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Dylan Walker drops his debut single, the chilled love-song ‘All I Need Is You’

It’s not often that bible quotes spring readily to mind when reviewing new music, but “when I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things” could easily be the tag-line for ‘All I Need Is You’, Dylan Walker’s debut self-penned single.

An ex-childhood tennis prodigy and professional player turned musician and songwriter, 20-something Dylan Walker’s opener is a beautiful, gentle mellow little acoustic-guitar-and-vocal-led ballad to love, loss, and the understanding that the important things in life aren’t – as he puts it – ‘…fancy things/ like fast cars and grand clothes and diamond rings’, but the love and support of those close to us. Dylan Walker’s voice is soft, lilting, almost falsetto at times, carrying the message of the lyrics beautifully over the chilled melodic backing. It’s a strong, confident debut, and bodes well for Dylan Walker in the future, with two more singles – ‘Life Began With You’ and ‘We Are Meant To Be’ slated for release later this year on Happy Sloth Records.

‘All I Need Is You’ is out now across all major streaming platforms; you can check it out on Spotify now.

Review by Alex Holmes


Kevin Neary invites the lost to find themselves in ‘Hopelessly True’

It feels like there’s been a seismic infusion of soul-baring sincerity on the airwaves since the pandemic began, yet, not many candid tracks can hold a candle to Kevin Neary’s, ‘Hopelessly True’.

If a global pandemic isn’t enough to make you feel lost and uncertain, I don’t know what is, so for those feeling disjointed and deflated; you’ll find plenty of comfort in Hopelessly True. The indie folk-pop offers an impossible-to-resist feeling of solidarity which is enough to remind the listener that feeling lost is part of the journey – metaphorically and literally.

The 25-year-old Irish singer-songwriter has picked up plenty of accolades and acclaim for his unique yet distinctly familiar style. With the same tender magnetism as Tom Odell, Hozier and Paulo Nutini, his sound that stemmed from busking roots soon feels like home.

You can check out the animated music video via YouTube, or you can add the track to your Spotify playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Salmon Run have released their chorally accordant country folk single, ‘She’s Alright’

With their latest single, ‘She’s Alright’, Appleton, WI-residing duo Salmon Run played with roots of country-folk while giving the production a chorally enticing contemporary feel.

The lyrics are sentimental and heartfelt enough for you to become personally enamoured with the object of affection which the accordant single gently introduces, reminding you well and truly that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that, for the most part, thankfully, it lies in idiosyncrasies.

It’s a stunning single to hand over your emotions and rhythmic pulses to. Any fans of contemporary folk acts such as Bonny Light Horseman will appreciate this quiescent journey of romantic adoration.

The official video to She’s Alright is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


La Palma drop a ‘delightful mix of dreamy old-school’ with Nostomania

While many of us over the last twelve months have either been burrowed down and tucked quietly away or fighting the desperate urge to flee our houses and go somewhere – anywhere – else for a while, nostomania’ is an intense homesickness, an irresistible, almost pathological compulsion to return home. There’s a beautiful, folky melancholy yearning to the references to California, underpinned by some rolling, resonator guitar-style picking and soft, delicate vocals. The track has an old-school, 1970’s California hippie vibe, something that would be utterly at home in the ‘commune’ section of the Easy Rider soundtrack or sitting on a playlist between Big Brother and the Holding Company and the Fraternity of Man. It’s evocative of a time and a feel, but also of dust and sunshine and a nostalgia and pining which seems perfectly suited to the current Covid-19 rootlessness and ennui.

La Palma released their self-titled debut album in 2019; ‘Nostomania’ is taken from their forthcoming follow-up, ‘Moonflower’, a delightful mix of dreamy old-school indie-folk, psych-pop, and dashes of 1960’s stoner and surf-rock. It’s submersive, expressive, and uplifting; a perfect sunlit antidote to lockdown, locked-up blues.

‘Moonflower’ is released on the 1st April. You can check out La Palma on Facebook and via their website.

Review by Alex Holmes


ghost singers have released their plaintively hypnotic folk single ‘Remember When’

‘Remember When’ is the latest plaintively hypnotic folk single from ghost singers, a collective of artists that have never met. There may be plenty to mourn when contemplating our increasingly digital cultural landscape, but this harrowingly soft and sparse single definitely isn’t one of them.

Over quiescently picked guitar notes, the female vocals seem to find every inch of space to occupy them with celestial timbre. If you thought that Daughter’s or Sharon Van Etten’s vocals are arresting, wait until you hit play on this timeless single.

Remember When is now available via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Chris Short leaves us ‘Consumed’ with their latest indie-folk-pop single

‘Matured’ isn’t an adjective easily affixed to up and coming pop artists, but singer-songwriter Chris Short isn’t your average indie-folk peddler. His latest single, ‘Consumed’, left us exactly that.

With a style that carries reminiscence to The Paper Kites and The Lumineers but leaves enough room for their resounding signature sound that incorporates chamber pop and tribal rhythm, you’ll be hooked from the intro. It may be transfixing from the first hit, but the true beauty of this single is its ability to offer new poignant consolation for the grief that we all have to suffer as part of our human experiences with each hit. If you’ve been struggling to see the light recently, you’ll find plenty within the cathartically bright tones of this almost celestial track.

Consumed is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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I Miss You Now: Perth’s Boy On A Hill impress on organic heartfelt love story with ‘Pretty Thing’

Bringing us a wholesome song all about those sweet intentions, Boy On A Hill only give us romantic energy with lots of spine-tingling harmonica to heal our broken dreams on ‘Pretty Thing‘.

Perth, Western Australia-based indie-folk/pop duo Boy On A Hill, fuse that magnetically alluring music that grabs you by the heart and quickens your breath to a state of intoxicating levels of enjoyment.

This is their story about missing that special soul who you truly care about and want to be with so badly. You feel your stomach knot up, as you think about all the memories that you cherish forever, and only hope that more can be made.

You hear the uncontaminated waterfall of captivating sounds in the mind, as you imagine holding their hand in yours. Your skipping hearts beating so fast as you run in the fields full of flowers, as the world slows down and everything you have dreamed of, falls into place right then and there.

Pretty Thing‘ from Perth’s indie-folk gem in the barn legends Boy On A Hill, affectionately sooth our worries away gushingly, on a superb track with so much care and tenderness, you might need a long hug after listening here. Their pure authenticity is a joy to behold and the mellow energy washes all those silly concerns away for good.

Hear this terrifically crafted single on Spotify and see their adventures down under on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Running In Circles: Brooklyn’s Horse Radish meander wonderfully on sad memory via the ‘Labyrinth’

Released off their delightfully innocent seven-track debut album from this year called ‘Snake Charmer‘, Horse Radish takes us on an intricately scintillating ride through the maze of life with ‘Labyrinth‘.

Horse Radish is a Brooklyn, New York-based folk band made from true friends, who make that deeply intimate music about heartbreak and overcoming your fragile emotions to wisely fuse it stronger together, so you may love wholeheartedly again and feel that nurturing warmth all over your body.

”Horse Radish’s 2021 debut, Snake Charmer, is an ode to the space suspended between longing and heartbreak.”- Horse Radish

This is the thoughtfully special song about those loving memories about that special soul you once met, your mind wishes that you were together but for some reason, it didn’t happen. The sweet love was there and then just like a bird flying in the sunlit sky, it was swept away and only a distant memory remains.

Labyrinth‘ from Brooklyn’s self-aware folk act Horse Radish, feeds those missing nutrients into your hungry body, so you may feel soulfully enhanced again, to brush off the negative energies of the past year and roam free into the wild again.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see their journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


True friendship: Soulful sibling band Fox and Arrows take us for a glorious galaxy-exploring ride on ‘Astronauts’

With their heads in the calming clouds with fond memories of growing up, Fox and Arrows gladly point us upwards to reflect on what real friendship is actually about on their new single called ‘Astronauts‘.

Fox and Arrows is a three-piece indie-folk/pop band from Woodstock, Georgia featuring Anna, Taylor, and Ben. They make that meaningful music from the heart, that has been inspired by their Dad encouraging them to play since they were around six years old.

They perform with so much love and grace, each word is made with a purpose as their faith is strong and want to inspire others by sticking to their chosen craft. The vocals are warm and self-reflective, the mellow guitar only adds to the peace and tranquility, as you look up above to be thankful for what you have.

This is the story of always being real with each other no matter what detours you may face as a family, the bond can never be broken as they stay humble and mesh their skills together to make that memorable music, that will be timeless for generations to come.

Astronauts‘ from the three Tankersley’s of indie-folk gospel act Fox and Arrows, is a three year journey of evolution from a family band who have that rare tight bond, they truly love playing together and make a wonderful song here. Their bond is remarkable and they take us on a nostalgic trip here, that is one of the most lovable songs you will hear all year.

Things might change with work or study opportunities, the beards my be longer and the hairstyles might change, but that family connection seems to be closer than ever on this underground gem.

Stream this wonderful song on Spotify and see more family adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Same old bitter winds: Burying Giants shields himself from the thunderous thunderstorms on ‘Change Your Mind’

Burying Giants by Burying Giants

Taken off his debut excellent eight-track release, Burying Giants returns with the self-reflective gem asking to be left alone for a while, as he recovers from more undesirable heartbreak on ‘Change Your Mind‘.

Burying Giants is the stunning solo indie-folk project from the multi-talented Rotherham, South Yorkshire-born, London-based Will Pope. He soothingly meshes that thoughtful type of music together into your beating heart, that is influenced from many years of travelling around the world for work, whilst looking for that elusive deep meaningful love connection.

He purifies himself from the burning catharsis buried deep inside his bones through his touching music, the swirling windstorm is mightily abrupt and blustery within his veins, as he seeks out that true healing that is so desperately needed.

Dealing with a shocking breakup can take a while to replenish yourself from and you feel his pulsating pain, as he sings with that deep underground type of tone, as he does his best to think positive and look to the future.

With a magnificent voice, he brilliantly reaches hard-to-fathom notes that puts you into a deeply emotional trance, as you strap on your goggles and go underwater again to remember about those sad memories you would rather forget but need to deal with, so you can fully heal up and be stronger again. Love is waiting around the corner if you choose to walk there.

Change Your Mind‘ from the wonderful Burying Giants, is that journey to finding peace in yourself, as overthinking what could of transpired only leads to more gloom inside your soul, which needs to smile and feel alive again.

Stream this incredible single on Bandcamp and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen