Axel Jansson – Everything I Crave: A Contemporary Kick for the Roots of Rock

London-based singer songwriter Axel Jansson has recently released his latest single “Everything I Crave” – prepare for it to floor you. Whilst the instrumentals may be soft and melodic, the weight behind the lyrics and vocals is something else entirely.

Vocalists with such veraciously expressive talent don’t tend to pop up all too often, yet with Axel Jansson it’s almost too easy to imagine a stadium crowd singing his lyrics back at him. His unique Alternative Rock progresses through rhythmic Americana Blues melodies which are enough to make you nostalgic about the first time you listened to Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams or Bruce Springsteen. Yet, let it never be said that Axel Jansson has revived an archaic sound. His latest single packs in plenty of contemporary appeal, inviting new generations to enjoy the unadulterated, unrestrained raw essence of Rock. And that’s without mentioning the jaw-droppingly resounding guitar riffs.

You can check out Everything I Crave for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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