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Happy in Oblivion – Love and Understanding: Pensively Archaic Indie Rock

Has Richard Hawley started a new band and failed to tell us about it? I could be mistaken for thinking so after listening to Happy in Oblivion’s latest track Love and Understanding. The pensively steeped archaic single created an overwhelmingly nostalgic feel, whilst at the same time sounding as pioneering as guitar music possibly could thanks to the Post Punk undertones curtesy of the ever reverberating bass guitar that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Joy Division track. If you like Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen or Nick Cave I can guarantee you will adore the pacifying and chilling vocals behind Love and Understanding. It’s not all that often that I will rate a love song so highly, but Happy in Oblivion do it in a beautifully pensive way that doesn’t fail to leave you beguiled. The lyrics were even enough to move the cold heart of this nihilist.

You can check out Happy in Oblivions track Love and Understanding which was first released on May 4th, 2018 (the force was definitely with them for this release) and fall in love yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Mason District – An out of this world indie-rock future classic

You have to love a song which reminds you of so many songs and styles whilst simultaneously sounding new, fresh and exciting. That has to be the art to penning a great song, to offer something familiar but which also sounds totally new at the same time. This Cleveland trio run largely down an indie-rock sonic pathway, mixing infectious riffs and solid back beats, an almost pop addictiveness and some seriously funkiness to their melodies but they also echo with the hallmarks of alt-rock heroes, bluesy tastemakers and even retro-psychedelic warriors from across the ages.

That’s a lot to fit in to one song but such is the prowess of The Mason District and the wonderfully named Earth To Lucy not only sounds like a long forgotten gem but a recently found future classic. It is smart and spacious, allowing deft music blending and a knowledge that you don’t have to throw all of your musical eggs in one sonic basket to get people to take notice of you. You just have to try and be smarter than the competition and this is indie-rock with a PhD for sure.


Electric Shore – Someone New: Soulfully Gritty Synthesised Raucous Indie Rock

Someone New is the soulfully gritty new Alt Rock anthem from Electric Shore, a band that won’t fail to astound you with their sonorously resounding sound.

There’s no shortage of Alt Rock acts breaking onto the scene in 2018, yet, no one can deny that Electric Shore aren’t just your average up & coming outfit. They roll with the same punches as bands such as M83 when it comes to the synthesised Indie Pop beat, yet Ryan Hill’s vocals to Someone New gave me the same chills as I get when listening to Editors or Interpol. He’s got that same chillingly beautiful edge to his slightly raucous style. Alongside Hill’s vocals he also provides all of the angular guitar riffs that really resonate above the cacophonic drum rolls and reverb of the subtle bassline. Once you tune into the drum rolls to Electric Shore’s latest track, it’s hard to divert your attention elsewhere but the rolling thunder.

Post break up politics can always get a bit sticky, so at least Electric Shore have created a sweet soundtrack for the between days.

Head on over to Facebook to connect with the Indie Alt trio.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Phantom Electric – Friends: Arrestingly Beautiful Indie Rock Gold

I’m frankly stumped and appalled that Atlanta, Georgia based band Phantom Electric’s latest track Friends isn’t already being blasted through BBC Radio on a Sunday afternoon.

The Indie Rock MASTERPIECE ‘Friends’ has the same allure as bands such Jaws, Peace, Drenge and the Maccabee’s with all of its own unique pioneering glory. Vocals curtesy of Nick Whitson have the same evocative edge as some of my favourite 90’s Alt Rock idols, they’re ethereal, yet arrestingly beautiful at the same time. It’s the atmospheric aura that the 5-piece band create is what really makes this track such a pleasure to listen to. The tranquil trickling harmonies build up to create a rich cacophony which rings to the reverberation of the guitar. It’s once you really tune into the lyrics of the band’s debut track when the power of the sound really hits you, the heart-wrenching lyrics somehow pertain warmth, and an infinite amount of sweet resonance.

Check out the official video to Friends on YouTube using the link below:

Follow Phantom Electric on Facebook & stay up to date with all their new releases:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Champion Electric – Squid: A Hypnotic Sound of Transcendence

Squid is the 3rd single release by the timidly charming trio of musicians that make up the refreshing new band Champion Electric. Their dreamy layers of sound translate into pure aural alchemy, the charming rhythmic melodies behind the track wash over you like the purest sound you’ve ever soaked up. The progressions and muted cacophonies are on an ethereal level, but the Nashville based Indie Rock group are anything but melodic.

The emerging artists formed Champion Electric back in 2016 and it wasn’t long until fans were enjoying the sound of their subline synergy, each member bringing their own style and sensibility to the table. The influences for their organic sound come from their penchant for the pensively upbeat sounds from Surfer Blood, Beach House, Knox Hamilton and MGMT.

Let the mellow melodies flow and check out Squid, along with the bands earlier releases on Spotify using the link below:

Follow Champion Electric via their official Facebook page:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Take a journey with Lukka

It is often said that making music is a journey, a creative road trip through eras and styles, ideas and imagery, and whilst this might seem like an over used cliche, there are some artists where you can see the artistic foot prints of the road they have travelled. How heavy those foot prints have been treaded into the musical ground and the pattern that they make is the difference between pastiche and originality and thankfully Lukka’s footprints are deft, graceful, knowing and considered.

She dances along long-forgotten folk tracks, walks parallel to indie backstreets and gently wanders 60’s psychedelic pop pathways and the footprints that she leaves are hypnotic and beguiling in their own right.  Because of this Tin Can sounds timeless, or at least it would sit comfortably in any decade of the last sixty years, slightly outside the mainstream and wonderfully confident in its own musical skin. Outsider music for those in the know.


Andy Host – Heartbeats: International Upbeat Brit Pop

I was one of the lucky few who had the pleasure to listen to German singer song writer Andy Host’s brand new single Heartbeats in the build up to its release. The single will be available to download and in a stunning array of other formats from November 17th.  I’ve been well and truly caught up in the momentum of Andy Hosts new sound. To say that Heartbeats is an upbeat track would be the biggest understatement I could ever make. It’s packed full of raw unadulterated positive vibes that will quite literally take your breath away and guide you into a chaotic state of euphoria.

Andy Host uses his talent with his passion for the Indie Pop and Brit Pop sound and truly brings the genres he dabbles within to life. His previous project ‘Louder Than Gray’ was a mix of melancholic sounds in the midst of pensive emotions, his new musical venture couldn’t be more different, it’s overwhelming with raucous energy, love and passion.

You can taste a sample of his brand new single Heartbeats on his website before it is release date.

Stay connected to the musical enigma through the Facebook link below for more info on his new upcoming releases.


Tommy Zamp’s “Romeo” You Don’t Know Me Is A Brilliant Marriage & Barrier Breaker Of Genres

Tommy Zamp is probably a name you’ve already heard of. Through his vast experience in live shows and tours around the US and UK he has collaborated extensively with various artists and is now preparing to release his new record “You Don’t Know Me,” supported by the momentum gaining single “Romeo.” With its distinctive rock n roll sound which carries you away, “Romeo” is one of those songs which is not just enjoyable at the pub but also in live gig settings, on the radio in your car and also pretty much at any time during the day.

Apart from its characteristic guitar sonorities filling in the background and foreground throughout the song, “Romeo” also presents the listener with Tommy Zamp’s versatile vocal abilities to deliver an immersive relatable narrative while also exploring powerful notes in the chorus which drive the music forward. Complementing the shapely vocal melodic lines are guitar phrases filled with energy and intent that carry you along  and provide that authentic rock n roll sound which we all love, making Tommy Zamp’s music shine above the rest as it climbs up the charts.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Frogcodile Release Melodic Indie Rock Video “Paperhouse” Live From The Basement

Frogcodile is an indie rock band with a passion for melodic indie rock. Their music makes me think of bands such as Radiohead or Horse Jumper Of Love, fueled by simple melodies, yet striking for its essentialism.

Their recent release is a live recording straight out from the band’s rehearsal space. The sound production is impeccable, and the band managed to capture their live performances in a really spectacular way, combining studio fidelity with the human touch of live sound…there is simply nothing as good as a band in a room, playing off of the real dynamics between musicians! The youtube pages actually features 4 performances, including the songs “Distant Days”, “Paperhouse”, “Molecules” and “Refractions”. The second tune mentioned, “Paperhouse”, stands as a great example of the band’s vision.

The guitar lines in particular, are really simple, but they have a special way to seamlessly cut through the mix and leave a mark in the arrangements. The drums are uptempo and dense, with a powerful groove serving as the backbone of the songs.


Rhys Tranter Releases Sharp & Powerful Track ‘Fox Of Truth’

“Fox Truth’, a sharp and powerful tale of friendship, touching on the darkest moments we face, but fundamentally focusing on the value of friendship. Rhys Tranter, Milli Casey and Deanna Rose make a paramount team on the vocals, with Nick Harvey dominating the drums and Sam Smith producing, completing the flawless five. Traditionally the sound of the track lies in an acoustic indie-rock genre, with elements of blues folk and alternative country, which is what generates a personal connection between the five. A slow and illuminating texture is in harmony with unifying vocals, a clear representation of a secure connection between them.

There is a touch of despair hidden in between the lines, but a shed of hope is portrayed from an everlasting friendship. They count their blessings and embrace the fact they are not alone, “Every time I drag myself down/You’ll be there to pull me back in/My oldest friend, I’m graceless and hollow”. This same chorus becomes more heightened as the track goes on, becoming more passionate as it reaches its peak; the energizing electric guitar sending us into a fiery frenzy.

-Aly McHugh

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