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You are good enough: Edja shows us the way to fulfilling your dreams on electrifying second single ‘Song For Who’ve Been There’

After blessing us last month with her lovely debut ‘Happy‘ that gets the feet tapping with confidence, the lovable Edja returns to shower us with an inspiring message to us all, on the call to follow your inner desires on ‘Song For Who’ve Been There‘.

Edja is a galvanizing Italy-born, London, England-based indie-rock singer-songwriter, who performs with an old school energy that has you looking deeper within yourself, she had her doubts before but forged through the whispers in her mind to now do what she loves. Playing music is what she truly adores and sings to help others that are stuck in the quicksand of their own minds, needing a caring hand to rise up and never go back to that scary place again.

This is the story of breaking down your self-imposed limits and re-training your curious brain to believe in yourself so you can take that first step forward, building momentum the further you go. With so many of us behind the curtains at home, the need for an encouraging message like this, has never been more important in our lifetime.

The stirring song shocks you into action at first, Luca Chessa’s guitar and powerful production fires into action like a speeding train that meshes so well with Edja’s stunning vocals. You are sitting in your seat and feel her fire inside that gives you chills all over your body.

Song For Who’ve Been There‘ from London indie rocker Edja, brings you to a place in your mind that has you thinking through the walls and instead of letting them hold you inside, you find the urge to break them down and doing what you know you are actually capable of.

Her message is so real and needs to be heard far and wide, as if you regret never taking that shot when you know you could of scored the winner, will haunt you forever. After all, if you love something enough, why not try it out and see what happens. You just never know.

Hear this epic single full of stirring beauty on Spotify and see more of her uplifting life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Showing them how its done: David Rey shows superior skills on the mic with the excellent ‘Days & Nights’

David Rey shows us what quality Hip-Hop in 2021 sounds like, as he is putting in ‘Days & Nights‘ to elevate his craft to that legendary level of respect, for the true music fans.

Bermondsey, London-born, Manchester-based fast-rising Hip Hop artist David Rey, makes that gritty type of music that shows his lyrical sword-like abilities on the mic to full effect. He is been through the ups and downs in life, so is perfectly positioned to deliver those real street stories that aren’t fabricated or twisted to fool anyone. A real artist with bags of potential, he is keeping his head down under the traitorous fake hype, so that he can see clearly and not get smoked out by all the greedy noise- that can destroy even the smartest man.

Signed to Mic Check Management (MCM) at the start of 2019, his unique journey is one that is on a wave that might of been slowed down by covid-19 like most musicians, but seems to have that extra inner self-motivation to put in those extra late nights, to reach his own lofty goals.

The hauntingly intense beat busts through the fragile door and sparks vividly into life with a hungry rapper who shows that lyrical prowess on the mic, that is only improving over time like a fine wine. Getting better is the aim, not being hot for a week and then flaming out like a gassed out oven.

Days & Nights‘ from the phenomenally skillful Manchester emcee David Rey, is a real lesson to the youngsters out there that want to get into music. It isn’t about the likes or how cool you look, its actually about working hard on your chosen craft so that you can last as long as possible in this game and be widely acclaimed, as being the best at what you do.

Putting in those extra hours is tough sledding but feeling like you have achieved something special, is a priceless feeling that can never be bought.

Stream this real message on Spotify and see more visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Will she ever come back: Delightful London indie-folk artist Gilan hopes for a second chance on ‘Twice’

With a striking voice that catches you heart deeply and never lets go, Gilan is quite incredible on her latest single about meeting them ‘Twice‘.

Gilan is an enchanting Middle East-born, London, England-based indie folk musician, who makes that deep kind of music that consumes your mind spiritually, as you get lost in her stunning vocal ability, drifting calmly into a different world, full of joy and love.

This is the real story of trying to turn a negative into a positive and you want her to give you a second chance as you were too broken inside at first glance. You feel like you didn’t give enough out the first time when you were together and were perhaps a bit too mysterious-whilst trying to stay cool and calm-when your heart was beating as fast as a runaway train.

Twice‘ from London-based soulfully sweet indie-folk singer-songwriter Gilan, is a song you will delve into mindfully, as you come to terms with how you deal with love the first time and what exactly you give out to be taken. She sings with such a calming nature and her voice echos through your whole body, as you hope she does get a second chance, to put things right.

We are often worried about giving too much away for fear of being hurt, that we unintentionally show a closed off and aloof energy field, that some can find too much to try and work out. To find that balance is one of life’s Nancy Drew mysteries but if you want love enough, you will learn to figure it out and connect your soul with someone who is ultimately worth the journey of enlightenment.

Hear this soulfully thoughtful track on Spotify, see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


This is who I am: Linda aka Sand is simply remarkable on genre-bending gem ‘Naked’

Inspired by her fascinating world travels and working out who she really is, Linda aka Sand shows us her true soul to heartwarming delight on ‘Naked‘.

Linda Gambino is Linda aka Sand, a multi-skilled Rome, Italy-born, Berklee College of Music Boston graduate, indie soul/funk/jazz singer-songwriter, who has made a recent move to usually-thriving London in England.

She makes that genuine soundscape that is classy cool, who fills you up gently with hope and life throughout dusting away inner doubt and growing disillusionment in the world. This is a woman who is ready and sings so gloriously.

Produced by Italian composer Enrico Solazzo, this is a beat that fills you to the core and brilliantly reaches your soul as you marvel at the whole production. The song is so cinematic, the story of a woman who has made it through all those winding roads and avoided the tempting nature of this wild world.

Naked‘ from exceptional Italian musician Linda aka Sand, is that real moment you feel only once in your life. She projects the feeling that means you are ready for whatever challenges come your way, as your armor is so strong and absolutely priceless. This is who you really are.

Stream this stunning single here on Spotify and see her story on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Going all the way to the top: UK emcee Boasty drops excellent visuals for ‘Messiah’

Boasty is back with his latest awe-inspiring music video made by 4REIGNERS, that continues to raise the bar of UK music on a global level via ‘Messiah‘.

Barbados-born, London, United Kingdom-based Hip-Hop emcee Boasty, makes that top shelf music that lifts the mood and digs deep at hard truths that often get swept under the carpet.

With a swarming genuine lyrical ability that very few posses, this is a warrior wordsmith with an uncanny ability to keep you closely riveted to his ferociously harmonious rhymes throughout this terrific track, and never deviate for a second.

Messiah: a leader regarded as the savior of a particular country, group, or cause.

This is the story of knowing that your bars are supremely quality and upper echelon, while other fake posers somehow grab the limelight at times with their nursery rhyme stories and false street lies that bare no truth in the slightest. Letting things slide for too long can eat you up inside like a hungry lion, so you have to play the long game to secure optimum impact that makes sure you are always winning.

With a memorizing lyrical style that is slick and world class, this is a true emcee that clearly practices his craft and doesn’t just go on raw ability.

The music video itself is visually outstanding and cinematic. These are excellent visuals that truly enhances the song and breathes extra air into the lungs of the UK Hip-Hop scene, that has scene a massive explosion of popularity over the last few years, with this artist right up there along the most well-respected around- with his arrow only pointed upwards.

Messiah‘ from top shelf London, UK emcee Boasty is a picture of excellence through a raw track that dazzles your mind due to the intricate self-awareness and music intelligence, to make a song that is truly memorable.

After all, to be truly great at what you set your mind to, you need to want it more than anyone else and train like the best.

Watch this dope video on YouTube and see the visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Love looks good on you: Sleep Walking Animals drop stunning debut ‘Aengus’ Fool’

Introducing us to their music for the first time, Sleep Walking Animals stroll in confidently with their debut track ‘Aengus’ Fool‘, which is a self-described confession of infatuation and desire.

Sleep Walking Animals are your new favorite invigorating five-piece indie folk/rock band from Manchester who also spend a lot of time in London. They have been inspiring by the current world pandemic to finally get their music out there to be heard all over the globe. The close-knit group make that deep introspective kind of music that has so many layers, you might need to get that warm coat on.

They have been waiting for so long to have released music and you can hear the band in top form, Tom Glynn-Carney’s voice projects tremendously over the willing guitars, the smoldering class of this actor/musician is smokey cool and fantastically etched all over the curious walls, as he goes to ear-bending notes you feel in your bones and will never forget.

These are the underground legends that haven’t been crowned yet, the quality is utterly incredible as they toy with your soul, the sound of genuine world class musicians at work is a feeling you just know instantly.

This is the story about waiting for them to come home as you care about them so much and want to be with them so badly, you will shout from the highest mountains to let the world know of your intentions.

Aengus’ Fool‘ from the thrilling Manchester/London, UK act Sleep Walking Animals, is an awakening story of desire that can either turn into healthy love or overboard infatuation, if you take the boat too far into the ocean.

The long journey to this point was absolutely worth the wait. We would be fools not to want more and to ignore this outstanding group of talented men, who have manifested their desires into this delightful debut.

Stream this reflective track on Spotify and follow their travels on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


They were out of touch: Holding Poison move on after being the ‘Sitting Duck’ on excellent new alt-rock single

Holding Poison lay it all on the line via their unwavering and excellent new single, that will have your whole body shivering with excitement called ‘Sitting Duck‘.

London, UK-based indie alt-rock act Holding Poison, are one of those prodigious bands you listen to once in your life and never (ever) forget them. They push to the front of the line and show such undeniable quality on this gritty song, made with unadulterated fireworks, that sparks happily in your hungry-for-good-music brain.

This is the magnetic story about being with someone who isn’t in the same reality zone as you and you sadly fell short of their totally unfathomable expectations. They are so out of touch to the current world, that it boggles your mind and they are totally lost in their own mind. The sad thing is that you are now a sitting duck and feel let down, with only the pond to look at now to reflect, pondering life as you stare and realize that you won’t put yourself in this sticky situation again.

They rhythmically charge together like two batteries interlocking tightly, this is such a fiery effort from a new band in name, but old school in nature, as they power on to put those lonely hairs on the back of your neck, on full alert to this sonic soundscape of the very highest order.

Sitting Duck‘ from London’s alt-rock outfit Holding Poison, is a spellbinding performance that has you amazed and delighted you pressed play. They have unearthed a real gem here that is best served with a cuppa hot tea and the volume turned up on full.

Hear this hard-hitting rock track on Spotify and immerse yourself into their journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Stories of the city: Ryan Ward shows us into the dark streets of ‘The London Look’

the london look by Ryan Lee Ward

Ryan Ward sings with such welcoming honesty on his enlightening new single with bar adventures to talk about for days on ‘The London Look‘.

Soulful London, England-based alt-folk singer-songwriter Ryan Ward, is a candidly talented musician with a truthful story to tell. He kindly opens up the cab door and takes us for a whirlwind ride through this fascinating city, that can push you off your feet sometimes.

He sings with a pure bluntness about perhaps having one too many of the cold beverages and performs with a voice that shows you inside his world. He is casual but has that self-awareness that so many don’t, as he speaks about that night on the town that ended a bit faulty but was fun up to a certain point, before things got a bit blurry.

The London Look‘ from London-based folk singer-songwriter Ryan Ward is a true story about how life can sneak up on you sometimes and you start to wonder how you got there. The street is slippery and cold, you have had a rough night with a black eye shiner and stories to tell for days to the lads.

This is a terrific artist with real tales of life in the city, where those bright lights from the promising evening, turn into dark corners really quickly. When your luck is low, things that shouldn’t happen do and you start to think twice about your path.

Stream this fantastic new single on Bandcamp and check him out on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Moving on from relationship dysfunction: Edith is totally ‘Over It’ on breakup pop anthem

She fell for their charms but Edith is now ‘Over It‘, as she saw past their shallowness and is now onto bigger and better things.

Edith Farcas aka Edith, is a fast-rising Romanian-born, London, England-based indie synth-pop singer-songwriter, who sings with a cutting edge and young abandon, that energizes the room and makes music that reflects growing up in the big city, while dealing with growing pains of how long love can be so complicated.

This is the story of young love and how you had some fun experiences with them but ultimately. you saw through their games and have decided to put the phone down for good. They showed you what was more important to them and it wasn’t you that seemed to be a priority.

She sings with such young grace and growing elegance despite this sad story. Her vocals sweep into your mind and you can’t help but celebrate with her, as he projects an independent woman, who now knows what she wants out of a relationship.

Over It‘ from London’s fresh indie-pop singer Edith, is a message that she has realized that she needed to end things quickly, before she was left with more disappointment to handle.

When your heart knows, your heart just knows. Being with someone that isn’t fully invested in you is a heartbreaking experience but the sooner you move on, the better it will be for you long-term. If you are going through the motions, you know that you are definitely over it and fresh experiences await you.

Stream this exciting new single on her Spotify and find out more from this stylish artist on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Reclaiming that broken heart: Annie Balmori shows her incredible vocal ability on ‘Requiem’

Released off her latest exquisite EP called ‘Unafraid‘, Annie Balmori is absolutely captivating on the new single ‘Requiem‘, that will have you reminiscing about previous heartbreaks in your life and the struggle to overcome this painful obstacle.

Annie Balmori is a Madrid, Spain born and raised drama graduate and opera-trained soprano singer-songwriter, who is now based in sometimes-sunny London, England. She is the type of flamboyant artist that puts her heart and soul into every lyric and note that she elegantly drops.

With music that makes you close your tired eyes and sing joyfully within, she is a truly classy musician who performs with that world class feel to her.

This is the story about staying strong even through you have been broken down into a million pieces. You are slowly getting better and don’t need that person that brought you down anymore. The love is gone like the wind and you have packed your bags, ready to get out of this sad situation that you have felt too many times before. Moving on quickly, is the only way to claim back your much-needed strength again.

With a spirited performance that has your whole body shivering with her during this passionate song, that shatters windows close by, you feel like you are listening to a phenomenal talent- who can do absolutely anything with her amazing vocals.

Requiem‘ from the wonderful soprano-voiced angel Annie Balmori, is quite the magnificent single from a soulful singer who hits the high notes with seemingly effortless flair and determination, to give us her passionate perspective on this extremely relevant story.

Hear this glorious soundscape to sooth all worries away on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen