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Stylish Space-Pop singer Lonesome Rhodes slide in with the honest ‘Bad News’

Lonesome Rhodes is an exciting Austin-based musician and this sound is time-travel pop which helps stir the perfect tonic in 2020 with ‘Bad News‘.

Texas artist Kevin F. Johnson is the mastermind behind this incredible sound that is show-stopping with an all ages appeal. There is lots of glitz and glamour here but you can also feel that this is a down to earth musician with talent oozing from the dance floor. The singing is so vibrant, he clearly has style and charisma. This is that happy Pop music that will get the whole family singing, the smooth sounds are incredible.

Bad News‘ is a tale of realness from Lonesome Rhodes as the story of watching your friend back is needed. She is trouble and you have warned with your words but will it be enough is not clear.

The vocals are crisp and well-sung, this is a classy performance that has you in a god place. You get the feeling that this is an artist on the rise through a music barrel, this is a scrumptious effort for our ears. Lonesome Rhodes is fantastic on Bad News.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Out of My Head’ from St. Louis singer Alibra is a passionate soul-saving call to find herself again

Out of My Head‘ from St. Louis singer Alibra is a passionate soul-saving call to find herself again, deep in the foggy midst of the wild jungles underneath us currently in 2020.

Alibra is a Los Angeles native and an Alt-Dark Pop artist with a flair of a seasoned creative, deep into her art-form and expression of her world right now. She is a whirlwind of a talent and this is all about making sure your ego doesn’t rule your head. You need to be clear in mind, body and soul to be truly happy inside. There are no quick fixes.

Your vision is blurry and something weird happens. You find your perspective know what you need to do.

St. Louis singer Alibra puts on quite the show with her electric style, she is authentic and not trying to be like another else. Quite the opposite in fact. This is a strong, intelligent and gifted artist who is putting her many talents to spell-binding results on ‘Out of My Head‘.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Ghost Town’ from MikePowerNYC is a real story about the world and the damage caused by humans

New single ‘Ghost Town‘ from MikePowerNYC is a real story about the world and the damage caused by humans and terrible decisions.

New York City-based Mike had to play some slide guitar because has unfortunately ripped open his finger, running it up the neck. Adversity sometimes leads to opportunity due to the ghostly sound of the slide with harmonics interwoven. Sometimes things go wrong but that is actually leading you into the right path. This is a great story about how a song was made and this insight is brilliant.

MikePowerNYC sings with such passion and grit, he is a fine singer with real stories on ‘Ghost Town‘. The world is in a strange place and it’s a scary place. This is a man who performs for the art, he loves music and this is his message to the rest of the globe. He is honest and for that, we need to listen. This is a rare indie real gem of music, sounds that show a growing frustration to the world. This is a wise poet who sings with meaning.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Bluesy Jack Swing from Pittsburgh makes us dance with the brilliant visuals for ‘Get What’s Mine For You’

Jack Swing from Pittsburgh makes us dance with his new release and with the brilliant visuals for ‘Get What’s Mine For You‘.

Funk, disco, soul, blues and rock are all included here and this is a washing machine full load of clean fresh music, to keep us smiling during this weird time in the world.

Their latest single ‘Get What’s Mine For You’, taken from the same titled EP and is a wonderful assortment of different genres, all packaged into one bow full of incredible music. You can’t help but like this band. They play like a proper band and this varied music is a winner with so many different fans.

With a groovy vibe, this is a fine video that shows us these Pittsburgh natives in full flow with their cool tune. With a fun video that shows us the unpretentious energy of this band, this is a great listen. Jack Swing get us to turn the volume way up on ‘Get What’s Mine For You‘. This is a band on a mission and together, you can tell that this is a tight outfit that are destined for big things.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Insomnia’ is the debut space-rockin’ jam from Orlando planet wanderers Saucers Over Washington

Insomnia‘ is the spectacular new space-rockin’ jam from the Orlando planet wanderers named Saucers Over Washington.

A new side project of Grizzly Atoms songwriter, Nik Sidella, this is quite the breath-taking song. A powerful riff, the production on point, with a UFO-inspired theme that is a bit spooky, and fills your heart with inspiration to rock through the storms that await us.

Saucers Over Washington take their unique name from the now famous UFO flap that occurred in the Washington D.C. area in July 1952, their brand of shoegaze and noise rock is a joy to hear, you get lost in their music and this should be a definite playlist-adder to remember that great music is still around. It might be a bit harder to find but you can find it in abundance.

The idea for the Saucers Over Washington band name was originally conceived as an underlying concept for an album—namely a way to connect the paranormal with shoegaze music—that eventually took on a grander form as a blueprint for a new band and a new approach to both making music and connecting to an audience. This new direction is fantastic and shows how new forms of music will always appear organically. Always a better taste than music with no soul.

Lyrically, ‘Insomnia‘ explores the lead singer’s struggle with the debilitating fog of insomnia brought on by a history of horrific night terrors in childhood and the accompanying frustration of feeling like one has lost control of their own body and mind. The single is the first of two that will be released and eventually featured on a split EP with The Grizzly Atoms to be released later on in 2020.

With lots on the go, a new direction and a hunger to evolve, ‘Insomnia‘ from Saucers Over Washington is up there with the most creative music of the year.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


John O’Brien easily impresses and delivers a truly unforgettable track called “Siboney”

“Siboney” is the new single from John O’Brien where its lyrics paint a picture of love that occupies a beautiful historic beach on the south shore of Cuba. John O’Brien has been creating music for over four decades and has released a total of seven albums, to date, and continues to showcase his musicality and songwriting abilities with every new release. He has gone on to tour all around the world, and he always brings a lively and dynamic act to his performances and has recently delved into creativity with the John O’Brien Experience, creating unforgettable and timeless shows. The song, “Siboney”, has a relaxing beach feel to it, which is not surprising since the song is literally about being on a beach. It is charming, lyrically cute, and one that brings the sun. This is a track we’d love to hear on holiday, as we relax on the beach, with the surf nearby, and the sun blazing down. Lyrically brilliant, John O’Brien easily impresses and delivers a truly unforgettable track.

You can watch the lyric video here on YouTube:

Reviewed by Jonathan Currinn


Lee Brave & GaryOAKland’s single, “Do You?” brings you that summer flavour we’ve been missing.

Lee Brave & GaryOAKland – Do You?

We all need a bit of soul in our lives when the sun is blazing down on us and we have a cool drink to sip, and Lee Brave & GaryOAKland’s single, titled “Do You?” brings you that summer flavour we’ve been missing. The track has a relaxed R&B vibe going on as the verses infuse with the flow of the song whilst the chorus chills it all out.

Attraction in the summer heat is something we all know about, with lyrics such as “I want to know everything about you, I do” it’s hard not to identify with “Do You?”. Simple and laid-back, Lee Brave & GaryOAKland show their potential, with this hot summer track.

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Manic sends through an original galaxy-exploring gem ‘Program 1202’

Manic send through galaxy-exploring gem called ‘Program 1202‘.

Manic is an electronic dance music producer and DJ from Southern California in the USA. He used to concentrate on remixes but after a new friend made a suggestion, everything has changed and the light went on. Focus on your own music they said. This has given this fantastic producer a whole new lease on the game and this is a quality effort.

I love the start of the track. We hear communications from space to mission control and this gets you in the mood to hear more. The electric beat then transports you into a different mood, you feel free and start thinking about what is actually up there. Looking up and not down is the message here. The world has so many possibilities and we get stuck on what is on the tube, instead of looking up, seeing what else is up there.

Program 1202 from Californian producer and DJ Manic is a thrusting song, full of possibilities and I like how he is making his own music now, with mixes of course in his music locker. For a debut track, this is a marvelous effort and full of promise.

Click here on Soundcloud for the link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Shemy ft Jeff Skigh roll in with tightly rolled Hip Hop track ‘Ain’t Like The Others’

Shemy rolls in the game with the potent mix of Hip Hop old school beats and flow on ‘Ain’t Like The Others‘.

Shemy is a hip hop artist from Flint in Michigan and his lyrical ability is gritty and raw, the words flow so well with his style of rapping. It’s effortless and the rhythms are real tight here.

Jeff Skigh is from Flint too and is an independent recording artist. These two work well together on this one. They shoot hoops, grind and do what they need to do, to survive in the wild streets of 2020.

Taken off ‘Oh We Rapping?’, this is a fine Hip Hop track that rides above the competition due to the superior production, vivid stories and the consistent style is upper echelon. Flint seems to be a place where top quality music is made and this is one of the best tracks I’ve heard in this genre this year so far.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Orlando’s Jared Sylvia portrays the world right now with ‘Wake Me Up Tomorrow’

Jared Sylvia portrays the world right now with the relevant ‘Wake Me Up Tomorrow‘. This is inspired by the dumpster fire that is 2020 and is sung with such purpose.

Singer-songwriter Jared Sylvia is from Orlando in the USA and he sings on this catchy beat that sums up this crazy year. This is a worthwhile listen and you will connect with this one.

You feel like you are going to die young so it makes no difference what is happening today. You feel like tomorrow is going to be a better day and you miss that special person. You lust for them and without them you feel lost and not yourself. Will you be able to break from this and move on or stay in this state forever? You can’t sleep all the time however and need to snap out of this funk that you find yourself in. Or will you stay in this mode forever? Time will tell.

Jared Sylvia sings with such relevance on ‘Wake Me Up Tomorrow‘ and this indie-pop number is a great song in 2020. What a year it’s been right? This single will make you feel better as tomorrow should be a better day.

Click here for the Soundcloud link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen