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Virginia Beach pop artist Fido shows us deep inside the pain on ‘Wicked’

Inspired by legends such as Kurt Cobain, Frank Ocean, and Lauryn Hill, Fido is having some troubles letting things go that have no place in his future with the emotionally charged single ‘Wicked‘.

Fido is a Virginia Beach, Virginia-based indie-pop solo artist, rapper and music producer who makes that nostalgic glow to think deeply inside.

My music is very much an expression of who I am and what I have been through.” ~ Fido

Bringing us a song that will have you in a deep sedative state of ponder, Fido is one of the most honest creatives around and bravely lets us into his world with an experience that will have you thinking about things you thought were previously locked away.

I initially wrote this song during a point in my life when I was feeling very isolated and alone. I had just moved to college and did not have any friends and had a lot of trouble making friends since I am not a very outgoing person. Thoughts would go through my brain when I would lay in bed at night unable to sleep. I never thought of these thoughts as an accurate representation of who I was/ am but I recognized these thoughts as a part of me none less. The relationships I had during that time were cold and meaningless and I often felt like my mind was slipping away from me.” ~ Fido

Wicked‘ from Virginia Beach, Virginia-based indie-pop solo artist and music producer Fido is a thought-provoking single from a musician that shows us inside that deep place. He sings with much emotion that shall shake your entire core as you open the door and see things from his perspective.

Keeping those sinister thoughts away, even when you feel like something could happen so easily, is the key to avoiding your own downfall.

Hear this new audio on YouTube and see his career progress further on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rado contemplates the moment when he knew that she was totally ‘Out Of Line’

Wondering why the once burning romance has fallen flat like a burst basketball that has lost its previous allure, Rado shows us a relatable story all about being with an inconsiderate partner who always demands that last word on, ‘Out Of Line‘.

Michael Parker aka Rado is a Virginia, USA-based RnB/pop/Hip hop artist and music producer signed to his own independent label, Three Fifteen.

As a child, he was brought up in the suburb environment of Chesapeake, Virginia and attended private school. His parents exposed him to a variety of music when he was young, including R&B and gospel music.” ~ Rado

Shaking our sad speakers with a true story of despair, Rado is at his best with an expressive message that has his signature smooth vocals brought to the fore in much gloriousness for our enthralled ears.

Out Of Line‘ from Virginia, USA-based RnB/pop/Hip hop solo artist and music producer Rado is that sadly familiar picture that sends us into a nostalgic reality of when you were with someone who sulked with they didn’t get their own way. After trying to get through this stubborn river the waves started crashing down and your resistance got tired, as things ended and you wished that things turned out differently.

Sung with such an insight into the traumatic moment when that realization dug deep into your heartbroken soul, this is a striking song that will remind you of a past relationship when you knew it was all over.

Sometimes you just meet that headstrong human you love who won’t listen to reason, no matter how much you try.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Virginia’s Franklin Gotham wants that warm embrace to shatter the silence on, ‘Not Enough’

Taken off their well-received 2-track EP called ‘Lucky Enough‘, Franklin Gotham show us their genuine energy that transmits only goodness into a picture that has sadly shattered on, ‘Not Enough‘.

Franklin Gotham is an Alexandria, Virginia-based indie Americana/pop 3-piece band who carefully assembles that likeable blend of music that is perfect for the whole family.

Millennials may hear bits of Vampire Weekend, Death Cab for Cutie, and Wilco while those with a longer listening history may be reminded of Joe Jackson, Paul Westerberg, and Marshall Crenshaw.” ~ Franklin Gotham

After healing our hearts with their stellar single ‘Without Being Alone‘ from 2021, Franklin Gotham returns with something rather remarkable that shall set you free from any previous dismay, as they combine rather beautifully together and eloquently shows us their growing excellence.

Not Enough‘ from Alexandria, Virginia-based indie Americana/pop 3-piece band Franklin Gotham is one of the most caring tracks you might hear today. Directing us into the notion that sleeping alone can make you sad if you are used to the love of someone who had you feeling like you are rather amazing, this is a release filled with hope and that tender touch.

After all, being with that special heart who makes you laugh as no one else can is the best feeling ever.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more of their travels on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Barcardi Porter isn’t worried about tomorrow as he brings that ‘Slyde’

As he sips the syrup and takes his day to a whole new level while aiming to make that money that will set him up for life, Barcardi Porter shows us his way of life that is only thinking about the here and now with ‘Slyde‘.

Barcardi Porter is a Winchester, Virginia-born, Alamo, Texas-raised artist who represents the Southern rap family with his witty bars and smoothly tinted flow.

Sliding down the window slowly to see who is going to roll with him and dominate this world that is waiting for new Kings to emerge, Barcardi Porter turns up the volume and sends us into his universe that has many ideas on how to avoid that broke life that can destroy your hungry soul.

Slyde‘ from Alamo, Texas-raised indie Hip hop artist Barcardi Porter, is a ride-all-night effort that has us seeing his sunglasses easily which shine brightly even at night time. He shows his hunger to build those paper stacks that are calling his name, in a world that will not guarantee you tomorrow. This is a street-filled picture that has been drawn by someone that is only looking at the current time – while not really worrying about the future – as he finds that treasure that will make him content with the hunting in this dog-eat-dog world which is not for the faint-hearted.

Check out this bouncy new single on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lil goosey feels the pain of dealing with disloyalty on ‘Heartbreaker’

Released from his well-received 8-track album called ‘The Eternal Dark Void‘, Lil goosey sends us a reminder that it’s certainly best to stick with those who are loyal when you are up or down on ‘Heartbreaker‘.

Immanuel Artemio Ewing aka Lil goosey is a Norfolk, Virginia-born indie Hip hop artist who is on a mission via his latest project to assist those who have either relationship or anxiety-related issues.

My next project aims to help people with depression and anguish and show them that he is not alone and that he can win in everything he sets out to do.” ~ Lil goosey

With honest and relevant lyrics that will have you nodding in agreement if you have ever felt that a slithering snake is ready to bite you, Lil goosey drops a flow-heavy track that has you counting those real friends on one hand. He is a self-enlightened artist who has seen the evil nature of the hood that wants that easy success when actually hard work and believing in yourself is the only way to financial freedom.

Heartbreaker‘ from Norfolk, Virginia-born indie Hip hop artist Lil goosey, is an honest single about seeing that some people are just keen to be around when your wallet is padded and times are at their best. After seeing those fake vibes that have frustrated him to the max, he now knows that he is only interested in helping his true family and going for success no matter who is wishing for his downfall.

Trusting himself is the only option when evil shadows are lurking around like blood-thirsty sharks in the moody ocean.

Turn up this track all about knowing who is real or not with Spotify and follow him on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Virginia’s Tennishu drops excellent new single with ‘Good Night Remix’ (feat. Dub Gottem, Sam Reed and Fonville)

Bringing us a true story that is interwoven with self-awareness and situational realization, Tennishu takes its slow and guides us into a reflective state of mind to get those thoughts clear again with ‘Good Night Remix(feat. Dub Gottem, Sam Reed and Fonville).

Tennishu is a Richmond, Virginia-based indie Hip hop artist/multi-instrumentalist and is a full-time member of the progressive group called Butcher Brown.

Known for being equally proficient on trumpet and saxophone, Tennishu is also a lyricist and a rapper with a number of self-released recordings.” ~ Tennishu

As one of the most soulfully aware artists around, Tennishu brings us a chilled single that is filled with great advice and a mellow vibe – that has you turning up the volume gently – and gazing outside the window as you vow to stay in the right zone from all the distractions outside.

Good Night Remix(feat. Dub Gottem, Sam Reed and Fonville) from Richmond, Virginia-based indie Hip hop artist Tennishu, is a groovy track that has you closing your eyes when you are looking into the sky and calming your soul from all the over-stimulation that can easily cloud your judgement if you let it. With an all-star cast on this excellent remix, this is a delightfully melodic single that will have you nodding your head while keeping things in perspective as you vow to be better and not let anything bring you down.

Listen in to this new single on Soundcloud and follow the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cin the Ciege transports our vibes intergalactally on the quick-fire release, ‘Mugwort’

Bringing us that vital spark-filled energy that lifts our frowns away from downers and into rehabilitating smilers, Cin the Ciege shows us that signature imagination that is a hallmark of this inventive soul with the latest track to give us sensory overload, ‘Mugwort‘.

Cin the Ciege is a Richmond, Virginia-based indie Hip hop artist who is lyrically advanced to most mere mortals and makes that creative blend of ear-hugging music to have you feeling alright again.

A passionate rage burned from my spirit. My soul was cracked. So, I built a defence against such darkness that in turn, I become that very darkness.” ~ Cin the Ciege

Showing us why his music is so highly regarded worldwide and bringing an air of flair that is perfect for bringing the night alive from any previous stale slumber, Cin the Ciege is on top form with a really intriguing single that has your mind travelling to places in the galaxy you thought impossible to reach before.

Mugwort‘ from Richmond, Virginia-based indie Hip hop artist Cin the Ciege, is a sensationally-stimulating release from someone who sends us into a whole new world of imagination. After some small-minded folk thought that this extremely vibrant character was gone forever – he shows that they were wrong – and sends us a sizzling mind-bender to get your body grooving in delight.

Listen in to this new single via Soundcloud and see more exciting socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Virginia rapper Simppdoee knows that the streets are ugly on ‘Take Me Out’

As he steers us into the wild streets that can grab your soul undesirably and destroy it quickly if you let it, Simppdoee shreds the mic as he expresses that ravenous appetite to be different to the rest on ‘Take Me Out‘.

Simppdoee is a Fredericksburg, Virginia-based indie hip-hop solo artist who keeps his raps raw and writes sharply-penned lyrics that leads you into this vicious dog-eat-dog world that keeps him on his toes each day.

Slamming his name into the mix of our ever-growing mindsets with a high energy bars-filled exhibition, Simppdoee dusts off the haters and shows us that he is only looking to advance while others keep up their petty games. The beat shakes like a poisonous rattlesnake ready to bite too, as there are flows here that are packed with dangerous intent.

Take Me Out‘ from Fredericksburg, Virginia-based indie underground rapper Simppdoee, is a loaded track from an underrated artist who shows us his chops with a potent effort that might startle your speakers off its hinges. This is the story about keeping his mind alert as there are so many out there who are greedily waiting for him to fail, while he grits his teeth to keep his cool before things swing out of control.

Listen to this rugged new single on Spotify and see more via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Holding Your Hand: Virginia-based country artist Noel Williams sends us incredible debut track ‘Never Letting Go’

As she gently closes her eyes and recollects when they were apart for a while and she didn’t like the feeling at all, Noel Williams knows that she is in such a happier place now and is ‘Never Letting Go’.

Noel Williams is a small town Amherst County, Virginia-based indie country artist who was formally in the Army and performs with a respectful nod to the ’90s.

She is a country artist through and through and been singing since she could speak-singing in churches and with various musical groups throughout her life.” ~ Noel Williams

With such a transfixing vocal ability that has you feeling so nostalgic as you remember holding hands with someone who makes your whole body glow with joy, Noel Williams is quite tremendously exquisite on her highly memorable debut single. As the air of contentment takes over rather quickly as she found her true love again, you feel that Noel will make use of this second chance to be with someone who was there the whole time.

Never Letting Go‘ from the Amherst County, Virginia-based indie country solo singer-songwriter Noel Williams, is one of those sweetly-made singles that you can’t help but turn all the way up to full volume. You sense that she is making up for a lost time in her music career but is in no rush – as she is self-aware enough to realize – that to be truly happy you need to be living in the moment, not the past.

Life is all about letting things flow anyway, as everything happens for a reason.

Listen to this truly special song on Spotify and see her socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lookin’ All Curvy: Jay N.D. sees her workin’ it on ‘Naughty Problemz’

Taken off his brand new 7-track album from November 2021 called ‘Lonewolf‘, Jay N.D. shows flirty appreciation on his latest steamy single that will have you edging closer to your new lover on ‘Naughty Problemz‘.

Jay N.D. is a Virginia, USA-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter, US military veteran, and businessman who makes that speaker-shaking music that is filled with sexy lyrics.

Back for the first time, his harmonically-layered messaging of longing relationships, romantic distance, and post-traumatic self-control is delivered over sensual melodic themes to undoubtedly eargasm those who salivate for lyrically intellectual urban compositions.” ~ Jay N.D

With a real aptitude for constructing the kind of music that will have you slow dancing all evening, Jay N.D is on top form yet again with a vocal masterpiece to really embrace with a cheeky smile on your dial. He sings with such intense emotion and is honest all the way, as he leads us into this romantic evening that has you closing the curtains.

Naughty Problemz‘ from Virginia, USA-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter and businessman Jay N.D is a hot new track that is all about spending a sensual night with someone who you really like but aren’t keen to be with long term. There is a catchy beat here that keeps you locked in the whole way, as you turn the lights down low and pour another drink. This is one of those 3 am tracks to play really loud when you feel like being close with your chosen lover.

Hear this new audio on YouTube Music and see more of his moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen