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Cagri Raydemir bites the hand of ego-greed in his single, Attention Hunger

Attention Hunger is the latest intellectually scathing alt-rock track from the Munich, Germany-based artist, guitar virtuoso, songwriter and producer, Cagri Raydemir. With vocal reminiscences to Serj Tankian and an instrumental atmosphere that carries similarities to Incubus, any true alt-rock fan will allow Attention Hunger to resonate as a smorgasbord of dynamic alt-rock innovation.

It’s been a while since I had a quite literal jaw-drop moment at an instrumental interlude, but the one that brings in the outro in Attention Hunger gives Mr Bungle an Avant-Garde run for their money.

After releasing 12 albums and 3 EPs, Munich Germany-residing alternative artist has discernibly honed in on his craft to the point of peerlessness. It’s beyond refreshing to hear an artist with the ability to catch you broadsided by their talent.

Attention Hunger is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Post-rock meets folk as Jess Porter connects the dots in his comeback single, Patterns.

Patterns by Jess Porter

After experimenting in other outfits, the Melbourne artist, Jess Porter, has made his first release since 2014. Right from the intro, Patterns hits you with its dynamic intensity. The simple folky melody running through in hyper-speed instantly immerses you in the post-rock alchemy.

Patterns moves past art rock into 65daysofstatic territory with the synths becoming equal to the guitars as they groove and glitch through the complex time signatures. The vocal effects are nothing short of ingenious for the way Porter harmonically proves that he doesn’t have a vocal timbre to hide before running it through enough distortion that it becomes as volatile as the instrumentals.

Patterns is now available to stream and purchase on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

A Nostalgic Place: Freiburg’s ea Collective transmits us into a new world with ‘Tardigrada’

Rust Bear by ea Collective

Bringing the world a track that urges us all to free our contaminated minds and take an expedition into another planet for a few minutes, ea Collective sends us a reminder of the brilliance of his 4-track EP ‘Rust Bear‘, with his mesmerizing new single that shall put you into a welcome trance on ‘Tardigrada‘.

ea Collective is a fascinating Oliver Kern-created Freiburg, Germany-based alternative act that somehow fuses in krautrock, psychedelic, and an experimental ambient post-rock sound for our frolicking hearts to be totally encapsulated by.

Merging in different guest musicians each time, this is a conceptual idea that is well-constructed and expertly delivered with such skilful aplomb by ea Collective. It feels like you are witnessing something so uniquely fresh, in a sadly polluted world that seems to unknowingly gravitate towards the copy and paste that only serves to fill you up with littered waste.

Tardigrada‘ from the 44-year-old Freiburg, Germany-based alternative artist Oliver Kern aka ea Collective, is an instrumental track that seems to gain different layers of beauty through this whole experience. Your toes will be tapping as your spirit feels so replenished, from listening to an intricate track that needs to be in a Hollywood movie. You can feel the many hours of sweat and tears endured inside this invention by a true perfectionist, who wants each second to be something you remember eternally.

This is a special song indeed, that is deep in a substance that the whole family may enjoy naturally.

Hear this new gem on Bandcamp and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Abandon the Fall – Exhale: A Phenomenal Resurgence of Alt Rock

With all the atmosphere of Porcupine Tree’s Fear of a Blank Planet album and the glitchy post-rock progressions, Abandon the Fall’s stormer of a single, Exhale, featuring Dayshell, is a phenomenal resurgence of the alt-rock ingenuity that faded away after the turn of the century.

The white-hot wailing guitars, emotionally-charged vocals and stormy transitions right the way through the tumultuous emo-tinged track all pull together to create a soundscape that leaves you more adrenalized with each deftly contorted evolution of sonic finesse. Exhale has become Abandon the Fall’s most popular track to date shortly after the release; the power trio will be unstoppable from here on out.

Exhale is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Vulpine break new ground with their experimental post-rock EP, Ventures.

Scotland’s most melodic alt-rock outfit, Vulpine, has released their genre-spanning debut EP, Ventures, which brings a rare sense of accessibility to math rock and plenty of solemnity and poise to emo pop-rock.

The best introduction to their atmospheric, progressively gripping songwriting style is the title track, which carries the evocative weight of Frightened Rabbit combined with the instrumental furore of Mogwai.

From an ambient prelude, an intricately immense storm kicks up in the instrumentals, taking you through gripping breakdowns and even sweeter crescendos that hit the climactic spot every time. As the consistently in-flux sonic palette switches up through the progressions, vocalist, Pete Fox, demonstrates the provoking range of his vocal power.

The Ventures EP released on October 1st. It is now available to stream and purchase on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hopes Avenue has released their viscerally raw post-hardcore sophomore track, Escape/Reality.

Hopes Avenue became one of Scotland’s most promising alt-rock outfits with the release of their viscerally raw post-hardcore sophomore single, Escape/Reality.

Given that we’re practically living in the world Charlie Brooker imagined for Black Mirror, the chillingly cold production of the familiar rock elements in Escape/Reality is oddly consoling. Their intrinsically melodic hardcore progressions carry the same evocative weight as Days to Remember, Rise Against, and Alkaline Trio as the sombrely high-octane vocals make sure that Escape/Reality hits as hard emotionally as it does sonically.

The insanely talented 4-piece powerhouse is one to watch; especially for fans of Bring Me the Horizon and Enter Shikari.

Escape/Reality is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alt-Rock Pioneers Roulettes Have Released Their Racorously Cold Proto-Punk Single, Fading Sun

The Roulettes’ fourth single, Fading Sun, from their album, Demosphere, will be music to the ears of proto-punk, post-punk, garage rock and indie fans alike.

Straight off the bat, you’re plunged into a cold atmosphere orchestrated by throbbing basslines, harsh snares and rancorously overdriven guitars. Around the glitchy electronica, psych-rock tendencies start to flourish as the single unravels and warmth seeps into the mix through the vocals that carry the same enamouring appeal of Julian Casablancas (The Strokes).

The New Zealand-based duo’s album may have never seen a recording studio, but discernibly, that didn’t get in the way of the prodigal sons creating one of the most exciting alt-rock albums of 2021. Save room on your radar.

You can check out the official video for Fading Sun via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Broken Nation: Seoul-based band Narotic bring the total truth package with ‘Nothing Has Changed’

Released off their latest twelve-track album with meaning called ‘KindA‘, Narotic are totally honest beyond the norm and bring us an eerie reminder us that ‘Nothing Has Changed‘.

Narotic is an indie post-rock/dream-pop/shoegaze band from Seoul, South Korea. They have a style of music which has you thinking deeper about the world, as you sense that things are not what they seem to many.

On a sparkle-filled ambiance which has you nodding your head to their unique soundscape that seems different to the rest – as they drive in melodic vocals that are clearly made with true introspection- shines through beautifully to capture your attention like a striking Polaroid, you will never forget.

This is the sincere story of knowing that something is quite off with the world as the milk is actually sour but so many still drink it, the kids are suffering and so many just ignore the real truth, hidden behind their phones of endless distraction.

Nothing Has Changed‘ from the rhythmically stimulating South Korean-based alt post-rock band Narotic, is a stunning display from a self-aware outfit who see the world from the ground right now. They hope that things may change for the better but see our precious planet falling apart at the seams, as violence, greed and desperation takes over, when peace and common sense should be the guiding light for us all to grow with.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see their journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Again: New York power band Ghostwreck urge us to never give up on ‘Champagne’

Taken off their exciting project called ‘The City is Gone‘, Ghostwreck saunter in strongly with their latest riff-laden single that will have you turning up the volume to hear each second with ‘Champagne‘.

Ghostwreck is a thrilling four-piece New York City-based based collaboration of quality musicians who fuse post-rock, punk, metal, and other still-to-be-discovered genres into their ferocious sound. They make that striking soundscape that crashes into you like a powerful wave in the ocean, as it washes all the self-doubt off your body, and takes you to that safe shore again.

They have a pulsating sound that smashes through your veins, the vocals are strong and clear to hear, with a band that certainly puts all on the line, and this is high paced music at its best. You feel their determination and its so inspiring, as they blaze a fire right to our hearts to gain strength from.

Champagne‘ from the NYC four-piece act Ghostwreck, shows us a band on a mission to help us to never give up no matter what. Money seems to drive so many people but it really isn’t everything, as that true happiness is the key that unlocks all your desires. If you know where that elusive key is, grab it, show those who you truly love how to find it too, and never let it go.

Stream this new track on Spotify and check out their IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

51st Avenue invites you to own your experiences of rejection with their alt-rock hit, ‘Don’t Want Me’.

With their latest single, Don’t Want Me, the Sydney-based 4-piece alt-rock pioneers 51st Avenue contend with heavy emotion through even heavier instrumentals. Their sound carries familiar elements of electronic pop, trap and post-rock, but 51st Avenue delivers them in a distinctive enough way that their sheer authenticity will blow you away just as much as the sound itself.

Soft and succinct verses with delicate female pop vocals are followed with tumultuously thrashing breakdowns that carry the same sense of chaos as you’ll find in Bring Me the Horizon’s sound. With the progressive structure of the single, you can’t help delving in over and over again. With every listen, the boldness of the lyrics becomes even more striking. No one likes to admit rejection, but 51st Avenue owns it in Don’t Want Me; the track allows you to consider that sometimes walking away from you is the best thing a person can do for you.

It comes as no surprise that 51st Avenue has already supported Start Your Own Cult, Cambridge, Young Lions and Hands Like Houses on tour. Although based on Don’t Want Me, it won’t be long until bands can boast about opening for 51st Avenue.

Don’t Want Me is available to stream on Spotify, or you can check out the music video via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast