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The rise of a future legend: Fèroce drops excellent three-track EP ‘Emergence’

Fèroce is back with a supremely creative release and this time its a three-track EP that makes you appreciate his music diversity on ‘Emergence‘.

After the debut success of ‘Handy‘ earlier this year, this is an RnB fused Hip Hop entry that is almost cinematic and shows the quality of this performers strong voice and top lyrical ability.

Intentions‘ features Wxterboi and starts off proceedings that lays down a marker for the high standard of this release. The story of trying to show them your intentions but they keep on doubting you no matter what you say. The vocals are crisp and tight, the beat glows up the room and you feel the urge to turn this up all the way.

Bummy‘ features Ousha as this is probably the highlight of the EP due to its excellent lyricism and build up that soon sparks a fire within you and makes you think of living that comfortable life. No one wants to be struggling while feeding their family and this is a top track with a fiery Hip Hop flavor that sticks in your mind. Fast money is out there but the risks sometimes out way the reward as sooner or later, the blue lights shine when you least want them to and from there, everything changes.

No Banter‘ is the final track off the EP and features East London’s Just Isaiah. This feels like a track with more of an Afro-Beats vibe that certainly gets the foot stompin’ started. This is all about being taken seriously as when you are with the crew, you are out for business and the time for laughs can be saved for later.

”My music is versatile and takes inspiration from my own experiences and experiences of those around me. I speak on movements and ideologies that I’m passionate about.”- Fèroce

Emergence‘ from the wildly talented Fèroce is an excellent three-track EP that showcases the incredible variety that this young musician has deep inside his soul. He is trying out a few different styles to find which one he enjoys the most and this is an exciting period for him, as he build up his fan base and also knowledge of the wild music game.

If he can stay focused and not let unnecessary distractions lead him astray, we could be witnessing a special artist and future legend, who seems to have it all in his armor if he wants it enough.

Stream this wonderfully constructed EP via Spotify and see the visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Andrea Charls ‘Arrow’ – a beautiful, soulful, indescribable whirlwind of exquisite vocal delivery

Andrea Charls is already an internationally recognised singer-songwriter, working with artists as diverse as Bobby McFerrin, Annie Lennox, Javier Limon, Pepe de Lucia, and Mario Frangoulis, with work recognised by the Latin Grammy Awards, The International Songwriting Competition, and the Hollywood Music and Media Awards.

Her new single ‘Arrow’ is a whirlwind of deep, rumbling bass, sequenced synthesisers, and Charls’ stunning, delicate multiply-layered vocal parts. There are elements of Suzanne Vega’s work here, mixed in with a vaguely Latin feel and obvious hints of Charls’ Cypriot heritage (Andrea was born and raised in Cyprus before moving to Boston, Mass., to pursue her career). It’s a dazzling track, melancholic, uplifting, charming, and elegant all at once, choir-like in parts and upbeat in others, all held together by Charls’ exquisite vocal delivery. Lyrically thought-provoking and contemplative, beautifully performed, and intricately put together; ‘Arrow’ really does deserve to be heard. Often.

Listen to ‘Arrow’ on Spotify; follow Andrea Charls on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes


Finding your way again: Indie-Pop singer Imelda Gabs drops the outstanding solo debut ‘Fallen Angel’

UK & Switzerland based singer-songwriter, pianist and producer Imelda Gabs is quite breathlessly brilliant on the incredible visuals for her debut single called ‘Fallen Angel‘. This is something rare and special right before our eyes.

Daughter of the world-renowned jazz pianist Doctor Gabs who sadly passed away when she was just 15, this young lady has made her own lane and he would be so proud of what she has created here.

Her music is so cinematic, each layer and move has been created with such pure precision. You can tell that she is in charge of her own destiny and is not going to let anyone ruin her vision with fads or flashy tactics. Each word is sung with an elegant class that is a refreshing cleanse of the current music around that is mostly dirty and diluted.

Scars on her back, seeing a newspaper with her name and picture inside, a movie-type start, this has it all. The haunting but beautiful start is an entry into something more than a song. this is her flying free, finally released from being in bands and in other’s shadows. She is doing what she feels is right and her piercing eyes looks right inside your soul. The gift to hold her tone is there, never trying too hard to impress anyone but herself. The scene of her with her wings on and the spark filled background is a moment that gives my whole body shivers of excitement.

With a jazz background and influenced in various genres such as pop, soul and classy classical, her music is clearly original and I love how she isn’t trying to copy anybody else’s style, only to be the best version of herself each day.

Imelda Gabs is born to be a solo artist and seems happy with this new adventure. ‘Fallen Angel‘ is a song that is edgy and real, her stunning voice and ability to get a top team to join her on the journey, is a sign of world class releases to follow with her debut EP set for 2021.

Sometimes you lose yourself and run away from that special soul that really loves you, You care for them but are scared you will hurt them so you run away but come back, hoping they will still be there. The ultimate love story to see if you are a match and the timing is always an issue. This is the incredible story and a spectacular song that will be timeless. This creation is that good.

See this excellent music video on YouTube and see her next moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Trying to block out the noise: Toronto based singer/rapper Brandeus drops new single ‘Sirens’

Australian born Hip Hop artist, singer, emcee and producer Brandon Williams aka Brandeus, is back with a song all about the crazy sounds from his flat on ‘Sirens’.

Inspired by fellow RnB/Rap artists such as Saint Jhn, NAV, Drake and Russ, this is a quality act that is creating his own lane in the music world and driving straight through to the top. You can sense his extra motivation in his voice that the best acts have.

After feeling extra anxious from the constant sounds of sirens bellowing while he’s trying to work or sleep, he craves the love of that special soul to make his mind calm again. The rain is falling down and so many people are dying due to covid and crimes out there which is making this young artist think so deeply about the whole situation.

His voice and style are excellent and this musician has the gift of being able to sing and rap at the same time. The beat is marvelously woven together and made to perfectly suit him. You feel a thoughtful air cloud over you and also get into the lyrics, wondering what life is like in his world, staring outside and trying to stay safe from all the madness so close to you. Big city life can be so draining on the soul.

Sirens’ is a dope track and there is so much potential for Brandeus to reach his goals. If can stand out from the crowd and get some support slots for well-known artists once the world calms down again, the crowds will go wild for his style. Blocking out that noise is tough but finding that inner peace and laser focus is the only way to go in 2020.

Check out this hot track via Soundcloud and check out his socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


A young voice ready for the big time: ‘Underneath the Tree’ from Alana Cruz-Ehrlich is a stunning song to get us in the Christmas mood

The precocious 11 year old New Orleans singer/actress Alana Cruz-Ehrlich defies belief on her brand new cover track ‘Underneath the Tree’ which is an effort Kelly Clarkson would be proud of.

A member of Acapop! KIDS, this young lady has been singing most of her life and practicing hard via Zoom during the worldwide lock down with her vocal coach. With big plans on the horizon and original music scheduled for 2021, this young talent has the lungs of a seasoned professional.

Her voice is honey coasted with such goodness and the way she holds her tone is absolutely tremendous. The way she reaches those high notes is mind blowing. Singing seems so effortless for this incredible young singer who in a few years will surely be one of the biggest names in the music world. She has that extra bit of quality that makes her stand out from the rest. It helps that her family are all musically inclined too.

Underneath the Tree’ by US singer Alana Cruz-Ehrlich is a reminder that Christmas is coming and that we can heal through amazing musicians who have been forced away from music venues and playing live. The extra time to build up their name through recordings and extra training, seems to of benefited this wildly talented and soulful singer. This splendid makes those bells ring a little bit louder and helps us to heal up, after a torrid year.

Hear this leading light of the future of music through her Spotify and keep up to date via Alana’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Finding that special love: Erire wakes us up from our slumber with the lovers anthem ‘Destination’ (ft. Axel 84)

The old school bass bump and clicking of the fingers lets you know that this is going to be an old school feel of a song with lots of dancing involved. Vivacious UK singer-songwriter Erire sings with such pureness on her new single ‘Destination’ (ft. Axel 84).

This is about asking for that special person in your life to wait for you and not to disappear without you. They have let you down before but all has been forgiven and you believe in them. You feel that they are the air that you breathe and you want to be with them closely, feeling their heartbeat and dancing together all night. This is the desire you have deep inside and you were there when they were down and out. Loyalty isn’t an issue for you and your souls have meshed into one as this is the only person in the world that you want to be with.

Her voice is so soulful and beautiful, the tone is calm and passionate the whole way through, and this will lift you off your seat. The beat contains a wide range of genres as the disco house and vocals mesh so well like a fine wine and great company.

With Axel 84 on the mix here, the soulfully elegant Erire sings so stunningly on ‘Destination’. Her voice is spectacular and graceful, full of love and desire. When you want something, you have to try and go get it, otherwise you will always live with that regretful feeling. No one wants that on their conscious.

Stream this new track here on Soundcloud and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Soulful singer Harry Linacre sings with such passion on the love song ‘Make Up’

Soulful singer Harry Linacre sings with such passion on the love song ‘Make Up‘ and this is a track to play when you are going through a tough time in your life.

You want to be together with your lover so badly as you feel that they are the one. Things are a bit wild right now but the calm in the harsh wash of the undercurrent is slowly subsiding. You want this to work and you will do anything you can to make it happen, you can give up now. The love is too strong,

Make Up‘ shows us how to get back with that person you love. Singing a romantic song of course really helps a lot. Harry Linacre has an incredible voice and he is so spectacular here, you are amazed by his talented and this is such a romantic track. Love can get messy sometimes but if you care about each other enough, things will work out for the best.

Head through to the Insta page to see more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Self-love lesson 101: Megan Soo brushes off unnecessary drama with ‘Let Me Love Me’

With a fiercely independent attitude and an example for women in toxic relationships all over the globe, Megan Soo takes care of business on her latest music video called ‘Let Me Love Me‘.

Megan Soo is a Musician, Actor, YouTuber & Content Creator who has more charm in her smile than 99% of us in the world. She is confident, sings with a sultry style that shines sunshine through the cloudy door of 2020 and also has a classy demeanor that is currently missing in the music world. She is a new role model for young and old ladies all over the world due to her independent style that shows how you don’t need anyone to pay your way. You can be whoever you want to be if you have the drive, determination and a quality team to back you up when you fall.

Megan Soo is a shining light to all of those who feel locked up with someone that don’t like anymore on her fresh new track and video ‘Let Me Love Me‘. With lock-down being a tough time for most of us in the world, this shows us that you don’t have to be with them anymore- as long as you have the support of real friends who get it. This is a powerful message and is highlighted by a singer who really knows herself and her sumptuous voice, that is a breath of fresh air in 2020.

Find out more about Megan on her Facebook and see the video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Laela Giovanna – Wish I Would Have: A Tenderly-Imploring Piano Pop Ballad

NYC singer-songwriter & producer Laela Giovanna has released her tenderly-imploring piano pop single “Wish I Would Have” which allows you to find your own fraught regret within the stunningly extended vocal notes.

Think along the lines of Christina Aguilera’s iconic hit ‘Beautiful’, and you’ll be close to the mark. But no comparison could ever elucidate the striking authentic evocative appeal in this passionately stormy, melodically mellifluous track.

Wish I Would Have isn’t without its lament, but as Laela Giovanna runs through the verses, you hear her ascension from the ashes as she proverbially rises and you’ll get to share in the empowerment.

My only criticism is that the provocatively poised single should rank higher in the Pop charts.

You can listen to Wish I Would Have for yourselves here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


South Californian singer-songwriter Autumn Knight sings of a new perspective on the excellent single ‘Start Again’

South Californian singer-songwriter Autumn Knight sings of a new perspective on the excellent single ‘Start Again‘ and this is such a glorious song. With an effortless style, the vocals here transcends this horrible year and we are in for a treat here with this extra bit of quality.

Taken off the full album called ‘Here and Now‘, this is such a gorgeously made single that is performed so effortlessly and the vocals are so crystal clear. Raised by a music-loving family, making music was always on the cards and you can feel this natural talent inside your bones and also the many hours spent to perfect each second.

You are strong but know you need to start again and be in control of your own journey. Heartbreak is hard but you know that it is needed to heal and that is what you are going to do.

Autumn Knight is a young artist but performs with such maturity on ‘Start Again‘. You can feel the pain in her voice and she puts on a real show here with a stunning song that patches up that sad heart.

Sometimes in life you hear a song and just know that this is someone that just has it. A fine single with a real story is always appreciated and this is a highlight for our soul to enjoy.

Here is the Spotify link to hear this stunning track.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen