Should Have Been Easy: Maya Yenn wonders if it will always be like this while eating Sour Grapes

Slightly miffed with the once-promising cards she has somehow been dealt, Maya Yenn details the inner frustration with wanting more and regretting the raised expectation on the hugely relatable Sour Grapes.

Maya Yenn is a UK-based indie alternative dark pop singer-songwriter and music producer who has that extra special Lorde-like vocal excellence to heal all wounded hearts.

There is something rather unique about Maya Yenn. She is like a long-lost friend you really miss. The one who used to be beautifully blunt and speak the truth when needed most. Gloriously needed and ultimately soul-healing. Just what the doctor ordered.” ~ Maya Yenn

The impressively enlightened rural Staffordshire royalty Maya Yenn strikes us within the soul again to awaken our memories and dreams. She is a graceful act who is looking for something more, in a world where expectations have risen exponentially. Vocally poised throughout and reminds us of where our true path is, displaying to us what road she is currently veering down.

The tantalizing Sour Grapes from UK-based indie alternative pop dark singer-songwriter Maya Yenn might be a song to play while gazing up at the stars and looking for the light. Summoning some of her best work, there is so much to love about an honest song that so many millions can surely attest to.

Hear something rather crisp on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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