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A breath of fresh air: Ellsworth drops her incredible debut single ‘Growing Pains’

Ellsworth returns with her stunningly elegant vocals and vivid storytelling on her first single called ‘Growing Pains‘.

Denver, Colorado indie-folk/Americana singer-songwriter Megan Ellsworth aka Ellsworth picked up the guitar when she was just eight years old thanks to her Dad, and hasn’t looked back since. The marvelous music melodies she makes are lodged deep in her brain and her wonderful creativity is a blessing to our lonely hearts, as she sings with such grace and class.

She is a supremely lyrical storyteller with a real tale about how growing up is challenging but that it all worked out in the end. Growing up is full of twists and turns throughout and with the support of those close, we can do anything we set our minds to.

“To actively grapple with the deeper aspects of humanity, with the complicated experience of being human that we all know and can relate to”.- Ellsworth

With a stunningly pure voice, boundless enthusiasm and a way with words that hugs deep into our hearts, she is a singer-songwriter that is finding her feet and it feels like she will only get better and better through time. Having talent is one thing but being sincere, putting in the hard work and going for your dreams through undoubted trial and error, is how you become truly great at what what you set your mind to.

Growing Pains‘ from the exciting talent Ellsworth from Denver is a spiritually awakening experience and you will get lost in her fine voice, as she weaves a pleasurable web around your mind, body and soul.

Hear these crisply gorgeous vocals on Spotify and follow her adventures on IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


ATMIG – Ah Hah: The Baroque Alt Folk Equivalent to John Carpenter’s ‘They Live’

Escape the 21st-century and slip into the sepia-tinged tones in Detroit-based alt-indie rock luminaries’, ATMIG’s, latest release ‘Ah Hah’ which chorally attacks the nature of consumerism and unfolds as the indie alt-folk equivalent of John Carpenter’s ‘They Live’.

Any fans of Amanda Palmer, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Smiths, The Cure and Echo and the Bunnymen will undoubtedly want to delve to cigarette smoke-stained indulgent single which spills alchemy through the infusion of shoegaze, rockabilly, indie rock and traditional folk.

If Ah Hah was any more absolving, I’m pretty sure I’d be antimatter right now.

Ah Hah was released on December 31st, you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Michael Golden sends a haunting Alt Folk Christmas card with ‘Some Kind of Holiday’

Michael Golden’s latest single ‘Some Kind of Holiday’ perfectly captures that contemplative morosity-tinged mood that everyone has the proclivity to fall into the festive season. Through the sparse lyrics and haunting choral tones, there’s an invaluable affirmation that the state of seasonally-inspired forlorn introspection is universal, regardless of what facades are worn.

The tenderly compelling single may be the ultimate antithesis of a Christmas single, but it is all the better for it. It is performed without pretence, odious capitalistic desire or cliché wistfulness. Instead, it brings emotions to the surface which you wouldn’t have independently experienced, it allows you to get lost within the romantic imagery in the lyricism, it allows you to shed tears for all the right reasons.

The official music video for Some Kind of Holiday premiered on December 23rd. You can check it for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Time heals most wounds: Frewen sends us a folk message of truth on ‘Because I know You’

Because I know You by Frewen

Frewen sings about real memories and challenges on his brand new single that features stunning vocals from his partner on ‘Because I know You‘.

From the wonderful west coast of beautiful West Wales in a cozy log cabin, we are treated to an indie-folk artist with a special message of self-awareness in this often-blameless world that seems so harsh, but shouldn’t be.

His voice is so real and you can feel the regret layered into each note. He is looking for redemption and her voice meshed into his, seems to fill him with confidence, calm him and the guidance from her angelic nature soothes over everything, to make it all so much better.

This is a cinematic song that starts off mysteriously alluring and doesn’t falter at all. You get lost inside this song and the haunting melody drifts into your heart and soaks away all self-doubt that has been built up over the years. Pure music like this, made with love and created to inspire, is so rare in this wild wild west world of current times.

This marvelous music creation puts you in a mood of self-reflection and no other distractions can take you away from this incredible track, that clearly means a lot deep inside each bone of his body. A modern day unknown legend, who is working on being a better man.

Hiding away from shame can only take you so far, eventually you need to face up and deal with it for that is how you find that desired freedom inside your soul.

Because I know You‘ from Frewen is a journey to fight away the pain and find yourself in that mirror to be the best possible version of yourself. In life, we can only try our best to not make the same mistakes. No one is perfect and as long as we strive to improve, that is all anyone can ever expect of us. Love must conquer over all.

Support his music journey on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Chasing that soulful realness: Carlos Rising is a guiding light for us all on new single ‘Peacemaker’

Carlos Rising rises above the current doom and gloom of the world with a new single that shines a light on what is good on ‘Peacemaker‘.

Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Carlos Rising is such a blessing to listen to and he brings his faith with him to build a pure bridge for us to walk on, and feel safer. These times need leaders to stand up and this is a man who is donating 100% of the earnings made from this song, to help two of his best friends on their missionary work in San Jose, Costa Rica.

His voice is so real and determined. This is a man who is a skilled guitarist and you can hear all his experience intertwined in his deep lungs and flexible fingers, the melodies are a true singer-songwriter’s artwork that pursues only peace and love. His lyrics are only promoting the pure energy that is so lacking; in this over-fast and compare-based world that needs a reset.

With a John Mayer type voice, this is an original artist who shows how compassion and love can win over all the hate and darkness. This triumphs over all and role models like this need to be appreciated as this will end up being a timeless song, rather than a cheesy fad that goes off in the sun.

Peacemaker‘ from Carlos Rising is a track that has your back when you need it most and this is one of the most genuine releases of 2020 that deserves so much love. Peace and love is what this world needs more of.

Find a quiet place to fully experience a master at work on Spotify. See his social adventures on IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


A remarkable tribute to her Grandmother: Transylvania-born Simona-Valentina makes her proud with ‘Snowflakes Fall’

Painter, dancer, singer-songwriter and all-round role model, London-based Simona-Valentina sends an incredible tribute to her beloved Grandmother up above, as she unfortunately passed away recently. ‘Snowflakes Fall‘ is the stirring release that will  have a small tear stream down your cheek, as you admire her song for being so honest and kind.

Her stunning voice gives you shivers that goes all the way down your back and makes you sad and thoughtful, all at the same time. The genuine feeling she has for her family, the fond memories of being home in the mountains of Romania and seeing her Grandmother for the last time.

The memory is so vivid as you remember the snowflakes, the tasty treats, the hugs and all the wonderful memories. This is her way of saying thank you and also to heal inside her heart.

The experienced gained in the choir echos so poignantly here, her soulful energy and authenticity shines above like a rainbow after a long storm, where loss has been involved. The sadness is there but there is light too, the healing energy soothes your heart and makes you think of the good times.

Snowflakes Fall‘ from the London-based, Romanian-born singer-songwriter Simona-Valentina is a lovely song that is sung with such gratitude and a feeling of true love that is so rare these days. The story of remembering family that might not be visible but their love memory will always be with you, forever.

Stream this fabulous news single on her Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Alcohol and Cigarettes – Chris Miller wants us to talk

Chris Miller

When your first solo single (2019’s ‘Not Crazy’) goes on to make you only the third artist to win a Radium Award and is the most popular track of the year on Atomic Magazine’s stream space, you must be doing something pretty right. Now, following two further singles, Chris Miller returns with what may be his most beautiful, emotional track yet.

Raw, honest, and open, like the conversations it refers to, ‘Alcohol and Cigarettes’ is all about those difficult but necessary conversations with friends or family, when you’re struggling; about opening up to those that care for us, letting go and accepting vulnerability in return for succour and support. It’s exquisite, a mixture of Chris Stapleton’s ‘Whiskey and You’ and Justin Townes Earle, Miller’s heartfelt confessional vocal initially sitting atop sparse, perfect piano before the track builds slowly to its acoustic-guitar-drums-and-piano denouement. It’s stunning, a genuinely outstanding and powerful single which truly should earn Miller even greater plaudits in 2021.

Check out ‘Alcohol and Cigarettes’ on YouTube, or head over to Chris Miller’s website and Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes


Slow Capital take us ‘Underground’ with this beautifully alluring acoustic story.

Slow Capital is Andrew Dailey, a filmmaker from Kansas City, MO, who is currently based out of Brooklyn, NY; a precursor to a six-track EP planned for early 2021, Slow Capital’s second single ‘Underground’ is a beautifully mature fingerpicked acoustic guitar track, mellow and delicate, alluring in its simplicity, and carried along by Dailey’s poetic, storytelling lyrical content and up-front vocal delivery.

At just over three minutes long, ‘Underground’ is a perfect piece of alt-folk, confessional, poetic, a narrative tale to music with a harmonious, melodic guitar line and a gentle, tender vocal. You can hear ‘Underground’ on Spotify, and follow Slow Capital on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


Alt Indie Rock artist Tom Morris invites you to share ‘The Dark Hours’ with him through his debut release

Like many artists, Scottish singer-songwriter Tom Morris released his debut single, The Dark Hours’, this summer, but unlike most new releases, the soundscape exhibited the artist’s prowess when it comes to instilling overwhelming emotion as the track becomes so much more than the sum of all parts.

The moody hints of 80s Electro hum around the intricate bluesy indie rock guitars while Tom Morris crafts one of the most infectious vocal melodies I’ve heard this year.

No artist carries the influence of Kurt Vile without picking up the hypnotically mellifluous textures of his meanderingly enticing guitar, which is exactly what is on offer in The Dark Hours which captures the agony of those twilight hours when your body loses most of its capacity for function while your mind runs rampant through every avenue for melancholy.

When I first hit play, I was intrigued by the stylistic collision of genres, by the time The Dark Hours faded out, I was overcome by the artist’s invaluable ability to alchemically offer compassion and comfort through relaying his own bitter-sweet introspection.

You can find out more about Tom Morris by heading over to his official website.

Head over to Bandcamp to stream and download The Dark Hours.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Grateful for nature: Smaiblue brings simple beauty to music that is often forgotten on ‘Caught In September’

Taken off the flourishing 12 track album ‘That’s Enough Love Songs – See You Soon‘, this is a beautifully created and nature-inspired song to help those weary minds to walk away from the TV screens for a few moments. ‘Caught In September‘ from the sensationally honey-coated voice of Smaiblue might be your new meditation go-to track.

Her voice is so peacefully innocent and the story of being around the gorgeous purple flowers is lucidly imagined as we can shut off our work brains for a short while. This is about forgetting our worries and wondering about how they grow and when. The sweet nature of the song is such a welcome relief from the real world. Everything seems to be so serious and it feels that you are carrying a massive boulder on your back the entire time.

This is a throwback to the old school type of love and feel, the tenderness is so lovely and natural. The earthy start gets you into a peaceful trance right away and the lyrics are so meaningful. Being grateful for the small things is something most of us need to remember, as everything is so fast as we scroll throw hours of meaningless junk.

Smaiblue teaches us to not stagnate and remember that looking at nature is the key to being happy. ‘Caught In September‘ is the story of believing in each other when you feel lost or sad. The world can be simple and worthwhile if we just put down those pesky electronics for a short while and just look at that beauty around us every once in a while.

Stream this song here via Bandcamp or Spotify and see the socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen