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Del Gibbons and Marina Berry fire in with party beat on ‘Hollywood’

Del Gibbons feat. Marina Berry fire in with their party beat on ‘Hollywood‘, a 3am type of song which is a fun listen to get us on the dance floor again.

Del Gibbons is a Scottish-born producer who is now based in busy London in England. He is also a presenter, actor and composer. This is a man with a lot of experience in the music world and he loves challenging himself to learn new skills.

Marina Berry is a singer-songwriter, front-woman, backing vocalist and session singer with a fantastic voice that is so powerful. She is on full form on this new single with her style that is so stunning to listen to.

This is all about the crazy world in Hollywood. Things are fake and there are a lot of trophy wives out there. You want to try and avoid that as you want something real. You see so many people who are lost at night and you want to be the knight in shining armor and show them what life should be. Being happy and not worrying about small things that don’t matter.

Del Gibbons feat. Marina Berry are on full flow with the dance-infused ‘Hollywood‘, this is a song to turn up real loud.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


London house duo Blazay are on fire with the true story of being ‘Alone’

Blazay is on fire with the true story of being ‘Alone‘ on the house-filled smooth beat that impresses.

Blazay is a London based Dance duo that have a terrific sound to them, they fill the air with positive vibes and stories that reflect life right now in this crazy world.

You want to be with this person so much but something is wrong. Currently you are alone and this is a problem in your eyes. You feel like you two should be together and you want to be happen as the spark is there. You are both quite similar and like to have fun, you care for each other so much and the love is so strong.

Blazay is on fire with the true story of being ‘Alone‘ on the house-filled smooth beat that impresses with its quality production and vocals that heal the soul.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Leogang – Chance In Hell: A Moody, Rocky Fusion of Alt-Pop and Punk

Leogang are an up and coming indie five-piece from North East London. ‘Chance In Hell’ is a moody, rocky fusion of alt-pop and punk, the verses bass-heavy with a rolling picked guitar part behind the vocals before the chorus kicks in, all angry distortion and power chords.

‘Is There A Chance’ comes from the forthcoming (self-produced and self-released) ‘Shots Are Coming’ EP and given their pre-lockdown gig calendar there’s no surprise that this sounds like a band playing live, hungry, energetic, the bass a funky, rolling number before the ‘Is there a chance’ breakdown at 2’09”; there’s a Kasabian feel to parts, but it sounds original, comfortable, and fresh all at once. It grooves, it rocks, and it’s got a great earworm hook on that mid-song breakdown before the band rock through to a slow final fade out.

‘Shots Are Coming’ is out now on all major streaming platforms, or you can find Leogang on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


Stevie Leigh has the voice of a soulful angel on ‘Turn The Lights Down Low’

Stevie Leigh has the wonderful voice of a sparkling, soulful angel on her now single called ‘Turn The Lights Down Low‘.

Stevie was raised in busy London where she grew up listening to music of all genres. She began playing the piano and singing at a very young age and her passion grew along with her involvement in performing arts all the way through her academic life. After then falling out of love with music for a few years, she traveled the world and when back, found her spark again. She is now a full time musician and producer too which shows how talented this young lady is.

This track was written during lockdown when Stevie was struggling with her mental health. It’s written from her own point of view as she struggles to accept herself and she constantly tells herself she isn’t good enough.

You are definitely good enough Stevie, your style is so genuine and any person you choose to be with should with, should be so blessed and grateful to be with you.

Turn The Lights Down Low‘ is such an introspective song from a wonderful artist who is finding out who she is in this world. She is quite brilliant and I know Stevie Leigh will find that special soul in her life that shows her how she should be treated. Like a Queen.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Ettie sings with delicious vocals on ‘Pepsi’

Singer-songwriter Ettie is back with more fantastic music on ‘Pepsi‘.

Ettie is an up and coming singer-songwriter from London, who drinks a lot of wine and has a lot of feelings. She infuses classic pop-punk melodies with personal, storytelling narratives. Her unique sound coupled with her background in English Literature allows for an immersive sonic experience, using word play and allusion to bring her songs to life.

You hate the way they talk their way up and aren’t sure if they are right for you, you go with it however. After a while, reality strikes and you start to regret what is going on. The temptation starts to fade however and things need to move quickly otherwise you will go home.

Ettie’s influences are Paramore, Avril Lavigne, Pale Waves, 80s synth pop, Kim Wilde, Patti Smith, L Devine. She has played at many London venues, supporting acts like Calvin Rodgers. This new song was self-written and produced by Charles Westropp in his studio. The song is highly influenced by 80s synth-pop to bring a classic delivery to a classic story.

Pepsi‘ is Ettie’s pop fantasy. She turns towards commercial from her classic pop-punk roots to establish herself as a true alt-pop artist. The song is about not having a dazzling connection with someone, but deciding to go with it anyway; like when you ask for a Coke in a restaurant and they ask if pepsi is okay? It’s not exactly what you ordered but it’s a start.

This is a sweet song with such interesting lyrics from Ettie on her new song ‘Pepsi‘. The way she expresses herself is so fantastic and this is a true tale of nights out after a few drinks. I love her music and she is like no other artist. This is a good thing.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Milena Estelle sends love kisses to her crush on ‘You & I’

Milena Estelle sings with such sweet energy on her sexy new R&B laced single ‘You & I‘.

Milena is a singer, performer and music tutor from Heidelberg in Germany. She was educated in London, England and this experience behind the mic is for all to see.

You want to be with your crush so badly. You can’t stop thinking about this love and how it makes you feel. This is all you want and you will do anything you can to make it happen. This is true love all the way, you can feel it in your fingers and you can feel it in your bones.

Milena Estelle has been playing music for many years and her variety in different genres is for all to see. She discovered her first own musical style when she started rearranging Pop songs into Modern Jazz. She released her first album in 2018 which has been the start of constant music releases. German Pop/R’n’B Single ‘Der Weg’ in 2019 was a big success. One year later she released a Cinematic/Alt/Pop song called ‘Free‘ which backs up this fine music discography.

You & I‘ from Milena Estelle is a wonderful song with gorgeous lyrics and such stunning vocals.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘In the Moment’ is the fine new single from Christaleni

Christaleni is back with her fab new track called ‘In the Moment‘ and this is a top effort from this fantastic young singer.

London born Greek artist Christaleni, was born in 1994 and has brought out two singles so far. She likes to share her music fusion of influences with a mix of Latin, European and Greek sounds. This is the great thing about this young singer. She brings her own style to the mix and isn’t trying to copy anyone. I love it when musicians bring their own mix to proceedings rather than trying to fit into any particular box that is so restrictive.

Christaleni is very passionate about all things to do with music, dance and culture. Having only started her musical journey in songwriting in 2019, Christaleni pays homage to her Greek heritage through her music with a modern twist.

Christaleni likes to be ‘In the Moment‘ and this is a song about that. Whether it be about love or music, this terrific young talent with a sweet soul puts on her creativity hat and styles greatly here. A big future awaits if she can stay focused and get that big break.

Head here for the Spotify link.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Roman Cigi is back with the sunset lovers anthem ‘Summer Storm’ feat. Bailey Jehl

Producer extraordinaire Roman Cigi is here with his Tropical House infused with a couple of straw hats and tasty ice-blocks of trance, this is a fantastic song called ‘Summer Storm‘.

Slovakian-born DJ/Producer Roman Cigi is now London-based and enjoying his charge up the music scene in the UK.

Roman has long ago stepped out of the box as a music maker and mixer. He can re-contextualize any music in a creative and novel way, and has a breadth and depth of knowledge, of different genres through which he can flow effectively. He’s working with 10 different genres of music, also preparing some special mixes for the future.

Summer Storm‘ from Roman Cigi brings us a hotel lobby lovers anthem with this stunning song full of sax, sex, sultry beats and beautiful people all over the place. This is about the passion of the chase, the hunt of the night and the never ending lust for true love. This is a fine track that showcases the unmatched skills of Roman Cigi.

Click here for the YouTube link to see the visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Blanka Barbara stomps in the door with techno’s ‘Lunar Passage’

Nature-inspired Melodic Techno producer and DJ, Blanka Barbara invites you on a journey through alternate realities and she is here with her latest track that stomps through the speakers called ‘Lunar Passage‘ that has been released by Rabbit Records.

After recently becoming a resident of 4AM Events in London, you feel like this is this DJ’s time to shine. Will she take her opportunity or let it slip? I am confident that this young lady will take her chance and become one of Europe’s best Techno producers.

The Melodic Techno producer and DJ from London takes us on a space-filled journey of galaxy-finding music that is so perfect for a night time party. This is a song that is so vibrant and the beat takes you on a fun trip with the stars up the sky. This is perfect for partying with friends and when this song drops in the club, expect things to heat up real hot.

Blanka Barbara is on top form for ‘Lunar Passage‘ and I love the techno vibes here. She is a supremely talented producer with bags of talent to make anyone blush.

Stream this new song here on Soundcloud.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Bluesy goodness with sunglasses on with Archie Baker’s ‘Holiday’

Archie Baker returns with another soulful gem with his latest visuals for ‘Holiday‘.

Archie Baker is a London-born, Sheffield-based alternative soul & blues musician. Having moved to Sheffield in 2016, Archie joined a popular soul and blues function band as a guitarist. Whilst playing weddings, summer balls and parties Archie found his niche as a vocalist and began to write his own music. With help from talented musicians around the scene, he developed a style of music suitable for his distinctive vocal style. This is a great story about an underdog who soon made his name and is now known throughout the music scene.

Archie’s music can be characterized by a strong blues and rock foundation with flourishes of funk and soul dusted throughout the sound – creating an eclectic and fresh flavor of modern soul & blues.

With a groovy start, this soon sets up to a the genre-ambiguous soul-fusion track with a thrilling afrobeat rhythm and a screaming jazzy sax solo that we were promised. Archie’s voice is so soulful and I love the mellow style that illuminates the video. This is some grown up music right here and would fit in perfectly in any country in the world that appreciates great music. The vibe is funky fresh and Archie’s band add so much to this fab track.

Archie Baker’s ‘Holiday‘ is the summer song we all needed as it is classy, gets you in the groove and shows us the huge talent of this fantastic artist based in Sheffield.

Here are the visuals for the YouTube channel.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen