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I Hear Voices: Torn Rhythms remembers the youthful hunger on Lines

Feeling like everything has faded away due to the cold world, Torn Rhythms takes us on a journey through the innocence of youth and shows us what life should be like on the visuals for Lines.

Torn Rhythms is a Virginia, USA-based indie 5-piece rock band that loves to inspire crowds with their classic sound that shall add a warm blood flow to all veins.

Ripping away all negativity and guiding us into a better place, Torn Rhythms has brought kindness back to music. This is quality stuff from an experienced outfit who shows us the truth.

Lines from Virginia, USA-based rockers Torn Rhythms is a trip down memory lane. It takes us back to a more suitable place. Flying hand-made planes, playing on the beach and reading after dark. This is pure. This is a single to show all kids, who have been exposed to the harshness of the world. To remind them that this is what it should be about, as freedom and learning to play, is the best way to being happy long-term.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kevin Capehart drops debut solo single to reinvigorate his soul, Among the Trees

Realising that she’s the one that he needs, Kevin Capehart sings with so much love and conviction via the superb song to feel inspired about in nature, Among the Trees.

Kevin Capehart is a Richmond, Virginia-based indie folk multi-instrumentalist who was previously in various local bands and has found his voice after taking a break from the music world.

Music has always been an important part of my life, but in the past, I’ve let my insecurities get in the way. When my best friend died at 36 years old I realized how valuable life was and that nothing is guaranteed. I don’t want to waste my life doing what people expect me to do. I want to live every day doing what I love.” Kevin Capehart, reflecting on the inspiration behind his return

After starting a family and dealing with his own demons, Kevin Capehart shows us all that it is possible to reach your dreams no matter what. He does himself proud here and has made a proper song to love forever.

Among the Trees from Richmond, Virginia-based indie folk artist Kevin Capehart is one of the most honest singles released in any generation. This is simply awe-inspiring stuff and should shake many senseless hearts around, to bring us all a piece of truly caring music to turn up loud.

When the world is noisy, going back to your roots will surely stimulate the soul.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The prodigal sons of classic rock, Torn Rhythms, strike again in ‘Stay With Me’

Proving that there is still capacity for creativity in classic rock is the critically acclaimed Virgina-hailing five-piece Torn Rhythms, with their latest melodic masterpiece, Stay with Me.

There are shimmering clean guitar tones by the smorgasbord in the rhythmically enrapturing single, which plunges you into a panoramically immersive narrative right from the first verse. If anyone was giving out black belts for songwriting chops, Torn Rhythms would be adorned with them for their ability to make their vignettes come to life in visceral colour.

Listening to their instrumental melodies meander with precisive purpose is as easy as breathing; as for the vocals, they’re just like honey. If you’re as reverent to the traditional style of songwriting away from beats and loops and also happen to have a penchant for The Byrds, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan, you’ll want to stick with Stay with Me.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

I know it’s filled with people and long delay: Franklin Gotham picks up the pieces on the lonely Subway

Showing such finely-tuned brilliance with a new idea of Julian Lennon’s 1984 hit Too Late for Goodbye, Franklin Gotham helps us to dance across the floor with an outstanding single to be inspired by, Subway.

Franklin Gotham is an Alexandria, Virginia-born alt-indie pop/rock band with a world-class sound that shall slice all flimsy doors into splintering pieces.

The track captures the essence of the original track while adding Franklin Gotham’s unique spin. Weaving upbeat Pop elements with 80’s inspired synths to create a perfect balance of nostalgic 80’s flare with present-day sensibilities leading to what you always want from a good cover, familiarity delivered from a different perspective.” ~ Franklin Gotham

Realizing that life isn’t going to last forever no matter what anyone says, Franklin Gotham is in an exquisite form for the betterment of the world on their dynamic soundtrack to enlighten all sad hearts back into a happier state of mind.

Subway from the Alexandria, Virginia alt-indie pop/rock band Franklin Gotham is a fine song which will excite many on the underground and thrill others into a rather intense visualization. Paced rather well and bringing us into this delightful story, we are treated to a well-executed single made with love and vision.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No One Is Listening: Virginia rockers Congenial Crime feels rather alone on Chasing

With a mighty tone and leading us into the lonely sofa without someone so vivid, Congenial Crime has dropped a massively reflective melody which will have many Chasing.

Congenial Crime is a Charlottesville, Virginia-based indie rock band that fuses that chainsaw-in-the-washing-machine-like sound which will cause plumbers to feel a shudder of discontent in their veins.

Delighting all listeners with something honest and belted out with ferociously created enthusiasm, Congenial Crime slices its way into our hearts with some aplomb. This is heavy-hitting stuff and is lathered rather explosively to spark a feeling so many have dealt with before.

Chasing from Charlottesville, Virginia-based indie rock band Congenial Crime is a rather memorable experience which will put many shivers in the bones of millions. This is ear-splitting stuff and digs deeper into a well-described picture, which describes the pain of losing someone so vital. Sung with fervency and verse, we find a spectacular single to add voltage to a sleepy day.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Something In The Air: fred riko reflects on the lost love of significance on Julia

Taking us back to a memorable moment back in the past, fred riko sings with so much affectionate love and raw tenderness that will make the world a better place despite the lost love on Julia.

fred riko aka Spence the Guru is a Colorado, Virginia, and New York-based DIY indie folk jazzy pop singer-songwriter who is known for his much-loved performances at open mics and intimate events.

Fred has become a favorite at open mics, songwriter showcases, and busking where his playing, ear for harmony, and comfort with American music all combine to create a one-of-a-kind musical experience.” ~ fred riko

Stunning our enlightened speakers with something rather transcendent, fred riko holds our hands and takes us into a personal place in time. This is a calming blend of brilliance to shake off all past trauma, to move onto happier waters again.

Julia from the authentic much-respected fred riko is such a soothing song which will put shivers on many spines as the memories intertwine. There is such a kind energy on offer with some home truths, about a relationship which has many twists and turns, which ultimately turned for the worse when the winds shook one too many times.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

One Of Us Make It: CB shows us that real talk on his crushin’ That Bounce Joint

Staying away from the bad vibes as he feels like this is his time to shine and grab that crown, CB knows the crowds are into his style and actually, that’s the best feeling anyway, on That Bounce Joint.

CB aka Cordario is an Alexandria, Virginia-born indie hip hop artist who has been in some intense situations but always reaches the top with all conquests.

Raising our mentalities upwards like an elevator on a mission right to the top, CB is in a confident mood on That Bounce Joint and might cause you to put this on repeat all night.

That Bounce Joint from Alexandria, Virginia-born indie hip hop artist CB is a hot track that forges ahead with visions of success that are surely on the next corner. Passionate and using street-wise lyrics that are sure to invoke the fires of us all within, this is a hugely welcome effort for the betterment of the world.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Just Cruising: Mr.Reaper drives us into that chain reaction on Come Follow Me and We Ride

Gazing at those clouds above and a smokin’ rather smoothly to get through the day, Mr.Reaper plays life poker while others flash their cash and get caught out on his heavy new bag-filled treasure hunt called Come Follow Me and We Ride.

Mr.Reaper is a Woodbridge, Virginia-based indie hip hop artist who loves to cook us up some tasty raps that will be stuck in your mind for weeks.

Slicing the competition away like a vampire slayer on a mission to get fed quick, Mr.Reaper rolls down the windows and establishes the point that he will always be different to those lame corny cats. This is a rugged rapper who flows like an OG who hasn’t been signed yet, as dominates the speakers with a lyrically conscious single to belt out rather loud.

Come Follow Me and We Ride from Woodbridge, Virginia-based indie hip hop artist Mr.Reaper is a spark-packed display from a seasoned artist who is in such a high gear right now. He shows us his potency behind the mic and keeps things raw throughout, shredding the bars with a velocity which shall please all underground fans.

Taking a chance and moving to cleaner waters is always a smart move when you aren’t quite comfortable in current climates.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Atlasmusic shows us his lyrical acumen once again on Only Human

Returning into our mindsets with his new 8-track album Only Human, Atlasmusic knows where he stands but is ready for help when the genuine souls are ready.

Atlasmusic is a Virginia Beach, Virginia-based indie hip hop artist, music producer and sound engineer who is also the founder of Atlas Music Productions.

With particular highlights, such as Helping Hand, Nobody Cares (feat. Promise), and the money-hunting single to treasure Chasing Paper, Atlasmusic tells us authentic stories that only those who have properly lived can actually tell eloquently. Busting with bulging honesty, top-notch flows and masterful lyrics, this is a welcome release from a thoughtful creative who has realized what truly matters in life.

Only Human from Virginia Beach, Virginia-based indie hip hop artist Atlasmusic is a hugely enjoyable 8-track ear-warmer from a true storyteller. He offers us lessons about that paycheck-to-paycheck life that can certainly stress you out. Showing us he wants so much more, this is a purposeful release from a hugely talented street poet.

Washing away the pain and breathing in only good vibes, this is a message for all of us who feel like throwing in the towel sometimes.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Virginia rockers Halfcast hopes she will finally let them go on ‘Blue and Gold’

Return by Halfcast

Taken from their recent 10-track release and 2nd album called ‘Return‘, Halfcast feels the lip-licking vultures looming rather closely on a ferociously raw single to wake us up from any self-enforced slumber we have been facing lately on ‘Blue and Gold‘.

Halfcast is a Richmond, Virginia-based indie alternative scrap-rock/grunge band who are exactly what we required for our intense proggy needs.

They pound the table down and show so much strength when others would fold. Halfcast appear to have risen from the dust and sound in ultra reinvigorated form, with a simply sensational performance that is right from their heart and shall rattle your insides just when you needed it most..

Blue and Gold‘ from Richmond, Virginia-based indie alternative scrap-rock/grunge band Halfcast is one of the more enjoyable grooves your spine might encounter today. They have riffs for days, a tight sound that has been meshed rather brilliantly together as one, and seems to make that proper rock sound that has been hiding away from the masses for too long.

When you feel you are done for, pick up your pieces and move into a better place.

Listen up to this raw track on Bandcamp and see more vibes on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen