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Interview: Naia Lika tells us all about her incredible debut single Gas Station Bouquet

After appearing to sing in her Mother’s womb, Naia Lika sat down with us recently and we had a chat about her upcoming new release which drops on the 10th of February called Gas Station Bouquet. Eloquently inspiring and showing us what it takes to do what you love, we found out more about singing in the choir, self-awareness, and what it was like living all over the USA.

Hello there Naia Lika. We appreciate you having a chat with us. Where in the world do we find you and what do you usually have for breakfast?

Naia Lika: Hi! I am so excited to connect with you guys. I’m currently living in Los Angeles and I hate to disappoint, but I’m actually not a huge fan of breakfast food. It’s been a weird thing about me since I was a child. My parents would get so mad at me because all I ever wanted for breakfast was a sweet treat, like an ice cream sundae or brownie or something.

Do you feel like you were destined to be a musician after appearing to sing in your Mom’s womb?

Naia Lika: Growing up, music always felt right. My parents put me into dance, vocal lessons, singing groups, and theater – it was all I had ever known. In high school I spent most of my time in choir, musical theater, and doing classical singing competitions; I had always felt so confident and sure of myself and where I stood in my art. I ended up attending the Boston Conservatory at Berklee for musical theater and that was the first time in my life where I wasn’t sure if I was in the right place. I decided to drop out and I experienced this really confusing transitional period. At first, I was convinced I wanted nothing to do with music. I distanced myself as far as possible from it; I almost felt ashamed to even be associated with that part of my life. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit that the boredom made me pick up my guitar again. I was lacking a community during COVID and I started using songwriting as an outlet to explore my thoughts and emotions.

It took me about two years to find a sound that I really resonated with. I put thousands of dollars into an entire album that I have no plans of releasing. In the moment, I was so proud with the work, but after really taking a step back, I realized it didn’t feel true to me or the sound I wanted to create. I went on to do another project and that’s all the music that will be released this year.

Art is all I have ever known, whether that be through music, photography, movement, or any other creative endeavor I dip my toes in. I don’t know exactly what my ultimate destiny is because we can never know, but I do know it will for sure be something where I hold the power to create and express myself through art – I will make sure of that.

Please tell us all about your debut track Gas Station Bouquet which is due to drop on the 10th Feb.

Naia Lika: I’m so excited! The song derives from an eight-song project that was created in August of 2022. I worked with a team of two producers and two co-writers which definitely helped speed up the process. We were completing songs in about 1-2 days each. This song was the second one we wrote and it’s become one of the most special to me. This was the first one that I felt we had actually been able to crack the surface and discover a hint of my sound. The longer we started working on it, the more I felt I could truly resonate with it.

I had spent most of my time during the pandemic writing about traumatizing, heavy topics because I was convinced that music had to be like that. But “Gas Station Bouquet” acted as a catalyst that allowed me to see happy moments with just as much value as “sad” moments. This really built momentum in my daily life; I started to become more present in mundane activities and I learned to appreciate them.

How much of an influence have your parents had in your music career?

Naia Lika: I definitely wouldn’t be sitting here today if it weren’t for them. From the day I could speak, they threw me into a world of music. It became natural for me and I never even questioned a life outside of it for the majority of my upbringing. They had always expected it from me, which I blindly followed.

It wasn’t until I hit college where I started to gain self-awareness. I learned to question myself and challenge my beliefs. Doing so gave me the space to realize that I wasn’t in the right place. When I dropped out of college, they were so upset with me. My dad could barely speak to me because we all assumed I would never touch music again. Like I said earlier, though, the pandemic forced me to pick up my guitar again and I haven’t stepped away from music since. For the first time in my life, I actively made the decision to engage in my art without any external factors telling me to do so.

My dad actually ended up convincing me to do my first artist project after hours of arguing. I wanted to make that decision for myself without being pushed to pursue it, since songwriting had become something that was mine and only mine. I gave it a lot of thought and went through with it and fell in love with the entire process. This is a side of the entertainment industry I had never gotten to experience before because I had been immersed in theater and the classical side of things my entire life. I’m so grateful I took the leap. This space feels right for me.

Creating the song was an impactful moment for me. I had just experienced one of the toughest years of my life and it was such a valuable opportunity to actually sit down and write about something positive in my life amidst all the negativity swarming my mind. I don’t think I take enough time to appreciate what I have in my life.” ~ we love how inspiring this quote is. Have you found that by making music, your mind had calmed down from your tough experiences?

Honestly, at this point in my life, I think it’s made me more anxious. I used to be really good at avoiding the spiraling thoughts that constantly swarmed my mind, but songwriting doesn’t let me do that. Creating art forces you to face everything going on inside, which can definitely be overwhelming at times. I’ve really been digging deep and culminating in a force of self-awareness for over three years now, but it’s not a linear process. I sometimes have the tools I need to calm my mind as I write, but at other times, it feels like I have lost all my tools and allow my songwriting to exacerbate the chaotic thoughts until they become too much to deal with. I think it’s a learning process. Taking a step back to write about your life and experiences can be extremely eye-opening and I think it’s important to have the resources to take care of yourself when something challenging may come up.

You’ve lived in Las Vegas, Michigan, Boston, Hawaii, Vegas again, and Los Angeles. Do you feel like these experiences have broadened your mind?

Naia Lika: For sure. I grew up in a decently conservative area in Michigan where my beliefs did not align with the majority of people I was surrounded by. I felt so isolated and alone here; people were so shallow and surface level that any ounce of emotion I showed was considered “sensitive” and “crazy”. Boston was a complete 180. There, I was able to discover my bisexuality and flourish in an environment that let me be unapologetically myself. I moved to Hawaii, where I had to come to terms with my mistakes. Hawaii is an overly colonized kingdom where native people are fighting for their land every day as they get pushed to the streets. Los Angeles is now where I call home. It’s a place that has re-opened my eyes to a world of motivation and drive, something I was lacking in Las Vegas. The environment here is constantly pushing forward and I honestly love it so much.

Last, what do you hope for humanity to learn after all that has happened recently?

Naia Lika: That’s such a big question and it’s so difficult to pinpoint one thing. I don’t like to sit around and wish for things to be different because I was taught that wanting something to be other than “what is” will only bring you suffering. However, I am also a firm believer that we must stand up and speak out against the things that need change. I think mainly, I want humanity to learn to care for others: other people, other animals, other environments, and the earth they walk on. The issue here is people that who didn’t grow up with love and care often can’t emulate it because they didn’t have the opportunity to receive it. I wish I could make everyone children again and teach them that the world is a safe and good place, but you can’t change people’s past. And unfortunately, sometimes people’s past affects everyone’s future.

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Interview by Llewelyn Screen

As Long As You Remember: Sani Knight flies into that special moment on Daydream

Seeing a captivating sunset and smiling rather broadly as he wonders if she’ll stay, Sani Knight gives his lover the most respect possible on the romantic foot-slider to slow dance with right now on Daydream.

Sani Knight is a 20-year-old indie RnB/hip hop artist who is based in Los Angeles, California and performs with a soulful edge many can only dream of.

Calming our minds like a fun snorkel in beautiful waters, Sani Knight sizzles with something rather special for anyone who needs to believe in love again. Calm and easy on the ear, we are treated to a radiant release which will clear any previous romantic disasters away rather quickly.

Daydream from Los Angeles, California-based RnB/hip hop artist Sani Knight is a rather terrific track which will see hearts soar in wonderful unison. Silky smooth vocally with an outstanding beat to cuddle tightly inside like a blanket in winter, this is a rather memorable release to embrace all evening.

When you know who you want to be with, the light will never turn off unless you want it to.

Listen up on Spotify. See the vision on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lebanon-born EDM artist C:3 powers in with pulsating party anthem I Just Dance

Jumping to the beat and soaring rather wonderfully up into the skies of promise, C:3 is in top form and might rattle the bones of those who love a splendid night out with music to clear the mind with called I Just Dance.

C:3 is a Los Angeles-based Lebanon-born electronic music producer and DJ who makes those soul-awakening tracks to dance with all night long.

His love for music started at a young age where he would stay up late at night in his basement researching and teaching himself different music programs.” ~ C:3

Fusing in the vibrant sounds of tech-house, bass-house, Latin, and captivating Middle Eastern blends of goodness, C:3 has dropped a rather spectacular Spur-like sizzler on this special song to get sweaty with. Slamming down the pulse and setting the tempo with a rather enormously consequential experience, this is such a fantastic single to bounce merrily with.

I Just Dance from Lebanon-born music producer and DJ C:3 is a superbly lit soundtrack to bathe happily inside. Skyrocketing rather enormously with so many exhilarating flavours to munch into, this is a sure-fire mood flipper which is on the same level as a Shane Warne ripper. Hugely motivated and strong like its creator, we find a heart speeder to blossom inside rather dynamically.

Hear this fine single on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Can We Be Friends: Tay Toe knows exactly who he is on Meet Again

Wanting his former lover to be strong while he figures out what is next, Tay Toe has dropped a reflective track for anyone who has dealt with those dark pill days of mind confusion on Meet Again.

Tay Toe is a Los Angeles-born hip hop artist who has the ability to change lives with a meaningful flow and calming wisdom to learn from.

Like many young Americans, Tay Toe spent his teenage years living with anxiety and depression. He began writing music as therapy, but actually performing it live was a big step for him. However, once in his element, it’s plain to see Tay Toe was born for the stage.” ~ Tay Toe

Fueling fire to the notion that we are in the company of someone rather extraordinary, Tay Toe shows us the way to keeping that burning passion alive despite the cold distance which can hide souls away in the frigid climates of doom.

Meet Again from Salt Lake City-based and Los Angeles-born hip hop artist Tay Toe is the anthem for anyone who is missing that special someone due to the evil temptations prowling around which can snap our innocence. Rapped with meaning and a true love for his missing lover, we are thrown into a whirlwind-like story to be totally encapsulated by.

When you know you’ll be together again, the winds will always be ready to assist when called upon.

Listen up to this fine new single on SoundCloud. See more vibes on IG.

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Right For You: Max Mercier sings with illuminating meaning on vocally excellent effort, In Your Frame

Wondering why a certain someone misuses the all important test of time, Max Mercier displays his powerful vocals for all to hear in flourishing full force with In Your Frame.

Max Mercier is a San Francisco-born Los Angeles-based indie pop artist and music producer who grew up singing classic Tom Petty tracks.

Max writes the story of two people who can’t let go of one another, though it is detrimental to both of their well being. Letting go of his dream-pop/heartland rock/glam-rock roots, he explores a more contemporary pop sound, laced with the sonic textures of the last century.” ~ Max Mercier

Scintillating to the max and launched with so much velocity, Max Mercier shows us into his mind and performs with a splendid verve which shall get many ears wagging with delight.

In Your Frame from San Francisco-born Los Angeles-based indie pop artist and music producer Max Mercier is a magnificently instinctive single for those who love their music made with gloriously toned vocals to hug all night. Wrapped tightly in courageous lyrics and a sublime aura, we find a refreshing release to play on loud.

Listen up on Spotify. See more on the IG.

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Tell Me I’m Yours: LA’s Sani Knight drops superb new single Ivy

Itching for more while the dusty clock ticks way too quickly, Sani Knight can’t believe that two hearts aren’t together on the passionate I-want-you-right-now hot single to steam the glass with called Ivy.

Sani Knight is a 19-year-old Los Angeles, California-based indie RnB/hip hop artist who makes surefire heart spinners that leave lasting memories in abundance.

On an exceptionally memorable single to hold on tightly with, Sani Knight displays poise and skillful excellence in this sensational release. Goodness me, this is exactly what the soul needed. Vocally stunning and packed with a picture so many can relate to, as a new reflective aura washes over all current manifestations.

Ivy from Los Angeles, California-based indie RnB/hip hop artist Sani Knight is one of the more desirable songs ever likely to reach our planet. This is the story of a special love that took over completely. Familiar? The vocals on offer combine quite sweetly with this dynamic beat, which takes us into the passion which could take over all airwaves if allowed to blossom.

When you remember the heat, memories transcend everything else.

Listen up on Spotify. See more on IG.

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Get Lost: Alex Rosales just wants to get away into a better place on Contigo

Showing us where that sassy angel is right now, Alex Rosales introduces us to that special human who is driving his heart rather wild on the romantic dance floor slider for tonight called Contigo.

Alex Rosales is an Indiana-raised Los Angeles, USA-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter who is of Mexican heritage and has vocals you can’t instantly forget.

With a vibe-filled ambience to make many souls reunite rather splendidly, Alex Rosales is the kind of artist who sets off alarms as he walks the streets. Taking us on a whirlwind journey, which is packed with treats to embrace tightly with, this is a delightful anthem for all the new lovers in the world.

Contigo from Los Angeles, USA-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter Alex Rosales is a fine single you which will have the neighbors speculating where all the noise is coming from. Smooth vocals to turn up loud are on offer, thrilling the speakers as we hear true love in full bloom. This is a track to play when that night is still youthful and ready to heat up briskly, on a beat so fresh each note eases so extraordinarily into our awaiting hearts.

When you both want to get away from the noise, it’s best to do it right away.

Listen up to this new single on SoundCloud and see more on the IG music page.

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The Parlor Chase drops a quick-fire track, Something Happening To Ya (Studio Version)

Currently signed to US label She’s In Records, The Parlor Chase return with a tantalizing teaser for their latest sizzler of a tornado-like song to be instantly boosted by on Something Happening To Ya.

The Parlor Chase (formerly Parlor Snakes), is a Los Angeles, California-based garage/glam rock band which is led by the well-known Patrick Coleman.

From Johnny Cash and early Elvis to Gun Club and Birthday Party, the Parlor Chase have been there, heard it; all that (and more) reconfigured in their own original splendour is in the grooves of every song they’ve recorded.” ~ The Parlor Chase

Healing our apprehensions away with something rather scintillating and likeable to consume with towering spontaneity, The Parlor Chase turns up the intensity and conveys a rocket-fueled track to snack onto with reckless intent.

Something Happening To Ya from Los Angeles, California-based garage/glam rock band The Parlor Chase, is a powerful experience and takes us down memory lane when practically everyone loved watching bands in tiny clubs with no windows. Fired up and showing us their nifty skills in all aspects, this is a fine demonstration of their edgy sound, which is perfect to devour with something cold to drink.

Hear this new track on YouTube and see more news via their IG page.

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ADDIO looks above for some guidance on DWELLING

Trying to find some meaning in a rather odd world filled to the brim with fake actors, ADDIO shows us the meaning of taking time out to replenish those energies for further battles ahead on DWELLING.

ADDIO is a Los Angeles, California-based indie singer-songwriter who makes that emotional anthem your heart can ever completely forget.

“Addio creates beautiful human music for humans. Addio enjoys humans and wishes to be closer to them through music. Therefore, Addio demands you listen to Addio’s beautiful music. Through music Addio has started to become indistinguishable from humans. What a talent Addio is. Addio must have this assertion confirmed from human praise and attention. This is the metric that Addio will dedicate its existence to.” ~ ADDIO

Opening up our eyes to the moon and all its stunning possibilities, ADDIO shows us where his perspective is right now on the gloriously projected DWELLING.

DWELLING from Los Angeles-based indie singer-songwriter ADDIO is single that was made from the heart. Reminding us that by keeping things simple for a while and moving into an original state of mind, it is possible to find that mellow zone. Performed with so much dynamic calmness and meditative brilliance, we find a placid single to actually reflective with.

Hear this fine single on SoundCloud and see more via IG.

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Bridge The Divide: Magna Zero urges us to unite on We Are All

Showing us that peace and love is actually possible if we can join together and stop the rot, Magna Zero takes us down a road that many have been fearing on We Are All.

Magna Zero is a Los Angeles, California-based 3-piece indie rock band who were formed by lifelong friends that love making music together.

By early 2022, eleven of the musical works from the band’s early period became the songs comprising their first album, “The Great Nothing”. Recorded and mixed by the band at Moore’s home in the fall of 2021, the album captures the raw, live spirit of the Magna Zero sound, with most of the recordings done as live takes and minimal overdubs used.” ~ Magna Zero

Reminding one of that classic Red Hot Chili Peppers sound, Magna Zero shows us the downfalls of closing your heart away from others for too long. Sung with a real intensity and bringing forth a truly impressive sound, this is a top-notch single to glow radiantly inside.

The name Magna Zero, translated from Latin and Arabic respectively, literally means ‘Great Nothing’. Coined by Aubrey as a title of one of the band’s early compositions and suggested by Moore for the name of the band, the term refers to a state of peace that is beyond the ego, where one experiences harmony and unity with the universe.” ~ Magna Zero

We Are All from the LA-based indie rock band Magna Zero is a deep track that will have you looking deeper in the mirror tonight. Showing us how to break away from the emptiness that can cause your soul to falter, they masterfully take us into a whole new world of possibilities.

Joining together when the world is in a state of confusion will always make your heart feel warm again.

See this new video on YouTube and see more via IG.

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