Vargen and Anna Vild – To Stockholm from L.A.: Piano Pop Rock

This is a collaboration of two Swedish artists: Vargen and Anna Vild. The song is called “To Stockholm from L.A.” and if you appreciate the craft of artists such as Bob Dylan or Billy Joel, there is a good chance that your eyes might weep with this one.

The track’s artwork pretty much sets the stage for what you’re about to listen to. This is a slow ballad, featuring soulful vocals by both artists. The piano is prominent throughout the whole song leading the way and there’s a subtle yet effective guitar lick on a few moments as well. Even though this song is an emotional one and manages to take you on a journey during the 3 minutes that it lasts, I think it’s lacking a crescendo; maybe a guitar solo would elevate it. On the other hand, maybe the songwriters were aiming for a steady melancholic pace and vibe for this song. It that’s the case, the mission was accomplished.

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Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


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