Nick McWilliams – Deprive: Viscerally Textured Indie Pop

Nick McWilliams is an emerging Pop artist who proved his ability to create an inspired, high-vibe Pop hit with his latest single Deprive.

Deprive may sound like a strange choice for a feel-good Pop hit, but the concept behind the single was complex, evocative and passionate which is not usually a feeling which registers when listening to music which loosely falls into the Pop arena. Yet Nick is an independent artist with the ability to create a textured soundscape which carries a flood of emotion thanks to his poignantly penned lyricism. Straight from the prelude it’s evident that Nick McWilliams is a Pop artist whose talent isn’t dependent on extensive polishing, his enigmatic passion flows through his vocals; which may not carry much range but with emotion so viscerally tangible that’s hardly an issue. I’d love to hear a track from Nick which really allows his own style to break through and show us what he can bring to the scene to set himself apart from the rest of the Pop scene producing digitally produced beats.

You can check out Nick McWilliams’ latest single Deprive which was brought out on July 3rd, 2018 on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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