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Never Again: New York power band Ghostwreck urge us to never give up on ‘Champagne’

Taken off their exciting project called ‘The City is Gone‘, Ghostwreck saunter in strongly with their latest riff-laden single that will have you turning up the volume to hear each second with ‘Champagne‘.

Ghostwreck is a thrilling four-piece New York City-based based collaboration of quality musicians who fuse post-rock, punk, metal, and other still-to-be-discovered genres into their ferocious sound. They make that striking soundscape that crashes into you like a powerful wave in the ocean, as it washes all the self-doubt off your body, and takes you to that safe shore again.

They have a pulsating sound that smashes through your veins, the vocals are strong and clear to hear, with a band that certainly puts all on the line, and this is high paced music at its best. You feel their determination and its so inspiring, as they blaze a fire right to our hearts to gain strength from.

Champagne‘ from the NYC four-piece act Ghostwreck, shows us a band on a mission to help us to never give up no matter what. Money seems to drive so many people but it really isn’t everything, as that true happiness is the key that unlocks all your desires. If you know where that elusive key is, grab it, show those who you truly love how to find it too, and never let it go.

Stream this new track on Spotify and check out their IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

51st Avenue invites you to own your experiences of rejection with their alt-rock hit, ‘Don’t Want Me’.

With their latest single, Don’t Want Me, the Sydney-based 4-piece alt-rock pioneers 51st Avenue contend with heavy emotion through even heavier instrumentals. Their sound carries familiar elements of electronic pop, trap and post-rock, but 51st Avenue delivers them in a distinctive enough way that their sheer authenticity will blow you away just as much as the sound itself.

Soft and succinct verses with delicate female pop vocals are followed with tumultuously thrashing breakdowns that carry the same sense of chaos as you’ll find in Bring Me the Horizon’s sound. With the progressive structure of the single, you can’t help delving in over and over again. With every listen, the boldness of the lyrics becomes even more striking. No one likes to admit rejection, but 51st Avenue owns it in Don’t Want Me; the track allows you to consider that sometimes walking away from you is the best thing a person can do for you.

It comes as no surprise that 51st Avenue has already supported Start Your Own Cult, Cambridge, Young Lions and Hands Like Houses on tour. Although based on Don’t Want Me, it won’t be long until bands can boast about opening for 51st Avenue.

Don’t Want Me is available to stream on Spotify, or you can check out the music video via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alt indie newcomers 20-LD have unleashed their foreboding dark earworm, ‘Feel It Now’.

Alt-indie newcomers 20-LD have released yet another transfixing track onto the airwaves with the release of their latest single, ‘Feel It Now’. It comes with the same atmospheric chill as Joy Division, Covenant-style darkwave beats and static choppy guitar progressions that cut through the reverb that bleeds from the synth notes.

With a few psychotropic tones laced into the dark earworm under forebodingly magnetic vocals that will be a hit with any fans of the Editors, it’s safe to say that 20-LD’s sound holds as much distinction as it does commercial potential.

The optimism that rings through in the higher notes feels like the ultimate feat of defiance in this timely melancholic release that pulls sheer ingenuity out of the dark. We can’t wait to see where this lockdown-born artist takes their sound next.

Feel It Now is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Georgetown grunge trio Tough on Fridays released their most relatable single yet with Cabin Fever.

Georgetown grunge trio Tough on Fridays has been on our radar since we heard their unforgettable 2018 single, ‘The Waywards’. With their latest single, Cabin Fever, their pop-punk edge has been stripped-back and replaced by doom-laden tones that will win over any fans of Porcupine Tree.

The gloomy, progressive anthem, complete with a thrashing rhythm section and angular cutting guitar notes that bring Shoegaze nuances into the mix, is a raw admission of the frustration experienced while locked away from normality.

What makes Cabin Fever so intense and cathartic is the realism of the angst. It was delivered in the same despondent way we’ve all been feeling over the past year.

Cabin Fever officially released on May 3rd; you can check it out for yourselves by visiting Tough on Fridays’ website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Corin deliver us ‘The Moment Of Realization’

Moira by Corin

Deep, subtle instrumental backgrounds open ‘The Moment Of Realization’ by ambient artists Corin, gentle echoing guitar chords over the slow, mellow swell of keyboard parts, a repeating, descending motif of picked, chorused notes which then build slowly, drums and bass adding an extra colour to the palette, increasing dynamics until overdriven guitar kicks in around the four-minute mark, reprising the descending riff but with greater power and emphasis.

‘The Moment Of Realisation’ is taken from Corin’s debut, seven-track ep ‘Moira’, a progressive neo-classical journey from prologue through to ending, a soundscape journey through an instrumental landscape of shifting moods and tempos.

You can hear ‘The Moment Of Realisation’ on BandCamp; follow Corin on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

Let your psyche go on a journey with Abandon the Fall’s instrumental alt-rock track, ‘October Sky’.

When Abandon the Fall appeared on our radar in 2019, we knew they’d be one to watch. Their latest EP may come without lyrics, but there has been no compromise to the evocatively charged nature of their Alt Rock soundscapes.

‘October Sky’ is just one of the progressive art-rock singles to feature on the 4-track release that will take you on a journey of the psyche as you follow the morosely-tinged melodies through their cutting progressions which leave trails of shimmering echo and reverb behind.

With over-driven guitars and coalescing with darkwave electronica, October Sky will hold plenty of appeal to any fans of 65daysofstatic and This Will Destroy You.

October Sky is now available to stream along with the rest of Abandon the Fall’s Infinite Seasons EP via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Abandon The Fall drop new instrumental melodic rock ‘Memories’

When we reviewed Abandon The Fall’s ‘Enemy’ single back in August 2018, Amelia Vandergast likened them to Linkin Park’s ‘Hybrid Theory’, saying ‘the vocals are stripped back and left emotionally bare around the resounding instrumentals’. In the case of ‘Memories’, from new EP ‘Infinite Seasons’, Abandon The Fall have taken that a step further and provided an instrumental track bereft of vocals altogether. It’s not, however, bereft of power or melancholy, that same electronic-meets-metal vibe that was there on the debut coming through across the track. There’s definitely that Linkin Park feel at times, but with thundering kick drums aplenty behind the shimmering, echoey guitars, there’s touches of Enter Shikari and 30 Seconds To Mars in here too. It’s a potent, powerful track with no loss of emotiveness from its instrumental-only nature.

You can hear ‘Memories’ on Spotify; check out Abandon The Fall on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

IGGYC shares their introspection in the darkly theatrical post rock hit ‘Thoughts’

Moscow-hailing Bay-Area-residing artist, IGGYC, has recently released their latest darkly theatrical progressive post-rock single ‘Thoughts’ which allows sonic symphonic rock to meld with 00s emo and cataclysmic increments of hard rock.

Starting with a piano-led prelude, Thoughts gently eases you into the raw embittered soundscape which quickly amasses momentum until you’re in the midst of a fervent whirlwind that carries frenetic reminiscences to the likes of Dir En Grey. IGGYC delivered so much more than a senselessly momentous release, expect your heartstrings to get caught in the wrenching choruses which carry the same weight as the entirety of MCR’s Black Parade album – all in the space of 4:29-minutes.

Thoughts is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mute Sounds – Broken Pieces: An All-Consuming Alt-Rock Reflection of Chaotic Duality

Mute Sounds’ 2020 EP ‘Roads’ totally defies the notion of genre. It is far easier to define the progressively cinematic release in terms of sheer originality. But if you could imagine what it would sound like if Hans Zimmer teamed up with Motorhead, you’ll get an idea of what is in store.

The standout track ‘Broken Pieces’ is the perfect introduction to the artist’s experimental expression. Over-driven guitars gnaw away at the accordance in the panoramically evocative release between increments of evocative neo-classic keys, making Broken Pieces an all-consuming reflection of chaotic duality.

Mute Sounds is the project of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Rui Pedro, who permanently lost their voice after their second battle with severe throat cancer at the age of 28. They say that when one sense is lost, another strengthens, on the basis of Broken Pieces, that can also be said about methods of communication.

You can delve into Mute Sounds’ experimentalism yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alt 90s Meets 00s Pop Punk in Stopnowstartagain’s fuzzed up single ‘Liplock’


Blending 90’s/00’s alt-pop/punk with some tidy guitar work and pushing, urgent drums comes ‘Liplock’, the debut single from Stopnowstartagain; swamped in overdriven, distorted guitar, the track takes its cues from the guitar-led indie of Dinosaur Jr., Husker Du, and Bob Mould’s follow-up project Sugar, all vocal harmonies and catchy pop sensibilities over Superfuzz pedals and Tube Screamers delivered into the front end of cooking amps.

It works, too – catchy pop-rock vocals, chiming picked single-note guitar lines, and those layered swathes of distortion; it’s one of those sounds you didn’t realise how much you missed until you heard it all over again; I’m gonna go and dig out ‘Bug’, ‘Green Mind’, ‘Copper Blue’, or ‘Beaster’ now, too. Cracking stuff.

Check out Stopnowstartagain on Facebook and Instagram now.

Review by Alex Holmes