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The West Midlands era fusionists, Three Mile Island, triumphed once again in ‘Sidearm’s House of Games’

What do you get if you mix 70s rock with Americana and add a dash of brashy and swaggering 90s Britpop? Hit play on the latest single, Sidearm’s House of Games, from Three Mile Island and find out for yourselves.

The uniqueness of the sonic imprint is far from the only achievement in this minefield of indie rock hooks, which proves how tight the West Midlands-hailing prodigal sons are despite their influential differences – each element gets room to breathe and transcend into something completely new in the release that proves that time isn’t always linear; multiple eras can exist cohesively under the sonic duress of those talented enough to amalgamate them.

Having garnered attention on BBC Sounds and Planet Rock Radio, ‘Sidearm’s House of Games’ is a testament to the band’s skill in crafting songs that are not only enjoyable but also resonate with a deep understanding of rock’s evolving landscape. It’s a compelling addition to the indie rock genre, highlighting the band’s potential to leave a lasting impact.

Sidearm’s House of Games is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast  

Teles electrified the indie rock scene with their power pop-hooked hit, Olivia

By fusing Manics-esque 90s Britpop with the high voltage energy of power pop and throwing some magnetic rock-licked indietronica synthetics into the electrifying mix which embodies Yorkshire’s indie rock spirit, Teles didn’t just hit the ground running with their latest single, Olivia, they blazed their dynamism right across it and scorched the earth with their exhilarated sonic signature.

You just can’t help getting swept up in the momentum as Olivia depicts the torment of seeing someone short-selling themselves in relationships, especially when the knife is twisted even deeper through a connection to the person who can’t see their value while looking past you. It’s a paragon of an indie rock anthem that is set to seal the outfit’s fate as trailblazers in the UK indie rock scene. It’s only a matter of time before they are as big as their sound. Your time is running out to see them in intimate venues; get on it.

Olivia will be available to stream from January 29th; stream the single on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Shotgun Waltz Fused Americana and Echoes of the Alt-90s to Craft the Ultimate Derision of ‘Pity Party’ Throwers

Single: Pity Party by Shotgun Waltz

.What do you get when you fuse the roots of Americana and alt-country with the nostalgia of the alt-90s? Hit play on the latest single, Pity Party, from the raconteurs of cliché-averse aural experimentalism, Shotgun Waltz, and find out for yourselves.

The first shimmering notes tease you into expecting a soundscape akin to The Madness’ eccentric spin on ska pop before the quintessential rock lead guitar work starts to blaze through the college radio rock production that makes it impossible not to warm to the outfit and their no prisoners held approach to lyricism.

Shotgun Waltz made it definitively clear that they wouldn’t be blowing up balloons for the wallowers in their circles. Instead, the pity partyers are mercilessly derided for their tunnel-vision naval-gazing as the ultimate reminder that self-disgust is still self-obsession is laid out across the exhilarating rhythms.

With echoes of new wave indie jangling through the release which never lets go of its Americana twang, the energy in Pity Party is riotously infectious, which bodes incredibly well for the Boston-based artist’s upcoming LP, which is expected to drop in April 2024.

Grab your invitation to the Pity Party by heading over to Bandcamp where you can stream or purchase the single, which was officially released on January 22nd.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Find out why the city never sleeps in snailosaur’s indie rock vignette, Apartment Boxes (nyc poem)

Forget what you know about New York from the over-romanticised depictions and acquaint yourself with the true nature of the cityscape, which juxtaposes grit and grime with the monolithic architecture and the egregious egos of Wall Street wolves. snailosaur’s standout single, ‘Apartment Boxes (nyc poem)’, taken from their indie rock LP, Talk Therapy, paints a fond vignette of the infamous city over the luminous tonality of their angular guitar lines, which weave elements of new wave into the nostalgia-kissed release.

While the upbeat melodies embed the single with a light and dreamy air as they cruise through the Pavement-esque progressions, the vocals act in contrast with their nonchalant drawls, adding depth to the track as they allude to the sins and cultural salvation of the city that never sleeps – and now, thanks to snailosaur, we know why; the working class are confined to coffins as they live and breathe. Yet, suffocation is a small price to pay to walk the streets that become portals in time, if you know which avenues to take.

Apartment Boxes (nyc poem) is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Take a hit on The Glares’ latest mellowly mind-altering single, Cocaine Jane

If tracks could kill, we’d all be stone cold after The Glares’ latest single, Cocaine Jane; take a hit and get high on the nostalgically mellow melodies which prise influence from The Velvet Underground, The Rolling Stones, The Stone Roses, and the Stooges and shimmer through the affluence of pure unbridled soul filtered through a kaleidoscopic lens.

Even though the sonics conjure an altered state of mind more akin to an acid trip, the Edinburgh-based four-piece of twentysomethings succeeded in unleashing the best Columbian marching powder-themed single since Eric Clapton popularised the single, Cocaine, penned by J.J. Cale in 1976.

With plenty more releases in the pipeline for 2024 after the release of their sophomore single, there is ample scope for the success of The Glares. Their ability to sonically visualise a concept and submerge you in it so deeply you don’t care about coming up for air is unparalleled in the indie rock underground.

Cocaine Jane was officially released on December 1st and is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Juniper Avenue created a seismic shift in the alt-rock landscape with their upcoming single, Lavender

If grunge ever had a clandestine rendezvous with garage rock, resulting in an offspring raised on a diet of 00s indie and the timeless essence of classic rock, then that progeny would undeniably share the same sonic DNA and unyielding spirit as “Lavender,” the latest single from North Carolina’s tempestuous pathfinders, Juniper Avenue.

This trio has already carved a niche in the hearts of their fans with their eponymous debut LP and the follow-up, “Chuck Rock.” Now, they’ve managed to encapsulate the raw, unfiltered essence of their live performances into this studio release. It’s a feat akin to capturing lightning in a bottle, with their overdriven, alchemic sound engineering transporting listeners straight to the front row of an electrifying gig.

In an era where even the most discerning music fans, those who tirelessly delve into the indie scene’s depths, find themselves craving originality, Juniper Avenue burst onto the stage with a sound revolutionary enough to ignite a new wave in the music scene. Lavender is for anyone yearning for a sound that breaks the mould, offering a fresh perspective in a landscape often plagued by the mundane.

Lavender is due for release on July 14; until then, check out their earlier releases, including the viral hit, Judy Byrd, on Spotify.

To stay up to date with the latest releases from Juniper Avenue, follow the band on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

AFTERDRIVE augmented introspection in their curve-transcending indie pop-rock hit, Stick Around

If you’re a sucker for catchy indie pop-rock hooks, evocatively sonorous vocal versatility, and complex layered arrangements, you’re going to want to save a space for the UK’s hottest breakthrough artist, AFTERDRIVE, on your radar. Their standout single, Stick Around, which augments melancholic introspection to anthemic stadium-filling levels, is a testament to the outfit’s ability to craft music with swathes of cross-over appeal.

Opening with choral, reverb-drenched guitar lines that hark back to the dreamy soundscapes of Slowdive, Stick Around immediately sets a tone of profound contemplation. This serene beginning soon gives way to a burst of energy as the song transitions into an electrifying chorus.

With the vocal performance bearing resemblance to the impassioned earnestness of Matty Healy, the single comes charged with emotional depth, which gives even more power to the uplifting and poignant melodies. Even though their music is perfect for live performances where their energy and charisma shine the brightest, Stick Around has all the makings of a playlist staple.

With over 30 gigs in 2023 and a growing presence in the festival circuit, AFTERDRIVE is clearly on an upward trajectory. Their music, as Connor Bennett of BBC aptly put it, is the start of something big. For those who yearn for music that combines the best of indie pop and rock, look no further than AFTERDRIVE’s latest offering.

Stick Around is available to stream on Spotify and all major streaming platforms.

Keep up to date with the latest releases from AFTERDRIVE via Facebook & Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Horizons lose all meaning in the ennui of Hello London’s indie rock reinvention of pop-punk, Garden

Patterns by Hello London

How infectious can melancholy be? Hit play on the latest standout single, Garden, from the Buffalo-hailing indie songwriter Hello London (James Froese) and feel the earworm burying into your psyche.

Embodying the same lamenting energy that made I Miss You by Blink-182 a cult phenomenon while experimenting with a fusion of pop punk, power pop, jangle pop and 00s indie ensured that Garden is a modernised sonic sign of the disenfranchised times.

As we all mourn that the landscapes of our lives appear the same but no longer bring us the same sense of meaning, we can all find ourselves in the resonance of the work of the solo artist, who has remained prolific since his 2021 debut.

3 EPs, an LP and a series of shows across the Northeast opening for the likes of Crimson Riot, Sincere Engineer and Covey down, the only way is up for Hello London and his command over nostalgically reinvented melodic lines. With a new LP in the works and ready for release in 2024, everyone who never fully grew out of their emo phase will want to save a space for Hello London on their radar.

Garden is now available to stream and purchase on Bandcamp as part of the Patterns EP.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rooftop Screamers metamorphosed nihilism into euphoria with their power pop hit, Dead in the Water

With angular echoes of Interpol-esque lines feeding into the palpitatingly anticipation-rife instrumental arrangement, the prelude and opening verse in Rooftop Screamers‘ latest single, Dead in the Water, throws you into the depth of the earworm headfirst before the subsequent verses veer from Placebo reminiscence to exuding the fervid electricity found within the Manic Street Preacher tracks that know exactly how to melodically ignite the soul.

It is a significant sonic shift from the sound Rooftop Screamers used to gain our attention earlier this year. They’ve left the dreaminess and romanticism of Another Life behind the anthemic 90s Britpop adrenaline, but you’ll still be enveloped by the scintillating synths as they add colour to the guitar lines which may as well have been riffed by James Dean Bradfield himself.

The track featuring Rob Daiker is an impossible-to-ignore attestation to the cultivated gravitas of the Portland-hailing award-winning singer-songwriter who alchemically metamorphosed nihilism into euphoria for superlative power pop catharsis.

Dead in the Water was officially released on December 15; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

djamesk13 reached the pinnacle of haunting subtlety in the twisted psych-rock tale, ‘She Was Angelina’

She Was Angelina by djamesk13 is a captivating piece that solidifies the artist’s position in the realm of grungy, bass-driven psych rock. This single is a masterful blend of raw energy and haunting subtlety, showcasing djamesk13’s adeptness in creating a soundscape that is both gritty and ethereal.

The track opens with a deep, resonant bass line that immediately sets a dark, immersive tone. The distortion is cranked up, not just as an effect, but as a statement, echoing the grunge era’s love for raw, unpolished sound. This choice pays off brilliantly, as it adds a visceral edge to the song.

Lyrically, She Was Angelina is a poetic exploration of a film noir femme fatale figure. The character is painted as both innocently sweet and dangerously alluring, a combination that is as intriguing as it is unsettling. The reference to the Jesus and the Mary Chain not only situates the song within a specific musical lineage but also adds a layer of depth to Angelina’s character, suggesting a complex individual with a rich inner world.

The melody, dusky and lingering, perfectly complements the lyrical content. It’s a siren song, drawing the listener deeper into the narrative and the emotions it evokes. The use of lo-fi elements by the London-based solo artist adds a personal, intimate touch to the track, making it feel like a glimpse into a private, almost secret world.

She Was Angelina was officially released on December 10th; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast