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The Ruby Tears are here with the fantastic single ‘Make Up Smile’

Make Up Smile‘ from The Ruby Tears is one of those songs that makes it all worth it. The Liverpool & Manchester connection dribble up and score such a great goal with this new single.

This duo was born from the womb of the weird life that is Covid Lockdown. Right now, The Ruby Tears has been an entirely online collaboration between Manchester solo musician John Goodfellow and Liverpool guitarist-songwriter Jeff Skellon. Imagine when they can practice live together? The music is already incredible so what comes next could be truly ground-breaking.

Taken off the new EP ‘Fallen Star‘, ‘Make Up Smile’ is a lovely entry in the music world with indie-rock flows and that road trip kind of feel. This is that type of song you turn up loud of leave it, playing it again and again until you are feeling okay.

This is such a classy song, made with such care and the production value is quite scrumptious for the tired ears of 2020. This is that uplifting song for the ages, the vocals grab you and help you carry on. You smile and start to dance around, avoiding burning out from this crazy year that we have all faced. ‘Make Up Smile‘ from The Ruby Tears is an underground gem.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Marnie Mags is cheeky and charming on her vibrant video for ‘Mouth to Mouth’

Marnie Mags had a lot of fun making this video and her enjoyment is clear for us to see on ‘Mouth to Mouth‘.

Marnie Mags is a supremely soulful country-pop singer-songwriter, from the South Coast of England. With soaring vocals, she writes heartbreakingly catchy songs about life, love, the universe, and lays them down effortlessly over driving, rhythmic guitar hooks. You will be moved, you will want to dance, you will be transported. 
She has a style to her and the vibe is so authentic. She seems down to earth and real which is a pleasure to see.

Since the release of her debut single ‘Strangers’ she has released a 2nd single called ‘Mouth to Mouth’ which has a more modern country feel to it, and compared to the earlier days of the Dixie chicks but with more of an edge.

Mouth to Mouth‘ from Marnie Mags is a lips-seducing single with a fab video that captures the UK artist perfectly. With a glorious voice and charm to spare, I can’t wait to see her play live.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Mortimer Jackson is quite brilliant on ‘Ghosts’

After receiving airplay from Radio legend Steve Lamacq on his 6music Recommends show, Mortimer Jackson returns with his new single ‘Ghosts‘.

Jackson was born in Camden in vibrant London. He was and raised listening to Bob Dylan & Chuck Berry in the foothills of Glastonbury.  After Uni, Jackson moved to Fremantle, Western Australia, where he wrote material for his next project. Inspired by Merseybeat, he returned to London and assembled a new band. The creative juices are always flowing with this quality song that that is off the top shelf.

Since the birth of his son, Jackson has decided to go solo, honing the sounds and influences he has acquired over the years. In addition to the approval of Steve Lamacq, his first few tracks have also earned recognition and support from New Noise Magazine and BBC Radio Wales. With the respect of the industry, this is a top class artist who seems to be getting better and better.

Mortimer Jackson is a fantastic musician, with years of experience in the music game. He plays with authority on ‘Ghosts‘, the veteran sings with gusto and this is such a quality track with excellent production.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Chichester’s James Urquhart releases new house banger off Midimadnessuk ‘New Generation’

Chichester’s James Urquhart has just released a brand new house banger off Midimadnessuk called ‘New Generation‘.

James has been a dance producer for many years and has multiple releases including being featured on Hed Kandi and BBC Introducing several times. He has been looking to move into dance-pop and this new style has this young producer very excited about the future. So are we.

This song is translucent as it swells into your skin, vein by vein. You feel so much more relaxed and start to bob your head around and then the feet follow. This is such easy-going, laid-back track that saunters into your soul. I like the freshness and everything is real around.

New Generation‘ is about really going for it it this fast-paced environment that we face right now. The new style is quick and we need to be efficient and ever-evolving to make sure that life is going to be okay. Chichester’s James Urquhart wins the day with this exciting release.

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Cardiff’s Sarah Brown changes direction on breathless ‘Liability’

Pop-Soul singer-songwriter from Cardiff in Wales, Sarah Brown, is back with another self-aware track with lots of powerful vocals called ‘Liability‘.

You feel like you always do what you believe but some people try and bring you down. You are in the mood of going on your own journey and you feel its your time. Small-minded people try and knock you down but you are just going to dust off any doubt and do you think. I love this mentality and it feels like Sarah has the right vibe right now to succeed.

The Cardiff-based singer has such a sultry voice as she breathlessly shines here and hits some supremely high notes that impresses the speakers. ‘Liability‘ is a bouncy song that is her way of showing what she is made of. The future is so bright for the artist that can do so many different styles that shows her emergence on the UK music scene.

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Zak Lyon speaks about a destructive relationship on indie-folk ‘Nothing Changes’

Nothing Changes’ from Zak Lyon is a sad indie-folk song about how relationships can get out of hand sometimes.

Zak Lyon from Glasgow is back and this is quite an interesting story. This is the story about how things can get physical even though you don’t want things to. You blame yourself in the end and things will never ever be the same again. The relationship will be scarred forever sadly.

Nothing Changes’ from Zak Lyon strums through with his passionate vocals and a guitar style that is very unique. The Glasgow singer-songwriter is a quality singer and speaks on a subject that is often taboo. He sings with such power and you can feel the pain in his voice. This is a soulful song that is very sad and I feel rather down after hearing this. Sometimes things never change and it’s up to us to deal with it and make changes where we can. In the end we are in control.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Blanka Barbara stomps in the door with techno’s ‘Lunar Passage’

Nature-inspired Melodic Techno producer and DJ, Blanka Barbara invites you on a journey through alternate realities and she is here with her latest track that stomps through the speakers called ‘Lunar Passage‘ that has been released by Rabbit Records.

After recently becoming a resident of 4AM Events in London, you feel like this is this DJ’s time to shine. Will she take her opportunity or let it slip? I am confident that this young lady will take her chance and become one of Europe’s best Techno producers.

The Melodic Techno producer and DJ from London takes us on a space-filled journey of galaxy-finding music that is so perfect for a night time party. This is a song that is so vibrant and the beat takes you on a fun trip with the stars up the sky. This is perfect for partying with friends and when this song drops in the club, expect things to heat up real hot.

Blanka Barbara is on top form for ‘Lunar Passage‘ and I love the techno vibes here. She is a supremely talented producer with bags of talent to make anyone blush.

Stream this new song here on Soundcloud.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


London’s Sam Seccombe sings of love that has worn out on ‘Unboyfriend’

Sam Seccombe returns with a sad tale about a relationship that has soured on his indie pop fueled ‘Unboyfriend‘.

Sam Seccombe is a 22 year-old with a love for all things musical. He is a producer and guitarist and singer-songwriter that is based in South West London.

Unboyfriend‘ is about realizing the unhealthy nature of a rapidly deteriorating relationship and seeking escape from it. It’s a bold statement that demands equality in a situation which remained unbalanced for too long. This is such a true feeling and you do feel stuck, like you are in a mud pool and can’t get out. If this is isn’t sorted out quickly it can lead to a unhappy heart.

Unboyfriend‘ from Sam Seccombe is a sad pop story that is well-sung by the London singer who seems to improve after each track. He sings with soul and passion that visualizes this story so well.

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‘I’m Not Like You’ from London’s Best King IV is an ode to the new school UK Hip Hop

Best King IV is a London-based emcee who returns with his new conflicted rap single called ‘I’m Not Like You‘.

King is an 18 year old rapper, vocal engineer and producer. He makes music of all genres, blending them with Hip-Hop. From Jazz to Lo-Fi, R&B to Pop, the only thing his songs all have in common is the blend of Hip-Hop.

I’m Not Like You‘ from UK rapper Best King IV is a deep dive into the world of British Hip Hop right now. This is a song about wanting certain things that are cool but you don’t really want them. It might be shoes, watches or girls. You are still trying to find your way in life and work about what you really like and what to be. The pressure to dress like what is in fashion is massive these days and a real shame really. We should be able to dress anyway you want.

Best King IV from ‘I’m Not Like You‘ is a fine new effort from the talented London rapper.

Stream this new track right here on Spotify.

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Ananya Birla joins us together with peaceful message ‘Let There Be Love’

Ananya Birla is back with her fantastic new indie pop single called ‘Let There Be Love‘.

Bombay-born and now a multi-platinum record selling artist, Ananya burst onto the music scene in 2016. Since then there has been no looking back, with over 200 million streams and being the first Indian to have Indian Music Industry certified platinum and double platinum singles. This is a singer who is rising in the world scene all the time.

Ananya, who is signed with Universal Music India and supported by Island Records UK, began her journey at open-mic nights in London pubs while studying at university. Ananya worked her way from the bottom all the way to the top and for this she is to be admired. She is also an avid mental health campaigner who tries her best to show the world that we need to look after those close to us and to speak up on these issues.

Ananya Birla sings with such passion and beauty on ‘Let There Be Love‘. This is a fast-rising artist who is only getting better and better. She is a real inspiration.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen