Rose White – Instinct: Ambiently Experimental Soul Pop

With vocals which can instantly beguile, Rose White’s single “Instinct” is a playlist essential for anyone with a penchant for ambiently experimental Soul Pop.

We will always champion the artists who strive towards authenticity instead of accessibility. Rose White’s boldly distinctive songwriting and performance style definitely put her in the former camp. The London-based artist may use the likes of Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse as an influence, but the end product sounds like it slipped out of a Lynchian dream

You’ll be as entranced as the soundscape is thanks to the nuanced shimmering light electronica, soulful vocals and dreamy progressions laced with luscious reverb.

Dark yet transcendent Pop seems like a paradoxical description but you can affirm that with your own ears by heading over to Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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