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Forgot How To Breathe: Kayla Friend longs for that sweet kiss again on valentine’s day

Witnessing that torn page and reminiscing for a tender touch to change the day, Kayla Friend propels us through the lonesome nights and sings with such an affectionate beauty on valentine’s day.

Experienced in both the desert and the big city life, Kayla Friend is a Hemet, California-born indie singer-songwriter who appears to have the resourceful tendencies needed to succeed.

In some strange culmination of recent events, Kayla Friend’s valentine’s day is an accurate representation of our current world. There is so much love to give. Some would say endless. Somehow however something is off like a cruel game is being played on those who crave a genuine touch. In a sometimes meaningless and plastic time for humanity, this is the sad reality when the heart gets broken too many times.

valentine’s day from the San Antonio-based creative Kayla Friend is such a sweetly-toned track to rid all worries away into the closet. Helping us heal with a true story, this is a hold-me-tight-single for anyone feeling rather let down. Reminding us to go back into the moment and appreciate the love, no matter how short the kiss was.

Love can be harsh sometimes after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Saw that photo of you both: Katija feels like a heartbroken fool on the vibrant new release Won’t Waste My Time

Hiding those tears away as she feels so used from a past heartbreak, Katija sings with so much astonishing quality and a drive which will surely inspire many to wipe those traumas away on Won’t Waste My Time.

Katija is an Auckland, New Zealand-based indie pop singer-songwriter who is a proudly queer artist on a mission to spread her message to the world.

She previously has been a blues singer, gigging regularly around Auckland, and brings her blues style of vocals to the pop genre. She also was the organizer of the “Proud Mary” queer dance parties that celebrated female artists and DJs, the ethos of celebrating musicians and artists from all walks of life is dear to her heart.” ~ Katija

Delving into our deepest mindsets with so much care and love, Katija is truly outstanding in her latest gem which might put everything in perspective again. Moving on from the pain with an influential performance, we find a song made for anyone who has felt romantically let down recently.

Won’t Waste My Time from Auckland, New Zealand-based indie pop musician Katija is one of the most dynamic singles anyone is likely to hear in 2023. Accomplished with exquisite energy which will heal sad ears from any sadness, this is a must-listen from a courageous soul who is only gaining more self-awareness by the minute.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Following Me: Lewis Ross-Robson is in a reinvigorated form we should surely savour on Black Again

Making his return to the music world after a much-needed hiatus to complete his studies and explore the perimeters of his sound, Lewis Ross-Robson is in extraordinary form on the rather memorable new single Black Again.

Lewis Ross-Robson is a York-born Manchester-based indie-folk singer-songwriter who has overcome those easy-to-pickup-bad habits to make music with a real message and pure purpose.

Lewis’ take on introspective folk is a reminder of the importance of simplicity in music, seeking to retain a delicate and distinctive essence through his sound.” ~ Lewis Ross-Robson (taken from his Spotify page)

With quality overlooking at every corner as each note stirs the soul, Lewis Ross-Robson has cemented his name into our anxious hearts with a simply superb showing on his much-anticipated single Black Again.

Black Again from York-born Manchester-based indie-folk singer-songwriter Lewis Ross-Robson is a single all about trying to stay positive in a rather tempting and destructive world, He sings with truth and love. The realness attached is rather refreshing and shall float our minds away from the harsh vortex, which can take our souls away if safeguards aren’t put into place.

Knowing what you need to do is the start. Actually achieving your goals, is the brave battle where success is formulated.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

On Her Own: Anna Helen drops an unforgettable single to heal the pain with on Healing

Gracefully flowing from her gorgeously sweet 3-track EP called Twenty to Self, Anna Helen shows us the fight needed when you don’t receive that extra love needed on Healing.

Anna Helen is a fresh-faced and vocally brilliant Berlin, Germany-based indie pop singer-songwriter who makes music for others to face those life-changing challenges.

I started writing poetry and short stories when I was just 10 years old. Telling stories and trying to connect with others through words and art has always been the moving force in my life. Soon I discovered my love for music, started playing the piano and singing my poetry instead of reading it aloud. When I realised that through my songs I can speak up for others and take a stand as well as work through my own obstacles it became my goal to share my songs with the world.” ~ Anna Helen

Looking for a special light to take the darkness away, Anna Helen wrote this song for those who needed it most. She kindly washes away all the past hurt and slides our attention away into the moment to start the lets-get-better process quicker.

Healing from Berlin, Germany-based indie pop singer-songwriter Anna Helen is a rather sublime effort from an angelic goddess who is showing us the way to a better path. Performed with a superb tone and featuring so many lyrically intricate moments to treasure, we find a track to feel okay with again. Finally.

The storm does eventually pass after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

SMAIBLUE drops soulful new release Fire Up Your Spirit

With a calming energy which will take many breaths into new waters, SMAIBLUE sizzles our attention with an elevated new release to stoke up those flames when we needed it most on Fire Up Your Spirit.

SMAIBLUE is a UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter who makes those transcendent songs which will fill the hearts of many who love something different to the norm.

In the deepest part of the Indonesian jungle there lies a dilapidated home; this being houses speaking if rusting music equipment. Multi-instrumentalist and varied songwriter Smaiblue began here in 2016.” ~ SMAIBLUE

Calmly holding our hands and flying us into something rather genuine, SMAIBLUE shall inspire many a soul to take charge of whatever is slowing down the progression. Saturated in realness and giving the world a beautifully composed effort to remember, this is a reminder that music can heal anything.

Fire Up Your Spirit from UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter SMAIBLUE is the type of track which will change many moods around. Moulded so sweetly and taking our spirits into a much better place, we find an experience which will surely give many a daydreamer-like daze to cherish for its terrific pureness.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sorry For The Pain: Sensational Swedish angelic wonder Sofia Ilektra feels like the Lucky Charm

Sung with so much delightful grace and illuminating beauty, Sofia Ilektra rockets our tired souls into a whole new world of intrigue with her mesmerizing new single called Lucky Charm.

Sofia Ilektra is an experimental Stockholm, Sweden-based indie singer-songwriter, poet and creative director who is one of those rare artists who takes breaths away to be rejuvenated.

She’s often exploring introspective topics whilst blending playful, rhythmic vocals with soothing, ethereal tones.” ~ taken from Sofia’s Spotify page

Showing us how a self-enlightened essence can flip moods around with beautiful melodies, Sofia Ilektra is a tremendously luminous anthem for anyone who needs to be reminded that mindset is everything. Easing our apprehensions into calmer waters, we find a lifeguard-like song to rescue all of our concerns away with calming confidence to savour.

Lucky Charm from the enticing Stockholm, Sweden-based indie singer-songwriter/poet Sofia Ilektra is a supremely stunning soundtrack to get enthusiastic about as it’s pure and sweet on the palate. This exceptionally genuine spirit has reminded us that music is there to be cherished if made with love. Just like life should be right?

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Old Man Sings: Sarah Streitz drops the moody gem to reflect with called Lonely Woman Blues

Executed with that gritty show-like sharpness which will please fans of the illuminated underground, Sarah Streitz sings with a world-class attitude which will soothe many a sad soul with her Lonely Woman Blues.

Sarah Streitz is a Santa Fe, New Mexico and Minneapolis, Minnesota-based indie singer-songwriter who makes those timeless-like tracks to play for hours.

Cruising through with her high-heeled shoes on which shall sizzle the airwaves just right, Sarah Streitz is at her supreme best and shall bring many hearts a warm gift to treasure forever.

Gliding so elegantly like a night out with genuine friends who won’t leave you behind, as our speakers sizzle and another sip is consumed.

Lonely Woman Blues from Minnesota-based indie singer-songwriter Sarah Streitz is a must-listen for anyone who likes classic sounding music. There is a real flourishing vitality on offer here, which shall shake many stale cobwebs away. Sarah seems to sing with so much class and desire, with her expert storytelling abilities brought to the fore.

If you want a trip down memory lane, this is the perfect tonic.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Be Nice: Mexican-Austrian artist Paloma Amaya breaks out of the chains on Coming Home

Performed with so much heartfelt desire and unlocking the door to what is possible, Paloma Amaya returns with vocally impressive melodies to enrapture inside with Coming Home.

Paloma Amaya is a Mexican-Austrian singer-songwriter based in the UK who is best known for her work at various theatres in Vienna.

After first gracing the stage when she was just 2 years old, Paloma Amaya is the kind of musician who shall stop many in their tracks. Her flourishing vocal technique will surely warm spirits and change moods, as we are treated to a truly inspiring artist who hasn’t even entered her prime yet.

Coming Home from Mexican-Austrian singer-songwriter Paloma Amaya is a rather special track and shows us how a heart may heal up if it opened up again. Spectacular beyond any previous comprehension and taking us into this intricately designed anthem, this is a song to turn up loud when you know a new path is available.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

J. Matthews needs to be pulled close on the essential soulful track to heal with called Wanderlust

With so many intriguing introspections and a speedy mind racing back at all those previous mistakes, J. Matthews desires his soul to be healed by an angelic wonder who is the only love he wants with Wanderlust.

J. Matthews is a USA-based indie pop singer-songwriter who has an experimental poet mentality which shall enrapture many intellects into a vortex of magnetic prospects.

Any story worth telling has its phases, its unique chapters, its unexpected twists, and J. Matts’ music captures this element through an unexpected, yet cohesive, rhapsody.” ~ J. Matthews

After growing up tough and sensing that his body is currently sinking underwater, J. Matthews searches for the truth that will set his spirit free forever on the immaculate new single Wanderlust. There is honesty in droves here and the ear-pleasing energy shows us a reflective release to ponder with and turn up for hours.

Wanderlust from USA-based indie pop singer-songwriter J. Matthews is one of the more emotionally expressive and brave soundtracks of 2023 so far. Sung with a pure purpose and drenched in so much to learn from for many who are massively in love, inside a world which has deceptive temptations lurking everywhere.

If you take time to rejuvenate, anything shall be possible moving forward.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Find A Way: Nika Borouj wants more than a boyfriend on Spaceman

With her much-anticipated music video due for a 10th January 2023 release, Nika Borouj shows us what she is really looking for on her galaxy-exploring new track called Spaceman.

Nika Borouj is a youthful Iran-born indie pop singer-songwriter who moved to the USA with her family to follow their dreams and locate further opportunities to blossom.

Inspired by legends such as Lady Gaga and Billie Eilish, Nika Borouj sings with a freedom that is like nothing else the world shall hear today. Her passion shines through rather spectacularly and shall brighten up all previously cold moods.

Nika is currently studying Philosophy at UCLA as well as releasing music worldwide.” ~ Nika Borouj

Spaceman from the Texas-based indie pop artist and aspiring lawyer Nika Borouj delivers us a promising track which will cause eyes to look above for more than what is on offer currently. Her fiery vitality is for all to hear rather quickly, while the catchy beat shall lather a coat of imagination all over our beaming smiles.

When you know what you want, everything is possible.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen