Warm campfire vibes ‘’Fireside’’ reminds us of the good times from 8udDha bl0od


Sitting by the fireside, who’s gonna say no. ‘8udDha bl0od’ are back and they bring the heat with happy ‘’Fireside’’ single to warm our hearts. After their most recent dark & moody releases, this is a welcome song to add to their arsenal. 

This is a happy track,  only 1 minute 10 seconds- a short and happy song does the trick sometimes. Good vibes only, this is a perfect add to anyone’s playlist, just to change the mood and forget about any worries that you may have.

‘8udDha bl0od’s’ memory card must be so full with music but surely they will be able to afford a larger one real soon. I love ‘’Faireside’’ and it brought me memories of making smores with friends and laughing by the fireplace. Bring on more smile music like this.

Stream more of the Brighton band right here on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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