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Take My Hand: Berlin-based pop artist ENNA can’t stop thinking about him with ‘On My Mind’

Influenced by her life-changing travels all around Europe and after recently dropping her debut EP named ‘Wild Heart‘, ENNA returns with a terrific new single all about appreciating someone who truly gets you called ‘On My Mind‘.

ENNA is a Berlin, Germany-based indie pop singer-songwriter who has used music creation to help her get over the early-life struggles which threatened to destroy her life.

After turning her life around thanks to the power of music and positive thinking – there is much to be impressed by from a wonderfully classy artist – who projects her voice so sweetly, for us to lather happily into.

Her calming aura flows like a harmonious stream that is peacefully enjoying the afternoon breeze, as you both gaze lovingly into each others eyes and start to hold those awaiting hands. ENNA is so fantastically graceful and rather elegant, as she takes our intrigued minds into a place about treasuring that exciting moment – with someone special who makes your whole body happier inside.

On My Mind‘ from the Berlin, Germany-based indie pop solo artist ENNA, is a love-filled story about feeling that sweet connection with a loyal man who is there for you when you really need him to step up. Made with a lovely ambiance from a loved-up singer who has the heart-beating feeling of true affection, this is a realy sweet song from an ever-improving artist.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see her story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Little Time: Tatiyana Dean moves away from the broken vibrations on ‘Soul Repair’

As she dries her eyes out and shows incredibly inspirational strength to move past this heartbreaking moment that she refuses to define her, Tatiyana Dean shows us what its like to feel like you need some time to fully fix your sadness and beam brightly again on ‘Soul Repair‘.

Tatiyana Dean is a Lexington, Kentucky-based indie RnB/Neo-Soul solo artist who sings with the wind at her creative sails as she uses her faith, common sense and universe-given talents, to truly flourish and perform with a rare grace.

This is the true story about a recent ex who totally underestimated you. They brought you down and you doubted yourself for a while – but now know what to do in the future to prevent this from ever happening – as you close the door for a while to rejuvenated all your senses. Loving fully again is down the road, while you take out the map and work out what type of person you want to be with.

Featuring a sweetly-tipped-with-honey vocal ability which is such a blessing to warmly let inside your zestful interior, she is the type of singer that has a clear conscious and projects such genuine intentions throughout this beautiful experience. You can easily feel her emotions soak the shivering speakers, as she eloquently opens up her curtains to see if its safe to love heartily again.

Soul Repair‘ from the fabulously classy Kentucky-based indie RnB/Neo-Soul musician Tatiyana Dean, is an inspiring be-strong-Queen anthem that is all about rising back up again after taking some time to get your heart right. After a real battering which had your valuable energy shattered all over the floor like a broken wine bottle, this is the kind of track which has you brushing up all the damage to be stronger again. Sung with a really impressive determination, this is a song that so many of us can relate to.

Love can be harsh but if you take that time out to heal, you can be even stronger than before.

Hear this emotionally-charge single of lost love on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Love Is Crazy: Reece shows us how amazing this journey can be on ‘Nothing About Loving You’

As he found his voice after keeping quiet for so long, Reece sings from the heart after this rough year and trusts this feeling he has all over his gushing body with ‘Nothing About Loving You‘.

Reece is a recently-inspired Dallas, Texas-based indie RnB/Soul artist who has taken to music to fully express himself in this troubled world that can take your voice away.

A man can only portray what is in his heart. The moment he recognizes life is a canvas is the moment he can truly translate emotion into art.” ~ Reece 

As his smoothly romantic vocals swirl invitingly across the awaiting room, there is so much to like about an artist who is in his artistic prime. He performs with so much affection towards his lover and the intense lyrics grab your emotions, in a spectacular track that has so much elegance glowing from its hinges to attract us inside.

Nothing About Loving You‘ from the Dallas, Texas-based indie RnB/Soul artist Reece, shows us into a world full of kisses that he wholeheartedly desires and needs. Sung with a supremely passionate outlook and a heartfelt hope that his lover is on the same page as him, this is that -love-is-crazy-but-we-need-it anthem that so many of us can relate to. Sometimes you feel that you are wasting your time and in other moments, you just know that this is what you want. Love makes the world go around after all.

Hear this fantastic single on Soundcloud and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

There’s Something About You: Toronto’s Marlon Chaplin drifts where air isn’t necessary on ‘Slipstream’

As he carefully looks for a break from this suffocating world that is full of toxic energy that is ultimately bad for the fragile soul, Marlon Chaplin takes a trip into a different dimension for a short time with the love of his life on ‘Slipstream‘.

Marlon Chaplin is a well-respected Toronto, Canada-based indie folk/pop solo artist, multi-instrumentalist and former member of Brit Pop-inspired outfit Broken Bricks, Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party, Suitcase Sam and Ada Dahli.

Since embarking on a solo career, Chaplin has accrued a notable list of accomplishments including touring and building a fanbase in NYC as well as on home turf, releasing 2018’s critically acclaimed full length “The Circle” and most recently inking a deal with renowned Canadian artist development company Nu Music Group.” ~ Marlon Chaplin

You feel his warmly coated embrace to go where there is no distracting vibes, as his crisp vocal style shines though here on a song that will put you in an altered state of mind from the normal, that can bore creative hearts cold.

Marlon has appeared and performed on Sirius XM’s That Eric Alper’s Show, CP24, Daytime Toronto, CHCH Hamilton, CIUT FM, CJRU The Scope and has had features in Toronto Guardian, Indie88, The Littlest Voice and was recently nominated for a Dropout Entertainment Canadian Independent Music Video Award.” ~ Marlon Chaplin

Slipstream‘ from the well-liked Toronto, Canada-based solo artist Marlon Chaplin, is a daze-filled daydream from an artist who is at the top of his powers. With a calming energy – he takes us to a world that is actually possible – if you find someone suitable to join you for the intriguing ride. He sings with such love and affection here with a relaxed tone, as he looks up and wonders about the sensational state of mind that is certainly possible with the right energy. This is a wonderful track made with a true care, from a rather stylish musician on the road to greatness.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’ll Give You My Heart: London’s Jagun can’t stop dreaming about his true love on ‘Sleepwalking’

Following up from his recent single ‘The Last Time‘, Jagun can’t get his dreamy lover out of his mind with the new kiss-filled single called ‘Sleepwalking‘.

Jagun is an indie pop/RnB artist who is based in London, UK. He makes that vibrantly fresh type of music that has your mind alive with so many possibilities ahead, as he sings with a clear voice that is full of electric enthusiasm.

This is the true story of being so wrapped into one person who gives you that rare happy buzz, as he sings with a true freedom that only happens when you feel that this is the right human for you. You worry that they are taking their time and waiting for exactly the right moment – as you bide your time for them to make their mind up – so that you can make it all official.

Sleepwalking‘ from the London, UK-based indie pop/RnB artist Jagun, is a I-see-you-when-I close-my-eyes type of breathtaking track that has your heart beating so much faster. The love is clearly there and the vibe is right, as he hopes that they see past the faults and look only to the good things that you can provide. Made with a bouncy love-packed beat, this is a romantic single that has you dreaming of that special soul in your life.

Hear this new release on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She Comes Around When She Wants Me: Hatter desires that naughty-can-be ‘Secret Lover’ (feat. Amera Jade)

Produced by OmniBeats, Hatter wants to get away for the weekend as when they link up, everything else seems to float away into insignificance on ‘Secret Lover(feat. Amera Jade).

Hatter is a UK-based rapper, travel enthusiast, songwriter, mental health advocate and music producer. He is a former Garage and Drum & Bass MC and Club Host, who has made a memorable return with a riveting blend of RnB/soul music that stirs our senses awake just right.

This song is based on a true story about meeting a stranger who was already in a relationship and falling in “love at first sight”.
It embraces the deepest desire of having a discreet connection with a “Secret Lover”, encourages us to act on our emotions and feel those butterflies in your stomach even if you’re in a relationship with someone else.” ~ Hatter

This is the movie-like story of meeting someone you desire real quick – as your smile broadens brightly and a bit more cheekily – you both know you shouldn’t be together, but the connection is too hot to ignore.

Made with a sizzling air of steamy ambiance that heats up the barbecue without any firelighters needed, you feel their attracted eyes link up and never let go, even if there are fireworks in the sky already.

As an intrepid traveller and holding a belief to always learn new things, my influences are constantly evolving due to my interactions with people from around the world but always focus on energy and emotions that connect with everyday people regardless of their gender, race, or social status.” ~ Hatter

Secret Lover(feat. Amera Jade) from the UK based artist Hatter, is that mind-stimulating track which takes you to a sexy place you can’t forget easily. With a sensual atmosphere, a catchy beat, ravishing raps and a sensational singer, this is that summer track to turn up and let flow, as long as you want.

Hear this sensual new single on Spotify and check out more from his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That True Love: Nigerian singer Eluozo (feat. Rapping Kat) helps our hearts beat lovingly again on ‘One In a Million’ (Remix)

Powered by indie label 3 Shots Productions and remixed by Franky G, Eluozo shows us all his hard work is paying off handsomely with a hot summer track to groove happily with (feat. Rapping Kat) on the new tropical love single which is ‘One In a Million’ (Remix).

Francis Eluozo aka Eluozo, is a supremely motivated and very inspiring RnB solo artist, music producer, and flourishing entrepreneur from Nigeria. He is a passionate creative who genuinely wants to see growth from others, as he performs with a caring edge that most do not possess and wish they had in their locker.

A good start is no guarantee for a good finish, but start good regardless, good is always good.” ~ Eluozo

He sings with such a confident essence, that smells so beautifully warm and has the scary world feeling rather peaceful again. You feel so relaxed in your all-knowing stomach – as you refuse to let go of that sweet love who you treasure so much – even if you can’t be together right now.

One In a Million (Remix) from the multi-talented Nigerian music producer, keyboard player and solo RnB artist Eluozo, is that Afro-Beats fused single that has you believing in romance again. This is that happy-to-go-slow type of feel, that has you wondering if that true love really is so rare as they say. The vocals shine after the cloudy skies and you find some peace on this freedom-finding new track, that is best played loud and with those loved ones.

Hear this new fresh track on Soundcloud and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Like The Way You Move Your Lips: The Morning Room impress highly on groovy love tune ‘Blush and Stammer’

As their eyes lock in tight and the enthralled heart starts to beat so much faster, The Morning Room show us that intimate moment which changes everything with the visually pleasing new music video for their second single ‘Blush and Stammer‘.

The Morning Room is an exciting indie-dream pop duo from San Diego and San Francisco, USA. They have a crisply toned and highly satisfying energy that has been created by former solo artist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Chris Avetta and music producer Ryan King.

Her scrumptiously alluring vocals are equally matched with a sensational beat that has your curious mind alive with excitement. These two make a tremendous team that brings a mood that is thrilling and full of vibes that are quite electrically-charged, with a wonderfully calm and consistent tempo.

This is the sweet story of love that has the lips quivering in anticipation – as the bite inside is quick but noticeable – when you know what you want and are on a mission to see where this could possibly lead.

Blush and Stammer‘ from the top notch indie-pop duo and longtime friends The Morning Room, is a terrific combination of excellent skill sets that shows their trust in each other. This is a fine song that is so captivating and has your mind racing as the sparks are flying, which tell you that this is going to be an exciting night that has just started.

See this party-filled music video on YouTube and see more on their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Get Butterflies: South East London singer Simone Gooden knows that the love will flourish if given time on ‘Be My Baby’

With her vivid imagination on happy overdrive as she thinks deeply about what they will be like together, Simone Gooden shows us her sweetly textured vocal skills on her latest heart-grabbing single sure to heat up your mood with ‘Be My Baby‘.

Simone Gooden aka SG I.CE, is a South East London, England-based indie dance artist who sings with her heart and brings us such a beautifully toned delivery, that sweeps quickly into your whole body. She makes the type of music vibration that has you feeling more hopeful about life, as she shows us the right way to look at relationships and love.

Simone sings with such a truly honest style that shows you that she is ready for a big commitment, as she knows what she wants and believes that they are destined to be together. You feel that she is excited about this potential and wants to be together so badly – but isn’t going to rush things – so that the love may grow like beautiful flowers in nature, so that they are tightly knit as one soul.

Be My Baby‘ from the vibrant South East London-based indie dance musician Simone Gooden, is such a caring track that shows you how simple life can and should be. This is about feeling a massive crush that seems to grow fantastically inside you, as you lead it into the conscious mind, where it can take that much-need time to manifest into your deepest soul.

Anything worth it, is definitely better if you have to wait for a while anyway.

Stream this loving new track on her YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Started A Fire: Passionate Nashville singer Jon Mullins heats up that sweet love on ‘Hot Like Summer’

Inspired by his heroes Sam Smith and Adele, Jon Mullins eagerly drops this new uptempo track that steams up the unsuspecting windows and is flaming intensely with joy called ‘Hot Like Summer‘.

Jon Mullins is an entertaining Pennsylvania-born, Nashville-based indie pop singer-songwriter. After his loving wife suffered a dreadful fall a few years ago and recently, also tragically had the undeserved misfortune of losing their firstborn. His life has changed forever but these experiences have made them both so much stronger, as their love for each other has never waned.

The winding journey has taken him from being revered on The Voice, to now bringing the world some meaningful music, that sparks hope back in our healing hearts.

His performance here is quite a lovely listen, as he sings with such heart and true love throughout this sparkle-filled effort. The sweet beat has your mind in a flutter, as you remember when things were so happy in your stomach, that it felt like you were floating on air.

Hot Like Summer‘ from the talented Nashville-based indie pop singer Jon Mullins, is the heart beating story about knowing that you don’t ever want to leave their love. The passion is sparking so high that the birds are going to taste it, as you both run wild with appreciation for each other. This is the time of year that things can start and end quickly, as you hope that this can turn into something longer than a few months.

Hear this audio on YouTube and find out more via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen