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“Trojan” Invades Your Speakers

Osei is an artist who’s new to me. I was passed his song “Trojan,” which I think is about as great of an introduction to the artist as I can imagine. He’s a rather apt performer and writer as is evidenced by his seven tracks available on Spotify. That being said, let’s dive into “Trojan” below.

The thick pad-chords create a density that the lead synth miraculously cuts right through. Drum-wise things are pretty straight-forward which has an almost ambient feel. Don’t get me wrong, the rhythm swings but for the most part, the movement coming from the track has mostly to do with Osei’s singing. The harmony of the pads becomes quite hidden amidst the booming bass drum which gives the feeling of an Eastern drone (something that can make me a fan). Osei’s voice is pleasantly high – he’s got a very gentle/mild sound, it goes through the song in a sophisticated silky line from the beginning to the end.

As if this wasn’t enough to sell you on the track, to boot, he’s got a very amusing Instagram featuring photos of him recording, a few performance antics, and even one stylish pic with a lingerie-clad young lady in the back (which I can’t-or wont-complain about). It’s good to see one of these lads with a sense of humour.

I Know Your Secrets: Sheffield heavy rollers Rosehill dominate all listeners on Shed Your Skin

Slicing through the speakers with a knife-like sharpness and endless energy, Rosehill might destroy many eardrums with ravenously bone-tingling aplomb on Shed Your Skin.

Rosehill is a Sheffield, UK-based indie melodic hardcore band who has a truly ear-splitting sound to be rather mesmerized by on each track.

Barging down the door and not bothering with any keys, Rosehill is such an impressive act and seems to wake up all sleepy souls. Their sound is loud but never too much and seems to blanket all previous anxiousness like a skilled doctor would. This is in your fact stuff, you see. Ferocious to the core and never on standby, we find a single to be truly inspired by.

Shed Your Skin from Sheffield, UK-based indie alternative melodic hardcore band Rosehill is a robust performance which might start a mosh pit no matter the weather. Taking our sweaty hands and joining as one, this is a heavy track to snack on mightily while it’s raining outside.

Listen up to this fine single on Spotify. See more news on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Yilgoren Music has recently released “Back To Grey”

Yilgoren Music is the brainchild of Turkish musician Arda Yilgoren, based in Toronto, Canada. He is an artist and songwriter with a direct and one-of-a-kind focus on making music that blurs the lines between different genres. These include alternative rock, indie-pop and so much more. The artist’s work is a balanced crossroads where all of the above meet, and then some! His most recent release, “Back To Grey”, is a perfect example.

In addition, the production quality lends the song an aura of credibility and professionalism. The aesthetics of the recording are a perfect match with the mood of this release. “Back To Grey” feels very genuine and it stands out as an authentic portrait of Yilgoren Music’s artistic vision and personality overall. This is highly recommended to fans of artists such as Daughtry, The Fray, and The Rasmus, only to mention a few.

Find out more about Yilgoren Music, and listen to “Back To Grey”. This release is currently available on digital streaming services.


Templemind reached the pinnacle of life-affirming alt-rock anthems with, More to This Life

I don’t make a habit of head-banging alone at home but I’m only human, and when Templemind’s latest single, More to This Life, flooded the room with visceral energy and hooky guitar riffs, getting caught up in the cathartic momentum was non-optional. The meditative yet rhythmically arresting propensities of the monolithic alt-rock track started to make a little more sense upon learning the single was tuned to 432Hz, which is proven to lower heart rates and heightens perception.

Starting with a disconcerted scratchy prelude that threw me right back to my teen days obsessing over Linkin Park’s raw introspection and catapulting into an alt-rock soundscape which raises the vibe with funky angular guitar chops around the massive synth lines and grittier tones, More to This Life is a life-affirming lesson in vindication.

I’m going to throw professionalism out of the window and confess to fucking ADORING Templemind. Although I guess I’m not alone. After his 2022 debut, the mastermind behind the project, Philipp Schardt, amassed over 500,000 streams.

More to This Life is now available to Stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Life Together: KC Sunshine opens up the envelope of reality with Hard Times for Dreamers

Emerging from a vivid dream and submerged in so much love, KC Sunshine shows us the truth in such a splendid way with the super debut solo single called Hard Times for Dreamers.

KC Sunshine aka KC Underwood is a UK-based indie alternative solo artist who is probably known best for his work with his former rock band, Big Deal (Mute).

The song came to him, like most of his others , in a dream. A song from a dream about fellow dreamers and what a particularly shit time it is to be one.” ~ KC Sunshine

Shining so brightly and showing us an example so many need to remember, KC Sunshine is on top form with a stunning single which the dreamers shall certainly relate to. Packed with honesty and a mellow ambience to slow dance with, this is a peaceful song to cherish forever.

Hard Times for Dreamers from UK-based indie alternative solo artist KC Sunshine is a lovely release that is so dreamy and might take all negative thoughts away in an instant. Vocally pure and a really enjoyable listen for all fans of genuine music, that shall float many away into a much better galaxy filled with hope.

Never stop dreaming, no matter what anyone says.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The alt-rock originator, djamesk13, struck again with his grungy proto-punk single, And That’s Where It Ends, And So It All Begun

And That’s Where It Ends, And So It All Begun” is the latest tonally sublime single released by the London-based alt-rock originator djamesk13 (David Kemp).

If Dinosaur Jr veered away from grunge and towards proto-punk and made a pit stop at 90s Britpop to pick up a bit of extra guitar swagger, the sonic result would be in a similar vein to this nostalgically produced hit.

The distortedly and poetically orchestrated single provides a definitive discourse on the nature of our lives which runs through like pre-determined chapters of destiny. Lament it or live it to the max, but that’s the nature of being, captured in the lyrical hooks in this epitomisingly sludgy earworm.

And That’s Where It Ends, And So It All Begun was officially released on November 19th. Catch it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Wacko Fest presents: “This Is Fine.”

Wacko Fest is a project with a truly one-of-a-kind sound and style. What makes the artistry of this musical act so special is that it all started in a very serendipitous way, just from friends having fun and jamming together. The spontaneity at the heart of Wack Fest is still a huge and vital component of this release and a really good example of why their formula is so exciting and always connects with people. Wacko Fest’s most recent work, “This Is Fine,” drops on November 25th, 2022. This is a great introduction to the band’s music and a fantastic example of the broad scope that fuels its artistic endeavours overall.

This release is highly recommended to fans of jangly, melodic and energetic indie rock.

Find out more about Wack Fest:

Freak out with the anthemically resonant single, Trauma, from the Atlanta indie powerhouse, yin.

Discussing inter-generational trauma no longer has to be confined to the therapy sessions you can’t afford, and posting statuses online that will result in a cascade of patronising care reacts. Atlanta’s most relatable alt-indie three-piece, yin, is here to make sure of it with their latest single, Trauma.

The infectiously maniacal high energy lets you ride the rare peaks that intersect the depth of the isolated lows. Strap yourselves in for the most anthemic indie jangle pop guitars you’ve ever heard as they sail through the dynamism that brings Take on Me to mind with the eccentrically soaring climactic choruses that leave the 1975 and Bleachers in the archetypal dirt.

In the style of Yung Blud, yin pair euphonic sonics with dark lyrics that make no bones about alluding to the dark places we drift into and all of the even darker thoughts that keep us company during the bouts of anxious madness that late-stage capitalism has left us to linger in. With their debut LP, Someone Who Isn’t Me, set to release on November 22nd, all eyes and ears should be on yin right now.

“There’s something really wonderful and terrible about being human in the modern age. We’re all struggling with the mere fact that waking up and convincing ourselves that we don’t hate each other is normal, and there’s always this emotional and spiritual push to try and love and cherish the little that we have to call our own. We just want to be honest about all of the sad parts as well as the really amazing happy parts.”

Trauma is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Go down the downward spiral with Daniel Antonio’s dark electronic rock debut, everything I touch

Any fans of Blue October, Celldweller, and Three Days Grace will be gripped with the evocative raw candour that complements the turbulently dark electronic rock aesthetic in Daniel Antonio’s debut single, everything I touch.

For infectious appeal, the debut fuses pop hooks with glitchy electronica and down-tuned guitars. With the bilingual lyrics adding yet another repeat-worthy facet to the track that exhibits Antonio’s fearless vulnerability equally through the lyrics and vocals, every time you listen to everything I touch, the immense sensory experience becomes that little bit more visceral. The single was written to encapsulate a relatable dark downward spiral that made losing touch an inevitability and admirably as an admission of fallibility.

Away from the music industry, the Sheffield-based solo artist starred in the BAFTA-nominated film Everybody’s Talking About Jamie – which explains the colossal cinematic touches in his debut. He also provided backing vocals for Ed Sheeran & Bring Me the Horizon’s earworm, Bad Habits, which hit number 3 on the UK charts. If this single doesn’t chart too, I might start a riot on his behalf.

Everything I touch will be available to stream from November 25th. Catch it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast