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No Mission: West Lothian band The Tropicanas are at their honest best on ‘Your Man on the Moon’

With their minds up in the skies as they look for brighter and more exciting days ahead, The Tropicanas avoid the lonely times with the new single which has you thinking deeply called ‘Your Man on the Moon‘.

The Tropicanas is an experienced West Lothian, Scotland-based indie-rock band that are named ironically due to their areas tough climate that hardly has much sunshine, as they dream of those holidays away from the doom and dull gloom.

With a chilled vibe that shows us their likable style of music, you get lost in his gritty vocals and the mellow soundtrack blossoms throughout, which certainly feels like it belongs in a movie. The riffs are so soul-healing and the story about drifting away from peculiar times is a welcome addition, to a time that needs all the goodness it can get.

Your Man on the Moon‘ from lovable Scottish indie-rock band The Tropicanas, shows us into a mindset that has your spirit up above in space — as you think about leaving this strange planet for a while — to see what else is up there.

This is a nap-takers dream song, as the imagination takes you for another spin upwards, which is such a pleasant thought as you drift off into a whole new exciting dream.

Stream this new single on Spotify and follow their music mission on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Romantic Planet: Irish artist Tadhg dreams of that sweet ‘Space Love’

Sparking in hot with a supremely creative debut single that has your attention and brings in a cheeky smile, Tadhg takes us to an exciting new planet to rejoice, with the freshly squeezed new single called ‘Space Love‘.

Tadhg is a proudly Queer Irish indie pop/rock artist, Jazz and Contemporary performance student who makes that catchy music, which has your whole body moving and grooving.

”Mix Elton John with Lady Gaga, add a hint of George Michael, and a sprinkle of Queen, smack it in the oven for 21 years and boom, you’ve got me baby.” – Tadhg

You feel the vibrant lyrics that hugs you so close — while taking you to a new place that is full of freedom and care — far way from this dark world that can be so dull and very undesirably hateful sometimes. The razz and jazz mix in so sweetly here like a perfectly poured drink, the crisp texture is a joy to listen to as this tasty sip gets your blood flowing again.

Space Love’ from the new and entertaining Ireland artist Tadhg, is that romantic groove that has you feeling like you are in a rocket ship, and headed towards that person that you care about so much. With vocals that are full of compassion and a deeply intriguing tone, this is a song to play loud and proud when you need some inspiration to believe in love again.

Stream this fresh new single on Spotify and see the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Brushing Away The Doubt: East London rockers Howard And The Leaves drop new single ‘Broken Rocks’

Recorded after the first UK lockdown at Stratford’s cozy Mustard Seed Studio, Howard And The Leaves sweep away the treacherous ‘Broken Rocks‘ to mend all past worries away into the distance forever.

Howard And The Leaves is an exciting East London, UK-based alt-rock band, who after writing this song during an improv jam, show their creative skill set with music that soothingly gushes at the sweet spot in your stomach, and never lets go easily.

They give a story about wanting someone so badly, as they race into your mind but it feels like they don’t really want you. You feel like you are sliding down and are picking up so many cuts on the way, as you want something you can’t have right now.

With a catchy chorus that has you reminiscing about those dusty music festivals that you feel a band like this would absolutely revel in, they power into steal your heart on a fantastic single with so much to like.

Broken Rocks‘ from the quality East London rockers Howard And The Leaves, is a motivated track that shows their intent to get off the slippery cliffs and only be on dry land again. They morph a sound that gives you a tremendous boost that blasts into your speakers and makes you real sweaty. Just the way music should be.

Stream this top new song on Spotify and see more stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

It Will All Pass By: Hilton brushes off those treacherous ‘Demons’

After taking the risky but ultimately rewarding decision to leave home with just his 2006 4-Runner, some clothes and his trusty guitar to follow his dreams via a house with thirty people inside it, Hilton has faced his ‘Demons‘ and won.

Hilton is a Michigan-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie rock/rap one man band, who sings and flows with that inner desire to make music that helps him find his path to self-enlightenment and to inspire others to do the same.

This is the heartfelt message of giving yourself a break if you are going through some personal issues, as eventually it will all pass and you will be able to breathe again. Life is a marathon, not a sprint after all and better days do certainly lay ahead.

His voice is so atmospheric, you are drawn into his deep lyrics and soothing vocals. You feel rather inspired to reach for what you really want to do in life — rather than being stuck in your home town where the same stories are plastered together — and you can’t really grow.

Demons‘ from LA-based indie rock artist Hilton, leads us into his vivid imagination, as he tells us that we shouldn’t worry too much about those feelings inside that bring us down sometimes. They will eventually pass, if you keep the faith, work hard at your craft and keep positive. This is a wise musician who has sacrificed much to follow his heart, his soaring vocals and crisp guitar playing, only leads to happier times for all.

See the live video on YouTube and see his adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ins Kino is ‘Coming Around’.

Coming Around by Ins Kino

Ins Kino is the recording project of Raleigh, North Carolina, based singer-songwriter Evan Farkas, and ‘Coming Around’ is the first single from his forthcoming debut EP. There’s a melancholic-yet-upbeat feel to the track, reminiscent of The Divine Comedy, early Smiths, or My Life Story. That could be down to Farkas’ use of strings and woodwind over a pushy, bouncy rhythm section, rather than simply relying on the more usual ‘indie’ guitar, bass, and keyboards approach.

It’s a nice mix of cynical and optimistic, chilled-and-mellow yet somehow bouncy-and-upbeat all at once, hooky melodies and a catchy pop chorus coupled with orchestral, cinematic sweeps and swooshes from the off-beat instrumentation, Farkas’ vocal beautifully delivered in that sort of almost-distracted, sardonic Neil Hannon, Ed Harcourt kind of way. It’s undeniably chamber pop, but with an eye to lazy, witty lyrics and deep, crooning vocals.

You can hear ‘Coming Around’ on BandCamp, and follow Ins Kino on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Angelo Amarello – A perfect summery invitation in ‘Let’s Drink’.

It seems like everyone’s starting to think about the end of lock-down and getting back out to seeing friends, sharing a drink, maybe going to the pub…with ‘Let’s Drink’, Angelo Amarello sings us an ode to overindulgence and perhaps having just one glass of wine too many and waking in the morning ‘with a hammer on your mind’.

It’s fun, it rocks out in a very, very well-put-together post-grunge radio-friendly kind of way – think The Calling or the Goo Goo Dolls, and maybe at times even a little single-releases-Bring Me The Horizon – with one of the catchiest choruses we’ve heard so far this year. Amerello’s voice is perfect for the track (or vice versa), laconic without being lazy and effortlessly familiar, instantly. It’s a great, perfect, summer radio rock single, and a wonderful look forward to the end of isolation.

Check out ‘Let’s Drink’ on Spotify; follow Amarello on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

Brandon Wade wants us all to ‘Dance Again’

Brandon Wade

Sometimes, the choice is between doing what’s easy, or doing what’s right. That’s the story behind Brandon Wade’s ‘Dance Again’, a gentle, uplifting acoustic ballad carried by Brandon’s sublime picked guitar parts and stunning vocal. There’s a touch of ‘The Bends’ era Radiohead about it, if Radiohead hadn’t started playing around with all the electronics, some Kevin Garrett, maybe a helping of James Bay, Michael Rosenberg/Passenger, or Hozier, too – think airy, space-filled contemporary acoustic guitar and a vocal delivery that flirts at times with falsetto, but never gives anything but exquisite delicacy.

Brandon Wade wants to write music that inspires people, and to be a ‘voice for those too afraid to speak or who think their words have little meaning’. With ‘Dance Again’, he’s produced a beautiful single about love, loss, and learning that really does have a voice all of its own.

You can check out Dance Again here.

Follow Brandon Wade on Instagram.


Review by Alex Holmes

Mike Stoyanov has made their unmissable indie garage rock debut with ‘Star’.

After lending his talent to various rock and blues outfits, London’s Mike Stoyanov made his solo debut on February 12th with the punchy indie garage rock track ‘Star’.

With the vocal swagger of Liam Gallagher and his fresh take on garage rock, anyone still turning to indie for their aural euphoria fixes will undoubtedly feel the dopamine flood when hitting play. It’s an unapologetic feel-good track that couldn’t have hit the airwaves at a better time. If anything can dissolve the ego, it’s enduring 12 months of pandemic times that have stifled the arts, yet, Mike Stoyanov is here with an anthemic reminder that the rock n roll persona is still as fitting as ever. He’s pretty convincing too. You’ll want him on your radar for his sophomore release.

Star is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Smashing Effort: Eaglebauer has us highly entertained with the punchy ‘What To Expect When You Least Expect It’

What To Expect When You Least Expect It by Eaglebauer

With a ferocious energy that has you locked in tight into your seat, Eaglebauer flies free to send us a ten-track album to remember called ‘What To Expect When You Least Expect It‘.

Eaglebauer is a rugged New York-based indie rock act, that smashes through the timid walls with a core-strong sound that brings you back to the old school feels of seething guitar riffs, that lights a fire bright and burns down the whole building, with sparks blazing throughout the sky.

”Just an overgrown boy that plays in an imaginary band making songs of joy, fear, death and pasta.” – Eaglebauer

There are ten quality songs here, that are all full of punchy bass lines that sends your mind into a spin, as you sift through what you have heard before and know that this is a proper album. These songs are full of vocals that brings your heartbeat to a dangerous level of delight, you jump up and down and remember head banging at your local club in total delight.

What To Expect When You Least Expect It‘ from the New York-based act Eaglebauer, is a terrific release that has you rocking along to music that grabs you close, gives you a beer and has you letting your hair roam around like it was 1999 again. A smashing effort that deserves our utmost attention.

Stream this rockin’ new release on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Over A Decade Away: Bulletproof Messenger rifle back to where they belong after a long hiatus with ‘The Divide’

After a long time out the music game, Bulletproof Messenger have a point to prove on their new smashing single that satisfies their loyal fans palates on ‘The Divide’.

Bulletproof Messenger is a blisteringly packed-to-the-max six-piece indie Long Island, New York indie alt-rock band, that bring the world an inspirational message one song at a time, with rugged energy that has you feeling alive inside.

After previously sharing the stage with heavyweights Incubus, Seether, Fuel, Drowning Pool, Edema and Everclear, it feels like they are supremely hungry and want to claim back the massive name that they had built up before.

”The band has spent the last few years dealing with multiple military deployments, the rewarding rigors of family life and career changes all in conjunction with working towards our next release.” – Bulletproof Messenger

You feel the energy is rampant, the band mesh as one on this terrifically charged moment that they have been waiting for. The world is a crazier place and we are so divided — but through music we can always be united — even for a few minutes.

The Divide’ from the band on a mission to the return to their heyday Bulletproof Messenger, gives us that real pleasant punch to the gut that serves us a wake-up call, that fuels our minds after a crazy twelve months. They have a sound that is absolutely timeless and have sent out a track that was certainly worth the wait.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out the IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen