Calan Mai – Friend of a Friend: Piercingly Evocative Indie

I can’t pretend that listening to Calan Mai’s latest single “Friend of a Friend” was the first time I’ve shed a tear listening to striking piano melodies and poignantly narrative lyrics. Nick Cave, and Amanda Palmer, they’ve both managed it. But none hit quite in the same way as Friend of a Friend.

While the friendzone is most definitely not a thing, the track still depicts that bitter-sweet crushing feeling of caring for someone that’s being inadequately treated by someone else. It’s devastating for both parties involved, and somehow through the lyrics you get hit with the emotion from both perspectives from just one narrative.

Calan Mai’s distinctive vocal style paired with how honest and raw the vocals were and his deft ability on a set of keys were always going to create a potently evocative cocktail when infused.

You can prepare to fall apart to Calan Mai’s stunning single Friend of a Friend for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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