Deep Down: Max Heet keeps fighting for the gold on Double Up

With his debut LP in September 2022, Max Heet shows us his grit that is now meshed with a self-awareness that should influence many who are rather naïve about this fickle game streaming with evil sharks with Double Up.

Max Heet is a UK-born, Alicante, Spain-based indie hip hop artist and singer who performs his music in both Spanish and English.

Making money from his lines is the mission, as he shows us strength from avoiding the easy way out that could end up in tears. Max Heet flows like water on Double Up as she displays his winning mentality on each corner of this excellent release.

Double Up from UK-born, Spain-based indie hip hop artist and singer Max Heet is a grind-packed single that reflects the struggle to where he is now. With a team strong now, his loyal Queen keeping him grounded, and a new studio to keep costs low, this is a track that slaps all the hate away. In an industry that can make a soul cold, this is a reminder that if you stay in the zone, you can indeed win.

Belief and that never-say-die attitude, really, is that special sauce.

Listen up on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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