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Reinventing himself: Virgin Islands Emcee Rio Thomas shows growing self-awareness on the Street-Hop single ‘Home Town’

The piano is so haunting and keeps the song in check for now, the crackling salt-shaker type background twists the track into a different realm of existing reality. Rio is running on the road, his fresh white sneakers stand out from his ominous surroundings. Is home really where the hate is? Rio Thomas explores this topic on his new track called ‘Home Town‘ and this is a riving listen, with a powerful video to back up the vision.

Taken off ‘RIYASA‘ and with excellent production from IYASA, this is track number 10 on the full album from 2020. Recorded in L.A, this was a release that was recorded in two days but you can’t even tell due to the excellent production that has been carefully constructed- to portray the full story of evolving as you grow in life.

His smooth bars are carefully constructed and the regret of previous lyrics are omnipresent in his flow. This is an Emcee that has grown up and learnt from his past mistakes, he realizes the power of words and how they bite hard at his spiritual chakra if they are thoughts that have no place in his heart or soul. This is a man who wants to be at one with himself so he can use these skills that have been given to him, he doesn’t want to add his name to other flamed our musicians, who had it in their grasp and threw it away.

The story of feeling love in so many places but not your own town is real and hits you back to reality. With so many jealous friends and enemies right in your face, it is hard to know who to trust. You need to keep your mind clear and smoke-free for a while, so you can unravel each part of your life and go for your dreams, as its your life after all. The true friends will reveal themselves in some unexpected places too which is a true representation of life’s journey, as you travel and move on from your former home that haunts you inside.

He fought the demons in his head and flipped the script on what he thought was possible. Rio Thomas drops one of the most self-aware Hip Hop tracks of the year on ‘Home Town‘ to show us that if you try hard enough, you can open new doors and be who you ultimately want to be as a man.

See this excellent music video on YouTube and follow Rio on his Instagram to see more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Doing things your own way: ‘A Different Way’ from DEMO is an exciting journey of self-discovery

The enthusiastically exuberant start jump-starts you into the groove right away. There are some Pharrell Williams influences here, as the funky fresh style and vibrant voice, plows through the unnecessarily noisy 2020, and into your mind. With so much to like here, you suddenly feel a happy sensation in all of your tired bones, that helps you heal rather quickly. ‘A Different Way‘ is such a fun listen from DEMO as he makes each listener a new fan, due to his self-aware lyrics, and his style makes you smile again.

This is about caring so much for the one you love and realizing that you are actually so different. The funky rhythm is so catchy and you find yourself sliding all the way around your lounge, with the neighbors getting into the fun too. The beat is so constantly fun and never gives up as you keep on looking up to the sky, shaking off all self-doubt that is dragging you into the sticky sand of the world.

His voice drags you into the story, you feel like he isn’t holding back here, and is being so honest about himself. A self-aware single with soul, is what the world needs, to help clear the dark thoughts of millions out there, all looking for inspiration through music.

A Different Way‘ from the excitingly electric talent of DEMO is the call to express yourself clearly, and to be totally honest, no matter what comes around in your world.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Feeling lonely in this distant world: Ireland’s Dubh Lee evolves her sound on ‘Carousel’

Set for audio release on the 20th November 2020 and with the music video dropping in December, this has an honest Bluesy-Rock feel that means you are hooked tight, with the intimate feel presented. The start is full of rhythmical melodies that you feel are so pure and fresh, just the way you like it. Soon we are thrown into a story of loneliness that is so way too normal this year, with the exquisite voice of Irish singer Dubh Lee’s new song called ‘Carousel‘.

Her voice grabs you and feel her pain, the year has been a whirlwind of emotions that has tested the patience of even the most chilled person in the world. The story of being by yourself, trying to be smart and keeping safe, soon you just can’t take it anymore, and you desire that human touch again from friends and your future lover.

With a Blues-Rock Garage style that has so much appeal, the bass-lines are so hot you might need to have a cold shower to cool off. You can’t help but feel the sadness attached, the frustration paramount, in this wild year of 2020. Her voice echoes through your soul, this is a musician that has evolved from Indie-Folk, to a more edgy and gritty sound.

Carousel‘ has that extra bit of quality attached and that fat bass is a blessing to our lonely hearts, the cries are heard loud and clear as Dubh Lee is so honest as so many of us can relate to her current predicament.

Life has been turned upside down so we need to find good habits to hold onto, and keep them close when the world resembles some sense of normality in 2021.

Hear this tremendous talent on her Soundcloud and follow her Facebook for more releases.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Creative beyond words: Shrt_Lyf drops the highly entertaining ‘Pretty Eyes and Blue Levi’s’

With a video that defies belief, the quality of the song matches the unique style with a Hip Hop song that is so fresh you will need extra ice to wrap on your face. The flowing locks only make him look like a real music star, Spanish artist Shrt_Lyf is absolutely remarkable on ‘Pretty Eyes and Blue Levi’s‘.

This is all about going for the wrong girl, only to realize too late. Way too late. A true message that so many of us have experienced in our lives. With a flow like no other, this is that rare kind of music that you can just smile at. You appreciate the creative juices that are squeezed into our ears like that delicious music that wets your lips just right.

Flamboyance personified, you are transported into a different state of mind while enjoying this Indie Rap track that features different genres in the video too. There is no telling what he is going to come up with next and the full Rock band outro at the end is a sign of things to come.

Shrt_Lyf shows off his growing legend on ‘Pretty Eyes and Blue Levi’s‘ and you will be blown away by what you see whether you like Hip Hop or not. This is the kind of musician that comes around once a lifetime.

Fill your day with this incredibly entertaining video on YouTube and find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The love doctor is here: EDM producer/singer Deep Gordon tells it how it is on ‘Your Horoscope’

He has an unmistakable style, full of originality in an often sheep-filled world of cliched clones. Deep Gordon is back with the enthusiastic debut track from his ‘Horny‘ EP called ‘Your Horoscope‘.

”A song about being in the moment and doing what you like to do..if you like that.”- Deep Gordon

With an abundance of vivid lyrics that soaks the song up with a fun vibes to party with, this is all about just going for it. Deep goes all the way in here and isn’t holding back at all. He is in love and what to show it- nothing is holding him back now.

This is an artist who has found his niche and is making sure that his music is like no other. A trait that we can all appreciate, even if you aren’t an EDM fan.

The beat grabs you by the ears and wants you to lock in, this is a jam to play with friends on the weekend house party with a swimming pool close by. The songs saucy lyrics will make you a bit sweaty with all the dancing and playful banter.

Deep Gordon is a likable personality and ‘Your Horoscope‘ is the kind of EDM song that you either love or hate, there is no in-between. One thing we can all agree on is that this is so entertaining and will draw a smile from most. This is what music is for- to entertain and break down barriers.

Hear this unique track here on Soundcloud and follow his journey on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The ultimate underdog rises to make his mark: Versvs shows his lyrical prowess on ‘Enough for You’ (ft Royce Da 5’9″)

With an ominously brooding start, the haunting beat sweeps in and takes all the dust away with a fiery ripper of a track that hits the middle stump. Italian/Canadian emcee Versvs busts in with his energetic flow on ‘Enough for You‘ which features Detroit heavyweight Royce Da 5’9″.

This is the 2nd single on the latest full album –‘Invisible’– and is a powerfully struck Hip Hop track that sparks lightning into your ears. This is about feeling that some people don’t have enough respect for you when they should. Haters are going to always hate but this young rapper is on a mission to make his name in a crowded roster of Hip Hop artists- that have flooded the airwaves with mostly garbage music that has no skill at all. Luckily, this is high grade music with substance.

His ferocious bars are easy to appreciate and having a legend to feature on your track adds an extra bit of spice, to an already excellent song.

Versvs is clearly the underdog and he thrives in this role, his lyrics are cutting edge and the delivery bites hard like a hungry rapper should. Royce Da 5’9″ adds his legendary flow with ultimate precision, each word is meaningful and you can’t help but appreciate greatness when you hear it. This is a new single to take note of, this is that special flow that is so lacking in modern day Hip Hop.

Hear this exciting new single on Spotify and find out more on Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


A story of transformation: Nashville based C.A Jones shows his class on the excellent ‘A Southern Sentiment’

Taken off the recent debut full album called The Velvet Hour, this is a fine addition to 2020 as it has a peaceful and thoughtful undertone. With the world going way too fast and in danger of skidding off the road at any second, we are blessed to have an intelligent voice like C.A Jones to help us relax a little bit, even for a short time. ‘A Southern Sentiment‘ is the new single and this is something special.

With a pure sound that is a rarity these days, this is an artist that working all the time to be a better person. He believes in his music and wants to learn. With so many artists showing their selfish side at times, this is a welcome change and one that inspires hope in these dark times. A ray of sunshine however creeps through the clouds as you listen to this new single.

Gosh, the class is so evident and you become so curious with each passing second. A singer-songwriter with a voice that pierces through like a tattoo artist making a sculpture on your body, this intertwines in the heart and make the blood flow so much smoother.

With a silky style that has so much brilliance attached, C.A Jones is top quality on ‘A Southern Sentiment‘. This is the story of finding yourself in a new town, a new experience and having that fresh mindset to succeed. Music that means something is always welcome.

Hear this peaceful song here on Spotify and follow the journey here on Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Catchy Synth-Pop melodies for days: Shiffley show their frustration with certain ‘Rich Kids’

This is an ode to those annoying kids at school who spend their parents money like it was their own, and do what they want. With a vibrant style, this is a band who add a catchy pop pureness that wanders into your welcoming ears. New York City’s Shiffley are back with the new single called ‘Rich Kids‘ and this is a winner all the way.

After the success of 2018’s Paper Cranes and opening for massive bands like Twenty One Pilots, you feel that this is an outfit that are only growing each day. They make music easy to listen to and this is cleverly-made music with such passion and a drive that skids along the road into the parking space so nicely.

Brooklyn’s Shiffley are such a fun band to listen to and they show realness with the synth-pop track ‘Rich Kids’. This is a song that shows that not everyone is enamored with people that have too much money and break the rules just to be cool.

This is a band that adds joy to the airwaves and their message is spot on. With enjoyable music like this, they are an act to really pay attention to. ‘Rich Kids‘ is a track to enjoy and dance along with, exactly what the world needs right now.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Wanting others to win: Henny Holyfield shows the world how its done (ft Mistah F.A.B) ‘Win (Remix)’

Henny Holyfield shows us all how its done on his latest release. With Mistah F.A.B in imperious form, ‘Win (Remix)‘ is an exciting new Hip Hop track and this is the story of a man that wants others to do well. This is a selfless emcee that is one of the good guys, in an often ego-driven industry.

With a flow that is absolutely classy and hits the spot just right and a visual video that captures the moment perfectly, this is a message of peace in a war zone year of madness.

With an attitude that raises the game, Henny Holyfield (ft Mistah F.A.B) sends the world a positive message on the ‘Win (Remix)‘. This is an ode to the way music was supposed to be, supporting others and wanting those good souls to well.

Music in 2020 is all about rap beef and creating headlines to drive clicks. This is a swing back to the old school and for this, Henny needs to be acclaimed and admired. Hopefully his message spreads to the youngsters in the music game who can gradually change the native. People dying and getting hurt over music is something that needs to end as soon as possible.

See the music video here on YouTube and find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Hope in the Dark’ from Hartford’s Dean Frost is a song all about staying positive no matter what

Hope in the Dark‘ from Hartford’s Dean Frost is a song all about staying positive no matter what the detour you take in this crazy world. This is a fun electro-pop track that simmers with hot beats to keep us entertained.

Hartford, Connecticut singer/producer Dean Frost is a poet who used his music gifts to inspire others as the summer beat really gets your feet tapping in delight. The vocal delivery is quite flawless and this is such an enjoyable ride that is of majestic quality. The added raps make it even better and shows the multi-talented ability.

You find hope in every situation and you never give up, no matter what. Giving up just isn’t in your dictionary as you keep pushing hard, doing what you love.

With influences such as Logic and The Chainsmokers, you can get an idea of what type of artist Dean is. Previously performing under the alias The American Boys, this is a supremely create musician who likes to make happy music for fans to enjoy.

Dean Frost is back in a big way on Hope in the Dark‘ as he stimulates the speakers with a sultry effort that is like giving your ears a high-5.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen