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Along with Paris and New York, London consistently ranks as one of the best cities in the world for its rich and diverse culture. For decades, a massive part of that culture has revolved around music.

Barely a day goes by before a new metropolitan festival starts in the capital. With All Points East, Camden Rocks Festival, Meltdown and British Summer Time in Hyde Park and plenty more major festivals happening in London’s 32 boroughs, the city constantly attracts music fans from across the UK and beyond.

Pop, rock, classical, jazz, rap, folk and indie fans will never find a shortage of events at the music venues spread across the city. Unsurprisingly, the city has also generated a significant proportion of the UK’s most iconic acts from across all genres.

From Tottenham-born Adele to Amy Winehouse to the original UK rock icon Led Zeppelin to David Bowie, the iconic recording studios in London have never fallen short of talented artists already at their doorsteps. There is only a handful of recording studios in the world that have become a household name; London’s Abbey Road Studios is one of them. Within the walls of Abbey Road Studios, The White Album by The Beatles, Odessy and Oracle by the Zombies and Money by Pink Floyd are just some of the iconic albums that have the talent at Abbey Road Studios to thank.

The London Music Scene wouldn’t be the same without the grassroots venues. The Dublin Castle, the Lexington, Nambucca, The Fiddler’s Elbow, XOYO, The Macbeth and the Jazz Café have all played their part in getting artists discovered.

In the urban arena, the award-winning London-based rappers, Stormzy, Dave, AJ Tracey, Aitch, Skepta and Slowthai have completely redefined the UK hip hop scene in recent years. While exceptionally distinct acts, such as Wolf Alice, Django Django, Baby Queen, have made waves with their off-kilter infectious sound. Wolf Alice, who are thought of as London’s answer to Sonic Youth, won the Mercury Music prize in 2018. They also managed to reach number 2 in the album charts with two of their albums. Yet, most artists live in the ever-growing shadow of the two London heavyweights, Adele and Ed Sheeran. They may not be every musos cup of tea, but that didn’t get in the way of Ed Sheeran selling over 150 million albums worldwide and becoming recognised as one of the best-selling artists to have ever lived. Adele hasn’t done too badly for herself during her decade long career either. Her distinct vocal timbre has allowed her to pick up 15 Grammy awards and plenty of other awards along the way. Adele rocketed herself towards stardom with the release of her debut album, 19, while Ed Sheeran went on the arduous journey from busker to a best-selling artist and became the ultimate contemporary artist success story.

Breaking Me Down: London’s Essosa is shaken up as she regrets falling for the wrong lover on pop-dance gem ‘Lemonade’

Produced by the well-respected music producer Tibo and directed by Alice Rotherham, Essosa expertly recreates the classic 1980s New York dance club energy from The Danceteria and Studio 54 with her fabulous new release called ‘Lemonade‘.

Essosa is a highly ambitious 20-year old East London, UK-born, Toronto, Canada-raised indie-pop singer-songwriter and dancer.

The song has been her most successful venture to date, racking up an incredible 10,000 streams in just under a month via playlisting, her smart TikTok promotion tactics, and her small but dedicated fanbase.” ~ Essosa

Displaying inspiring maturity beyond her age while stimulating our senses with a vocal performance to treasure, Essosa is one of the breakout artists of 2022 with a quite excellent track you will be automatically putting on repeat.

Lemonade‘ from the sensational London, UK-based indie-pop and dancer Essosa, is a flashy video that shows us inside her mind as she wonders why they messed her around for too long. Sung with breathless elegance and classy grace you can’t help but be impressed by – this is a break-up anthem of magnetic proportions – for anyone who has felt the full force of an ex who didn’t treat your fragile heart like it deserved.

Moving on from the rough waters and staying close to those who actually care about you, is the smart way to build up your strength again to love wholeheartedly again.

See this vibrant new music video on YouTube and see more of this hugely talented artist on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Will Break You: London creative Kyran Julius visualizes the solutions on ‘The Who’ (Cover)

Taken off his brand new album named ‘Head In The Klouds‘, Kyran Julius shows respect to Kaytranada and adds in some Eric Thomas motivation for us to be inspired by on ‘The Who’ (Cover).

Kyran Julius is a London, UK-based actor, director, writer, and hip-hop musician. Known for creating and producing his own short films and various projects, you feel his vivid imagination shining through on this well-made and stamina-stacked single.

As he grits his teeth and reminds us that we can actually do anything we set our powerful minds to, Kyran Julius shows us that it’s all about that inner determination in this strange time for humanity. He raps with a real conviction and you feel that he is ready for anything, no matter what it will take to gain that power that he seeks for his life to be content and regret-free.

The Who(Cover) from the London, UK-based indie actor and hip-hop artist Kyran Julius, is a passionate video that ushers us all into that consciousness that we can climb that hill if we believe enough. The world may have been cold to you before but it’s time to take charge so that you may get rid of any demons that are holding you back from achieving greatness. Hard work is the answer after all, not sulky excuses.

See this motivational new music video on YouTube and see his moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

On The Run: Ian David Green is lost in her eyes with ‘Antony and Cleopatra Head For The Highlands’

Taken off his latest 10-track album called ‘Songs from the Wheel‘ which is due for release on the 26th of February, Ian David Green takes our hand and guides us effortlessly into an almost-cinematic journey to be so fond of with ‘Antony and Cleopatra Head For The Highlands‘.

Ian David Green is a Liverpool, UK-born, London-based indie-folk singer-songwriter who seems to possess a rare vocal ability that has your heart beating in enthralled anticipation.

Recorded at Metro 13 studios by Edinburgh musician/producer Marty Hailey and mastered by Grammy-award winning engineer William Bowden, you sense that you are listening to a world-class artist here. This gem has been perfectly crafted by a mighty force – that is guiding you from all previous pain – with a wonderful effort that has you in a nostalgic mood.

Ian’s influences range from folk greats like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Van Morrison to more contemporary folk/indie / Americana artists such as Damien Jurado, Phosphorescent and Iron & Wine.” ~ Ian David Green

Antony and Cleopatra Head For The Highlands‘ from the London-based indie-folk singer-songwriter Ian David Green, is a truly excellent single that is performed with a real grace by a fine modern storyteller of a higher echelon to most. Featuring such sweet sounds that have you gazing outside as you ponder your next move, with a single that would fit into any era as its quality is rather outstanding. This is one to remember forever and one of those timeless modern classics already.

Listen to this deep single on Spotify and see more via the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Daniela helps us take the weight of our post-truth reality with her latest smoky RnB Jazz single, Lies.

In a time when words are a means to an end, and the truth is an inconvenience, it feels even sweeter to have the up and coming London-based singer-songwriter Daniela on the airwaves with her latest single, Lies.

The Italian-born independent artist started her vocal training in Milan with the soprano icon, Annamaria Calciolari, before she gained a master’s degree at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

From the first mellifluous jazzy groove Lies affirms that every second dedicated to honing in on her craft was well invested. Lies is powerful enough to vindicate anyone dealing with the frustration following deception, soulful enough to console and debonair enough to let you taste the smoke in an old school jazz bar.

With her debut EP in the pipeline and due to drop in spring 2022, she is definitively one to watch.

Lies is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

You Made Me Do It: TR Moshia shows us into this sad story of lost love with ‘Do You’

Taken off the intimate 8-track release called ‘Love Affliction (VL.1)‘, TR Moshia wonders deeply as to the reason his former lover decided to be with someone else on ‘Do You‘.

TR Moshia is an underground South London, UK-based indie RnB/jazz/rap artist who is inspired by so many genres as he creates his own lane that has been forged from his own personal experiences.

Soothing the airwaves with his laid-back vocals on a narrative that will cause many to shiver uncomfortably, TR Moshia ponders the memory of that once-strong love that seemed to blow away when the storm grew too heavy.

This is a wonderful track that all fans of love stories will relate to deeply, as we are left wondering why this romance died when it was supposed to blossom.

Do You‘ from the South London, UK-based indie RnB/jazz/rap artist TR Moshia is a story all about reflecting back on that moment you realized that the woman you thought was going to be with you forever is now gone. This is the type of track that digs deeps at that time you imagined having a baby with her, only to see reminders of your time together each day.

Sung with control and an expert poise by an artist who started making music when he was just eight years old – this is a real look into the eyes of a former lover – who is still getting to grips with being badly let down by someone who he figured was different to the rest.

Check out his new lyric video on YouTube and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Voices In My Head: Yasmine Gill is quite exceptional as she looks for that light again on ‘Feel’

Carefully encapsulating our frigid consciousness with something warm and genuine, Yasmine Gill leads us into the first of her new singles taken from her upcoming 4-track EP with a story that will strike home to many with ‘Feel‘.

Yasmine Gill is a sensationally gifted Italian-Canadian soul/jazz solo artist and pianist based in thriving London who sings with a rare quality that you will find incomprehensible to ever forget.

”’Feel’ is about losing the senses, such as touch, sight, and sound, at a very low point in life. A place that can often seem insurmountable.” ~ Yasmine Gill

Vocally and lyrically, there is so much to love about Yasmine Gill as her sensually classy air of innocence takes your tired mind away from all worries. This is an anthem that so many of us can truly relate to, as she shows us how it’s so easy to lose yourself in this overly-stimulated universe.

Feel‘ from the superb London, UK-based Italian-Canadian soul/jazz singer-songwriter and pianist Yasmine Gill is one of the best tracks yet of 2022. This is an artist who was previously on the floor as the world weighed her down so much it felt like a mountain was pushing her towards defeat. After looking deeper within herself and gritting her teeth to stand up tall again, she sings her way out of the previous world and into a brighter day with endless possibilities.

When you feel like everything is lost, music heals you into that path you want to be on after all.

Listen in as she shakes your soul awake on Spotify and gain a sense of her mesmerizing energy via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Red Bike By His Side: Simona-Valentina is quite wonderful on her latest nostalgic gem called ‘Love Is Written In The Tears’

From reminding us about that all-important true love that we should treasure forever on the stunning ‘Whispers‘ from August 2021, we are brought more beauty that is intertwined with much sadness by the wonderfully gifted Simona-Valentina via her new single ‘Love Is Written In The Tears‘.

Simona-Valentina is a multi-talented London, UK-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter, one half of SVRPoole, painter, and dancer who was born in the intriguing lands of Victoria, Transylvania.

‘I decided to write a song and express my darkest fears of losing the ones I love most. I was contemplating on my childhood, my upbringing, grandparents that I loved dearly and whom I lost one by one with the falling of the trees and passing of times.
A song was born that day, “Love is written in the tears” which in essence is a song about family, time and love and my deepest desire to turn tears into years so I can enjoy more time with the ones I love.” ~ Simona-Valentina

Singing with her trademark compassion and sincere emotion, Simona-Valentina opens up the door to her heart and shows us into her picture of feeling that she wants more time to be with those who she truly cares for. In a sad world that has closed its doors for too long, this is an expressive masterpiece by a delightful musician and sweet spirit who is at her absolute best.

Love Is Written In The Tears‘ from the London, UK-based indie folk/pop artist Simona-Valentina, shows us a deeply caring soul who misses that vital family bond so much. She performs with so much love pouring out of her heart that purrs so sweetly throughout your enticed veins. This is that mirror-on-the-wall story about wondering if you do have that extra time to be with those that you love before it’s too late – as you gently gather your tears – and hope that you have many more years left to spend those priceless moments together.

Listen to her latest captivating new single on Soundcloud and see her travels via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Zara Shahzad takes us through a dream-pop descent with her latest single, Fall from Grace

London-based singer-songwriter, Zara Shahzad, has released her eagerly-anticipated ethereally sweet indie dream-pop single, Fall from Grace. With nuances of shoegaze and trip-hop combined, the 21-year-old artist broke new aural ground with the deeply visceral single that unfolds around entrancing beats and reverb-laden angular guitars. Light and dark textures weave inexplicably together, never letting the melancholy overpower the sense of strength that Zara exhibits in the vulnerable release.

Any fans of Desperate Journalist and Cultdreams will undoubtedly want to add Fall from Grace to their new wave shoegaze and dream-pop playlists.

Fall from Grace is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Look Inside: L E T I reminds us that our beautiful environment deserves much better on ‘Rise’

With a heavenly vocal stream of only pure waterfall-like loveliness, L E T I takes our hand on leads us into a finer world where the air is clear and we can all live in a place that isn’t polluted with unnecessary waste on ‘Rise‘.

L E T I is a London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter who sings with a completely genuine nature that is only replenished with love and a kind outlook that has you completely hypnotised.

Rise talks about the ripple effect that happens when we all start to individually shift our habits while also raising awareness of other social change challenges around climate justice such as the importance of protecting indigenous lands and supporting young generations to build a sustainable future.” ~ L E T I

With her beaming smile lighting up the sky as her stunning voice flows through into our awaiting souls, L E T I is the role model that young and old shall quickly embrace with love. Her only goal appears to be so clear to see – as she sings about a vital issue that has plagued us for so long – as you intrinsically sense such pristine brilliance from a truly wonderful talent.

Rise‘ from the London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter L E T I, is a lovable new single that calls for us all to help our planet to be a better place for future generations to enjoy as we have. With so much greed and poor decisions taking place when it comes to our environment, this is a really tranquil song that will have you closing your eyes and looking into a cleaner world. It’s up to us all to speak up now, so that we may protect a creaking planet that is calling out for help as we speak.

Listen to this new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Look At Me: M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s can’t help but be impressed on ‘See Tha Way’ (feat. Senyon)

Taken off his newly released 7-track album called ‘V.i.b.e.s, Vol.1‘, M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s endeavours to fight the feeling of looking closely at her hips but can’t seem to move his eyes away from true beauty on ‘See Tha Way(feat. Senyon).

M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s is a London, UK-based indie rapper who loves to express his true stories about the adventures of life and all those vitally substantial lessons learnt.

Featuring the rising vocals of the spectacular East London RnB songstress Senyon, you feel the kinetic energy between these two artists who mesh so well together at every turn like an enthralling chemistry class. With the smooth style of M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s attached to the centre of this delightful track, there is much to like about this loving romance about two souls who feel like the vibrancy is just right.

See Tha Way(feat. Senyon) from London, UK-based indie rapper M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s, is a sizzling track that might cause a few blushes to appear out of nowhere. There is so much sensual tension as the eyes lock in close and the hands start wondering, with that smile you can’t help but beam brightly into the night. This is a track to play late at night with your lover, as you gaze close and let the evenings adventures unfold naturally.

Delve your spirit into this soothing new release on Spotify and follow his vibe on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen