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Our senses are heightened ‘When It Rains’

‘When It Rains’ – the fourth single from L.A.-based power-trio senses – is a wash of urgent, driving drums, dark synths, and grinding, overdriven guitars all capped off by vocalist Madison Taylor’s stunning, folk-tinged voice. It’s kind of cheap and easy to draw ‘female-fronted rock-band’ comparisons, but ‘When It Rains’ is an absolute belter of an alt-rock track with some definite favourable Paramore comparisons due to Taylor’s uber-powerful vocal performance riding the crest of Josh Bissell’s crashing, distorted guitar onslaught and Nick Sampson’s pounding backbeat, maybe a touch of Tonight Alive, and a little of Amy Lee mixed in for good measure, sitting alongside some classic ‘Comfort In Sound’-era Feeder or Bush.

There’s a lot more to come from this understated trio, but for now check out the video for ‘When It Rains’ on YouTube, and follow Senses on Facebook and Instagram.


Not Now Norman ‘Little Frankenstein’ – Part Groove, Part Grind, all alt-rock classic in the making.

If you could put the sound of determination, grit, not giving up, and just out-and-out gutsy rock kudos down on tape and release it, it’d sound something pretty close to Not Now Norman’s blend of raucous, sensual-and-slithery riffs, sassy in-your-face lyrics, and my-way-or-the-highway attitude.

Leaving college with a degree and a bunch of interviews, no-one would take a chance on vocalist Taylor Mitchell due to her disabilities; however, what no-one had banked on was Taylor’s incredible voice, which alternately sneers, snarls, growls, and screams across the 4’23” of new single ‘Little Frankenstein’. There’s elements of namesake Taylor Momson to Mitchell’s delivery, a large dose of Shirley Manson and Garbage, and a mix of Nymphs-era Inger Lorre and non-blonde Linda Perry alongside the Pretty Reckless and the Zeppelin, Blackhearts, and Foos-style classic rock grunt. Zander Brown brings in a touch of Velvet Revolver to the guitars, courtesy of some slick powerchord grinding and sleazing and a monumental wah-wah solo, and the rhythm section of Bodhi Turnbull and Lara Hindhaugh on drums and bass respectively smash out some totally locked in, ground-out bottom end.

An outstanding follow-up to their debut EP ‘The End Of The Day’ and last single ‘Little Cheryl’, ‘Little Frankenstein’ is an absolute belter of a modern alt-rock track, part groove, part crunch, all catchy-as-hell, and full of Taylor’s personal ‘succeed regardless’ lyrical storm. If lockdown hadn’t decimated live gigs for the last twelve months, Not Now Norman should – if there’s any justice in the world – have been storming stages across the UK with this; in the meantime, we’ll just have to make do with ‘Little Frankenstein’.

Check out ‘Little Frankenstein’ on Soundcloud; follow Not Now Norman on Facebook and Twitter.

Review by Alex Holmes


Michael Barrow & The Tourists – Clover: Sonically Strident Alt Indie Rock

Michael Barrow & The Tourists

Since making their debut in 2018, Indie Rock trailblazers, Michael Barrow & The Tourists have proven that they’ve got exactly what it takes to be the next iconic indie outfit. After amassing millions of streams garnering a hysteria-level of hype with their compassionately soulful earworms, it’s easy to see that as just the beginning. Especially on the basis of the first track to be released from their forthcoming album ‘Clover’.

After a tender prelude which pays nuanced odes to post punk, the title-single picks up the pace until it is as sonically strident as it is soulfully sincere. With relatable and exposing lyrics such as ‘I’m afraid I won’t get hurt this time’, and ‘heartbreak starts to feel like home’, Michael Barrow & The Tourists capture the fear of vulnerability and the necessity of it to navigate modern dating. It’s perception-shiftingly beautiful.

You can check out Clover for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



Menachem Weinstein – Highway: Anthemically Progressive Indie Pop Rock

Florida-residing, London-hailing singer-songwriter, Menachem Weinstein, has released their artfully momentous single, ‘Highway’, if it’s been a while since you’ve felt any discernible emotion, this passionately strident single will deliver an efficacious reminder.

By fusing elements of future pop, indie jangle pop and Americana rock in the track which creates an incredible parable between the people who come into our lives and end us pulling us in the right direction and people who literally help us through storms.

When the classical strings start to quiver behind the anthemically progressive pop rock production, your soul’s capacity to feel will be well and truly tested, but in unexpected uplift in the soundscape, you’re thrown headfirst into a final burst of magnanimous energy from Menachem Weinstein. It’s a track which stays with you long after it has faded out.

You can check out Highway for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The tough get going: Brett Weller runs through the walls of his past on ‘Marathon’

Brett Weller is done with the sprints around his mind and is ready to take on the ‘Marathon‘ of life on this soul-stirring new single.

Usually a blues, rock and funk artist, the humble family man Louisiana/Mississippi border-born and now Charleston, South Carolina-based indie artist Brett Weller, brings us more of an uplifting electronic rock and synth pop vibe for this inspirational track, to awaken your senses.

This is the poignant story of how you need to lace your own shoes in life, take responsibly for your actions and retrain your mind to prevent past struggles from cropping up again- so you can run head first towards the future. Your own mind is the blockage from spreading goodness in this world and if you can fix your own pipes, you can stream free and be happy inside the deepest part of your soul.

His voice is so joyful and he sings with such freedom and passion that fills your speakers with hope. We have all felt like we could do with some hope sometimes to push us in the right direction and this feels like one of these moments. The production matches this musicians goals as they blend his voice with stunning soundscapes of grace and spiritually-positive enlightenment.

Marathon‘ from South Carolina indie artist Brett Weller is a real spirit-guiding track that shows us that we can rise up, show strength for those we care about and run through the ashes of our past life. You can’t change what happened before but you can make your future better by being self-disciplined and by believing in yourself, you immediately open the door for good things to happen.

The tough ones that want it the most, usually win after all.

Hear this promising single with plenty of real meaning on Soundcloud and see more of his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Helping musicians all over the world: Intercontinen7al spray down the ‘Fire’ together with inspiring message

Intercontinen7al  is a passionate team of 22 musicians across all 7 continents in the world, who came together as a powerful unit through BandLab. This fantastic single ‘Fire‘ is one of 12 original songs that were made to show the world that when you put your energies together- anything is possible. All the proceeds made from any sales have been earmarked to go towards the COVID-19 Relief Fund.

The world feels like it is on fire at the moment and with peaceful music like this, full of wonderful instruments and soothing vocals to transport your mind to happier times.- your mood and perspective is immediately better. The differing layers of intrigue are vast here, as this is a song with real meaning and grace.

This is the call for help as the world is in a troubling state of affairs and the magnitude can’t even be accurately quantifiable yet. Many lives have been lost, jobs gone and the mental health of humankind is in peril. Luckily, through this song we have something to hold onto and look towards the sky for hope, while turning this on loud for all to hear.

Fire‘ from the world team of musicians that call themselves Intercontinen7al, is a timeless song that has been fused together to bring hope to the anxiety-filled world of lost souls. Through music, it is possible to heal and join together as one to provide greater good and to help those in need.

Music is the bond that all of us share, not matter what our race, beliefs or what kind of genres we enjoy. If we all work together like this inspiring group has, change and unity is indeed possible.

Support these wonderful artists on Soundcloud and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The love will be back: Florida indie-rock band Venture Motel bring back the optimistic energy on ‘Till the Summer’

Taken off their latest four-track EP called ‘Summer’s Over‘, Venture Motel open the door ‘Till the Summer‘ starts again on this vibrant new single, that will have you thinking about the best time of year.

Central Florida five-piece indie-rock act Venture Motel, fuse together that happy music that makes you fall in love, heals that broken heart faster and gives you a reason to be optimistic in this gloomy world. The vocals are crisp and loving, with the band pulling heartstrings with classy abandon.

His vocals give you a sense of reassurance as you close your eyes and imagine how sweet and simple things can be in this unnecessarily complicated time, full of gadgets and tools that are meant to bring us closer, but does the complete opposite.

The band stride in and leave a lasting impression with an assortment of sonic soundscapes, that replenishes your soul, breaks you free again to dance and listening to a quality outfit like this, brings you hope for better days again.

Till the Summer‘ from the lovable Florida indie rockers Venture Motel, gives us the key to what pure love should be all about. The catchy melodies transform your mood, you feel alive and remember that first time you saw their smiling face and wanted to be closer to them, learning all about what really makes them tick.

That feeling in your stomach never passes and you just know when they are the one. That summer love is the best and you can’t wait for it to happen again, as you promise yourself you will only sleep when its all over, as you don’t want to miss a second.

Hear this summer time groove on Spotify, YouTube and see more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The Tapples created a convergently timeless hit with their indie jangle pop-rock release ‘Where You’ve Been’

Massachusetts six-piece, The Tapples, has garnered plenty of local hype since making their debut with their 2019 EP ‘Bus Recovery’, with their most recent indie jangle pop-rock release ‘Where You’ve Been’ they’ve proven that their convergently electric sound oozes international appeal.

With a touch of Rolling Stones-style swagger to the guitars, punchy bass growls, rancorous percussion and nuances of 60s psych pop to the high-energy vocals, Where You’ve Been pulls together a myriad of different styles and eras to create a timeless hit which will always be happy to feed you aural ecstasy. These may be dark and trying times, but there’s no amount of ennui which the fuzz-laden optimistically sweet track can’t dissipate. Take my word for it.

You can check out Where You’ve Been by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Searching for inspiration: Halfgrass heat up the airwaves with tremendous new single ‘Stall’

Taken off their recent gritty 9-track album called ‘Raw Hackles‘, Halfgrass are electrically charged to sizzle, on their lead single about baking in the heat of the world on ‘Stall‘.

Eastvale, California-based five-piece indie-rock/gnarcore act Halfgrass, makes that atmospherically advanced music that simmers into your mind and makes you think deeply about life, to find out more about what you are doing with yourself. They are a powerfully tuned band with lots of loudly impressive riffs and deep lyrics that swirl into your consciousness, giving your heart a wake-up call.

His vocals tell you a deep story of frustration with current events as the band swarm the speakers and gives him a much-needed lift. They magnetically transform the track beyond belief and we are taken into the desert, where we find a singer who needs help with this cooked up world of confusion.

Stall‘ from South Californian band Halfgrass is the story of looking for that inner desire again after a crazy few months. You feel sluggish and burnt out, your body feels broken and you need a break away from the burning heat. Tomorrow will be a better day and perhaps your soul will cool down, so you can re energize to soar in the sky again.

Stream this top notch single on Spotify and see more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Forging your own path: Sometimes Julie are highly impressive on ‘Arachne’s Pride / Minerva’

Sometimes Julie are excellent yet again on the spine-tingling new single taken off the recent album ‘Where Are You?‘ and this exciting track is called ‘Arachne’s Pride / Minerva‘.

San Diego, California original six-piece indie-rock band Sometimes Julie make that electric music with hints of blues and Americana fusion, that gets you off your sleepy feet and automatically jumping up and down, satisfying your urge for live music until it returns. They have a exciting allure that makes you want to turn them up real loud so that you don’t miss out on anything.

This is the story of wanting to stay small and innocent as you don’t want to get wrapped up in anyone else’s issues and dreams. You are a person who likes to be free and do what you have set out to do for yourself and not be tied to anything that you don’t feel will serve you long-term. This is ultimately the way to live as to be truly happy inside, trusting your gut is the only way to go.

Arachne’s Pride / Minerva‘ from San Diego’s Sometimes Julie is a rip-roaring effort from the tremendous six-piece band who are breath-taking here with a sound that is so energetic and majestically powerful. They somehow mesh all six members in effortlessly and put on a show that dazzles the speakers and makes you wish you could watch them live at a festival as soon as possible.

In life you need to make your own path, otherwise you will live someone else’s and theirs might have many dangerous detours that will make you dusty and scarred.

Stream this electrifying track on Soundcloud and see more on the band’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen