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Get your blues rock n roll fix with Article 19’s stellar scuzzy hit, Stone Crazy.

Article 19 has been on the rock scene since 2007; with their strongest lineup yet, the Coventry-based outfit is serving up their most raucously robust singles to date.

Their standout single, Stone Crazy, is the perfect introduction to the 70s rock n roll inspired outfit. For the same reasons you fell for the Rolling Stones, Stone Crazy won’t fail to pull you in with the angular bluesy riffs that get plenty of room to breathe in the vintage production that boasts plenty of earworm potential that comes through the clever vocal hooks.

Stone Crazy is the final single to be released from their upcoming album, Without Interference. The official video for Stone Crazy is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

TBelly – I Never Want to See Me Again featuring Dennis Dunaway: The Non-sensically slick rock track of the year.

‘I Never Want to See Me Again’ is the intentionally non-sensical slick rock track from the down and dirty luminary act, TBelly, which has already scored a rave review from Alice Cooper. Who are we to disagree with the God of shock rock?

With Russell Keefe’s gnarled whiskey-soaked vocals against Dennis Dunaway’s equally gruff basslines and the symphonic keys, the enticingly euphoric hit hits the sweet spot; repeatedly.

If you can imagine what it sounds like from the gutter of the sunset strip, you’ll get an idea of what is on offer here. The best part? I Never Want to See Me Again evades every rock n roll cliché with the playful humility shown, but don’t worry, there are enough virtuosic short and sweet riffs to sate your rock n roll appetite.

You can stream the official music video for I Never Want to See Me Again for yourselves on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Gary Wight takes us to A House by a Beach in his accordantly sweet debut single.

‘A House by a Beach’ is the heart-wrenchingly soulful debut single by the up and coming North East of England hailing singer-songwriter Gary Wight.

Even though the debut falls into the 70s acoustic rock n roll camp, the artist’s inclination to incorporate genres from across the spectrum permits his sound to resound free from rock n roll cliché. Instead, he delivers unassimilated soul that won’t fail to pull you in through the folky affectionate lyrics and the ring of the accordantly picked guitar notes.

If Syd Barrett and Elliott Smith met in the middle, the aural result would be infinitely reminiscent of A House by a Beach.

A House by a beach is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Dazed Son gets pious in his 70s rock n roll ode, Hail Lord.

You may have seen many rock artists brand themselves as the prodigal sons of rock n roll well, prepare for The Dazed Son’s nostalgic ode to the 70s in his debut album, Crazy, featuring the piously sweet standout single, Hail Lord.

The solo artist brought his sonic vision of becoming a one-man digital rock n roll band to life through the grace of the lockdown in 2020. His crunching over-driven guitars, choral vocals, blazing solos and easier-than-breathing chord progressions allowed plenty of 70s rock fans to find refuge in his unique spin on a retro sound. If anyone has what it takes to dominate the digital realm of rock n roll , it is the Dazed Son.

The Dazed Son’s debut album is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Fortune Tellers show us the future of funk-rock with ‘Addicted to You’.

Funk, blues, indie and rock n roll all feed into the forcefully infectious single, Addicted to You, from the up and coming artist, The Fortune Tellers. The shimmering Gretschy guitar tones progress in slick grooves through the anthemic production that will be a hit with any fans of Blue Oyster Cult.

Monika’s rock vocals confront you with pure soul as they harmonise around the blues-rock instrumentals and choral backing vocals that allow Addicted to You to share reminiscence with a religious experience. Addicted to You is the title track from The Fortune Tellers’ debut album, released in July 2021.

The official music video for Addicted to You premiered on July 8th; you can check it out via YouTube.

Check out the album on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sanny Veloo has released his misanthropic alt-rock single, The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving

Sany Veloo’s latest scuzzy garage rock hit, The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving, is a playlist staple for every misanthrope. The high-octane hit channels the angst of 90s grunge, the instrumental flair of rock n roll and the energy of a pop-rock anthem.

Before making his solo debut, the Singapore-born and raised artist was in the band, Boredphucks before they were banned by the government for their polarizing music. It doesn’t get more rock n roll than that, does it? Now residing in Melbourne, Australia, Veloo carries the same commitment to creating unapologetically expressive tracks. We probably don’t need to mention that, given the title of his latest release.

With the powerful and colourful instrumentals in The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving, Veloo created an ironically euphoric atmosphere for the listener to complete our undeserving sentience.

The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hot Juice remind us how to have ‘Good Times’ with their swaggering party rock anthem.

Good Times by Hot Juice

UK-based rock powerhouse Hot Juice reminded fans how hedonism works with the release of their swaggering party rock anthem, Good Times.

With their vintage blues-rock style paired with their scuzzy reminiscence to Eagles of Death Metal and BRMC, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the sleazy desert rock atmosphere. It comes as little surprise that in the short time that Hot Juice has been running rampant on the live scene, they’ve already decorated themselves in accolades from the likes of BBC Introducing and Made in Jersey festival. If you get the chance to see them rip up a stage, take it.

You can check out Good Times for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp. For more info, head over to the band’s website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

As Fast As You Can: BeOmega are quite superb on the groovy modern classic ‘Return of The Birdman’

Kalki - Return of The Birdman by BeOmega

Taken off their latest eleven-track album named ‘Kalki – Return of The Birdman‘, BeOmega return with probably their best song yet on ‘Return of The Birdman‘.

BeOmega is a UK-based crop-circle-festival-playing three-piece psychedelic rock band who somehow morph the conscious world from their vivid imagination, into an exhilarating rock n roll experience like you have never heard before. They make that earthy sound that is rather rare, and feels like an outer body occurrence.

BeOmega convey a dimension of freedom from this matrix which everybody can tune into if they really want to. We deliver songs of Phreedom, liberation, awakening, reality of birth and death and metaphysical Phun.” – BeOmega

They have a stylish ambiance that has you fully immersed into their lathering style that is such a fantastic listen. The busty riffs are massively exciting and proper enjoyable, with smoothly tipped vocals that feel like sweet honey has been poured all over his voice.

Return of The Birdman‘ from the fascinating three-piece psychedelic rock wizards BeOmega, is a tremendous track you will want to play again and again. They take you into their world and lusciously lift you away from whatever things you are worrying about. A true underrated gem awaits you from a truly progressive band full of life and love.

Stream their new track on Bandcamp and check out the Facebook music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Switch N’ Whisky play it fast and loud in ‘Keep it in the Red’.

Switch N’ Whisky don’t just make Rock n Roll; they live, breathe and effortlessly exude it in their latest single, Keep it in the Red. It’s slick with sunset strip sleaze and motifed with solos that make it impossible not to be in awe of the powerhouse outfit that first established in the fall of 2016.

Their contemporary take on rock n roll abstracts nothing traditionalists look for in a stellar fast and loud rock track but the high-fidelity production allows you to every virtuosically-placed instrumental note and feel every ounce of feverish rock n roll furore from the vocals.

Check out the official music video to Keep it in the Red that released on June 11th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Disorder – At the Door: Grunge has Never Hit Harder.

Stop wearing out your Deftones and Smashing Pumpkins records and hit play on the frenetically dark alt-rock hit, At the Door, London’s luminary outfit Disorder.

With mastering work by Alex Wharton (Pixies, The Beatles, My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai) at Abbey Road Studios and the mixing and co-production talent of Billy Bush (Garbage, Muse, Foster the People), you don’t need us to reassure you of the production quality.

But plenty of the ingenuity in At the Door comes via Disorder’s energetically confrontational presence in the alt-rock scene.

They offer the chaos of punk in a tumultuous soundscape blazoned with serious rock n roll stripes. The combination of heavy down-tuned guitars, synths and drum machines have redefined what rock and roll means in 2021. At the Door isn’t a revival but a reformation.

At the Door officially released on July 2nd; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Connect with Disorder via Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast