Whenever I Need: Swedish artist Miss Daisy guides us towards the love on 4-track EP Wheel of Fortune

Sensing that first kiss and taking us into a whole new world of intrigue and romance, Miss Daisy shows us where the sunrise is on the fantastic new release made with so much care via her first 4-track EP, Wheel of Fortune.

Miss Daisy is a Sweden-based indie rock/pop singer-songwriter who has been waiting for this specific moment to unleash a previously bundled-up parcel of excellence for us to unwrap.

This debut record has been 20 years in the making. A singer/songwriter who earlier only performed small acoustic gigs had a vision while writing her songs that she would find a producer to make the proper arrangements to her songs.” ~ Miss Daisy

Stunning our senses and bringing us into a rather ear-tingling whirlpool to swim lovingly into, Miss Daisy shall take many breaths away and summons only greatness on this hugely enjoyable melody.

Starting off with the stunning More, the excellent A Little Time, the tender I Am Running and ending off with the catchy Jag Ser, we find a quality effort with soul-stirring passion.

Wheel of Fortune from Sweden-based indie rock/pop singer-songwriter Miss Daisy is such a loving EP which will brush away the tears and take many into a much better world.

Projected with passion and featuring some classy musicians to add weight to the soundscape, we find a memorable and rather marvellous experience to treasure forever no matter the weather.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen