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Autoleisureland Interview: Showing us what fresh experience sounds like on Infiniti Drive

Opening up the cupboard and slicing us some tasty 80s nostalgia to nibble on, the excellent UK act Autoleisureland sat down with A&R Factory to delve into about all things Infiniti Drive and more. Honest and insightful, we’re even bigger fans now and unconditionally love their late career resurgence while doing what they love.

We appreciate you taking the time to chat with us today Autoleisureland. Firstly, please guide our loyal readers deep inside where your new music creation is currently based and who is involved in the project?

Autoleisureland: Hi, we’re Autoleisureland and we’re based between Sunderland and Newcastle, two cities in the North East of England. We’re a duo, comprising of Paul Woods, vocals, and multi-instrumentalist David Brewis. In a previous life, we were two founding members of The Kane Gang, a successful and critically acclaimed indie soul band.

Let’s swerve into your upcoming debut album Infiniti Drive, can we? What was the vision around the release and process to get the sound you both desired?

Autoleisureland: I suppose it started a few years ago when Dave was working on his instrumental album. Every week before we popped out for a beer, he’d drop off a new mix or new track. I really liked them and started on lyrics for some of them. I started giving him lyrics and ideas for new songs. Eventually, we came up with the song Autoleisureland and that was the catalyst for the sound we were going for in our heads. Stylish, sophisti-pop, sort of all our influences coming together. After that we never stopped, songs just kept on coming. We are what you could call music veterans and we never thought we’d be doing a late-career thing, but we felt it was so good and fresh, we had to put it out there.

How is the music scene doing in your local area and do you feel like live music is 100% back or not yet?

Autoleisureland: We’re no experts anymore, but it seems to be making a very slow recovery. I think it’s going to be hit again shortly with the UK recession looming.

When you close your eyes and imagine playing inside a packed stadium live with screaming fans aplenty, what does it feel like?

Autoleisureland: A long time ago, packed venues and a little less screaming. Sadly, nowadays I probably wouldn’t go to a place with that many people. Also, Autoleisureland so far is strictly a recording project. We’re in a hurry to get so much out there, before even considering live work.

If you could open for any band currently performing live, who would it be and why?

Autoleisureland: Dave suggested Hall & Oates as back in the day we had a planned tour with them cancelled, so it would be nice to have a dream fulfilled. For me, Poolside plays some interesting gigs – beautiful Mexican coastal venues and Californian wineries. I could go for that.

What do you think the music industry in the UK and worldwide needs more of?

Autoleisureland: More streaming payments for music creators should be a priority. Musicians should be fairly paid for their creations. People pay for food, chocolate bars, and beer, so why not music? I’ve worked in newspapers and music, two products that people expect to have for nothing. You can bet when that happens, the products will in time become devalued. When you have so much free music, for instance, that you have not invested in, you won’t even invest your time in it. Hence, usually a one-minute cut-off time on songs on streaming platforms. Sorry, I’m on my soapbox.

Infiniti Drive is ready to be loved on Spotify. Find out more about these well-chiselled gents on Facebook.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Kwun Interview: Allowing himself to fully flourish on debut release Supernatural

After impressing us with his epic debut single from October 2022 called Supernatural, Mexico/UK-based creative Kwun takes us deep with the realms of the healing arts and more with such an insightful interview to embrace. Showing us what it’s like to be a music producer and artist, we find a kind soul who just wants to make timeless music.

We appreciate you taking some time out of your busy day to speak with us, Kwun. Firstly, where are you based today and what is the music scene like currently in your local area?

Kwun: It’s a pleasure, I appreciate you taking your time too! So, I’m here in Tulum in Mexico, which is where I live for some of the year. Between here and the UK.

I really don’t know what the music scene is like here, to be honest! I was a healer in a previous profession and still tend to gravitate more towards these kinds of things. Tulum is that sort of place. That said, I have a project on right on now where I’ll be working with some local musicians so will be checking out the scene more to find the right musicians.

What’s it like to be a musician and producer? Do you feel like it’s an advantage or a disadvantage sometimes?

Kwun: That’s a really interesting question, and one that no-one’s ever asked me before! I guess I see it all as part of the same thing, like the whole creative process. The musicianship, the songwriting, the producing. It’s how I’ve always done it. So it’s neither an advantage nor a disadvantage. Though if it had to be one, then I’d go for advantage! I usually have a very clear vision of what I want the song to sound and feel like, and having the skills to see that through is a definite plus.

Though I can see benefits of working with a producer also, for sure. Would totally be up for that, for a future project. It would have to be approached with a completely different mindset though, and would be a different process altogether.

As for disadvantages, it’s has never occurred to me that it has any disadvantages. I work with a bunch of session musicians anyway, so it’s not like I play all the instruments myself. And the session musicians always bring their own flavour and flair and usually something really magical to the mix. Which I love.

In fact with my future single release, ‘Ancient Ageless & True’, I don’t actually play anything on it at all, so I just produce. And I sing. I always say I’m doing karaoke on my own track with this one!

If you met someone who had never listened to music before, how would you describe your creations?

Kwun: Well, they’re a very eclectic bunch of songs with a few rousing instrumentals thrown in. Be prepared to be taken on a journey through sound, textures, beautiful melodies, visiting many different genres on the way. We’ll work our way through from Beatlesque songs, to funk and hard rock, via some Afro-beat inspired grooves and some Jazz. Each track is different from the last, juxtaposed in such a way that will tantalise, intrigue but yet somehow sound familiar and feel like home! Some lyrics will make you think, others might move you to tears, as they have done with some of my friends who’ve heard certain as-yet-to-be-released tracks. The lyrics invoke strong emotions, putting you in touch with your humanity! And many of the tracks are journeys within themselves.

If you were in charge of the music industry for a day, what would you change first and why?

Kwun: I would open up the possibility to take more risks with artists, meaning I’d widen the range of what is let through and marketed in the mainstream. The thing is, people’s music tastes are a lot more eclectic and intelligent than what the industry would sometimes give them credit for. So that’s what I’d change.

Do you have any tips for independent musicians who are new to the game?

Kwun: Well, I’m pretty new to the game myself, but what I’d say is build a really strong team. You’ll need their help! And stay true to what you want to create, try not to be swayed by what you think others want from you. Obviously, an appropriate amount of diplomacy and playing the game is necessary. We’re all doing our job as best we can! But just be true to who you are artistically, and the rest should fall into place.

What’s the best advice you ever received?

Kwun: Well, what comes to mind right now is something my mentor, Francesca de Valance once said. She said to be more expansive and to allow myself to show up as all of me. And to not squeeze myself into a very small box! Words to that effect. It was a permission slip in a way to do more of what I was already doing.

Last of all, where can we see you live next and what goals do you have for 2023?

Kwun: No live plans as yet, I’m afraid, but I’m aiming to shoot a video of a couple of my songs here in Mexico with a live acoustic band. The band will consist of a string quartet and some of the local musicians I mentioned earlier. Not exactly seeing me live in person, I know, but hopefully the next best thing.

For 2023, I’m releasing my debut album, titled ‘Ancient Ageless & True’, after the song I mentioned earlier. There will be a few singles leading up to that, including the title song itself. I will shoot more music videos. I have a few other goals which are in the early stages of planning, so don’t want to say too much yet, but hopefully I’ll be to able to share some exciting news with you all in due course.

Hear this top song on Spotify. See more news on IG.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Coming Around: Boadicea rockets in with that safe and sound feeling on This Gift

With the end of the rope there and nothing else to say, Boadicea cuts deep into our emotions as we look around at that mysterious ghost who is lurking in the shadows on This Gift.

Boadicea is a 3-piece Middlesbrough, UK-based indie rock band who loves to sauce the airwaves with that grungy delight which is so crunchy and real.

We play original songs, hard-hitting drums, distorted driving bass with melodic vocals mixed amongst it, to get you up and bouncing.” ~ Boadicea

Changing our moods around rather quickly and belting out an unexpected gem from the ground, Boadicea laces up our boots and gets the blood flowing, dripping with joy in hearty aplomb.

This Gift from Middlesbrough, UK-based indie rock band Boadicea is a punch-filled effort made with so much grit and intensity. Delving into our senses rather effortlessly, we find a hugely enjoyable performance made with outstanding melodies. Rich in so much to love and with stacks of energy lathered into the soundscape, this is a fine single to play on repeat.

Hear this new effort on Spotify. See more moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hold On Me: Gary Mictian longs for that rare moment of body-shuddering love on I’ll Wait

Certain of something which could eventually breeze away into the night sky, Gary Mictian sings with conviction and well-loved kindness and hope with his latest single I’ll Wait.

Gary Mictian is a London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter and music producer who connects electronic pop, dystopian sci-fi and cinematic sound all together like he was born to make music.

Sending us into a romantic flurry of emotions, Gary Mictian can truly rocket into our ears with much excitement because of his hugely likeable music vibration that sends pulses into overdrive.

I’ll Wait from London, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter/music producer Gary Mictian is a supreme effort of monumental magnitudes. Laced in so much beauty and genuine honesty, this is a fine song to take our hearts into what it takes sometimes for true love to happen.

If you have the perseverance and feel the return energy connection, two souls can be together forever.

Listen up on Spotify and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We All Belong: UK hip hop artist DAlcon is feeling the trophy coming home on football anthem England’s Time

Showing us what enthusiasm looks like when you want that trophy so badly, DAlcon brings us a single for all footie fans who wear their heart on the sleeve and needs that 1966 grit again with England’s Time.

DAlcon is a London, UK-based indie hip hop artist who grew up somewhere between Spain and the UK while fusing rugged verses on the way.

Inspired by nature together with his own life experiences, he believes he has finally found his own style. Illness, home eviction and mental health problems have inspired him to be creative and to pursue his passion.” ~ DAlcon

As we are so inspired by the Guinness World Record holder for the longest rap marathon in history, DAlcon drops the World Cup anthem all England fans need to cheer with and brush away those heart wrenching previous missed-penalties’ pain with skillful aplomb.

England’s Time from London, UK-based indie hip hop artist DAlcon is a passionate single with so much love and support for a team who needs every fan. After the ugly scenes from the Euros, this is a positive track which has been made for one reason only. To unite.

Listen up on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

More Than Once: Fran Lusty found that light which appeared so beautifully on You Play Me Like a Song

With the 3rd single from her reverse piano style to be truly mesmerized by, Fran Lusty worries she has put off her new lover as her brave honesty won’t ever stop no matter what on You Play Me Like a Song.

Fran Lusty is a London, UK-based indie folk singer-songwriter who is fearlessly juggling the demands of a PhD in English Literature and music.

As I was getting into a relationship, and having to face the fears and doubts that come with feeling extreme emotions for another individual. I was worried that they would play me like a song, on repeat, until they were bored of having me around.” ~ Fran Lusty

Delighting mightily, like the great ones do, Fran Lusty is absolutely incredible on You Play Me Like a Song. She is dynamite personified and shows the world her charmingly created vision with expert aplomb for even the fussiest ears.

You Play Me Like a Song from London, UK-based indie folk singer-songwriter Fran Lusty is one of the sweetest singles the world is likely to be blessed by this year. Sung so elegantly by a lovely human who just wants to love and be loved, this is a fine release which will leave many thinking deeper than ever.

When you feel the love with the right human, your heart shall let you know.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You’re The Best: Norwegian singer-songwriter KID 2 drops excellent single Led Astray

Dropping her favorite single off her debut EP, The Loud Noise of Your Spine, KID 2 opens up the door to that find a depressed soul who has forgotten who they really are on Led Astray.

KID 2 is a Brighton, UK-based Norwegian singer-songwriter who makes those moody atmospheric tunes you can’t possibly turn down.

Music is an incredibly visual experience for me. If I hear something brand new and unique to my ears, I will forever see the places where I first heard the song as well as the scenery my mind created from listening that day. It is the same when I write my own songs, and whether I am rehearsing in my living room or playing on a stage, I will see those places in my mind’s eye.” ~ KID 2

With an important message for us all to learn from, KID 2 is rather outstanding on Led Astray and shows impressive poise and delivery throughout this extraordinary single.

Led astray is about self-destructiveness. It is about not coming to terms with past mistakes and adding to them.” ~ KID 2

Led Astray from Brighton, UK-based Norwegian singer-songwriter KID 2, is a stunningly emotional single which might take your breath away. The delightful vocals on offer are so exquisite that it’s easy to get lost inside, on this quality release with so many incredibly deep lyrics to intertwine inside.

Get inside this experience here and see more vibes on her Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sizzling London-based Siren raises the temperature to sauna-like levels on Come to Me

Urging for the night to open up into something rather hot and steamy, Siren is at her mesmerizing best on her sexy new single, all about craving a special human on Come to Me.

Siren is a London, UK-based indie alternative singer-songwriter with body-altering vocals which seem to have mysteriously alluring superpowers.

Igniting a kiss-soothed spirit as she slides a dynamite-filled anthem for us to cherish for its realness, Siren shows us that intense moment so many have forgotten existed with a thrilling display to play all night long.

Come to Me from London, UK-based indie alternative singer-songwriter Siren is one of the hottest anthems likely to be made in 2022. Absorbed in a soothing blend of easy-to-get-lost-in vocals and a romantic tone, we find a loving story which is bound to relate with many who have felt that extreme passion before.

Leading us into her luscious vortex and winking slowly, this is a single that is best with the lights off.

Listen up to this new release on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ferocious Leeds punk upstarts Mince smash their paws on the window with Misprint

Sawing off the tree and doing it with a cheeky wink too, Mince surge through with a striking single to dust off those mud-soaked boots with on their stomping new release called Misprint.

Mince is a 5-piece Leeds, UK-based indie post-punk band who blasts through with a thunder-like entry into our shocked souls each time they drop the heat.

Misprint is a problem that nobody is ever likely to face. We all have irrational fears, but what about the worries our minds haven’t even begun to cover? If you feel like you’ve forgotten or left something at home, it’s probably just the knowledge that anything can change your life in an instant. Be care-free.” ~ Mince

With fire in their bellies and so much venom laced inside and ready to bite at any moment, Mince send our minds alive and is a swimming pool of fun with a sensational single to get truly excited about. This is raw to the core. Just the way it was intended.

Misprint from Leeds, UK-based indie post-punk band Mince, is a hammering new single which will cause a few rib cages to be tested. Powerful in delivery and soaring with a tremendously exciting sound, this is a mood-altering track which shall take our breath away rather quickly.

Hear this fine single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Waiting For Tomorrow: Paul Hand prays for that strength to block those lonely nights away on Mind Give Way

Finding that hard-to-find inner force to move on from the past and those torrid memories, Paul Hand joins paths with the good parts of his soul to see that bright light of progression make everything better again on Mind Give Way.

Paul Hand is a Manchester, UK-based indie singer-songwriter and music producer who performs with a timeless style and keeps it classy throughout.

Pulsating with a catchy energy and filled with so much promise, Paul Hand is in rarified air with a cloud-jumping single about finding that ideal zone to flourish like the birds in the sky. This is a quality listen and is drenched in rather pure vocals to get thrilled about.

Mind Give Way from Manchester, UK-based indie singer-songwriter and music producer Paul Hand is the call to soak into that happy path again and move from the rain-clouds within. Searing with a likeable sound and filled with introspective lyrics, this is a stylish release from a gritty artist who doesn’t know how to give up.

When you get your mind back to the proper place, you can move mountains.

Listen up to this new song on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen