Smashing Dreams – La Petite Mort: A Raucously Mesmeric Rock Offering From South East Brazil

Smashing Dreams have recently released their raucously salacious rock n roll album, whilst every anthem contained on the release was as slick and enthralling as the last, “La Petite Mort” didn’t fail to capture our attention thanks to the potent energy which came as a courtesy of the deep bends of the guitar lyrics, and thunderously throbbing bass lines. For anyone looking to greet their latest Rock guitar hero, I’d say the fret board mastery contained within LA Petite Mort is enough to leave most alternative-inclined audiophiles enamoured. The traditionally styled vocals were yet another reason why Smashing Dreams were able to create an instantly accessible sound. The fact that you could actually make out the lyrics was definitely a bonus.

You can check out Smashing Dreams music by heading over to their spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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