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M.R.J – What Can I Say?

Everyone needs a song like Unfinished Business by M.R.J in the soundtracks to their lives. Euphoric, funk dabbled, electro indie pop beats finished with the quintessence of an infectiously upbeat styling, who could beat it? Not many, that’s why stumbling across the gems that make up M.R.J’s track list was a pretty special moment. The contemporary Pop scene is a minefield at best, you never know what mixed bag of overproduced atrocities is waiting for you on the other side of the play button. So I’d like to thank M.R.J in restoring my faith in the Pop scene with this uniquely refreshing style. If you’re a fan of acts such as Alex Cameron & Jack Ladder, you’re going to love M.R.J.

Yet Unfinished Business incorporates the right amount of trepidation in his tracks to make sure you feel the full immersive explosion which accompanies the synthesised chorus.

Whilst the undeniable history of Pop is implored with the styling of M.R.J’s track, it’s clear that he sets his own standard and tone when it comes to his music.

The London based Pop artist always has new tracks in the mix, however in the mean time why not pop across where you can sample his latest hit Unfinished Business?


Alex Balanko’s new “Home” is sure to leave you with a thought provoking and lasting impression

While the typical subject matter of mainstream pop songs focuses on themes of love and romance, Alex Balanko’s “Home” surprises everyone with lyrics that are raw, strong and sensitive in nature while skilfully maintaining a light and uplifting texture in his music. The straight forward and ear friendly pop chord progression in a tasteful arrangement allows a set of engaging and narrative lyrics to shine through in a touching and emotionally natural performance. After the initial verse which sets up the light yet strong basis, the catchy chorus is also guaranteed to pull you in with its steady rhythm and vibrant piano chord voicings which will definitely have you singing along to a tuneful melody

Apart from his vibrant and confident performance, Alex Balanko, manages to tackle the concept of breaking free from some of life’s most difficult struggles through a song that combines musical and instrumental simplicity with a powerful lyric that leaves a lasting impression. Aside from this, the captivating music video accompanying the track really manages to portray the whole artistic vision and message behind the song. The flowing and steady rhythms in combination with an ear-friendly song with heart felt lyrics truly exhibits commercial potential and Alex’s creative and competent artistry, daring to delve into sensitive subject matter through a natural performance and a song which truly makes the listener feel at home.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


David Ryan Releases A Heartfelt Song ‘My Love’

David Ryan is a singer and songwriter with a really unique approach.

His music can be considered intimate and emotional, yet there is a lot of energy that goes behind his approach and vision. David’s recent single, My Love, is a heartfelt song with romantic lyrics and edgy vibes, which truly showcases the artist’s driven attitude. Although David makes music that sounds familiar in a sense, he does not comply with the typical cliches of the genre, choosing instead to develop a unique tone and a very special vision.

The result? total focus on the music itself! On “My Love”, the vibes are just spot on. This track is a little gem with all the right feels in the right places. Down to the meticulously arranged melodies, I am particularly impressed by the attentive approach to production. This song is romantic, yet no trite. Energetic, yet not basic…just the perfect balance.


A&R Factory Present: Justin Baron

Hear the words “Amish Country” and you’d be hard-pressed not to think of butter churns, windmills and a conspicuous lack of places to plug in your iPhone. So, it might be hard to believe that Justin Baron, a prodigious singer/songwriter and New York City’s best-kept secret, grew up in Lancaster, PA – the widely reputed home of the horse and buggy.

Now, Baron is quickly becoming one of the music industry’s rising stars with his infectious brand of explosive, bluesy pop. In 2013 – a breakout year for Baron – he co-wrote with Kanye West and John Legend, leading to Legend’s “Made to Love,” a single off the certified gold and Grammy-nominated album “Love In The Future.” Though Baron feels most at home on stage, captivating fans with both his mastery of the piano and his undeniably magnetic vocals.

In just a few short years, Baron has gone from playing in small coffee houses to performing on some of the biggest stages in the world, including the IZOD Arena alongside Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and Calvin Harris and Jones Beach Amphitheatre with Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber and The Weeknd.

Influenced by everyone from The Beatles and The Roots to T. Rex and Elliott Smith, Baron’s eclectic musical taste shows in his ability to seamlessly blend genres into one intoxicating sound.

“There’s this moment when you’re making something, whether it’s a song or just a melody, where this switch flips on all the sudden,” shares Baron. “It’s like a flash of adrenaline and it’s helplessly addicting. It makes you dance around the room like a complete idiot. Getting a chance to bring that same feeling to everyone is the reason I make music.”

Justin says, “I’ve been in love with this girl for a while now, but I’ve never been able to tell her. Every time I tried, my lips went numb and my words turned to gibberish. I’m putting this song out to tell her how I feel”


A&R Factory Present: Tom Speight

Love’ – the title track and lead single from Tom Speight’s new EP, is an uplifting, joyous affair. Welding spirited guitar turns with spellbinding vocal melodies – the new single is stunning new offering. Joining forces with London based singer Lydia Clowes, their voices partner up majestically in the harmonies, with Lydia adding a glistening new layer of intrigue to the track.

Speaking on the track, Tom says: ‘Love’ was inspired after watching Paul McCartney live. I wanted to write something people could really sing along with, something that was universal and instant. I liked the idea of song starting off small and building to something huge! I lived in Liverpool at the time of writing this song with my flatmate Mike from Clean Cut Kid we would stay up late listening to everything from the Beatles to Youth Lagoon. When it came to writing the song it pretty much wrote itself in a hour the tricky part was figuring how to turn a 6 minute live song onto record. I feel like Chris Bond (producer) found the perfect balance from our live performances to translating that to record.

Having previously landed support slots for the likes of Fleet Foxes, Jake Bugg, Mumford & Sons, Ed Sheeran, Fionn Regan andBastille. Thomas will return to perform extensively throughout the UK this Autumn


A&R Factory Present: Teenear Renee

Born and raised in Miami, music found 17 year old Teenear Renee at the tender age of three. She gained her determined and positive spirit from a supportive family and from a musical influence that she emulates; an artist like Michael Jackson left an indelible mark and has truly molded Teenear into developing her own soulful pop sound.

At a young age Teenear discovered that she could sing and has showcased and honed her skills in pageants, talent shows and the praise team at her church. A prolific moment for Teenear was a talent show in her early teens where she performed Rihanna’s “Stay” and captivated her audience and that performance helped her decide that she wanted to share her voice with everyone “Being on that stage and singing gave me such a push and drive and I loved it so much” says Teenear “I remember when I went back stage after the performance and people came up to me telling me they enjoyed the performance and asking for my picture. It was a great moment and it gave me so much confidence to push further.”

The past year has been a defining time for Teenear, with the encouragement of her parents she uploaded pop covers on YouTube and received incredible feedback. That feedback has given her the opportunity to record original records and she is currently working on a fun, summer song she wrote called “Friday Night” that is sure to cause some waves online “The song is basically about a girl who recently broke up with her boyfriend and how he is constantly worrying about her and checking up on her but she’s moving on, Its Friday Night! She’s going to have fun! ,” says Teenear “I love it, it’s fun and gives a little confidence boost to us girls.”

Teenear Renee is currently in the studio recording and prepping her new single. With all that is happening, Teenear is destined to share her voice with the world “…I plan to strive and perform in unbelievable places, grow vocally, grow as an artist, touch people with my music,” she says “and most importantly glorify God throughout my entire career!”

Produced by Malkia “Milk” Hornsy and Kazha “Sizz” Hornsby, “Streetlights” is a brand new offering from the Miami native that details her personal struggles between balancing a love life and career as an artist. Of the single, Teenear says, “Let’s just give it our all. Let’s dance and enjoy the moment”. Dreamy and melodic, “Streetlights” is a precursor to bigger records, dropping this summer.

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