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Bethany Eve – Silver: Angelic Flute-Driven Ethereal

People that are into J. R. R. Tolkien literature and fantasy games, people that are in love with the sound of the flute or actively seeking inner peace by wandering around in the woods and the meadows, this is your jam.

Bethany Eve comes from Wiltshire of South West England. She is a singer-songwriter and flutist. Primarily she is human being that has been blessed with a voice for which the best position that I can think of, would be the head singer in the angelic choir.

She recently released an EP comprised of three songs called “Silver”.”Silver” is also the opening track. The song just opens with Bethany unwinding her ethereal voice. This is more than singing; this is a mesmerizing, hypnotic broadcast of tenderness. The sound of the flute is the chariot of her vocal calling. To where she is off, I do not know; it might be the council of fairies or something far beyond this pedestrian world.

This is truly enchanting. It is recommended to play this after dark or even better, out in the countryside.

Listen to “Silver” here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


Alan Dreezer releases their latest artfully evocative single “What You Didn’t Say”

“What You Didn’t Say” is the artfully evocative latest single from singer-songwriter Alan Dreezer who definitely wasn’t shy about pouring a little soul into their R&B Acoustic Pop soundscape.

There’s a slightly vintage appeal to What You Didn’t Say which will throw you right back to the power of Pop in the 80s, yet, instead of listening to polyphonic synths, you get a rich, warm, and dexterous ethereal backing complete with celestially pulled strings. Additionally, nothing about What You Didn’t Say felt like assimilation, instead, it registered as a genuine offering of undiluted passion. The cathartic aural wonderment found in the instrumental arrangement was only matched by what is on offer from Alan Dreezer’s natural, deep, unflinching vocals.

What You Didn’t Say is available to check out via Alan Dreezer’s official website

Review by Amelia Vandergast


One of the UK’s Most Promising Pop Artists Lewis Canner Releases Their 2nd Single “One Night”

“One Night” is the incredibly enamouring upcoming single from UK-based Acoustic Pop singer-songwriter Lewis Canner. With Lewis Canner’s talent paired with his ability to create a vibrantly expressive earworm, it’s hard to ignore the commercial potential behind this emerging artist. Of all the new Acoustic Pop artists we’ve checked this year there are very few deserving of the same level of hype.

One Night may be slightly slow to start, but once you’re gripped by the sticky-sweet melodicism in the chorus you’ll finally get an idea of the extent of Lewis Canner’s effervescently endearing style which may carry a fair few reminiscences to charting Acoustic Pop artists. Yet, Lewis Canner still finds plenty of ways to set himself apart. As we used to say before the TV show ruined everything, he’s got the X factor.

You can check out their debut single via Spotify

Keep up to date with news on the release via Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast


J R Harbidge – Feel What I Feel: A Little Bit of Country, A Little Bit of Heart & Soul

This song can reach down into the pit of your stomach and wrench it with the veracity of your fist kiss behind the bike sheds. J R Harbidge’s charismatic vocal ability is just everything you need to hear at this time of the year. We’re swamped with crass sentimentality throughout the festive season, which is exactly why you should listen to his debut track which was brought out on 10th December. J R Harbidge undoubtedly has the potential to see himself through to the number one spot with his melodic prowess and command of minimalistic style.

This folk singer songwriter, has the ability to weave through his pensive style to make some of the most down to earth sounds through his acoustic unchained guitar melodies that twinge with some old school rhythm and blues familiarity.

The production and styling is absolutely flawless, a well rounded track for anyone looking for a little bit of Acoustic Singer Song Writer Soul to add to their playlists.

This song is pretty tame compared to the tracks on his album teaser, either way, I can’t wait to hear what Harbridge has in store!

Check out J R Harbidge’s debut track on the SoundCloud link below:


Luke Taylor – Decay: Edgy, Resonant Drum & Bass Fresh from The UK

Call me a nihilist, but there’s something about a macabre song title that catches my eye. Luke Taylors new track Decay certainly didn’t disappoint. This Drum & Mass style medley of chaotic sound may only be 2.08 minutes long, but it delivers everything you would expect from a Drum & Bass hit, from distortion to blistering snares, it’s got it all.

Luke Taylor is an underground enigma from Kent, UK that has become a major contender in the Drum & Bass scene for his home produced tracks. His baselines offer the movement and mood to take you along with the upbeat classic D&B sound. Decay mixes together elements of unbridled energy to leave you in a chaotically zen state. The filters, distortions and modulations are absolutely flawless, my only criticism would be that the track wasn’t longer.

Check out Decay on the SoundCloud link below, where there are plenty of the tracks by the artist to enjoy, this new young artist is showing no signs of slowing down, he’s constantly throwing new sounds into the mix, for fans of the more melodic sound you can sample some of his more ambient sounds through tracks such as Sinister


Designated Drivers Bhagboyz – Crash The Audi

Crash The Audi ties a relentless and ruthless rap salvo to a mid-paced drive built of skittering percussion, pulsing back beats and clever electronic weaves to build a track which bristles with energy without resorting to flooding the track with tricks and gimmickry. And that is the art of it, capturing the energy of the idea and the live performance via the studio process, an art that this Queens trio seem to have nailed down.

And it is the balance of pumping underground cool and far reaching commercial potential which is their greatest asset, chart accessible yet cultish enough for those who like to act as the movers and shakers and stay ahead of the curve, mass appeal yet walking with a select minority, that’s the real trick. And if that is the case then Bhagboyz have things sown up.


Listen To “Bloodline” By S.O.S – A Strong And Cool Electro-Pop Masterpiece

S.O.S is the creation of Anglo-Maltese singer, songwriter and producer Sophie Debattista, who is working hard and making lasting impressions in the music industry with her quirky electro-pop sound. Upon first listening to “Bloodline” it is evident that this song is very well crafted with strong songwriting skills and performed with conviction and a solid artistic vision. As the chorus unfolds it is clear that this song is a hit and an evident reflection of S.O.S’ ability to mould a unique sound.

Amongst the several factors which make this song great is primarily the melodic aspect which features angular embellishments on syllables as well as smooth underlying vocal carpet which creates contrast and further interest. Apart from this, the electro-pop instrumental arrangement also complements the angular melodic embellishments with sweeping sounds, crisp beats and a well developed texture which leaves space for the vocals to shine above everything else. With intelligently crafted lyrics focusing on our humanity’s ability to work together as one bloodline, this song not only presents a great message but also showcases great musicality and songwriting skills, definitely making S.O.S an artist to look out for.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Ellipsis – One More Night – A Driven Musical Project With A Spontaneous And Experimental Attitude.

Ellipsis is an eclectic musical project with a truly unique approach to its sound and creative vision. One of the most remarkable qualities of the act’s tone is certainly their ability to explore a wide range of ideas and genres, embedding elements and influences from different styles into their own sound: from electronic dance music to rock and everything in between.

Ellipsis is currently making waves in the music scene with a brand new release, One More Night. The song stems from an older idea, but it comes across as a fresh and diverse composition that highlights the artist’s songwriting dexterity.

Ellipsis surely has a special way to go about layering all the elements in a mix. The artist managed to create a powerful and diverse arrangement that feels modern, yet classic at the same time!


Dani Miché Proves Romance Isn’t Dead

If you love London Grammar; you’re going to want to check out Dani Miché’s new track off her brand new single Hold Your Head Up. Or #HYHU, for the Twitter happy.

Now I’ll be honest. When I first hit play on this track, the first impression I had was that I was going to be subjected to 4 and a half minutes of melancholic caterwauling. How wrong I was. The rest of the track is pure perfection. Every beat of the track is exactly where it needs to be to pull at your heart strings.

Dani is not your average British singer song writer, she boasts the rare talent of having true connections with love and passion to infuse into her music. If you’re a bit of a romantic, you’re bound to love her unique style.

The lyrics are skilfully haunting, and are intended to serve as an anthem for the hurting. It’s a song of pure uplifting empowerment, the solo artist proves that she’s not one for half-hearted tainted love songs as she captures the shattering experience of heart break. The powerful arrangement and harmony build ups throughout the track aren’t a force to be reckoned with. Through it’s cacophony of pulsation it’s a poignant reminder that your journey is far from over. It is the artists full intention to beguile listeners of her music by enticing them with melody and heavy and immersive instrumentation.

Why not stay connected with Dani & show your support on the links below?

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JustMac: When’s The Last Time Music Gave You Goosebumps?

JustMac is an underground Hip Hop rap artist based in London UK with a vast repertory of skill, talent and soul.

His debut track 3rd Strike feat Eyes and Pacc has just been released, I’m almost stumped for words on how to describe the pure transcendence that the talented artist, rapper and poet has created with his lyrics that capture his disdain, pain and passion so succinctly it’s impossible not to be moved with his sound that’s been placed so carefully over angelic chords and beats.

His poetry is just as uplifting as his lyrics which are planted between lucid beats that are sure to pull at the heart strings. The progression through the track is steady, fuelled with immersive breakdowns and layering of contrasting vocals thanks to the help of the contributing artists that make this track a masterpiece of rap, melody and melancholy with a hint of conflicting aggression that gives the track soul.

JustMac doesn’t play it safe with his music which gives his debut track an exuberant roller-coaster edge through his electronic trappings. With the avoidance of studio sheen from this track it’s organic perpetual flow gives a natural and organic feel through the andante five-minute track.