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That Spark: Jon Clark and One Long Skid sense that special feeling on ‘Chemical Blond’

Taken off their 3rd album ‘A Knot In Time‘, Jon Clark and One Long Skid are at their dreamy best with their latest single that will have you in a tender gaze as you wait for the light to come around with the ‘Chemical Blond‘.

Jon Clark is a Sterling, Massachusetts, USA-based indie-folk/rock artist and music producer who performs with his family band named One Long Skid.

We’re either in control of our skid, enjoying the ride, or spinning out of control into the dark abyss. Sometimes our final destination is in the hand of others.” ~ Jon Clark

Bringing us a nostalgic combination of serene music melodies that has you in a contemplative mood as you listen deeper to a true storyteller at work, Jon Clark and One Long Skid have a trance-like impact on our hearts with a track that is rich in quality and full of easygoing vocals that reminds you of better times.

Chemical Blond‘ from the Massachusetts-based indie folk/rock singer-songwriter and music producer Jon Clark and One Long Skid, is a fresh-from-a-distance track that has you smiling brightly as you remember that human who forced you to look twice and check your temperature. There is so much soul brewing from the sunlight here that warms up your fascinated body, as you remember that time you just knew someone who was something special.

Listen to this new single on YouTube and see more of their adventures on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spotlight Feature: Psych Soul Food is Back on the Menu with Denim Dan’s Return to the Airwaves

The NYC psychedelically blessed folk-pop-rock powerhouse, Denim Dan, serenaded us with their seminal spacey album, No Guarantee, ahead of the release of their upcoming album, 3AM.

Each of the singles on the 2020 album, No Guarantee, provides the opportunity to shift the ennui and existentialism out of your worldview. To complement the psychedelic tones, the enlightened lyricism that was penned to hit the evocative spot by uplifting just as much as the transcending instrumental timbres.

After forming in the 90s, Denim Dan’s fusion of 60s pop and 70s rock has remained just as sweet in the 21st century. Instead of modernising their sound that carries reminiscences to The Beatles, Steely Dan, Bowie and Tom Petty, they’ve stayed true to cathartically resonant form.

Along with the release of their upcoming album, the nostalgia-inducing outfit are also set to release their tribute to Bob Dylan to coincide with the opening of the Bob Dylan Museum in Tulsa, OK. They are well worth a spot on your radar.

Denim Dan’s 2020 album, No Guarantee, is available to stream in full via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Derek Cramer shows us the future though “Power of the Metaverse”

The Metaverse may give some people the fear and bring connotations of a cold new world that won’t allow us to touch grass; with his single, Power of the Metaverse, the Ohio-based alternative artist, Derek Cramer, has shown us its potential.

The 80s-inspired alt-rock hit has psychedelic undertones along with high-octane over-driven guitars while Cramer energetically attacks the lyrics that illustrate the freedom that metaverses can grant us. Cramer chose to focus on the positives of decentralization, digital connection and augmented reality, such as the potential for increased self-expression and community.

Those lyrics with such nostalgic rock tones almost feels like a paradox is aurally unravelling before you, and therein lies the sheer ingenuity of the release. We can’t wait to hear what follows.

Power of the Metaverse is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ludwik Konopko has released the ultimate bohemian alt-country playlist staple with his latest single, Chickee Chick

Ludwik Konopko’s latest single, Chickee Chick, is the ultimate playlist staple for any alt-country fans that aren’t looking to get the blues. The jazzy and progressive single has warm tones by the smorgasbord between the walking basslines, shimmering acoustic guitar chords and arresting infusion of slide guitars.

Even when the vocals kick in, they are sitting low enough in the mix to bring a touch of the human element but not detract away from the organic alchemy that is blossoming from Ludwik Konopko’s Avant-Garde flair.

The Lviv-born guitarist, composer, and arranger has been performing publicly since the age of 19. Just some of the notable ensembles that he’s been involved with include the Lviv National Philharmonic, Tea Fan Club, popular travelling bands and flamenco fusion groups. Notably, he poured every ounce of his creative life experience into the composition of Chikee Chick. It drips with bohemian cool and doesn’t fail to enamour along the way.

Chickee Chick is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Meet your new slide guitar hero in Forest Ray’s psych-folk single, Always

Forest Ray

The notion of forever may be farfetched, but Forest Ray’s title-single from their upcoming album, Always, melodiously exhibits the beauty in love persisting. The folky psych rock soundscape carries the finger-picking influence of the late and great John Prine as the psychedelic nuances freshen the familiarity under the honeyed timbre of Forest Ray’s vocals.

The soaring guitar slides bring an absorbing dynamic to the release, entrenching Always next to the roots of Americana while simultaneously bringing in the future of psych-rock. Forest Ray deserves to be equally as revered as Kurt Vile for their hazy and cathartic sense of soul that leaves you with no question over their sincerity. For your sanity’s sake, delve in.

The single, Always, will release on January 22nd with the official music video.

Check out Forest Ray on SoundCloud, Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

On The Run: Ian David Green is lost in her eyes with ‘Antony and Cleopatra Head For The Highlands’

Taken off his latest 10-track album called ‘Songs from the Wheel‘ which is due for release on the 26th of February, Ian David Green takes our hand and guides us effortlessly into an almost-cinematic journey to be so fond of with ‘Antony and Cleopatra Head For The Highlands‘.

Ian David Green is a Liverpool, UK-born, London-based indie-folk singer-songwriter who seems to possess a rare vocal ability that has your heart beating in enthralled anticipation.

Recorded at Metro 13 studios by Edinburgh musician/producer Marty Hailey and mastered by Grammy-award winning engineer William Bowden, you sense that you are listening to a world-class artist here. This gem has been perfectly crafted by a mighty force – that is guiding you from all previous pain – with a wonderful effort that has you in a nostalgic mood.

Ian’s influences range from folk greats like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Van Morrison to more contemporary folk/indie / Americana artists such as Damien Jurado, Phosphorescent and Iron & Wine.” ~ Ian David Green

Antony and Cleopatra Head For The Highlands‘ from the London-based indie-folk singer-songwriter Ian David Green, is a truly excellent single that is performed with a real grace by a fine modern storyteller of a higher echelon to most. Featuring such sweet sounds that have you gazing outside as you ponder your next move, with a single that would fit into any era as its quality is rather outstanding. This is one to remember forever and one of those timeless modern classics already.

Listen to this deep single on Spotify and see more via the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Henry Friedman De Miguel takes us around the world with the standout single, ‘Ghost Orchid Has Many Pollinators’ on his debut LP

The 22-year-old Atlanta-based singer-songwriter, Henry Friedman De Miguel, has made his official debut with the release of his LP, The Witch’s Guide to Ecology & Other Times the Earth Has Impressed Me. That may not be the most memorable name for a debut album, but the album itself is sonically unforgettable.

In the jazzy standout single, Ghost Orchid Has Many Pollinators, there’s a touch of the Doors in the psychedelically kaleidoscopic textures and hints of Jim Morrison in the vocals. Yet reminiscences are always fleeting in the cinematic feat of world music that ends with Spanish guitars and art folk harmonies after delivering beguiling Eastern rhythms against tribal drums. If you could imagine what the sex and the city soundtrack would sound like if it pulled in culture from all corners of the world and was complemented by nature-celebrating lyrics, you’ll get an idea of what you’re in for here.

Ghost Orchid Has Many Pollinators is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

New Plague Radio went baroque with their folky hip hop hit, Devil Come, Devil Go

Fusion and hybrid sounds are pretty much the standard for new artists in 2022, but in a sonic shift that no one anticipated, bluegrass folk meets hip hop in New Plague Radio’s latest single, Devil Come, Devil Go.

With AJJ-style folk paired with the hypnotic structure of the rapid-fire deadpan rapped vocals, the experimental US outfit well and truly went baroque. Especially with the harmonic crooned deliverances of lyrics such as “a little dizzy all the time” (it’s not just me!!!).

After hearing their hook-filled Beastie Boys-inspired 2020 track, Methamphetamine Dance, in 2020, we were stoked to discover an artist so bold in their experimentalism. Methamphetamine Dance was the ultimate high-octane 90s-rock-tinged urban earworm, but Devil Come, Devil Go definitively proves that New Plague Radio doesn’t have authenticity at their disposal; artful gravitas is also in their arsenal. We couldn’t be more excited by the potential of New Plague Radio.

The official video for Devil Come, Devil Go is now available to stream on YouTube. Or, you can add the track to your Spotify playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Red Bike By His Side: Simona-Valentina is quite wonderful on her latest nostalgic gem called ‘Love Is Written In The Tears’

From reminding us about that all-important true love that we should treasure forever on the stunning ‘Whispers‘ from August 2021, we are brought more beauty that is intertwined with much sadness by the wonderfully gifted Simona-Valentina via her new single ‘Love Is Written In The Tears‘.

Simona-Valentina is a multi-talented London, UK-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter, one half of SVRPoole, painter, and dancer who was born in the intriguing lands of Victoria, Transylvania.

‘I decided to write a song and express my darkest fears of losing the ones I love most. I was contemplating on my childhood, my upbringing, grandparents that I loved dearly and whom I lost one by one with the falling of the trees and passing of times.
A song was born that day, “Love is written in the tears” which in essence is a song about family, time and love and my deepest desire to turn tears into years so I can enjoy more time with the ones I love.” ~ Simona-Valentina

Singing with her trademark compassion and sincere emotion, Simona-Valentina opens up the door to her heart and shows us into her picture of feeling that she wants more time to be with those who she truly cares for. In a sad world that has closed its doors for too long, this is an expressive masterpiece by a delightful musician and sweet spirit who is at her absolute best.

Love Is Written In The Tears‘ from the London, UK-based indie folk/pop artist Simona-Valentina, shows us a deeply caring soul who misses that vital family bond so much. She performs with so much love pouring out of her heart that purrs so sweetly throughout your enticed veins. This is that mirror-on-the-wall story about wondering if you do have that extra time to be with those that you love before it’s too late – as you gently gather your tears – and hope that you have many more years left to spend those priceless moments together.

Listen to her latest captivating new single on Soundcloud and see her travels via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spotlight Feature: KAIS is stripped-back and spiritual in his latest acoustic indie-soul-folk single, Healing


KAIS bared his spiritual soul in his latest release Healing. The Canadian Cyprus-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer allowed his acoustic single to explore the deep significance of the messiness of our existence and our ability to clean up through bleeding, breathing and healing.

It is thanks to artists like KAIS, that the conversations around trauma have moved past idiomatic ignorance. Remember when we were all under the impression that PTSD existed solely in the minds of those that had experienced war? Thankfully, we now see it as a common experience; every ego-blow and mental scar imprinted leaves us with the option of carrying trauma or moving past it, and that is exactly what Healing forces you to reflect on. It’s enough to make you step in front of the mirror and check for scars that have been pushed into the subconscious.

With KAIS’ effortlessly artful vocals atop the acoustic guitar strings and nothing else to get in the way of the evocative impact of his lyrics that find a meta way to resonate as confessional, it is easily one of KAIS’ most powerful singles to date. As the perfect example, “fall from grace at god’s own pace I’m travelling through the fire, victim of desire” leaves so much more between the lines than your average lyrical confession for the way it alludes to the conflict between our situational emotion and desire.

For KAIS’ fans enamoured by his new venture into psychy indie-soul-folk, stay tuned for his upcoming EP that is due for release in February 2022. Healing was officially released on December 19th, 2021. It is now available to stream on Spotify.

Connect with KAIS to keep up to date on his new releases on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast