Dyme Hit the Ground Running with their Pensive Alt Synth Pop Debut “Wht.Yth”

There are very few artists who can hit you with such an immediate pensive veracity from the first time of listening as the British Alt Pop collective Dyme. Their debut single “Wht.Yth” gave no indication that they were fresh from their inception, instead the four-piece bands synergistically tight sound screamed maturity. And with the tracks which followed Wht.Yth their commercial potential continues to develop through their enviable ability to create the perfect hooks.

Dyme went beyond creating the usual dark and moody Synth Pop tonality with Wht.Yth along with the rest of their tracks. Instead, they poured raw organic emotion into the synth-led mix to give their soundscape a compelling edge with piercingly mesmeric melodies.

You can check out Dyme’s single Wht.Yth for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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