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Follow You Though: Terry Blade feels rather aggrieved on ‘Eaten Alive’

Taken from his brand new 10-track ‘Neo Queer‘ album, Terry Blade shows us that trapped place that is forcing his mind to wonder why he is in this situation, to begin with on ‘Eaten Alive‘.

Terry Blade is an award-winning Washington, DC-born LGBTQ+ singer-songwriter who is now based in Chicago, Illinois.

He has drawn comparisons to artists such as Meshell Ndegeocello, Macy Gray, and Antony and the Johnsons.” ~ Terry Blade

Featuring such a tremendous beat that is smooth and illuminating, Terry Blade is rather superb on a tale that urges himself to avoid listening too much to someone who he knows should be in his past already.

With vocals that catch your attention quickly and bring you fully into this worrying picture, this is a track to play when you are trying to find the strength deep inside you to seek that escape door and move into calmer waters.

Eaten Alive‘ from the highly respected Chicago, Illinois-based multi-genre musician Terry Blade, is that striking story about feeling like you are locked away with someone who doesn’t respect you but demands that you respect them. The message is real and has your heart beating – as you peek through the curtains – and see someone who is so unhappy but can’t seem to break away just yet.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Like The Back Of My Hand: Superb Irish artist Hallie tries to move on from the vicious heartbreak on ‘Impact’

With a captivating single that has you totally immersed into her story about trying to get past this inner pain, Hallie shows us what she has been going through lately with her 5th single called ‘Impact‘.

Hallie is an Irish indie-pop singer-songwriter who has dealt with many traumatic issues over the past few years and uses this incredible single to ease the past away as she regains her former self from the shadows.

It’s an honest, open conversation to herself while reflecting on a past turbulent relationship, with a plea for understanding and acceptance, following a breakup without closure and wounds that never seem to heal.” ~ Hallie

With the pop breakup anthem of 2022 so far, Hallie is at her vulnerable best with this mirror-filled effort that is so touching and rather tragic. She was madly in love and thought everything would fall into place so perfectly, as instead, she felt like her heart broke in half due to that evil former lover.

Impact‘ from the inspiring Irish indie-pop singer-songwriter and mental health advocate Hallie, is a moving single that will certainly shake your soul to the core. With soothing piano, emotional vocals, and honest lyrics that might have you shedding a tear for the unnecessary pain that was caused on this resolute young woman. Sung with a true grace from someone who knows that she needs to move on – but just can’t seem to currently – this is an exquisite effort that will have you thinking so deeply about that person who you thought would be around forever.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Different Hairstyles Every Tuesdays: Zonjjy tells us his story as he shows us that signature poise with ‘Trust Me’

With the substantial local support that only serves to help him grow stronger, Zonjjy shows us his cult status with a tale all about feeling in control and bringing his lover with him to the top on ‘Trust Me‘.

Zonjjy is a UK-based indie singer-songwriter, music producer, and rapper who tells us real-life stories that have only made him more self-enlightened after previous issues that threatened to sink him down forever.

With his confidence at an all-time high as he guides us into his city, Zonjjy is at his original best on a track that will probably be stuck in your head for days on end.

Trust Me‘ from the UK-based rapper/singer-songwriter Zonjjy is a likeable release from an underground artist who has had to claw his way to where he is today. With his country on the edge and his ears to the street, you feel like he is leading us into a world that is actually transpiring right before our ever-watching eyes. This is the time to build up and take your chance, as you brush away the past and move into the future with that much-needed bounce in your step.

Looking up rather than down is the only journey one should take in this overly-complicated world.

See this new music video via his YouTube page and view more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Flawless: Glancy Kelly finds the time to be alone with his crush on the steamy ‘Like That’ (feat. Brian Angel)

Taken off his latest 7-track album called ‘C’est La Vie‘, Glancy Kelly shows his lover that this night is going to be the best yet with the RnB body-mover ‘Like That(feat. Brian Angel).

Glancy Kelly is a Dallas, Texas-based RnB artist who sings with smoothly tinted electricity that seems to spark your whole body into action.

Featuring the vocals of Houston, Texas native Brian Angel who was previously in the Sean “Diddy” Combs-created band Day26, this is a sexy song that will certainly raise the temperature no matter the weather.

Glancy Kelly sends our souls into a kiss-induced spin with another hot hit, that has you edging closer to your romantic partner as you let your eyes guide the next move. There is a heart-beating buildup here that has you feeling like you are in a movie, as we are thrust into a lip-locking single that all fans of this genre should definitely enjoy.

Like That(feat. Brian Angel) from Dallas, Texas-based RnB solo singer-songwriter Glancy Kelly is the kind of track that has you locating the candles and making it special for your lover. The story is honest and straight up, with two musicians on the top of their game who certainly sing with that vocal ability that makes the ladies swoon in delight.

If you are looking for a sensual song where you can play loud and do the talking for you then this is exactly what you require.

See this new romantic video on YouTube and find out more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

So High: Authentic Armenian-American artist Angela Mona wants to get out of this maze on the incredible ‘Deadible’

With a luscious ambient feel to proceedings that are brewed softly with some of the most gorgeous vocals you will hear all year, Angela Mona feels like she is trapped and doesn’t quite know yet how to get out with her latest gem called ‘Deadible‘.

Angela Mona is a Murrieta, California-raised, Arizona-born Armenian-American indie alternative singer-songwriter and pianist.

We find a truly inspiring young woman realizing her vast potential here – who has recently realized her worth – and is inspired by self-improvement and the sweet sounds of Jazz, Blues and RnB.

From speaking late as a toddler to writing intense lyrics and melodies since 12 years of age- Angela had soon accepted her potential, fighting back negative comments and arrogant laughs. While she endured heavy peer pressure, health issues from a young age, and witnessed family financial struggles of their own; her unstoppable, eager sense of drive to prove her capability and strength remains persistent.” ~ Angela Mona

After taking a short break to regain that much-needed thick skin needed to survive a planet that is full of smug small-minded fools who want to see you fail, Angela Mona sings with such genuine beauty as each word is so meaningful. There is a crystal clear vocal ability for all to lather into that will suddenly have you seeing hairs appear on your body that were unknown before.

Deadible‘ from the brave Armenian-American indie singer-songwriter and pianist Angela Mona, is a dark-pop track laced with so much honesty it might take a few listens to fully digest. This is the story about sparking up just to forget all the trauma in the world but reaching a point when you just can’t sleep, as you feel that everything is just so overwhelming currently.

With a relevant message for so many who feel like they are constantly being locked inside with no escape, this is a spectacular track that is a real eye-opener at a time where we all need so much love to emerge from our own anxiety-filled minds.

Hear a hidden angel shine so bright on Spotify and take a look into her life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Neon Lights: Toronto’s Pascal Dennis reminisces all about the ‘Tumbleweed Hotel’

Released via his ambitious 16-track ‘Crazy Angels‘ album that dropped recently, Pascal Dennis opens the creaking door and leads us into the vivid memories about that story-filled ‘Tumbleweed Hotel‘.

Pascal Dennis is an experienced Toronto, Canada-based indie singer-songwriter, author, professional engineer, and management consultant.

Pascal’s aspiration is to continue to write and record songs about his city, family and life experience, the way he feels them. Pascal is also the author of five business novels and a book of poems.” ~ Pascal Dennis

Showing us into a world where it’s so easy to get lost after a few decisions you might learn to regret, Pascal Dennis sends us a flashback into the past with a highly memorable performance here. There is so much serenity on each note as he shows us how a true professional does it – while he expertly sends our minds into a reflective place – as we wonder what actually happened to that cowboy.

Tumbleweed Hotel‘ from the Toronto, Canada-based indie singer-songwriter and author Pascal Dennis, is that cinematic-like story that takes you behind the curtain to see what really happened. He sings with such an honest approach and takes you into a nostalgic place, that has you believing you are in a small town in Texas on a Sunday afternoon.

Listen to this terrific new single on Spotify and see more news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Just Wanna Feel: Javii finds the other side in the healing sunshine on ‘Good Good Good’

As he darts away from the suffocating darkness that caused him to change from the person he wants to be, Javii jumps off that ride and climbs into a much better place where he feels like himself again with ‘Good Good Good‘.

Joel Javier aka Javii is a Miami, Florida-based indie singer-songwriter who sings with a groovy ambience that gets your whole body and mindset moving as one.

Music became a way for me to turn all the negative energy from past life-changing experiences into something positive and creative. The more I create and play music, the more I fall in love with it.” ~ Javii

Taken off his brand new 4-track EP called ‘Sunlight‘, we are let into this inspiring tale from a revitalised Javii who blends in his smooth vocals – that is complimented with a delightfully succulent beat – that takes your powerful mind away from all the self-doubt that shaded you before.

Good Good Good‘ from the Miami, Florida-based indie singer-songwriter Javii, is a therapeutic track that so many of us can certainly sink our teeth into. After all the dark days that took our vital enthusiasm away at times, this is that resurrecting effort that shows that there is indeed a way out of the gloom and into the sun again. When you want to self-improve, there is always a way that illuminates your soul awake again.

Check out this top new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Change Your Mind: Toronto RnB stud CEZR wants her to stay on ‘Supposed to Be’

As he puts the work in to give himself a better life with that special lady he can’t stop thinking about, CEZR knows from the bottom of his heart that she is the right woman for him with ‘Supposed to Be‘.

CEZR is a well-loved Toronto, Canada-based indie-pop solo artist who sings with a fresh style that certainly uplifts your whole consciousness to see the world a bit clearer.

CEZR is on a journey to form a sound to make his mark within the industry. From poetic ballads to energetic and smooth pop music, CEZR has taken his Toronto upbringing as inspiration.” ~ CEZR

You feel like you are listening to a forthcoming superstar when you turn on CEZR on his sensually classy new single. His honest lyrics are without the sleaze – as he guides us into this captivating love story – that has you thinking you are watching a romantic movie unfold so perfectly.

Supposed to Be‘ from the fast-rising Toronto, Canada-based indie-pop singer-songwriter CEZR, is one of the smoothest tracks we have heard yet in 2021. His vocal range is quite special and has you grooving along to his crisp style that keeps you intrigued the whole through, on this new single that is bound to get you moving closer to that ideal partner you have been eyeing out for so long.

Anything truly worth it in life is definitely worth the wait.

Listen to this top new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kiss You Softly: julian wants that proper romantic feeling with ‘What You Gotta Say?’

Orchestrated by the fast-rising music producer LCDWVES, julian cuddles close with his lover and feels their innocent hearts beating so much faster with his vocally-advanced new single all about wanting more but knowing that you should live in the moment with ‘What You Gotta Say?

Julian Tong aka julian is a 19-year-old Hong Kong-born, Leeds, UK-based indie-pop singer-songwriter, pianist, and photographer.

After graduation, he moved to Leeds to study photography and continued to pursue songwriting and storytelling, teaming up with talented producer and close friend  (Ambrose Yan). With a blended fresh production by LCDWVES, a new generation of sound was formed.” ~ julian

With his youthful exuberance soaked all over this sexy new single that has that glint sparked into your eye again, julian rises above all the bad role models out there to create a lane for himself that many will want to follow. His voice is so pure and seems to calm your whole body, as you look around and wonder who is going to be your next lover.

What You Gotta Say?‘ from the Hong-Kong-born indie-pop singer-songwriter/pianist, and photographer julian, asks that vital question that we all want to be answered. With so many people realizing that their fairytale might be all a lie, this is a return to that moment where everything is so simple and romantic as you hold each other close.

With the world so irritatingly confusing sometimes – this is a sweet track that will bring you back to hoping again – that not everyone out there is a vampire-like player and out to destroy your fragile soul with one fatal bite.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

See It In Your Eyes: Chicago rock artist Alex Thorn brings the epic 80’s back on ‘Let Me In’

With his long hair flowing into the wind as he looks deep into those sad eyes, Alex Thorn knows that he has something to offer to help soothe that pain away forever on ‘Let Me In‘.

Alex Thorn is a Chicago, Illinois-based indie rock solo singer-songwriter who performs with that old school edge and has our speakers rattling in impressive unison on each one of his creations.

Starting in his early days as an aspiring musician, opportunity led him into the music industry as he played for bands such as Eroz, The Cause, Dangerous Hope, Hidden Truth, and Evolution.” ~ Alex Thorn

Sending us a riff-packed sensational release that will rattle into your ears as you remember trying to be with someone who has so much rigid pain lodged into their hurt soul, Alex Thorn sends us a helpful reminder that it is possible to heal others through quality music.

Let Me In‘ from the Chicago, Illinois-based indie rock solo singer-songwriter Alex Thorn, is a robust single made by someone who truly seems to respect the past and aims to keep this classic genre burning brightly like a campfire in winter. His vocal projection has you in awe of his range and there is much to be enamoured by here on this new pumped-up single. With a story that will resonate with so many, this is a highly worthwhile listen for all those hardcore rock fans out there.

Hear this fine new track on Spotify and see more via the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen