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Forgot How To Breathe: Kayla Friend longs for that sweet kiss again on valentine’s day

Witnessing that torn page and reminiscing for a tender touch to change the day, Kayla Friend propels us through the lonesome nights and sings with such an affectionate beauty on valentine’s day.

Experienced in both the desert and the big city life, Kayla Friend is a Hemet, California-born indie singer-songwriter who appears to have the resourceful tendencies needed to succeed.

In some strange culmination of recent events, Kayla Friend’s valentine’s day is an accurate representation of our current world. There is so much love to give. Some would say endless. Somehow however something is off like a cruel game is being played on those who crave a genuine touch. In a sometimes meaningless and plastic time for humanity, this is the sad reality when the heart gets broken too many times.

valentine’s day from the San Antonio-based creative Kayla Friend is such a sweetly-toned track to rid all worries away into the closet. Helping us heal with a true story, this is a hold-me-tight-single for anyone feeling rather let down. Reminding us to go back into the moment and appreciate the love, no matter how short the kiss was.

Love can be harsh sometimes after all.

Hear this fine song on Spotify. See more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

$LADEGEEKIN reinvented West Coast hip-hop with his intricately experimental hit, REDO

Indio, California rapper, engineer, and producer $LADEGEEKIN, has dropped his sophomore hit, REDO. If it has been a while since a hard-hitting hip-hop production has left an ever-lasting mark on your rhythmic pulses and psyche, delve right into the hit that makes it impossible to resist the mesmerism in the beats.

After an intro of inventively arranged effect-laden guitars, $LADEGEEKIN starts to bridge the gap between alt-hip-hop and the West Coast style. Even with the passion poured into the narratively vulnerable bars, they keep an assuredly steady pace to become the centre of gravity within REDO.

His debut single, $our Diesel, was impressive. With his sophomore single, he’s proven that he’s got exactly what it takes to make his way up from the Cali underground hip-hop scene. Save a spot on your radar. We’d put money on more infectiously intellectual hits being in the pipeline.

REDO was officially released on December 25th. Hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


As Long As You Remember: Sani Knight flies into that special moment on Daydream

Seeing a captivating sunset and smiling rather broadly as he wonders if she’ll stay, Sani Knight gives his lover the most respect possible on the romantic foot-slider to slow dance with right now on Daydream.

Sani Knight is a 20-year-old indie RnB/hip hop artist who is based in Los Angeles, California and performs with a soulful edge many can only dream of.

Calming our minds like a fun snorkel in beautiful waters, Sani Knight sizzles with something rather special for anyone who needs to believe in love again. Calm and easy on the ear, we are treated to a radiant release which will clear any previous romantic disasters away rather quickly.

Daydream from Los Angeles, California-based RnB/hip hop artist Sani Knight is a rather terrific track which will see hearts soar in wonderful unison. Silky smooth vocally with an outstanding beat to cuddle tightly inside like a blanket in winter, this is a rather memorable release to embrace all evening.

When you know who you want to be with, the light will never turn off unless you want it to.

Listen up on Spotify. See the vision on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Californian solo artist, Beau James Wilding, put the grit in folk with his reverently fervid single, SET MYSELF ON FIRE

With the choppy discord in the acoustic guitar strings against his gravelly punk blues vocals, the Californian solo artist, Beau James Wilding, orchestrated a roots rock masterpiece with his latest single, SET MYSELF ON FIRE.

We didn’t need his bio to inform us of his intense emotional relationship with sound and music. But learning that the relationship was strengthened after he was left legally blinded by a disease at eighteen made the fierily ardent passion in SET MYSELF ON FIRE burn with even more reverence.

Any fans of Dogs D’Amour and The Quireboys won’t want this fervidly impactful single to pass them by. The dark poetic imagery in the lyrics paired with the frenetic pace of the guitar rhythms that consume the instrumental arrangement with their ragged timbre is a sobering multisensory experience that reaches the pinnacle of gritty folk.

SET MYSELF ON FIRE will officially release on January 13th. Stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Tell Me I’m Yours: LA’s Sani Knight drops superb new single Ivy

Itching for more while the dusty clock ticks way too quickly, Sani Knight can’t believe that two hearts aren’t together on the passionate I-want-you-right-now hot single to steam the glass with called Ivy.

Sani Knight is a 19-year-old Los Angeles, California-based indie RnB/hip hop artist who makes surefire heart spinners that leave lasting memories in abundance.

On an exceptionally memorable single to hold on tightly with, Sani Knight displays poise and skillful excellence in this sensational release. Goodness me, this is exactly what the soul needed. Vocally stunning and packed with a picture so many can relate to, as a new reflective aura washes over all current manifestations.

Ivy from Los Angeles, California-based indie RnB/hip hop artist Sani Knight is one of the more desirable songs ever likely to reach our planet. This is the story of a special love that took over completely. Familiar? The vocals on offer combine quite sweetly with this dynamic beat, which takes us into the passion which could take over all airwaves if allowed to blossom.

When you remember the heat, memories transcend everything else.

Listen up on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Escape into the retro-futurism of tad valente’s synthwave world, take it away

escape room by tad valente

Torrance, California-hailing independent songwriter and producer tad valente, took his listeners on a retro-futuristic sonic trip with his latest escapism-aiding release, take it away.

The playfully ambient melodies chime with purpose as they lead you through the experimental synth wave progressions, which fuse video game-esque aesthetics with an innovative twist on pop. The symphonic synths amalgamated with the chiptune textures and glitchy trip-hop motifs create an affably-sweet atmosphere that is impossibly easy to melt into and vibe with.

Clearly, valente is no stranger to taking control of his listener’s rhythmic pulses to lull them into a state of arrested appreciation of his intrinsically unique sonic signature.

take it away was officially released on December 2nd; stream & purchase it on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Agent Envy Interview: Extra focused and looking to the future

With a roaring sound and so much intense energy strewn through the speakers, we sat down with the incredible San Diego-based music producer/artist Agent Envy. Guiding us deep into the truth and telling us how it is, we find an artist who is ready for the next step.

It’s a pleasure to chat with you today, Agent Envy. First, how have you been keeping and how did you come up with your intriguing artist name?

Agent Envy: Thank you so much for having me! I’m really excited to be releasing my next string of songs and I feel so, so proud of No Friend. This song has been a long time coming and started nearly a year (and a few thousand miles) ago. I can’t believe it’s finally out for everyone to hear.

My artist name, Agent Envy, came as a reflection of my sources of inspiration for my music. I gravitate towards the cinematic, both visually and sonically, and wanted something that reminds my audience of the dark, retrofuturist movies of the late 90s, whose soundtracks had such an impact on my taste in music. My career outside music has taken a bit of a winding path through programming, graphic novels, and private investigation, so all of these things led me to Agent Envy.

Gosh, you’re quite the talented multi-instrumentalist. How did it all start for you in this game and please let us know which instruments you can play?

Agent Envy: I’ve been singing since as long as I can remember, to the point where my pre-school teachers would grumble about me constantly singing to myself. But I struggled with learning other instruments, and I think a lot of that stemmed from having a good ear and relying too much on memorization. Because singing was so effortless, I wasn’t motivated to learn to read music, develop the discipline to practice, or really get my theory down, since I could just hear it and sing it. It’s a habit I still work against regularly.

After years and years of being mediocre on guitar due to a lack of focused effort, I finally decided to take a completely different approach and study it, as if it were any other subject, and that’s when things started to actually click. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to try this sooner since I’m a giant nerd who actually loved studying in school, but here we are. I started reading books on guitar and theory, made myself a little guitar “workout routine,” and sheepishly realized that if I had just bothered to really learn my theory years ago, I would’ve had a much easier time.

So far I’ve gotten myself into guitar, bass, piano, a little mandolin, and some finger drumming. I still have work to do before I’d consider myself an expert in any of them, but I enjoy the process of learning so much that it’s always satisfying to see how far I can progress at a given time. Plus I have the benefit of living with my partner and co-producer, Richie Beretta, who is beyond talented in all of the above; I’ve learned so much from him too, and his fluency in music is a big motivator for me to stay on top of it.

Setting boundaries is so important in life. Please give us more detail about the vision behind your tremendous new single No Friend.

Agent Envy: No Friend started in a bit of an unusual way for me. I usually write most of my songs in my head, melody and lyrics first, instrumentation second. This record started as a production sketch Richie created, the loop you hear at the beginning of the track, with some really chewed-up drums, a hypnotic bassline, and some industrial elements. I heard him working on it and immediately put a vocal sketch into my voice notes. Something about it felt vengeful, and that’s where the subject matter came into play. Most of my songs can be lyrically interpreted in a number of ways, which is intentional. So No Friend is meant to communicate that feeling of saying “back off” or “never again” to something or someone.

Sonically, this was such a fun but challenging track, because my previous releases haven’t featured this aspect of my vocal range. I’ve gotten a number of requests from my listeners for a song where I’m all-out belting, so I’m happy to be able to deliver on this one. I want people to feel powerful when they listen, and I think the vocal melody really lends itself to that as well.

Have you had any luck with sync opportunities or found that certain platforms aren’t worth it?

Agent Envy: Not yet, but it’s something I want to put an increased focus on for 2023. I feel like it’s such a challenge to get your music heard in a sea of equally excellent musicians. You really have to have someone dedicated to pitching your music. But I write my songs with so much cinematic inspiration that I feel like they’re primed for that market. So many of my listeners talk about how they imagine my music in one show or another, and it would be an absolute dream to have something like that happen. Someday soon, I hope!

What’s it like to be a musician in 2022 with all that is going on in the world?

Agent Envy: I think being a musician is challenging no matter what’s going on. Being on social media as an artist is both a blessing and a curse, as it can be a fantastic way to get yourself heard, but it also means you’re subject to the “contentification” of your music. People want things fast, and immediately, and it’s not really possible – or healthy – to deliver new songs in that way. Speaking from experience, it can be very difficult to keep your mental health intact when you feel like the success of your art is tied to a depersonalized algorithm.

Then there’s the added factor that there are so many things going on in the world, so much pain and injustice, that it feels frivolous to promote my music at certain times. I know many people want and need music as an escape, but I try my best to step back and let more important topics take the spotlight whenever appropriate.

If you could share the stage with any band still active, who would it be and why?

Agent Envy: Any of Chino Moreno’s or Maynard James Keenan’s projects. It would be a total dream to share the stage with them, and I think there would be a large overlap in our target audiences. I don’t try to imitate or emulate any artists in my music, that would be rather unoriginal, but it’s the way their work makes me feel that I think aligns well with the experience I want my listeners to have.

Last, where can we find you live next or do you have anything planned for 2023 music-wise?

Agent Envy: My immediate focus for 2023 will be releasing a few more singles leading up to my EP. We’re just about to wrap up production for the songs and finish recording vocals, easily my favorite part of the process. I feel like it’s taken a lot of soul-searching to get to this point, but I truly believe that this upcoming collection of songs is finally the sound I’ve been looking to create. Now that we’re in Southern California, I’d absolutely love to begin playing shows out here, there are so many awesome venues and I feel like the audience here is really motivated to get out and discover some new music.

Listen up to this new single here. See more on IG.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Talk To Me: J.Raechell grows tired of those pointless circles on Bout Me

Taken from her recently released debut EP called Diary of Jae, J.Raechell shows such radiant energy on her excellent new sultry single to slow dance with called Bout Me.

J.Raechell is a Fairfield, California-based indie pop singer-songwriter who performs with a classy style which is saturated with gorgeous vocals to dream inside.

Take Care is about moving on. In this catchy upbeat pop, with a melodic piano. J.Raechell expresses the anxiety of being held to another person’s standard of what she should be and look like to fulfill their desires. Making a conscious decision to not see the end of a relationship as finite, but as part of her story as an underdog and coming out on top no matter if being seen as the bad guy in the narrative.” ~ J.Raechell talking about her new 4 track release

An underground angel who has just started to open up her wings, J.Raechell is in fine form and seems to galvanize hearts together and lead the way. With poise and love at her fingertips, this is a truly wonderful escapade to wrap our wary souls deeply inside for the better.

Bout Me from Fairfield, California-based indie pop singer-songwriter J.Raechell is a song which many will surely be inspired by. Her head is held high. Eyes flash when this track is played loud, as we nod our heads and keep our energies on the prize. We find a hugely promising creative on display-who projects her vocals to the sky above-as she knows that by staying positive, everything will fall into place.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

When I Saw Her: Superloser felt the instant love after seeing a beautiful Green-eyed Wonder

Getting us in the mood quickly with a saucy soundtrack to many of our lives, Superloser feels like a movie has just started with a heart-stopping single to hold hands with named Green-eyed Wonder.

Superloser is a Chino, California-based indie rock band who loves to fuse the sounds of yesteryear with the intricacies of modern times.

Each brings forth various influences ranging anywhere from classic California sounds of The Beach Boys and The Byrds to the modern California sound of The Growlers, and even the epic psych rock sounds of groups like The Doors and Strawberry Alarm Clock.” ~ Superloser

Taking us into a whole new world of loving intrigue and recalling the first time an angel appeared, Superloser rocket into our lives with an exceedingly likeable single to hold on securely with. There is romance in droves here and vocally stimulating ear-huggers to cuddle with all day in this genuine delight of a single.

Green-eyed Wonder from Chino, California-based indie rock band Superloser is a steamy single of the very highest order. Submerged in a stunning goodness and showing us into that intimate moment, this is a terrific release to hold hands with. Showered with a pulsating edge, its sure hard to dislike a release with so much love and genuine buzz to drown out any self-doubts.

When you know you’ve met the one, you know.

Hear this fine single on SoundCloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Be Sad: California electro rockers Orbit 17 wonders why two paths ran away on Helium

Slipping away into a whole new world and blistering up a storm with a superb song, Orbit 17 sits in silence for a while and sends our cores into a spin on the hazy gem that is Helium.

Orbit 17 is a San Jose, California-based indie alternative electro-rock band who loves those tasty hypnotic grooves which might cause hearts palpitating like no other.

A song about all those friends we’ve made but left behind or outgrown. The ones that made huge impacts on our lives, and that we think of from time to time, yet haven’t spoken to in years.” ~ Orbit 17

Cruising to the airport with a super chilled vibe that will calm even the most stressed hearts, Orbit 17 sends us into a whole new galaxy on this road trip essential that is such an undoubted must-listen.

Helium from the San Jose, California-based indie alternative outfit Orbit 17 is one of those experiences which are hard to explain unless you have closed your eyes for the full 4 mins 39 seconds. Soaked in so much wonder and memorable vocals to swim inside, this is a rare timeless anthem for our souls to feel replenished by.

Listen up to this fine single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen