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The Sky Is Grey Right Now: Isiah & The New People take us deep within the carnage and recovery on Hold On

Telling us a harrowing story which almost ended everything, Isiah & The New People shows us inside Hold On and what happened on that fateful day. This is one of the most emotional interviews we’ve ever done and is one not to miss.

Llewelyn: Hi Isiah & The New People. Thank you for having a chat with us. Firstly, how did you all join together and where can we find you in the world today?

Isiah: Hi Llewelyn, thanks for taking the time to chat as well. Isiah & The New People are just a bunch of musicians from the Wisconsin Great Lakes Region that decided to get together for a jam. We are all from the same city of Appleton, Wisconsin USA.

Llewelyn: Hold On is your new single and this is a deep one. Please let our readers know the story and how is the recovery going?

Isiah: Yeah so Hold On is a new song that came to be after I was involved in a significant car accident. My wife, former bandmate and I were hit by a drunk driver going about 80-90mph. My friend, who I was playing drums with before this recording, was killed. My wife suffered a traumatic brain injury and I broke a bunch of bones and my stomach was dislodged into my chest. The song Hold On in a lot of ways is about managing pain as well as surrendering to the universe and allowing life to unfold as it needs to. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why things happen in life but there is always something to learn in every experience we have.

As far as recovery goes, my wife is on the trajectory to make a full recovery and I am completely healed. Thanks for asking.

Llewelyn: What genre would you describe your music as being inside if you were asked the question by a fan?

Isiah: I’d have to say Western Psychedelic Folk. I grew up listening to a lot of Pink Floyd, Neil Young and Nanci Griffith so it makes sense.

Llewelyn: Life has changed for you. What do you wish to achieve now and do you feel more grateful for each moment in your life more than before?

Isiah: Yeah, I definitely feel more grateful. It’s easier to let things go. I see no point in holding a grudge to the grave. None of us know when we are going to die so it’s best to let things go and find ways to enjoy one another while we can. As far as what I would like to achieve I’d say I have a few things. Outside of just establishing an inner peace and calm state of being, I have a couple projects I’m working on. I want to tour. See the world. Meet different people. Make all sorts of music. I love creating. I like acting and writing and would love to make some comedy sketches. All sorts of stuff but ultimately I wish to achieve a lifestyle that affords me to do these things.

Llewelyn: What does it feel like to make music and does it make your soul happy?

Isiah: Making music is beautiful. Through life we have these traumatic experiences that get stored in our bodies and music has this incredible way of allowing ourselves to release these energies. Music makes my soul happy for sure. It also makes me sad and angry and everything in between. It allows me to feel everything I need to feel.

Llewelyn: If you could travel to any country in the world, where would it be and why?

Isiah: I’d really like to spend some time in Australia. I think I would get along with the people down there. I’m curious if they are that crazy or if it’s just the internet. I need to see with my own eyes.

Llewelyn: Last, are there any bands you would love to perform with on the same lineup? Please share with us the ideal festival or event and what the expectations would be?

Isiah: The ideal festival would be somewhere overlooking Lake Superior with wonderful views and fantastic food. Line up would include Dakhabrakha, Paul Simon, Los Super Seven, Tinariwen, Paolo Nutini, Brulé, and Elvis if he is still alive.

See the single come to life on YouTube.

See more on the IG page and follow the journey.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Off My Shoulders: Billy Moran tells us all to have faith no matter what the obstacles on Little Dreamer

Often compared to Gary Clark Jr. and Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme), Billy Moran has nothing to lose and cuts it loose rather brilliantly on the guitar-lovers-anthem which might be just perfect for those days when you just need to explore again on Little Dreamer.

Billy Moran is a Los Angeles, USA-based alternative blues/rock solo artist who is well-travelled and is known as one of the best underground acts around who is ready to conquer the world.

If you like music with a serious edge and a skillset which has been forged over many years of practice, Billy Moran takes us into a happier place away from any mixed feelings of current times. This is so catchy and might be a special single to whistle with on the way to work.

Little Dreamer from the LA-based alternative blues/rock solo artist Billy Moran is a body-grooving track which might take you back to a better time in the galaxy. This is a song all about getting great advice. Turning up the heat and taking us into a thoughtful melody to tap those feet with, we find a single to believe in.

When the world is cold, it’s best to look upwards, never down.

Listen up further on Spotify.

See his dreams come to life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Covered in Blood: Hardcore Baltimore rapper Dbn Kai sees the bullet dance on Gravedigger

After kicking all sub-standard haters to the curb with fierce ferocity on In The Way, Dbn Kai prays up above and sinks further into a demon-packed world which can make your spirit go cold on Gravedigger.

Dbn Kai is a Baltimore, USA-based indie rapper who punches above his weight on each track and uses his bodybuilding to further cement his name as one of the toughest around.

Feeling rather evil and dropping an underground single to bounce with, Dbn Kai has his hood on tight and is in no mood to mess around no matter the weather. This is heart-stopping stuff with a hefty beat that might lacerate veins in the dark,

Gravedigger from the Baltimore hip-hop artist Dbn Kai is a potent track that might be able to break open the glass. Smashing through cold souls and telling us what goes down after 2 am, this is an assertive single that might scare some and enthuse others.

Digging into haunting air, this is a single to play on loud all night long.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Likeable funky pop duo East Eden drops those tasty mellow vibes on Cielo

With a fun beat and kind energy which will get those feet tapping, East Eden shall calm all sad hearts with a lovely single which must surely be played over and over on Cielo.

East Eden is an East Hampton, USA indie duo who love to remedy our shattered hearts with a pop/funk blend like no other as they continue to broaden our minds.

Inspired by the late great Amy Winehouse, Sly and the Family Stone, Vulfpeck, Kanye West and more, East Eden is the kind of music group that does this for all the right reasons. This is pure stuff and is surely a must-listen for anyone who likes things rather chilled. Fresh all the way, we have found a hugely affable song to hold hands with all night.

Cielo from East Hampton-based funk/pop duo East Eden shall mellow the soul and give lonely hearts something to believe in. This is easy listening at its best. It’s flashy-free and lovable, just like a waterfall at the end of a hike on a summer’s day. Good for the soul and body-healing.

Turn this up and feel free again.

Hear more on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Go All Night: Delila sings with sensual desire on Sex Dreams

Imagining a superheated moment which shall last long after the sun sets, Delila tells us the truth that many can’t admit on the rather ear-warming new single to put on loud no matter the weather on Sex Dreams.

Delila aka Ava Rothis an 18-year-old Albany, USA-based indie singer-songwriter who craves that authentic feel in a copycat social media-filled smoggy world.

Fearless and lyrically enticing, Delila invites us to her body-grooving universe and this is a playlist-adding soundtrack to being young and brave in this rather odd world.

Sex Dreams from Albany, USA-based indie singer-songwriter Delila is one of the steamiest singles likely to be heard in 2023. She projects her emotions to the world and might ruffle a few feathers, to seduce many into a more joyful place.

Treated to a heart-stopping sizzler to rip the speakers off with, we find a young woman who isn’t afraid to tell us what she truly wants.

Allure all minds with her new release on Spotify.

Find out more about this emerging artist on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

So Many Demons in the Sand: jiji 09 drops the most sublime evening cruise track to vibe with (night_sand)

Mixing in his love for video games to entertain all ages inside his exhilarating whirlpool of discovery, jiji 09 sees the flashing lights and feels like things are getting outta hand with the bars-packed track to jam with, (night_sand).

jiji 09 is a 20 years old Detroit, USA-based alternative pop-rap artist who loves to blend in anime themes and makes the kind of expressively rousing music to keep bad moods at bay.

Youthfully exuberant and dusting off the mic with some aplomb, jiji 09 is in no mood to mess around. Lining up the night’s adventures and dropping something to jam with, we are treated to a fast-rising creative who has moved into his own lane of magnificence.

(night_sand) from Detroit, USA-based alternative pop-rap artist jiji 09 is a lyrically exceptional quick-flow thunderbolt which might edge many into a whole different galaxy. This is a party-like ice tea-sipping dancefloor slider if there ever was one.

Confident and looking towards the future, we find a dreamland single to snack on merrily when the munchies set in after a wild evening in the city.

Turn this up late at night on Spotify.

See more of the vision via the socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Land of Fear: In The Distance slashes the tires of those who aren’t ready with Hollow

Blending powerfully built metal, punk rock and a weighty sound to bust down even the most complex bank safe, In The Distance helps us free ourselves from all fear with the no-love-lost thunderbolt to smash the haters away into the ocean, Hollow.

In The Distance is a Minneapolis-based indie hardcore rock band that packs a punch which might break fragile hearts into two as they certainly mean business.

Displaying decades of knowledge and experience, the family band In The Distance remind us of the destroyed dreams and general mistrust of the world. They slice their way into our inner cores with an honest story to rock out to no matter the weather presented.

Hollow from Minneapolis-based indie hardcore rock band In The Distance is a massive statement of intent. Guiding us through the rubble and into a better mindset appears to be the mission, which has been pulled off rather well on this underground demo.

Rugged and ready to inspire cold hearts, we grab the shovel and dig deeper to find that escape away from this seemingly jail-like current planet.

Listen up deeper on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ease the Pain: Sound Liberation are at its brilliant best on Time Does Not Bring Relief

Taken off the brand new 10-track album and 9th studio release called Better Now, Sound Liberation are rather excellent on the brand new single to hug our heart, Time Does Not Bring Relief.

Led by composer/rapper Gene Pritsker, Sound Liberation is a Composers Concordance Records-signed indie band that loves to explore soul, jazz, RnB and so much more with glorious energy.

Delighting all senses into a much better planet away from all the smoggy confusion, Sound Liberation has made a special single which will ease the mood of millions. This is must-listen stuff, which is a comforting release which will please those who love an old-school single made with scintillating significance.

Time Does Not Bring Relief from the USA music-fusion project Sound Liberation is a rather superb display from excellent musicians who seem to only get better like fine wine. Delightfully true to their craft and calming all scared cats into a zone of mellowness, this is a stunning effort made with an expert appeal.

If the day has been tough, this is the kind of release to soak in a hot bath with the volume on full.

Turn up more good vibes on Spotify.

See the vibrant adventures on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Yeah Baby: Stic-N-Move stays cool during the mission the top on My Bag

Taking his heart out and pouring it all out on his writing pad, Stic-N-Move opens up the poised pen and shows his fans that he is back on the lyrically astute single to turn up for its magnetic magnificence, My Bag.

Eric Braxton aka Stic-N-Move is a Northern California, USA-based indie hip-hop artist who grew up listening to legends such as Ludacris, Ja-Rule, LL Cool J and Missy Elliott.

I like the old school music that I grew up listening to but I also like new artists in the West Coast like O 3-Greddo.” ~ Stic-N-Move

Impressing all old-school rap fans who love a top beat and proper lyrics with actual meaning, Stic-N-Move rips through the underground carpets and comes out on top with dynamic energy to grab hold of. He flourishes here and shows us that big moves are on the way.

My Bag from Northern California, USA-based indie hip-hop artist Stic-N-Move is the kind of track which will open up the eyes and ears of those who appreciate honesty. Rapped with deep frankness and taking us for a ride of a lifetime, we are thrilled to the deepest part of our souls by a visionary who is back from the cold.

After getting his mind right and realizing what is most important, this is a fueled-up single to be inspired by.

Hear the vibes flow out of the speakers via YouTube.

Check out his movements and gig news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Not Dreaming: Ramener slice through the demons on the fiery metal experience inside House of Wolves

Following on from their recent 4-track EP, Ramener sees the blood streaming and waits for it to be over again on the mighty song to turn on all night long when the walls need to crack, House of Wolves.

Ramener is a fairly new Long Island, USA-based indie metal band that makes teeth-shattering songs which shall awaken the spirit within us all which is clawing to get out.

Turning our moods around from the swamps and into the burning smoke of our imagination, Ramener takes us all into deep places on this one. This is a hardcore metal track which doesn’t hold back for a nanosecond.

House of Wolves from Long Island, USA-based indie metal band Ramener is a stunning single which will take all souls away from the doom and into a more enlightened place. Skyrocketing with hefty energy to shake ringing eardrums, this is a fantastic single to roar with when the time to escape clicks into place rather suddenly.

If you love it loud and with no apologies, this is the perfect tonic.

Get that heart rate up to peak performance on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen