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Journeyman Positronic synths in the speakers with pop song ”When You Fall Down”

Positronic is the creation of Michael L. McDannold. Michael is from the Inland Empire in Southern California and has been making catchy synth-pop music since 1988. His first band was formed in 1988 with some friends from High School called Foundation. His next band was also with some friends from High School and was called Optic Rain. Shortly after Optic Rain broke up however, Michael moved to Michigan to marry the love of his life. After being in one more band, Michael decided to rather venture out on his own and came up with the name, Positronic because his music has a positive message and he loves electronic. Now back in his home of California, this is an artist who is ready to push his music to all corners of the world.

When You Fall Down” is a positive song with a strong message of help during these dark times. He is there for the love of his life and wants here to know that he is there for her always. This indie-pop song is a welcome addition to Positronic’s collection.

Stream this super song here on Soundcloud.

If you are keen for more info then head through to Facebook.

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California producer Bobby Beatz makes us rise to new feats with ”Love”

The build shows us the way forth into this transcendent song for the ages. The air is crystal blue with rainbows just after the storm. The earth has washed away all the problems of the earth with one mighty storm. Our bodies are now fresh and ready to go. This is how I feel when I hear ”Love” from LA producer Bobby Beatz.

There is dub step is here with some house and EDM for sure. I love the energy of the track so much, I feel transfixed on each different level to the song. Vocals would of added a tempting twist to the proceedings but perhaps that is being saved for the remix.

Love” from Bobby Beatz is a fantastic track that just gets better and better with each extra sneaky listen. This brand new artist dazzles on the beats here and this is a wonderfully made song on wizard levels of pure skill that is wholesome. Check out the song below and let’s hope for more mixes of this lusty level soon from this fantastic upcoming producer.

Head through to Spotify now to listen on full volume.

Stream here via the popular Soundcloud channel.

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Uncle Ben’s Children are here with instrumental track ”Ice Cream & Heroin”

This is the most different songs of 2020. There is no doubt about that at all. This is free jazz, filled with smokey sax and upstart beats. This song sums up year perfectly. You don’t quite know what to expect and everything is so unique. ”Ice Cream & Heroin” is the new song from the young band and it’s an interestingly named track.

Uncle Ben’s Children are based outta Lake Elsinore in Riverside County, California. The band like to just go for it and you can tell that they don’t take themselves too seriously. This is a 3 piece and you can tell that they are quite tight as their music is so well connected and produced. With no vocals they have to put in a bit extra and manage to get the job done with awesome results. This is a niche band that have a flavor for everyone.

Facebook is the place to find out more and check out those live dates.

Click through to hear this single now on Spotify.

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Soul Point ft. Aske visually flow through with the ladies in fresh summer anthem ”Cool”

Here is the happiest Hip Hop music video of 2020. No question.

Soul Point ft. AskeCool” is exactly that. This is a cool music video full of freshness and beautiful ladies. The vibe is happy and joyful, exactly how summer should be. We are in a different world, full of hate and divisiveness. We are taken back to a happier time here and this track is all about being with friends and enjoying life.

Cool” is a great track for so many reasons. The beat is perfect and I just want to be in the music video with the fun summer vibes raising the temperature. Formally from California, you can feel the mellow 420 vibes that smokes through smoothly here. This is about riding around with the real friends and keeping it chill. The world is way too tense and Arizona’s Soul Point illustrates that in style for us with Aske as they make a formidable team that need more love.

Shot & Directed by Sonny Houston of SDVisions and Produced By Kontrabandz, this is one of the best summer videos out there. I welcome more tracks like this as we start with go outside again and enjoy life.

Stream this song on YouTube now and feel the happy summer vibes.

Check out the Facebook for more info and gig dates.

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Dramatic “Shadow of the Day” of the day cover from Jonathan Galland and Danica Lipetsky

Jonathan Galland is back with a trailer cover of Linkin Park’sShadow of the Day“. The track features the voice of 7 year old Danica Lipetsky who dazzles here with her stunning voice. This is a short song that is very dramatic and could be used for a movie or short play.

French composer Jonathan Galland has studied music in France and in the US for 20 years. After attending a Music section High School in Paris (BTMM), the Superior Institute of Sound Technics (ISTS), and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Galland is finally living off his passion for film music. Classically trained since the age of 6, he is also known for being a versatile composer and music editor.

Jonathan Galland is currently based in San Francisco, California in the US and this is an intriguing song. Danica Lipetsky shows much promise for someone so young and we could be seeing a future star.

Stream this new track right here on Soundcloud.

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California indie rock duo The Mulroys stimulate sadness with excellent ”I Don’t Want To Do This”

With electrically shocked memories of previous relationships that ended like a beautiful summer. You sit back and remember the good times to see if they out way the bad elements. Like a skater falling off their board, you can’t stay on the ramp all the time. Sometimes, you know that you can’t do this for a minute further.

Formally known as Rollers, Singer-songwriter Erik Mullin and guitarist-songwriter TJ Royer are a formidable duo as The Mulroys and this new track is taken off 2020’s first full length album called Splitsville. Recorded at Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco and Oakland, this is a band to turn up loud. They wanted something extra so grabbed good friend and veteran rocker Mark Maiggard from Louis XIV on drums and Michigan’s own Chris Diener as bassist for the recording. You can hear the extra grand touch on ”I Don’t Want To Do This”.

The Mulroys exude confidence and have a blues tingled indie rock style that is a pleasure to listen to. On their new single ”I Don’t Want To Do This” the duo are on top form. The vocals are smooth and the guitar background creates a warm feeling despite the sad topic. This is older Americana Kings Of Leon vibes soaked with some warm Californian sunshine.

Head to Bandcamp for this terrific single from the US band with lots to offer.

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California R&B singer Morgan Crite brings us that special feeling with ”Look of Love”

Morgan Crite has a special voice and sings with such love and affection. ”Look of Love” is all about knowing that your special crush is into you too. You just know and feel it inside your body and bones. That is a stunning feeling and one that you cherish and wish could last forever.

Morgan is from Bakersfield, California and is making his mark in the music scene. With just three singles out he is a new name in the game but shows a lot of potential. His voice is pure and he takes us into his picture of love and seems to have that butterfly feeling inside his stomach. He is clearly taken aback and this is a really good R&B effort from the young singer.

Look of Love” will be a popular R&B song that is played when the lights are lit dimly and let’s hope that he creates more songs like this. I anticipate him joining forces with a female singer soon on a song as this will be an intriguing dynamic. Morgan Crite is a name to watching in the US music scene for 2020 and beyond.

Follow Morgan via Spotify and hear this song and more from this US singer-songwriter.

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LoverboyBass turns the heat up high with ”Quality Time”

With the sexy lyrics of Californian born LoverboyBass to get you in the mood, ”Quality Time” is an R&B song to relax and chill with and will certainly keep the temperatures high this summer.

There is nothing complicated about this song as the vocals are pure and the message is clear. LoverboyBass is urging his fantasy woman to be with him and he declares his love for her in a confident manner.

With an incredible ability to keep his voice low in a seductive manner throughout, LoverboyBass strides through with absolute certainty and makes known that he is indeed the man for this occasion. He wants to spend ”Quality Time’‘ with his woman, in whichever way he can. The stetting is intimate and it feels like the lights are really low, the candles are lit, the wine is poured and the slow dance is about to begin. Germany based LoverboyBass has released a top of the line R&B lovers anthem to steam up any setting.

Stream more from LoverboyBass right here on his Spotify channel.

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Chatrooms release fantastic psychedelic video for ”Palm Reader”

San Fernando Valley’s Chatrooms might just be my new favorite band. They sparkle in unimaginable ways with their dazzlingly hot ”Palm Reader” single. This has all the right vibes from start to finish and 2020 is blessed with one of the best songs of the year.

Taking your life back from the rat race is the overriding sentiment here from California’s Chatrooms and the video is wonderfully choreographed with the vibrant visual colors in the background. With such a quality sound joined together, this is what a great music video looks like.

Chatrooms take us through a journey of self-belief in ”Palm Reader” and a reminder that you really do need to do what you love. A safe check each month might pay the bills but does it really warm your heart and set you free? Doing something about it is essential and the band urge us to take action before it’s too late. The bass lines and guitar riffs are outstandingly put together in a groovy waterfall of hair-flicking amazement. Combined with the incredible vocals & lyrical content, this is such a brilliant release that is absolutely timeless. 10 out of 10.

Find all the bands music on their YouTube channel before it’s too late.

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California’s No Refunds rock in with solid debut ”No Guarantees”

No Refunds from California have powered in with a debut to remember. With their Alt Rock infused ”No Guarantees”, this is a song about respect, ignorance in mass media and being nice to each other. A welcome message from this young band who are clearly frustrated with the political landscape in the USA and just want things to work around them.

With a diverse background of different music styles among the band, No Refunds come in with a bang here and you can tell that they have been building up to this exact moment. The boys have fine tuned their guitars and are now ready to just play their hearts out and spread their message all over the world.

No Refunds have a quality sound and for a new band, sound really tight with their debut song ”No Guarantees”. A story about keeping things civil and championing positive interactions between humans, No Refunds saunter in with their heads held high and make a rocking statement for 2020. A band with a big future, let’s hope the lineup changes are complete so they can fully make a name for themselves in the gritty Californian music scene. No Refunds are here to warm our hearts with a positive song about thinking for yourself and not just believing everything you hear and see on TV. Wise beyond their years and self-aware, look for impending releases from this motivated outfit.

Hear this debut from the exciting Montebello based act on their new Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen