Waited for the summer: Lee Smythe reminisces on the days he felt alive on ‘When I Was Young’

The prequel to his latest 6-track gem ‘King Of Cups EP, Lee Smythe carefully dusts off the family picture book to show us what it was like ‘When I Was Young‘.

Lee Smythe is a genuine Los Angeles, California-born, Boston in Massachusetts-based indie-folk songwriter, who sings with that authentic old school feel that gives off that classic style, so rare and highly welcome in this plastic-filled world.

With his classy hat, clean suit and smoothly clipped beard looking fresh for action, he slides in the side door with a grin and a toasty performance, that has your whole body warm in delightful comfort.

This is the story of remembering when you were innocent back in the day and had that extra zest for life as a young kid should, going to the beach and recalling those crazy stories with friends, when you did dumb things but it made you wiser. The days are going faster now and you feel like you should probably get back to that part in your life and go on adventures that might scare you, but will get the blood flowing and inspire you again.

His voice is a good time on the curious ears, as he takes you back to those fun days through a vocal delivery that is strong and so pleasurable for all your senses, his terrific guitar style only makes this a memorable experience.

When I Was Young‘ from Boston’s Lee Smythe, is that classic track that will remain timeless, the efficient manner he portrays has you smiling and remembering the good old days with friends you haven’t seen for too long.

Stream this quality single on Spotify and follow his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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