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Neverlanded – Fluffy Unicorns United EP: Grunge Just Got a Bit Filthier

90’s Grunge may have been revived a fair few times before, but never with the same veracity as contained within the “Fluffy Unicorns United” EP from the North London-based powerhouse Neverlanded.

For a start, the vocals are so filthy they almost make Courtney Love sound in the same league as Taylor Swift (no one tell her I said that please – I don’t want a Courtney beef, but I do want to allude to how reverberantly delicious and droning the vocals are). And you can also be sure that the energy of the instrumental arrangement is set to the exact same standard as the vocals. Every aspect of each of the four tracks has such a raw, desperate, clawing energy which perfectly captures the essence of grunge – Punk; with a little bit of stylistic apathy.

Just as IDLES have reinvented Punk with an explosively caustic and relevant energy, Neverlanded has done the very same for Grunge and I see very little reason why the charismatically gorgeous souls can’t ascend to the same heights.

Even after the final track faded out the potency of the energy contained within this EP was still resonating. If you want a record which has the capability of making your heart pound just as it did the first time you listened to Hole, Babes in Toyland, and L7, you’ve just found it.

The Fluffy Unicorns United EP will be released on April 1st, 2019 and will be available from all major streaming platforms. In the meantime, you can check out their earlier releases by heading over to their SoundCloud page.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Photo credit to Shotison Media


Samuel Yuri – Storm: Instrumentally-Driven Grunge Catharsis

I’m yet to happen across a track by Samuel Yuri that I haven’t instantly fallen in love with. ‘Storm’ from his latest album ‘Epic Scales’ was certainly no exception to this rule.

With a grungy sensibility the track unfolds under a slightly more antagonistically raucous sensibility than the other tracks from the album. But the muddy reverb and the biting lyricism certainly wasn’t lost on me, neither were Samuel Yuri’s intensely gruff vocals which were almost delivered in a spoken word capacity. Each aspect of the track is powerful enough to make you feel like you’ve just been taken upon an epic aural journey by a track with a tempo which will almost guarantee guitar-driven catharsis.

If you’re a fan of Megadeath, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Nirvana or Soundgarden chances are that the decadently raw track will go down a storm. So, it would seem that Samuel Yuri chose a pretty apt name for the single!

You can check out Samuel Yuri’s track Storm for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Keep up to date with all of the São Paulo based artist’s latest releases by following him via Facebook, after devouring the entire Epic Scales album, it’s safe to say that I’m left with an appetite of high-octane instrumentally captivating Alt Rock that I’m sure only Samuel Yuri can deliver.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


HITLIST – Adrenaline: Bitter-Sweet Sludge Pop

Adrenaline from HITLIST on Vimeo.

Oh good God damn. HITLIST’s latest single Adrenaline may be the best female-fronted Grunge sound to come out this side of the 1995. The track has that same essence of bitter-sweet raw attitude wrapped in platitudes of pain, essentially, the same sound that fuelled the first wave of the Riot Grrrl scene. Yet, HITLIST found a conceptually pioneering way to express their angst with an intricate blend of Pop, Rock, and Punk. The instrumental Grungey undertones of the Alt Pop Rock hit matched HITLIST vocalist’s alchemic energy with a procession of sludgy yet sonorous cataclysmic melodies.

Between the angular guitars, the crisp, thrashing drum rolls and the steady rolling bassline you’re in for a visceral treat from the up and coming artist’s latest single.

Any fans of L7, Juliette and the Licks and the Pretenders will be in heaven with this nostalgically inspired, fresh offering of aural empowerment.

You can check out HITLIST’s latest single Adrenaline for yourself by heading over to Vimeo

Review by Amelia Vandergast


CRUEL MULE – Space Brain: 90’s Grunge Sounds Even Sweeter in 2018

Fans of Sonic Youth, Janes Addiction and Mudhoney drop whatever you’re doing and plug into CRUEL MULE’s latest single Space Brain right now.

The track may have been released earlier in 2018, yet, it was pretty hard to believe that the archaic wonder which is Space Brain was created this side of the 21st century. The infectious reverb sits atop of the mix, in which you can expect a progression of relentlessly rolling guitar riffs, which if I’m being brutally honest, were pretty God damn sexy. The crashing of the symbols added to the cataclysmically chaotic mix, and then there were the vocals, the sweetly antagonistic vocals which you couldn’t help getting bitten through the pure unrestrained angst that was being projected into the mix.

You can check out CRUEL MULE’s single Space Brain from their debut EP ‘The Demo Days’ yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now. Each of the four tracks on the EP will make you fall a little deeper in love with their archaic sound. It was about time that the Classic Grunge sound saw a revival. CRUEL MULE may just be the band to lead it.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


KLC – Good God: A 90’s Female Fronted Grunge Revival with a Country Twist

You know when you hit play on a track and you get the instant ‘Oh my God’ reaction? Yeah, well, that happened when I checked out KLC’s latest track Good God which is ironic I suppose. But given my affinity for Courtney Love and Courtney Barnett I can be forgiven for being a little bowled over to hear KLC splice their sound and add in a little Country Blues vibe around it. It’s pretty impossible not to fall in love with the up and coming artists dulcet aural prowess. With vocals so raw, lyrics so empoweringly resounding and a beat as textured it’s hard to see why KLC isn’t already a household name. I may have been able to draw some comparisons to KLC’s sound, yet her prodigally conceptual style is one that I would never tire of. Thankfully alongside her single Good God KLC released an 8-track album ONLY YIN, each track is as ethereally stunning as the last.

I really can’t recommend fans of Riot Grrrl, Folk, Blues Rock and Country alike give KLC’s latest track Good God a listen. Head on over to SoundCloud to check it out for yourselves.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Camcorder – Ashes: Turns out Grunge Can Sound Sweet This Side of 1990. Who Knew?

Ashes is just one of the blinding new singles from Camcorders debut album Camcorder Suck! (Their words, not mine. I think the Alternative Rock outfit is one of the sweetest Lo Fi hits to great my ears this year.

The instrumental breakdowns to Ashes stand as testament to the elemental skill of this powerhouse of talent. I get the impression that Camcorder are a band steeped in humility, and there’s no sweeter sound. If you’re a fan of Dinosaur Jr, I can almost guarantee that you’ll love Ashes. However, Ashes is more than just an assimilation of sounds previously created back in the 90’s, they’ve added immersive Pop Punk elements that really amp up the sound for an anthemic aura full of high-angsty- vibes. As a massive Eddie Vedder fan, it’s hard for similar vocal artists to even compare to his vocal majesty, yet Camcorder vocalist has that beautifully iconic drawl to his vocals that draws you in to the pure emotion that he’s blasting through the mic.

You can check out Camcorder’s frankly beautiful Grungey Pop Punk track Ashes on SoundCloud which was released ahead of their debut album release which is due to drop on April 9th, 2018.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


King in The Belly – Behind: Filthy Rock & Roll

King in The Belly is an Aussie/Brazilian rock band like no other, their sonorously sweet sound is ablaze with contemporary pounding vision. Their style makes Buck Cherry sound squeaky clean. The band’s sound lusciously archaic with a strong Punk Rock undertone.

The vocalist’s natural lyrical ability goes lulls you into a false state of serenity before the track kicks in with a sneaky instrumental soaked verse. It starts out sounding like any other Shoegaze Indie Track.  I was set for 4 minutes of melancholy, nothing could prepare me for the gripping ensemble of chemistry King in The Belly cooked up; the pounding drum rolls, the heavy flow of the bass, and the effortless command of the guitar combined with some 90’s grunge angsty lyrics.

Even before the instrumental riff exploded I’d already added this band to my Alternative Rock playlist. Their debut album is due out early next year, I already know that’s not a sound that I want to miss out on.

Check out Behind on Spotify using the link below:

Head on over to King in The Belly’s Facebook page to tell them how awesome they are.


Proudest Angel – A Second Act For Proudest Angel

Fitzgerald once pointed out that there are no second acts in American lives but Proudest Angel may beg to differ, there my have been a 12 year breathing space but two years ago the band roared back onto the scene with renewed vigour. Proudest Angel has been nothing if not consistent in their mission to put muscular, dark, grunge infused old school metal back on the map and Shoulda Known Better is a blend of the cold, doom-laden edge of Danzig’s dystopian blues-metal and the emotive, sonic drama of Staind, built as much on an intangible weight as the power of the musical delivery itself.

It is at once relentless, direct, raw and uncompromising, ticks enough boxes for those who dig the classic template but has enough of the contemporary hallmarks to appeal to a generation of hard rock fans who have grown up since the band has been away. Fans of rock and metal in all its forms will find a lot to like, the gothic set will appreciate its dark soundscapes, the more industrial minded will find its raw beauty and dystopian vibes to their tastes. In fact if you are a fan of the harder and heavier music in any form, Proudest Angel are definitely one to check out.


Blissful Red Release 90s Esque Track “Wonderwheel”

I have always really got a kick out of 90’s rock, and “Wonderwheel,” by Blissful Red is right up my alley in terms of that unique sound. The track starts off with a very authentic fingerpicking guitar riff, followed by   some climatic riff moments and some really great vocals. The track not only demonstrates Blissful Red’s gnarled guitar riffs it’s also a great example of how something so simplistic can give off such a classic sound.

The instrumentation isn’t over done with extra’s it’s a great guitar pattern with a nice cadence driven drum pattern; couple that with Blissful Red’s soothing narrative and you have the makings of an original track with great potential. I would like to hear Blissful release more of his vocals but I love the track and the easy listening sound his vocals add to the overall presentation. Overall pretty solid piece, although I can’t wait to hear more from this musical gem.


City of Salt Release Folk Grunge Track “The Rhythm, The Cipher, & The Shield”

City of Salt certainly has a knack for evocative song titles and poignant lyrics with a very personal overtone.

The project’s recent single, The Rhythm, The Cipher, & The Shield, is a blend of delicate folk vibes, echoing the work of artists such as Damien Rice or Ryan Adams, just to mention but a few.

The song is built on a very seamless and simple arrangement: the rich and warm acoustic guitar serves as a backbone to the song, providing a nice steady rhythm, but also defining a great core melody. On the other hand, the string sections, add depth and a stunning atmospheric tone that really defines the vibe of this track. The vocal are honest, inspired and direct, perfectly matching the natural heartfelt vibes of the lyrics. There is quite nothing as compelling and direct as a songwriter pouring his heart out and sharing a moment with the audience!

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