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Janockeil showed us ‘The Way’ in his latest RnB single and official music video

The up-and-coming RnB artist, Janockeil smoothed out the airwaves with the release of his sensuously fervid single, The Way, which dropped with the official music video that packs in plenty of hot under-the-collar flavour.

The Charleston-born Newark-residing singer-songwriter and musician transcended to the RnB, pop and soul genres after refining his incandescent vocal timbre by singing gospel in church from a young age. But clearly, there was no outgrowing the uplifting style of gospel, which resonates within the passionate vocal performance as Janockeil shows us the way to sated satisfaction through the lyrics that enlighten the soft touch of the contemporary RnB instrumentals.

The Way was officially released on November 4th. Check it out on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

You Will Always Rise: Abeni sings with such caring beauty on SAVE US (feat. O.G. Jimmy)

With a natural grace that elevates her up into the clouds like an angel sent to guide the youth into a better world of self-confidence, Abeni returns with her stunning single that might be one of the most beautifully arranged releases of 2022 so far with SAVE US (feat. O.G. Jimmy).

Abeni is a tranquil indie singer-songwriter who grew up shy and has used music to grow her poise through her clear gifts for helping the world heal.

A reminder to think about our lives and our futures. We need to remember to teach our children their self-worth. This should never be a question.” ~ Abeni guiding us into the vision of this stunning experience

Floating with such classy dignity and humble grace that is a shining wonder of light in a currently inhospitable world for many, Abeni has reminded us all that life can be so much better than first expected. Showing the kids that self-worth is available if you know what it feels like, to bring us a ray of hope when needed most.

SAVE US (feat. O.G. Jimmy) from indie singer-songwriter Abeni is a reminder that staying true to yourself and staying away from the cage that others selfishly put around you is the best way to live. Sung with a pure delivery that might cause your heart to ripple like a calm stream on a peaceful summer’s day, this is an absolutely gorgeously soul-healing experience to listen to.

Sometimes we need to know that we actually control our path towards destiny.

See this forest-filled video on YouTube and see more on her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Carolina pop punk band A Life Worth Taking drops powerful debut single ‘God Save The Scene’

Demonstrating their raw and tenacious technique in full flight like a band on a mission to play on those massive stages, A Life Worth Taking explodes like a firecracker ready for the night’s adventures on their debut track, ‘God Save The Scene‘.

A Life Worth Taking is an indie Carolina-based pop punk band who makes music all about the emotional aspects of love, loss, heartbreak, and mental health.

Created in late 2020 after the pandemic ended several bands, we came together to create new music.” ~ A Life Worth Taking

Knocking down the door and taking names while at it, A Life Worth Taking shows us deep inside the Carolina underground with a barraging performance that shows us that undiscovered music is always ready to be detected by those who care about the local legends of the game.

God Save The Scene‘ from the Carolina based pop punk band A Life Worth Taking shows us they are chasing those stars but asks that the true supporters come out in force before it’s too late. Shredding their guitar strings in fierce unison and singing with total intensity and sword-like precision, this is a sizzling single to heat any mood up from the damp confines of yesterday.

Music with a purpose is always best when the message is real.

Turn up the volume on Spotify and see more info on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stunts washes the pain away while there was nothing to say on ‘No Feels’

With their much anticipated debut album ‘Housework‘ set for release on the 23rd August 2022, Stunts shows us that empty feeling that occurs when you get that numb feeling inside your soul on ‘No Feels‘.

Stunts is a Wollongong, Australia-based Electro grunge 3-piece group who enjoys releasing authentic stories about genuine love, loss, longing, disappointment, and fiscal responsibility in their electrifying tracks.

Fronted by a cross-generational, odd couple of co-lead vocalists. Matty Stunts (Gen X sensitive singer-songwriter/guitarist glockenspiel/synth/miscellaneous) is joined by the precocious talents of Racey Stunts (Gen Y chanteuse/production whiz/bassist) mashing up synths from the 80s and angsty guitars and impact drums from the 90s.” ~ Stunts

Showing us their intricate soundscape that will have you pivoting the volume up to full, Stunts startle our senses and wake us up rather fast in breathtaking proportions-that will shock many and fascinate others-who have previously felt this specific moment.

No Feels‘ from Wollongong, Australia-based Electro grunge 3-piece act Stunts is a scintillating single that will take you into another time altogether via their incredibly proficient sound and spine-tingling vocals. With a lyrical skill set bar none and a tone that has you opening your eyes to what so many are seeing and feeling right now in this frosty world, this is a fire crackling soundtrack to the current world.

Finding someone special who senses what your soul is feeling is surely the key to a happy life.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Smaiblue shows us what true love sounds like on ‘I Blushed Before Your Kind Soul’

With the first single off his new project that signals a change in direction, Smaiblue shall stop you from whatever you are currently doing and hold your hand while singing with such kindness on ‘I Blushed Before Your Kind Soul‘.

Smaiblue is an indie alternative solo artist who is always looking to develop through time and make music that touches our hearts.

In the deepest part of the Indonesian jungle there lies a dilapidated home; this being houses speaking if rusting music equipment. Multi-instrumentalist and varied songwriter Smaiblue began here in 2016.” ~ Smaiblue

Beaming a light from that first moment when the door opened and your voice changed, Smaiblue shows us a vulnerable side that is so innocently beautiful and shall shine a ray of hope on all those who feel that special moment has passed away into the night forever.

The production is clear and less in the realm of dreams, the genres to create in have expanded to crazy electronica designed to get you moving or encourage you to delve into the imagination in a much bolder and exciting way than before. The new album is called When We’re Vulnerable, We Come In Peace and its focus is on change, inclusion, ambition, anxieties, the city and our inner humanity.” ~

I Blushed Before Your Kind Soul‘ from indie alternative solo artist Smaiblue is a delightful new track that shall spark a sense of energy back into your consciousness. There is a sweet ambience on offer that takes your breath away for a moment, as you recall that time you first saw the love of your life. Performed with majestic precision, this is a rather transcendent single that will have you smiling to yourself, rather happily.

Hear this brand new release on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Krzysztof flies so free like a bird with that glorious love in this eyes on ‘Purple’

Taken off his upcoming release called ‘Colours‘, Krzysztof has sent us a picture packed with rainbow-filled memories that have you feeling rather harmonious from the wildness of the world with ‘Purple‘.

Krzysztof is a Mississauga, Canada-based indie music producer, instrumental artist, singer-songwriter and sound engineer who makes music from the deepest part of his heart.

As a DIY musician, I write, compose, play, record, produce and engineer all of my music. I write instrumental pieces and electronic pieces along with full songs.” ~ Krzysztof

With a song about how much someone can love another, Krzysztof shows us that a goddess can really change your perspective if you let things be simple again and focus on one person. Sung with a really mellow serenity, this is a track that will certainly warm your soul.

Purple‘ from Mississauga, Canada-based indie music producer, singer-songwriter and sound engineer Krzysztof is a calming wonder that reminds us all that a tender human touch is so important in this lonely world. A song with so much care and love is on offer, from an artist who assembles music that is rather cinematically peaceful and sends your heart into a flutter.

Listen to this new track on YouTube Music and see more on his website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jeffrey Chan is feeling rather dizzy from this romantic high on ‘Vertigo’

Returning after dropping the dynamic breakup fueled single ‘You Only Want Me When I’m Gone‘ from November 2021, Jeffrey Chan shows us that love is still possible if you truly believe in it with an 80’s-type feel to proceedings inside his ‘Vertigo‘.

Jeffrey Chan is a Sydney, Australia-based indie-pop artist who continues to grow and blend in his retro style with his love for expressive lyrics.

Vertigo is a song that captures the feeling of the euphoric and dizzying highs of falling in love, and how sometimes this love can be almost obsessive, and drive you to do crazy things! This track and the single art is actually inspired by the Hitchcock film of the same name.” ~ Jeffrey Chan

Breathing fresh air into the winds of adoration that can sometimes turn your whole perspective upside-down sometimes, Jeffrey Chan strikes while the fire is hot and leads the way when it comes to seductive pop music in 2022.

Vertigo‘ from Sydney, Australia-based indie-pop artist Jeffrey Chan is the type of song that so many humans can certainly relate to. Sung with a passionate vigourousness that shall take you right inside to that picture you want to see with lots of kisses and romance, this is the track to click your whole body into action if you have been slow to make your move.

Sometimes you just need a spark, to see if this romance is actually possible or not.

Sizzle your ears with the song on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Let your guard down: North Carolina RnB artist Chrisdagift will never do her shady on the lovers single, ‘LYA’

With lots of tenderness and candles lit as the hands move closer to that special moment of real connection, Chrisdagift shows us that romance is alive and well if two souls take the time to unite as one just like it should be on, ‘LYA‘.

Chrisdagift is a Wilson, North Carolina-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter and music producer who has grown up around the music scene through his family.

His heavy influence towards pursuing music came from his mom and uncle who were Def Jam Comedy dancers and his older brother who would always take him to the studio as a kid.” ~ Chrisdagift

Slowing it down just right and showing the ladies that not all men are savage players who just want to break hearts, Chrisdagift keeps it real with an ear-pleasing RnB song that shows us that time disappears if you are with the right human.

After years of perfecting his craft and producing for local artists, he released “Ride” his first debut single which was released in 2018.” ~ Chrisdagift

LYA‘ from Wilson, North Carolina-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter and music producer Chrisdagift is a sweetly textured single which shows us soothing vocals that might get you into the zone. This is that late-night single for two new lovers who feel like this is going to be special – in a cold world that needs much more romance – that is real and beyond the quick swipes that mostly lead to heartbreak.

Turn on this sensual single on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Detroit’s Saxappeal doesn’t want that messed up rush on his sexy new single, ‘Stay Here’

With a romantic atmosphere wafting through the curtains that might make us blush unexpectedly, Saxappeal shows us that peace and love without devious plans to trick anyone is actually the best way to live on, ‘Stay Here‘.

Saxappeal is a Detroit, Michigan-based indie jazz solo saxophonist/vocalist/music producer who makes music to connect with the core of humanity that needs that authentic love again.

His hopes are to touch people through his music, in ways they’ve yet to be touched.” ~ Saxappeal

Bringing our lives a kind single to really admire and slow dance with, Saxappeal has made a sweet song that is pure in nature and warm in context, that has been created at the perfect time. True love, not war, is what we need more reminding of after all wouldn’t you say?

Stay Here‘ from Detroit, Michigan-based indie jazz solo saxophonist/vocalist/music producer Saxappeal shows us a man who has decided that she could be the one. His eyes are lit up as he sees the light and you can feel the true love in his vocals, which are wrapped inside with that sensual sax sound of a real professional. This is a song for all the lovers out there who need reminding that taking time is key, not rushing and messing anything up.

Romance really is simple if we are able to correlate naturally.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more of his energy come to life as he inspires us all on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen