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Voices In My Head: Yasmine Gill is quite exceptional as she looks for that light again on ‘Feel’

Carefully encapsulating our frigid consciousness with something warm and genuine, Yasmine Gill leads us into the first of her new singles taken from her upcoming 4-track EP with a story that will strike home to many with ‘Feel‘.

Yasmine Gill is a sensationally gifted Italian-Canadian soul/jazz solo artist and pianist based in thriving London who sings with a rare quality that you will find incomprehensible to ever forget.

”’Feel’ is about losing the senses, such as touch, sight, and sound, at a very low point in life. A place that can often seem insurmountable.” ~ Yasmine Gill

Vocally and lyrically, there is so much to love about Yasmine Gill as her sensually classy air of innocence takes your tired mind away from all worries. This is an anthem that so many of us can truly relate to, as she shows us how it’s so easy to lose yourself in this overly-stimulated universe.

Feel‘ from the superb London, UK-based Italian-Canadian soul/jazz singer-songwriter and pianist Yasmine Gill is one of the best tracks yet of 2022. This is an artist who was previously on the floor as the world weighed her down so much it felt like a mountain was pushing her towards defeat. After looking deeper within herself and gritting her teeth to stand up tall again, she sings her way out of the previous world and into a brighter day with endless possibilities.

When you feel like everything is lost, music heals you into that path you want to be on after all.

Listen in as she shakes your soul awake on Spotify and gain a sense of her mesmerizing energy via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Red Bike By His Side: Simona-Valentina is quite wonderful on her latest nostalgic gem called ‘Love Is Written In The Tears’

From reminding us about that all-important true love that we should treasure forever on the stunning ‘Whispers‘ from August 2021, we are brought more beauty that is intertwined with much sadness by the wonderfully gifted Simona-Valentina via her new single ‘Love Is Written In The Tears‘.

Simona-Valentina is a multi-talented London, UK-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter, one half of SVRPoole, painter, and dancer who was born in the intriguing lands of Victoria, Transylvania.

‘I decided to write a song and express my darkest fears of losing the ones I love most. I was contemplating on my childhood, my upbringing, grandparents that I loved dearly and whom I lost one by one with the falling of the trees and passing of times.
A song was born that day, “Love is written in the tears” which in essence is a song about family, time and love and my deepest desire to turn tears into years so I can enjoy more time with the ones I love.” ~ Simona-Valentina

Singing with her trademark compassion and sincere emotion, Simona-Valentina opens up the door to her heart and shows us into her picture of feeling that she wants more time to be with those who she truly cares for. In a sad world that has closed its doors for too long, this is an expressive masterpiece by a delightful musician and sweet spirit who is at her absolute best.

Love Is Written In The Tears‘ from the London, UK-based indie folk/pop artist Simona-Valentina, shows us a deeply caring soul who misses that vital family bond so much. She performs with so much love pouring out of her heart that purrs so sweetly throughout your enticed veins. This is that mirror-on-the-wall story about wondering if you do have that extra time to be with those that you love before it’s too late – as you gently gather your tears – and hope that you have many more years left to spend those priceless moments together.

Listen to her latest captivating new single on Soundcloud and see her travels via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Look Inside: L E T I reminds us that our beautiful environment deserves much better on ‘Rise’

With a heavenly vocal stream of only pure waterfall-like loveliness, L E T I takes our hand on leads us into a finer world where the air is clear and we can all live in a place that isn’t polluted with unnecessary waste on ‘Rise‘.

L E T I is a London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter who sings with a completely genuine nature that is only replenished with love and a kind outlook that has you completely hypnotised.

Rise talks about the ripple effect that happens when we all start to individually shift our habits while also raising awareness of other social change challenges around climate justice such as the importance of protecting indigenous lands and supporting young generations to build a sustainable future.” ~ L E T I

With her beaming smile lighting up the sky as her stunning voice flows through into our awaiting souls, L E T I is the role model that young and old shall quickly embrace with love. Her only goal appears to be so clear to see – as she sings about a vital issue that has plagued us for so long – as you intrinsically sense such pristine brilliance from a truly wonderful talent.

Rise‘ from the London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter L E T I, is a lovable new single that calls for us all to help our planet to be a better place for future generations to enjoy as we have. With so much greed and poor decisions taking place when it comes to our environment, this is a really tranquil song that will have you closing your eyes and looking into a cleaner world. It’s up to us all to speak up now, so that we may protect a creaking planet that is calling out for help as we speak.

Listen to this new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Look At Me: M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s can’t help but be impressed on ‘See Tha Way’ (feat. Senyon)

Taken off his newly released 7-track album called ‘V.i.b.e.s, Vol.1‘, M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s endeavours to fight the feeling of looking closely at her hips but can’t seem to move his eyes away from true beauty on ‘See Tha Way(feat. Senyon).

M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s is a London, UK-based indie rapper who loves to express his true stories about the adventures of life and all those vitally substantial lessons learnt.

Featuring the rising vocals of the spectacular East London RnB songstress Senyon, you feel the kinetic energy between these two artists who mesh so well together at every turn like an enthralling chemistry class. With the smooth style of M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s attached to the centre of this delightful track, there is much to like about this loving romance about two souls who feel like the vibrancy is just right.

See Tha Way(feat. Senyon) from London, UK-based indie rapper M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s, is a sizzling track that might cause a few blushes to appear out of nowhere. There is so much sensual tension as the eyes lock in close and the hands start wondering, with that smile you can’t help but beam brightly into the night. This is a track to play late at night with your lover, as you gaze close and let the evenings adventures unfold naturally.

Delve your spirit into this soothing new release on Spotify and follow his vibe on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pull Me Close: Kimberly Walker needs to know that all will be okay on ‘Feeling Myself’

Taken from her fresh 5-track EP called ‘Freckles‘, Kimberly Walker shows us her inner strength that shines through so brightly to inspire us all to never give up on anything or anyone we truly care for on ‘Feeling Myself‘.

Kimberly Walker is an irresistible London, UK-based, Staffordshire-born indie alt-RnB/soul artist, who effortlessly blends in elements of pop and jazz, to soulfully enhance our moods with a ravishing presentation of pure class.

This release is for me and my journey. For surviving all the ups and downs and a reminder that I have the strength to make it through anything.” ~ Kimberly Walker

With an emphasis on the all-important thriving mental health that we all crave, Kimberly Walker leads us into her mind to show us what vulnerable humans need when they aren’t feeling like themselves. This is a brave soundtrack that opens up the previously-closed curtains, which encourages us all to speak up if things aren’t going too well.

An eerie, genre-bending story about mental health, the pressure it puts on relationships and the drowning feeling of being lost in your own mind. The track explores the difficulties in learning how to navigate through the darkest most vulnerable days and is a desperate cry for help to which many can relate.” ~ Kimberly Walker

Feeling Myself‘ from the London, UK indie alt-RnB/soul singer-songwriter Kimberly Walker, is a simply incredible effort that is made with so much love and honesty. Her world was crumbling but she stood up tall and brings us a mesmerizing track for us to sing with her.

When the walls are tumbling down, you need that rock to hold you tight and show you that everything will be alright. After all, you always know who truly cares about you when you are at your lowest.

Listen to this outstanding new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Called Me Up: London’s Ary Kumar wonders why they get in his way with ‘A Song Not About Love?’ (feat. Daniel Adams)

As he wonders why a lover always drives him so crazy all the time, Ary Kumar brings us a candid look into his life right now on ‘A Song Not About Love?(feat. Daniel Adams).

Ary Kumar is an 18-year-old London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He integrates various aspects of pop, RnB, jazz, electronic and more, which makes him such an effortlessly exhilarating artist to relish.

As he conducts the piano, saxophone, drums, guitar, bass, strings and vibraphone like an experienced veteran, it feels like we are witnessing a truly special musician who is now ready to fully realize all that potential he possesses. It feels like Ary has been assembling steadily for this precise moment, with a truly authentic display – that features amusing live elements with the creative process – on this freshly shaken new single.

Through this album, he intends to explore diversity in music, delving into many different genres, such as pop, RnB, rock, jazz, electronic music and many more, taking influence from artists such as Daniel Caesar, Still Woozy, Loyle Carner, Joji and Jorja Smith.” ~ Ary Kumar

A Song Not About Love?(feat. Daniel Adams) from the youthfully-talented London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ary Kumar is a quick-fire single that has you wondering about the complexities of love and what it all means after all. Sung with a raw but crisp style that shows you his gameness to take risks – and be totally original about his music – this is a promising artist that we all need to take a closer look at as there is so much potential soaked into his veins.

Hear this contemplative new single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mother And Child: Lara Eidi reminds us of the tender classic Christmas single with ‘Silent Night’

Taken off her brand new full album ‘A Very Eidi Christmas‘, Lara Eidi is quite terrific on her version of the well-known single that ushers in the ‘Silent Night‘.

Lara Eidi is a Lebanese/Canadian, Athens, Greece-born, London, England-based indie singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music teacher who blends in jazz, folk, and ethnic vocal stylings into the core of her beautiful melodies for us to feel reinvigorated by.

This is a highly detailed artist who turns to music when she is lost, as you feel her true love in her chosen craft through such sublime vocals that has your whole soul feeling so much calmer than before.

She discovered a love for music at an early age, attaining a keen interest in piano and singing and performed with the Greek National Opera Productions as a young chorister from the age of 11.” ~ Lara Eidi

Silent Night‘ from London, England-based indie singer-songwriter and Streisand-influenced Lara Eidi is a sweetly-sung single from a tremendously genuine artist. She has brought us a well-loved Christmas anthem back to life in her own way with such ear-tingling vocals that have you feeling like you are listening to something made from true beauty. During this time of doom and gloom, this is a splendid creation that reminds us to keep things festive as we try and forget the past two years of heartbreaking challenges.

Hear this lovely version of a true classic on Spotify and see her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Want Chills: Gaby Duboisjoli returns with the memorable French/English single ‘J’veux des frissons’

Motivated by her parents’ career as cancan soloists at the legendary Moulin Rouge in Paris, Gaby Duboisjoli is back with her superbly-created single that might take your breath away with its true beauty on display with ‘J’veux des frissons‘.

Gaby Duboisjoli is a multi-genre loving rural French village-born, London-based indie electro-pop solo artist and pianist who is always looking to evolve her musical compositions.

J’veux des frissons was commissioned by Litzic Music and is a poem written by Sylvie Helly set to music and performed by female indie artist Gaby Duboisjoli. it will be premiered live on 12 October as part of the Arts Council funded “Women Do South” festival in Clapham, London. The track was mastered by Joe Nevis, and speaks of missing the stage, the thrill of performing and the buzz of an audience.” ~ Gaby Duboisjoli

With her lusciously cultivated vocal proficiency that is quite bone-tingling at times, Gaby Duboisjoli is at her best on a well-constructed single which shows off her elevated mindset which is truly a wonderful listen.

J’veux des frissons‘ from the sensational London-based indie artist Gaby Duboisjoli, is a delightful experience that will have you closing your eyes and envisioning being with that special person who gives you the chills when you see them. Sung with a calming ambience that is such a pleasure to witness – this is the kind of track to put on loud after a long day as you soak gleefully in a hot bubble bath with the candles lit beside you – as it might cause you to feel a lot more relaxed than before, as you take your tired mind away from any stress in the world.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Walking Down The Street: The facinating Itsallroses wants to turn this game around on ‘Lost Is Found’

As she looks attentively for that soul who makes her heart so totally happy like a fluttering bird seeking a safe nest to live in, Itsallroses sings with remarkable poise on the lovely single ‘Lost Is Found‘.

Line Von Shakti aka Itsallroses is a kindhearted Berlin/London-based indie singer-songwriter, nature lover, yoga and meditation teacher, and is also an Anthropology and History student.

Translating human sentiment of existence in this world into sound, arranging it into a piece of music so everyone would know they are not alone in their experiences, not alone with their heavy hearts, not alone with their light hearts and not alone in their cry out. From a love declaration to the everyday experiences of a human up unto the revelation of the capacity, glory and beauty of being human, Itsallroses tries to unfold through music how the world is an open and choice-filled playground for the soul.” ~ Itsallroses

There is a rare compassionate ambience dripping melodiously from her delicate vocals, as Itsallroses is in a contemplative mood here on such a wish-filled single. You feel like you are listening to a true creative at work, who is still to reach her peak and performs with a stunning style you can’t help but appreciate.

Lost Is Found‘ from the deep thinking Berlin/London-based indie singer-songwriter and all-around creative mind Itsallroses, is a truly notable song from a peaceful artist who sings from the heart. She is looking for her soulmate who she knows will make her whole and even if it’s raining outside, this will not stop her from perhaps seeing that human who she wants to be with. With so much emotion and conviction flowing pleasantly from her parched lips, this is a highly romantic single that will have you hoping that she eventually does find that romantic partner to be with.

Get lost into his enchanting new single on Spotify and see the social ride on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take Me Back: Cardiff’s The Vanities cure our souls sadness with ‘London’

Taken off their hungrily-awaited 11-track magnum opus that has had our previously-cold mindsets feeling dragon-like recently on ‘2001‘, the extraordinarily appealing The Vanities help us heal from all preceding sadness with one of most entertaining tracks so far this year on ‘London‘.

The Vanities is a Cardiff, Wales-based 90s grunge and 80s synth/electro-pop/rock-inspired duo who have a real purpose ingrained into their veins that you can hear rumbling assuredly in their creatively-stimulated sound.

Combining a love of 90s grunge & 80s synth-pop, the band were a staple of the burgeoning South Wales music scene at the turn of the millennium, with highlights including a release on cult Cardiff-based label Boobytrap Records, selection for the late Tony Wilson’s influential In The City conference in Manchester, not to forget a bizarre collaboration with 80s icon Tony Hadley.” ~ The Vanities

After sparking our daydreams alive with the sunglasses-packed track that marked their rising above the ashes from hiatus on ‘HOLLYWOOD HILLS (INTERMISSION)‘, they further cement their name as one of the bands to listen to in 2021 with another glorious Gareth Bale-like 89th minute winner against England-type performance here. You can certainly see why BBC Radio Wales have wisely placed the band on their highly-prestigious Welsh A-List recently.

London‘ from fantastic Welsh indie synth-pop/rock act The Vanities plus a few extra friends who joined them on this one, is an imaginative and euphoric experience that is packed with pulsating piano, sexy sax, catchy whistling, travel thoughts, and lots of love for a city that has so much to see. The vocals here gush through your heart like a healing waterfall on a tired body, and this is just truly spectacular. The lovable Welsh duo has produced such pure joy yet again and for that, we truly thank them.

Hear this silky gem on their Bandcamp or Spotify and find out more about the likeable lads on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen