Virginia Post Rock band Cursor claw their way in with ”Reaper”

Based out of Culpeper in Virginia, Cursor have made quite a name out of themselves in such a quick time frame. ”Reaper” is about being noticed and not being shoved out of the way. They are tired of outside influences and believe it’s their time to shine.

This is quite a new band and they have only been around since 2018. They have a tough grungy sound and are raw. With powerful vocals and a style that takes you up for a moment and then down again really fast. The riffs are heavy and prodigious, this band are really going for it and I bet are fantastic live.

With the newest EP out later on in 2020 this is a band that is coming out with a lot of music. Cursor put their foot on the gas and will not be blocked out by anyone. They should be a fixture on the festival circuit in 2021 with their fast and energetic style. ”Reaper” is a good track and I’m highly impressed by this US band and hope to see them live in the face soon.

Click here for the song on Spotify and more from this fantastic band from Virginia.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

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