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So High: Authentic Armenian-American artist Angela Mona wants to get out of this maze on the incredible ‘Deadible’

With a luscious ambient feel to proceedings that are brewed softly with some of the most gorgeous vocals you will hear all year, Angela Mona feels like she is trapped and doesn’t quite know yet how to get out with her latest gem called ‘Deadible‘.

Angela Mona is a Murrieta, California-raised, Arizona-born Armenian-American indie alternative singer-songwriter and pianist.

We find a truly inspiring young woman realizing her vast potential here – who has recently realized her worth – and is inspired by self-improvement and the sweet sounds of Jazz, Blues and RnB.

From speaking late as a toddler to writing intense lyrics and melodies since 12 years of age- Angela had soon accepted her potential, fighting back negative comments and arrogant laughs. While she endured heavy peer pressure, health issues from a young age, and witnessed family financial struggles of their own; her unstoppable, eager sense of drive to prove her capability and strength remains persistent.” ~ Angela Mona

After taking a short break to regain that much-needed thick skin needed to survive a planet that is full of smug small-minded fools who want to see you fail, Angela Mona sings with such genuine beauty as each word is so meaningful. There is a crystal clear vocal ability for all to lather into that will suddenly have you seeing hairs appear on your body that were unknown before.

Deadible‘ from the brave Armenian-American indie singer-songwriter and pianist Angela Mona, is a dark-pop track laced with so much honesty it might take a few listens to fully digest. This is the story about sparking up just to forget all the trauma in the world but reaching a point when you just can’t sleep, as you feel that everything is just so overwhelming currently.

With a relevant message for so many who feel like they are constantly being locked inside with no escape, this is a spectacular track that is a real eye-opener at a time where we all need so much love to emerge from our own anxiety-filled minds.

Hear a hidden angel shine so bright on Spotify and take a look into her life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Drink From The Bottle: San Diego band Halcyon Club set fire to the night on ‘TLITBF’

Released from their December 2021-dropped 2-track EP called ‘Dance ‘Til The Mourning‘, Halcyon Club is in pursuit of the true purpose in this life that is challenging to bear sometimes with ‘TLITBF‘.

Halcyon Club is a 4-piece multi-instrumentalist alt-rock/pop group that is based in sunny San Diego, California in the USA who seem to assemble those dreamy gems you remember from your childhood.

Sending us a mirror-filled single that is high on quality the whole way through, Halcyon Club is quite a sensational listen and stimulate our senses to hold ourselves to that much-needed accountability. With the bottle easy to reach and addictively consuming – seeing through the darkness and into the light-filled road ahead – is the only way to take yourself swiftly into a meaningful mindset again.

TLITBF‘ from the San Diego, California-based indie alt-rock/pop collective Halcyon Club, is such an incredibly revealing track and might be the anthem so far of 2022. We have lived in a bubble for so long that feels like a B-grade movie you wouldn’t even watch on DVD, as our minds try and break out while we find solace in things that we probably should.

Luckily through top songs like this, we may all feel a bit more comforted and can sing at the top of our lungs to get that frustration out.

Listen to this awesome new single on Soundcloud and see more via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wild And Free Tonight: California-based EDM artist Aglet desires that closeness on ‘Who We Wanna Be’ (feat. Brunetti)

With a hand-clapping rapture and body-joining beat that has you breaking all those flimsy walls you thought were made out of concrete before, Aglet has us jumping up and down with the love of our lives on ‘Who We Wanna Be‘.

With music creations flowing effortlessly from his mind like a true professional, Aglet aka Joey Crippen is an Irvine, California-based indie EDM music producer and artist who is known for his electro slap house music.

Aglet’s interest in technology and the future of the world greatly influences his music, he invites listeners to a world that anyone can find themselves falling into with just the click of a button.” ~ Aglet

Featuring the pacifying talents of Brighton, UK-based Brunetti (aka singer-songwriter Betty Lawrence), this is a magnetic effort from Aglet that will be playing loud and proud all over the world due to its happy nature. You feel like that is a soul-connecting anthem that urges us all to unlock all those pesky self-created doubts and get on with chasing those obtainable dreams with someone who truly gets you.

Who We Wanna Be‘ from the Irvine, California-based indie EDM music producer Aglet, is a late-night body-groover that shall take you to a new state of bliss you presumably sealed in the dungeons of your mind to keep safe. There is much to like about such a commercially-likeable song with loads to lather yourself into like a steamy foam party. This is the story about holding onto your soulmate and never letting them go, as you know that together, you two can conquer anything.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rise Up: EX1MUS are quite marvellous on the soundtrack you need to hear with ‘Valour’

With a soundtrack sound that has you feeling like you are just about to witness a vitally epic scene in a new Dwayne Johnson movie, EX1MUS has us clenching our jaws tight and taking on any battle that we need to emerge victorious in with the inspirational ‘Valour‘.

EX1MUS (pronounced “eximus”) is a Western Europe-born, California-based indie genre-defying act that strives to make music that is free from unwarranted societal expectations.

Their music blends elements of orchestral, choral, rock, and electronic music, but is ultimately unconstrained in style and instrumentation.” ~ EX1MUS

As they bring us strength through the speakers with a mighty effort that is absolutely spellbinding, EX1MUS have our minds in awe and sensing like anything is actually achievable again.

Valour‘ from the magnificent Western Europe-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie outfit EX1MUS, is one of those cinematic experiences that you just turn up loud and close your eyes to. This is a stunning single that is a made-for-movie single – which will surely be in a Hollywood blockbuster film – where it deserves to be. If you are feeling low on confidence and need a natural boost, this is the perfect track to return to former glories.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

He Ate My Soul: Tradavious shuffles the deck as the devil approaches on ‘TDR’

With an intensely emotional impact that might have you wondering if you have ever met an individual who greedily bites off what they want from your precious energy, Tradavious ushers us into the darkly-lit room that has only one escape door with ‘TDR

Tradavious is a Stockton, California-born, Atlanta, Georgia-raised indie-pop artist who performs with a highly energised technique and seems to have your engagement from the first time you witness his ability.

I love to tell stories and as I grow as an artist I want to expand how my stories are told.” ~ Tradavious

On a new single that has you plunging into your recollection as you endeavour to extrapolate who is actually genuine in your own life, Tradavious is on top form with a sensually stimulating presentation that shall have your terrified heart beating rather quickly.

TDR‘ from the dazzling Stockton, California-born, Atlanta, Georgia-raised indie-pop solo artist Tradavious, is a ravishing single that will have your disposition a little more thoughtful than before. He is a true showman and lights up our imagination on a moody story that is filled with much mystery, of a greedy soul that wants to dominate your every move in a detrimental way. Sung with a high level of intellect and honesty, this is a track made by someone who has clearly lived this story in real life.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Don’t Care: LA’s VALLEY GRL puts the middle finger up on the defiant anthem ‘IF I WANT TO’ (feat. Dev Soter)

As she sparks one up and takes a long pull to smoke out any inner anger she feels deep in her bones, VALLEY GRL shows the world that she is making her own decisions now and isn’t bothering with any unsolicited advice anymore on ‘IF I WANT TO(feat. Dev Soter).

VALLEY GRL is a feisty Northern California-born, Los Angeles-based indie rapper/singer who has had to claw and fight her way to where she is now. After moving around a lot when her school days ended abruptly, she has travelled the country and now feels ready for that global domination.

I wrote this song after I quit my job and had to move out of my LA apartment. I was lost, confused and emotionally f*cked up. I realized that for years I would hear people tell me I wasn’t making the “right” decisions; how I dress, how I act, how I talk… so a long time ago I decided not to give a f*ck. So this song is for anyone who feels like they are an outcast and/or sick of being told how to live their own lives.” ~ VALLEY GRL

VALLEY GRL lights up our imagination with a quick-fire track that shows us a talented creative who has broken through the walls of her past. After having a tough time when she was younger – you feel the intenseness inside her vocals that are sensationally projected – to lead us into her currently-evolving mindset of getting to that happy place, which is far away from the previously controlled world she was hidden inside for too long.

IF I WANT TO(feat. Dev Soter) from the fiercely independent LA-based indie rap solo singer/rapper VALLEY GRL, is that true story about following your own path after being doubted for so long. She sings with a passionate outlook and feels so content with her decision, to walk down her own road that will be filled with exciting adventures. We are witnessing a highly gifted young woman who has brushed off those who were dragging her down, as it feels like she is set for big things.

Hear this follow-your-dreams anthem on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Find My True Self: Bozaay is losing his patience in the search for that ‘Love Potion’

After recently recuperating from that soul-crushing heartbreak he saw coming on ‘Sorry, I’m Not Perfect‘ from March 2021, Bozaay is worried as to why he hasn’t found someone real who truly gets him on ‘Love Potion‘.

Bozaay is a hard-working Sacramento, California-based indie RnB/hip-hip solo artist who makes a deep combination of emotion-packed music that certainly strikes at your heart and makes you think deeper than before.

As he glimpses outside to see if there is anyone worthwhile for him to be romantic with, Bozaay deliberates on the future path and sounds rather frustrated on this new single. He raps with a style that has you nodding your head in agreement, to the notion that has been eloquently explained to us. The world is an odd place right now – and finding the one is so rare – as we ponder the next move in this claw-ridden wilderness of chaos.

Love Potion‘ from the Sacramento, California-based indie RnB/hip-hip solo artist Bozaay, is a supremely well-balanced track about wishing that the pathway to that ideal person was right here in front of you. With the world so over-complicated and darkly-lit at times, this is a true tale that so many are facing right now as the quest for love goes on.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Keeping Things Alive: Childhood friends Shyness Boy defeat the odds on ‘Featsteps’

After never giving up on their purpose to make music together, no matter what stones life threw at them, Shyness Boy bravely shows us the track that has been brewing contently for many years with ‘Featsteps‘.

Shyness Boy is an indie experimental shywave/funk/pop/looper duo from San Fernando, California, who despite facing many glitches in the Matrix have made it through unscathed.

Work on Shyness Boy’s debut began all the way back in the autumn of 2013. Dennis and Ron held a series of writing and demoing sessions that resulted in an initial slate of over 10 songs. In early 2015 the duo was ready to record their album in earnest when one was seriously injured in an accident. The subsequent years were largely devoted to the recovery, but the two still strived to continue their work.” ~ Shyness Boy

After first meeting in the eighth grade back at school, Shyness Boy shows us their utterly in-sync chemistry from start to finish on this underground track that helps you feel so much better than before. There is contemplative summer energy here and the vocals urge you to come a little bit closer, with a sunglasses-type beat that has you looking around with a slight smile on your face.

Featsteps‘ from the experimental funk/pop duo Shyness Boy, is a true story all about knowing that some things can’t be bought and you need to be careful otherwise soon, you might be lost. Like so many who lose themselves rather easily in this vortex-filled world of temptation, this is a warning of staying with the good souls and seeing where you land. After many detours in the road that threatened to derail this catchy duo, we get to see what all this hard word is all about. It was certainly worth the wait.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see more of the all-conquering journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Legends In The Making: LA’s rockers Left Of The Slash ride just right on ‘With Patience Along’

With their debut EP ‘Won‘ on the way in the next few months, Left Of The Slash tantalise us with their phenomenal new single which was written in 2003 that will unquestionably have your feet tapping called ‘With Patience Along‘.

Left Of The Slash is a magnificent alt-rock act from busy Los Angeles, California. After imprinting our eardrums with the catchy-riff gem ‘Between The Lines‘ in October 2021, there is much to commend about such a pulsatingly vibrant sound from an outfit that appears to only get better after each release.

Left Of The Slash sound truly motivated here and this might be their best release yet. There is a real razor edge here that sharpens your mind and has you feeling fully alert in the moment, as your bones just rattle in that unexplained excitement. This is the type of track to wake up with – as you jump up and down to feel alive again – with a top echelon act that unquestionably knows how to satisfy our broken hearts.

With Patience Along‘ from the high-tempo Los Angeles, California-based indie alt-rock band Left Of The Slash, is such a pure sound and shall shake your woke speakers awake with some aplomb. Featuring that trademark vocal sound that has you balancing the volume to get another listen, plus a stunning melody that grips you suddenly and never let’s go. This is that old school rock mentality that seems to be making a much-awaited comeback to the masses, due to its engaging soundscape that just feels so good on the soul.

Hear this powerful act on Spotify and see more news on their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Inside Your Mind: OXYG3N tells us the real story on ‘Channel 33’ (feat. Highndeaf)

With a brooding rhythm that is notably threatening and gets your nervous heart pounding as fast as a voracious lion stalking its prey, OXYG3N asks us to turn on a new mindset so that we can see things so much clearer than before on ‘Channel 33(feat. Highndeaf).

OXYG3N is a Corona, California-based underground hip-hop emcee, Cannabis Stock Fund advocate, NFT Art creator, crypto investor and music producer.

He started making music due to his older brother being a producer too and is influenced by Ab-Soul, Lil Wayne, A$AP MOB and 50 Cent.” ~ OXYG3N

OXYG3N shows us his astonishingly hard bars that slam down with some force like a thunderbolt from the shadowed sky, to speedily awaken those who need to open up their sleepy eyes. There is a full-paced tempo here that doesn’t let up, as the booming beat keeps you locked tight into this vividly described picture.

Channel 33(feat. Highndeaf) from the prominent Corona, California-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer OXYG3N, is a really powerful track that is one for those real music fans who love this storytelling genre that will never die. You feel the hungry nature of this experienced artist that urges us all to slide those sunglasses off and take note of these troubled times with waves so big, that many will not make it through to shore. The world is unnecessarily cruel like that sometimes.

Hear this fine new single on Soundcloud and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen