London’s Millar drops captivating debut single to hold on tightly with called Dreams

Sung with profound emotion and so much beauty to swim deeply inside, Millar sends our hearts a love letter on the stress-easing debut single to remember, Dreams.

Millar is a London, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter who projects those sweetly wrapped stories about love, heartbreak and innocence.

Began writing songs at the age of 16, before auditioning for a Music College in Stratford at 18. She went on to study there for 3 years, first focusing on Music Performance and spending her final year in Artist Development. It was here that she found her true sound and began performing around London.” ~ Millar

With authenticity in droves and a vocal ability to gasp inside, Millar is a young talent to truly love for her outstanding pitch and a gloriously sincere tone to soothe tired ears. This is an incredible release which shall stop many in their tracks and wash all worries away.

Dreams from London, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter Millar is a quite sublime effort from a creative soul who is only just getting started. Soaked in care and love while being a special song, to turn up rather loud to appreciate each second to its fullest, this is a first single to hold hands with all night.

Hear this fine new release on Spotify and check out her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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