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We Are Wasted has recently released a brand new track titled “Make It Out Alive”.

We Are Wasted is a punk rock band with a very energetic and one-of-a-kind sound. The group’s music burs the lines between modern punk and hardcore tones, while also incorporating elements of rock and roll and garage for an ultimate rush of energy. The band’s most recent single, “Make It Out Alive”, stands out as a perfect example of their creative vision. The track kicks off with a monolith guitar riff, and the vocals kick in soon after, matching the intensity and grit of the guitar with a very powerful performance. As soon as the rest of the band tags along, they’re able to create a big, yet somewhat groove-driven sound that is reminiscent of rock icons such as Stone Temple Pilots or Guns N Roses, while still retaining some punk attitude.

This track is highly recommended to fans of artists such as NOFX, Social Distortion, and Dead Rituals. Find out more about We Are Wasted, and check out “Make It Out Alive”.

Delta Sun dialled the scuzz up to 11 in ‘When the Music Stops’

Brighton’s Delta Sun held no prisoners in their debut EP, The Lies We Tell Ourselves and Others. Case in point; the grungy punk n roll track, When The Music Stops.

With the jagged Social Distortion reminiscent vocals carrying a similar timbre to the scuzzed up, low-slung yet punchy guitars, Delta Sun’s authenticity will never be in question. Especially with their indie no-wave inclinations and bluesy guitar middle-eight. Combine that with the fact that the lyrics take the ‘music is life’ conversation further than it has ever lyrically been, it is impossible not to be arrested by the roguish candour.

For all intents purposes, When the Music Stops is a powerful hit that definitively deserves renown.

Stream When the Music Stops on Spotify with the rest of the debut EP.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

#lameassdads take us to Nowhere, Ohio

Greetings from Nowhere, Ohio by #lameassdads

#lameassdads are the refreshing antithesis to every earnest rock outfit that fails to find humility while attempting to stay contemporary despite the consistent evolution and modernisation of the rock scene.

Their kids might hate it, but we quickly found a soft spot for their energetic pop-punk track, Nowhere, Ohio, to hit hard. Fans of Blink 182, Social Distortion, Green Day, Bad Religion and The Offspring will get a sweet nostalgia hit from this stellar Midwest Emo release. Despite their slightly self-deprecating humour, they’re a powerhouse of talent with the collective ability to create anthemic earworms that you won’t be desperate to lose.

Take yourself to Nowhere, Ohio, by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get high with Monday Feeling’s ska-punk track, Dope.

Monday Feeling has been sending ripples through the Korean rock scene for the last eight years; based on their latest single, Dope, they deserve to go internationally viral.

Their old school Rancid rhythms paired with honkytonk hints of Americana and playful garage rock vibes arrange themselves to ensure euphoria floods right through this authentically absorbing release which runs you through all the reasons the relatable lyrical protagonist sells dope.

In contrast to Western punk, hitting play on Dope almost feels like listening to Ska Punk in a parallel universe, it’s familiar but there’s something that tells you that Monday Feeling is on a different frequency to the assimilators and the unauthentic. Frankly, we’re obsessed.

Dope is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Skin 17 – The Heart That Will Not Start

Skin 17

The 90s-inspired alt-rock outfit Skin 17 started in Scotland and regenerated in Japan before finding a new base in London, where Andrew Cockburn found the home place of his sophomore album, Lighting your way by the bridges that you burn. The timely record takes inspiration from the likes of the Cure, NIN and Smashing Pumpkins, but leaves plenty of room for originality.

With snarled lyrics navigating lament and the even angstier guitars and percussion that could easily allow a pit to open it, the lead single, The Heart That Will Not Start allows pain to cohabit with anger in the fiery tumultuous release that carries hints of 70 punk alongside swathes of grungy nuance.

Instrumentally, you’ll find reminiscence to Disturbed, Driving Pool and Godsmack, while vocally, you can expect plenty of Social Distortion-style scathing yet vulnerable emotion.

Check out the latest album from Skin 17 by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Unleash the misery with Five Hundred Bucks’ frenetic feat of Punk Rock ‘Spinal’

This Welcome Mat is a Landmine EP by Five Hundred Bucks

Any fans of Social Distortion will want to turn their attention to the frenetic feat of Punk Rock ‘Spinal’ from Five Hundred Bucks’ aptly explosively titled latest release ‘This Welcome Mat is a Landmine EP’.

The turbulently high-octane hit delivers a relatable sense of indignation both lyrically and vocally, affirming with the listener that yes, it is okay for the fuzzy feels to be flowing when the massive chorus hits; it is possible to feel some semblance of euphoria while the world falls apart around us.

Philadelphia’s tenacious sons and their realism-soaked punky pop rock earworms are exactly what the airwaves in 2021. As they have plenty in the pipeline, you’ll want them on your radar, sooner rather than later.

You can check out Spinal for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast