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Twin Souls ‘Water Into Wine’ show their maturity with fab single ‘’Soul On Fire’’.

Pop/House/Trap/Chill/Rock ‘Water Into Wine’ are based in New York City, USA. They are two creatives and they are very honest on what they say. You will either love or hate this music. They won’t mind either, they just want to perform live.

‘Water Into Wine’ is a pop duo that officially formed in the summer of 2019 when Slovak singer/actress/model Barbra Zi started to collaborate on music that Darryl George had written 4-5 years prior. This lit the fuse for them to begin writing music together. Currently, they have upwards of 50 songs that they are fine-tuning for future releases. Beyond that, the plan is to continue to write and record as much as they can and begin a string of shows in late 2020/ early 2021, depending on lockdown of course. 

“Since beginning Water Into Wine, Barbra and I have been such an inspiration to each other. Our synergy acts as a constant source of motivation to write, perform, and produce more music.”

Darryl performs all instrumentation and acts as recording, mixing, and mastering engineer on all tracks. Barbra directs/edits/produces all video releases and co-produces too.

This is a power duo, as you can see and let’s see what they have in store for the rest of the year.

Click here to hear more on their SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Detroit’s Maz keeps the flow tight with ‘’Scruffy’’

Young Emcee from the US, ‘Maz’, is here with a dope style that is sure to bring him lots of fans. 

‘Maz’ has a raw delivery and he spits straight up facts on the mic. We should all pay attention as this Rapper is on the way up, all in the hometown of the legend; Eminem. 

New to the game but steppin’ up quick, ‘Maz’ also produces his own music and does the artwork. It’s that DIY approach that is going to take him places. Rather than wait for things to come to him, this young Emcee is pushing his way in.

‘Maz’ is a name to watch in the Hip Hop scene, he is a talented lyricist and he is still very new to the game. With more experience and finetuning his beats, this Emcee is on the way up. Detroit first and then wherever he wants to go.

Check out his whole collection on SoundCloud


Dylan Taylor rescues us with stunning ‘I Drive’

‘Dylan Taylor’ from the USA is a well established Country & Western artist with a stunningly pure voice. She has been a regular on the scene for a few years and sings with such heart. 

Dylan is back with her new release ‘’I Drive’’. This song is all about taking control of your life and to not let anyone else take charge of the journey, despite all the distractions and detours that you may face. 

‘’I Drive’’ is taken off her latest album-‘’Keep on wondering’’. This is a fantastic single with a great message during this tough time in the world. Dylan longs for us to take charge and be in control of your destiny, no matter what.

This is an established artist that is further cementing her name in the music game with this beautiful song that is full of love and real advice. I love how Dylan tells such descriptive stories, you can tell that she is so genuine and real. I would love to watch Dylan Taylor live while dancing along with the crowd, sunglasses on with a huge on my face. Dylan’s music gives you that feeling, her gorgeous voice catching your attention and taking you on a journey.

If you haven’t heard all her music then be sure to click on her Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Acoustic artist Solly spreads hope with peaceful single ‘’Shelter’’

Shelter from the storm is the paradox you are choking on. It’s so encouraging to be exposed to such positive vibrations from a very talented, upcoming artist like Film Editor/ Musician, ‘Solly’. He mixes these two passions together like an old pro.

Solomon Margo aka ‘Solly’ , released ‘Love & Harm’ on YouTube on the 1st May 2020 and this is the follow up single, the peaceful ‘’Shelter’’. It’s about sheltering your soul from all the fakeness in the world & to just be yourself, the best version of you. This is a perfect message. 

‘Solly’ is a young artist who alternates between NYC and LA in the USA. He is still finding his feet in this wild music game and I see a very promising future here. His music has a positive style and is so jazzy with touches of soul. A bigger stage awaits for this fine musician. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Soul-soother R&B/Pop singer Siera wants us to feel good with ‘’Find Me’’

Los Angeles, USA is the home for the majestic voice of ‘Siera’. Amongst the glitz and glamour, fame and fortune, she seems like a real talent that is on the right track. ‘’Find Me’’ is her new music output and she sings in an effortless manner that is starting to gain real traction, all over the planet.

Featuring ‘3ldin’ on this new song, it’s an absolute winner and bound to be massive on the charts and in clubs when they re-open. With a sensual start, the song builds up into a banger and I love the flute element in the background. This is a positive song that expresses ‘Siera’s’ growing maturity.

With the 19 year old growing song by song, ‘’Find Me’’ is the ripping follow up to the sexy ‘’All In’’ featuring the up and coming ‘DJ Primetime’. I am excited to hear more from ‘Siera’ and see how her career goes. She has a new fan right here. Music with substance that helps my soul stay happy is a winner in my book.

Stream Siera here on her Spotify page to listen more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Alternate-rockers Eternity INC rise with their debut track ‘Falling From the Sky’

Alternative rock duo and sibling pair Eternity INC release their debut single with a six minute exploration of their genre ‘Falling From the Sky’.

‘Falling From The Sky’ features airy, layered guitar riffs that will pique the interest of those wanting those classic mid-2000s alternative reber-driven rock tones. The vocal performance intertwines sometimes delicately from dominant to subtle, and helps give an added flair that this six minute track needs at points. 

The guitar work is layered and powerful, and is definitely the standout point of the track. Tighter songwriting and work on the lead vocals might propel this one to much more acclaim, but it remains a solid piece for those who like post-rock inflections with reverberated riffage. 

You can check out Eternity INC’s ‘Falling From The Sky’ on the band’s Soundcloud page here.


QTdabutcha releases his debut single ‘In the S**t’

With a number of singles and EPs on his CV, QTdabutcha drops his debut single ‘In the S**t’.

What feels like very Old School R&B in the first few moments, ‘In the Shit’ is one heck of a hip-hop effort with drum beats that pump through piano loops in a gripping tempo comparable to the likes of Outkast and Dallas Austin.

QTdabutcha breaks his way into the contemporary scene with a unique style, combining rap music with R&B vocals, sticking to the latest modern patterns without overusing “artificial intelligence” to embellish his sound.

He may have been ‘In the Shit’ in life, but his music is definitely “the shit”.

Head over to Spotify and play ‘In the Shit’ now.

Review by Jim Esposito.


NEOS have released their single People

Texas-based band NEOS has released their single ‘People’ infusing their Indie sound through fascinating vocals and smooth instrumentals.

Starting off with the slow pluck on the guitar strings as the vocals begin to come through having this rather deep tone to them with that rough texture, intertwining perfectly with the flow of the instrumentation.

Adding in that tap of the tambourine and beginning to combine the calming tone of the acoustic guitar paired with the electric. The way the instrumentation sounds gives it this real mellow feeling, you feel relaxed as you listen even when everything does tend to heighten and begin to increase in volume.

Sounding similar to artists such as Coldplay, having that mesmerising vocal range that pulls you in straight away whilst having that powerful instrumental that brings the piece to life.

Check out NEOS’ single People by clicking here now.

Review by Karley Myall


Ria Carval has dropped her single Reflections: A powerful piece with incredible vocals

Artist Ria Carval has dropped her Pop infused single ‘Reflections’. Through her mesmerising vocals and meaningful lyrics to create this infectious track.

Starting off with a techno style vocal leading into the soft melodic tone that Ria has. Portraying a fairly synthesized sound through parts of the song. The vocal ranges are incredible as she hits the high notes so effortlessly and pure emotion tends to pour through each word that is sung, in a rather mesmerising way.

The beat is more on the simpler side, having that upbeat melody that seeps through the rest of the elements, using a variety of effects to create the overall rhythm and as the vocal pitch picks up the instrumentation gets more powerful and loud as the sound of piano keys fills the air.

Through the lyrics and impressive vocal ranges as well as the way it combines with the rhythm is why this song is such a hit in itself, through the story that is told through the words and the way she lets feelings come through her voice in such a compelling way.

Check out Ria Carvals single Reflections by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Karley Myal


ZeNith releases Rap track Diamonds ft SADI

Boston-based rap duo ZeNith has dropped their recent track ‘Diamond’ ft SADI a Rap and R&B infused single.

Pulling inspirations from Kendrick Lamar, talking about important topics to do with mental health, upbringing, love through their talent of creating meaningful lyrics as they turn it into their own style through their way of Rap. It’s a fairly short track, but you do get a taste of what they have to offer in that time, the pulsing beat that comes through the vocals as the lyrics are repeated in the background in a more distorted deep tone.

Incorporating the sound effect of a record being mixed, and the flow of the variety of sounds that intertwine into the overall rhythm of the track, the vocals are very much keeping it at that low-pitch, keeping it honest and explicit and having that fast pace to it keeping it engaging and upbeat.

If R&B is your thing and you’re looking for new music to listen to be sure to check this one out by ZeNith.

Check out ZeNith ft SADI’s recent single by heading on over to Spotify for yourself now.

Review by Karley Myall