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Behind Me Now: Ronnie White has a clear mind and is moving to better times on ‘Empty Castle’

After bravely leaving her darker days behind her for good, to smartly immerse into a brighter exciting retro vibe that suits her perfectly, Ronnie White is absolutely stupendous on her latest single called ‘Empty Castle‘.

Ronnie White is a terrific London-based electronic producer and indie singer-songwriter, who has been on the scene for almost ten years and has worked on a variety of intriguing projects. She now makes that new neon attitude type of music that shows you her growth and the way forward for the new spark in her music.

This is the story that feel like you have been into before, as someone she loved wants back in but she has slammed them out for good as they are bad news. She is feeling enthralled her new road and loves the sound, it feels right and this is what she is going to do.

After being stabbed in the back too many times, you feel her strength and self-awareness in her powerfully alluring voice as she smiles to herself calmly — and dusts off the past — to bring in the exciting future.

Empty Castle‘ from London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter/producer Ronnie White, leads us into the world of a redemption story from the darkness, as she has courageously reinvented herself when staying stagnate could of taken place. She sounds refueled and invigorated, ready for the next step as she heads toward the path of enlightenment that is far away from the demons that used to pull her hair back and keep her locked in.

Ronnie White found the key and is keeping it close to her chest, never to let anyone bring her down to their level again.

Stream this excellent new single on Spotify and see more news on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Time To Unwind: Lin Littleton swaps the bad with the good on refreshing ‘New Vibes’

Washing away the past stress with only genuine energy, Lin Littleton says goodbye to the fake former friends forever and flies so high to follow her dreams on ‘New Vibes‘.

Lin Littleton is a classy Harare, Zimbabwe-born, Kent and London-raised indie singer-songwriter and Music Technology graduate. She skillfully bends RnB, pop, soul and hip-hop together as one team — through her message of keeping things real and genuine each day .

She sings with such freedom and maturity, her mind is mind up as she has been let down before and refuses to let it distract her again. She is okay with being alone for a while short-term, if it means that she will grow strong and be less susceptible to future bad vibes down the road.

With a smoothly tipped voice that feels like delicious honey in your willing ears, we are put into a peaceful trance from a very talented woman, who is ready to be who she really wants to be in life.

New Vibes’ from Zimbabwe/UK indie singer-songwriter Lin Littleton, is that fresh track that you put on when you have realized that you don’t have to impress anyone, but the person that you see in the mirror. The drama is gone and you just want to smile, just the way life should be forever.

Stream this vibrant new track on YouTube and follow the story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Losing My Mind: SALT heads to the edge of reason on the excellent ‘Master Of None’

With such an honest lyrical output that has you looking into the mirror to see if you are headed into the right direction, SALT returns to our willing ears with the superb new single called ‘Master Of None‘.

Sofia Mellander aka SALT is a fantastic Swedish indie pop/folk artist from Stockholm who is now based in London. She brings her honest sense of humor to the fore and uses music to educate others, as well and expressing her inner creativity that is flourishing before our very eyes.

”I write about sex, incels, feeling useless, and feeling incredible.” – SALT

As sings with such grace and thoughtfulness, her smart mind is mixed with contrasting emotions that is born from being stuck inside for too long. She feels like she knows a lot but its not paying fruit at this stage, when actually it will later down the line when the stars align.

Her vocal ability is so glorious and heart warming, each note sung with such an elegantly alluring style that makes you smile with a cheeky grin, as you feel so warm inside your curious soul and get lost into her truthful story of working out who she really wants to be in life.

Master Of None‘ from the sensationally courageous London-based Sweden-born solo pop/folk artist SALT, is a fascinating journey into her cozy room — as she shows us her inner emotions — which carefully asking for love and direction again. Here is a multi-talented woman with a clearly beautiful heart, who has made such a gem to hold onto here.

Hear this new single on her Soundcloud and support her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tired Of It: London’s Mark Izatt sings with so much passion as he knows things have to change quick on ‘The Hand’

With his mind made up that his friend needs help immediately to know where to land, Mark Izatt is back with a gloriously created single which opens up his heart to dealing with this matter on ‘The Hand‘.

Mark Izatt is a tremendously underrated London-based indie pop singer-songwriter and self-confessed extreme hobbyist, who makes that deeply rooted music which holds your mind, and has you in an introspective daze as you look inside your soul for answers.

He sings with so much enlightenment as he has seen this moment flash before his eye like a bright bulb flickering constantly, the moment to speak deeply to his friend about their issue is here and its time to fix the broken glass.

Each verse is more emotional than the last, the pain he is seeing is starting to effect his mood, the era of putting up with this has finally come to an end.

The Hand’ from Mark Izatt, is a terrific single that strikes you right into your heart, as you worry about your friend that perhaps has one too many too often and can’t cope, as you wonder with if they will ever be okay or stay in the loop forever. This is a song sung with utmost care and loving tenderness, with vocals that are hauntingly beautiful.

Stream this fine single on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Who Are You: London-based singer Edja is quite stupendous on new single ‘The Morning After’

Bringing us her third single which is a projection of the future, Edja returns with a story about how you thought the night was gold, however when you wake up you feel like the glow has faded on ‘The Morning After‘.

Edja is a highly talented London, UK-based indie rock singer-songwriter, make-up fan and makes that engrossing sound yet again with the tremendous Italian guitarist Luca Chessa.

The delightfully deep soundscape is such an eye-opener to a strange world where things happen so quickly, as feelings are unfairly forgotten with a quick swipe of the finger. You feel the passion here as she looks for something much more, with the classic rock atmosphere making you feel like you are in a movie.

Her vocals are truly mesmerizing and you get so lost inside her story, she sings with such desire and heartfelt introspection to what love is supposed to be about, in this selfish world that can be so harsh when all you want is something special.

The Morning After‘ from London rock artist Edja, is a true look inside your mind to working out who you are as a person, and what you really want deep inside your soul. Learning from experiences is the only way to truly grow after all, in this complex and over-complicated world.

Stream this top rock track on Soundcloud and see more stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Please Tell Me: The wonderful Irina Imme is in two minds about relationships on ‘How Am I Supposed To Love’

Taken off her terrific six-track album called ‘U and Me‘, Irina Imme brings us a deeply introspective look into her true current feelings with the stunning ‘How Am I Supposed To Love‘.

Irina Imme is an absorbing Brussels, Belgium-born full-time singer-songwriter, music teacher, pianist, guitarist, youtuber and poet from London in the UK. Irina is one of the hardest working artists around with an astonishing catalog of over 250 (and growing) original songs.

She formulates her creative ideas into movie-like songs that strikes your heart and fills you with warmth and loving energy. With a voice that shows you her highly intelligent and in-tune mind, the BSc Psychology student from Queen Mary University of London, unwraps all the nonsense around, to open up only the truth that sets her free.

You feel her beautiful elegance that shines through here with her silky vocals, strong lyrical prowess and her sweet way of telling herself that she needs to decide quickly on what is truly important. She sings effortlessly to find the key to her own door, as she flows with so much grace and a style that is so alluringly mysterious.

How Am I Supposed To Love‘ from London based multi-instrumentalist and highly impressive soul Irina Imme, is an unlocked song that is so full of honesty about her current state of mind. She knows herself well enough to be self-aware during these pandemic times to know that finding love right now isn’t optimal.

Deep down, she is looking for that special person who changes her perspective in an instant, with that heart-healing glint in their eye that transforms her soul forever.

Stream this deeply emotional single on Spotify and see more stories on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding The True Peace: Tuomo Karjalainen soars above to give us that pure feeling again with ‘The Moon Over La Gabriella’

Despite being limited with a sore tendon injury, Tuomo Karjalainen has fought through the pain to make a wonderful new single that will have you feeling romantic on ‘The Moon Over La Gabriella’.

Tuomo Karjalainen is a soulfully aware Finnish guitarist based in London, UK. He loves to make that ‘Cinematic Dream Guitar’ sound that pulsates purely in your mind, so that we can all reflect a bit better and make moves that actually help us learn and grow.

”I got the name from the movie An Affair To Remember (1957), and it refers to a yacht that the main character had ‘three unforgettable evenings’ on.” – Tuomo Karjalainen

You feel the stunning backdrop against your tired body and you let the music take you to a place that you haven’t felt for a while. His skills with the guitar are placed to the fore, his mind and body all transferring such a warm and kind feel, in the often cold and dark world.

The Moon Over La Gabriella‘ from the humble London-based guitarist Tuomo Karjalainen, shows us the way into that true peaceful feeling when you learn to love yourself and are finally at one with your surroundings. With all of the hustle of bustle of the world, you need to have some time to look at something truly beautiful, so you can find your path to true enlightenment which means everything to your journey of life.

Stream this new single on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Close Your Eyes: London act BLEMS make it feel alright again on ‘Focused’

As the dazzling soundtrack has your body losing control swiftly with a punchy exterior that draws you in like a professional painter, BLEMS brings us back to life with a track that has your mind so ‘Focused‘.

BLEMS is an exceptional London-based music collective, who make that crisply created electronic music with spectacular vocals, which simmers in hot and doesn’t ever leave an undesirable burn mark.

This is the story that has you feeling like you are on a night out — things are joyful but you feel like you need to get out quick — before things get too blurry and you forget where you came from.

Her voice is like a door that is opening in the welcoming light after so much darkness, the alluring echo is so beautiful and you get shivers of happiness whilst the beat drops in, and puts a huge grin on your face due to its world class quality.

Focused‘ from London’s superb dance act BLEMS, shows us the way in the moment, as you might have doubts about where you are but know where you need to be.

This is a stunning song that is so full of breathtaking vocals and a catchy beat that makes you feel so good and full of delicious potions, that hits the spot just right.

Stream this terrific new single on Spotify and check out the IG for extra visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Will Remember Her Forever: Ambient musician Robot86 drops incredible new two track release in memory of his grandmother called ‘Last Night On Earth’

Sending our emotions into a spin with a release that is in loving memory of his grandmother who tragically passed away due to Covid-19 recently, ‘Last Night On Earth‘ shows us Robot86‘s feelings at this particular moment and the horrid dread that is lodged into his soul forever, as he felt so helpless.

Robot86 is a London, England-based electronic producer who’s music forges such strong emotions, with anger and frustration melted together, as a more calming energy also layers over all to give us such a fascinating and sad experience, somehow all at the same time.

On both these two tremendously constructed singles ‘Last Night On Earth‘ and ‘Space Fly‘, we find an artist in supremely inspired form. After losing someone he cared for so deeply, he has calmed his own mind by helping others too.

You feel in such a trance as a small tear flows down you cheek in sadness, you feel the pain and the broken heart, each second has been made with such love and the blustering beat on the 2nd track, certainly catches you unawares at the pulsating sound with enters your core.

Last Night On Earth‘ from London, UK-based electronic producer Robot86, leads us up above to the places so far away in our mind, as we bathe in these haunting sounds that has those cinematic old school breakbeats and such well-crafted soundscapes, that has our feelings uncertain, as we reminisce the past and connect it to the future.

The world may be a wild place right now, but through electronic music we can all be together as one throughout all moments that define us. It is the escape.

Stream this top new two-track release on Spotify and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Those Wild Egos: London’s Empress Linoleum rips through the big heads on ‘God Complex’

On the lead track off her incredibly vivid new six-track EP ‘Cloud‘, which is about acceptance and looking after your mental state of mind called ‘Clouds‘, Empress Linoleum impresses mightily on ‘God Complex‘.

Lily Pearson aka Empress Linoleum is a futuristic London-based hip-hop/electronic producer/artist, who’s music is so honest and truly heartfelt. She explores various topics that are often misunderstood and is an inspirational woman with vocab skills to make your heart skip a beat.

This is the true story of how some people let their egos grow way too large, as your self-awareness allows you to see inside for a brief moment, to confirm your suspicions about this subject that is often ignored. You realize that you have to be careful too, so you don’t let the same thing happen to you. Your mind is different to most but we can all fall for the same traps and be held by pre-conceived notions, that don’t actually help us at all.

God Complex‘ from the amazing talent of London’s breathtakingly creative Empress Linoleum, sees her eagerly brushing off the fake plastic that gets thrown at her by small-minded foes, to find herself through the clouds of the world to see that everlasting true enlightenment.

After recently beating her own worrying eating disorder, she is a guiding light to what is possible if you believe in yourself. She is a true fighter who pours her whole heart into her art, to make music that is truly memorable for all the right reasons.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen