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Can’t You Hear That I’m Here: Jehdi Flywalker is the ultimate unsung hero on ‘Hook’

Taken with a purposeful sword-slice to wake us up from a television controlling slumber off his eight-track blue or red pill decider named ‘Glitch‘, Jehdi Flywalker strikes our chin clearly with a superior display on the gut-punching new single ‘Hook‘.

Jehdi Flywalker is a Zeta Reticuli-born, Newark, New Jersey-raised indie hip-hop artist who is now based in London, England. He is on a mission to bring the proper art form experience back to this well-respected genre again.

Upon graduating from Irvington High School in Irvington NJ, he decided to volunteer for the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and did an 8 month tour in Iraq as a combat medic for the United States Marine. After that deployment, something in him awakened. A power he never knew he possessed. This is when he began to sharpen his newfound craft in converting thoughts into melodic rhymes. Jehdi emerged.” ~ Jehdi Flywalker

This is the open-the-door story to a soul who has fully awakened and has the power of telekinesis, his striking words paints a picture that can be seen for miles. He is ready and it feels like is only just getting started, as his easy-to-hear potential is boundless, as he sees so clearly now like Neo did after meeting Morpheus.

Hook‘ from lyrical wordsmith and London, England-based emcee Jehdi Flywalker, is a reggae-beat wonder to fill those hungry lungs up with some real quality for once. He absolutely shreds the fragile mic and drops it on the floor, his class shining through as he has worked out what he needed in life. The love of a good woman, a young baby he can take care of, and to be understood. The bars on show here are eloquently clear enough to those who care to listen deeply, as this is one of the best underground hip-hop tracks of 2021.

There is no glitch here, only elite skills that shows you the cream, which will surely rise to the top.

Stream this excellent new single on Spotify and check out his IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Not Today: The Big Three miss those classic days with the blues/rock-soaked ‘The Old Ways Are The Best’

Taken off their ‘The Big Three EP‘ from December 2020 and after impressing with ‘Head Over Heels‘, The Big Three skillfully show us their mightily memorable sound with the latest single on a reminisce-train journey with ‘The Old Ways Are The Best‘.

The Big Three is an indie rock, rhythm and blues band based in London, England. They have been passed the baton by the former members, to keep this classic name alive forever.

The Big Three were a Merseybeat group from Liverpool. They are best known for their 1963 recording of ‘Some Other Guy‘ and their close connection to the Beatles.” ~ The Big Three

The vocals are full up with absolute precision and containing a compellingly entertaining style, as they have our mind alive with a beaming smile attached. With a band who back him up terrifically, this is a wonderful effort that certainly has the dance floor buzzing with excitement again, after a long time away.

In 2017 Bill Kenwright released and toured the sell-out musical Cilla The MusicalThe Big Three (played by Jay OsborneChris Weeks and Tom Dunlea) appeared in the show and doubled as the show band. Following the tour the three players were ‘handed down the baton’ to become the next generation of The Big Three by original members Brian Griffiths and the late Johnny Hutchinson.’’- Wikipedia

The Old Ways Are The Best‘ from London-based The Big Three, shows us a formidable band on a real mission to make sure that those classic standards are kept closely into our memories with a tremendous display. This is a vintage track which will have you feeling in an amazing mood – as you soak up the legendary vibes which have been reinvented by a terrific outfit – who respect the past, but add in their own modern twist to keep us totally enthralled.

Stream this top new single on Soundcloud and check out their socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take It So Cheap: Gary Mictian is so disappointed that they moved on so fast with ‘Easy To You’

With smooth synth melody, a heart grabbing groove, and packed full of pulsating pop, Gary Mictian is in highly reflective mood with the love-lost new single about how someone you loved could be so cold after a relationship ended with ‘Easy To You‘.

Gary Mictian is a vintage indie-pop singer-songwriter, Bachelor of Music graduate and music producer from New Zealand, who is now based in London, England. He makes that smoothly delivered – and eloquently sung music – than has you feeling supremely thoughtful about love.

At the end of a relationship I thought I would feel worse than I initially did, I was surprised that what tipped me over the edge was seeing how easy it was for them to move on. It made me wonder what I actually meant to that person, it seemed to be
different to what I thought”. ~ Gary Mictian

Easy To You‘ from the Kiwi-raised, London-based indie-pop solo artist, sci-fi fan and music producer Gary Mictian, is a true story that certainly breaks your heart. After loving someone who you still care about and think of constantly – things ended rather abruptly and before you knew it – they have already moved with a new lover, like nothing happened. You feel cheap and rather low, as you try and brush off the disgust quickly, before it drags you down the road of self-doubt.

Life is full of twists and turns, as you quickly realize that its so vital to be careful who you let into your heart.

Stream this sad new single about an ex on his Spotify and see more via the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Blame Me: Steaming London rapper Synsy heats up the airwaves with anime visuals for ‘MAYDAY!’ (prod. Jon Cass)

Representing trashgang and powering in with a highly unique sound that shows much intent, Synsy turns the lights to red with the emotion-filled new single which thunderously hits the speakers in the sweet spot called ‘MAYDAY!(prod. Jon Cass).

Synsy is a creative London, England-based indie rapper. With anime from Katsugeki Touken Tanbu, this is a heavy track that morphs together to show us his reckless thoughts, which are totally understandable in this odd world.

Defined by the underground, Synsy seamlessly combines elements from the darkest sub-genres of hip hop, punk and drum n bass creating an industrial wasteland of pure aggression.” ~ Synsy

With a full-paced vocal armory at his disposal which shreds through like a sharp sword on fragile butter, this is a mic-destroying track that shows us what its like to live in modern day London as we speak. The beat is more-than-thumping and there are no breaks to have a spot of tea in between – as we are tumbled into a tremendously vein-popping track – which has you looking around rather anxiously and also a tad suspiciously.

MAYDAY!(prod. Jon Cass) from the riveting London, England-based indie drum n bass/rap-fueled act Synsy, shows us an artistically talented artist who sends us a real message of velocity here. This is the story of having one of those days you would rather forget, as you are crashing hard and feeling like some undesirable people are out to get you. The bass is full of heat-stacked pace and the video is rather cleverly made, as we are thrown into a world which will shock your nerves back into action rather quickly.

See the music video on YouTube and find out more about his underground life via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Heart To Heart: London/New York-based gem Louise Aubrie finds it too hard to resist that special time together on the excellent ‘Ours’

After highly impressing us all with her ear-warming single from June 2021 named ‘Last‘, Louise Aubrie returns with a special track all about that natural love which just takes over your mind, body and soul, with her memorable guitar-riff powered new single called ‘Ours‘.

Louise Aubrie is a dual New York City and London, England-based indie rock/pop artist who is on the impressive Carrot Bone Records lineup. She is a well-respected and prolific musician who makes that type of music which has you singing loudly and pretending that you are with her playing guitar on stage. Such is her warmly-lit energy to entertain, you will feel utterly compelled to turn her music up to the max.

Recorded at Studio 55 and RFL Studios in London, it features Frank Horovitch on guitars, Boz Boorer on guitars, keys and percussion, Andy Woodard on drums and bass, and Roger Joseph Manning Jr on guest keys. It is produced by Andy Woodard, mixed by Ken Sluiter and mastered by Dave Collins in Los Angeles, CA.” ~ Louise Aubrie

You feel her genuine smile ease sweetly through the happy speakers as she sings lovingly about this wonderful human who has taken her to a world which is so exciting and safe, as she feels like doing things she wouldn’t normally do with anyone else.

Ours‘ from London/New York-based indie rock/pop solo artist Louise Aubrie, is one of the best tracks you will hear all year. Her lusciously elegant vocals strikes your glowing heart beautifully as you admire her smartly-penned lyrics, which are all blended together with a sensational soundscape. This stupendous release takes you places you have felt before, but somehow seems all new inside your glowing eyes.

This is that top notch superlative music vibration we all needed after such darkly-lit days of gloom, that has you beaming with that rarely-felt fulfilled joy.

Stream this excellent new single on Spotify and see more via her Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Here To Help: London’s Ze-LuJ reaches his hand out like a true leader as he is a real ‘Friend in Need’

With a calming energy that is so effortless and one of the most peaceful songs you will ever hear, Ze-LuJ shows us what is needed in this often-selfish world that needs way more kindness on ‘Friend in Need‘.

Ze-LuJ is an indie 80’s and 90’s rhythm and blues musician based in London, England, who performs as a hobby. He makes that smoothly filtered type of vibe that has you feeling really calm and relaxed after a tough day at work or school.

His vocals are so smoothly delivered and with a style that is so rare these days. The video is simple and made to show you that he isn’t about the flash or the cash, as he just wants to make music that will truly help others get through their day.

Friend in Need‘ from the London-based indie blues artist Ze-LuJ, shows us a fresh video that is all about doing what you can to be there for your old and new friends, who might need you to survive. With a mellow electronic beat that is combined with his original bluesy vibrations, this is a track to put on when you are feeling rather low and need someone to be there for you while you recover.

Staying positive and keeping an open mind, is the only way to stay happy in these challenging times.

Stream this new video on YouTube and see more his Twitter music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Give Up: South London Gospel artist Femi Ajayi prays for guidance to battle through his ‘Thoughts’

As he asks for help from up above as his mind swirls into temptations he wants to avoid, Femi Ajayi inspires us to reach up and raise the standard of our mindset to be better on ‘Thoughts‘.

Femi Ajayi is a full-time pharmacist and South London based Gospel singer-songwriter. He makes that faith-based music which has been organically created to help others who believe in the same journey, to have strength during these tough times.

With influences ranging from Kirk Franklin to Luther Vandross, his desire is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ; hope and love through music.” ~ Femi Ajayi

He sings with such a true tone that has you believing each word, as he holds out his hand and asks others to join him on the path of recovery. Each sentence is sung with an inner power that takes him up into the clouds, so he may heal and never have his mind taken to places he knows aren’t where he needs to be.

Thoughts‘ from the insightful South London Gospel artist Femi Ajayi, shows us the inner mindset of a man who believes that any issue can be solved if you ask God for help. With a smooth voice and an enlightened attitude, he sings with a tone that will surely inspire many to never give up, no matter what obstacles are in your path.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Get Butterflies: South East London singer Simone Gooden knows that the love will flourish if given time on ‘Be My Baby’

With her vivid imagination on happy overdrive as she thinks deeply about what they will be like together, Simone Gooden shows us her sweetly textured vocal skills on her latest heart-grabbing single sure to heat up your mood with ‘Be My Baby‘.

Simone Gooden aka SG I.CE, is a South East London, England-based indie dance artist who sings with her heart and brings us such a beautifully toned delivery, that sweeps quickly into your whole body. She makes the type of music vibration that has you feeling more hopeful about life, as she shows us the right way to look at relationships and love.

Simone sings with such a truly honest style that shows you that she is ready for a big commitment, as she knows what she wants and believes that they are destined to be together. You feel that she is excited about this potential and wants to be together so badly – but isn’t going to rush things – so that the love may grow like beautiful flowers in nature, so that they are tightly knit as one soul.

Be My Baby‘ from the vibrant South East London-based indie dance musician Simone Gooden, is such a caring track that shows you how simple life can and should be. This is about feeling a massive crush that seems to grow fantastically inside you, as you lead it into the conscious mind, where it can take that much-need time to manifest into your deepest soul.

Anything worth it, is definitely better if you have to wait for a while anyway.

Stream this loving new track on her YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Skin 17 – The Heart That Will Not Start

Skin 17

The 90s-inspired alt-rock outfit Skin 17 started in Scotland and regenerated in Japan before finding a new base in London, where Andrew Cockburn found the home place of his sophomore album, Lighting your way by the bridges that you burn. The timely record takes inspiration from the likes of the Cure, NIN and Smashing Pumpkins, but leaves plenty of room for originality.

With snarled lyrics navigating lament and the even angstier guitars and percussion that could easily allow a pit to open it, the lead single, The Heart That Will Not Start allows pain to cohabit with anger in the fiery tumultuous release that carries hints of 70 punk alongside swathes of grungy nuance.

Instrumentally, you’ll find reminiscence to Disturbed, Driving Pool and Godsmack, while vocally, you can expect plenty of Social Distortion-style scathing yet vulnerable emotion.

Check out the latest album from Skin 17 by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Emily Silver raises the temperature in her dance-pop track, ‘Feel the Flames’

Emily Silver

Independent London-based singer-songwriter Emily Silver’s latest future pop track, Feel the Flames, is enough to make Lady Gaga sound tame. The single that was co-written and produced by the Brit Award winner, Simon Ellis (Britney, Spice Girls, S Club 7), is the epitome of filthy pop.

The bass-drenched-drops motif the track with electrifying energy which Silver easily matches with her fiercely resounding vocal timbre. Emily Silver has already performed in the Royal Albert Hall and the 02 Arena, but with her vocals, there isn’t a stage she couldn’t command. There’s a magnetic amount of hunger in Feel the Flames that grips you with sharp melodic teeth and refuses to let go.

Feel the Flames is due for release on July 16th; you can check out Emily Silver on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast