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Lovable Boston native Kerrin Connolly Geek-Rocks her way in the game with ‘’Thanks for Playing’’

This is a solo artist on the rise. With catchy songs and a genuine nature, the world needs more artists like this to cherish- especially during lockdown. 

The cat lover, self-confessed nerd- all with a gorgeous voice- sings her way into the hearts of the world with her new single ‘’Thanks for Playing’’ from her new album Almost, big things are coming for this humble singer from Massachusetts in the USA.

Kerrin is the cute girl next door who keeps on smiling at you and who loves to sing all day. Her music is light-hearted and she is clearly fascinated by the supernatural. Let’s enjoy Kerrin’s fun vibe and remember that life should be enjoyed despite the daily challenges.

Hear more of the wonderful Kerrin and order the new album here .

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


ZeNith releases Rap track Diamonds ft SADI

Boston-based rap duo ZeNith has dropped their recent track ‘Diamond’ ft SADI a Rap and R&B infused single.

Pulling inspirations from Kendrick Lamar, talking about important topics to do with mental health, upbringing, love through their talent of creating meaningful lyrics as they turn it into their own style through their way of Rap. It’s a fairly short track, but you do get a taste of what they have to offer in that time, the pulsing beat that comes through the vocals as the lyrics are repeated in the background in a more distorted deep tone.

Incorporating the sound effect of a record being mixed, and the flow of the variety of sounds that intertwine into the overall rhythm of the track, the vocals are very much keeping it at that low-pitch, keeping it honest and explicit and having that fast pace to it keeping it engaging and upbeat.

If R&B is your thing and you’re looking for new music to listen to be sure to check this one out by ZeNith.

Check out ZeNith ft SADI’s recent single by heading on over to Spotify for yourself now.

Review by Karley Myall


glo – Control: Youthful Melancholy in Bloom.

glo are an enigmatic electronic-indie duo from Boston, MA. Their new track Control is hot off the press and we’ve got caught up in the pure sensual energy that the charismatically talented female vocals convey in a timeless sense of fragility.

The lyrics written by the talented singer song writer are packed with a sense of liberating female sexuality. It’s a rare treat to hear such an honesty behind the lyrics which are sang through such stark serenity. Lady Gaga eat your heart out. The production is packed full of alluring energy which allows their music progress with a transgressive sense of wonder to create the perfect 21st century ballad.

Control is fuelled with innovative sound grounded by its compelling structure, it’s packed with thunderous synthesised effects which really make the track come to life. The melancholic steeped vocals are not too dissimilar to the works of many contemporary artists such as London Grammar and Lorde. However, their command over their sound is far more poignant. They allow the soundtrack to take you through a whirlwind of evocative emotion. There’s a sweet nativity found in the youthful melancholy of the talented lead vocalist.

Check out Glo’s debut track on the SoundCloud link below:


Ari B releases infectious pop track ‘Dance Into The Party’

If partying is serious business then the music that acts as its soundtrack certainly isn’t. At least the end result should sound carefree and joyous but that isn’t to say its construction should be anything less than meticulously and expertly put together. Ari B walks just such a line. Yes, it may seem just like the perfect seasonal pop song, the soundtrack to a series of summer parties, but look a little deeper and you will see just how clever the inner workings of the music actually is.

Infectious pop built on a lazy funk groove, soulful vibes hung on a skittering dance beat, a winding down club classic, it is all of these things and more. This young Bostonian popster believes that “the purpose of art is to take us away” to act as a catalyst for escapism and Dance Into The Party is nothing if not a ticket to forgetting the world and finding your own pop-funk space, if only for 4 minutes and 22 seconds. But then again who could only just play the song once?


A&R Factory Present: Louie Bello

If Boston has made its name in the past as a city of hard rocking bands and earnest indie kids, Louie Bello is swiftly writing a new chapter in the city’s musical history books, one based on a cool and infectious pop vibe. But given the city’s musical past it is hardly surprising that not only is this pop blended with sassy R’n’B, Dirty White Chucks has soaked up something of a chilled indie vibe and a guitar driven sound. Or put another way, East Coast pop with a touch of Boston muscle!

It isn’t hard to pick up the influences that help shape Louie’s songs, a touch of Bruno Mars, a dash of New Kids on the Block even an old school crooner vibe refashioned for the modern age. But as always it is about how you make those influences work for you and forge them into something new, keep moving the musical ball forward as it were. It isn’t so much about where the music comes from, it is about where it is going and Louie Bello is striding into a bright new pop sunrise and this track is heading for every car stereo across the country.

The sunshine hit of the summer, certainly but I’m sure it will be a song that becomes the go to party track of every summer from now on. Fire up the barbeque, flip the top on a cold one and turn the volume up on this track and I’d be struggling to think of what else you need for a great time!

Words: Dave Franklin


A&R Factory Present: Ripe

Ripe is a Funk/Pop band out of Boston, MA that was born as a result of its seven members’ uniting over one belief: with enough passion and honesty, music can still make the earth shake. With one eye looking back to the inception of both funk and psychedelic music, and the other looking forward with a modern concept of what makes people move, Ripe seeks both to honor musical history as well as to make it. The perfect fruit is equal parts past and present, and this is the approach of the Ripe sound.

With a strong devotion to consistently creating an unforgettable live experience, Ripe has kept the groove going touring nationally from coast to coast. With a recently released sophomore EP, Hey Hello, and plans to start recording a full-length album in the coming year, Ripe is shifting into overdrive with every intention of taking this to the stratosphere. The Ripe family asks you to get loose, get down, and get ready. The party is just getting started.

Robbie says, “We picked the song because we love the song. We’re not really concerned with the style of music as long as it has oh-shit-moments for us, and that song feels like one extended ecstatic release. We wanted the music video to communicate what we feel like are our oh-shit moments, which to us come from the energy we have between each other, and then the energy between us and the crowd at a show. Basically those moments where the feeling of love is so strong you can almost reach out and touch it, where the energy is so electric it feels tangible. We think that feeling is what we have to offer, regardless of what genre of music you come in liking. This is us tapping you on the shoulder and inviting you to join us in the moment.”

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