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Twin Flowers blossom in their protestive electro-rock debut single, Greed.

Twin Flowers

The freshly formed Melbourne-based rock act Twin Flowers graciously treated us to a sneak peek of their anti-capitalist debut release, Greed. No artist has sold socialism this well since the Manic Street Preachers went on a revolutionary mission in the 90s. Even then, aural anti-capitalism has never been *quite* this sultry before. The only people that could conceivably hate the bass-dripping synth lines and euphoric drops in Greed are the ones caught up in the phallic space race.

Twin Flowers was conceived after the songwriter, James Toohey, spent a gap year in Bristol. We can only live in hope they hop back across the pond to treat us to some live renditions of their blossoming sonic sound.

Greed is an exceptionally promising debut that proves that even in the darkest and most dystopic times, dancey indie rock escapism will be one of the tragically rare saviours for the socially minded. If you are always on the hunt for the next big thing, it doesn’t get much bigger than the production in Greed.

Greed will be available to stream and purchase from October 22nd, 2021. You can check it out for yourselves via Bandcamp.

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Waiting For You: Melbourne’s Anna Leeworthy wonders if this love is truly worth the noise on ‘Sirens’

As she cutely daydreams about those beautiful eyes that makes her heart flutter like an innocent bird, Anna Leeworthy wishes that her true love would actually make that extra bit of effort to hold out the rope so they could be tied together as one on ‘Sirens‘.

Anna Leeworthy is a hugely talented indie alt Pop/RnB singer-songwriter who is based in creative Melbourne, Australia. She has such a pure voice and sings with that real love and genuine affection, which is often missing in this forget-quick kind of world.

Anna’s emotions are accessible like an open wound to hopefully resonate with any young women out there looking for signs that they’re maybe, not alone.” ~ Anna Leeworthy

Sirens‘ from the inspiring Melbourne, Australia-based alt Pop/RnB solo artist Anna Leeworthy, shows us a determined woman who is on a quest to seek her true lover. She wants to know if it is all actually worth the effort, or if she should move onto another love path completely.

Made with a courageous energy and packed full of beautiful vocals that are easy to truly admire, this is a find-your-soul-compass type single which will have you gazing into the sky above, as you wonder deeply who your soulmate actually is.

Hear this wonderful new single from a truly exquisite artist on her Spotify and uplift into her world on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Down In The Dirt: RiAN just wants to play with all the ‘Bees and Bugs’

With effortless energy that is rather natural and care-free, RiAN sings with that smiling-for-days soaked beauty which the world needs more of with ‘Bees and Bugs‘.

RiAN is a Melbourne/Naarm, Australia based indie rock/pop artist, music producer and one half of indie rock duo Me And My Friend.

Taken off the new seven-track ‘Astronaut‘ EP, this is a grounded track that instills that true love soundscape we all need in our lives.

RiAN’s sound is heavily influenced by artists such as; The Beach Boys, Weezer, The Beatles, My Bloody Valentine and Guided By Voices.” ~ RiAN

This is the delightfully grin-filled message of going for that peaceful place that has your cheery exterior – with so much joyful energy flowing through the veins of dreams – that takes you to a jovial ego-free land, which streams heartily into your delighted body. The story of keeping things natural the whole way through is so true, as we try and get away from staring at computers 24/7.

Bees and Bugs‘ from the Australian-based indie rock/pop artist RiAN, is a nostalgic track that could of been made in the 70’s. It is rich in honey-filled calmness and terrific guitar riffs which puts you into a happier place than before. The message is peacefully innocent, bringing us to a happy place that we can be in touch with nature. Life should be simple after all.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see all the news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Time Is Now: Melbourne’s RnB underground gem Maya Rose stands up for the ladies on ‘Mind The Gap’

Unleashing the first track from her upcoming project which has been made despite the challenges around this horrible pandemic, Maya Rose is at her glorious best on the new single all about telling the boys that she has had enough on ‘Mind The Gap‘.

Maya Rose is a scintillating Melbourne, Australia-based indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter and keyboardist, who has decided to step up to the plate and hit a home run on all those small-minded men who don’t support women in the local music business.

‘‘The song is about the gender gap, and female empowerment. It’s also about my experience of being a woman in the music industry. Many times I’ve felt I wasn’t being listened to or taken seriously as a woman, and couldn’t speak my mind. I’ve been excluded and unsupported in the industry by ‘boys clubs’. It’s time that we not only talk about the disadvantages women face every day in our community; it is important to express the issues creatively. I want to hear more messages of female empowerment in the music we consume. I’m releasing ‘Mind the Gap’, because “we’re still not equal yet.”’ Maya Rose

After building on this track for a few years but never finding the right producer who shared her vision, Julian Steel came into the mix at the perfect time, and helped make this a special treat for all listeners.

Sung with a supremely soulful energy which shows her clear frustration, Maya is able to elegantly explain what is on her mind with such incredibly beautiful vocals and smartly-penned lyrics. You feel annoyed on her behalf that in 2021 this is still happening, as you hope that one day soon things will be truly fair for all. Just the way it should be.

Mind The Gap‘ from the inspiring Australian RnB solo artist Maya Rose, is one of those heartfelt anthems that is made with that rare love that is so truthful. She has experienced that the gap that is way too wide between men and women in this fickle industry, with so many double standards which need to be vanquished forever. The time is now.

Hear this dazzling song all about demanding change for the good of the world on Spotify and see more stories on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Know How It Ends: Melbourne RnB artist Jay Zayat hopes for a different outcome on ‘Inconsistent’

With a catchy intro to get us inside his mind quickly, Jay Zayat returns with a story about trying to find that different girl who will be better than the rest on ‘Inconsistent‘.

Jay Zayat is a youthful Melbourne, Australia-born and based indie RnB artist. He is a fairly new musician who has already been making waves with some impressive underground success so far in his fledgling career.

This is the steamy message of carrying on with other girls who you know you shouldn’t be with – as in the corner of you glowing eye – the realization suddenly hits you rather hard, and you take the foggy sunglasses off to see who you really want to be with forever. Time isn’t on your side however – as your possible soulmate wants to see if you are for real – or just faking your way into their heart.

Inconsistent‘ from the fresh Melbourne, Australia-based RnB solo artist Jay Zayat, is that please-don’t-be-distant soundtrack when you are asking for that special human to be patient with you. This is an honest track, with a talented singer showing us his scars and mindset, as he truly looks to be a better man. Finding that true love is his mission, even if he veers off course like a lost captain of the seas sometimes.

Sometimes you just get that shudder of reflective energy flowing in your veins, and realize that you need to step up quick to be with someone this special.

Hear this brand new release on the Spotify and see more adventures on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Made Me Feel Bad: Melbourne rapper Cassiel bypasses the bad times on the road to ‘Recovery’

Entertaining us on a deep track which is his fourth single after ‘Can’t Move On‘, ‘Shots‘ and ‘Stand Off‘ from 2021, the prolific Cassiel roams freely on his new single which is all about hoping they feel bad after tossing you out for a new man on ‘Recovery‘.

Cassiel is a youthfully mysterious Melbourne, Australia-based indie rapper. He has a flow that sparks up the room like glowing incense, as he takes us with on his exciting journey through this weird and wonderful world.

As he performs with so much freedom and gusto, you sense that you are listening to someone with a really special talent. Each word is so clearly heard – his story interweaves with what you know and believe – as this catchy beat takes you down that reflective memory hidden away behind a locked door for safe-keeping, when you think of the one who got away.

Recovery‘ from the emerging Australian hip-hop artist Cassiel, shows us a young man who has been let down badly by the love of his life. They have moved on so quickly like nothing happened before, as he is left to pick up the pieces of his badly broken heart. This is the road to replenishing that disappointed soul which wanted so much more – as you are left looking into the mirror of the past – even though you know you have to move in.

The path to feeling like yourself again after being left in the dirt like a discarded tissue, is a long road but you will find yourself again, only when the time is right.

Stream this new single via his Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Shooting Vids: Melbourne-based alt-rapper glu drops brightly sprayed mind-trip of intrigue with ‘VHS’ (feat. GIOVANNI FROM KEPLER-22 and 2B)

With a psychedelic-infused dystopian picture that captures the emptiness and madness inside the minds of those entrenched into the horrid world of lockdown, glu goes all out and brings with him some help to explain to us what really happened on ‘VHS(feat. GIOVANNI FROM KEPLER-22 and 2B).

glu is a translucently invigorating Melbourne, Australia-based alt-hip hop artist who is also a member of rap group Big Ass Fish. He is a sensationally creative-to-the-bones artist who flows with reckless abandon, his honest style stokes fires and lights up your imagination rather quickly.

I really love Gio’s part, it just adds a completely different flavour to the track that breaks it up really nicely for me. I was expecting him to do some track-up rapping but what he delivered was so much more than that. I was a massive fan of his before I reached out to him and he’s honestly the dopest guy to work with.” – glu

VHS(feat. GIOVANNI FROM KEPLER-22 and 2B) from the new school Oz rapper glu, slides into your life with a party vibe that certainly jumps the heart back into action. This is a video that shakes your core, as you realize that the underground has grown much deeper since this horrific pandemic started. The creativity has never wavered and in fact, has only gotten more and more wild from it all. This is a wake-up call to all, that music will never die a lonely death. This could be the future of Australian alt-rap right before us.

See this wildly creative YouTube video and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Deny: Marvelous Melbourne-based alt-pop artist Lunacy thrillingly encourages us to feel deeply and go for it bravely on ‘Don’t Fear The Fall’ (ft. Kyso)

With her trusty co-writing partner Oliver Kindred on-board and penning some incredibly relevant music together, Lunacy tells us vividly to let go of all self-doubt and just try things that might seem scary at first on ‘Don’t Fear The Fall(ft. Kyso).

Lunacy is a stimulating alt-pop artist with so much potential and strikingly beautiful purple hair, who is from sunny Melbourne in Australia. She makes that honest music that actually means something, her past experiences are courageously shared to assist others to heal from their own love, life and mental health worries, in this very confusing world.

Produced by Lonei Heckenberg, you feel such a vibration deep inside your pounding heart that is taken for a wild ride by Lunacy’s stunningly uplifting vocals that are mixed sweetly with Kyso’s classy flow. This is a such a dazzling song that has you thinking rather freely again- brushing off the dusty cobwebs from many months inside to hide – as now is the right moment to do what you need to be truly happy.

Don’t Fear The Fall(ft. Kyso) from the soul-stirring Melbourne, Australia-based indie alt-pop powerhouse Lunacy, is an action-packed adventure through driving beats, that swerves your mind into action and stomps down some moody synth-filled delicious soul food. This is the inspirational story that should put you into a better frame of mind, as going for your dreams is the only way to catch them, before they float away quickly like lost bubbles into the moody wind.

If its real never give in, as that is the time when you need to grit your teeth and make it happen no matter what. The love is there if you believe enough.

Stream this fab new song on Soundcloud and see her vibrant IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Feeling: Melbourne RnB singer Qeeran passionately sends us new single ‘Make Me Know’ (ft. YO$HI MIT$U)

Inspired by top artists such as Frank Ocean, Alina Baraz and Jhené Aiko, Qeeran drops the first single off his debut EP called ‘The Cycle of Love’ and this one is sensually steamed beyond imagination on ‘Make Me Know(ft. YO$HI MIT$U).

Qeeran is a Malaysian-born, Melbourne, Australia-based indie RnB/pop singer-songwriter and music producer. He has the ability to drive you seductively into his carefully penned music, with a smooth tone that lifts the hairs expertly from your shaking back.

With smooth and airy vocals, his artistry manifests itself within his lyrics who speak of relatable tales; sons and daughters to feelings of heartbreak, love and yearning.” – Qeeran

He sings strongly with such a mysterious tone and has your attention grabbed rather quickly. The intentions are laid bare and the loving message is clear – this is what they both want and nothing will be able to stop them – as the spark is clearly there.

Make Me Know(ft. YO$HI MIT$U) from the striking Melbourne, Australia-based Qeeran, is a heater-on new single that has these artists dreaming about being with that special soul. The passion lifts up and has you thinking that the night has only just begun, with a wink of the knowing eye. The solicitous beat transports you to a sensual place and this song is best played when the lights are low, as you ask them to tell you exactly what how they feel. When you know the answer, you will then be sure that this is truly meant to be.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more about his style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’ll Keep On Trying: Melbourne’s Izzy Day asks for calm away from the noise on the supremely beautiful ‘Silence’

As she sweetly adores the person who makes her soul so happy and free, Izzy Day wants the moment to last and for the fights and discontentment to be over for good, on the spectacular new single that urges ‘Silence‘.

Izzy Day is a delightful Melbourne, Australia-based, Gold Coast-born, indie alt-soul singer songwriter and music producer. She smartly connects retrospective stories of life into alluring soundscapes to warm up your cold feelings, that has your mind lathering up so much goodness to heal up.

Silencerelays vulnerable challenging moments along the journey of love. Its melodic vibe carries you through, unmasking a paradox of emotions, between feelings of disconnection and deep longing.”Izzy Day

You feel the stunning aura around her — as she gracefully takes us on a peaceful journey that has so much relevance in this quick-swipe world — that demands our attention needlessly at times. Her wonderful vocals are so crisp and angelic, as you end up closing your eyes and imagining that close touch with that special human who you feel the most for, as you stay tight in each others arms.

Silence‘ from Melbourne indie soul artist Izzy Day, sweeps you away into a world that is so dreamy and peaceful. She sings with that freedom which is so rare. She tells us the story about loving them so much — that words aren’t even needed — just being there together as one. That is true love after all.

Stream this fine single on Spotify and see her social journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen