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Charlie Suttle wishes he could live deep inside his fascinating ‘Dreams’

Taken from his 9-track album from 2021 called ‘Blue Season‘, Charlie Suttle is rather tranquil on a single that makes you wish you could just click your fingers and live inside your ‘Dreams‘ for as long as you like.

Charlie Suttle is an 18-year-old French-American, New York, USA-born indie classically and jazz-trained pianist, music producer and singer-songwriter.

I started making DIY music during the pandemic. I produce and write songs from start to finish.” ~ Charlie Suttle

Furnishing our souls with something so serene and replenished with intricate details that shall have you looking deeper into this superbly-told story, Charlie Suttle shows us his cultivated ways with a single that has you closing your eyes so that you may get far away from the current carnage on planet earth.

Dreams‘ from New York, USA-born pianist/singer-songwriter Charlie Suttle is a sterling release that has been made with a simple majestic class that avoids the flash, and instead brings us something with proper substance. There is a wonderful flow on offer that delivers your ears something rather sizzling to feel warm inside, that has you imagining what it would like to stay in your powerfully creative mind for a while.

Listen up to this soothing soundtrack on Spotify and follow his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Plymouth-based psychedelic folk act Drakes Island show us that something undiluted can actually ‘Last’

With a wistful look at something so special that has stood the test of time despite the missiles that could have broken it in half forever, Drakes Island is in scintillating form with a nostalgic single to truly embrace closely with the human of your dreams on, ‘Last‘.

Drakes Island is a Plymouth, UK-based 4-piece indie psychedelic folk band that makes a wholesomely delightful sound that puts you into a better state of mind from whatever challenges you are facing.

Their sound has been compared to artists such as A Blaze of Feather, Pink Floyd and Bears Den.” ~ Drakes Island

Drakes Island might be your new favourite band to look forward to after a long day of mind-numbing work. They remind us that it is actually possible to love like you deserve if two souls may connect as one and vow to be real with each other always no matter what. Soaring gracefully with only uncorrupted goodness and sweet butterfly kisses, this is a gorgeous single and one fit to be revered in any era.

Last‘ from Plymouth, UK-based 4-piece indie psychedelic folk band Drakes Island is a memoir about how a relationship that you hoped would be what you would be looking for, actually was better than you even comprehended. There is a serene daydream on offer here that will possibly find you smiling so calmly, as you close your exhausted eyes and feel so grateful for anything you have that has actually lasted the test of time. Sung with a tranquil style that has you moving your tired head slowly, this is a superb single made with that hygienic love to truly savour.

Hear this lovely new release on Soundcloud and see their vibe evolve on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take Your Time: South London rapper ENIGMAR shows us how to get to our ‘Dreams’

Taken off his latest album called ‘Help‘, ENIGMAR plants the seed in our minds that shall assist us in getting to those much-wanted ‘Dreams‘.

ENIGMAR is a South London-based indie UK rap artist. He makes a vocally-stimulating blend of compelling music that guides you to a better mindset that helps you succeed in life.

Showing us his well-constructed delivery that is an enjoyable listen from start to finish, ENIGMAR raises the bar and shows us the way forward. In a dog-eat-dog world where things seem so gloomy and negative a lot of the time, this is a smart rapper who brushes off the standard-lowering distractions and brings in only positive words for us to learn from.

Dreams‘ from the South London, UK-based indie rapper ENIGMAR, is a bass-boosting encounter that takes you into a better position than before. He raps with so much conviction and inner determination, as he flows with a real certainty that is such a pleasure to witness. This is a track for anyone who is feeling down and who actually wants to get into a better place in your soul, as you grab hold of your destiny without anyone else telling you what to do.

Immerse yourself into this beat-filled track on Spotify and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hope I See You: Jiggydontspeak feels lots of lipstick on his sheets with ‘Dreams’

After eloquently showing us her expensive tastes whilst roaming around town on ‘American Express‘, Jiggydontspeak wonders if the girl that has him grinning like a cheeky cat will be making a much-awaited appearance all in his ‘Dreams‘.

Sako aka Jiggydontspeak, is quick-flowing space music rapper from Hamilton East, Waikato in beautiful New Zealand, who currently lives in busy London, England.

Dreams is a melancholic rap song on a UK Drill beat that is about trying to escape reality and find inner peace with yourself and your significant other.” ~ Jiggydontspeak

On a loaded single which has much promise, we are thrown inside the love-struck story which keeps him awake for hours on end. He can feel the lipstick everywhere he sleeps and knows that she wants more – but other random dudes are taking her away from you – as you wish that they would find other interests and leave you two alone for that quality time.

The creative process of this track was just me reflecting on the state of mind I was in at that moment and how I could express my emotions and turn it to art.” ~ Jiggydontspeak

Dreams‘ from the New Zealand-born, UK-based indie rap artist Jiggydontspeak, is a fast rapped track from a highly confident ripped artist who knows that his ultimate lover is in high demand. He feels like she needs to brush away all those other dusters, and ride with him rather, as he knows what she needs. Made with a bounce-laded flow which certainly gets you off that lazy chair, this is an imaginative song all about dreaming about that special soul you see yourself with.

Check out this new track on his Spotify and see more stylish adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kavlon’s – ‘Her Camera’ A Psychedelic Milky-Way

With an infusion of that “cool” Kendrick Lamar’s kinda vibe that we rarely see, and that Jcole’s prowess in storytelling through his music, Kavlon delivered this masterpiece with apt adroitness.

A cool intro in unison with that special kind of hip-hop beat that punctures the heart of hip-hop/rap music lovers through the needle’s eye is undoubtedly the best way to describe the quality of energy and amount of creativity that was poured into the production of this song. Your comment when asked about what you feel about this song would probably be the same as mine.

What a an interesting song this is; this is really not just an everyday hip hop/ rap music you must have probably heard of before, it”s also not the type of song that flies to the top of charts but the kind of song that takes its time to slowly and steadily find its way to the top of music chart.

Kavlon’s – ‘Her camera’ is a song that leads you through an interesting musical journey to imagine and relate to what the singer talks about in his song. A psychedelic sound and harmonic song that is delivered with every level of distinctive creativity and drifts it is.

This is more like a cool jam that can be played at any point in time, especially when on the move or at work. The lyrics of this song were well drafted and the harmony of this song makes it quite an easy song to sing along with, with every bit of its next line already playing out with much clarity in your head.

Aside from the low sound quality and the way the song was quickly cut off at the end, I think this song can easily score a 10/10 in my rating.


Blak Ace’s ‘My Passion’ Is A Hip Hop Track That Is About Music

Music about music is a tradition of popular culture. In hip hop, music about the musician is a high-risk, high-reward endeavor. To allow a look past your persona and be vulnerable can ruin your image as a badass, a gangsta, a force of nature or whatever deity Kanye West is sitting by the pool with. For Blak Ace, we’re treated to a reminder that inspirational messages tied into vulnerability can bring a greater sense of character in a powerful way. My Passion is a track that’s about music and the musician. The relationship between art and artist doesn’t have to be abstract. It doesn’t have to focus solely on struggles and sorrows. Black Ace finds that music is worth whatever it takes and is willing to give himself to it for the sake of the life music gives back. Moreover, this song encourages others.

Anyone who can’t get past the notion that hip hop is about selfishness, aggressiveness and general thuggery needs to open their ears. Blak Ace is not the first, nor will he be the last, to understand that music has power and that power can change people. Spreading messages of following ones dreams and living their passions to the fullest doesn’t sound like the bad influence scapegoat that hip hop has become to so many parents. In fact, one of the best qualities of My Passion is that it teaches pride in oneself and belief in a time when people aren’t always ready to follow their dreams. Today, we need more artists like Blak Ace.

-Paul Weyer