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Interview: Sweet-souled London artist Niky Pasolini gives us the best possible Update

With tranquil exuberance and an ear-healing vocal output which is impossible to dislike, we had a chat with the angelic wonder who calls herself Niky Pasolini. She updates us about her brand new 9-track album, her appreciation for Holly Humberstone, and urges everyone to check out the legendary MOTH club in Hackney.

Thank you for speaking with us today Niky Pasolini. Please tell us where you are based and what are you most passionate about at the moment.

Niky: Hello! I’m based in London! And I’m pretty passionate about songwriting and The Thick of It at the moment.

We’ve just listened to your debut 9-track release called Update. Wow. Your voice is so genuine and tender, with deep lyrics that many can relate to. How did you get started in music and can you recall the first time you knew this was for you?

Niky: I’ve been playing piano and cello for ages – I was always one of those dweeby orchestra kids at school. Then randomly my GCSE music class and I went to a studio to record this song I wrote, with lots of flutes and strings, the whole works. The song turned out very cheesy but I had the best time, so I picked up the guitar and started writing more.

If you could perform live on the same stage with any musician in the world, who would it be and why?

Niky: Holly Humberstone!! If I could keep it together. I cried when I saw her at the Brixton O2.

Where do you recommend we go and find authentic live music in your hometown?

Niky: MOTH club in Hackney always hosts great artists. Also, you can find some very cool small classical concerts on Through the Noise.

Who did you grow up listening to and who are you inspired by at the moment?

Niky: I grew up listening to a lot of Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Italian songwriters like Bennato and Guccini. I’m going through a bit of a Paul Simon phase at the moment. Also, I think Wunderhorse’s new album is genius.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever given to yourself?

Niky: Don’t deep it.

Last, what are your goals for the rest of 2023 and where can we find you performing live next?

Niky: I’m releasing some new singles after March! They’re more electric and poppy than this album, so that’s exciting. And I’ll be hopping around some open mics for the next few weeks. I’ll make sure to post about them all:)

Listen up to this genuine music on Spotify. See more adventures and news on her IG.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Nothing To Lose: South East London’s F Boy Tony is ready for the appetising buffet on Mood Check

Getting the party started no matter what the time of day or night, F Boy Tony has that cool cat mentality on lock as he opens the door to his superheated new single with visual memories called Mood Check.

F Boy Tony is a South East London, UK-based indie drill artist, music producer, director and manager who isn’t afraid to punch his way into those big-time opportunities.

In addition to his musical abilities, Tony is also a skilled producer, director, editor, marketer, and manager, handling all aspects of his career by himself.” ~ F Boy Tony

Turning off car alarms automatically with his amiable charm, F Boy Tony has dropped a totally honest track with a rare self-assurance. His flow is smoothly assembled and his confidence is rather evident, as we are entertained by a video which contains many highlights.

Mood Check from South East London, UK-based indie drill artist/music producer F Boy Tony is one of those songs you will either absolutely love or distinctly hate. There is no middle ground. That’s exactly the point. He doesn’t care. This is that here-I-am-world moment which will fuse his music into that emerging-to-the-top conversation.

Turn this up on YouTube. Check out the snaps on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

He Promised Himself: London-based alt-metal band Elyn summons us into a world of Regret

After storming into our vortex with the electrifying 6-track, I Broke My P.C from 2020, Elyn drops one of the most moody songs the world is ever likely to witness on Regret.

Elyn is a 3-piece London, UK-based alternative metal band who likes it rather loud and with enormous power on each one of their heavy tracks.

The band’s sound is energetic and reminiscent of bands such as Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Alice In Chains, A Perfect Circle and Muse, to name a few.” ~ Elyn

Slicing away those previous worries and urging us to reach for those dreams no matter what the challenges, Elyn roar in like a hungry lion here and might shatter fragile windows who can’t handle their velocity.

Regret from London, UK-based alternative metal band Elyn, is one of the most thought-provoking anthems of 2022 so far. There is a barrage of intensity here which so many will love, as our hearts are ignited by a ravishing release. Pulsating to the core and never letting up for a second, as we take a breath and emerge from the darkness again.

Chasing those dreams has never been more important.

See this new music video on YouTube. Find out more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Leave It Behind: Keelan X is ready to embrace himself again on The Other Side

After using this abominable pandemic to rediscover his love for music again, Keelan X got those synths and drum machines striding rather sweetly together on the fine new single to play on loud, The Other Side.

Keelan X is an Ireland/London, UK-based indie synth-pop singer-songwriter who is inspired by those David Bowie-like classics to warm the heart with.

The song has its origins in one of those 3 o’clock in the morning conversations I have with myself. Thoughts bubbling up from the unconscious, nudging at me. The song is essentially about me tentatively embracing my “other side” and dipping my toe back into musical waters – writing and recording music again. I think most people have some other side to themselves that they draw a veil over, another side we bury or let slip as life progresses. That part of you is always whispering in your ear and tapping you on your shoulder, waiting for you on the other side.” ~ Keelan X

Formulated so well and constructed with tailored class, Keelan X returns to great heights and shall improve the mindset of so many lost souls. Feeling that fire again after going deep within to find his purpose, we find a newly reinvigorated spirit to shine brightly with.

The Other Side from Ireland/London, UK-based indie synth-pop artist Keelan X is a rather striking effort for anyone who knows where their love is. Unlocking so much effortless charm and vocals to marvel at like it was the 80s again, this is a top song to be inspired by when the appetite is still there for more.

If you are hungry enough, anything is possible.

See this fab new music video on YouTube and see more energy on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bring The Vibes: London rapper Mr Streetz attracts all the birds on Snow White

With raw rhymes and plenty of likeable gusto to turn up loud all night, Mr Streetz takes our thoughts into a timeless place with his latest catchy single to dance all night with, Snow White.

Mr Streetz is a London, UK-based indie hip hop artist who only seems to drop truthful tracks which are furnished with vivid stories and witty lyrics.

Boosting our moods and showing us what the streets are saying right now, Mr Streetz slides on those shades and lights up our imaginations on Snow White. With a classic beat and drenched with so much to tap those feet with, this is a well-constructed track to get enthusiastic about.

Snow White from London, UK-based indie hip hop artist Mr Streetz is another top-notch effort from an underground creative who is only getting better through time. Frothed in sharp bars and pulsating with so many clever thoughts for us all to ponder, giving the speakers a shake and the crowd something to think about.

Listen up to this new sizzler on YouTube. See more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London’s Millar drops captivating debut single to hold on tightly with called Dreams

Sung with profound emotion and so much beauty to swim deeply inside, Millar sends our hearts a love letter on the stress-easing debut single to remember, Dreams.

Millar is a London, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter who projects those sweetly wrapped stories about love, heartbreak and innocence.

Began writing songs at the age of 16, before auditioning for a Music College in Stratford at 18. She went on to study there for 3 years, first focusing on Music Performance and spending her final year in Artist Development. It was here that she found her true sound and began performing around London.” ~ Millar

With authenticity in droves and a vocal ability to gasp inside, Millar is a young talent to truly love for her outstanding pitch and a gloriously sincere tone to soothe tired ears. This is an incredible release which shall stop many in their tracks and wash all worries away.

Dreams from London, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter Millar is a quite sublime effort from a creative soul who is only just getting started. Soaked in care and love while being a special song, to turn up rather loud to appreciate each second to its fullest, this is a first single to hold hands with all night.

Hear this fine new release on Spotify and check out her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All Day Riding Our Bikes: Mr Streetz recalls those classic times on 80s Kid

Impressively fusing our world back into a better time so many treasure fondly, Mr Streetz returns with the tremendous new single which we can learn from called 80s Kid.

Mr Streetz is a London, UK-based indie hip hop artist who spits the truth on each one of his blazing soundtracks to remember forever.

Lacing down a track with so much love and memorable lyrics, Mr Streetz reminds so many what it was like to live in an era which had so much innocence. Lyrically hard and featuring ferocious bars to power rocket ships, this is a pulsating single to remember with.

80s Kid from London, UK-based indie hip hop artist Mr Streetz is a song which shows us how so much has changed. With Walkmans in tune and devoid of internet, this is a formidable soundtrack. Dropping us into the past and guiding us through so many jubilant times, we find a supreme song to hold on tightly with.

Recalling those happy times shall bring a smile when its needed most.

Turn up this song on Spotify. Find out more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The alt-rock originator, djamesk13, struck again with his grungy proto-punk single, And That’s Where It Ends, And So It All Begun

And That’s Where It Ends, And So It All Begun” is the latest tonally sublime single released by the London-based alt-rock originator djamesk13 (David Kemp).

If Dinosaur Jr veered away from grunge and towards proto-punk and made a pit stop at 90s Britpop to pick up a bit of extra guitar swagger, the sonic result would be in a similar vein to this nostalgically produced hit.

The distortedly and poetically orchestrated single provides a definitive discourse on the nature of our lives which runs through like pre-determined chapters of destiny. Lament it or live it to the max, but that’s the nature of being, captured in the lyrical hooks in this epitomisingly sludgy earworm.

And That’s Where It Ends, And So It All Begun was officially released on November 19th. Catch it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hold On Me: Gary Mictian longs for that rare moment of body-shuddering love on I’ll Wait

Certain of something which could eventually breeze away into the night sky, Gary Mictian sings with conviction and well-loved kindness and hope with his latest single I’ll Wait.

Gary Mictian is a London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter and music producer who connects electronic pop, dystopian sci-fi and cinematic sound all together like he was born to make music.

Sending us into a romantic flurry of emotions, Gary Mictian can truly rocket into our ears with much excitement because of his hugely likeable music vibration that sends pulses into overdrive.

I’ll Wait from London, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter/music producer Gary Mictian is a supreme effort of monumental magnitudes. Laced in so much beauty and genuine honesty, this is a fine song to take our hearts into what it takes sometimes for true love to happen.

If you have the perseverance and feel the return energy connection, two souls can be together forever.

Listen up on Spotify and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Seamanship Meets Electronic Craftsmanship

Chet Bucke, has released a new single titled “Seamanship,” a heartfelt electronic ballad full of remorseful melodies and lyrics giving way to an anthem-like-chorus.  It’s certainly the kind of song that gives way to the mind’s visual, as it is easily a very “cinematic” sound. Apparently, this chap is from the Basque region of Spain, which I would not have guessed considering his nearly perfectly sung English lyrics.

Instrumentally, the song is fairly simple – with sparse electronic guitar parts, some piano, pads, and of course pulsating electronic drums. Interestingly enough, though, the song is not hyper dependent on the percussive lines, the way that a lot of Trap-driven rhythmic lines are. Rather, Mr. Bucke leaves a lot of empty and dare I say, meditative space, for the vocals to shine, doing what they do best: melody. It’s quite a novelty in a way, that the song’s breadth of space is in, and of itself rather original. Where a lot of modern songwriters and producers are trying to recreate formulas that work for other hits, it seems that Chet Bucke has given over to what works for him in his creative pursuits – which is rather admirable.

Chet seems equally happy to have a variety of styles in his music, as there is another song on his Spotify featuring a genre-defying style from the first. If listeners enjoyed “Seamanship,” then listening to “Leaving (Marie)” will be equally satisfying.

Lastly, he can be found on Instagram here: