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Boyz II Men remix: Black Camaileon drops soulful tribute to ‘It’s Not Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday’

With a stirring message that is so relevant in these troubled times, Black Camaileon is back with the remix to the classic ‘It’s Not Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday‘.

Black Camaileon is a New York-based producer and indie r&b influenced singer-songwriter who sadly lost his loving wife recently to cancer, and makes music to courageously honor her name.

With stunning vocals that flow out of his soul from his rough life growing up, he had a successful career before taking a long hiatus, as money and fame was never the pursuit, only making music and inspiring those who choose to listen to it.

He sings with love on this conscious classic that speaks on important issues that are still facing many today and with vocals that strike your heart and make you feel warm inside, he is an underground legend that is back in the game after many years away. You can feel his passion as he remembers the incredible 90’s, each word is sung with such precision and meaning to heat your senses and help you forget the worries of modern times.

It’s Not Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday‘ from New York’s indie r&b singer Black Camaileon, is a stirring rendition of a track that is one of the top songs of its generation and is sung so gloriously here. A fitting tribute indeed. that helps us realize that we can be so much more if we work together and plan for a better day tomorrow, as one team.

See this terrific remix here on YouTube and find out more on IG.

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You are enough: Daneka drops intriguing debut about love and heartbreak on ‘She’s Never Been’

Through her thought-provoking lens of previous pain during her tough upbringing and seeing things a young girl shouldn’t, the inspiring Daneka tells us the true story of loving a man who is taken, while also sticking up for the unique ladies out there on promising debut ‘She’s Never Been’.

Daneka Ackhavong aka Daneka, is a Essex-born indie RnB/soul/pop singer-songwriter, who draws on her own real experiences that made her grow up quicker than she should, and uses her meaningful creations to help herself heal, whilst also assisting others who share her story.

She sings with such maturing glow and you can feel the true passion in her voice, her life was hard growing up and she was exposed to and did things she shouldn’t have been able to. She is now flying above all of that now however, to fully flourish and open her wings, as an emerging musician with bundles of talent and a determination like no other.

The story of loving a man who is with someone else is clear to see, as she tries to hide her feelings but can’t, as we hear about how some women are told that they aren’t pretty enough thanks to fake photo shopped fashion magazines, however they really are so gorgeous and desirable by just being themselves.

She’s Never Been’ from Southend On Sea, Essex-born Daneka, is a fantastic debut from a talented female artist, as she finds that inner confidence to tell her story without fear of being judged, in this often quick-comment world that is fast to hate, and too slow to fully love for the right reasons.

Hear this wonderful debut track on Spotify and see more on IG.

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His calling: Dezvelkito brings forth a positive message of peace on ‘Freedom’

With his meaningful voice rising above the obvious pain, Dezvelkito shows us the way to try and find ‘Freedom‘, so the anguish may be lifted away for the greater good.

Uscla Johnny Desarmes aka Dezvelkito, is a peaceful indie r&b New Jersey, USA-based producer, filmmaker, writer and singer-songwriter, who makes that thoughtful music, that he uses to help the world breathe and think about the positive vibrations.

With a calming nature, he delivers here with a stunning song all about wanting to love and to be unshackled from all the previous experiences with his ex lover. He wants to move on from their selfish ways and to be happy again, as sleep has been hard to enjoy, as this emotional moment has been weighing down heavily on his heart.

His voice flies in like a hungry bird that wants to makes his nest and be settled inside his soul again. The uplifting power fills your mind with previous nights you couldn’t sleep, when all you needed was that closure from all previous doubts and misery.

Freedom‘ from New Jersey’s Dezvelkito is a beacon of light onto a dark and gloomy world that needs so much healing. He sings with a passion that is unmatched and this is a song that will heal many, through this tough time in our lives.

Stream this thriving new single on Spotify and see more of his adventures on IG.

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The Western life: Daniel Cooper drops stunning visuals for ‘Cacti’

Singing from the heart and for a good cause, Daniel Cooper is back with the passionate new single to help raise funds on ‘Cacti‘.

Daniel Cooper is a Chicago-raised, Oakland, California-based former band member and now solo singer-songwriter, who sings with an admirable self-awareness and a comeback mentality, after being away from music a few years ago. He has that motivational edge to him and makes that soulfully relevant soundscape, that enters your world to teach you new things about yourself, you didn’t know before.

This is the story of taking your own journey, no matter if others understand it or not. Taking others advice is dangerous sometimes and this can cause you to divert from your end plan. Being yourself and doing what you feel is right, is the way to go as its your life after all.

”100% of profits from song purchases will be donated to the East Oakland Collective. The EOC is a member-based community organizing group invested in serving the communities of deep East Oakland by working towards racial and economic equity. Covid-19 relief efforts include daily distribution of food, sanitation, and household supplies to community members in need.”- Daniel Cooper

His vocals show us into his life and you can feel his passion throughout this uniquely worked music video, that shows us how much he values nature and wants to showcase it in the best light possible.

Cacti‘ from Oakland’s solo singer-songwriter Daniel Cooper, is an ode to those willing adventurers that aren’t afraid to take a risk in life, as their freedom of expression wipes away all self-doubt, to lead them to finding that elusive happiness.

See this quality video on YouTube and see more about his story on IG.

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Music Advice

She’s cheating on me: J’Da Prynce asks for help from the ‘Operator’ on fiery single

Taken off his seven-track album ‘Welcome to J’da’s World‘, J’Da Prynce leads us into his domestic issue-filled mess during stressful times on ‘Operator‘.

Newark, New Jersey-born, South Carolina-raised Jeremy Johnson aka J’Da Prynce, is a multi-skilled writer, educator, solo indie singer-songwriter and President and CEO of talent agency Applaud You Talent Group who is based in electric Atlanta in Georgia. He powerfully brings forth that passionate r&b-fused music experience, that grabs your tugging heart and takes you for a thrilling ride of high-octane vocals that lifts you off your seat.

He sings with a brilliant vocal range, born from his parents bringing him up with the sounds of the choir, he fills the room with stunning echos that have you impressed by the notes he can throw at you. The experience of being overseas has matured him, the different styles he immersed himself into transformed him further, into being a performer that can do any style of music and pull it off with that world class energy.

Operator‘ from Atlanta’s multi-talented J’Da Prynce, is that diversity-inspired song that drives quickly into your mind, while you think about previous issues in the heat of the moment, that required you to take a step back to find your cool again.

Sometimes you need help from strangers to figure out what is going on, before things get out of hand. If love is really strong, you will find a way to be the bigger person and not let your feelings push you to a level, where there is no coming back from.

Stream this vibrant new single on Spotify and see his music journey on IG.

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Never defeated: Inspiring Las Vegas singer-songwriter Jason Rylan refuses to feel ‘Powerless’

With an ever-increasing heartfelt determination flowing rapidly from his veins, Jason Rylan, returns gloriously to give us an empowering message about never giving up no matter what obstacles block your path on ‘Powerless‘.

Multi-genre fused EDM, electronica, dance, and pop artist, California-born, Las Vegas-based indie solo singer-songwriter Jason Rylan, formulates that inner-self motivating music that has been inspired by his loving parents, who taught him what life was all about, while also sharing the wonderful gift of creating sounds with him as they were musicians themselves.

This is the story of feeling down but never out, as you strategically work out how to get out of whatever predicament you are in, so you can flourish instead with positive thinking. He sings with such rare presence, his many years of performing live and recording a vast array of music is highly prevalent, his experience shines through as much as his inner passion.

“Music is spiritual, it flows through us, moves us, and it heals us. It sparks us to ignite positive change within.”- Jason Rylan

Powerless‘ from Vegas musician Jason Rylan, is a wondrous display from an artist who instead of feeling sorry for himself due to all his upcoming tours and shows been shelved, has instead chosen to lift up like a majestic eagle and shows us that you can still do what you love. Life is what you make of it and here is a prime example for us to be inspired by.

Click here for the Spotify link and see more on IG.

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Moving on from the lies: Paul James Rooney courageously fights the pulsating pain of heartbreak on ‘Save My Soul’

With the painful memories still close to his heart, Paul James Rooney sings gloriously and with unwavering personal passion on the special ‘Save My Soul‘.

Paul James Rooney is a world-renowned Copenhagen, Denmark-based international ballet dancer/teacher, choreographer, rehearsal director and singer-songwriter from the UK.

He performs his majestic music intertwined closely with his love for dance and jazz, as he tells you about past memories that are entrenched in his soul and need to be soulfully expressed, so he can find true peace and move on from being lied to by his former lover.

‘Exploring issues of hurt, distress and verbal and psychological abuse in a past relationship, ‘Save My Soul’ brings up issues we rarely discuss. Sticks and Stones may break our bones but words cut even deeper.’- Paul James Rooney

With a stunningly pure voice, issues that are normally swept under the carpet are at the fore, on his music and dance combination that shows so much grace and skill.

Save My Soul‘ from UK singer and ballet legend Paul James Rooney, is a tale of what the past looks like as he asses the scars and find the strength to move on from the negativity-filled thoughts, to blossom fresh again. This experience has hurt deeply and comes with long-lasting scars, but the time to move on and be free again has arrived.

See this real video made with love on YouTube, hear more on Spotify and find out more on IG.

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Can’t give up: Eamonn Conor drives as fast as he can to keep the love alive on ‘Dig Deeper’

With so much jazzy energy and soul laced perfectly to embrace ultimate sensations of love, Eamonn Conor asks his lover to ‘Dig Deeper‘ and feel that passion again.

Eamonn Conor is a thrilling Melbourne, Australia indie-pop singer-songwriter, who sings about those deep passions within and performs with an honest and caring nature, that complements his incredible vocal ability.

He isn’t over them yet and the story opens the door to us looking into this salvage operation in the works. He wants things to be like they were before but he question is, do they feel the same? Sometimes we have to be realistic but if you believe in this as much as the words coming out of your mouth, you have to give it one last shot and drive as far as you need to go, in order to know if you were mistaken, or actually right to do whatever it takes.

Over a lovely beat that calms your heartbeat, we witness glorious vocals over that saucy jazzy/soul/pop background that is such a pleasurable listen. His voice is so sumptuous, each word clear audible and the passion is such a tremendous inspiration to all lovers out there.

Dig Deeper‘ from the exciting Australian pop artist Eamonn Conor, makes you think about the times you gave up on love too easily and regret that moment, vowing never to ever (ever) do that again.

Doing your best to fix a relationship is courageous but this only works if both of you are willing to drive on the same path and try to make your energies sync together again. Otherwise, you will be the one driving by yourself and they will jump out of the car sooner or later.

Head to YouTube for the track and see more about this rising artist on IG.

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Can’t tell us what to say: Passionate LA singer Eriel Indigo drops sensational video for ‘Renegades’

On a mission to tell us how it really is in the USA right now, the dynamic Eriel Indigo opens the door for the world to see her at her most vulnerable, yet never stronger on ‘Renegades‘.

Eriel Indigo is a supremely gifted Los Angeles based indie-pop, EDM, Hip-Hop music artist and captivating creative activist, with a true story to tell. She makes that music that eats deep at the core issues and she brings her awakened sounds to the world, through her brazen style that leads you inside, if you want to learn more.

Taped up to a chair and clearly tired of current affairs that are thrown at us each day which are so hard to ignore, she sings with such velocity and cuts right to the bones of major issues such as divisiveness, hate, media-controlled state-sponsored narrative, brainwashing society and other problems that shouldn’t be happening, in a supposedly smarter world. Sadly poor leadership at the top for too long, has caused these issues and this young artist is fed up with it all.

Renegades‘ from multi-genre LA singer-songwriter/EDM and Hip-Hop artist Eriel Indigo, is the wake-up call for all those who have been hiding under their blanket with the blindfold on recently. She tells it straight up in her own open-minded way and passionately speaks out about the current issues that she feels is wrong and needs changing as soon as possible.

When things are at its worst, we need love and strong leaders to come to the front and do what is right. This is a talented artist who is using her vast platform wisely and has sent Earth an eye-opening and truthful music video, that lays it all on the line for hopes of better days ahead.

Hear this fiery track on Spotify, watch this stunning video on YouTube and see more on her IG.

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That special relationship between you and your hometown: Nottingham’s Nicole Leask is mesmerizing on new single ‘Since You Were Mine’

Nicole Leask dazzles brightly with a stunning performance on the beautiful new single about her hometown on ‘Since You Were Mine‘.

Nottingham, UK-based R&B/Soul singer-songwriter and Yorkshire tea lover Nicole Leask, is that special type of talent who performs with that rare authentic from the heart style and shows her genuine nature throughout. She is a real breath of pure air in a wild world- where flashy fakes with no substance are sadly admired by too many.

She sings with effortless skill that mesmerizes your mind and carefully creates music soundscapes like an angel, who sweetly helps others be inspired again, in this cold world that needs shining lights to find their way out of the scary darkness.

This is the fascinating story about feeling that leaving your hometown for a while is just like a hard breakup with a lover. A fresh song full of incredibly real vocals, that is sung with such classy elegance from a wildly talented soul, who has a voice that melts you down to butter.

We are lifted into the clouds by a  thoughtful soul who writes with such meaning and she takes us on a journey of life’s ups and downs, through her sultry vocals that summon you to a place you didn’t know existed. You feel excited and your heart feels alive when you listen to this electric talent, who is surely destined for big things if she can stay grounded and take that chance when she gets it.

Since You Were Mine‘ from Nottingham R&B/Soul singer Nicole Leask makes your anxious heart skip a beat as you recall vividly all those good and bad memories of your home, that you love but fear with your whole heart.

There is a price to pay when you leave your home comforts but the experience of jumping into new adventures, meeting new people that inspire you and doing what you believe is right- is what you should do, in order to reach your full potential.

Get to know this quality artist on her Spotify page and follow her adventures up the ladder on IG.

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