Delta Sun dialled the scuzz up to 11 in ‘When the Music Stops’

Brighton’s Delta Sun held no prisoners in their debut EP, The Lies We Tell Ourselves and Others. Case in point; the grungy punk n roll track, When The Music Stops.

With the jagged Social Distortion reminiscent vocals carrying a similar timbre to the scuzzed up, low-slung yet punchy guitars, Delta Sun’s authenticity will never be in question. Especially with their indie no-wave inclinations and bluesy guitar middle-eight. Combine that with the fact that the lyrics take the ‘music is life’ conversation further than it has ever lyrically been, it is impossible not to be arrested by the roguish candour.

For all intents purposes, When the Music Stops is a powerful hit that definitively deserves renown.

Stream When the Music Stops on Spotify with the rest of the debut EP.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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