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Leaving your home behind: Dallas based Jacob Whalen’s ‘Necropolis’ is the story of starting afresh in new surroundings

The beautiful piano simmers through and warms your heart. We are soon introduced to a singer-songwriter and composer who is a true creative. He sings about how wicked and harsh this world is as he emanates only peace and love. The story of a man that has found his voice, to show the world his stunning music, made with years of fine tuning to get the balance just right. Jacob Whalen’sNecropolis‘ will have you thinking about all of the sins of the world, and the pointless loss of life for no real reason.

With his digital artwork and virtual art shows taking up most of his time over the last 10 years, this crazy world of 2020 has unlocked a true artist, who shines like a burning candle on this release. Taken off the brand new full album- ‘Lord of Vanity II‘ -this is an ode to a fresh start, away from that familiar, stale and ultimately stagnant energy from a place that you needed to get away from. In order to fully blossom, you need to see the world and experience new cultures.

He voice is so powerful yet innocent at the same time, the passionate and emotion hangs in the air as you take on a somber tone and wonder why these things happen. The gentle background sounds only matches the energy during this special listen. This is a man who has been building to this moment and succeeds greatly.

Necropolis‘ from the multi-talented Dallas artist Jacob Whalen is a song that will inspire many as this is such an emotional song that delves deep into current issues in the world. This is a marvelous and vividly described song from an eloquent musician- who puts his heart and soul into everything he does. After all, being in the right town for your goals, is the smartest way to be truly happy each day.

Hear this emotional masterpiece here on Jacob’s Spotify and see more on his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Remembering that real love: Robert Emms is breathlessly brilliant on debut release ‘Hold Me Lost Boy’

The soft piano start percolates your interest right away and you feel as though this is going to be a worthwhile listen of deep magnitudes. This feeling is backed up by a singer who is clearly feeling pain and loss from a relationship he cherished very much. UK based Actor/Musician Robert Emms sprinkles our ears with something that was so carefully made, and should be cherished on his debut song called ‘Hold Me Lost Boy‘.

Robert Emms is a renowned English film, stage, and television actor, who is now making his mark in the music scene and the results are rather fantastic. His voice is so perfectly expressive, each word is so meaningful, and the beauty of the song is a real treat to the ears of the uninspired.

His voice sweetly guides you through the song like its honey-tipped, the track made with love and regret. The sadness is personified through each sentence, as we wonder if he will every see his lover again. The warm embrace of the past hovers over the story, the lyrics so genuine and kind.

The journey to finding true love is a long and winding road, with many twists and turns that might lead you in the wrong direction sometimes. This is a song that help with closure, you want that warm embrace again from the person you loved but they went away and you need to find a new path to happiness.

Hold Me Lost Boy‘ from the wildly talented soul of Robert Emms, transports you into so much thought, as you reminisce about your own experiences with love and lust. This adds some comfort among the sadness as we all look for that special human, that loves you for who you are, deep inside your soul.

Hold someone you love close as you listen to this special song on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music that heals the heart: Gjermund Wien is so tremendous on debut song ‘True Companion’

Taken off the recently released debut EP ‘Electric Fire’, this is a hauntingly real single full of an authentic energy, that passes in our ears piece by piece, lyric by lyric, to give us a warm embrace from this traumatic year of mostly sad solitude. Norwegian compassion is on full display here thanks to the new soulful singer-songwriter Gjermund Wien on ‘True Companion‘.

His voice lifts the mood as you get lost in the natural style that he possesses. A new musician to the scene, the freshness is so pleasant to see as he sings with such thoughtfulness. This is an artist who has been waiting for the right moment to send his music out to the world for manifestation, his humble artwork is vividly appreciated as you feel his true intentions which is to make music, that helps heal the wounded souls out there in the world.

The care that this musician has taken to move the audience is so cinematic and you feel like this is music that is perhaps ahead of its time. To truly comprehend its beauty, one needs to close their eyes and imagine floating in the sky, looking for that true love for your heart.

Gjermund Wien is a step above on the Electro-fused ‘True Companion‘ and this is a welcome listen to remind us to never give up on searching for that happy feeling, that holds your very being together.

Hear this new peaceful single on his Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Formed during COVID-19: The Band Esther drop debut single ‘Run’ off ‘The Pandemic EP’

A flourishing start is portrayed with the tapping of the drum sticks that gets us in the right mood. We are then lifted into an Alt-Rock world that has carefully clear vocals which are so sweet on the ear. New 5-Piece Mississippi outfit The Band Esther show us their vulnerable side with ‘Run‘.

This is all about wishing that the special one that you care about would stop hiding away from you, when you really want things to work out and for you to be together. Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants and you can’t forget it about it so quickly. The desire and love is there and that should be enough. In this unnecessarily complicated world however, sometimes that is just not enough.

With a spectacular sound that defies their young age as a band, this is a well-thought out single that is full of regret and wonder about what has quite happened. The melodies have you hooked instantly and you can’t help but sing along- always an action that knows you are listening to something really good.

The proudly Mississippi act The Band Esther are excellent on ‘Run‘ and for a debut release, this is an exciting step into becoming well-known around the world. They are a classy outfit, full of energy and precision.

Hear this debut track on Spotify and see more about the band on their Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A heartfelt song to get that true love back: Averto shows regret for past mistakes on ‘Cry’

A sensually pleasing voice that meshes with a beat that is quite sumptuously classy, we are let in the door by a duo that tell the true story of a love that is so strong but needs to heal in order to truly blossom. Averto bring us a song to listen deeply to on the Indie-Pop single ‘Cry‘.

Taken off the brand new 4-track EP called ‘1304‘, this is a sexy-sad song that is loaded with regret and also an honest take on how they are deep inside.

Featuring a sax-filled chorus that makes you take notice, you can’t help but enjoy this new single that is hugely relevant in modern day society. With Social Media clouding our morals and values, some elements of short bursts of silly selfishness seeps through into us all sometimes, even if we don’t want it to be this way.

Jahlisa Jade and Zack form together tightly as Averto and this team are rather tremendous here on ‘Cry‘. This is a relevant story for all of us that have been with such a beautiful soul, that somehow seems to hurt us again and again, even if they don’t mean to. Its a lesson into how strong the love really is, if it can be rebuilt with true communication then the chances of survival are greater but this needs lots of compassion and honesty. Only then, can our souls be reconnected into that meaningful love, without constant and traumatic tears.

Hear this regret-filled single on Spotify and find out about future shows on their Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The ultimate underdog rises to make his mark: Versvs shows his lyrical prowess on ‘Enough for You’ (ft Royce Da 5’9″)

With an ominously brooding start, the haunting beat sweeps in and takes all the dust away with a fiery ripper of a track that hits the middle stump. Italian/Canadian emcee Versvs busts in with his energetic flow on ‘Enough for You‘ which features Detroit heavyweight Royce Da 5’9″.

This is the 2nd single on the latest full album –‘Invisible’– and is a powerfully struck Hip Hop track that sparks lightning into your ears. This is about feeling that some people don’t have enough respect for you when they should. Haters are going to always hate but this young rapper is on a mission to make his name in a crowded roster of Hip Hop artists- that have flooded the airwaves with mostly garbage music that has no skill at all. Luckily, this is high grade music with substance.

His ferocious bars are easy to appreciate and having a legend to feature on your track adds an extra bit of spice, to an already excellent song.

Versvs is clearly the underdog and he thrives in this role, his lyrics are cutting edge and the delivery bites hard like a hungry rapper should. Royce Da 5’9″ adds his legendary flow with ultimate precision, each word is meaningful and you can’t help but appreciate greatness when you hear it. This is a new single to take note of, this is that special flow that is so lacking in modern day Hip Hop.

Hear this exciting new single on Spotify and find out more on Insta.

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A synth-wave experience like no other: Arcadnis reaches for the stars on ‘Jupiter’

With a synth-wave style that is sweetly sprinkled into a sumptuously beautiful mesh of wonderfully created music, Arcadnis is an artist who is so uniquely brilliant. This is a special song that truly is a guiding light, in a dark year for the world. She returns with her latest single called ‘Jupiter‘ and this is an addictive track that shows the growth of a musician, who has conquered her own fears.

Joanna Krystyniecka aka Arcadnis is a supremely gifted singer-songwriter that seems to float on the air when she sings as everything is so effortless. Her voice takes you into a different galaxy, each note is pure like sipping gently from a fresh waterfall, you feel clean and ready for life after listening to this.

A mysterious performer who is so refreshingly honest on her social media about being on stage, this is a track that will inspire your soul so much. This is hauntingly beautiful, full of hopes and dreams that makes this is an exhilarating 6 minute experience that is almost cinematic.

Jupiter‘ from Arcadnis is a song for anyone that is feeling anxious right now and who needs a push of confidence into those sleepy veins. You can do practically anything you set your mind to and the support of those close to you is so key. Backing yourself however, is the first step.

Hear this spectacular new track on Spotify and find out more on Facebook.

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‘Subliminal Messages’ finds GiftedCuddo and Mari in marvelously mysterious form

Ohio must be one of the most underrated music hubs in the world. Cleveland emcee GiftedCuddo brings the incredible talent of Mari to join him on ‘Subliminal Messages‘ and this is the voice for the misunderstood. A track that sways all the way, you feel inspired and can’t help but like the lyrical skill level that reaches the temperature needed to catch a tan.

Subliminal Messages are any sensory stimuli below an individual’s threshold for conscious perception.

With that in mind, we now have a feel for what this brand new and rather mysteriously brilliant Hip Hop track is all about. With an undertone that needs lots of unwrapping like a much-anticipated Christmas present, this is a fine beat that draws you in. The vocals are so sultry and the bars are wrapped together like an old pro.

My entire purpose for making music is to inspire people to be the absolute best they can be in life, to live life to the fullest, be positive, love yourself, and enjoy every moment of this experience.”- GiftedCuddo

Taken off the new EP called ‘Xild‘, this is a track that has lots of creativity and a beat that puts a smile on your dial. This is that sunglasses type of music to turn up while you cruising around with your friends. It is so seducing and you can help but sway along to this smooth lyrics, that are shaved so close you might need a new barber.

GiftedCuddo has such a gift with words and his excellent track ‘Subliminal Messages‘ is such a fantastic Hip Hop effort and Mari only adds to the brilliance here. With so many wannabe rappers carrying on about topics that add zero value to the world, this is a track about the way you portray yourself and how we can get our message across with some practice and confidence. A life lesson in a song is always a pleasant surprise and this hits the stomach just right.

Here is the Spotify link to hear more and support.

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‘Dream With Me’: Lesse is quite star-gazingly immense on this pure indie-electro pop ride to the sky

Dream With Me‘ from Lesse is the brand new track from a tremendous talent that thinks differently to most of us and this is much appreciated right now in the world.

This is all about embracing your fantasies and never letting anyone take over your dreams. With a voice that is so magnificent, you feel like you are travelling into a new world full of hope and love. The stylish singer Lesse never seems out of breath and his style of so classy and effortless it seems.

Many light years ago, between the stars in the brightest part of our galaxy….Signs of Lesse scattered throughout the universe- Lesse

With a soothing galaxy-like indie pop style that feels like you are swimming in the ocean with your special soul. Its just you two, staring at the stars and hand in hand. Lesse helps us dream again on ‘Dream With Me‘ and this young musician is only just getting started,

To hear this new track you can support via Spotify.

To find out more about this wildly talented artist go to his Facebook.

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‘Hope in the Dark’ from Hartford’s Dean Frost is a song all about staying positive no matter what

Hope in the Dark‘ from Hartford’s Dean Frost is a song all about staying positive no matter what the detour you take in this crazy world. This is a fun electro-pop track that simmers with hot beats to keep us entertained.

Hartford, Connecticut singer/producer Dean Frost is a poet who used his music gifts to inspire others as the summer beat really gets your feet tapping in delight. The vocal delivery is quite flawless and this is such an enjoyable ride that is of majestic quality. The added raps make it even better and shows the multi-talented ability.

You find hope in every situation and you never give up, no matter what. Giving up just isn’t in your dictionary as you keep pushing hard, doing what you love.

With influences such as Logic and The Chainsmokers, you can get an idea of what type of artist Dean is. Previously performing under the alias The American Boys, this is a supremely create musician who likes to make happy music for fans to enjoy.

Dean Frost is back in a big way on Hope in the Dark‘ as he stimulates the speakers with a sultry effort that is like giving your ears a high-5.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen