back in the game. This is the first sign of transformation of control, which puts the Demon on edge. I chose to show the cleansing of the Demon by diving into the ocean, cleaning myself of all those negative thoughts and lack of control. Jarrod did an amazing job capturing the changes between the mental struggle and how the Demon manifests into our reality. He has such a flair for abstract concepts and bringing them to life. I was so grateful for his input and the overall outcome.

Your music has been described as a refuge and a source of healing for listeners. Can you elaborate on how you aim to connect with your audience on a deeper level through your music?

Music that offers healing, answers questions in people that they didn’t even realise they had. It offers empathy in a way that just words can’t. From there the audience feels closer to the artist as for the first time for whatever reason in that particular moment they feel seen and understood. My music can offer this to those who need it. Many of the songs that I write and many of the songs that are yet to be released, discuss the questions of ‘who am I’, ‘why am I here’, ‘what is my purpose’. These very questions are asked by every single human at some point in their life and I hope that my music will be there to guide the future generations as they look inwards to find those answers.

Your sound has been compared to the likes of Adele, Eva Cassidy, and Lady Gaga. How do you feel about these comparisons, and how would you describe your unique musical style and approach?

I am absolutely flattered that people find similarities between my music and sound with these artists. They are definitely inspirations of mine. My uniqueness comes in my very own story and the knowledge that I endeavour to share with the world. For me it’s not just about the music. I have created a unique show called ‘Asleep to Awake’ where I put 10 years of Science teaching, a neuroscience degree, song writing and storytelling together, to invite my audience to explore their true nature and the relationship between Science and Spirituality.

Can you share some insights into your musical upbringing and how it has shaped your career as an artist? Are there any specific influences or experiences from your childhood that have had a lasting impact on your music?

My Grandfather (Ray) was a musician, he played the drums. Sadly, he passed away when I was 10. I really struggled with his passing, which led me down a path of trying to understand death, afterlife. energy, spirit and ultimately how it is possible that I am a soul. I have also had some mental health battles in my life that have taught me so much about who I am and my true nature. These topics of mental health and the spiritual world , for me, overlap and I love exploring their intertwined nature in my songs.

Find out more about Hazel Ray by visiting her website

How Hard Can It Be: Ian Shortall feels his epicentre bypass a nostalgic beat on Chesapeake

Sensing that he was under a special spell by a lovely water-loving human with a heart of gold, Ian Shortall feels sad that they left in the middle of the night on the massively reflective single to contemplate with, Chesapeake.

Ian Shortall is a Melbourne, Australia-based indie country/folk-blues-fusion solo singer-songwriter who learnt his trade back in Dublin in the 90s.

Not one to shy away from outside influences and bring something new to the table, Ian also pulls imagery from the metal world, which is echoed and hinted at throughout his lyrical content.” ~ Ian Shortall

Captivating all alert listeners with something rather special and indelible to be enraptured by, Ian Shortall has brought forth a gem of a song which hasn’t been rushed in the slightest.

Chesapeake from Melbourne, Australia-based indie country artist Ian Shortall might be one of the most beautifully created singles of the year so far. This has been made with complete care. There is affection in droves throughout and we are opened up to a memorable story to cherish for its authenticity.

There is so much to like about such a lovable story with so much emotion and total class, which shall give many hearts an extra beat to help when the lonely nights set in.

Embrace the feeling shine through the curtains on Spotify.

Find out more about live shows and more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Memories are frozen in my mind: Kevin Silvester feels the raw emotion on visuals for Be The One (feat. JVCQUI)

Intertwined into a mesmerizing story about finding out about a partner’s devilish infidelity, Kevin Silvester is rather dynamic in a saucy story about a romantic triangle which is cinematic-like on Be The One (feat. JVCQUI).

Kevin Silvester is a Melbourne, Australia-based 20-year-old indie electronic pop artist, music producer and DJ who is joined by the excellent singer JVCQUI.

With the 4th single taken from the much-awaited debut album Sleepwalker, classically trained pianist and cellist Kevin Silvester has dropped a rather exceptional effort on Be The One (feat. JVCQUI) and this is a must-listen for anyone who loves music and visuals with a real sentiment.

Be The One (feat. JVCQUI) from Melbourne, Australia-based electronic pop artist Kevin Silvester is a rather stunning effort from two souls who seem so connected. This is the dramatic story of a romance which seems tilted, as one heart wants it all, and one desires an extra element.

When you want it all, it’s best to see if it’s available before giving everything.

See this hot music video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Interview: Melbourne’s One More Weekend relieves all pressure on Opportunity

We were lucky enough to have a chat with Connor from One More Weekend recently and he told us all about the new single Opportunity and more. Cruising us through the excellent Melbourne music scene and sourcing where those dirty but edgy local spots are really hiding, we are treated to a wild story about Aunty Meredith and a demon sheep.

Thanks so much for your time today One More Weekend.

Connor: Hi guys! You’re speaking with Connor today, the lead singer and yeah! Absolutely smashing today! Thanks for having me on!

How did you all get involved in this music industry?

Connor: We were all just flung into this industry really, all propelled by the same feeling… that playing live and putting on a killer show is a feeling like no other.

Please tell us more about your new release Opportunity. What was the idea behind the song and how did you know this was the next track?

Connor: Opportunity is about making tough decisions within a small timeframe and feeling that pressure. We essentially tried to reflect that with the music video and how the walls literally close in.

Melbourne is your hometown. What makes it so special and where would you recommend readers to go and watch epic live music in your city?

Connor: Go to all the dirty locals- Cherry Bar, The Tote, The Evelyn, Yah Yahs, The Bendigo, Revs.

Do you remember the first gig the band played and how has the progression developed since then?

Connor:  Yeah look, after 160 shows if we hadn’t improved I’d have called it quits a while ago!

What is your go-to meal before a gig?

Connor: Can’t say I often eat before a show, we do have a two-drink limit though before we play and for me, it’s generally a pineapple vodka followed by the strongest shot they’ve got on the shelf.

What’s the wildest festival story you can share with us?

Connor: The wildest? Let’s just say it involved a very real demon sheep being summoned in the tour bus and uncontrolled time travel back and forth between the medical tent and the dance floor… what a time, thank you, Aunty Meredith 😛

How is the local band scene going in Australia? Do you see it improving or going backwards?

Connor: Compared to what’s being played on the radio the local scene is actually buzzing! There’s some killer bands we’ve shared the stage with recently, go check Sledgehammer Honey, Tudor Club and Lipstereo.

Final question. Where can we find you live next and what are your goals for the rest of the year?

Connor: Ohhhhh we’ll be live next at Summerwave in Kerrang on the 4th Feb, then at Cherry Bar on the 25th Feb for our single launch.
As for goals? Work bloody hard, release two more killer tracks with killer music videos, make some sick merch and jump in the tour bus for a big ol trip around Aus, Yewwww!

Cheers for having us on! Sign up to our mailing list at to hear more and stay in the loop for all things OMW!

Hear this fine single on Spotify.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Coconut Shy helps us to move on from the past on Water, Water

Made whilst deeply wrapped in a psychology essay that took extra time to write, Coconut Shy shows us fondly inside that memorable corvette that sped away rather quickly on Water, Water.

Coconut Shy is a Melbourne, Australia-based indie folk singer-songwriter who projects his vocals so well that all stress seems to float away.

Seeing that chevy pull up with a smile on his face, Coconut Shy has made an all-time timeless gem for us all to fall in love with. There is so much to be enamoured by inside this truly superb song, which is crammed with a genuine energy to grip us tightly with from all corners.

Sweetly sung and filled with an authentic vibe to gravitate toward, there is nothing you can surely dislike about a release with so much tender care and crisp smoothness for the better absorbed inside.

Water, Water from Melbourne, Australia-based indie folk singer-songwriter Coconut Shy must be one of the more soul-healing singles around. Turning our hearts with caring abandon, this is a stirring track that might get you thinking about that special human who changed your entire mood with one wink.

Hear this fine single on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Craving The Attention: Kevin Silvester sees through all the secrets on Crywolf (feat. 99finite)

Following on from his previous singles, Love you Blind and You and I (feat. Julie Zorrilla), Kevin Silvester pumps up the volume on this dance floor winner that shows us deep inside that sneaky Crywolf (feat. 99finite).

Kevin Silvester is a 19-year-old Melbourne, Australia-based indie pop singer-songwriter, music producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist.

Crywolf is dedicated to your ride or dies while giving the middle finger to heartbreakers and manipulators.” ~ Kevin Silvester 

Boosting our moods with a mood-altering single to change your perspective, Kevin Silvester is quite fantastic on a track to play loud and proud. Oozing with quality from all ends of the spectrum, this is the type of single you will tell your next-door neighbor about.

Crywolf (feat. 99finite) from Melbourne, Australia-based indie pop singer-songwriter and DJ Kevin Silvester is a supreme performance that shall get your veins popping with delight. Guiding us through the lies and making sure that those who are sincere understand that they are appreciated, this is a speaker-slicing song of note.

When you see people who are rather fake, it’s always best to call them out and ride with the authentic humans instead.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spectoral wonders if the intentions are pure on ‘LOVESICK’ (ft. Megadead and Tusanxmi)

After two years of building up his debut album that will feature 15 unique artists, Spectoral shows us what quality music sounds like in 2022 with ‘LOVESICK(ft. Megadead and Tusanxmi).

Spectoral is a Melbourne, Australia-based SlideUp Records-signed music producer and singer who has released 3 EPs and is now taking the next step in his career.

”The plants thrive off the music, and my creativity thrives off the plants, so we have somewhat of a symbiotic relationship.” ~ Spectoral

With soothing vocals, relatable lyrics, and a busting beat that you will inevitably find hard to forget, Spectoral might be one of the most lively artists to come out of Australia for ages. There is so much to like here as our minds are taken to the moment that will determine if we let our heart out of its safe box, or let it fly free like a curious bird looking for a permanent nest.

‘I also consider myself a collaborator at heart, which is why I’ve got so many underground names featuring alongside me on the album.” ~ Spectoral

LOVESICK(ft. Megadead and Tusanxmi) from Australian-Mauritian-Slovakian producer and singer Spectoral is a superb track that will pulse the very core of your veins. A story for all those who have slight trust issues after being let down before is on offer here and shall thud your whole soul awake. Sung with a heightened velocity and filled with excellent features throughout, this is a reminder that we need to be extra careful who we let into our lives.

Sometimes, people want us for their own selfish reasons after all.

Listen up to this hot new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nigerian-born rapper Rins4 senses that his heart is rather broken currently on ‘Soul Cry’

Examining the reason he was cut out rather easily when his heart was so full and happy, Rins4 reflects on the moment when he knew it was over for good on his latest single about getting over a ruptured relationship with ‘Soul Cry’.

Rins4 is a Melbourne, Australia-based, Nigerian-born rapper-songwriter who started freestyling in High School and has never looked back.

Rins4’s songwriting is materialised directly from his everyday experience.” ~ Rins4

Gliding through the track like a truly promising musician who hasn’t even scratched the surface of what is possible, Rins4 sends the world a lyrically astute single to ponder deeply and wonder reflectively inside.

Soul Cry‘ from Melbourne, Australia-based indie rapper Rins4 is a catchy new track from a man who has felt the wicked emotional wrath of being tossed away like yesterday’s newspaper. There is a fiery intensity in easy-to-hear abundance that will stir your romantic senses alive to when they were burned away so cruelly, by someone who felt compelled to discard you so quickly.

Getting over that lover who left you alone without cause is always one of the toughest emotions to get over.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jake George needs that extra time on the cinematic release about ‘Your Ghost’

Taken from his brand new 11-track album called ‘Drive All Night‘, Jake George is at his illumination-filled best on the deep thinking new single about that vivid journey beyond the present with ‘Your Ghost‘.

Jake George is a Melbourne, Australia-based alternative psychedelic funk/rock solo singer-songwriter, music producer, and sound engineer.

Returning with a song that should be in all of our playlists when we need some true introspection, Jake George takes us back to a time that we have all possibly hidden away inside a locked cupboard. Lifting us into a whole new world that seems to strike your soul with that feeling – which is so hard to explain – this is a delicately emotional release made with so much love.

Your Ghost‘ from Melbourne, Australia-based alternative psychedelic funk/rock artist and music producer Jake George is the type of single you play loud when you are floating in that deep reflective state of mind. He performs with a realness that is so rare these days and takes us into a better place and time. Vocally advanced and with so much deepness, this is a track that will have your heart beating so much faster than before as you delve through your darkest emotions.

Finding your way will take as long as it needs to until you are conclusively ready for the next step.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen