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California producer Bobby Beatz makes us rise to new feats with ”Love”

The build shows us the way forth into this transcendent song for the ages. The air is crystal blue with rainbows just after the storm. The earth has washed away all the problems of the earth with one mighty storm. Our bodies are now fresh and ready to go. This is how I feel when I hear ”Love” from LA producer Bobby Beatz.

There is dub step is here with some house and EDM for sure. I love the energy of the track so much, I feel transfixed on each different level to the song. Vocals would of added a tempting twist to the proceedings but perhaps that is being saved for the remix.

Love” from Bobby Beatz is a fantastic track that just gets better and better with each extra sneaky listen. This brand new artist dazzles on the beats here and this is a wonderfully made song on wizard levels of pure skill that is wholesome. Check out the song below and let’s hope for more mixes of this lusty level soon from this fantastic upcoming producer.

Head through to Spotify now to listen on full volume.

Stream here via the popular Soundcloud channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Piano-infused Hit The Hay impress with soulfully touched ”Heartbeat”

You can feel her heartbeat and this is all that you want in life. That special one that makes you all giddy inside. You smile and just want her to come home. if she comes now you two can share this special moment and keep things so simple. You know when she is sad and happy as her heartbeat is different. Will this love story end well is the question here or will it end up in tears?

Hit The Hay are a soulful band are from Copenhagen in Denmark and are quite a new act on the scene. They sound like they have been around for ages however and this is the follow up to early 2020’s ”Long Way Home”.

This is indie-pop on another level and they make it count on ”Heartbeat”. The vocals are so precise without trying to force anything. This song will surely be on many Spotify playlists due to its inner beauty and meaningful message.

A real gemstone in the rough here. The Danish band have such soul and have played themselves into my heart. The lyrics and music arrangement levels are up there with the best. Hit The Hay are here to stay.

Click through and hear this song on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


LegitWord wonders in with back tingling masterpiece ”Black Ink”

Producer and musician LegitWord has just given us a masterpiece. The beat is so intricate during the track and sneaks up to you. The build is so impressive and the bass settles in to your mind perfectly. I love the soothing vocals and they compliment the message expertly. This has to be a theme track to a series soon, this is clearly cinematic.

Black Ink” is a mystical marvel that has raised the level here in 2020. This is genre defying and can’t be placed into any box. There is Lo-Fi Hip Hop here with a sprinkling of soul that is quite incredible. One of the best songs of the year without doubt.

You feel like you are perhaps wasting time and you can brush it off from your mind. The smoke blows through your soul and inside you start to open up after the carnage is complete. You start to think clearer and realize that you need to move forth. The time is now.

My goodness. That feeling when you hear a song that grabs at your senses and forces you to lock tightly in? Quite lovely to say the least.

We await the EP that LegitWord has cooked up and ”Perspective” drops on 28th July. Add it to your calendar now.

To find out more about this artist I’d recommend you slide through to Facebook.

Stream this soulful stunner here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Indie-blues singer AJ inspires us all with new song ”Bottom Of The Blue”

Sometimes things happen during the worst of times. You might doubt yourself and feel that you are not talented enough to write a song or sing. Then, you get this urge to do the thing you haven’t done yet. Try. I have just been inspired by an artist who has done so much in 3 months that it actually blows my mind. This is the story of AJ and her song ”Bottom Of The Blue”.

With an indie-blues country type of feel, you can’t help but fall in love with AJ. She made a change and used her fear to make something so special. This is what this song is all about. Being at the bottom and having the courage to rise to the top by trying. She has developed into a fine singer-songwriter in such a short space of time and that is so impressive.

AJ’s vocal ability is in full swing here and her voice makes the hairs on my arms stand up in excitement. ”Bottom Of The Blue” might end up as a movie one day. This is the story of courage and heart to break through your mind. Conquering your fears and making beautiful music.

Stream this quality song on Spotify for your ears pleasure.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Budapest band The Monoment fly high with debut ”Counting Airplanes”

With the recording split between the studio and home due to corona, this is an impressive result from the Hungarian band. With smooth vocals and a pop-rock sound, The Monoment are a fine young band with a massive future.

This song is all about missing the one that you love and having to look to the sky for inspiration. I like the vocals here and there is only room to grow here. The funky interludes and how the song develops is a wonder to behold. The talented Budepest act are in fine form here.

Taken off the brand new debut ”High Tech Bubble” album, ”Counting Airplanes” is a fantastic track for 2020. It’s well-made and has so many good textures to it that makes this a world class song. With Europe starting to open up, I’d love to see the band on some awesome gigs and festivals.

The Monoment fly high with ”Counting Airplanes” and impress with their pop-rock energy and classy lyrics. The sound is what you want out of a band and they are a memorable outfit set for big things.

Stream this awesome track right here via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Alt Rock band Sacred impress on significant ”Berlin Wall”

Alt Rock band Sacred return for deep and meaningful track ”Berlin Wall”. They reminisce about how times were back in the day when the Berlin Wall fell back in 1989 and the whole incredible moment. This was a huge day in the world and very significant in Germany of course. The band speak about the feeling of the locals on that big day and how it changed everything emotionally.

The band have a really good style about them and certainly sound tight as an outfit. This is high tempo Alt Rock that certainly pushes the volume up here. I like the sound of Sacred and they have a huge amount of potential. With a style that is very popular in the US and globally, I see no reason as to why they can’t be a huge name and pick up some incredible festival slots.

With a powerful energy and cutting lyrics, ”Berlin Wall” is a huge song by Sacred that is on a high level and deserves more love.

Stream this new song right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Swedish alt-pop artist Paperwing swoops in with stunning ”I See You”

Paperwing is a Swedish artist, composer and producer born Jenny Soovik. ”I See You” is a spectacular background of absolute magnificence. She sends a whirlwind of beautiful energy into our ears with this stunning new single. I feel like I’m in a movie while listening to Paperwing as her voice is incredible and the music sounds so timeless.

With fire in her bones, we are taken on a fight of a supremely talented alt-pop singer-songwriter who has such a memorizing aura about her that is peaceful and meaningful. Sweden’s Paperwing highly impressed on ”I See You” and is in top form through this soundtrack of 2020. I feel like I’m in the highest mountains with her guiding my every move.

With inspirations such as Björk and Robyn, you can feel these heavy influences in her deep music. This is a magic ride and will thrust this young artist into the waters of greatness in the not too distant future. The Gothenburg singer is headed to the very top.

Stream this track now on Spotify to get the full flow of this beauty.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Northern Irish multi-instrumentalist Michael-Jay mellows us up with classic soulful ”Stay Tuned”

This is a soothing melody of utmost beauty and a calming influence. The topic is ironic as we need to stay tuned with what is going on in 2020. We need to hold on tight and stay together during these tornado blowing times.

This is soulful jazz of the highest order. There are no vocals on Michael-Jay’s new track called ”Stay Tuned” and I am feeling the journey. I feel like this is a perfect song to chill out to on a Sunday evening with a glass of wine. So much chill with bass-filled solo’s at the end which makes the song complete in my ears.

Michael’s music production is a live blend of Tom Misch, FKJ & John Mayer. These influences mesh together tightly like a waterlily wrap of beautifully arranged blends to rescue us from this sad world.

Facebook is the place to find out for about this Northern Ireland musician.

Stream this wonderful instrumental track that chills up down right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Miranda Joy is absolutely magnificent with new single ”The Fall”

There are some artists that just have it. Their voice is stunningly delivered, the tone is perfect and they sing without trying too hard. This is pure talent and is a pleasure to listen to. I feel relaxed and drift away like I’m on a quiet lake on a sunny afternoon.

Miranda Joy has a soulfully genuine voice that takes you away to another peaceful world. With striking pureness she washes away all our fears and makes everything okay.

London based and working on a few projects, this is one of the UK’s finest talents around. On the way up and shining bright, we are in the midst of this fantastic singer- pianist’s time to shine.

The Fall” is all about picking yourself up after falling. You need to dust yourself off and embrace the fall. Learn from the lesson while patching yourself up with the medical aid kit of life. Smiling in the mirror and laughing about the unfortunate events. This is the only way to mentally survive and not drift too far down the dusty and wind-filled road. We should try and hold onto the good memories and remember that tomorrow is another day.

Stream this fab new song right now on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


io reflect on ”wasting time” via groovy Alt-soul smoke signals

We often think about wasted time and if more could be done. It’s true that some days could of been better used but ultimately you can be too hard on yourself. You were meant to be somewhere somehow anyway. This is a song that is on the top shelf and I could see myself sliding the vinyl on here to hear that raspy sound.

io. inbuilt obsolescence. This the fantastic track from the jazzy Alt soul-sprinkled act who have a real style that is impressive. I get lots in their sound with all the creativity and sun-soaked rainbows that come attached to my ears.

wasting time” is one of the best songs of 2020. This track has a buzzing beat that is ever-entrenched into your heart. The bass solo’s are so incredibly added here and that takes this new single into breath-taking territory.

Check this out on Spotify to hear this brilliantly executed song with soul.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen