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Rise Up: EX1MUS are quite marvellous on the soundtrack you need to hear with ‘Valour’

With a soundtrack sound that has you feeling like you are just about to witness a vitally epic scene in a new Dwayne Johnson movie, EX1MUS has us clenching our jaws tight and taking on any battle that we need to emerge victorious in with the inspirational ‘Valour‘.

EX1MUS (pronounced “eximus”) is a Western Europe-born, California-based indie genre-defying act that strives to make music that is free from unwarranted societal expectations.

Their music blends elements of orchestral, choral, rock, and electronic music, but is ultimately unconstrained in style and instrumentation.” ~ EX1MUS

As they bring us strength through the speakers with a mighty effort that is absolutely spellbinding, EX1MUS have our minds in awe and sensing like anything is actually achievable again.

Valour‘ from the magnificent Western Europe-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie outfit EX1MUS, is one of those cinematic experiences that you just turn up loud and close your eyes to. This is a stunning single that is a made-for-movie single – which will surely be in a Hollywood blockbuster film – where it deserves to be. If you are feeling low on confidence and need a natural boost, this is the perfect track to return to former glories.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Don’t Care: LA’s VALLEY GRL puts the middle finger up on the defiant anthem ‘IF I WANT TO’ (feat. Dev Soter)

As she sparks one up and takes a long pull to smoke out any inner anger she feels deep in her bones, VALLEY GRL shows the world that she is making her own decisions now and isn’t bothering with any unsolicited advice anymore on ‘IF I WANT TO(feat. Dev Soter).

VALLEY GRL is a feisty Northern California-born, Los Angeles-based indie rapper/singer who has had to claw and fight her way to where she is now. After moving around a lot when her school days ended abruptly, she has travelled the country and now feels ready for that global domination.

I wrote this song after I quit my job and had to move out of my LA apartment. I was lost, confused and emotionally f*cked up. I realized that for years I would hear people tell me I wasn’t making the “right” decisions; how I dress, how I act, how I talk… so a long time ago I decided not to give a f*ck. So this song is for anyone who feels like they are an outcast and/or sick of being told how to live their own lives.” ~ VALLEY GRL

VALLEY GRL lights up our imagination with a quick-fire track that shows us a talented creative who has broken through the walls of her past. After having a tough time when she was younger – you feel the intenseness inside her vocals that are sensationally projected – to lead us into her currently-evolving mindset of getting to that happy place, which is far away from the previously controlled world she was hidden inside for too long.

IF I WANT TO(feat. Dev Soter) from the fiercely independent LA-based indie rap solo singer/rapper VALLEY GRL, is that true story about following your own path after being doubted for so long. She sings with a passionate outlook and feels so content with her decision, to walk down her own road that will be filled with exciting adventures. We are witnessing a highly gifted young woman who has brushed off those who were dragging her down, as it feels like she is set for big things.

Hear this follow-your-dreams anthem on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Legends In The Making: LA’s rockers Left Of The Slash ride just right on ‘With Patience Along’

With their debut EP ‘Won‘ on the way in the next few months, Left Of The Slash tantalise us with their phenomenal new single which was written in 2003 that will unquestionably have your feet tapping called ‘With Patience Along‘.

Left Of The Slash is a magnificent alt-rock act from busy Los Angeles, California. After imprinting our eardrums with the catchy-riff gem ‘Between The Lines‘ in October 2021, there is much to commend about such a pulsatingly vibrant sound from an outfit that appears to only get better after each release.

Left Of The Slash sound truly motivated here and this might be their best release yet. There is a real razor edge here that sharpens your mind and has you feeling fully alert in the moment, as your bones just rattle in that unexplained excitement. This is the type of track to wake up with – as you jump up and down to feel alive again – with a top echelon act that unquestionably knows how to satisfy our broken hearts.

With Patience Along‘ from the high-tempo Los Angeles, California-based indie alt-rock band Left Of The Slash, is such a pure sound and shall shake your woke speakers awake with some aplomb. Featuring that trademark vocal sound that has you balancing the volume to get another listen, plus a stunning melody that grips you suddenly and never let’s go. This is that old school rock mentality that seems to be making a much-awaited comeback to the masses, due to its engaging soundscape that just feels so good on the soul.

Hear this powerful act on Spotify and see more news on their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Miss You: Arlando Mba sends incredibly beautiful tribute on ‘Sweet Child Of Mine’

On a timeless reminder that might have you stretching for the tissues to soak up those sad tears of loss, Arlando Mba sings with such stunning class on a beautifully-written single made for her loving mother who tragically passed away called ‘Sweet Child Of Mine‘.

Arlando Mba is a well-loved Los Angeles, California-based indie solo singer-songwriter with Cameroonian heritage who expertly blends in rock, soul, RnB, and pop, which makes you feel like you are listening to a vintage artist who could hold her own in any era.

When her mom passed away in 2019, Arlando wrote Sweet Child of Mine. She wrote the song to help her privately cope with her mom’s death. Little did she know that she would be singing her song at her mom’s funeral.” ~ Arlando Mba

Arlando Mba is quite incredible on this exquisitely sung single which is filled with heart, laced with soul, and sung with an everlasting affection for that special soul who is truly missed each minute. You feel her emotion intertwining through this magnificently projected piano-filled experience, with such gloriously delicate vocals taking you to a place you can’t help but admire.

Sweet Child Of Mine‘ from LA indie singer-songwriter Arlando Mba, shows us the love between a mother and a daughter, who cared for each other so much and miss each other terribly. Performed with so much classy elegance from a sincerely astonishing musician who is only just getting started – this is a loving track that is will have you feeling rather reflective – about those who you truly care about. It is okay to cry sometimes after all.

Hear this heartfelt tribute on her Soundcloud page and find out more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hide In My Head: SVNDRA is quite ravishingly resplendent on the excellent ‘STAY’ (feat. wifisfuneral)

On a breathtaking rhythm that has your entire foundation vigilant and eager for anything, SVNDRA is quite sensational on her more-loving-please new single called ‘STAY(feat. wifisfuneral).

SVNDRA is a naturally-creative Estonian-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and classically trained dancer, who blends hip-hop and sensuous synth to pack a refreshing ambience into each one of her gorgeous tracks.

SVNDRA dreamt of being a singer and living in Los Angeles from the time she was a child growing up in the beautiful forests of her country and she let nothing get in her way. Alone, and only 17 years old she made her initial trip to the United States and wound up recording her first demos in a basement in Queens. The following year she returned, this time to LA and started her life in America.” ~ SVNDRA

This is the sensually evocative narrative of desiring your partner to stay no matter what, as the enchanting SVNDRA pulsates the airwaves like the world-class artist that she is. There is so much to lather lovingly into here, with a smoothly comprehended production that is simply flawless from all corners.

STAY(feat. wifisfuneral) the compelling Estonian-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie-pop singer-songwriter SVNDRA, is one of the finest singles yet from 2021. There is so much extraordinary pure essence all the way through, and the combination of a singer in her prime and a rapper reaching the peak of his powers is quite a beautiful combination. This is the type of hot track that is perfect for any time of the day or night, as you just turn this up on full and see where you end up next.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

He Was A Survivor: James Bene shows us his inner strength to conquer any challenge on ‘American Warrior’

As he pulls his blood-stained chin up from the grimy basement to stand up for himself from the wretched tyrants who sought to bring him down to their unsatisfying level, James Bene seizes his 2nd chance with both hands and leaves the speakers shaking in pure delight with ‘American Warrior‘.

James Bene is a Los Angeles, California-based electro-pop solo artist and owner of Bene Mudra. A natural creative who grew up performing in various musicals, plays and other theatrical events, you feel his stage presence shining through magnificently on this vibrant effort.

This song was written as an anthem not just for my life but for all who have experienced injustice and had to rise above adversity.” ~ James Bene

James Bene shows us that even if you come from a small town and have been comprehensively written off, there is no reason to believe the naysayers and give up. He sings with sterling courage and projects his message to a highly commended aplomb, on a sizzling track that has to give you goosebumps of inspiration.

American Warrior‘ from the Los Angeles, California-based electro-pop solo artist James Bene, is a powerful message that has been delivered with the mentality of a fighter that urges us to follow our dreams no matter what. Sung with a breathless gusto, this is a striking effort – from a creative who has the underdog attitude that shall keep him hungry forever – no matter what type of deserved successes come his way.

Hear this passionate new single on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Had a Future: Marc Rangel wonders what happened to that sweet romance on ‘Why Don’t You Love Me Anymore’

With a reminiscing tone that looks back at when they couldn’t stop holding hands and laughing together, Marc Rangel is full of that sad regret about the moment he knew it was over on the notably impassioned new single ‘Why Don’t You Love Me Anymore‘.

Marc Rangel aka Marc Anthony Rangel is a Los Angeles, California-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who grew up mostly in Rockford, Illinois.

His biggest musical influences come from 90’s and early 2000’s r&b music.” ~ Marc Rangel

Marc Rangel displays his unparalleled vocal ability on an emotional rollercoaster that has your heart feeling so empty and thinking back to your own romantic troubles. His tone is rather unprecedented and has you turning up the volume, to capture each second of this terrific young musician who is finding his way in this extremely odd world we all reside in.

Why Don’t You Love Me Anymore‘ from the Los Angeles, California-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Marc Rangel, shows us a sombre mind that is so disoriented as to what actually transpired. The love was there and he enjoyed each moment to the fullest but is in deep regret at the way things unfolded.

The one that got away is always the hardest relationship to get out of your mind after all,

Feel the emotion flowing through the veins of this heartfelt creation on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rescue You: LA pop artist and model Kel Adore drops highly memorable debut release ‘Fool for the Pain’

Invigorated by artists such as Jon Bellion and Julia Michaels, Kel Adore sings with rare raw emotion and inspiring style with her hot debut single all about being with the wrong person on ‘Fool for the Pain‘.

Kel Adore is an elegant Los Angeles, California-born indie-pop singer-songwriter and thriving model. She is a newcomer to the scene but sings with a mature outlook, as she performs with a luscious vocal ability and smartly-penned lyrics.

I love how music helps us relate to each other through stories and emotions.” ~ Kel Adore

Kel Adore is absolutely exquisite on her debut single that roars into life and takes you into an unhappy bedroom, that needs to be changed before that valuable heart is truly broken for good. Sung with a magnificent flair and featuring a glowing production that only heightens the tension, this is a stunning effort that will be shaking in your mind like a rattlesnake ready to pounce.

Her mission with music is simple: to uncover the truth and help people feel understood. Adore shares her music not to merely entertain, but to feed the soul. Kel believes that music has a special way of connecting us and reminding us of what matters most, especially when it is brutally honest.” ~ Kel Adore

Fool for the Pain‘ from the Los Angeles, California-born indie-pop singer-songwriter and model Kel Adore, is a truly striking effort from a young woman who has the world at her feet. She sings with such a tremendously exciting gusto and her voice enlightens your core at times, as she brings us a highly relevant story that should wake up so many to do the right thing.

Being with the wrong person is only going to damage your precious soul after all.

Check out this top new single on Spotify and see more from this classy artist via her thriving IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Late Night Ride: Remy Prosper returns with the sumptuously delivered ‘U Don’t Know’

After previously having his music placed in Netflix’s “Grand Army” and the CW’s “Black Lightning”, Remy Prosper slices off a sizzling single off his 5-track EP release called ‘Supernova‘, with the hot track to raise your temperature called ‘U Don’t Know‘.

Remy Prosper is a tremendously well-respected Los Angeles, California/Miami, Florida-based indie composer and music producer.

His distinct sound and production style stems from a wide range of influences. From classical baroque music to Quincy Jones and The Beatles, Remy’s music background has always been eclectic.” ~ Remy Prosper

You sense that this is a top track to lather calmly inside, with a delightful and elegant style that has you feeling so reinvigorated by the quality brought forward. Streaming into your curious mind with much class – this is a sensual song to be truly enamoured by – as each second just seems to get better and better.

U Don’t Know‘ from the Los Angeles/Miami-based composer and music producer Remy Prosper, sends a shiver through your spine that you might have forgotten existed. There is a ravishing beat here that totally captivates you on this deep house gem of note, that is the perfect Friday night track to truly sink your whole body into. Made with a crystalized feeling you just can’t shake off, there is much to love about a track that will truly have your heart beating so much faster.

Check out this top new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Back To Where Our Love Belongs: Luvlee feels so uplifted by a new romance on ‘Deja Vu’

With the highly skilled help of New York-based music producer JONO, Luvlee reminds us that true love is just around the corner if you let nature take over on ‘Deja Vu‘.

Luvlee aka Lee Brown, is a North Hollywood, Los Angeles and London-based indie pop punk solo artist and music producer.

With an ode to those classic days in this much-liked genre, you feel like you have just gone back in time to a place which you remember quite fondly. The vocals are so excitingly eloquent and fantastically pure, with a smooth background that takes you to a 2000’s picture inside your beating heart.

The song captures that familiar feeling of looking into the eyes of a stranger as your emotions get overwhelmed by a rush of unexplainable “Deja Vu”, excitement and nostalgia. Almost like you have known this person for years, like they were your summer love back in high school.” ~ Luvlee

Deja Vu‘ from the LA/London, UK based pop punk solo artist Luvlee, is the type of single you will be beaming about like a happy bird flying in the beautiful blue sky. The vocals are absolutely on point, with a terrific air of style that has you looking deeply into the eyes of your new lover. This background soundscape is rather caressing for the fragile soul to embrace, as we all find that true happiness again.

Check out this freshly kissed new single on Spotify and see more via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen