Analog Saint – Mexico: Cataclysmically Sweet Pop Rock

Every now and again, you’ll stumble across artists who prove there are plenty of new directions which guitar music can be taken in. Analog Saint restored my faith in the Alt Rock genre with their latest single Mexico from their 2018 album New World.

The absolute powerhouse of Punk musicians created a level of hype that makes most contemporary Alt Rock artists sound positively apathetic. With the same rolling, pounding rhythms as found in tracks by the likes of Mud Honey and Soundgarden it’s hard not to get caught up in the smorgasbord of raucous momentum on offer. The anthemically Pop Punk vocals perfectly compliment the cataclysmically heavy riffs and breakdowns which sat in between a vocal style you’d expect from Pop Punk artists and Lo Fi artists. But no review of Analog Saint would be complete without giving mention to the bassline, I can’t say I’ve heard a sexier, more reverberant bassline created outside of a Faith No More or Mr Bungle track.

You can download and stream Analog Saint’s single Mexico by heading over to BandCamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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