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Craymo Interview: Leading us into the real story on Love Me Or Leave Me Alone

We sat down with the ultra focused music producer/singer Craymo who shows us deep inside his music career. Currently showering the world with the pulsating new single, Love Me Or Leave Me Alone, we got to know more about sync placements, golf and Elvis.

Well, hello there, Craymo. Thanks so much for your time and we appreciate you chatting with us today about Love Me Or Leave Me Alone and more. First of all, did you dream about being a musician while growing up?

Hi there Llewelyn! Glad to meet you and happy to be chatting with you. Yes, I have always been a dreamer! Being a singer and performer was all I ever wanted to be as far back as I can remember. My earliest memories involve me singing into my Mom’s hairbrush in her dresser mirror all the while dancing and gyrating on my parents’ bed to Beatles and Elvis songs!

You’ve won many awards recently and have had many placements. Tell us more about the exciting progression in your career?

I have been writing songs since high school. I have had a lot of life experiences since then and have written a lot. The more you do something, the better you get at it. My songwriting has reflected the peaks and valleys in my life. I feel I am a much better songwriter now and recently I have been starting to receive praise for my songs. It’s nice to be recognized and acknowledged for my passion in life. I recently won Best Indie EP for “Love Power” and Best Pop Dance Song and Best Dance Music video for “One Love One World (We Are One) Freedom Mix” my song that promotes equality, inclusion, Hope, love, human rights and peace. I believe that we are one human race and we should treat each other with kindness, courtesy and respect. I wrote an anti-bullying song entitled “Be Myself” and a song about suicide prevention awareness entitled “Moment” after my 1st cousin Michael took his own life. I write about things I am passionate about and I am glad other people can relate to them.

Orlando, Florida, is your hometown. Do you spend most of your time there or where do you feel is the best place to find creative energy during these challenging times?

My current hometown is Orlando. I do spend a lot of time here. The creative energy here is very profound. I feel the best times to create are in the silence, the quiet times, meditating. Allowing yourself to tap into the cosmos. Every song I have ever written seems to have come to me from some other place or dimension.

Please let us know more about your golf game. Do you play regularly and what is your handicap?

Ha! My golf game is just for fun! No, I haven’t played in a while. My handicap is probably a fifteen.

What was the vision behind the creation of Love Me Or Leave Me Alone and who is this song for?

Love Me Or Leave Me Alone arose and was written out of angst and frustration over several dysfunctional relationships. We have all been there, the person who wants to spend the rest of your life with you then the next day they, all of a sudden, decide they want to break up! It’s total devastation, and it really messes with your heart and soul. It’s an ultimatum song.

Gaining sync placements is such a key avenue to a better revenue stream. Which platforms have you noticed actually assist you?

Yes, I am trying to focus more on getting sync placements for my music. I have had a lot of success by making personal connections with music supervisors and film makers. I like Music Get Music, Music Xray and Tracks and Fields.

Last of all, do you have any tours or live shows on the horizon?

I don’t have any tours or shows lined up for the new year but “you never know what you least expect the most!” One of my Dad’s favorite sayings! I feel it’s time to perform on television again. The opportunity is knocking!

Get into this single via SoundCloud. Find out more on IG.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Get Lost: Alex Rosales just wants to get away into a better place on Contigo

Showing us where that sassy angel is right now, Alex Rosales introduces us to that special human who is driving his heart rather wild on the romantic dance floor slider for tonight called Contigo.

Alex Rosales is an Indiana-raised Los Angeles, USA-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter who is of Mexican heritage and has vocals you can’t instantly forget.

With a vibe-filled ambience to make many souls reunite rather splendidly, Alex Rosales is the kind of artist who sets off alarms as he walks the streets. Taking us on a whirlwind journey, which is packed with treats to embrace tightly with, this is a delightful anthem for all the new lovers in the world.

Contigo from Los Angeles, USA-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter Alex Rosales is a fine single you which will have the neighbors speculating where all the noise is coming from. Smooth vocals to turn up loud are on offer, thrilling the speakers as we hear true love in full bloom. This is a track to play when that night is still youthful and ready to heat up briskly, on a beat so fresh each note eases so extraordinarily into our awaiting hearts.

When you both want to get away from the noise, it’s best to do it right away.

Listen up to this new single on SoundCloud and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Connecticut electronic wizard Matthew O’Callaghan fascinates our consciousness with Indispensable, Essential, and Authoritative

In My Head by Matthew O'Callaghan

Showing creative juices that are rather special to witness as our ears vibrate wildly, Matthew O’Callaghan returns with a sizzling song to swim inside with all day on Indispensable, Essential, and Authoritative.

Matthew O’Callaghan is a Connecticut, USA-based indie electronic artist, composer and college student who produces some of the most transcendent underground tracks imaginable.

Showing us his fearless attitude in one song stacked with greatness, Matthew O’Callaghan is in imperious form and takes our breath away with so much finely tuned skill.

Indispensable, Essential, and Authoritative from Connecticut, USA-based indie electronic artist Matthew O’Callaghan is such a supremely exquisite experience, your whole soul will thank you later. Probably. There is so much to get enthusiastic about here with a single made with so much precision and containing a beat so fresh it will cleanse the hearts of many. Turn it up.

Hear this great song on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Miss Me: Sultry New Jersey’s Milbelynn wants that honey loving on Standards

Guiding us inside that butterfly feeling and dreaming about that ideal lover who hasn’t appeared yet, Milbelynn wishes for something more than most are willing to fight for on her latest classic, Standards.

Milbelynn (mil-buh-leen) is a New Jersey, USA-based indie RnB singer-songwriter who is best known for her recent breakthrough single called Move.

Milbelynn’s follow up single Standards seamlessly marries gut-wrenching poetry to an empowered, rhythmic R&B anthem.” ~ an exclusive quote from Milbelynn

Wondering who is actually out there that can live up to her lofty expectations, Milbelynn sings with such harmonious delicacy and takes us for a nostalgic ride into her mind, who is seeking a proper Prince-like warrior.

Embracing our souls and showing us her self-worth, this is a track that will hold you close and give strength to those who feel that being single is a sign of weakness.

Standards from New Jersey, USA-based indie RnB singer-songwriter Milbelynn is a vocally excellent single to get our bodies gravitating towards someone so perfect, they make your heart melt like an ice-cream. Pacifying our senses and performing with a rare class from a young Queen, who only wants to be with someone decent who will go the extra mile.

When you know what you want, you soon see who is on the same page and who isn’t.

Check out the video on YouTube and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Right There: Jennie Thomas stands the test of time on Bending

Taken from her recent 4-track EP, Jennie Thomas is at her superb best with a vocally spectacular performance that will alter the mood of all who listen on Bending.

Jennie Thomas is a New York City, USA-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter who is known for her beautiful music which is truly made from the heart.

With a long history of live performances in the world of musical theatre, including creating her own one-woman show, Jennie set herself apart as a serious music artist in 2021 opening with her original songs for the international jazz band Angwa in a private rooftop concert in Manhattan live streamed globally.” ~ Jennie Thomas

Settling us into that rocking chair and seeing that puff of smoke flow into the room, Jennie Thomas transports us into a world that seems so far away, yet so fascinating and safe.

Bending from New York City, USA-based singer-songwriter Jennie Thomas is a cinematic experience which might cause a few tears to be shed. There is a glorious tone of love here and a sweet story so kindly detailed for us all to learn from. Soaring high into the sky to guide away from anything fake, this is a special song that steers us into true serenity.

Listen up to this fine single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

In The Dust: Jefe Chindrix doesn’t feel worthy of her love on You’ve Got Mail

Feeling like his heart has taken a turn down a dark road with no safety barriers in sight, Jefe Chindrix shows us the deep reality when you know you’re moving into the cold season of regret with You’ve Got Mail.

Jefe Chindrix is a Cleveland, USA-based indie hip hop artist who puts out only quality tunes that have a genuine message attached for us to unwrap like it was Christmas.

Guiding us inside his displeasure with how he was treated by someone who was highly thought of before, Jefe Chindrix is in particularly inspiring form with a vocally sound display which is intertwined inside descriptively insightful lyrics. A storytellers delight is in store for many, who need to be reminded how heartaches are dealt with by many.

You’ve Got Mail from Cleveland, USA-based indie hip hop artist Jefe Chindrix is a memorable track about walking away from a relationship that has nothing left. Feeling all gassed up and ready to breathe properly again after so much trauma, this is that stimulating single so many need to hear right now. After living through his heart breaking in half, we find a tired soul who wants to start fresh and get far away from someone who is loved, but has broken that all-important bond of trust that is shattered forever.

Hear this fine single on SoundCloud and check out his IG for more movements.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Not Afraid: Ozzie Aguilera keeps things romantic on your true love

With a passionately radiant energy to burn right through all the small-minded haters, Ozzie Aguilera senses that this is the moment to stand up tall and see where the night shall lead on your true love.

Ozzie Aguilera is an Oklahoma City, USA-based indie dreamy pop singer-songwriter, entrepreneur and makeup enthusiast who composes music to inspire us all.

I make music with the intention to heal from my traumas. I try not to focus too much on the business side of it all, because as of right now I don’t create to please others. Having a difficult love life inspires my writing a lot, and loving someone who will never love me back has helped me learn so much about myself.” ~ Ozzie Aguilera showing us deep within the vision

With a silky charm that will surely make even the most grumpy smile, Ozzie Aguilera is rather illuminating and shows us an intense desire to remember on a delightful track to play loud all evening with that special human.

your true love from Oklahoma City, USA-based indie pop singer-songwriter Ozzie Aguilera is a genre-less gem from a creative who likes to shine brightest when it truly matters. Sung with refreshing honesty and intertwined into a bow of brilliance, this is a single for anyone who might be slightly afraid to love wholeheartedly again.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rohit Sen drops dreamy gem debut to snuggle with called Sudden Complascence

Sending us into a whole new world of imagination, Rohit Sen shows us the way to having a calm state of mind with his wonderful debut single, Sudden Complascence.

Rohit Sen is a multi-skilled San Francisco Bay Area, USA-based designer, music producer and indie alternative artist who loves to innovate and uses robot arm mastering to grab our attention.

You invest your time and feelings in someone or something deeply and passionately for a long time only for it to abruptly end one random day. You spiral, stressing and fretting, trying to make sense of it, until that one morning when you wake up only to realize you feel nothing. A switch has been flipped, and in that moment you’ve made peace with it. Sudden Complacence is my bid to put that feeling in song.” ~ Rohit Sen describing the vision

Guiding us high into the clouds and taking our souls for a spin, Rohit Sen has just released a hugely memorable debut that has been made from the heart.

Sudden Complascence from San Francisco Bay Area, USA-based designer and indie alternative Rohit Sen is a fine song that might hug your ears and cause your stress to pause. Enriching our hearts and setting us free, this is a reinvigorating release that will get your feet tapping for joy while sky-gazing into a better mood.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Put On A Smile: Nv Sincere keeps the faith despite the current struggles on Just Fine

With a top-notch lyric video and lots of honesty attached, Nv Sincere shows us what single life feels like when you have huge dreams and are keeping the faith no matter what on Just Fine.

Nv Sincere is a USA-based indie-pop solo singer-songwriter with a deep message to tell the world and help others feel like they are not alone.

Nv sincere is greatly influenced by real life, drawing inspiration for his music from personal experiences, allowing him to invoke strong emotions in people.” ~ Nv Sincere

Taking our minds into an illuminated mountain that we all might have to reach up to capture its magnificence, Nv Sincere has massive dreams and will bide his time for now. Showing us deep inside his 9-5 life, this is a sizzling song to be inspired by if you have forgotten your true path.

Just Fine from USA-based indie-pop solo artist Nv Sincere is a message of hope from an optimistic soul who refuses to listen inside the noise. Performed with a stunning class and an aura that might make you smile, in a world that seemingly wants our souls to be vanquished.

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do, in order to fund the ultimate mission.

Listen up to this new single about staying focused on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Been A While: Sadbxylee x Eryn Nicole drifts through on that self-love journey while Rain Falls

Seeing that cloudy outlook even if you want to actually be happy, Sadbxylee x Eryn Nicole pours through and helps us see what is actually important on Rain Falls.

Sadbxylee is a Long Island, USA-based Lo-Fi artist/music producer/audio engineer who is joined by Canadian-based Lo-Fi hip hop producer/composer/songwriter Eryn Nicole.

Knowing now that time flies and the smiles will be hidden until you learn to love yourself, Sadbxylee and Eryn Nicole are quite splendid together and send through a scent that is rather incredible to witness. Forging through with so much introspection, this is a lovely effort that has been clearly made with care.

Rain Falls from the incredible Lo-Fi wizards Sadbxylee x Eryn Nicole is a rather terrific song that will send you into a whole new galaxy altogether. With serene vocals and a breathtaking soundtrack to get your veins ready for more, this is a stunning release, which is exactly what our thrilled bodies had been waiting for. There is a pulsating power at play here which will get your eyes alert and ready for finding that content place we are all seeking.

Listen up to this fine single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen