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Supernature reminds us to stay calm and be ”Beautiful Together”

UK Dance crew, Supernature are back with new music and it’s an absolute banger. They remind us to stay positive, get the mates together and just dance. In a world that is itching to get back to the parties, this is a taste of things to come.

Beautiful Together” is a dance inspired track released at exactly the right time. The group have lots of different styles including 80’s vocals, trance, tech-house and this follows the groups improving sound.

Supernature have powered through despite the current world climate to remind us that there is light at the end of the dark & bleak tunnel of madness aka 2020. This is an inspiring single with a call to join the party, the build up of the trance house style, followed up with a full go of party music that just wants to you to dance along. This is a refreshing song that should find much success with a hungry audience, bursting to get into their favorite haunts again. ”Beautiful Together” is a reminder that everything is going to be okay.

Stream this exciting Dance act from the UK on their Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen



Lovable Marty returns with a positive message and happy hearts on ‘’Dance With You’

It won’t be long now. I don’t know about you but I really miss dancing with other humans. The feeling and smiles, that warm embrace or even the drunken shouting in the ear if it’s with a mate during a night out. Ah, good times. 

Marty’ is an all-female band based in Nottingham in the UK, dedicated to experimenting with new sounds and styles and trying out a multitude of genres. After doing solo work before, the three girls joined together to form the band, bringing their individual musical influences and performance styles to the group. Whilst only being a band for just over a year, the group have made a good impact and when the music scene opens up again, expect them to be on many exciting lineups.

I love ‘Marty’s’ sound. They mesh well together and make beautiful music. This is a band that deserves the big stage and I can’t wait to see them live. 

Dance with ‘Marty’ and immerse yourself in their beautiful music on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Upcoming female drill artist BeckMilli shows off her skills on ‘Do Road’

UK drill artist BeckMilli has released a new track ‘Do Road’: an impressive drill hit. 

As popular as drill is becoming in burgeoning out from its London roots, there’s still a healthy amount of new rappers on the scene – and one to definitely keep an eye on is BeckMilli. The South-London based rapper comes out strong with ‘Do Road’, and she flaunts some seriously impressive staccato drill flows on top of some supremely put together production. 

Where their track shines most is the production – with the track’s instrumental providing a wobbling drill 808 pivoting across the snare hits in the way that has made drill such a smash hit success, and ‘Do Road’ does very well in encapsulating why this sound is growing at such an astonishing pace. 

 You can listen to ‘Do Road’ on BeckMilli’s Soundcloud page.


Bone Cult’s ‘’Realize’’ is the freaky faced paced single for 2020’s wild year

This is a duo based in Nottingham, UK who come out with bone crushingly intense Death Electronica. This is definitely not music you would want your kids to listen to, unless they don’t plan on sleeping for a while.

Driving beats and synths power is the name of the game here, powering through again and again to no rest bite. ‘Bone Cult’ are here to rock and not stop.

Starting out as a stripped back guitar and drums outfit, the duo has evolved by embracing technology to create new unheard on earth sounds. Taking inspiration from Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Slipknot, Death From Above 1979 and Enter Shikari, the duo’s productions span a vivid and vast spectrum of rugged energy, riffs and production.

Relentless touring has seen the band perform to festivals across Europe, North America and Asia. The band’s popularity has soared internationally following their inclusion as characters in the online video game ‘Avakin Life’. A massive achievement and a great way in for the band. Gaming and music are two cultures that really mix well. 

This is music to a select few but I can appreciate it’s quality. I wouldn’t listen to this before bed however.

Stream more here if you dare.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Up and coming artist Maz drops his first single Godfather

Barely 20 years old and with a confident drive, Poland-born and UK-raised artist Maz drops his first hip hop track Godfather.

Gaining groove from Drake-alike beats and rap style, Godfather is a minimalistic hip hop effort that clutches blunt words and lyrics while keeping the music in a steady loop, as if Maz was vocally announcing his debut into the music scene. Despite being a novice, Maz shows an energetic and thoughtful approach and stresses how important it is to encourage people to pursue music.

By drawing likes to his up and coming project, Maz hopes he’ll bring awareness to North Wales, where he resides, and undertakes a tough yet brave journey that his grit will certainly back up.

You can listen to Godfather for yourself on Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.


London’s multi-talented Louis the Hippie fires off with inspired ‘’Hen House’’

A man of many talents- writing, film and music; ‘Louis the Hippie’ sure likes to keep busy. ’Hen House’’ is a fiery statement single and music video. His flow is unique and he drops those bars hard on this one.

Edited by himself and directed by Greg Francis, I’m a huge fan of this song. It has impact, is raw and is so well shot. The standard of UK Hip Hop has risen so high over the last few years. No longer do US Rappers rule the roost, it’s more like the other way around. 

‘Louis the Hippie’ is up there with the very best in my opinion and he hasn’t even got started yet. I feel like there is a lot more coming and he is building up, ready to raise his level every time he is on the mic. 

Get more of this London Emcee on his YouTube channel. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


London’s streetwise Emcee Inko returns with long-awaited ‘’Touch’’

I just wanna breathe on you, tempted to touch. ‘Inko’ is an underground Emcee with enough talent to cover all over her hometown of London in England. She is back after a two year hiatus with her raspy release that has enough swag to last for days. 

‘’Touch’’ is a UK banger of note that deserves lots of love- on all radio and streaming  channels. The young Rapper  ‘Inko’ slides in the party with style and substance. My finger is tempted to touch play all the time here as she shouts out legendary Camden, a legendary music hub of music that can’t wait to open up again.

This is the follow up to 2018’s single the speaker stompin’ ‘Groupie’. Both tracks are excellent and the Hip Hop scene is better for ‘Inko’ being in the game. Just don’t call her sweet.

Check out the Spotify channel now and support this real talent from London. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Danny E & Liv-Tyde deliver an emotional pop ballad: Time To Say Goodbye

UK producer Danny E teams up with singer Liv-Tyde to deliver an emotional pop ballad Time To Say Goodbye.

Based on a multitude of synths that spread over the whole arrangement varying from keyboards, to pads, to choirs, Time To Say Goodbye is a heartfelt dedication to anybody who’s lost a special person and takes you through the emotional discomfort of having to deal with their absence.

The song is brought to life by Liv-Tyde’s powerful vocals that add on an ulterior emphasis to the sensitive theme.

Time To Say Goodbye comes as a hymn during the times of Corona virus and its tragic losses – it’s a perfect tune to ease ourselves out of the pain the current pandemic is causing us and the people who are suffering from the loss a loved one.

You can listen to Time To Say Goodbye for yourself on Youtube.

Review by Jim Esposito.


UK based singer-songwriter BRAVVN has dropped her new alt pop single What Happens Next

With a video featuring a choreography of bodies dancing in writhing moves within an empty space as if they were pushing away the insecurities of an uncertain love affair, UK based singer-songwriter BRAVVN has dropped her new single What Happens Next.

What Happens Next is a suave interpretation of alternative pop with an anti-mainstream melodic catchiness, falling into the indie-pop category through lo-fi sounds and light-hearted arrangements gently deployed by the use of electronics.

Although musically akin to the likes of major artists such as Dua Lipa, BRANN has developed her own style through not only her music, but also her love of dance, video-making, and outfit design.

You’ll see her all-around talent as soon as you go check out the video for What Happens Next on Youtube.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Deijuvhs destroys conventions with punky, brash bars on ‘Creepin Thru Da Nite’

UK punk-aesthetic rapper and rising star Deijuvhs has released new track ‘Creepin Thru Da Nite’. 

On the first explosions of glitchy, bassy growling through the speaker (which had to be, to save damage, turned down), Deijuvhs doesn’t hold back in making you think ‘What the hell is this?’ ‘Is this rap?’ ‘No wait. Yes? Absolutely not.’ After a sequence of cross genre-instigated pondering, it’s easy to see why Deijuvhs is making his name as one of the most interesting emergents of the current UK Hip Hop scene. 

‘Creepin Thru Da Nite’ an electrifying, distorted ride of growly beats accompanied by grime MC vocals. It’s sort of like the British equivalent of Death Grips – and that is by no small means, a small comparison to make. There’s big things to come from Deijuvhs, as well proven on this track. Don’t be surprised to see this guy creeping on the radio some time soon.  

You can check out ‘Creepin Thru Da Nite’ on Deijuvhs’ Spotify page here.