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Address My Spirit: Ferociously determined Florida rapper Billy the Kid grinds his way to the top by himself with ‘Reaper’

As he performs with a hard-fought energy which shows that he has had some really tough times in his life, Billy the Kid finds his way through the dark with the edgy new single ‘Reaper‘.

Billy the Kid is a determined Florida-based indie trap artist. He expresses himself through a spellbinding effort here that swarms into your mind and has you thinking so deeply about your own journey in life.

Billy often recounts his experience with societal under-dwellings, exploring the themes of mischief that plagued his upbringing and was the cause for severing both family and personal ties that have left Billy scarred, solemn, and grief-stricken.” ~ Billy the Kid

He feel like he is the total underdog in this game that can swallow you up quickly if you let it, the past haunts him so much but he refuses to lay down and totally give up.  His rap style is supremely underground, as he smashes the fragile windows that were holding him back before, and flow angrily with so much fire in his hungry belly.

Reaper‘ from the Florida-based rapper Billy the Kid, is a tortured soul type of track which shows how he is bravely reaching the top of the mountain, despite what has happened before. He is a striking artist who gives his all on each viciously performed verse, as he raps a whirlwind of power through the speakers to flip your mind upside down. This is a song all about knowing you have had it tough, but have the strength to rise above all else that can blunt your progress upwards, no matter who or what is in your corner.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Virginia Post Rock band Cursor claw their way in with ”Reaper”

Based out of Culpeper in Virginia, Cursor have made quite a name out of themselves in such a quick time frame. ”Reaper” is about being noticed and not being shoved out of the way. They are tired of outside influences and believe it’s their time to shine.

This is quite a new band and they have only been around since 2018. They have a tough grungy sound and are raw. With powerful vocals and a style that takes you up for a moment and then down again really fast. The riffs are heavy and prodigious, this band are really going for it and I bet are fantastic live.

With the newest EP out later on in 2020 this is a band that is coming out with a lot of music. Cursor put their foot on the gas and will not be blocked out by anyone. They should be a fixture on the festival circuit in 2021 with their fast and energetic style. ”Reaper” is a good track and I’m highly impressed by this US band and hope to see them live in the face soon.

Click here for the song on Spotify and more from this fantastic band from Virginia.

Review by Llewelyn Screen