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Italian born UK artist Cristopher Clark Rose brings calmness with ”We’re Not Supermen”

London singer-songwriter and pianist Cristopher Clark Rose is back with his signature style with ”We’re Not Supermen”. He blossoms on the new song and the vibe is so authentic.

Taken off the new full length album ”Sigmund”, Cristopher Clark Rose impresses highly here on this new single that keeps you listening intently. The music is very chilled and you feel your spine tingling with calmness and beauty inside.

Cristopher Clark Rose urges us to not try and be superheros all the time and urges us to relax on ”We’re Not Supermen”. A fine message indeed in these crazy times. We can only do the best that we can do and stay strong. The London based artist has a lovely ensemble with him and this teamwork shines brightly on this new song.

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Austrian singer Maddy Rose stuns with exquisite video for ”In A Better Place”

Austrian singer-songwriter and pianist Maddy Rose is an optimist and a wonderful talent. You can feel that she is practically busting to perform live again. This is the voice of a real soul that loves singing. There is no ego here and the music is pure and untainted. I really like how ”In A Better Place” is so mellow and the video lives up to expectations and more.

The Vienna based songstress is in fine form on ”In A Better Place” and Maddy Rose feels like she is ready for the next step in her career. She is grateful for playing live before and I feel like she will want to be travelling and performing live all over the world. She is ready and with songs like this, the world is her oyster.

With the late great Amy Winehouse, Carol King and current legend Adele as influences, you can hear the vocals of Soul and that pure Jazzy R&B that enters your ears and you just smile. Maddy Rose has a Jazz style that fuses so many genres in one that will resonate with millions all over the globe.

Stream this stunning song here on YouTube.

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Indie-blues singer AJ inspires us all with new song ”Bottom Of The Blue”

Sometimes things happen during the worst of times. You might doubt yourself and feel that you are not talented enough to write a song or sing. Then, you get this urge to do the thing you haven’t done yet. Try. I have just been inspired by an artist who has done so much in 3 months that it actually blows my mind. This is the story of AJ and her song ”Bottom Of The Blue”.

With an indie-blues country type of feel, you can’t help but fall in love with AJ. She made a change and used her fear to make something so special. This is what this song is all about. Being at the bottom and having the courage to rise to the top by trying. She has developed into a fine singer-songwriter in such a short space of time and that is so impressive.

AJ’s vocal ability is in full swing here and her voice makes the hairs on my arms stand up in excitement. ”Bottom Of The Blue” might end up as a movie one day. This is the story of courage and heart to break through your mind. Conquering your fears and making beautiful music.

Stream this quality song on Spotify for your ears pleasure.

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Miranda Joy is absolutely magnificent with new single ”The Fall”

There are some artists that just have it. Their voice is stunningly delivered, the tone is perfect and they sing without trying too hard. This is pure talent and is a pleasure to listen to. I feel relaxed and drift away like I’m on a quiet lake on a sunny afternoon.

Miranda Joy has a soulfully genuine voice that takes you away to another peaceful world. With striking pureness she washes away all our fears and makes everything okay.

London based and working on a few projects, this is one of the UK’s finest talents around. On the way up and shining bright, we are in the midst of this fantastic singer- pianist’s time to shine.

The Fall” is all about picking yourself up after falling. You need to dust yourself off and embrace the fall. Learn from the lesson while patching yourself up with the medical aid kit of life. Smiling in the mirror and laughing about the unfortunate events. This is the only way to mentally survive and not drift too far down the dusty and wind-filled road. We should try and hold onto the good memories and remember that tomorrow is another day.

Stream this fab new song right now on Spotify.

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Underdog Italian folk singer Ruins Barren shows us his journey with heart-filled gem ”Ruins”

There are those mysterious singer-songwriters sometimes that have real stories. All those years of playing in smokey bars and seeing the whole world has hardened you up. You are now able to part your experiences on the world.

Ruins’‘ is off their new brooding 9 track album called ”Land Of Desolation”. This is the ultimate underground folk music that is majestically formulated. The music is made with love and real experiences of the ruins of the world that is currently before our tired eyes.

The Italian artist ”Ruins” is in flawless form here as his smoke-filled voice echos lessons of life and how we must be careful not to ruin our lives. He is the storyteller disguised away with guitar close by always and he strikes through with his match of real stories. Stories have grit with a flicker. This is the type of artist we should support as without live gigs the world is a gloomy place.

To see more about shows and new music head through to Facebook.

Hear this misty-eyed gem of a song right here on their Spotify channel.

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London singer Julie Hicklin sends us meaningful message on a love letter with debut ”The Power and The Glory”

A plea to save our planet before it’s too late. “Rise up, wake up, face up, rewrite the story”. We need to take our heads out the sand and look after such a vital part of our life. The planet needs us and the time is now. With so many other distractions going on at the moment it feels like this important message has been a bit lost.

Electronic Pop artist Julie Hicklin has an enchanting voice that really pulls you into her lovely web of beautifully crafted vocals. ”The Power and The Glory” describes Julie to perfection. This Londoner sings her heart out and the message is to save the planet and we need to look after her badly. I love the message and can’t wait to see her live when venues open up again in the UK. Julie sings about love and life. This debut release echoes through my speakers and this is an exciting song to play loud. Julie Hicklin is a real talent and we need to take notice of this UK singer with lungs to die for.

For info on gig news and announcements from Julie head over to her Facebook page.

Click on the Soundcloud link to hear this song and more from this fantastic singer.

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Georgia native Essence flows through with real questions on ”WTF Is Love”

Love is a tricky game. You fall in deep and then realize that it was lust. You feel let down by the person you opened your heart to and it hurts real hard. Drinking numbs the pain for a while but then you feel angry and feel let down all at the same time. Getting over it can be tough but a good lesson. You just want to find someone that loves you for you and has genuine intentions. Having good people in your life to help you get over these feelings is so vital.

Waynesboro is a city in Burke County, Georgia in the United States. This is the home of female R&B singer/emcee Essence. Oh boy, can this girl sing. She is hurting right now and brings the heat with this new lyric video release called ”WTF is Love’‘. I like her flow and she has mad skills as a singer and raps with absolute rigor on this one. The US performer is set for big things and I can’t wait to see her mature and get that huge breakthrough that she deserves.

Stream this new song here on her YouTube and more from this fantastic performer who keeps it real.

Check out her Facebook music page to see news on upcoming shows.

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”Bad Govament” is a powerful message from Nigerian singer LADe

There comes a time where you feel upset with what you see each day. You can either keep it inside or find a creative way to express your feelings. Music can be the difference between a good day and a bad one.

LADe is the stage name of Omolade Bisiriyu, a Nigerian singer-songwriter and producer. He made his name as an underground artist with the release of his first single ”Pause” back in 2018. LADe is currently signed to Naki Music and is an artist on the rise with his laid-back style and powerful lyrics. This is a man who is clearly frustrated with the current political landscape in his country.

LADe¬†sings with passion as isn’t afraid to speak out on difficult issues. His music is relevant and big things are expected on the Nigerian music scene for this young artist. With a easy going style and dance hall influences, you feel like you are listening to a friend who is being totally honest with you. The production matches this artists dreams and this is a quality single for the tough times. ”Bad Govament” is a politically charged release that is built up from years of struggle in Nigeria and we hope that conditions improve quickly and everyone can live in peace through music.

Stream this song here on Spotify and check out his whole music collection.

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California R&B singer Morgan Crite brings us that special feeling with ”Look of Love”

Morgan Crite has a special voice and sings with such love and affection. ”Look of Love” is all about knowing that your special crush is into you too. You just know and feel it inside your body and bones. That is a stunning feeling and one that you cherish and wish could last forever.

Morgan is from Bakersfield, California and is making his mark in the music scene. With just three singles out he is a new name in the game but shows a lot of potential. His voice is pure and he takes us into his picture of love and seems to have that butterfly feeling inside his stomach. He is clearly taken aback and this is a really good R&B effort from the young singer.

Look of Love” will be a popular R&B song that is played when the lights are lit dimly and let’s hope that he creates more songs like this. I anticipate him joining forces with a female singer soon on a song as this will be an intriguing dynamic. Morgan Crite is a name to watching in the US music scene for 2020 and beyond.

Follow Morgan via Spotify and hear this song and more from this US singer-songwriter.

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USA Pop singer Shawn O’Donnell releases heart-breaking debut ”Quicksand”

That feeling when you care about someones well-being so much and how you witness their self-destruction right in front of your eyes. This is a tough feeling and can really cause long-lasting mental carnage. You try so hard but don’t seem to get through to them.

Singer-songwriter Shawn O’Donnell from West Chester, Pennsylvania has just achieved a major milestone. He has just released his debut original track ”Quicksand” and its a marvel to behold. The song is so well executed and sung with such passion that I applaud his efforts. He has a great voice and the song is so sad and inspiring at the same time. We are taken on a journey by Shawn as he describes his pain at seeing someone he cares about hurt themselves with their addiction. He tries his best to communicate but feels like he is going through quicksand to help them. This is a quality single and such a relevant topic that we can all understand. Shawn is a young singer with loads of potential and big things await if he can stay focused and keep on coming up with releases like this.

Stream this lyric video via YouTube now and follow him to see more of his awesome videos.

Follow Shawn on Facebook to see what he is up to musically and live show-wise.

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