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Finding where you belong: Mykel sings with exquisite elegance on indie-pop journey ‘Runners’

Mykel might be in a hurry and running out of time, but she sings with such poise and grace on her exhilarating new single released on the 7th January 2020 called ‘Runners‘.

After growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah, this is a young woman that followed her heart to live our her dreams in Los Angeles, California to do what she loves; be on stage and sing with her unmistakable class and incredible pureness.

Her vocals are so striking and the piano start is so glorious, this is about looking at the signs and just going for it. She sings with that passion that is so rare and deep, the pulsating production matches her stunning voice and the atmospheric energy translates to a pop song, of the very highest quality.

Runners‘ is about getting away from the stale air and doing what you know you need to do. Indie-pop songstress Mykel opens up her world to show us what is possible if you want it enough.

Sometimes you have to take a risk to know what is truly out there and if you have someone authentic beside you that believes in you and understands the journey, the chances of success are only so much higher. Talent can take you places and open a door, but having that extra determination and self-belief with a loyal team around you, is the way to walk through the door for good and never look back.

Stream this stunningly gifted singer on her Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


When you have that sparkle in your eye: Damarrus sings about his lovely ‘Senorita’ (ft. Enoch & King Drew)

Damarrus sends us to the beach to get a tan and to dip our toes into his hot new Rnb fused music video called ‘Senorita‘ (ft. Enoch & King Drew).

Damarrus is a fast-emerging RnB artist and producer from sunny Sacramento, California who sings with passion and has a smooth vocal delivery, that shows why he is one of the most exciting new talents around.

Shot in the incredibly beautiful Malibu and award-winning filmmaker Dwight Taylor served as Director of Photography on this one that is made with so much love.

With a terrific blend of Caribbean and Spanish production, this is a video to take your mind off more serious matters in the world so you can unwind, enjoy the sultry beat and plan your next beach trip after the world calms down a bit.

His voice is full of passion and he wants to make her happy so badly, as his heart is beating extra fast today. With an excellent voice that seeps through the speakers, the flourishing RnB flavor wets our appetites for more.

The raps are made with an honest and straight forward tone of intent as they show the ladies their skills on the mic as they dance in the sea, a perfect place to show her your moves. The two excellent features add so much to the song and the quality is there for all to see.

Senorita‘ (ft. Enoch & King Drew) from the endearing Damarrus is the summer song that most of us didn’t get to enjoy in 2020. However with positive vibes like this, we can enjoy a sunny song like this from home that is all about that sweet romance that takes your heart to places it hasn’t been for ages and for that, we must be thankful.

Heat up your day on YouTube and see more from this talented singer on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Moving on from lost love: Graham Edmonds drops new indie-folk breakup single ‘Let’s Let It Lie’

Graham Edmonds brings his incredible voice to the masses on his excellent new release called ‘Let’s Let It Lie‘.

Soulful American singer-songwriter, USC Thornton School of Music student and screen actor Graham Edmonds is from small-town Lawrence, Kansas. He is now based in big-city Los Angeles, California to turn his huge dreams into realistic reality, in-front of the bright cameras and behind the magical mic.

With a lovely indie-folk style, this is a singer-songwriter that puts his heart and soul into each word that he performs and the melody is rather sweet, yet so sad at the same time. The folksy rhythm is one that you would put on late at night, while thinking of that special person in your life that got away. You regret that it happened but at the time, it felt so right.

His voice gives the impression that he is sorry for this breakup but he knows it needed to happen for both of you, to move on and be strong. The vocals are tender and honest, the story makes you think of past breakups and how hard they were at first, before after a while you regained your confidence and moved on upwards, to find that love that was right for you.

Let’s Let It Lie‘ is the profound story from the supremely talented Graham Edmonds that shows us that sometimes love doesn’t work out and we need to go our separate ways and it’s okay. Things happen for a reason and as long as we deal with it in a classy way, that is all we can really do.

Stream this thought-provoking new single on his Spotify and see the next step in his career on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Love too soon: Oscar Ortiz feels the ‘Pressure’ (ft. Rohit Kumar)

Oscar Ortiz sends us a true story message on a stunningly pure lo-fi beat that is sure to make you think about what love really means to you on ‘Pressure‘ (ft. Rohit Kumar).

The Riverbank, California singer-songwriter is a deep soul who has made a highly self-aware song about the current strains of being told he is loved, when he feels it might be too soon. Sometimes things just need to take their course without extra burdens being put on your shoulders, especially during this current pandemic that has all of our heads spinning with frustration.

Their voices tell the message we need to hear. They want to love but need time to process this information and its come too soon and they want to it mean something special, not hollow words that don’t really mean it.

With a laid-back style, this is a song to fully immerse into as it touches on societies current fabric. The ends are a bit worn and we need to good role models when it comes to love, as some people do it for the wrong reasons, especially when they have nothing to lose or all to gain.

Pressure‘ (ft. Rohit Kumar) from Californian artist Oscar Ortiz is that track you put on when you are in a reflective mood. Perhaps you have been hurt before and don’t believe in love anymore or think that they said those magic words a bit too quickly.

Ultimately, when you are in love, it has to come from both sides at the same time, otherwise the pressure on the other person can become too much to consume. This is something that needs to come naturally and with that genuine feel that makes it extra special inside your beating heart.

Stream this hot new track on Spotify and see his music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Getting it done: Instead of waiting around King Whisker turns on our brain channels via truthfully real ‘Television’

King Whisker are brilliant on their new ironic indie-punk rock single that speaks the truth about modern day society via ‘Television‘.

With an exciting new lineup that features a re-tooled five-piece team, the addition of a second guitar player, and a keyboard player, this has added an extra fiery element into the California-based outfits soundscape.

‘Instead of waiting around or having the ‘what could have been’ conversation, we took classes from Berklee, built or scrounged together whatever gear we needed, and got to work.’- King Whisker

His voice reflects how so many feel, yet can’t help getting enough of. TV is a addiction and it gets a free pass in the world.

The band have an electric style and you can’t help but smile and jump around to a track like this. This is a song that makes you think about your time spent on the couch instead of outside, no matter what the weather is doing. Seeing friends and going on adventures post-covid, is something we all need to look at closer and take action on.

The San Diego rockers King Whisker show their funny side that is soaked in so much truth via the new single ‘Television‘. TV has made so many humans brain washed and with so much beauty in the world, its a shame that it has clouded our minds and hearts. They sing and perform with such passion about this subject and also add some welcome comedy relief to a world that needs as much of it as possible.

Opening our minds to what is really important, is what life should be about, not wasting so many hours stuck on the couch looking at a box.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen



That Cali vibe is alive at night: Progressive Pop R&B singer Teasley drops hot visuals for ‘Moonlight’

Freshly cut singer-songwriter Teasley brings us that old school flavor on the epic music video with a twist on his latest track called ‘Moonlight‘.

Teasley is a Pop/R&B musician who has been creating his own lane for a while now. He drops the gears and speeds in with a fine new music video that shows how he isn’t messing around anymore. The time to rise is now and he is ready.

The determined look on his face gives us some insight into what is going to happen next as you can see the hunger from miles away and he rocks in with a pair of sunglasses and well-groomed beard, that gives the ladies heart palpitations.

Moonlight‘ from the stylish Californian artist Teasley is an ode to that old school style that is so lacking in music these days with mumblers choking the heck out of music fans brainwaves for too long now. His smooth voice never seems out of tune and the singer just wants to be with that girl who he cares about.

Being somewhere romantic and under the stars and with good company is the way to go to recover after a long year and he sings with such passion and meaning. This is the type of R&B song to put on late at night when the candles are lit and the sizzling Jacuzzi is close by to be with your lover.

Hit up the hot music video via YouTube and see his fly style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


San Jose Hardcore Rockers Dead Engine kick the door down and drop 2020’s them track ‘Broken’

San Jose, California Hard Rock band Dead Engine bring us the years theme song with the new single called ‘Broken‘.

The thunderous thump of a start slaps everything else in its path away like a pesky fly. The band smash in with a sound that so many love and so many absolutely hate. While they might split opinion, you have to appreciate the musicianship here as they don’t leave anything left in the locker when they morph into an act that want to make as much quality noise as humanly possible.

With an electric guitar that bursts your eardrums, this is a truly honest picture of the world right now from their eyes. The self-aware act turn up the heat on what has been a cooking year that has overheated even the most sensible mind. I love how this stomps the yard down and brings through a rugged sound that is ominous and so raw, there is no skin left.

The shredding vocals power in and gives your mood a real lift with a song that pretty much sums up the the year. The world is really broken and needs forward thinking leaders that can see through the money and actually help its community.

Broken‘ from San Jose band Dead Engine shows the desperate nature that so many people are in right now. We need to move on with our lives but money is really low and its forcing us to do things we wouldn’t normally do. If you can’t re-invent yourself and find new streams of income, things are going to get desperate and that spells danger.

Turn this up real loud on YouTube and see the social story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


INSiGHT deliver a damning depiction of the socio-political climate with ‘THiS is AMERiCA’

Opening up with the powerful statement that ‘last year, 39,603 people died from gun violence in the USA’, ‘THiS is AMERiCA’ is a powerful indictment of gun culture and bloodshed from the California-based metallers INSiGHT. Once a six-piece, and now effectively the solo-project of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Dave, INSiGHT drive hard-hitting, hard-riffing metal in the style of Machine Head, Pantera, Metallica, or the late, great Randy Rhoads.

Grinding and thundering like another sadly-lost guitar hero, Dimebag Darrell, Dave’s guitar tone is all heavily-scooped gain-cascaded chug and grind, the vocals alternately nonchalant and angry, mumbled or growled over rumbling bass and heavy blast-beat drums. It’s a potent mix, the angry, disbelieving message of the track made all the stronger by the stomping grind of the riff, like Pantera’s ‘Walk’ or Machine Head’s stunning ‘Davidian’. Boosted by the potent animated lyric video, ‘THiS is AMERiCA’ is a strong introduction to INSiGHT’s forthcoming album ‘GEMiNi: The Light And The Dark’.

Check out ‘THiS is AMERiCA’ on YouTube, and follow INSiGHT on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


The journey of love: Los Angeles, California based singer-songwriter Joe Romersa guides us all on ‘Where We Go From Here’

The legendary LA drummer, singer- songwriter, producer, voice actor and composer extraordinaire Joe Romersa is back with a modern story of the hearts fulfillment, on his latest single called ‘Where We Go From Here’.

This is a man whose work was featured in the 1992 Grammy award-winning ‘The Missing Years‘ album by the late great country-folk singer-songwriter John Prine, and his career has been one that exemplifies the rugged journey of a true musician that never gave up. There have been lots of ups and a few downs, good gigs and bad gigs but he is a person who has never given up. His passion for his art form and learning new skills is obvious.

There is so much to appreciate about this terrific track and the start tells us everything we need to know straight away like a bullet pass for a touchdown. The years of experience and care to play the guitar at a level that most of us only dream of is tremendous. There is a touch of blues, country and rock here and you feel all giddy waiting for his vocals to illuminate through into your headphones.

His gritty voice that is full of incredible stories of life and travel is opened up to us like a creaking door. This is the story of being with that special person in your life as you reminisce about being so happy- they fall asleep in your arms- and you can’t believe this is real. You feel like you two can do anything you want together and nothing has ever felt so right before. After a long search, they found you and you click like a light switch and everything is shining bright with your world again.

Love is on his mind and why not. This is that kind of feeling that you didn’t know really existed for you but has come into your life to make your smile beam wide as can be. ‘Where We Go From Here’ by the renowned and respected Joe Romersa is a guiding light of hope, in an often dark and morbid world. Knowing where to go next is the journey now but it is a question he can share with his partner, and that is all that matters.

Hear this hand-crafted gem via Joe’s Spotify and see where he goes next on FB & IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Finding that perfect love: ‘Accent’ from R&B musician Whysohated is the story of knowing who you want to be with

The sound of the mellow acoustic guitar that fuses so sweetly with the R&B vocals that stimulates the mind rather effortlessly. He simmers into our lives with a mellow entry that will have you intrigued right away. R&B musician Whysohated takes us on a love journey that has a happy ending on his new song ‘Accent’.

His voice shows the growing passion he has for this special soul that has appeared in his life so suddenly. He is feeling the loyalty and good energy here. She feels like the right kind of person to be with right now, and is trying to hide any emotion, in order to keep in cool and not fall too hard, too fast.
With a sensual flow and the ability to hold his voice just right without getting too much for the ears, this is exactly the type of song to play with that love in your life. The candles are lit, the bubble bath is ready, the drinks are cold and the night is still young.
Finding that person to join your tribe is so important as there are so many fake people around that either what to be with you for your money, who you know or what you look like.

Being with someone that cares about you for you is the most vital thing to do for true and long last happiness. If they like your ‘Accent’, you are halfway there already and Anaheim, California native Whysohated sings us a melody that will be stuck in your head all day and perhaps all night too.

Hear this new track here on his Spotify and follow the music journey on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen