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LA-based Dance Pop group Yep tell all with debut ”Breakup Sex”

The Los Angeles based indie-pop group Yep show us what they are made of with their debut song ”Breakup Sex”. The new band from the USA are in impressive form and this is an enjoyable song to make you think. They take us into their journey of this touchy subject that has it’s pros and cons.

This is a touching indie-pop release for 2020 that explores this sad love story. You are with someone and you always seem to be breaking up. Then you keep on getting back together and repeating this cycle. This can be fun but after a while you start to wonder if this is going to be the new normal. Is this going to be a familiar ride along this twisting road?

Breakup Sex” from Yep is a fun indie song that is very consistent with the chilled beat and the soothing vocals. With this being their debut there is no doubt that Yep are going to be on our radar with their catchy music.

Click here for the Soundcloud page to hear this new song.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Keeping on that grind with your ”Head Down Low” is smashing new tech house anthem from Mettā

You are sent home unexpectedly and need to look deep inside to work about what is missing in your life at the moment. You soon work it out and know what you need to do next in order to succeed. The crazy world may seem dark but if you are always on the grind staying busy then you will know when it’s time.

Born in Berkeley, Califonia and raised in Honolulu,  Yves Atom Kline aka Mettā studied music and multimedia arts. He attended the prestigious Icon Collective and Dubspot programs in New York City and Los Angeles, as well as Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf Schools in California, Hawaii, and Switzerland. This man is a Producer and engineer too so likes to keep busy as you can see.

Head Down Low’‘ is a finely tuned deep tech house single that inspires us to keep our heads down low and not to be distracted but anything. The world is a strange place and this has been the time to reboot and refocus. This powerful single enforces that fact and is a great effort.

To stream the track via Soundcloud.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Utah native Connor McCoy wants to stay young with folk-dripped ”Problem Children”

Currently staying in LA, Connor McCoy is an immensely talented singer-songwriter and producer. You can hear the quality in his voice and his guitar skills make my ears listen extra. This is good music with soul.

This song from late 2019 is all about how we want to stay young and not be old and boring. Being free is the best. Who wants to old anyway?

After a classical upbringing it’s no surprise that Connor can read and sing well. Really well. While in High School in Salt Lake City, Utah he then learnt how to play the piano. With new-age piano books lying around thanks to his Mom, he could fully immerse himself into music and really learn his passion.

I love the riff on here and the song is super upbeat. This is indie-folk at it’s finest with Connor’s strong voice that reminds me of Bon Iver. With some alt rock influences you can see why this artist is rising the ranks rather quickly.

The perky percussion on this single makes my foot tap with joy. A student of Music Production & Engineering program at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Connor McCoy is a name to watch in the US folk scene. You can just feel it. The cream rises to the top, no matter what.

Click here for more music from Connor and the fantastic new single via Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


KOZMIK teases us all with Californian infused ‘’Sunsets’

Tides coming in/washing all the pieces/of my broken heart. A sad start to the song but a real deep feeling at that. The sea can be a peaceful place and also one that heals all heartbreak. 

Based in Los Angeles, California, R&B/Dance act ‘KOZMIK’ returns with his 2nd single called ‘’Sunsets’’. This is a beautifully made song, perfect for summer and long beach swims and walks with sexy people. 

‘’Sunsets’’ is the follow up to February’s ‘’Panic’’. I feel as though this is a much better song and shows maturity already. 

LA artist ‘KOZMIK’ has a good formula going but it’s way too early to tell what the future holds. Let’s see what the rest of 2020 brings and if he can get some good features to gain that extra buzz.

Listen to this fine artist here on your favorite platform.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Soul-soother R&B/Pop singer Siera wants us to feel good with ‘’Find Me’’

Los Angeles, USA is the home for the majestic voice of ‘Siera’. Amongst the glitz and glamour, fame and fortune, she seems like a real talent that is on the right track. ‘’Find Me’’ is her new music output and she sings in an effortless manner that is starting to gain real traction, all over the planet.

Featuring ‘3ldin’ on this new song, it’s an absolute winner and bound to be massive on the charts and in clubs when they re-open. With a sensual start, the song builds up into a banger and I love the flute element in the background. This is a positive song that expresses ‘Siera’s’ growing maturity.

With the 19 year old growing song by song, ‘’Find Me’’ is the ripping follow up to the sexy ‘’All In’’ featuring the up and coming ‘DJ Primetime’. I am excited to hear more from ‘Siera’ and see how her career goes. She has a new fan right here. Music with substance that helps my soul stay happy is a winner in my book.

Stream Siera here on her Spotify page to listen more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Topjaw has dropped a new single ‘The Flood’

Topjaw has dropped their killer single ‘The Flood’. It’s everything a lover of Rock and Roll will have on repeat, bringing their own modernised style to the popular genre.

Starting off with the harsh riff on the guitar and the tap on the drum coming together to create that manic instrumentation to give it that real Rock infused sound. Making sure that it’s kept loud and crazy and the instrumentation flows steadily with the rest.

Creating that suspenseful feeling as you listen, with the way the instrumental builds up to let the heavier sound come out. With the vocals they tend to have that more rough texture, keeping that pitch fairly low but reaching high if they need too.

Now it wouldn’t be a Rock song without a heavy guitar solo to draw your attention too as the electrifying riffs shine and the hard-hitting drum beats clash as the vocals come back in full swing.

A fantastic piece of music by Topjaw, we’re looking forward to what they get up to next!

Check out Topjaw’s The Flood by heading on over to Spotify now.


Ozzy the grouch has dropped Rap single ‘C Me’

Ozzy the grouch has dropped his latest single ‘C Me’ infusing Rap and Hip-Hop and combining them together to create this upbeat track.

Kicking off with an insanely infectious melody from artist Ozzy as the beat pushes through and the pace gets quicker. Having that steady flow between the rhythm and the vocals as the Rap comes in quick.

It’s one of them songs that will get stuck in your head, with the way the Rap continuously keeps that fast pace and collides alongside all of the elements that come with this track. As you can listen, you can clearly hear each word that is sung, even though sometimes the melody can tend to lead to distraction and take your attention from the actual Rap itself.

Check out Ozzy the grouch’s C Me by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall


Trip Carter releases Fashun prod. Blue Rondo

Artist Trip Carter has released his latest piece ‘Fashun’ mixing that energetic upbeat essence within his R&B and Soul sound.

The beat that flows through this piece, it has this incredibly uplifting sound as each element that is added into it pulses through and tends to take over the vocals with its high energy sound, with the smooth sound of the guitar strings.

With the way the melody goes hand in hand with the mellow tone of the vocals that keep it having this steady flow, keeping the voice at a fairly low pitch but tending to amp up the volume as the instrumentation begins to cut through at a quicker pace.

Having this steady flow that keeps at that same pace, mixing all the elements together and then combining perfectly, hitting the high notes effortlessly and having that infectious melody that plays throughout.

Listen to Trip Carter’s Fashun prod. Blue Rondo by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall


Arson (Prod by Highmanways) by Faustoe: TripHop to make your jaw drop!

It’s not often you hear a distinctive, clean voice that you could recognise anywhere but Faustoe is just such a talent. His tone is reminiscent of a young Luda but the flow is faster, harder, and he is lyrically succinct in a way that West Coast rappers excel. The HipHop audience is sophisticated and can spot a perpetrator from a mile a way, but Faustoe keeps it one hundred, rides the track effortlessly and presents his life through his art with authentic and well timed verbosity.

The production by Highmanways is clean and flawless. His beats are not at odds with Faustoe but rather there is a symbiotic relationship that makes for a match made in heaven. The musical hook is cultivated in such a way that it almost feels like a religious chant – reverent, hypnotic, and respectful of its place in the story. Damn, these guys can build a track and the finished product is legendary. ‘Arson’ by Faustoe pushes the boundaries like all great music should and will establish this artist as someone deserving of a seat at the head of table.

Have a listen to ‘Arson’ by Faustoe (Prod: Highmanways) here, on Soundcloud. Enjoy.

Review by Susan Harriott


KayBe releases her Pop and Soul inspired single Fall in Love

KayBe has dropped her latest single ‘I Fall in Love’ combining Pop and Soul into a truly mesmerising piece of music.

Starting off with the peaceful tune on the piano, as KayBe enters with her powerful vocals singing in a rather mellow tone as her voice gives off this calming feeling as you listen, even when she does stretch her voice to reach those high notes, which she does perfectly.

The way the piano plays alongside her vocals gives it this suspenseful and overwhelming sound as the pitch heightens and the vocals begin to reach to that higher side as the instrumentation builds up around them.

Adding in that occasional clash on drums to really build up that atmosphere as KayBe’s compelling vocals pierce through each element. Letting the slight hum of the voice lead off to a smooth and calming ending.

Head on over to Spotify now to listen to KayBe’s single I Fall in Love.

Review by Karley Myall