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The declaration of the new life: Darnell Miller leads the way on what’s possible on ‘Forget What U Heard’

Darnell Miller sends the world a soulful message to declare that he has moved on to better things via the lyric video for ‘Forget What U Heard‘.

Darnell Miller is a multi-skilled arts educator, indie-soul singer-songwriter, producer and presenter, who is on a life-long mission to to be truly happy inside the deepest part of his heart with a fresh start.

He sings with such a positive outlook and his voice is soulful and meaningful during each word. His tone is strong, confident and exciting to hear while he performs with a peace inside him. He is ready to get away from the fake posers and into a world of happiness.

This is the story of a man who is content inside and he can’t explain why but it seems like he has moved somewhere new, to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to be in a quiet place. At the end of the day, this is a man who just wants a peaceful life and to play his guitar.

Forget What U Heard‘ cuts away from the games and is a statement to all the gossipers who are clearly bored with their lives. He has walked away from all of the small talk in his town and wants a simple life.

Darnell Miller is fine example of how you can keep things simple if you want to and be who you choose to be. No one else has that choice; only you.

Hear this track on full volume via YouTube, Spotify and check out his news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

From sprinting to music: F17 speeds in quick with ‘Track On Drill’ (ft. TeeOnly)

Fred Afrifa aka F17 is in full flight and you can see the passion he has for the next step of his life on new release ‘Track On Drill‘ (ft. TeeOnly).

Blending Italian and British styles, the South London/Italy native singer/athlete tears up the mic on this impressive outing from the multi-talented creative.

The rap delivery is sharp and quick-witted with both of these motivated emcee’s showing their spectacular skills. With a few languages included, this is a true international song that is so catchy and sees the two stars flowing it hard on the athletics track via the music video.

The self-motivational message is clear for all to see and the extra effort needed to be at the top. Sports and music have always been closely linked and its refreshing to see this translated in a proper music video, of such high quality.

Track On Drill‘ (ft. TeeOnly) from international sprinter/emcee F17 is a motivating song about how you can achieve your goals if you put the effort in. Others might be blazing and chasing girls, while the right way is to get that lactic acid burning by running a few 300’s and by keeping that lazer focus lit.

In life, if you want to get that gold medal, you need to put the hard work in each day, otherwise its all talk and no action.

Get out the starting blocks on YouTube and see what happens next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Staying true to what is really important: The Vigilance Committee drop superb new single ‘Reflections III’

The Vigilance Committee are back with their inspirational blend of real music with heart on the outstanding new single ‘Reflections III‘.

New York indie-punk rockers The Vigilance Committee are a closely-knit outfit that have been making epic soundscapes together since 2009, and they are a group that do things that really matter in life, beyond music.

Reflections III’ is a coming home of sorts for us,” says Phil Corso (drums/vocals). “With the world the way it is, we felt it was important to get back to basics, which for us, meant writing honest music that stood for something.”

This exceptional song is about how we need to fully appreciate the beauty of building a project from the start to the finish, no matter what the end result turns out to be. Watching it fall over is tough to watch but if it means you have to compromise your core morals and values, staying true to yourself is all that matters. You are the one that has to look in the mirror each day after all.

With a more than satisfying indie-punk rumbustious melody to start us off on this excellent ride, the driving drums and haunting vocals catch your attention quickly, this is a rock solid track that is marvelously catchy and is so true to its original vision. The true story of not letting yourself fall below the standard you have set for yourself deep down and how you would rather tumble over, than stay somewhere you know isn’t for you and where you feel you don’t belong.

Valuing total integrity over worthless material things seems like a controversial thing to do these days, so its very refreshing to hear a band that still have these values and who actually say something about things that aren’t legitimate.

This is an excellent band who are underground heroes for doing what is right and ‘Reflections III’ from New York City four-piece The Vigilance Committee, sees them stay true to their roots and kicks the standard up a few notches in a previously prosperous genre, that has been in the doldrums for way too long. That all changes now.

Stream this terrific track here on YouTube and see what they get up to next on FB & IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

From college mates to making music during lockdown: Gardner Leonard drop new single that speaks out about sexual assault on ‘Mine’

West Midlands based alt-rock duo Gardner Leonard tell it how it is on the emo rock ripper ‘Mine‘.

Daryl Gardner & Rhiannon Leonard combine to form a team that makes incredible music and has been inspired due to this horrible pandemic. After knowing each other from college days, Daryl approached Rhiannon and from there, the chemistry fused to a level that Walter White would be proud of. Taken off the upcoming ‘Milquetoast‘ album that is out on the 15th January, this is an emo roller coaster ride that shakes your skin off your bones.

They synergy is electric here like a Duracell battery as the power starts up and clicks your brain into action. The disappointment is so clear on the ears as she was once with him but it ended and he wanted her one more time even though she said no. This must of been a shocking feeling and is completely wrong and not what anyone in the world deserves. The feeling of being used like a piece of trash must be hard to bear and this is a guy who will have karma strike him down hard, the sooner the better.

Her voice is so honest and brave as the story unfolds and you feel her pain. The edgy guitar energy streams in as your heart drops a lot, wishing that no one ever has to deal with this ever again.

Mine‘ from West Midlands band Gardner Leonard is a true story that is brilliantly described and performed from a duo that mesh so perfectly together, their friendship and respect for each other is clear to see. Speaking up about about wrong things that shouldn’t ever happen might make you unpopular with some, but as long as you keep it real in life, real friends will always have your back.

Stream this hot new track right now on youtube and see more on FB and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dreamy memories in Norway: Matte Juno drops exquisite single ‘Daytime Serenade’

Matte Juno returns with a vibrantly pleasurable new song that instills a thoughtful energy into your day on ‘Daytime Serenade‘.

Mathias Haukjem aka Matte Juno is a Norwegian singer-songwriter who is fairly new onto the music scene but is making a quietly impressive start to releasing his creations to the world.

Stitched neatly in a fantastic fusion of drum machines, poly synths and funky guitar and bass, this is the type of song you tell your friends about.

There is a peaceful breeze that blows in the wind towards your body here as the jazzy tingle is a lovely touch. With a clever beat that keeps you fascinated and your ears give you the thumbs up during this journey of finding that chilled spot, that rests your head just right.

Daytime Serenade‘ from the young and talented Norwegian musician Matte Juno is a work of art that paints a pretty picture in the sky as you gaze up above, wondering how many planets there are actually up there. It could be a road trip song too as it ticks all the boxes you need in music and is a blessing to those tired spirits that need a natural boost.

A peaceful track that mixes electronic, blues and jazz all in one pretty bundle that is full of joy and love.

Stream this vibrant new song on Spotify and see his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Love too soon: Oscar Ortiz feels the ‘Pressure’ (ft. Rohit Kumar)

Oscar Ortiz sends us a true story message on a stunningly pure lo-fi beat that is sure to make you think about what love really means to you on ‘Pressure‘ (ft. Rohit Kumar).

The Riverbank, California singer-songwriter is a deep soul who has made a highly self-aware song about the current strains of being told he is loved, when he feels it might be too soon. Sometimes things just need to take their course without extra burdens being put on your shoulders, especially during this current pandemic that has all of our heads spinning with frustration.

Their voices tell the message we need to hear. They want to love but need time to process this information and its come too soon and they want to it mean something special, not hollow words that don’t really mean it.

With a laid-back style, this is a song to fully immerse into as it touches on societies current fabric. The ends are a bit worn and we need to good role models when it comes to love, as some people do it for the wrong reasons, especially when they have nothing to lose or all to gain.

Pressure‘ (ft. Rohit Kumar) from Californian artist Oscar Ortiz is that track you put on when you are in a reflective mood. Perhaps you have been hurt before and don’t believe in love anymore or think that they said those magic words a bit too quickly.

Ultimately, when you are in love, it has to come from both sides at the same time, otherwise the pressure on the other person can become too much to consume. This is something that needs to come naturally and with that genuine feel that makes it extra special inside your beating heart.

Stream this hot new track on Spotify and see his music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Want it bad: Willy Matéo shows his intentions for the night on ‘#F***Boy’

Willy Matéo sends our pulses racing on the hot RnB fused new single all about showing what you are made of under the sheets via ‘#F***Boy‘.

Unsigned singer-songwriter, hairstylist and entrepreneur Willy Matéo is a motivated man who wants his music to be heard to the masses in the world who can relate to his music. He returns with his latest heat-seeking single that guarantees to get those hearts beating, over a production that catches your attention.

His voice shows us a man who is tired of tiptoeing around the subject and makes it clear that he is the right man for the job. His lyrics are raw and honest, clearly thought out and made with a certain purpose. Too often we don’t say what we really mean but this is a quality that this singer doesn’t have an issue with, as he takes us on a steaming journey to the bedroom, where things are going to get racy real quick.

#F***Boy‘ from singer-songwriter Willy Matéo is a new school RnB flavored party track that is best played when you are with that human you want to be with, right then and there. No words are needed, just putting the volume up loud will lay down your expectations and from there, the curtain will be drawn closed and a fun evening awaits.

Turn the lights down low while listening on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Keeping that positive mindset: Denim Dan shows us that through darkness ‘Life Has Just Begun’

Taken off the recent twelve-track full album release ‘No Guarantee‘, ‘Life Has Just Begun‘ from US singer-songwriter Denim Dan is the latest gritty song from the prolific musician with a real message for us all.

With an electric start that powers in with some hot bass-lines that will cause you some sunburn if you don’t turn it up loud enough, we are soon treated to a poet on a mission to spread his own brand of positive energy.

His vibrant tone shows us that we need to jump into the pool of life and not think twice as this is the only way to stay sane in this crazy world. We have all been stuck into thinking way too far ahead, not living into the moment and this is what 2020 taught us. Starting fresh is the mindset to use and not to let anything else drag you down.

His voice is a true guiding light through the darkness and Denim Dan brings us a can full of thought-snacks via ‘Life Has Just Begun‘. He is a man who is choosing to stay positive about horrible times and for this, we all need to take a deep breath and listen to his truthful message.

Stream his new song here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Showing your love for her: Troy drops fire Hip Hop rider ‘Bonnie and Clyde’

Young rapper Troy slides in the door with a tremendous track made for his girl crush, on the just-released Hip Hop flavored song named ‘Bonnie and Clyde‘.

Fall River, Massachusetts emcee Troy brings his fiery rap style and with production by Ross Gossage, this is a new school rap track that is all about being with someone that heats up your room each time you see her. You have an up and down relationship, but when then the lights go off, the sparks fly hot like a welder’s construction site. A new air conditioner is needed when you press play here.

His flow is vibrant and his busty bars knock down the competition with a freestyle type of rapping technique that reminds you of the old school days. This was when actual lyricism mattered and hopefully this spells a return to these days. Mumbling does nothing to add value to the genre and if fact, waters the whole culture down.

Troy is raw and uncompromising on ‘Bonnie and Clyde‘ and is totally forthright with his intentions. When you like someone, the best way to is to hold them close but also give them time to breath otherwise things can get claustrophobic, which leads to disagreements over small things.

With a fire rap style, this is a new Hip Hop artist that shows loads of potential and ushers in a new era to those tired of bad music. When you are looking for your ride or die, having a passionate moment or two together certainly helps when you want to make it big in the music game.

Heat up those speakers with a hot Hip Hop track on Soundcloud and check out his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Those romantic late nights: Price Dior sings with fresh energy on ‘Repeat’

Price Dior is back with a song so fresh, you will need to suit up in order to be allowed into streaming ‘Repeat‘.

R&B/Soul artist Price Dior is so impressive on this new single and this is a short and sweet track that grabs your attention and makes you groove along all night.

With a beat so hot you need sunglasses, the excellent vocals heats up your speakers and a cold shower is needed. You can’t help but click your fingers and like this a lot. This is the story about how his Mama told him to go and follow his dreams and make amazing music. He has taken that advice and is now driving in his lane to create a path to the top.

This is the kind of track that is perfect for those late nights when you have a lover over. His sensual voice is full of love and he heats up the temperature with sexy lyrics that shows his feelings for her.

Repeat‘ from the charming Price Dior features fantastic production from Kloudbeats and this is a new song to sink your teeth into and to turn up really loud.

Here is an artist with lots of self-confidence and a deep desire to succeed. If you want to be the best, you have to put in that extra effort and this seems to be a musician who wants it real bad.

Head through to the Spotify page for this song and see the socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen