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Amore Et Bellum – Devil is a She: Bewitchingly Rhythmic Alt Rock

As you’d expect from a Kansas based Alt Rock collective named Amore Et Bellum their sound is sultry, sublime and sonorous. The dreamily angular guitar melodies carry the perfect pitch of resonance around the veraciously seductive vocal styling of the female vocalist who is incomparable to every other female vocalist around to date.

In Amore Et Bellum’s latest single Devil is a She you can expect cataclysmic instrumental breakdowns from a band that share so much synergy it’s almost dizzying. Not for one moment does the track remain stagnant as the instrumentals glide through progressive rhythmic progressions as they seamlessly switch for rich, warm dulcet tones to pounding and raucous Alt Rock.

You can check out the title track from Amore Et Bellum’s latest album Satan is a She which was released June 2018 on SoundCloud now. Each one of the eight track carries its own brand of beguilingly ethereal style, yet there’s a beautiful taste of low down and dirty America infused into every tantalising soundbite.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


LUV DOT GOV – Pretty Enough: Pensively Punchy Alt Rock

Radiohead fans; you’re in for an absolute treat. LUV DOT GOV have recently dropped their latest single Pretty Enough, to say it’s a melancholic masterpiece wouldn’t be an exaggeration. For me, it’s always easy tell when artists create music for the right reasons, and it’s tracks like Pretty Enough that open a line of communication between the artists and their fans, in a way not to dissimilar for my eternal hero Amanda Palmer.

Pretty Enough is an enthralling offering of insecurity, if the lyrics paired with the music video don’t move you, it’s safe to say that you’re dead inside, and all that’s without mentioning the raucously powerful Alt Rock instrumentals which really bring the track to life, the angular, punchy, sludgy Grunge guitar riffs wrap around the tight drum rolls and palpitatingly heavy bassline. If all that wasn’t enough the keyboard throws soaring synth into the mix which adds a piercing amount of resonance to the mix.

You can check out the official video to LUV DOT GOV’s latest single Pretty Enough which was released on June 21st on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Bearing Torches – Summer Break: Sun-Soaked American Alt Rock

We’ve heard Summer anthems from Pop, R&B and Hip Hop artists, but Bearing Torches are the Alt Rock collective to brave the sunny frontier with their latest single Summer Break.

Yet, I have to say, I no way anticipated such an archaic soundscape to be created by a fresh faced collective. Put it this way, Bruce Springsteen fans are going to be in heaven with this anthemically raucous Alt Rock offering. That’s not to say the US based Alt Rock collective’s soundscapes are just an assimilation of tired old sounds. They’ve reinvented the iconic sound with added hype and even tighter instrumental harmony by incorporating the soaring licks of the brass around the guitar-driven sound. Then there’s the lyrics and vocals which register as absolutely flawless.

You can check out Bearing Torches latest single Summer Break which was released in June 2018 on SoundCloud now. If you’re moved by the momentum of tracks such as Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams, this infectiously catchy new hit is the perfect follow up on your playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Happy K-O – Growing Up: The Punchiest Alt Rock Genre-Mash Up You’ll Hear this Year

Happy K-O is one of those sublime artists who I’m fairly sure would never allow their sound to be defined by just one genre. The latest single brought out by the emerging artist is the eclectically infused mix ‘Growing Up’ which incorporates the punchy off beat progressions of Ska with the guitar-driven melodies of Prog Rock, with a pinch of Indie Pop sensibility. On top of all that, there’s even an EDM Trap element which Happy K-O somehow found space for in the mix. Genuinely confused how he packed all of that into a three-minute track.

The arrangements are like nothing I have ever heard, the multilayer beat weaves seamlessly, concordantly, bewitchingly, allowing you to be consumed by the uplifting quintessence of the track. The vocal harmonies add a sweet hint of innocence over the single which invites you fall even more in love with Happy K-O’s prodigally textured sound. The relatively Lo Fi recording of the track adds even more to the amiability.

You can check out Happy K-O’s latest single Growing Up from their 2018 album Youth and Ignorance on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Charlie Says – Vena Cava: Riot Grrrl May Have Got a New Ring Leader

Charlie Says latest single Vena Cava is a Riot Grrrl’s absolute dream. I have never in my life come across a female vocalist with the vocal strength to match Skin from Skunk Anansie. Whilst that may seem like very high praise, that is exactly what Alcie Bela deserves after creating such a blinding track with a little help from her powerhouse of instrumentalists. Their Indie Alt Rock approach to sound comes alive curtesy of the popping, grinding, and frankly filthy guitar riffs, stomach-twistingly tight drum rolls and the ever-pounding rhythm of the bass. On top of that, the lyrics to Vena Cava are as empowering as they come, and the solo’s, my God the guitar solos may just leave you needing to pick your jaw up from the floor.

The Cardiff based collective released their latest title single from their EP Vena Cava which was released on June 6th on SoundCloud now. Any fans of Lunachicks, Vulpynes, Hands Off Gretel and Dreamwife will absolutely be in heaven with this track.

Keep up to date with Charlie Says latest releases and tour dates by giving them a follow on Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Caveat Empire – Howling Fantods: Feverishly Lavish Progressive Alt Rock

With a prelude which sounded like something Mike Patton would cook up, it took me all of five seconds to fall in love with Caveat Empire’s latest single Howling Fantods.

There may have been some profanities projected at my speakers as I sat in aural admiration to the Chicago, US based band’s progressively tantalizing, intricately sensational new single. After the prelude I was worried at how any style of vocals could compliment an already perfect beat. Then I was blown away once more the vocals behind Howling Fantods. With a faint reminiscence to bands such as Magazine and Public Image Ltd the vocalist versed the evocative lyrics with a perceptible amount of passion and proved his vocals were just as progressive as the beat.

In short, Howling Fantods is nothing if not prodigally blinding genius, why not check it out for yourselves by heading over to YouTube and dare to disagree with me?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to head over to Facebook and fangirl at them just a little bit after checking out their feverishly lavish amplified soundscapes of chaos.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


MilkMann’s – All Your Tears: Vibrato Vocals, a Britpop Beat, What More Could You Possibly Want?

If you haven’t got around to checking out MilkMann’s latest single All Your Tears, what are you even doing with your life? Their latest single has massive viral potential thanks to the instantly cathartic waves of synergy that the track throws at you. Put it this way, if you’re ever in the midst of an existential crisis; whack this track on repeat, drink in the ambient waves of Alt Britpop and I’m pretty sure everything will be okay.

The piano keys fade out the intro and allow the gently and intricately picked guitars to dance around the chord progressions as the vocalist’s sweet vibrato vocal offerings serve up some of the most devastatingly poignant lyrics I’ve heard this side of 1999. Out of the hundreds of thousands of people who have checked out All Your Tears already I’d put money on it that I’m not the only one that has felt the mascara-ruining prickling of the tear ducts.

For any fans of The Verve, Blur, Radiohead, Suede or the Killers, I can guarantee that you’ll adore the tentatively paced progression of the track which comes off MilkMann’s latest EP Steinmiller

You can check out MilkMann’s latest single All Your Tears by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Velvit – Dig: Explosively Enigmatic Alt Rock

The true mark of a great Alt Rock collective will always be sex appeal, (Feel free to argue with me) and that’s exactly what Velvit put out in their latest single Dig. As soon as the pulsing drum beat kicks in on the prelude the track starts to ooze raucously rhythmic synergy which would leave most bands envious of their command of sound. But nothing, absolutely nothing will prepare you for how much unadulterated filth they pack into the chorus. Which you’ll almost definitely need to sit down for. The switch up between the tentatively sweet Indie to the punchy veraciously explosive chorus was so seamless you couldn’t have anticipated it happening.

With their already radio ready sound, I wouldn’t say it’s going to be long until Velvit dominate the radio waves. Even after the fifth time of listening to Dig I couldn’t quite get over the raw vocal power over the track and the glorious reminiscence to Shinedown’s vocalist Brent Smith.

You can check out the official music video to Velvit’s track Dig on YouTube now & connect with the Leeds based four-piece collective via Facebook to stay up to date with their tours and new releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


All Systems Know – Love with the Lights On: Alt Rock Aural Alchemy

Well, who needs another song about love with the lights off?

Jokes aside, the latest single by All Systems Know ‘Love with the Lights On’ is absolutely sensational. It’s one of those tracks which feels like blasphemy to tear apart in an attempt to define the track. With a slightly extended 5-minute duration there was plenty to sink your teeth into within the track, not to mention the quite literally jaw-dropping riff which helps the track draws to a close.

Love with the Lights On stands as audible evidence that All Systems Know are an absolute powerhouse of artists. The sludgy melodies and chaotic effects on the guitars and bass are one thing, but the vocals bring their sound into a completely new league. There’s an antagonistic biting quality to the captivating vocals which drew me into the sound almost immediately. I’ll even go as far to say it was a little bit sexy.

If you could imagine a mash up of Bauhaus, Incubus and, Rage Against the Machine, you can get a pretty good idea of the ingenuity which has been served up by All System know’s latest single.

You can get all excited by the track yourselves by heading over to All System Know’s SoundCloud page and checking out the raucously concordant track out for yourselves.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Drunk Valentine: The Intoxicatingly Alchemic Latest single from Franklin Gotham

It’s dreamy, it’s melodic, it’s feverishly sweet and it may very will be my new favourite Folk inspired single. Franklin Gotham is the aural child of three sensational artists with a gloriously archaic sentimentality. Their inventive experimentation of instruments and arrangements create a blissfully jangly and ethereal sentimentality in contrast to the lyrics which, lets be honest, they’re ironically sobering. The Johnny Marr influence to the sonically rhythmic guitar is more than palpable, pair that with the 80’s inspired Synth and the melodies are as tight as they come. The squeaky clean polish over the production of this track is just the cherry on the cake.

Their glorious style may not to be everyone’s taste, but when was the last time you heard a stellar track that played it safe? Incorporating elements of Americana, Folk Rock, Indie and Polished Pop, Drunk Valentine serves up a smorgasbord of contrasting yet complimentary sounds to create a sound that could only be described as prodigally progressive.

Head on over to SoundCloud to check out Franklin Gotham’s latest single Drunk Valentine now. Fans of Dropkick Murphy’s, Dresden Dolls, or Mumford and Sons are going to be in heaven with this track.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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