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Vikta Bravo Oz – Pay No Heed: A Hauntingly Ambient Snare of Serenity

Vikta Bravo Oz’s latest track which debuted in January 2018 is an ambiently enthralling mix of dulcet electronica sounds that right from the intro you can’t help being drawn in by.

Perhaps it’s the perfect orchestration or Vikta’s resounding voice that makes his latest track Pay No Heed a haunting mix that comes with its own delectable ability to entice you into the melancholy. With a striking resonance to some of my favourite artists including The Editors and Interpol mixed in with a little Nils Frahm & Sigur Ros it’s no wonder I was so compelled with the stunning artists latest cinematic track.

Like most decent tracks around today, Vikta composed his sound by using elements from a myriad of different genres to create the perfect cacophony. From Ambient to Psychedelic, Electronica to Folk, Blues to Alt Pop. This synergetic mix from the Sydney based singer songwriter will take you on a harrowingly beautiful journey that as cleverly composed with his trusty time piece guitar and an amplifier that’s twice his age.

Check out Pay No Heed for yourselves on SoundCloud using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast.


American Disillusion – Misery Album Review: Altered States of Alternative Art Rock

If you’re anything like me, finding an album that you can sit back and enjoy all the way through isn’t an everyday occurrence. Yet American Disillusion’s debut album which was released in March 2016 ‘Misery’ provides one of the most satisfying ambiently melancholic soundtracks that any fan of stoner art rock will simply adore. From a spoken word poetry introduction to some of the most dulcet Art Rock sounds that have been released this side of the 1990’s, each of the 12 tracks have an ethereal power of their own. Although Homemade Clouds is one of my stand out favourites, the discord that the bass carries through the introduction almost puts Sonic Youth to shame. The fuzzy instrumentals are sweetened by reverb and drenched in morose flair are subtly pacifying under the vocals which pensively expel the pensive apathy behind American Disillusions sound.

The band take their influence from a range or artists from Modest Mouse to Weezer, Blink 182 to Green Day to contribute to their Alternative Punk Rock eclectic sound. If you’re a fan of Nada Surf, Dinosaur Jr, Nicky Wire, or Fidlar, you’re going to love this album. The remastered version of Misery is available to download via iTunes

Or you can check out American Disillusion on Spotify

Head on over to the American Disillusion Facebook page & keep up to date with the bands new releases:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Lovan – Come on Back: If Jim Jones Made Music, It Would Sound Like This

When’s the last time you listened to a track that blew you away within the first ten seconds of the song unfolding? I don’t even think that’s happened to me before, but hearing that raucous drum roll, quite literally made my jaw hit the floor, the bass sweeps in with smooth jazzy punches to introduce Lovan’s sensually enigmatic Alt Rock vocals, that lie somewhere in between Kings of Leon, The Lone Bellow and Frank Zappa.

His pioneering sound clamours with a furious fever, like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Come on Back is just one of the sensual audiophile delights to be found on his latest self-titled album ‘Lovan’

I can’t recommend this 5-star track enough. Head on over to Lovan’s spotify where you can check out his entire album. Hallelujah.

Why not add Come on Back to your Spotify playlists?

Review by Amelia Vandergast.


Billy Wild – Cool is the new hot!

Sitting somewhere between dance, rock and electro-pop, Cool With That is the perfect bit of dance floor fun. It comes on like a raucous retro guitar attack but quickly switches to a clubland groove, teasing, sassy and fully of tension before unleashing an infectious chorus that will be stuck in your brain before the song is even finished. It struts, it swaggers, it pop, it rocks, it is the soundtrack to the best night out, it is in your face and totally uncompromising.

Billy Wild is one of those people who has his fingers in a number of creative pies, a film maker, music video producer, songwriter, editor…all in all a modern day renaissance man. And just like the man the music is a patchwork of styles and influences, genre clashes and cool ideas. Maybe nothing is new under the sun but it still takes a clever imagination and skilled eye to gather all the building blocks you find around you and build them into something that stands out from the competition. Billy Wild does just that. Clever.


Four In The Morning – Music for Insomniacs

Music always comes with a non-composed element, a background feeling that is less about the notes and the beats but more to do with what hangs in between, a sonic personality if you like, based not on what the song does but what it is. The fact that this wonderful track is taken from an album called Half Asleep and is by a band called Four In The Morning gives the listener a big clue about where this all might be going. And indeed Lavender is the sound of restlessness, of the brain working overtime when it should be asleep, following fractious though process and whatever the opposite of “the cold light of day” might happen to be.

It is a gentle, piano driven ballad that, like all such nighttime analyses, slowly overthinks itself, heads towards a manic desire and starts to get fractured, splinters out of its logical path and turns from a bucolic night time muse into an all too intense longing. Lavender is a clever song, slow burning and embracing rawer and grittier sonic themes as it heads towards its conclusion. It is either a brilliant indie nocturne or an argument against eating cheese before bedtime.


Lost Lion – Wake Up: The Raconteurs of Relentless Riffs

It’s been two years since Lost Lion first released their debut hit which is fused with relentless riffs, garage style lyrics and a rock revival styling, quite frankly, I’m amazed that the talented quartet of musicians remain on the underground with such a prowess of rhythmic chemistry between them.

The international collective was formed in 2015 by the effortlessly talented Mark Sidney, whose talent translates through his raw, elemental guitar licks and infectious vocal command. Sidney took his sound to the states to infuse his solos with a dousing of New Wave Electronica to create a contemporary folk sound. The instrumentals ring with the same styling as bands such as The Black Keys, and Super Furry Animals, yet it’s the sardonic lyrics that really bring their debut track Wake Up to life. The lyrics are what allows Lost Lion to be more than a collective of musicians they revel in their raconteur glory and take you on a raw, ethereal journey through their music. They adopt their style from a range of influences which include Artic Monkeys, Bowie and ELO, yet their pioneering sound is unique to their own deft hands.

Check out Lost Lion’s track Wake Up on SoundCloud using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


El Gato Del Rio – Honest Living: A Tarantino Tempo of 60’s Psychedelic Psychobilly

Honest Living is the first single from the album Below the Willows which will be released on February 10th, 2018, by the wickedly talented quartet of musicians that go by the name of El Gato Del Rio. Their surreal take on music is a treat for any audiophile on the hunt for something a little more vibrant on their playlist.

There really is no putting a pin on the bands genre, the eclectic sound boundless, fused together with a Johnny Cash vibe, a little raucous psychobilly, all done over the rhythm of Spanish guitar at the hands of the man in a mask. In short, it’s probably like nothing you have ever heard before. The transgression of the soulful track is absolutely flawlessly enigmatic, the flip from male to female vocals is almost reminiscent of the classic Hillbilly Moon Explosion duet with Sparky from Demented Are Go. The fact that the 4-piece band managed to incorporate a double bass & accordion into the ensemble immediately sold this track from me. If more band used strings, the music scene would be a better place.

You can check out the official music video to Honest Living on YouTube via the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Evans Above!

If R&B is often the stuff of dance floor cliche and pop is centred on throwaway tunes to generate a quick buck, then Donny Evans is probably turned up just at the right time. Life’s Too Short is a cool blast of soulful pop and groovesome R&B but it seems aimed at a more discerning and mature audience. Forget the get rich quick chart fodder that seems to come and go at a mind-boggling rate of knots these days,  Evans makes music for the long haul.

This is music that really reflects the here and now but it is music with a future a merging of slick R&B beats with more cultish underground vibes, music that will both connect with the quick fix pop crowd but also has mass appeal with the more taste driven markets, music which is at once inventive and clever but without being anything other than a cool, sensual and accessible pop record.


Ethan Peterson – Stronger: Scratching the Surface of Superficiality

Ethan Peterson is a 20-year-old Indie Pop Rock singer song-writer from Ohio who uses his unique sound to inject some passion and meaning back into the music scene and rise above the superficiality that now plagues every genre known to man. His songs translate into narrative stories through his intricate offerings of human emotion.

His latest track Stronger is an ode the anxiety that makes his life so subjectively dark where he’s waging wars upon himself. I mean, anxiety is so common place, yet when was the last time you heard someone create a song about it apart from Eddie Vedder’s sweet rendition of Society? This track grips you like a vice & doesn’t let go, until long after the music has faded out, I don’t think there has been such a composition in sincerity fused with empowerment in recent years. The track progresses from almost acoustic minimalism into an uproar of unedited passion and feeling in the chorus.

Stronger was released on 3/01/2018 as Peterson’s debut track, check out Ethan Peterson’s track Stronger on SoundCloud using the link below:

Keep up to date with Peterson’s latest musical ventures by following him on Facebook:

– Amelia Vandergast


Windstil, the sound of two worlds colliding beautifully

If this is the sound that is created when the Old World meets the New, then it really needs to happen more often. Windstil is the result of American Mid-West cool meeting European sophistication, a delicate blend of trip-hop beats and ambient electronica, of space and sound, of jazz eclecticism and pop minimalism. The result is a joyous, slick and laidback song, as they themselves state, “one foot on the ground and one hand in the sky,” which is the perfect summary of the music they create.

Their latest song remembertouch expertly balances ambient washes with melancholic electronica (melantronic?) haunted, lucid dreamscapes with noirish, post-pop depth, neon futurism with subdued and ancient primal undercurrents and warped dance floor heartbeats with cinematic grandeur. Anyone who can do that all in the space of five minutes is someone you need to keep on your musical radar.

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