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Robin Novaku has released the most evocative Future Pop single of Summer 2020 with “Hold On”

It’s safe to say that EDM Pop producer, songwriter and composer Robin Novaku’s latest single “Hold On” featuring Jonas Wak is the most evocative Pop single of summer 2020.

Their instantly immersive, blissfully light soundscape carries an Indie vibe to amplify the accessibility of the Future Pop beat which is perfectly complemented by magnetically warm vocals. Neither the vocals nor the lyrics hold back on spilling plenty of amorously romantic appeal.

The hype around Robin Novaku’s sound is more than easy to understand with their effortlessly feel-good, organically resonant mixes. If you like to have your finger on the pulse of up and coming talent, you’ll want the Albanian artist on your playlists. There isn’t a vibe check on earth he couldn’t pass.

You can check out Robin Novaku’s latest single Hold On for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Joshua slides in with deep pop house tingled ”Unorthodox”

Unorthodox is about embracing the unique qualities within yourself. I’ve never fit in a ‘box’ and have no ambition to. I have accepted that I may never be understood and that’s okay with me.”- Joshua

Indie singer-songwriter Joshua describes his music as ‘out there’ and ‘unpredictable’ with the overall message of always staying inclusive to all. The mix between sad lyrics and upbeat music shows Joshua’s formula of making the best out of a bad situation. This is escape music for our souls and the beat is always fresh.

Unorthodox” from Joshua is a lovely song and it showcases a very strong vocalist and man in general. He has had a tough time with people questioning him and this is a statement. This is a fiercely indie artist going down his own road and he loves every moment. With a fantastic voice and meaningful lyrics, Joshua is a real gem in the music scene and should be applauded for never backing down.

Stream this smooth house track here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Leeds based Indie singer-songwriter ‘Manuka’ spreads beautiful message on stunning single called ‘’Feel Your Love’’

‘’The deeper I go/the more I breathe’’. Some positive lyrics here from an incredibly talented & soulful musician. Just breathe and go for it, you will find many treasures for the heart, only when you just try and let go and love.

With ‘Gauri’ (her acoustic guitar) and ‘Daisy’ (her ukulele) right alongside for the ride, Leeds based ‘Manuka’ is an acoustic angel that has just made my day and will do the same for you. In an often gloomy world, this is exactly the type of music that should be on the radio, in shops, schools and turned up loud on the speakers. This is Love Folk music for the whole family. 

You can’t help but feel happy while listening to this multi-talented woman. Life is sweet with special souls like this. Watching ‘Manuka’ live must be a spiritual experience and this is exactly what I will be doing when gigs are back on. 

“My music is forever growing and changing based on the things and the people that inspire me. I feel therefore I create”.

If ‘Raveena’ from the US is ever in the UK on tour, choosing ‘Manuka’ as her opening act would be a smart move. Let’s enjoy this terrific single and take all the advice and just feel that good vibe. We are supposed to be happy. 

The world needs love. Feel your love here thanks to the lovely ‘Manuka’ on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Hunter Tynan Davis’ sends positive message about growing up with ‘’This High’’

This high I’m chasing won’t let me be / It’s only her these nights that’s got me losing sleep.

A singer-songwriter currently based in Nashville in the USA, ‘Hunter Tynan Davis’ has a great story of suffering, love and hurt, all in one. Right now though, this artist is so grounded and displaying new-found maturity on ‘’This High’’. He has realized that all the partying, drugs and crazy life has ended. He is on the road to success and is grateful for the chance to shine. 

When a knee injury temporarily forced him to the sidelines during his American football career when he was a College, Hunter did some soul-searching… and ultimately made the decision to ditch football in favor of a music career. He switched schools and changed majors, eventually winding up at Tennessee State University in Nashville from where he was in Texas, where he boosted his music education by playing in local blues trios. A fine way to get the ball rolling. 

“I knew I had to make a choice, even at that young age, so I pursued my true calling,” says Hunter. “When I started focusing on songwriting, it was like I was taking over the family business. It was very seamless in its transition.”

Born on the Gulf of Mexico, he spent his earliest days on his maternal grandfather’s shrimp boat on the waters of southeast Texas. A humble start to life and a lesson that has made him so much stronger. He has had to earn his stripes and is now starting to see the results. 

A life for a musician is hard, perhaps Hunter can reach the top and inspire the others that come after him. This Texas/Tennessee artist is going places, perhaps 2021 is his year.

Listen right here on his Facebook link for the track.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Scotland’s beloved Folk storyteller ‘Tom Houston’ is back & soaked full of heart with ‘’Child on a Plane’’

When you fall asleep at night and imagine what a legendary Scottish singer-songwriter looks like, he will probably look like ‘Tom Houston’. His lyrics, full of vivid imagination and absolute honesty, burrows cheekily through the dusty speakers like an inquisitive fox, catching your attention quickly and you end up listening to every word. A true singer-songwriter has this skill. You are either born with this gift or you are not.

A man who must have hours and hours of incredible stories of travelling the world, playing in scruffy music venues with true character, ‘Tom Houston’ should be treasured and listened to more than most. This is the type of real soul we should by CD’s from & stream all night. 

‘’Child on a Plane’’ is about Tom remembering his youth, reminiscing and thinking of these times when he was young. There is always one more dream to find. This is an important message and one that must never be forgotten. No matter what, we have a new day to achieve our goals.

With the music industry all over the world taking a massive hit, to put it mildly, Tom is the kind of musician we really need to support when the pubs and bars are allowed to undust and rise again. Tillicoultry, Scotland sounds like a lovely place Tom. I hope I get to watch you perform live someday soon.

Stream more of this Scottish legend on his SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Sweet-sounding ‘Saent London’ releases one of the best songs of 2020 with ‘’Distressed’’

With a stunning voice, seductive piano sounds, self-aware lyrics and top production, this is a quality R&B/Pop release for the ages. ‘Saent London’ is her name- remember it- she is going all the way to the top of the mountain with style. 

In 2019 ‘Saent London’ opened up for Republic Records artist Landon Cube on the Orange North American tour. A major achievement for this young artist and this has started the momentum build to get more listeners to pay attention to her music.

London Ashley Palmer aka ‘Saent London’, is an American singer-songwriter and podcaster. A multi-talented woman, she is on the rise with her first stunning Spotify release- ‘’Distressed’’. 

‘Saent London’ wants the world to de-stress themselves from being played by past lovers who are manipulative and not good for you. To wake up fresh and to get your mind & soul in the zone & focused, to do better and start again. We can all learn from this message and re-calibrate in order to get that negative energy out and only allow positive vibrations. ‘Saent London’ has been sent here to guide us, are you ready to join her?

To stream more soul-healing gifts from this incredibly talented artist, head over to her Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Hampshire based Folk-Roots artist Megan Linford shines bright with truthful ‘’Lessons’’

Put in time and you will get the results. With a soothing piano to start the song, you know this is going to be good. Giving thanks to her parents, speaking about lessons learnt- no matter how hard the occasional trips and falls. 

Megan Linford’, is making her way on the UK Folk/Indie scene with her sun-kissed melodies and honest lyrics, that shows her humble and grateful attitude to life. She is an Indie artist, doing it herself with the love and support of friends and family. She hosts her own music night in Portsmouth and seems to be learning all the sides of the music industry, a very smart move indeed. 

After already pushing out 2 self- released EP’s and 3 singles, Megan is working hard on her first album set for release in 2020. I personally can’t wait to hear the new music and hopefully lockdown hasn’t slowed anything down for her.

From the little I know about Megan, I can tell that this is an extremely industrious and hard working woman who won’t let anything stop her. Her voice is absolutely breathtaking and I can’t wait to see her live at a gig soon. The local music scene needs people like Megan, someone with a positive message and self-awareness, in these troubled times.

‘’Lessons’’ and more stunning vocals from Megan are here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


In a mixture of hip hop and EDM, American creator MAZEMENT drops his new track Closed Doors – featuring The Real DMT

Coming out as a DJ, hip hop artist and songwriter, American creator MAZEMENT drops his new track Closed Doors, featuring The Real DMT.

The word creator perfectly suits MAZEMENT! Starting off with DJing at a very young age, MAZEMENT took on poetry as his main form of expression, poetry that later became the foundations of his first music efforts. He didn’t give in to hip hop entirely though, but decided to experiment with different genres and blendings to develop his style, which happened when he was introduced to EDM. Apparently, the key to his current style lies in the mixture of controversial lyrics, hip hop beats, and percussive electronics.

You can easily tell MAZEMENT has talent as a lyricist and club music producer – he was still born a DJ after all, which endows him with incredible stage presence.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Nas, 2pac, and with Eminem-like grit in the vocals, Closed Doors is an energizingly authentic and true rap, hip hop, trap single that will make MAZEMENT stand out from his peers for good.

Head over to Soundcloud and listen to Closed Doors along with the artist’s other efforts.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Perth’s Alt Country star Siobhan Cotchin fires through the flames with ‘’Do You Know What I Mean’’

I just can’t seem to get outta my head. The classic over-thinking feeling, that moment when you are so uninspired and feel numb inside. It’s a tough feeling and one that Siobhan is feeling on this track.

Australia’s ‘Siobhan Cotchin’- a fast rising talent on the scene- latest song feels so present for today’s times. That is exactly how most of the world is feeling and yes, we do know what you mean. Your books are collecting shelves and we should be reading too. Instead, most of us are glued to the news, waiting for positive news. 

Blending intensity with a melodic, moving sound, her heart-hitting writing has already resulted in many accolades. Nominated for the West Australian Music Association’s Song of the Year; Winner of Fairbridge & Nannup Music Festival – Emerging Artist Award, and song of the year with local youth radio station ‘Pirate FM’. 

Siobhan is so relatable with this song and the rest of her releases. She sings with such passion, realness and you can hear that she is totally authentic. I hope she tours the UK soon so I can witness this incredible talent live. I have no doubt that she will be touring the world when all this madness ends. Until then, I imagine Siobhan to be creating some beautiful music.

Some artists just have that special soul & Siobhan is one of them. Turn her up loud and forget about your worries, even for a short time. This young Australian artist is going places, are you ready to join her journey?

You know you wanna click on all of this talented singer’s music.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Justin Forrest sings all the right notes with pleasing ‘Lighthouse’’

Let me see your Lighthouse. Finding love and seeing that light within is so important to make sure that it’s real. It can take months, sometimes years. You will know when you find it.

‘’Lighthouse’’ is the follow up to 2019’s ‘’Attention’’. Being a new artist on the world scene, it’s very impressive that Justin has brought out two quality R&B Pop songs so quickly. This is a musician on a big mission for global domination. He makes happy music, catchy and they have a Bruno Mars feel to it. No pressure.

I like this song as you can probably tell. ‘’Lighthouse’’ is definitely the superior of his two songs so far. You can hear the confidence in his voice and this song is personal. With a big momentum boost on the way with lots of streams, ‘Justin Forrest’ is coming for that crown. He is a talented musician who has a crystal clean voice and the guitar riffs at the end of the tracks were a welcome addition. 

Now comes the hard part. Maintaining that buzz and not letting distractions get in the way. If Justin can do this, he will see that lighthouse burning bright, right in front of his eyes. 

Get all of Justin’s music in your ears via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen