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Brooklyn singer-songwriter Annalise Azadian strides on with her gorgeous voice on ‘Good Girls Gone Wild (MIA)’

Annalise Azadian is a Brooklyn, USA singer-songwriter with a jazzy-soul style that impresses highly on ‘Good Girls Gone Wild (MIA)’.

New York City-based singer and songwriter Annalise Azadian is a self-taught guitarist who sings with a tone that is so stunning to listen to. Her raspy voice that makes your heart beat twice. “It’s the only thing I’m meant to be doing,” says the now 18 years old Annalise.

By age 14 she was winning accolades at the famed Apollo Theater in Harlem, performing on American Idol, studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, she is now on a mission to get her name and music out there to the whole world.

Good Girls Gone Wild (MIA)’ from Annalise Azadian is 1 minute 17 seconds of pure bliss. I’m smiling as I write as this is an artist with real soul. She is speaking about life as a good girl and the temptations out there. I hope that Annalise reaches her dreams and I can watch her live one day. She is a real special talent.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


”Come With Me” is J.Roze at his finest on R&B latest single

J.Roze is a young R&B artist who has just dropped the party banger ”Come With Me” that illuminates that current late night vibe.

Omar Langshaw, formally known as J. Roze is a smooth Indie Pop artist from South Jamaica, New York in the USA. Jamaican culture has fired his passion, love and thirst to learn all about music. From the age of 15, J. Roze’s curiosity to know more about creating music and perfecting his sound led him to find a loyal group of creative artists that showed him how to record and produce music to a high standard. This push to go solo has clearly fired up this young artist to get his name out there and create.

J.Roze has a kind of energy that shines here and I like ”Come With Me”. This is all about the girl that you care for but she doesn’t want to commit just right now. This is a tough experience and you look out for her but she is so carefree and in her own bubble. ”Come With Me” is a fine release from J.Roze.

Stream the new song right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Finding your purpose with OneSixTwo’s Monster Ft. Tommy B

Monster” from OneSixTwo is one for the books from the Medocino County artist in sunny California.

OneSixTwo takes us inside his journey of being the underdog that has dealt with the undertones that all plague us at some point. The negative energy that can be all around us. I feel like a lot of artists are envious of his talent and this affected him. Not anymore. This is a fiery effort with passion.

This is a quality single from the rising talent from Medocino artist who sings his heart out while also featuring the excellent Tommy B. These two join forces like a perfectly cooked Sunday roast and it heats up during the ice cold beat to emanate the right temperature.

2020 has just landed the ultimate soundtrack. It has been a year stained by so many tragedies.

This fine song from the talented OneSixTwo as he slides into the place he belongs. After being the underdog due to egos and pettiness for too long, it feels like this is his best effort yet. He knows what his purpose is now and that’s to make more top shelf music for the weary souls out there.

Stream this fab new track right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Drvven is on top form with sensual release on “So Don’t Let Go”

So Don’t Let Go” from young artist Drvven is such a honest story of complete love from Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Las Cruces is a city in New Mexico, on the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert and this is wherein we are flown away to the love story of not wanting to let go of that special one in your life. You know that this feels right. You can feel it in your sand-filled boots while being around someone that makes your heart flutter backflips into 360 degrees of real life falling in love in 2020.

Drvven’sSo Don’t Let Go” is a piece of marvellous magnificence served up to remind us to keep the ones that we care about close. Letting go is last thing you want in the world. Sometimes its not anyways possible but it’s worth a try if you feel it in your bones.

Stream this fresh new R&B mood setter that will make candles blush on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Tampa Bay’s WD-HAN return with rocky blues ”Shiver”

Rocking Indie-Blues band WD-HAN are based out of Tampa Bay in Florida and have just released their new broody bluesy rock ear-tingling ”Shiver”.

Tampa Bay’s WD-HAN lift us off our feet with the exciting entrance and then settle in to a fiery harmony with uplifting guitar and drum solos. Just what we needed. They have a gritty style that is fantastic with the vocal delivery which is clear and has you dancing along.

Shiver” is all about that feeling of meeting someone and they make you feel all goofy inside and have a huge smile on your face. You shiver as you think of them and they are all you really want in life.

After being around since 2008, WD-HAN just want to inspire through music so that they can make a positive impact on their listeners lives. They mend our hearts on ”Shiver” and this is a superb release.

Stream this rock flow here on Soundcloud.

Find out more about the Tampa band here on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Cleveland band Hollin Kings power in with brilliant ”Hold On”

Hollin Kings are a riff-fusing Rock n’ Roll band from cozy Cleveland in Ohio. Their solos, strong lyrics and powerful vocals impress mightily here with the new track ”Hold On’‘.

Hold On” is all about holding onto what is important to you in life and never ever letting go. You know what you want so why not just work hard to keep it? This is a vital message in these days of flakiness and ghosting each other. I like the passion and energy here as the vocals show the hunger of the band. They have only been around for two years and show such an incredible cohesion together.

Hollin Kings flip the switch on during the ”Hold On” and the light is burning brightly. This is a band with a huge future as they make terrific music with a magnificent message. After meeting in the same town and through a shared passion of music, they are a band headed in the right direction.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


East Detroit’s Cloudy Skiies freestyles on debut Hip Hop release called ”Pope”

Cloudy Skiies is a young American rapper from East Detroit in the USA. He slams down the bars on the hungry debut track called ”Pope” that throws down the gauntlet in the Hip Hop world.

This is a freestyle type song that is fresh and real. Cloudy raps really well and shows lots of grit and determination on this one. He let’s it known that he isn’t down with any cops and any other fake people. He wants to become huge in the Hip Hop game and isn’t letting anything or anybody stand in his way.

Pope” is a well-laid out tune that has proven popular already despite barely being out. This shows what a loyal fan-base this young rapper has and this bodes well for the future.

East Detroit rapper Cloudy Skiies is a name to watch as he storms out the gates with ”Pope”. He is clearly in the mood to get his name out and has used the corona times to fine-tune his skills and bring out music. If he can stay focused and connect with the right cats that believe in him, we could be witnessing a new bright name in Hip Hop.

Stream this new track on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Premiere: UK’s Jonny Morgan is in reflective mood on indie folk ”Lonely In Soho”

Jonny Morgan is an alt-indie folk singer-songwriter with american infused influences that are infused perfectly on his music. He is here with his new single called ”Lonely In Soho”.

Whilst still honoring his roots and performing stripped back shows in New England on his latest tour in the US, Jonny spent time crafting and investing in new relationships in the mecca of Folk and Americana. In 2020, Jonny is turning his attention to releasing as much authentic music as possible. It feels like Jonny really enjoys the USA and can’t wait to return again I’m sure. He feels at home and his music is truly appreciated.

This is a reflective song and one that shows Jonny Morgan’s growing confidence and he seems to be getting better and better.”Lonely In Soho” shows that he is very keen for a holiday soon from lock-down in the UK.

Lonely In Soho” from UK singer-songwriter is a fascinating insight into Jonny Morgan’s mind as he longs to return to the USA and play in this massive country again. The lyrics are powerful and the voice ever-growing grit and determination to make it in the music world. This is a motivated musician with bags of talent to match.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Ross Alan sings his way out of heartbreak with ”Sagittarius”

The ever-evolving Ross Alan is a pop singer-songwriter who resides in Chicago in the USA. He returns with his vibrant new single called ”Sagittarius”.

Formerly known as Ross Jernigan and now residing in Chicago, Ross Alan has re-branded name-wise and with his new album, ”Cold Blooded” that dropped on July 10th- he is only rising high in the music world.

Sagittarius” is all about thinking that you are over that special person in your life. Things were good and then they fell apart unfortunately. Are you truly over them? This is the story here and the feeling is that Ross is over that lover now but will it last is the question.

Ross Alan does well on ”Sagittarius” and shows off his strong voice with a solid effort here. He is real talent who is only just getting started.

Stream this new R&B/Pop song right here on his Spotify music channel.

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The Star Prairie Project reflects 2020 with new rock song ”Frantic Mind”

The Star Prairie Project is the brainchild of Nolen Chew Jr who is a singer-songwriter from Star Prairie, Wisconsin. The main aim of this recording project is to write original songs and make them into records. Nolen collaborates with musicians and producers from LA to London to bring the songs to life.

The Star Prairie Project is named after the village of Star Prairie which is 50 miles north east of Minneapolis/St Paul and the Alan Parsons Project from back in the day.

Frantic Mind” is a powerful rock song that encapsulates the minds of most humans right now. Life is crazy at the moment.

The Star Prairie Project have strong vocals on this one and they back it up in style with a sound that is a joy to listen to. This is a proper band that rock out with speaker-busting guitar riffs and smashing drums. ”Frantic Mind” is a top track and the real lyrics makes this even better.

Stream this exciting rock track that defines 2020 here on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen