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Manic sends through an original galaxy-exploring gem ‘Program 1202’

Manic send through galaxy-exploring gem called ‘Program 1202‘.

Manic is an electronic dance music producer and DJ from Southern California in the USA. He used to concentrate on remixes but after a new friend made a suggestion, everything has changed and the light went on. Focus on your own music they said. This has given this fantastic producer a whole new lease on the game and this is a quality effort.

I love the start of the track. We hear communications from space to mission control and this gets you in the mood to hear more. The electric beat then transports you into a different mood, you feel free and start thinking about what is actually up there. Looking up and not down is the message here. The world has so many possibilities and we get stuck on what is on the tube, instead of looking up, seeing what else is up there.

Program 1202 from Californian producer and DJ Manic is a thrusting song, full of possibilities and I like how he is making his own music now, with mixes of course in his music locker. For a debut track, this is a marvelous effort and full of promise.

Click here on Soundcloud for the link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Multi-talented Ryan Palma powers in with the indie-rock single ‘Shift’

Shift‘ is the new track from Californian artist Ryan Palma and this one rips in like a Pipe Masters barrel.

Ryan Palma is an emerging artist, singer, multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer, and songwriter originating from Fremont, California. The young talented rock artist is quickly making waves in the scene with his unparalleled sound and style. The energy is ferocious and heart-stopping at times.

Inspired by his life experiences, Ryan Palma seeks to create music that will connect and inspire people around the world. Ryan seeks to push the envelope with his sound and bridge various elements from different genres to make a well-rounded, dynamic style.

You know you need to make a move and shift what is going on in your life. You want to be happy and know what to do, its all about going with the vibe right now and doing what your heart tells you. You know it needs to happen and the sooner the better.

Ryan Palma fuses new school and old school rock elements to mesh together perfectly like chocolate on ice cream when its a hot summers day. The energy is high, the bass lines are so solid that the speakers feel like they are going to burst like a full balloon. I love the passion here, the guitar riffs smash in the door with unrelenting noise. The neighbors might hate this but who cares right? ‘Shift‘ is that slamin’ ol’ rock music that is missing from the world. Turn up loud and proud.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Racayan sings of love on water-filled ‘Deep End’

Racayan is here with the exciting new single full of love called ‘Deep End‘.

Ronald Gacayan Jr. aka Racayan, is a record producer, singer-songwriter and writer from San Francisco in California.

This talented artist is based out of Los Angeles now and right in the tick of the action in sunny California. Racayan co-wrote and produced this song and the lyrics are sung with such passion here as the track tells us how much he is into her. He lust after her body and wants her all to himself. The days of keeping quiet about it are gone, from now on it is all about showing his love.

LA artist Racayan produced this so purely here and that is the impressive part on ‘Deep End’. He makes no bones about his intentions and produced the track with such passion and love. He only wants one thing. This determination will take the artist far into his career and the fact that he is a producer too helps so much. This could be his time.

Stream here for the Spotify page.

Click here for the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Marsha Marsha Marsha’s rocking ‘Never’ is a story of that true love

Marsha Marsha Marsha are back with this terrific punk rock track called ‘Never‘.

Marsha Marsha Marsha is the solo Project of Derik Toy. Derik began his professional musician career in San Diego in California where he honed his skills playing just about anywhere he could.

From the surf inspired rock of Atlantic Records artist Dakoda Motor Co, or The Surfers with Kelly Slater and Peter King (Epic Records), to tearing up the club scene with the funky sounds of Polyester and the Funky Love Bomb, Derik held down the back end with precision. However, it was recording these bands, and working in the studios that Derik learned of his love for engineering and production.

Now a father of 4, and not interested in touring, Derik prefers the family life with his own studio. Derik writes and records along with various session musicians. He has released numerous tracks under different monikers, and continues to write and perform fun pop music with a rock edge with his latest band Marsha Marsha Marsha.

This is all about wanting that special one in your life and never letting go. Can this love story end well or will it not?

Marsha Marsha Marsha bring us a fiery punk-rock song that kicks you into motion and your perspective is back. This is just quality music all the way. ‘Never‘ is a fine song from the Californian band.

Stream here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


California emcee Akanimo flows in with fine beat on I.D.G.A (Fine Wine)

Akanimo is an American rapper and vocalist from Charlotte, North Carolina who now is based in California. He slides in with his new track called ‘I.D.G.A (Fine Wine)‘.

Taken off the self-tilted album ‘Akanimo‘, this is a fine song with such a soulful style. The beat is so stylish that it must have a suit jacket on with some shiny new shoes. The raps are slick and smooth, Akanimo really visualizes well here and this is effortless.

I.D.G.A (Fine Wine)‘ from Akanimo is a classy add on to 2020. This is about wanting that classy girl in your life and you think that she gets more and more beautiful the older she gets. You are ready for her love and just want to be with her. You are staying patient now and know that your time will come when it’s right.

The Californian rapper Akanimo is here with a fine track that dazzles on all levels. It’s chilled and to the point. This is the kind of song you put on at a house party to enjoy with friends.

Stream here on Spotify for the new track.

Click here for the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


California artist Kozmik has love on the mind on ‘monkey in the middle’

LA dance act Kozmik wants true love on his brand new dance-pop release called ‘monkey in the middle‘.

That feeling when you love someone but now have another crush on the mind. You aren’t sure what to do now and are taking time to decide. On the one hand you love who you are with but feel like the new crush will make you happier. In a way you feel a bit bad that you are feeling this but this is the way things are.

This is the 3rd single from the Californian artist after the successful releases of ‘Panic‘ and ‘Sunsets‘. With a dance vibe this is a reflective smooth pop track all about deciding which love is best for you right now. The vocals are fabulous and adds to the love-torn picture that we are witnessing.

Kozmik keeps on coming out with fantastic music and ‘monkey in the middle‘ is a top song with a love twist that happens in life from time to time.

Stream here on Spotify.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


”Cla$$ic” from Henny Holyfield is his breakthrough Hip Hop track

Indie emcee Henny Holyfield is from Fairfield, California and he reps his hood in style with ”Cla$$ic”.

Father, Chef, Emcee, Optimist. Life is meant to be enjoyed. That is the main message of Henny Holyfield’s music. He tells it how it is and we need to appreciate that. Fake rappers are slowly starting get it and musicians like this only amplify’s that notion.

Taken of his latest album called ”Clocked In”, this is a fire song that has a consistent flow that ultimately shows this artists mad skills. I like the Hopsin shout out too. After 500+ shows, this top shelf rapper shows his pen skills with a masterful performance where his experience shows with his vivid storytelling.

The Sacramento based rapper Henny Holyfield rolls in with ”Cla$$ic” that is designed to be played late at night while cruising around with friends. This is real Hip Hop that is not watered down. Long may this kind of music prevail.

Stream this hot new track from this rising rapper on Spotify.

Find out more about this emcee on his Facebook.

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GTD Kari rolls in with fiery flow on ”Like Mike”

The underrated GTD Kari is back in a big way and the young emcee rips in with ”Like Mike”.

Like Mike” from GTD Kari is all about how life is crazy right now for this underground rapper from Sacramento in California. He comes in with finesse on this new single that has a massive freestyle flow that showcase this emcee’s brooding lyrical ability. The consistent flow is refreshing and he is rapping in his own style. This has a 90’s feel fused in with the new school.

US rapper GTD Kari ciphers in with a confident swagger, his music is thoughtful and you can tell that he is original. With so many rappers copying one another, this is dope track that is a true story of trying to make it in this music game. Surviving the hood too. ”Like Mike” from GTD Kari is track that deserves a listen due to the tight flow and real message.

Check out the previous release GTD Kari Ft Lul Jody- Gleeked Up.

Head to his Spotify page.

Click here to check out his Insta page.

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New American Hustle roll in with elegant ”Flexxx For You”

New American Hustle is a virtual band from California & Italy. Led by Ian Smith and a sultry cast of female vocalists, they create unique and transcendent music for all of us to enjoy on full volume. They return with the new spectacular song called ”Flexxx For You”.

This is the new single after the scrumptious EP debut ”Harlot For Days” from earlier on in 2020. A much simpler time. Just like this absolute gem.

New American Hustle have a bluesy-soul connection that brings together some of the finest talents around and its a treat to our hearts. This is jazzy hip hop fused goodness’s gift wrapped with elegance and class. You can’t teach that. ”Flexxx For You” from newcomers New American Hustle slides in with a brilliant release at a time where we need to find our mojo again.

Stream this new track via YouTube.

Lots of great visuals and sounds on Bandcamp.

Head to this artists Insta.

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Finding your purpose with OneSixTwo’s Monster Ft. Tommy B

Monster” from OneSixTwo is one for the books from the Medocino County artist in sunny California.

OneSixTwo takes us inside his journey of being the underdog that has dealt with the undertones that all plague us at some point. The negative energy that can be all around us. I feel like a lot of artists are envious of his talent and this affected him. Not anymore. This is a fiery effort with passion.

This is a quality single from the rising talent from Medocino artist who sings his heart out while also featuring the excellent Tommy B. These two join forces like a perfectly cooked Sunday roast and it heats up during the ice cold beat to emanate the right temperature.

2020 has just landed the ultimate soundtrack. It has been a year stained by so many tragedies.

This fine song from the talented OneSixTwo as he slides into the place he belongs. After being the underdog due to egos and pettiness for too long, it feels like this is his best effort yet. He knows what his purpose is now and that’s to make more top shelf music for the weary souls out there.

Stream this fab new track right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen