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Not Today: The Big Three miss those classic days with the blues/rock-soaked ‘The Old Ways Are The Best’

Taken off their ‘The Big Three EP‘ from December 2020 and after impressing with ‘Head Over Heels‘, The Big Three skillfully show us their mightily memorable sound with the latest single on a reminisce-train journey with ‘The Old Ways Are The Best‘.

The Big Three is an indie rock, rhythm and blues band based in London, England. They have been passed the baton by the former members, to keep this classic name alive forever.

The Big Three were a Merseybeat group from Liverpool. They are best known for their 1963 recording of ‘Some Other Guy‘ and their close connection to the Beatles.” ~ The Big Three

The vocals are full up with absolute precision and containing a compellingly entertaining style, as they have our mind alive with a beaming smile attached. With a band who back him up terrifically, this is a wonderful effort that certainly has the dance floor buzzing with excitement again, after a long time away.

In 2017 Bill Kenwright released and toured the sell-out musical Cilla The MusicalThe Big Three (played by Jay OsborneChris Weeks and Tom Dunlea) appeared in the show and doubled as the show band. Following the tour the three players were ‘handed down the baton’ to become the next generation of The Big Three by original members Brian Griffiths and the late Johnny Hutchinson.’’- Wikipedia

The Old Ways Are The Best‘ from London-based The Big Three, shows us a formidable band on a real mission to make sure that those classic standards are kept closely into our memories with a tremendous display. This is a vintage track which will have you feeling in an amazing mood – as you soak up the legendary vibes which have been reinvented by a terrific outfit – who respect the past, but add in their own modern twist to keep us totally enthralled.

Stream this top new single on Soundcloud and check out their socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take It So Cheap: Gary Mictian is so disappointed that they moved on so fast with ‘Easy To You’

With smooth synth melody, a heart grabbing groove, and packed full of pulsating pop, Gary Mictian is in highly reflective mood with the love-lost new single about how someone you loved could be so cold after a relationship ended with ‘Easy To You‘.

Gary Mictian is a vintage indie-pop singer-songwriter, Bachelor of Music graduate and music producer from New Zealand, who is now based in London, England. He makes that smoothly delivered – and eloquently sung music – than has you feeling supremely thoughtful about love.

At the end of a relationship I thought I would feel worse than I initially did, I was surprised that what tipped me over the edge was seeing how easy it was for them to move on. It made me wonder what I actually meant to that person, it seemed to be
different to what I thought”. ~ Gary Mictian

Easy To You‘ from the Kiwi-raised, London-based indie-pop solo artist, sci-fi fan and music producer Gary Mictian, is a true story that certainly breaks your heart. After loving someone who you still care about and think of constantly – things ended rather abruptly and before you knew it – they have already moved with a new lover, like nothing happened. You feel cheap and rather low, as you try and brush off the disgust quickly, before it drags you down the road of self-doubt.

Life is full of twists and turns, as you quickly realize that its so vital to be careful who you let into your heart.

Stream this sad new single about an ex on his Spotify and see more via the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Blame Me: Steaming London rapper Synsy heats up the airwaves with anime visuals for ‘MAYDAY!’ (prod. Jon Cass)

Representing trashgang and powering in with a highly unique sound that shows much intent, Synsy turns the lights to red with the emotion-filled new single which thunderously hits the speakers in the sweet spot called ‘MAYDAY!(prod. Jon Cass).

Synsy is a creative London, England-based indie rapper. With anime from Katsugeki Touken Tanbu, this is a heavy track that morphs together to show us his reckless thoughts, which are totally understandable in this odd world.

Defined by the underground, Synsy seamlessly combines elements from the darkest sub-genres of hip hop, punk and drum n bass creating an industrial wasteland of pure aggression.” ~ Synsy

With a full-paced vocal armory at his disposal which shreds through like a sharp sword on fragile butter, this is a mic-destroying track that shows us what its like to live in modern day London as we speak. The beat is more-than-thumping and there are no breaks to have a spot of tea in between – as we are tumbled into a tremendously vein-popping track – which has you looking around rather anxiously and also a tad suspiciously.

MAYDAY!(prod. Jon Cass) from the riveting London, England-based indie drum n bass/rap-fueled act Synsy, shows us an artistically talented artist who sends us a real message of velocity here. This is the story of having one of those days you would rather forget, as you are crashing hard and feeling like some undesirable people are out to get you. The bass is full of heat-stacked pace and the video is rather cleverly made, as we are thrown into a world which will shock your nerves back into action rather quickly.

See the music video on YouTube and find out more about his underground life via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Heart To Heart: London/New York-based gem Louise Aubrie finds it too hard to resist that special time together on the excellent ‘Ours’

After highly impressing us all with her ear-warming single from June 2021 named ‘Last‘, Louise Aubrie returns with a special track all about that natural love which just takes over your mind, body and soul, with her memorable guitar-riff powered new single called ‘Ours‘.

Louise Aubrie is a dual New York City and London, England-based indie rock/pop artist who is on the impressive Carrot Bone Records lineup. She is a well-respected and prolific musician who makes that type of music which has you singing loudly and pretending that you are with her playing guitar on stage. Such is her warmly-lit energy to entertain, you will feel utterly compelled to turn her music up to the max.

Recorded at Studio 55 and RFL Studios in London, it features Frank Horovitch on guitars, Boz Boorer on guitars, keys and percussion, Andy Woodard on drums and bass, and Roger Joseph Manning Jr on guest keys. It is produced by Andy Woodard, mixed by Ken Sluiter and mastered by Dave Collins in Los Angeles, CA.” ~ Louise Aubrie

You feel her genuine smile ease sweetly through the happy speakers as she sings lovingly about this wonderful human who has taken her to a world which is so exciting and safe, as she feels like doing things she wouldn’t normally do with anyone else.

Ours‘ from London/New York-based indie rock/pop solo artist Louise Aubrie, is one of the best tracks you will hear all year. Her lusciously elegant vocals strikes your glowing heart beautifully as you admire her smartly-penned lyrics, which are all blended together with a sensational soundscape. This stupendous release takes you places you have felt before, but somehow seems all new inside your glowing eyes.

This is that top notch superlative music vibration we all needed after such darkly-lit days of gloom, that has you beaming with that rarely-felt fulfilled joy.

Stream this excellent new single on Spotify and see more via her Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spend It How I Want To: Talented UK artist Head-Ache Official wishes he was with her in the ‘Summer Time’

As he temporarily lost his rocket as she flew away for a while and he can’t stop thinking about holding her beautifully soft hand, Head-Ache Official dreams vividly of the fun times gazing into each others eyes in the beautiful ‘Summer Time‘.

Head-Ache Official is a seventeen-years-young alt-rap artist and model, who is based in the UK. He brings us a fresh look into the world from his innocent eyes – and takes us on a journey with a new school style – that has you deeply reflective and bouncing around due to the catchy beat and honest lyrics.

This is the true story of sitting back casually one day and realizing who is important in your life. Relationships come and go but this one is so special. Each moment means so much and you just wish you could be closer right now, so you could intertwine organically into each others souls, like plants wrapping together as one. Their memory has your beating heart in a happy flutter and you can’t stop thinking about them for one second.

There is a wonderfully crisp beat here that definitely soaks up the best time of year, when the rain is gone and the sunglasses are out in force. He feels trapped right now and the frustration is so clear in his excellent vocal ability, as he wants to move away from the circle that is keeping him tied up. His blood-fueled heart only wants to see her sweet smile.

Summer Time‘ from the youthfully exuberant London, UK artist/model Head-Ache Official, is a quick-fire two minute experience that takes you to the delightful times when you are with that special person in your life. The sun is baking down, the weather is so sweet, your eyes are locked in tight, and you only want to be with her all day. Sadly times have changed and you can’t be together right now, but the daydream is keeping you alive and bright for now.

Ultimately, summer is about spending it the way you wish, not with selfish souls who only want to do things of no interest to you.

Stream this fine song on Spotify and catch more of his vision via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lajze – Glue: Meet the Lydia Lunch of this Generation

London-based British/Polish singer-songwriter and composer Lajze has released her latest indulgently obscure, avant-garde trip-hop EP, Red Sea. Any fans of Lydia Lunch, David Lynch’s phantasmal aural works and Marc Hurtado will want to experience the mesmerizingly dark soundscapes for themselves.

The best introduction to the electronically-crafted no-wave release is the lead single, Glue; that is exactly how it will stick to your synapses as you drink in the haunting atmosphere and feel the chill of the ominous droning bass around the glitchy beats. The sensual vocals add even more ethereal ambience to the single as they work around striking meta poetry which serves as lyricism.

Glue is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Don’t Ask Me: South London’s You, Me and Him ask they aren’t followed on ‘You Told A Lie’

Bringing us a kindly made taste of their wondrous new music with the first single from Standing in the Wrong Place’, You, Me and Him wonder the gardens in peace and ask for quiet again to reflect on this traumatic moment that shouldn’t of happened at all on ‘You Told A Lie‘.

You, Me and Him is a peaceful indie/folk act from South-East London, England, that was formed by singer/guitarist Jim Newman, and multi-instrumentalist/double bass player Max Goff. They make that deeply textured type of soundscape that is beautiful, and created with so much grace.

The songs from ‘Standing in the Wrong Place’ (forthcoming album) were written over the course of four years and recorded over two session in four days in their secluded South-London home. ‘You, Me & Him’ have created an album based around the minimal sound of voice, acoustic guitar and upright bass. The aim of the album process involved the musicians playing live in a
raw and natural setting. These performances were captured in the recording that you hear today. The finished album is an authentic body of work with a respect for the way in which the songs were written and recorded.” – You, Me and Him

This sound is so authentically calming, as you feel the sadness wrapped into his lyrics and superb voice. The soundtrack is a such a blessing to hear and you feel like you are listening to a song from another time. This is such a gem and you feel like you are intertwined into something quite special.

I was really struggling at the time, living on my own in the middle of a creative block. This song was inspired by a question of loyalty, which I’m sure everyone can relate to; but I think the melancholic message is coupled with an uplifting feeling that reflects the emotional process I went through.” – Jim Newman

You Told A Lie‘ from the London-based folk duo You, Me and Him, is a sad song that is all about that time when you are let down badly and the trust has been shattered like glass. You thought that you could trust them and now you feel so let down, as the feeling has your heart sore, and your mind set on getting away for a while.

This stunning new release from You, Me and Him is up there as one of the best folk songs of 2021.

Stream this top new single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Smoke Till I Sleep: London-based rapper BRNSRGHT wakes up in his dreams on ‘Daffodils’

As he quickly picks the beautiful plant off the ground so that he may see beauty again, BRNSRGHT wonders if he can stay sane in this rather weird world that doesn’t seem real with his fiery new single ‘Daffodils‘.

BRNSRGHT is a confident Lithuanian-born, London, England-based singer-songwriter, rapper and music producer, who works with and assists other artists. He makes that burning karma type of music that he feels best describes his  electric energy, as he creates through experiences from his life so far.

In summer of 2016, Lukas experienced an explosion in a London pub that left him with 3rd degree burns covering 15% of his body. In recovery, through physical pain and addiction to numbing it, BRNSRGHT found solace in writing and producing his beats; soon after, rapping on them became the best form of self-therapy.” – BRNSRGHT

His flow is quite tidy indeed, as his honest delivery has you thinking rather deeply about how you have been handling the last year. He has needed to smoke constantly so he can sleep – and wakes up in a world that he feels is a strange dream – that won’t fade away easily.

Daffodils‘ from skillful Lithuanian-born, London, England-based music producer and rapper BRNSRGHT, shows us a man who is on the edge of the building, as he looks down and wonders what it all really means. He just wants to love and be loved, as he raps with such vigor and relevance to express himself, so that he may gain more perspective. This is a promising artist who has clearly found his niche – as he makes that sound which so many look for as they seek the much-need guidance – to continue during these darkly-lit days.

Stream this new music video on YouTube and see more of his style via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

His Number: Proud London based LGBTQ+ artist Lewie Fox is tired of the excuses on ‘THRU UR PHONE’

As he looked inside deeply to see what was really going on, Lewie Foxx knows that his partner is playing away from where he should with the passionate new single called ‘THRU UR PHONE‘.

Lewie Foxx is a London-based queer indie pop/dance artist. He makes that passionate music that is loud and proud, as he sings about issues that are tough to face in this harsh world.

Lewie’s musical influences are eclectic to say the least, but one artist in particular inspired him like no other: the incomparable George Michael. After hearing ‘Spinning The Wheel’ back in ‘96, Lewie finally found a musical idol he could follow and relate to more and more as he grew older.” – Lewie Foxx

With a knowing tone, you feel his heart-beating vibration emanating from your curious speakers. He has such a pure voice and the exposing-the-lies lyrics open up the naked curtains to show who is for real, and who really isn’t.

THRU UR PHONE‘ from London-based indie pop/dance artist Lewie Foxx, is a screenshot of his life as he sings with so much zest and vigor. He looks for the exit as grew disillusioned with the games and mistrust that grew over time, as he just wants to be happy and be with someone who is truly caring. This is a spark-filled single that will have you pondering whether your lover is truly there for you, or being sneaky, and getting their attention elsewhere.

Stream this new sensual single on Spotify and see more via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Unpredictable Days: Sparkling UK singer Abi Mia flourishes on ‘This Life (Dance Remix)’

After originally making this powerfully struck track as a power ballad to spark our tired minds awake, Abi Mia boosts the mood with the reflective body-mover single that will have you loosening your body to let go of the frustration that you have been holding onto with ‘This Life (Dance Remix)‘.

Abi Mia is an exciting UK-based indie singer-songwriter and History graduate from Kings College in London. She makes that inspiring type of music – that lifts carefully away you from the doom and gloom – as she expertly takes us to a new world full of possibilities.

Her dazzling voice has a positive affect on your beating heart and the blood seems to flow a bit better, as you brush away the self-doubt. She sings about once knowing where her life was going – however the world changed so quickly – as she grits her teeth to pull herself out of the slump, and into something pure and rather special.

This Life (Dance Remix)‘ from the terrific UK-based singer-songwriter Abi Mia, is the true story about how unpredictable sometimes you feel in this strange world, as you need to have the inner strength to fight on no matter what. This is a catchy single with a relevant message, which is greatly welcomed in this pandemic-filled times of uncertainty.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more wonderful visuals from her life.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen