BLVNK22 – REST IN PEACE: Melancholically Mused Ambient Trap

During the prelude to BLVNK22’s latest single “REST IN PEACE” you get a fair amount of warning that what you’re going to hear with the up and coming Hip Hop artists track will be a track steeped in melancholy. Yet, nothing can really prepare you for how sobering and soulful the single is. In the short space of two minutes you get a sense of the depth of BLVNKK’s introspection along with his ability to cook up simple yet rhythmically on point Trap beats. There’s a slight Lo Fi feel to the single which was produced by Zeeky Beats, but this just adds to the weight of REST IN PEACE which carries a transcendental vibe further adding to the ambience of the low-key beats.

You can check out BLVNK22’s latest single REST IN PEACE for yourselves by heading over to Soundcloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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