Lacey Black – Junk Town: The Biggest Small Town Sound You’ve Ever Heard

Even before you listen to Lacey Black’s latest single Junk Town, the aptly chosen track name speaks volumes. It sets you up for the evocative smorgasbord of emotion that you’re about to become witness to. The jangle of the upbeat acoustic guitar rises above the dampened pounding of the drums, sporadically beating in the background to keep you grounded throughout the track until the instrumentals really kick in when the track gets to the chorus and your treated to the soar of the electric guitar. Lacey Black is anything but your average Folk Singer Songwriter. Her chillingly passionate vocal style is the perfect instrument to exude the pensive, desperate vocals, mid-way through the track you can expect to hear one of the most awe-inspiring guitar riffs ever contained within a Folk Rock track. With Junk Town, Lacey redefined the soundscape with an infusion of classically styled Rock with some roots deep Americana.

You can check out Lacey Black’s latest single Junk Town on SoundCloud now which was released as part of Lacey’s third studio album ‘All These Years’.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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