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Stitcher Unchained a Relentless Sonic Onslaught with ‘Distant Mirage’

Stitcher opened a mystical portal to the unfiltered soul of rock n roll with their sophomore single, Distant Mirage, which rhythmically taps into Eastern esoterism to add an arcane Arabian aura to the speaker-ravaging hit lures you in with a dusky overture before the hellbent-for-distortion guitars bolster the track beneath Annabelle Piper’s siren-esque soaring-with-soul vox.

Her ferociously infallible vocal lines that burn red-hot throughout the release are enough to lead you to believe that the spirit of Medusa resides in her vocal cords. The monolithic middle eight allows you to tear away from her spell, but you won’t meet any mercy here, the alchemic brutality of the guitar solo hits hard enough to leave bruises. If you thought you knew the meaning of frenetic before listening to Distant Mirage, you’ll think again once your senses begin to function after the exhilarating rampage.

Distant Mirage first played on June 6th; stream the single on Spotify and follow Stitcher’s debauched rock n roll journey on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Gothenburg’s Feral Mind Gave Rock Fans Nowhere to Hide From Their Eponymous Debut LP

If you’ve ever wondered what the Misfits might sound like if they swapped their horror punk theatrics for mature, unfiltered rock ‘n’ roll, look no further than Feral Mind’s seminal release, State of Mind. The standout single from their eponymous debut album has been igniting the global rock scene with its raw power and hints of psychobilly, reminiscent of the Koffin Kats and The Coffin Caddies.

Founded in Gothenburg in 2023, Feral Mind comprises seasoned rockers who have honed their craft both in the studio and on live stages; their uniquely whiskey-soaked sound is grounded in rock ‘n’ roll grooves, with influences spanning from 70s hard rock to funk and prog. Yet, unlike your run-of-the-mill assimilators, Feral Mind is delivering the future of rock, surpassing the banality of pastiche while inviting you into the psyche of one of the most promising acts creeping their way up from the European underground

State of Mind is a powerhouse of rolling rhythms, technical riffs, and seductively rugged croons, which prove that Feral Mind knows exactly how to bring the rough with the smooth.

We can’t wait to hear what follows this flawless LP.

Stream the debut LP on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Radiant alchemised sociopathic kryptonite in their alt-rock anthem, Formulaic

Alt-rock rhythms rendezvoused with moody electroclash-esque pop aesthetics in the latest single, Formulaic, from the Canadian harbingers of sonic revolution, The Radiant.

The accolade-decorated outfit used the single from their forthcoming LP, Take 3, to hold a mirror to the contrived ilk of sociopaths who always know what to say to manipulate a situation while wrapping themselves up in the narcissistic fantasy of a belief that they’re untouchable. The visceral impact of Mikhaila Anderson’s soaring with scathed soul vocals will undoubtedly make them think twice and embolden others to join The Radiant at the vanguard of silken-tongued resistance.

In their most accomplished single to date, The Radiant let their endlessly expanding audience know exactly who they are; a powerhouse with rock n roll reverence in their bones and innovation in their blood.

After receiving nominations for Rock Artist of the Year from BreakOutWest WCMA in 2020 and Alternative Artist of the Year in 2022 from North Sask Music Zine following the release of their eponymous debut EP in 2019, with the release of their debut album in the pipeline, more award nominations will naturally follow.

Formulaic will be available to stream on all major platforms from June 16th. Find your preferred way to listen via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Zack Kirkorian Held No Prisoners in His Riff-in-Cheek Rhythmic Revolt Against Self-Obsessed Drama in ‘Tell Somebody’

One of the fieriest renegades in alt-rock, Zack Kirkorian, has ignited the airwaves once again with his latest single, Tell Somebody. The riff-in-cheek riptide of amplified contempt holds no prisoners as it launches a scathing attack on the kind of people who plague lives through their incessant self-obsession that is paraded as self-pity. We all know them, now we all have the perfect ammunition to launch at them or simply find catharsis in.

The exhilarant tour de force captures Zack Kirkorian at his most uninhibited as he rolls with the rhythmic punches in the same vein as the New York Dolls and proto-punk pioneers. You can’t help getting caught up in the frenetic fever of classic rock being filtered through a Zappa-esque lens.

There are few artists who can truly emulate the verve of the Sunset Strip. After blazing down it and touring in iconic bands, Zack Kirkorian is one of the rare rebels who can revive the golden era of rock with swathes of infectious authenticity. Notably, he was placed on the official ballot for the Grammy Awards for a reason.

Tell Somebody was officially released on May 28; stream the single on all major streaming platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

DOUBLEWIDE amplified hard rock’s electrifying resurgence with ‘OUT OF LUCK’

DOUBLEWIDE’s standout single, OUT OF LUCK, is a shot of adrenaline straight into the heart of hard rock; the four-piece is intravenously injecting a potent dose of originality into the genre’s veins, and the results are nothing short of electrifying.

The serpentine rhythms wind with maximum volition in the instrumental arrangement that is tighter than the government’s welfare budget and slicker than Velvet Revolver’s sonics. The chameleonic vocals prowl between biting with the raw, guttural power of Pantera and the infectious inflections of Alice in Chains before leading you straight down to Skid Row.

Formed in 2017, DOUBLEWIDE was born from the collision of two musicians’ shared vision to revive the music they grew up loving. Since then, they’ve been relentlessly championing their brand of original hard rock across the West Coast and beyond. OUT OF LUCK is the culmination of their journey. From the get-go, it grabs you by the collar with its aggressive riffs and pulsating beats. If you want a full-throttle ride through the best of hard rock’s past, present, and future, tune into the gritty rebellion.

Stream the official music video for OUT OF LUCK on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

James Sebastian electrified rock n roll reverence in ‘Looking for a Sign’

James Sebastian

James Sebastian’s latest single, Looking for a Sign, erupts with the fervour of rock’s golden age, packing an electrifying punch that makes it clear he’s owning the proverbial stage. As a prodigal son of rock ‘n’ roll, Sebastian channels the spirit of iconic acts from The New York Dolls to The Strokes to The Beach Boys, yet his sound remains unapologetically rebellious and tantalisingly original.

Looking for a Sign insists you get swept up in its compelling hooks and Sebastian’s natural frontman charisma, reminiscent of a cult leader’s magnetism. This track roars through speakers with an energy so raw and a production so slick, that it’s akin to witnessing the exhilarating James Sebastian live experience.

Rather than attempting to reinvent the rock ‘n’ roll wheel, Sebastian tunes into a deep reverence for the genre, projecting it through a release that radiates defiance to its core. The track exemplifies liberation, embracing the craziest facets of one’s character and running wild with them. It’s a celebration of individuality, crafted with a keen awareness of rock’s historical context but driven by a modern, fierce pulse.

Looking for a Sign captures the essence of Sebastian’s growth as an artist—confident and poised to deliver high-energy performances that resonate across generations. His journey from vibrant live shows across the UK, including iconic venues like The Cavern and The Macbeth, to a burgeoning streaming presence, underscores a trajectory filled with promise and rock ‘n’ roll heart.

Looking for a Sign will be available to stream on all major platforms from May 10th via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

El Greasy dawned a new era of sleaze with their industrialised slice of rock reverence, Whiskey

Now onto their third single, El Greasy is proving their capacity to carve out a pastiche-free niche with their sleazily revolutionised sonic signature. Forget the rock n roll you knew; this modernised slice of rock reverence exhibits a band that knows exactly where to push innovation into the production and revisit the past with debauched devil-may-care uninhibition; the kind of uninhibition gained from downing your favourite black label bottle.

The guitar lines are cut with all the raunch and swagger you could ever desire and the rhythm section knows exactly where to bend brutal volition in the modernised hit that uses corrosive industrial electronica to dawn a new era of dark, gritty and overamplified hedonistic rock.

With touches of Mike Patton’s maniacal vocal style working their way into the expansively sludged with stoner aesthetics 8-minute single that also proves El Greasy is equally at home while emulating the timbres of Highly Suspect, Whiskey is a chameleonically dynamic riot that pulls together audaciously enough to leave you questioning, how the fuck did they pull that off?

Whiskey started to pour on the airwaves on May 3rd; fill up your glass via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The overdriven alchemy in Three Mile Island’s Ride Your Luck unleashes sonic spirits.

With elements of dreamy indie and classic rock n roll as the cornerstones of their sonic signature in their latest seminal single, Ride Your Luck, the West Midland’s prodigal sons of innovation, Three Mile Island, found plenty of room between the stylistic pillars of influence to inject their own over-driven, time-defying, alchemy.

The haunting chorus, which incidentally replicates what Black Sabbath’s single Changes does to the soul, fused with vocals that are as locked and loaded with visceral dynamite as Chris Cornell’s, Rolling Stones-reminiscent lead guitar work and an underpinning aura of Primal Scream’s iconic release, Give Out But Don’t Give Up, culminates in a single that doesn’t only allow you to imagine what is possible when the intersections of rock are explored, it grips you with a soulful intensity that leaves an inexplicable mark.

If this is the future of rock, the genre is about to make one hell of a mainstream comeback.

Stream Ride Your Luck on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Kentucky penned a patriotic rock-licked love letter with ‘America, The Beautiful’

Kentucky’s latest single, America, The Beautiful, is a soul-imbued tribute to the multifaceted allure of the United States, delivered with a rock ‘n’ roll heart that pulses with a distinct Americana twang.

The love letter captures the sweeping landscapes and rich cultural tapestry of the USA, offering listeners a sonic road trip across its vast expanse with pop culture pitstops along the way. With an approach that will resonate with fans of Bruce Springsteen and Guns n Roses alike, Kentucky weaves a narrative rich with patriotic pride, crafting a soundtrack that is both a celebration and a reflection.

The production melds classic rock influences with a nuanced Americana style, making it an essential addition for those who adorn their playlists with heartland rock. Despite the stripped and simplistic instrumental arrangement, there is no lack of depth. Each acoustic guitar-led progression strikes a resonant chord, echoing with rich, cathartic timbres under Kentucky’s gravelly vocal delivery that resonates with an aura of sincerity.

America, The Beautiful invites listeners to feel the pride and beauty of the American spirit. Its release, which stirred enough emotion to briefly face a ban on TikTok, underscores its impactful message and the poignant exploration of American identity that Kentucky so masterfully encapsulates in this acoustic rock anthem.

America, The Beautiful was officially released on April 1st; stream the single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Eco-Rock Resurgence: The Lürxx’s ‘We Are the Weeds’ Unleashes a Green Rebellion

We Are the Weeds by the Lürxx doesn’t give you a love them or loathe them option; no rock fan could be impervious to the thunderous punch that melds the raucous energy of sleaze rock with a sharp environmental edge.

With their roots firmly planted in the Hollywood glam punk scene, this duo not only revitalises the rock and roll ethos by championing the protection of the natural world in addition to smashing the system. Their music bridges the raw vibe of the 1980s Sunset Strip, reminiscent of legends like Twisted Sister and Guns N’ Roses, with acoustic nuances that echo the Quireboys and Dogs D’Amour all the while being amplified by an energy that’s uniquely their own.

The intoxicating and impactfully dynamic nature warrior punk rock opera is evidence of the duo’s ability to stir the soul and do so without resorting to shaming the listener into action, the installations of zany punk vocals around the classic 80s rock tones ensures the vocal performance perfectly aligns with the spirit of the track which explores the relentless resilience of nature, symbolised by weeds—the unacknowledged heroes of the ecosystem. It’s a powerful metaphor for persistence and survival in a world quick to dismiss the underdog.

Stream the official music video for We Are the Weeds on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast