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Palm Of My Hands: South Carolina rapper Elon White is in the zone with excellent new single ‘Off My Conscious’

As he rolls up to forget the past and lights the blunt to soothe the pain, Elon White is at his best with a new track all about knowing that the path you are taking now is the right one with ‘Off My Conscious‘.

Elon White is a highly promising South Carolina, USA-based indie hip-hop artist who makes tightly packed flows that have you promptly impressed with his lyrical ability.

Influenced by greats such as Andre 3000, Nas, and Kendrick Lamar, Elon has always had a passion for poetry and music all his life but started taking music seriously in the last year with his first EP release “Genesis” on June 16th.” ~ Elon White

Elon White delivers yet again with a spark-filled track that has you bobbing your head like a lifebuoy in the clear blue sea. Each melody has been expertly made – and he shows such growing greatness – to be the best he can possibly be in this fickle game that is only for the strong-minded.

Off My Conscious‘ from the South Carolina-based indie rapper Elon White, is that precisely projected message that so many of us have undergone before. You were in something that was so astonishing but things ended abruptly, so you decided to take time off to really heal your inestimable soul properly for the next romantic experience. Rapped by one of the more exciting artists to come on the scene in the past few years, this is an intelligent track from a conscious artist who knows how to get what he wants out of life.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Like My Life: 301 Pacs sees the sneaky vultures circling viciously on ‘Life Jacket’

As he looks down and straps up to pre-empt the collision that is possibly on the way, 301 Pacs smartly thinks ahead to be one step ahead of his evil enemies with the excellent new single ‘Life Jacket‘.

301 Pacs is an underground Maryland, USA-based indie Hip-Hop artist who seems to possess a rare skill on the mic to eloquently portray the picture he is presenting.

There is no unnecessary huff and puff that smokes out the whole story here, the flash is instead swapped with that raw storyteller grind that makes him a true unsung gem that needs to be respected. With a razor-like Gillette sharpness that is ready to bleed at any moment, you feel like this is a Lion waiting for his chance to roar into life when provoked too far.

I started writing raps since I was 13 to cope with depressive episodes.” ~ 301 Pacs

Life Jacket‘ from the Maryland, USA-based indie Hip-Hop solo artist 301 Pacs, is a thoroughly passionate freestyle-type track from a hardcore artist who doesn’t mess around. He has tasted success and sees those hawk-like eyes watching his movements – some so-called friends and others known foes – who are just waiting to bring him down when he show any sort of weakness. This is a true story in a dog-eat-dog type of world that voraciously ready to bite your earnings away from your bowl, when you let your leash get too tight and stumble.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We’re Losing Touch: Kevin Jones just wants to see that radiant smile again on ‘Peachy Waves’ (feat. Maisie May)

Bringing the healing world a sweet song all about wanting that true love to blossom beautifully again after a rough patch, Kevin Jones sings with so much heart and harmony via the new scrumptiously delivered single ‘Peachy Waves‘.

Kevin Jones is a 21 year-old Indianapolis, USA-based indie rock-pop artist and music producer. He makes that brightly colored music that is fun for everyone to listen to, as he aims to keep it fresh and entertaining always.

His contagious melodies make for a fresh, youthful take on the sounds of the 60s & 70s. Reminiscent of records by Paul McCartney or Jeff Lynne but with a modern twist like that of boy pablo and Summer Salt.” ~ Kevin Jones

This is the story about going through the dark days and keeping a positive outlook throughout, as you know that recent times could of been better. Displaying a maturity beyond his years – you feel that he is a deep soul who truly gets that the balance needs to be so perfect – for the days to be happier than the last, in this wild world full of empty distractions.

Peachy Waves(feat. Maisie May) from the witty Indianapolis, USA-based indie rock-pop artist and music producer Kevin Jones, is that special kind of single which automatically brightens up your day. There is so much to sink your teeth into here on a relevant song all about knowing that some days in love aren’t going to be tasty on the palate, while some others will certainly be absolutely perfect. Such is the game of life.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Know What You Said: Trusttt can’t change the past on the excellent ‘Toxic Absence’

With a sad look back at something which can’t change course now as the gusty drink-filled winds have blown them to another place entirely, Trusttt wonders why things can’t be simple when in love with his brilliantly executed new single called ‘Toxic Absence‘.

Trusttt is an 18 year-old RnB/Rap artist from New York City in the USA who grew up singing in his local church, as his sound has now evolved to a level where he is gaining much-deserved respected in the streets.

After being around music his whole life, you can feel that he cares about what releases he puts out. His voice is smoothly tinted and there is so much style on display here, with a reflective picture being formatted like an IT wizard. The ambiance is of regret – as well as those memorable thoughts about the good time nights together – that is about something once so strong, that has probably ended.

Toxic Absence‘ from the youthfully skilled NYC rapper/singer Trusttt, is a testament to a thriving artist on the rise. He exhibits such maturity on this quite superb new single, which so many of us can certainly relate to. The story of being with a special soul who you love but at times despise – as they seem to take you for granted – but when you are together its all good vibes. Figuring out love, can be really tiresome sometimes.

Hear this new deep track on Soundcloud and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Remember The Name: Louisiana-based indie rapper P-Moneyy is ready for his time on nine-track album ‘Long Nights’

Bringing us his brand new nine-track album all about moving in a direction that guarantees those good vibrations and plenty of that much-deserved success, P-Moneyy shows us into his wild life with the sizzling release that might burst your speakers called ‘Long Nights‘.

P-Moneyy is a quickly ascending Pleasant Hill, Louisiana-based indie hip-hop artist. He makes that street-filled ambiance that has you feeling ready to line up your goals, so you can knock them down one by one.

I am fully independent, and I do this for the regular people who just want to feel something real when they listen to music.” ~ P-Moneyy

Particular highlights are the run-this-up anthem ‘Real Bout(feat. King Kash and T-Ravill), the smooth lets-get-it motivator ‘See Me Fall‘, and the statement-filled party-track ‘Addin Up‘.

His ravaging flow has you in the mood to let go of the previous bad energy aroma, and take your valuable mindset to a whole new level. There is so much hunger on display here – as he flows with that extra motivated venom – that grabs you attention with ease.

Long Nights‘ from the Pleasant Hill, Louisiana-based indie rapper P-Moneyy, keeps it super fresh the whole way through that should inspire us to get that win. With so many people dragging you down at times, this is the moving-different experience that we all needed to hear. With a confident rap delivery and punchlines that keep you hooked the whole way through, this is an album to play loud and with respect.

Remember the name that is P-Moneyy, as he is ready to climb up a few notches.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more news on his rise up via FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Life Is A Game: Joey Steez twists up that unstuck blunt on ‘Manifesting’ (feat. Midas Welle)

As he raps about staying strong and keeping away from the easy distractions that can take you down the torturous tunnels of doom rather quickly, Joey Steez lights us up with some true talk on ‘Manifesting(feat. Midas Welle).

Joey Steez is a multi-skilled Midwest, USA-based hip-hop artist engineer, videographer, and music producer. He is an underground artist who likes to keep things only truthful, as he strays away from the corny fluff that clogs up the drains of most ears.

This is the make-money not false stories anthem, that takes you inside the mind of a man on a quest to only win and manifest his dreams into reality. His bars are hard and so ominously slammed inside our minds, with grinder flows which might shake unwitting skeletons back into action. The beat grabs you in like a hungry vampire who wants that delicious blood, and takes us on a head-bobbing journey to that promised lane we all seek.

He draws his influences from the late 90’s and early 2000’s southern hip hop, as well as East Coast rap.” ~ Joey Steez

Manifesting(feat. Midas Welle) from the hungry Midwest rapper Joey Steez, is that OG-truth track all about keeping it real and never getting it confused. People want you to lose – even those closest to you – so the best way is to keep it true hustler and never let that grip go. Getting soft just isn’t an option, otherwise you will turn into a fading memory that is hard to remember for most.

Hear the audio on YouTube and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Place: Manx Dreams longs for those stimulating evenings with ‘Nights and Corridors’

With an electrically charged combination of electronic, post-punk, dark wave and industrial dance influences, Manx Dreams shows us what he has been working on through these cold pandemic-filled days on his latest track called ‘Nights and Corridors‘.

Ben Seymour aka Manx Dreams, is an experienced USA-based vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and music producer.

Returning after 2020’s ‘Hit Parade‘, this is a nostalgic-type of track which takes you to those wild evenings which you will never forget.

Currently, Ben plays all instruments, provides all vocals and manages all production of Manx Dreams. This could potentially change on future projects.” ~ Manx Dreams

With a movie-like soundtrack, this is a beat-driven track with much to like from all angles. The driving energy keeps you hooked the whole way through and those haunting vocals, has you mightily compelled to use your vivid imagination during the whole late-night journey.

In his first solo project, Manx utilizes analog, synth based textures, minimalist guitar and bass, and other elements to tell stories and paint mental pictures. After spending some time in Eastern Europe and other remote regions, Manx incorporates some of these influences and a prior lifetime, to fuel the first album. Prior to Manx Dreams, Ben played guitar for several Coachella and San Diego based artists.” ~ Manx Dreams

Nights and Corridors‘ from the USA-based music producer, vocalist and multi-skilled instrumentalist Manx Dreams, is the story about those long evenings out and about in town. They seem to last forever but before you know it, the sun is up and your heart beats real fast ,and your soul seems to drop a bit as the fun has ended. Sung with a deep tone and with an ominous soundscape, this is a true thunderbolt of exciting flowing energy through your veins.

Enjoy those nights while they last, otherwise you will truly regret not enjoying yourself more.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

If Hearts Could Talk: Sensational Jersey singer Raquel Liane is here to correct things on ‘Juice’

Taken off the recent cheeky six-track EP release called ‘F.L.I.R.T.’ (Finding Love in Real Time), Raquel Liane brushes her stunning purple hair so sweetly and sensually kisses the mic with a delicious new single, all about making a genuine soul happy after previous heartbreak called ‘Juice‘.

Raquel Liane Martinez aka Raquel Liane (pronounced Rock-El-Lee-An) is a Jersey, USA-based, Puerto Rican-American indie RnB singer-songwriter. She makes that feel-good music that has your healing heart beating so much faster, as she sings with such a genuine beauty.

Using music as her main outlet to cope and communicate, she chooses to be extremely vulnerable in her songwriting in order to connect with fans on a deep and truthful level ultimately aiming to inspire people to be honest and open with their struggles and give strength to overcome them.” ~ Raquel Liane

Sung with such a delightful attitude that is naughty but nice – she has you in a peaceful trance that is rather dream-like – as you remember feeling so delightfully content with your day, after seeing someone who took your breath away.

Juice‘ from the succulency-tipped vocals of the honey-dipped Jersey, USA-based Puerto Rican-American indie RnB artist Raquel Liane, is a tasty listen that has you smiling so broadly. This is the story about telling the person who you are crushing on – that you are indeed perfect for them – as you calmly await their response to see if you two can vibe together romantically, just like nature intended.

Hear this new freshly squeezed tune on Spotify and see her IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Is There Truth Hidden In Your Lies: Shrt_lyf wonders where the peace is on the emotional ‘Love is All We Got’

After having our minds in absolute awe with the highly creative gem ‘Pretty Eyes and Blue Levi’s‘ from November 2020, Shrt_lyf continues to amaze with his punchy honest new single about how consuming your mind with the wrong visuals, can make you a monster on ‘Love is All We Got‘.

Shrt_lyf is a dual English and Spanish performing Nuevo León, Mexico-born, USA-based indie alt-pop/rock artist. He is one of the most mind-stimulating artists around – as he makes the type of music which is so smartly performed – and has you feeling so reflective on your journey of surviving this at-times crazy world.

With a catchy beat and potent vocals which are matched by thought-provoking lyrics which are such an intense listen, your heart beats as you are taken through this movie-like story. The respect wasn’t there from the outside who just presumed that he was the insider, as he changed his spots when common sense failed him, and showed who he truly was.

This is a lesson to the world about how relations between the US and the immigrant community is so strained, as the treatment is often horrible, and many kids are sadly put into cages. You feel his emotion sweeping through, as he wishes that this wasn’t the case and common sense would prevail.

Love is All We Got‘ from the USA-based alt rock/pop artist Shrt_lyf, is a true story about how hate can really magnify and stay inside those who choose not to open their eyes. This is a sad story which unfortunately happens too often, as small-minded folks are brain-washed into hating others for selfish reasons.

If only there was true peace and understanding all over the world. Imagine what we would be able to achieve together as one team?

Stream this new video on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Only Money: The415Fortune keeps it strictly business on ‘Gone Til November’ (feat. Haystak)

As he ruggedly makes his way to the top of the hill where the tasty treasure is hidden after a tough climb upwards towards his goal, The415Fortune shows his work-hard mentality on the new get-that-money single ‘Gone Til November(feat. Haystak).

The415Fortune is a gritty West Coast, USA-born, South-based rapper. He makes that hunger-fueled music which is a movie-like experience, that shows you he refuses to let his youth define who he wants to be as a man.

Citing his struggles as a child and his unrelenting ambition as his main motivating points, The415Fortune looks to make his mark on hip hop history.” ~ The415Fortune

You sense that he is done speaking to people who are only intent on wasting his time, as he easily switches off the phone and keeps his mind on what he needs to do in order to be successful. His bars are hard as nails and he keeps in top form the whole way through, as he bites the mic off its hinges with a fiery effort.

Gone Til November(feat. Haystak) from the highly motivated US hip hop artist The415Fortune, shows us a talented artist who is on a mission to get to that paper stack that he desires. He isn’t interested in that fake talk and is grinding the only way he knows how in the distraction-free studio, so that all his dreams may be conquered away from the small-minded people around. This is a seriously-made track that is all about keeping your head down – as this is the right way to go in this quick-swipe world full of nasty potholes – that can suck you in deep like a swirling whirlwind.

Stream his thunderous new single on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen