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New Jersey-born AD Robinson steams up the year with ‘Psychic’

New Jersey-born AD Robinson steams up the year with ‘Psychic‘, a quality R&B track that sizzles in your ears.

Taken off his latest album ‘Crowd Noise‘, ‘Psychic‘ is the freshly brewed track from the talented young singer-songwriter. The former track athlete who went to Rhode Island is skilled in many different areas, and it seems like now music is his major focus.

Currently a solo artist in his adopted home, he sings with a skill that was born inside his heart. When you learn 6 instruments, this is a human that has music in all of his veins. With an excellent vocal ability that is never too much, the lyrics are honest and this is a terrific listen.

AD Robinson is on top form on his love-torn, life happenings on the R&B track ‘Psychic‘. 2020. He is a new artist in the game but has a voice and mentality that will lead the way into becoming who he wants.

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Indie Pop goodness from Adam Greenall’s ‘Go Home’

Adam Greenall is back with such a fab song it will have you listening again and again. His latest song is called ‘Go Home‘.

Adam Greenall is a Norwich based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is currently producing his own unique brand of melancholic pop that is raising steam all over the world. A diverse range of influences has infused his music with elements of pop, blues, electronic and alternative music.

Taken off the latest album called ‘Tin Man‘, ‘Go Home‘ is an abundance of a sad but happy story all in one. You love the company of that special soul that has it’s ups and downs. You love them so much but they keep on leaving when you wish they could stay. You feel like this new song is such a great addition to 2020 as Adam shines on this one. The UK singer has such a pure voice and the Norwich singer is only getting better and better.

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Haji Outlaw brings out a song to bounce to with ‘Tits No Bible’

Haji Outlaw returns with a song like no other I’ve ever heard on ‘Tits No Bible‘.

Haji Outlaw is a beat maker, comedian and also an established writer. His artistry has contributed to The Eric Andre Show along with other television networks.

The soulful Haji has a deep voice that bellows through the speakers on this one. The 1 minute 49 minute song holds in the air and you get sidetracked as memories of a party start to hold. The mood is full of candles and dim lit to encapsulate the fire of the night. This feels like a song made in the 50’s and is full of appreciation for the ladies.

Haji Outlaw’s ‘Tits No Bible‘ is an ode to the underground soul artist that make music that they love and don’t make music for radio. He is an outlaw of the music scene and this is fine by him.

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Scotland’s Constant Follower opens his heart and sends us valuable advice on ‘Set Aside Some Time’ (Official Video)

Constant Follower is a soaring ambient dream pop experimental folk group from Glasgow in Scotland. They are here with the new song called ‘Set Aside Some Time‘.

It’s always a good idea to set aside some time to get your mind right. You know that you need this as it will help you get over some feelings. Talking them out to dry and to move on with your life. Setting time to find yourself is absolutely vital and this is such an inspirational story of self-finding yourself from memories of youth, to now.

Constant Follower from Scotland are a chilled group who have brought us a little classic here. The journey of self-discovery is especially relevant during this traumatic time of upheaval. ‘Set Aside Some Time‘ is a terrific video and song that inspires us to fully find ourselves and not stop until we have done this.

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Gainesville rapper GB Zizzy shows his growth on ”Racks”

GB Zizzy is a multi-talented guy. He is a rapper, gamer, vlogger, prankster and does reaction videos. The reaction here is positive on his new trap-filled ”Racks”.

Taken off ”Forever In Control”, ”Racks” is a real talent who struts in with lots of confidence and doesn’t seem to mind the haters. He is tying not to let them get to him and he rides the beat like a seasoned pro on this hot new Hip Hop track.

GB Zizzy is a real new talent in the game and he has lots of interests. The flow is fly with the new school trap beat. I personally prefer boom bap but this is a quality song that shows the potential of this new artist. With lots of time to craft his style and lyrics to burn, GB Zizzy is on his way to the top with ”Racks”.

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”Cla$$ic” from Henny Holyfield is his breakthrough Hip Hop track

Indie emcee Henny Holyfield is from Fairfield, California and he reps his hood in style with ”Cla$$ic”.

Father, Chef, Emcee, Optimist. Life is meant to be enjoyed. That is the main message of Henny Holyfield’s music. He tells it how it is and we need to appreciate that. Fake rappers are slowly starting get it and musicians like this only amplify’s that notion.

Taken of his latest album called ”Clocked In”, this is a fire song that has a consistent flow that ultimately shows this artists mad skills. I like the Hopsin shout out too. After 500+ shows, this top shelf rapper shows his pen skills with a masterful performance where his experience shows with his vivid storytelling.

The Sacramento based rapper Henny Holyfield rolls in with ”Cla$$ic” that is designed to be played late at night while cruising around with friends. This is real Hip Hop that is not watered down. Long may this kind of music prevail.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Brice Parker’s Pop song ”Time” is a reminder to take charge of your life

Pop singer Brice Parker’sTime” is a brand new release and we love the energy attached to this young artist who drifts in with his enthusiastic nature.

Taken off the brand new album ”One”, ”Time” is an introspective song all about how we should not take time for granted. Time is more valuable than money and fame. He infuses his fresh style and clever approach here to passionate levels. There is so much truth to this notion and we all need to take note and not take time for granted.

The young singer Brice Parker who is still getting his social media game going, is a talented young singer who belies his age with a professional performance on ”Time”. He will surely grow after this new song and album. For a debut release, this is of a strong standard and his voice is really strong and hits all the right notes.

Here is the Spotify link to hear this time-filled song.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Sacrifice in Cultra fight through the desert with story of ”Pills and Dust”

Pills and Dust” from Sacrifice in Cultra is the earth-shattering rock-electro sound that defies what I have heard before. This is a song with meaning and so is their movement.

Founded in 2018, Sacrifice in Cultra is not just a fashion brand, it is an artist network geared towards change and will continue to push the boundaries set in place without selling out.

Taken off recent full 12 track album ”Redacted”, this bouncy song has a mightily menacing beat that breaths fire onto our soul.

Pills and Dust” is about all those parties that start to blur after awhile and the journey to make sure that you can fully be in the moment. This is a phenomenal release that launches high above the cloud with the bass-filled steam train that build up the mountain and to our souls.

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Raw rock stories on powerful debut ”I’ve Become” with Bat Allison

Bat Allison is a strong 3 piece punk rock band that have just released their debut ”I’ve Become”. This is an excellent effort from the young act as they get their name out to the world.

Taken off ”Lizard Lounge Sessions”, this is the lead track from the Bohemian Punk Band. This is a genre the band made up as they feel it is artistic and unconventional. Just the way they all like it.

Bat Allison is a great name and this is a terrific track full of punk influences. ”I’ve Become” is that come-up song that shows that you know who you are. This is a statement entrance into the music game for the US band. This is a quality punk rock band that is on the way up high. The 3-piece band smash through with their solid vocals and strong sound.

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”Sleeping Giants” from multi-talented French-British artist Chloe Levaillant is simply perfect

Chloe Levaillant is a French-British multi-talented musician, creative and teacher who sets the standard in indie-folk 2020 with a song that is simply perfect. ”Sleeping Giants” rises up and is one of the best songs of 2020.

This is something so pure and beautiful. With dreamy vocals from Chloe who is elegant and real. This song puts me in a relaxed state and the soothing guitar strums adds so much to the electric energy of peace. An artist that has been singing since the age of 7, you get the feeling that Chloe Levaillant knows herself inside and the tone of her voice is delivered to keep the heart warm.

Chloe studied opera when her family moved to France and from there the creativity only increased. After High School, the determined and creative Chloe, juggled street performance as a hula hoop dancer, music and life. From there a Music Degree followed and the fire was lit inside. This is a musician who is reaching new heights and she is willing to put the hours in to make it happen.

Sleeping Giants” is an indie classic form the London based artist that has folk fused sounds of pure heart and soul inside. This is a creative who feels like she is only going to get better and better. With a peaceful soul and a video that is call awaken your fire inside to look for the good things in life.

The fascinating Chloe Levaillant just delivered a song that rises about the dark clouds. Satisfaction of something beautiful and what is the secret to being happy? This is a release that has trees, flowers, nature and an artist that is a sleeping giant too.

Stream this beautiful classic here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen