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Leon Seti’s effeminate, ethereal electro-pop hits its apex with ‘Silver Lining’

Italian electronic artist Leon Seti has released his new track ‘Silver Lining’ from his chart topping new album Cobalt

Pulsing, fabricated synthetic waves of wavering vocals and silky sonic textures are quick to overwhelm on Seti’s new single. ‘Silver Lining’ is unrelentingly full-on in driving forward with mournful, high-pitched quivers alongside stuttering high-hats and blubbering electro grooves. It’s eclectic electro pop that has an appreciation for the sensibility needed to match art with pure, unadulterated enjoyability. 

Leon Seti is an exciting artist with a strutting, confident vocal prowl – evident in his grandiose falsetto on ‘Silver Lining’. Check it out if you like Pet Shop Boys-influenced work that takes on a completely modern, reinvigorating artistic presence and aesthetic. 

You can check out ‘Silver Lining’ on Leon Seti’s Spotify page here.


Chris Howard releases Fool For You – a multi-featured soul pop effort

A multi-featured soul pop effort is what best defines Chris Howard’s new track Fool For You.

From the song’s structure to arrangement and piano patterns, Fool For You sets a milestone for soul music and captivates through Howard’s immensely powerful voice.

A dedication to a loved one for whom he’s ready to be a fool for despite the “long road of hardship, of pain and tears”, the song speaks to those who in relationships are willing to step forward when things go wrong, through all obstacles. Throughout the song you can actually feel a passionate torment in his vocals (an incredible interpretation) but still appreciate that forward-looking, unflinchingly positive, soulful vibe.

Perfectly matching what I always look for in R&B and Soul music, the downtempo helps dramatize the story and musically enhances this emotional Slow-jam.

Trust me on this one, you won’t be fooled if you check out Fool For You on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Free-thinker Palma Ada returns with funky Party Pop ‘’Straight Lines’’

My Mama said my first steps I took to get away, gotta know how things are made. ‘Palma Ada’ doesn’t conform to normal ways of thinking. Her website attests to that. Ada likes to do things differently and not be put into any box. For this, you have to respect her vision and she comes out swinging with her new Party/Pop single ‘’Straight Lines’’. With a cat purring in the background, this song is definitely not kitty litter.

A relatively new artist, who seems to enjoy the private life and for people not to know where she is from. After only being a published musician for 2 years, Alda has a powerful voice and her vibe reminds me of Jesse Reyez for some reason.

 ‘’Straight Lines’’ is the lead single from her debut EP of the same name. This style will win her many fans and let’s hope she can stay on the straight & narrow and not get caught up in the tempting ways of the music business.

This is the follow up to her dance infused ‘’Sister’’ from 2018 and the difference is quite striking. The standard has improved dramatically and she is definitely going in the right direction now. Palma suits this style of music as she can use her strong voice and honest lyrics to win fans over. She is also very honest and just wants to show us that you don’t have to fit a normal style to be successful.

Listen to Palma’s whole collection here on her Spotify account.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Sean Walk has released truthful and upbeat single ‘Who’s The’

Artist Sean Walk has released his latest single Who’s the’ through his honest lyrics, heart-pumping melody, and the story he tells through his lyrics in this Hip-Hop piece.

It’s safe to say that Sean Walk isn’t afraid to say what he wants to say, as that’s shown through this piece with the truthful lyrics that flow throughout with the high energy that continues to shine throughout.

This piece is one that has this overwhelming beat that pulses through as Sean brings his explicit and powerful sound through the Rap verses, making sure that each word he sings is heard loud and clear. Having that in your face melody that constantly blasts through each element.

Listen to Sean Walk’s Who’s the by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


GINGER has released Indie-Rock single Gardens

Scotland-based band GINGER has dropped their latest single ‘Gardens’ infusing Indie-Rock and Alternative-Rock to create this lively uplifting piece.

Starting on the quieter side with the slight pluck of the guitar string and the subtle shred, when the mellow high-pitched vocals begin to illuminate the background, with a combination of unique tones to create this powerful array of voices that cut through the instrumentals.

Then entering into that more Rock style, with the heavy riffs on the guitar and the hard-hitting drum beats to give it that loud and crazy instrumental as the vocals begin to pierce through, taking that more gravelly texture to the voice and getting even louder with the vocal elements.

GINGER has created a piece that many will listen too, it shows how well they can mix different sounds up and make a piece that is enjoyable to listen too.

Check out GINGER’s latest single Gardens by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


SUR NATE has dropped his latest piece PO!SON !VY

SUR NATE has dropped his latest single ‘PO!SON !VY’’ combining that intriguing sound of Ambient RnB through this smooth and infectious track.

Beginning with a faded quiet vocal that slowly builds up the atmosphere and begins to creep up, as the vocals begin with the steady and slow rhythm that cuts through the background. The voice tends to fade away and falls behind the rhythm as that tends to overpower each element.

The vocals tend to get distorted in places as they flow in and out of the melody, keeping everything at a fairly relaxed pace and more on the quieter side in terms of volume.

Give this one a listen by SUR NATE as he embraces his RnB sound through this new piece.

Check out SUR NATE’s POISON IVY by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

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8 Evolutions – Spirit Guides: A Joyful Journey Into Existentialism

Tackling a difficult subject matter takes a lot of bravery but doing it in a lighthearted way, through music, takes a level of artistry and courage that 8 Evolutions prove they have in spades! Their latest release, ‘Spirit Guides’, tackles questions about the afterlife head on, in a positively uplifting and fun way, through youthful but classic rock, layered guitar riffs, and a strong lead vocal.  The harmonies are tight and on point so, all the singers out there, no need to edit your ears or suspend musical reality in order to enjoy the track! It’s all good.

8 Evolutions are the real deal. The fact that they are gifted musicians is irrefutable. Their workmanship is crystal clear and their authenticity sets them apart from their peers. With that said, ‘Spirit Guides’ is a perfect example of song writing gold. The seamless flow from the verses to the chorus and then the bridge, is genuinely epic. Its original while being satisfyingly familiar and it’s the type of track that is sure to put these guys indelibly on the map.

Don’t take our word for it! Have a listen to ‘Spirit Guides’ here at Soundcloud and let us know what you think, Have fun!

Review by Susan Harriott


Our Top 5 Reverberation Tracks – December 2017

Top 5 Reverbnation Artists – December 2017

1. Maya Claridge is an actress, singer and songwriter from Denver, Colorado. Currently represented by Big Fish Talent, The Wayne Agency and managed by WTManagement, Claridge has film, television, commercial, studio and stage credits. Releasing her hit single, PUT IT DOWN, with Indasoul Records in January 2016, Claridge proved that the message behind her music is as powerful as her voice. Currently staring in a television series (Drama Queens) Claridge balances working locally in NY and in LA, with online schooling and touring.

2. Just occasionally, fact can be stranger than fiction. Salio, a singer songwriter from Tbilisi, Georgia boasts a rags to riches story more flat-out compelling than most. A remarkably gifted vocalist, she was born into a life of abject poverty, routinely having to go without food, hot water or electricity. Her YouTube channel has hundreds of thousands of hits already, and she is currently in the final stages of recording her album, which will be released later in the year. Some people were simply born to do this. Salio was, and now she is.

3. The week of its release, The Eiffels debut EP was the 15th most added record on U.S. college radio. They’ve since received support from major radio stations from Los Angeles’ KROQ and KLOS, to San Diego’s 91X and Z90. After an ambitious United States tour, continuous buzz, and seeing their music featured in hit television shows like MTV’s Are You The One?, and The Only Way is Essex, The Eiffels are ready to release their new EP, complete with the same diabolically catchy hooks and an even bigger sound.

4. Jett Prescott is a self-taught singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a vibe fans and media publications have described as “Elton John meets John Lennon” thanks to his unique vocal tone and heavy piano-rock influence. His latest self-titled EP sees worldwide rotation on Pandora, while “Put Me Down in Wine” has received radio airplay from coast to coast with high praise from and a music video on VEVO. Music mega-site ReverbNation featured Jett on the homepage after peaking at #5 on the LA charts before he actually moved there, which followed Jett’s #2 listing among the top 25 new original artists of the year by Music Connection Magazine.

5. Alex Angelo is a singer, DJ and dancer from Ohio. He started mixing at age 10 using his dad’s ipad. Alex’s family moved and he needed to sell a skateboard ramp that couldn’t make the move. He took that money and bought some used DJ equipment that allowed him to take his new hobby from the iPad to the Technics 1200s. Within a couple years, Alex has opened up for several musical artists including Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Carly Rae Jepsen, Austin Mahone, Hoodie Allen, Jake Miller, and more.



Numbsoul Releases New Hip-Hop Beat “Spring ’17″

Numbsoul is a beat-maker with a great sense of melody, rhythm and flow in the music, blending just the right elements to make hip-hop beats with character and dimension that can serve a variety of purposes. His track “Spring ’17” proves exactly this through a relaxed and mellow steady beat that features also suitable changes in texture to distinguish sections and provide a coherent sense of development.

“Spring ’17” does not only showcase Numbsoul’s ability to create structure through texture but also showcases his ability to integrate melody and harmony within the beat. With delicate and soft melodic phrases shining within the texture throughout the beat also carries a sensitive character to it and it is also interesting to note how these melodies evolve and change within the diffferent sections. Having said all this, the most important part of any beat is the rhythm itself and in this case “Spring ’17” does not disappoint. With a cool, laid back and relaxed vibe the rhythm is not too fast and provides a solid foundation with hints of trap and also further changes between sections that add to the overall dynamic and character of the beat. Check it out and you’ll definitely feel the groove!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


The New Prodigy On Bock To Watch Out For: Breeze – ‘Brand New’ Music Review

Despite the usual undertone that’s perceived to be nihilistic and rowdy, hip-hop as a music genre has always, and will always stay put in availing to all its lovers that strategic freedom of self-expression. Just like the free will of self-expression that comes with the flow of rhymes, hotlines, and clear message cladded in the lyrics of the song that’s being sung by all the artists whose forte have ever remained hip-hop; Breeze brought his A-game on this one and leaves little to the imagination in this masterpiece.

U.S Virgin Island artist, Breeze, who recently released his new 4-track EP ‘The Pleasure Is Mine’ after taking a break to really hone his skills and deliver quality alternative hip-hop is back with an uptight dope song he titled ‘Brand New’.

Apparently, It quite seem that during his little departure he’s been taking his whole time to develop and shape a new fusion of music that suits the local music scene where he first established his strong fan base and now we can proudly say that he’s paid his dues and therefore deserve all the hype he’s getting now.

Breeze’s sound is an intriguing fusion of dancehall, hip-hop, rap and R&B and this new song “Brand New” is the kind of music that further takes the listener through a journey of tales inspired by real events experienced by the artist himself. His kind of sound somewhat aligns with the same path that’s been walked by Biggie Smalls, Vybz Kartel, Busy Signal and T-pain.

Wasting no time getting into the thick of things, Breeze touches on his own experience and life transfiguration leaving no stone unturned. ‘Brand New’ by Breeze is the real definition of super awesome vibe. Everything was well placed and 100% toned. Delivering songs that resonate in the heart of the true lovers of hip-hop isn’t quite an easy task but Breeze awed us by doing that with apt adroitness like it’s nothing.

This is so on par with the quality of song your favourite hip-hop music artist will put out for his fans to enjoy so I highly recommend you check out this masterpiece by Breeze ASAP.