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Art pop meets hip hop in Drawn Tide’s latest single, ‘High Rise’.

Drawn Tide’s latest release, High Rise, is unquestionably the most haunting hip hop release of 2021. We may only be halfway through the year, but it’s hard to imagine any viable competition for the glitchy, pensive glitch-hop beats beneath ethereal art-pop vocals.

The East London based artist created a grimy vignette of her hometown that plenty of people will find resonance within after we’ve been enclosed in our isolated homes for most of 2020 and 2021. You’ll feel the sense of loss and yearning right the way through the downtempo single that becomes even more evocative when Darren Mason lends his grimy rap bars.

Without a hint of hyperbole, Drawn Tide is a phenomenally mesmerising artist whose sound falls outside commercial mainstream realms, but any true fan of the aural form will find themselves absorbed.

You can check out the official music video to High Rise that premiered on May 28th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

KrizRok has released his summer pop taste breaker, ‘Welcome to My Show’

After a successful 2020 debut, the artist that is impossible to pigeonhole, Krizrok, has unleashed his anthemically eccentric sophomore single, Welcome to My Show. With elements of tropic dance-pop coalescing with indie vibes and reggae rhythms, the sun-kissed release reaches the pinnacle of summer pop while playfully resisting the constraints of your average pop earworm.

The German singer-songwriter and instrumentalist truly comes into his own with his boundlessly magnetic vocals that defy convention while simultaneously leaving you enamoured by the quirky soul on offer.

It is always refreshing to hear a seasoned professional session musician embracing self-expression own with their solo work, and KrizRok is certainly no exception to that rule. Notably, he has a keen sense of which aural rules are made to be broken to find the perfect balance between distinction and infectious appeal.

Welcome to My Show is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Des Wallace taps into the melancholy of 2020 with ‘Weeping Roses’

Lyrically, artists have pretty much said all there is to say when it comes to lockdown musings, but instrumental singles such as Des Wallace’s track, Weeping Rose, from his 2021 EP, ‘A.D.’, poignantly captures emotions evoked during 2020 in his intimate composition.

With the sense of spirituality that flows along with his Avant-Garde progressions, Weeping Roses is as consoling as it is experimental. The minimalism within the production echoes the isolation that we collectively endured as the sharp and clean guitar notes reflect the apathy in the aimless steps that we took each day as we navigated our lives with almost clockwork autonomy. The sporadic blasts of glitchy electronica bring an all too relatable sense of chaos into the mix while never compromising the tender mellifluous feel of Weeping Roses. It is both a shot of catharsis and an extension of connection.

Weeping Roses is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chris Sunfield goes in for the kill with his latest avant-garde production, ‘Predator’

With the dark sensuality of a She Wants Revenge single, theatrically macabre lyrics, and cinematic film noir feel, Chris Sunfield’s latest single, Predator is an intoxicating mash of baroque folk, pop, jazz, electronica and hip hop.

Just when you’re starting to think that you’ve got the soundscape figured out, Predator throws fierily slick rap verses from Ya Favorite Lightskin into the mix that will be a hit with any fans of Banks and Steelz. With avant-garde instrumentals contorting free from constraint under the bars, Predator absorbs you just as much as you absorb the soundscape.

Predator is one of those tragically rare singles that you could listen to a thousand times and still feel assured that you would take something new from the next listen. The artistry on exhibition here is practically unparalleled. We can’t wait to hear what Chris Sunfield unleashes next.

The official music video to Predator premiered on May 28th; you can check it out for yourselves by heading to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Edi Aztec has made Dusty Springfield’s ‘Spooky’ even more psychedelic than before

24-year-old Greek guitarist, songwriter and producer, Edi Aztec showed his virtuosic stripes in his latest single, Spooky, featuring Sofia Hole. Reworking a classic and rekindling the same magic is a rarity, but this Dusty Springfield cover is just as indulgent as the original.

The Brighton-based artist’s cover carries the same mesmeric marks as Dusty Springfield’s original, but with the faster tempo and even more kalaedoscopic psych elements worked into the sultrily iconic single, he well and truly made Spooky his own.

If Spooky gives you a newfound infatuation with Edi Aztec’s ability to add finesse to the already flawless, you will want him on your radar for his upcoming album release.

Spooky is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Clock in with BrooksOfYork’s latest intimate indie single, Work.

BrooksOfYork has returned with the phenomenally seminal single, Work, each of his tracks is an intricately artful and intimate affair, yet, Work captures the artist at his most profound and consoling.

Nuances of RnB pull through in the electronic indie-pop release that was constructed with accordantly clean guitars and reverb-swathed synth lines; despite its quiescence, inspires profound introspection.

Under the influence of Bon Iver, Boyz II Men, Quincy Jones, Teddy Riley and any artist with the capacity to concoct evocative aural vignettes. Work doesn’t solely reflect on the 9-5 grind, but the labours of love that seem to work our knuckles to the bone.

You can check out BrooksOfYork’s latest single, Work, that officially released on March 22th via Spotify.

Connect the BrooksOfYork via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Srujanika shines a light on the darkest nights with her indie single, ‘Rise’.

For her latest single, ‘Rise’, which has now been accompanied by a music video shot by Guillaume, up and coming singer-songwriter Srujanika teamed up with producer MILIAH to orchestrate an intricate, intimate feat of indie-pop that doesn’t just lyrically scratch at the surface. It cuts right down to the marrow.

Sometimes, all that is needed is the reminder that no matter how alone you feel on the darkest nights, you’re not alone in your dark transition periods before the light starts to breakthrough. The deeply spiritual release pulls in nuances of shoegaze and dream pop to give the single a sense of fragility; through Srujanika’s vocals, you’ll find comfort along with the inspiration to find the same resilient strength.

Even if you listened to the radio all day, you wouldn’t hear a more compassionate and consoling voice.

You can check out the official video to Rise that premiered on May 15th by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nicolaas Walle And Friends show us what it means to be human in their latest release, Human Nature.

Scuzzy keys, theatrical crescendos and doom-laden vocals are just a few of the components in the latest release, ‘Human Nature’, by Ireland-based alternative artist Nicolaas Walle And Friends. The progressive two-track release will allow you to imagine what the War of the Worlds soundtrack would sound like if Depeche Mode and King Crimson lent their deft hands to the production.

Human Nature, Pt. 1 is a cosmonautical adventure through the avant-garde; after ominous male vocals and progressive instrumental alchemy that will be a hit with any fans of Rush or Genesis, female vocals bring a sense of fragility and mortality into the spacey mix that will set your imagination alight.

After making their debut in 2018, the self-produced multi-instrumentalist has enamoured plenty of the Emerald isle but discernibly, his sound boasts an international commercial potential that we can’t wait to see come into fruition in 2021 and beyond.

You can check out Human Nature for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Cache-Cache pulls back the curtain in their soul-funk single, ‘Pantomime’, featuring Alice Grace and Ken Masters.

‘Pantomime’ is the latest quirky, jazz-instilled RnB soul track from the up and coming alternative North-East based ensemble, Cache-Cache; an artist quickly becoming renowned for their quintessentially eclectic sound. It’s theatrical without feeling novel or pretentious, thanks to the playful sense of accessibility behind the grooves that were made to melt into.

You’d probably need a serious concussion to forget the lyrical hook-filled chorus. After Pantomime has demonstrated its earworm potential, the grimy, gritty, almost nu-metal-style rap bars allow the track to take a tectonic shift in tone, leaving you even more immersed in the colourful melodies.

Pantomime is due for release on June 4th; you can check it out via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

On They Drift: Likable Laguna Beach band Gingsu break the silence after saying goodbye on ‘Road Song’

With their sunken eyes set on the visible road but thinking so deeply about what just happened, Gingsu effortlessly remind us how hard it is when you leave someone close you really care about on ‘Road Song‘.

Gingsu is a summer-cool Laguna Beach, California-based alt garage/rock three-piece act. They formed recently during the pandemic in early 2020 and make that profound type of music that has your mind racing with memories, as they bring your emotions in check with meaningfully tasteful lyrics.

Road Song is a send-off to the many internal contrasting emotions one feels after saying final goodbyes- during that seemingly infinite drive home.” – Gingsu

His strongly textured voice shows so much robustness, with a band that back him up with a clear sound that brings your closer to the tender speaker, so you can hear each word in unison. Their obvious togetherness is easy to see and for a young band  they certainly show so much promise – as they sound like a quality outfit with so much more to surely come.

The melodic layers are so welcoming as you get into the song more and more, the story is so relevant during this horrific time, where mental health has been pushed to the absolute edge of the line.

Road Song‘ from the Laguna Beach alt/garage-rockers Gingsu, opens up the road to travelling through that quiet moment when the car is so quiet – as you have just said goodbye – for perhaps the last time ever. Your mind is alert but you feel saddened, and wish that you could say more but just can’t.

Hear this purposeful new single from the likable band via their Spotify and see what they get up to next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen