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Swim With Me: Emerging Berlin-based Hannah Kelly takes us for a floating ride on ‘Ocean Brain’

After years of performing with other artists and picking up valuable experience and knowledge on the way, Hannah Kelly is now focusing fully on her own original music and after the success of her debut track ‘New Faces‘, she returns with her atmospheric new single named ‘Ocean Brain‘.

Hannah Kelly is a fast-rising Berlin-based Swiss/Irish indie singer-songwriter. Her debut EP called ‘ForgetMeNot‘, is the works as we speak – and this marks an exciting new chapter in this versatile musician’s fledgling career – who is such a breath of fresh air, with her sumptuously elegant vocal delivery.

She sings with a real rare classy elegance that is so easy to enjoy – her style is so glorious and mellow to consume – as you curiously dive dive down and see her vision, through a tremendous track that is peaceful and made with such love.

Ocean Brain‘ from the wonderful Berlin, Germany based indie-pop artist Hannah Kelly, is a lovely music video and well-made song that urges us to swim with her no matter what the tide is. She shows us her wondrous creativity and performs with such pure artistry, that you can’t help but get the swimming gear on and join her underwater.

The world is full of crashing waves and stormy tides that are so unpredictable, so you might as well just go with the flow and see where you go in this rather strange world.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more news on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

How Do I Even Start: South Shields singer Jen Stevens is so classy on ‘She Sleeps’

Featuring her late Mum’s beautiful poetry, Jen Stevens sends us a real gem that will have you reaching for the tissues on the stunning new single named ‘She Sleeps‘.

Jen Stevens is an award-winning piano/folk/pop singer-songwriter, mental health advocate, cat lover and well-respected vocal coach, who is from cozy South Shields from the UK. She makes that enthralling music which is delightfully made and is such an elegant listen.

I’ve been playing piano and singing for as long as I can remember, and I started writing songs as a means to tell stories and communicate my feelings – I don’t like to sing about things I can’t relate to, so it makes sense to sing about people, experiences and things that mean something to me. If I can reach out to just one person, and touch one heart at a gig or through a recording, then I’ve accomplished something. Songwriting, for me, is massively cathartic and a definite form of therapy.” – Jen Stevens

She Sleeps‘ from the sterling South Shields, UK-based singer-songwriter/vocal coach Jen Stevens, shows us a conversation between herself and her beloved late Mum and is a really sweet single. With a spiritually enlightening song that is one of most pure releases of 2021, this is something really special.

Stream this song on YouTube and see her more from her story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Remembering Juneteenth: Forty Music Productions celebrate this vitally important day on ‘June’ (ft. LaDonna Gaut)

With an enlightening music video that shows us what exactly is going on in this divided world and with a peaceful tone, Forty Music Productions has our minds feeling so reflective on the new music video called ‘June(ft. LaDonna Gaut).

Forty Music Productions is a Gayle F. Ewing-Keys-lead project and she is a photographer, novelist and aspiring playright, musician, lyricist, and music producer.

Juneteenth – also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Liberation Day, and Emancipation Day – is a holiday celebrating the emancipation of those who had been enslaved in the United States.” – Wikipedia 

The vocals strike your mind to the core as the honesty is such a blessing to hear, as you feel like you are in a trance that is so thoughtful. This is a lovely single that leads us into what happened in the past, and how this must never happen again. Its time for common sense to prevail – as this hugely important day is celebrated with such gusto – all over the world.

June(ft. LaDonna Gaut) from Forty Music Productions, is a celebration as well as a massively reflective moment that the world has come far, but still not far enough over the years. Things need to change and no one should have to protest over simple human rights and fight to be treated equally. The world needs to unite and be as one, for us to truly advance as a human race.

Check out the YouTube for the video and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Turn It Up: Scotland’s brave Billy Moffat delivers a terrific music gut punch of truth that is needed with ‘They Lit Our Souls On Fire’

Rock Legends Project by Billy Moffat

As he urges us passionately to not follow the silly sheep as they shall lead you astray into the dingy sewers of decay, Billy Moffat lights up our fluctuating mood with a sensational rock song that would fit in easy like a glove with any generation on ‘They Lit Our Souls On Fire‘ (written by Mike Griffioen).

Billy Moffat is a world-renowned Scotland, United Kingdom-based indie rock singer-songwriter and bassist. He makes music that certainly hits the spot and has your feeling uplifted and educated at the same time.

Mike Griffioen of The Doors Alive wrote the lyrics and sang on the track, while I composed the music and put together the arrangement. Davie Brockett, the One Night Of Queen’s guitarist, contributed guitar solos and this was our first collaboration.” – Billy Moffat

Billy Moffat is the bassist for the world-renowned show: One Night Of Queen with Gary Mullen & The Works – playing over 2,500 live shows in over 20 countries around the world since 2002” – Billy Moffat

His superb vocals rush waterfall-like over your inquisitive mind to give you such a satisfying feeling – as you divulge what he is saying and nod your head in approval – as the riff-fueled edge takes on a life of its own. This is that old school barrage that is such a blessing and fills you with such hope that there will be a better day tomorrow, only if your eyes are really open.

They Lit Our Souls On Fire‘ from the quality Scottish indie rock singer-songwriter and incredible bassist Billy Moffat, heats up our souls with an abundance of charm and passion. He reminds us that it is indeed so vital to have a free mind, as you don’t want to be let down a road that isn’t where you wanted to end up in the first place. Be awake and aware no matter what you hear.

Stream this action packed single on Bandcamp and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Room Starting Spinning: Brighton’s Leo Aram-Downs reflects on his true love with the excellent ‘White Noise’

After growing tired of being boxed up as merely a normal instrumentalist in the unfulfilling session music world, Leo Aram-Downs breaks free and shows us his dazzling skills on his new single called ‘White Noise‘.

Leo Aram-Downs is a supremely patient guitarist, singer-songwriter and transcriber, who was born in busy London and is now living a peaceful life in happy Brighton in England.

After recently blessing our cold ears with the warm ‘A Life Abbreviated‘ recently, he returns with another top class effort from this productive artist, who never seems to rest.

My music comes from a unique blend of influences ranging from fingerstyle acoustic guitar to jazz to tech metal, and everything in between.”- Leo Aram-Downs

This soundtrack is absolutely wonderfully creative, with so many fascinating layers inter-webbed inside and deserves to be in a movie or the main song to a series. The intricate intro sets the mood as the foggy midst clears and we are introduced to a skillful musician, who’s vocals are simply lovely on the ear and soothes the soul.

White Noise‘ from the talented Brighton singer-songwriter Leo Aram-Downs, shows us into a man’s mindset who misses that true love tremendously. He knows that he has made so many mistakes but believes that they will open the door when he arrives, so that they both may hug tenderly and never let go of each other again.

True soulmates are meant to be together after all.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Faked It: Brandon Michael Marsh opens up his heart on the vanished love with ‘Breaking’

As he recalls that once-happy feeling that suddenly broke like fragile glass inside his hurting stomach, Brandon Michael Marsh expresses himself so that he may be strong again with the sad story about his soulmate that left him on ‘Breaking‘.

Brandon Michael Marsh is a Fort Worth, Texas-based indie hip-hop rapper/singer-songwriter and music producer. He makes that deep kind of music that is about his life and he uses music to heal with, as well as helping others who have been through similar issues in their life.

You feel the passionate plea inside his animated tone, as he struggles to grasp why they did’t feel the same way that he did after showing interest. The healing has taken long as he wonders why they didn’t reciprocate, when he was at his most vulnerable.

Breaking‘ from the courageous Texas musician Brandon Michael Marsh, is a story that jots down what happens when you don’t get to be with the person who you loved so much, but who didn’t feel the same way for you. You feel empty inside and sad – as it takes a while to move on if you were so convinced – that you were destined to be together.

Sometimes the world can be harsh and breaks your heart, so its up to you to stand up and find someone who actually appreciates you.

Stream this quality new single here on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Take Me For Granted: Thoven Bey and Kallie Skys plant the seeds of growth on ‘Water Me’

Featuring a lathering of tender care and vital self-awareness to teach others, Thoven Bey and Kallie Skys rain down the truth with the peaceful story about how to treat a flourishing woman properly on ‘Water Me‘.

Birmingham, Alabama-based Thoven Bey (composer and producer) and Kallie Skys (singer, songwriter and rapper) are a promising new music project. They show us into their vividly expressive world, with a wonderful new track that is packed pull of enlightening excitement to feed our hungry ears.

She sings with such introspection and guides us through this terrific track with glorious lyrics which shows so much class. The teachings are clear and make complete sense, as the growth of a relationship is so important and much-needed. The production here is so crisp and flows naturally into this song to make things so natural and fresh, with a story you can’t help but admire greatly.

Water Me‘ from Birmingham, Alabama-based music duo Thoven Bey and Kallie Skys, turns up the sprinkler on a beat that washes away the grime and brings in a song that shows true beauty. This is all about understanding how to show love when there is so much fake energy floating around with false narratives, instead of a significant shift to teaching and growing each other. The world will be a better place if we can show the youngsters how it should be done.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via Thoven’s IG and Kallie’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Let Your Body Do The Talking: Rising talent Michael Aguilar knows exactly what he wants on ‘You Got it On’

Taken off his recently released six-track EP called ‘Speak No Evil‘, Michael Aguilar is back with a catchy single that was produced by his brother Victor called ‘You Got it On‘.

Michael Aguilar is a determined and supremely promising South Californian modern Pop/RnB singer-songwriter and skillful multi-instrumentalist. He makes that loving soundtrack which needs to be in movies – that has you dancing tightly with your lover all night – as his voice is silky smooth and carefully pierces your awaiting ears just right.

You feel his glowing smile beam through this superb song, as he sings absorbingly with such desire and ultimate purpose. His heart is beating really fast as he tries to stay cool – her eyes make him jump for joy and he wants to treat her right – just as she deserves.

He has such a memorable sound and if he can make sure that each word he projects is totally clear, he has a massive future as this is the type of music that is loved by so many. The story is sweet and sensual, you feel his love and with such a likable beat, this is one of those songs you tell your best friends about.

You Got it On‘ from the ever-evolving seventeen years-young South Californian Pop/RnB artist and multi-instrumentalist Michael Aguilar, shows us into a world that is alive with excitement in his youthful eyes. He sees what he likes and wants her to be his forever, the mind made up and ready to be with her and to get real close.

When you know what you want, life seems just that little bit easier to work out.

Stream this new single on Soundcloud and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Maybe I Need Help: Chicago pop singer Rowan Morgan is refreshingly honest on visuals for ‘Imposter Syndrome’

As she looks deep within her confidence to see if she can shake off this dreaded feeling away quickly, Rowan Morgan tells us the story of how she once didn’t know if she was good enough, on her relevantly precise new single named ‘Imposter Syndrome‘.

Rowan Morgan is a youthfully exuberant Chicago, Illinois-based indie pop singer-songwriter. She makes that reflective sound that is influenced by her love and appreciation for her heroes Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande.

This upbeat yet dark melody came to me at a time when I was doubting my skills in music. ‘Imposter Syndrome‘ is believing that you are not as competent or as good as people perceive you to be and they are going to find out that you are just a fraud. Everyone has been through that fear of being less than, and I was able to put that into words with a harmony heavy, energizing pop song.” – Rowan Morgan

She sings with such valid introspection, as the compare-culture of the world had her in so much doubt-filled sadness, as she had never felt this way before. Her talents are boundless and she is so good – but needs to always be able to switch on her positive energy – so that the darkness and nay-sayers, may be shown the door so that they never return.

Imposter Syndrome‘ from Chicago pop singer-songwriter Rowan Morgan, is a flashing bulb of doom from her incredibly skilled mind that stops her by the traffic lights. This is the warning that shows you into the depths of the sewers next to you, to remind you that you need to believe in yourself, to truly be free away from those toxic depths of gloom.

Having that inner determination to do what you truly believe in – is the only way to seeing that green light – that will let you across so you may carry on your path to your destiny, after the teaching-moment detour before.

Stream her new song via YouTube and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Drink Some Cherry Wine: Leeds singer Pixia keeps it real on dark-pop gem ‘If I’m On Your Mind’

With a compellingly intriguing style that is fused together so sweetly with her dreamy voice that has you starstruck, Pixia smartly wants to keep things real simple in this overly complicated world with ‘If I’m On Your Mind‘.

Anna-Rose aka Pixia, is a mysteriously creative Leeds/Manchester-based dark-pop singer-songwriter from the underrated North England. She has our minds in a much better place with her undiva-like qualities that shines through and gives you hope again.

Pixia’s dark and dreamy style is composed of ethereal vocals against bell, synth, and string instrumentals. Morphia marks the first project in Pixia’s dream of creating dream pop music with a dark, distinguished undertone.” – Pixia

This is the true story about making sure that you are both on the same wavelength, as you don’t want things to get messy with annoying drama, that belongs on reality tv. With an entrancing beat and luscious vocals that are inter-webbed by self-aware lyrics, this is a glorious song to put on repeat.

If I’m On Your Mind‘ from the inspiring Leeds/Manchester-based dark-pop indie singer-songwriter Pixia, shows us happily into the romantic spark that is flaming the room, as she just wants to talk about real things and keep it all so chilled. With a bottle of tasty cherry wine ready to be heartily consumed with the right company, this is exactly the right mindset to have in this rather strange world.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen