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SWiiMS splash in with the 3rd single from their debut called ‘Hand of Love’

Hand of Love‘ is the third video and single for the debut EP ‘Through Waves‘ from SWiiMS.

SWiiMS is an awesome 4-piece rock band from Toronto in beautiful Canada. Their unique blend of Brit Rock, Dream Pop, Shoegaze and New Wave swirls together to create a sound that is all they own as they slide into our hearts with this fantastic music.

After the success of ‘Let You Down‘, this is a formidable follow-up and keeps the same high standard. This is a gripping indie track, full of brilliantly constructed guitar riffs and the sound is from the ocean, lots of waves and crashes. The vocals are soft but clear, your ears prick up to pick up on each note. This is a quality band that have a mellow style that keeps you listening so intently.

We all need that ‘Hand of Love‘ sometimes and Canadian band SWiiMS have provided us with a harmonious song, full of flair and the musicianship is quite out of this world. The skill here is high, the music is translucent and there is so much to like here.

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‘What Now Freestyle’ from Newark emcee Shabazz Talib is one of the best flows of 2020

Taken off the new EP from 2020 ‘Cheers to the Past‘, this is a formidable freestyle-type song that is such a bouncy listen.

What Now Freestyle‘ from emcee Shabazz Talib is one of the best flows of 2020 without doubt. This is a real story that is portrayed through a man who now knows what he wants. He is done over thinking about the world and just wants to make music and be happy.

The Newark, NJ native is in full form here. His flows are tight and the wordsmith is in an imperious mood here. He is sick and tired of dusting off those cobwebs off the past and doesn’t want to get bitten by those pesky spiders. He wants to be in a clear mind so that he can project his best work now. The past is in the past. The future is here.

What Now Freestyle‘ from New York emcee Shabazz Talib has one of the best beats and flows of the year on this one. In such a saturated market full of rappers, this is something fresh and real. It’s made for those true fans who appreciate a proper song for once and no mumbling garbage. This is what Hip Hop in 2020 should sound like.

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The mysterious 8udDha bl0od bless us with new electro track ‘(((?)))’

The magically brilliant Brighton band 8udDha bl0od are back with the beautiful ‘(((?)))‘.

There are no vocals on this one as we are transported into a translucent journey, full of lights and possibilities. You get locked into the song but it is never hard to imagine here, your eyes closed as you are put into a trance. This is such amazing music as I feel so much more free. There are droplets of electronic energy here as you look for the answer in your heart. What is life about really?

The UK act 8udDha bl0od are in fine form once again on their new single, the beautiful ‘(((?)))‘. This is a band that doesn’t make any bad songs. The musicianship is so classy yet so intriguing. You feel like you are perhaps floating into the sky, the clouds are no match as you float away, in your happy place. This is a sparkling effort from a band with so much potential. They need one of their songs to be a movie or series. Perhaps this will be when the world really appreciates this fine band from Brighton in the UK.

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A.D.Smithh sings about the thoughts of ‘Always Tempted By the Vice’

A.D.Smithh sings about the thoughts of ‘Always Tempted By the Vice‘, a real indie rock journey that shows us what can happen in life.

You are so tempted to do something that you perhaps shouldn’t. Things aren’t going to well and you feel cold inside and sad. Things haven’t gone quite to plan in 2020 and you have had enough. You know you will hurt the people that you leave behind but perhaps this is for the best. Which path will you choose?

With a grungy rock entry, the guitar is in full swing here. The vocals are a bit lower than usual as the mood is ominous, you feel the passion and pain here. This is real music that you can immerse in, this is the type of music for the those late nights on the weekends. You understand the song but perhaps wouldn’t do the same thing. This is music to relate to.

A.D.Smithh sings well here on the awesome message from ‘Always Tempted By the Vice‘. Temptations are out there but you know what is right and wrong.

Watch the video here.

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Retro-gothwave banger with ‘Nightwaves’ from Grimdeluxe

This is a new retro-gothwave banger with ‘Nightwaves‘ from Grimdeluxe as this transcends the airwaves here in 2020.

You can’t see right now as your vision is a bit blurred and you are struggling. You are trying to open your eyes but its so hard currently. The music is leading you in the right direction and it will be interesting to see if you can see the light or will everything drag you down. The night can be a scary time but you are excited for this challenge as you begin to see where to go in life.

This is a song that has an old school 80’s feel. The synths are quite electric here, the whole energy brews as the song levels up into your ears. The vocals are strong and calming, you feel at ease and just want to dance all night. This is the perfect song for a Friday night as you get into the weekend vibe.

Nightwaves‘ from Grimdeluxe is the brooding and smokey song that lifts into the speakers slowly. The burner is a track to enjoy with friends.

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From Byron Bay to New York, ‘Elements’ is Lovempires’s real-life Post-Punk gem in the dark

Taken off the full EP ‘Goodbye Darkness Hello Light‘, ‘Elements‘ is the raw and real-life Post-Punk gem from Australia-born act named Lovempire. This is the 2nd single taken off the new EP and is equally well-received from the now New York-based act.

Indie underground American/Australian darkened rock outfit Lovempire is a story of survival manifest. Morgan Phoenix is the architect of this gritty sound that is the life of the music scene. She is quite brilliant here and her vocal skills are ear-bending. This is the underground, away from the glitz and fakeness of some parts of the industry. These are the type of bands that are known as the best, respect is most cherished asset to anyone’s music bag.

You can be a good person or be naughty, that is life. This is the message here and to be the best at what you do is the point. Being yourself and being genuine is the key to life and you shouldn’t let anyone else tell you different.

The grungy post-rock-punk vibe here is brilliant. The vocals are gritty and real, you feel Morgan’s energy throughout and want to dance alongside here at the local club, its packed and sweaty. The volume needs to be turned up here for ‘Elements‘ from Lovempire.

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‘Got the Juice’ is the new Hip Hop club banger from Houston rapper Dre LaDon

Got the Juice‘ is the new Hip Hop club banger from Houston rapper Dre LaDon who further cements his name in the US rap scene.

You have the juice inside, that extra little x-factor that you are either born with or not. You feel that this is your time and others are taking notice of your style, your raps and they can see it in your eyes. This is your time and you are ready to take this to the next level upwards.

This beat is crystallized with some extra oomph that is so rare. This is one of the rise-along tracks to pump loud in your mates care while going to go and pick up your other friends. This is music to be enjoyed with the volume up real high.

Dre LaDon was the first rapper to have a Hip Hop track played at his beloved Houston Texan stadium in the NFL. This shows that he is willing to go further to others to get his music played, far and wide. ‘Got the Juice‘ is the vibe that you will want to share with friends and this is a fine rap track in 2020.

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Lilo is so stunning on self-aware ‘Running in the Rain’

UK singer-songwriter Lilo is so stunning on ‘Running in the Rain‘ and sings with growing confidence and is always elegant.

With a voice that is hauntingly beautiful, Lilo is one of those genuine souls that loves making and performing her music to hungry hearts. Her vocals are tremendous, never too much and she is one determined young lady. After learning how to play the piano at aged 4, guitar at 8, songwriting at 13, singing lessons started at 17. She clearly loves music and learning new things so that she can immerse herself into the peaceful indie-pop sounds.

This is a song all about learning to enjoy the present rather than wishing constantly for the future and reaching your end goal. This is such a true predicament and something most of us battle with each day. Living for the moment is the way to go instead of over-thinking everything.

Running in the Rain‘ from Lilo is a lovely indie-pop pure song full of lovely energy that grabs your attention. The Yorkshire-based music is a huge talented and the music is so great to listen to.

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Tyler Hunt sends us the perfect disco-house dazzler with ‘Steal Our Love’

Tyler Hunt sends us the perfect disco-house dazzler with ‘Steal Our Love‘.

Tyler Hunt is a pop artist who’s first internet success on something completely unrelated to music, his Halloween channel, HTJ halloween, spawned a music career that is gaining more and more momentum as we speak. The vocals are effortless and smooth with a beat that is so splendid that you dust off your old party shoes. Those smart ones that make you slide.

This is a singer-songwriter who is making music on his laptop, putting his ideas into action. With a lot of artists awaiting the studios to open up again during this horrible pandemic, Tyler is instead ahead of the hungry pack, his focus can go on getting big festivals instead of recordings when things get back to normal.

Steal Our Love‘ from Tyler Hunt is a scrumptious mix of electro-pop pureness and this is a song to dance to. All night long.

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Seaker sings with such elegance on the awe-inspiring new single ‘You’

Seaker sings with such elegance on the brilliantly-made and awe-inspiring new single ‘You‘.

After growing up in the North East of England in the UK, Kiran Hungin is a singer-songwriter with a mysterious feel to her. She doesn’t post much on Social Media and makes incredible music that is made so well. This is a proper singer, not worried about the glitz and glamour, she only wants to sing and inspire those around her.

“I try to make music that is epic and delicate at the same time. I love those spine-tingly moments when there’s an emotional twist in a song or a tiny whispered vocal moves into a huge layered block of sound. I think for a while I associated art with sadness and only took something seriously in an artistic sense if it was melancholic. That shows still in how I write, though I also feel very full of hope and wonder, so it’s not all doom and gloom.”

This is a glorious song, full of high notes and made with so much love. Seaker sings with such beauty which is often lost in this burnt world that needs a lot of tlc. ‘You‘ is a stunning effort from the UK singer who has a voice that puts you in a different place. I feel relaxed and the world seems a bit safe thanks to this terrific track.

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