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Hitlist – Urgency: Endearingly Raucous Post Punk

Alt Rock artist Hitlist is back with their latest ominously atmospheric single “Urgency”. I’ll give Post Punk fans until the first verse has run through to become enamoured with the biting soundscape.

There’s a satirical feel to Urgency, and in a feat of aural alchemy, Hitlist has created a track which doesn’t take itself all too seriously without allowing it to unfold as gimmicky or crass. Which may all fall down to just how catchy the cold yet punchy melodies are. In addition, Hitlist’s vocalist may just be in possession of the most distinctively magnetic vocals in Post Punk right now. While there’s the familiar dramatic drawl, there’s a uniquely sticky-sweet sensibility which weaves its way into the caustic versing.

For reasons of professionalism, I usually refrain from making declarations of love in reviews. But with Urgency, it is far too endearing to resist. Hit play, and you will soon see why.

You can check out the lyric video to Hitlist’s latest single Urgency for yourselves by heading over to Vimeo.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


LUMER Release their bitingly caustic Post Punk Single “White Tear”

There was a rumour a few days ago that Michael Jackson had come back to life. After hearing the latest single “White Tear” from LUMER, I was almost convinced that Lux (The Cramps) had returned with his gloriously raucous larynx.

While there are plenty of similarities between the Cramps and LUMER, the up and coming artist still carries plenty of authenticity of their own. In White Tear, eerie psychedelic layers feed into gritty, grinding Alt Rock which finds the perfect balance between droning dark, cold Post Punk and No Wave.

If you’re looking for contemporary Post Punk which comes with plenty of biting angst, there are very few artists around on the airwaves with sharper teeth than LUMER.

White Tear was the third single to be released by the Hull, UK-based band. They’ve already amassed a fair enough hype around their caustically indulgent sound, it’s going to be ridiculously exciting to see what comes next from them.

You can check out LUMER’s single White Tear for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Alt Punk artist Karl Meyer has made their debut with the explosively caustic album “Career Ending Move”

Punk fans of all inclinations are going to want to check out the debut solo “Career Ending Move” album from artist Karl Meyer.

While each of the tracks is a high-octane blast of magnetic angst, the best introduction to their sound is the single “Detractors”. If you find yourself constantly in search for the most chaotic soundscapes on the airwaves, Detractors is definitely a single for you. There are elements of No Wave, Post Punk and Old School Anarcho-Punk all weaved into the mix allowing it to resonate as fresh, but familiarly accessible.

Thankfully, unlike 70s Punk artists, Karl Meyer is more than instrumentally proficient which is palpable from the Oh Sees-style caustic riffs which carve out infectious electronically-charged rhythm creating the perfect platform for their biting vocals.

You can check out Karl Meyer’s single Detractors along with their debut album Career Ending Move for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Zoey The White Lioness – I Can: Endearingly Upbeat Rock

Tennessee-based Hard Rock artist Zoey The White Lioness (Zoey Baker) released their latest endearingly upbeat track “I Can” on October 13th. With their playfully energetic approach to Rock, the euphoria infectious.

While the artist usually looks to the likes of Trent Reznor and Kurt Cobain for their sound, I Can has the punchy anthemic feel of contemporary Garage Rock artists such as Fidlar with a slight twist of Pop Punk. You’ll even be able to anticipate absorbing Surf Rock riffs in this snappy sticky-sweet hit.

‘Adorable’ may not be what every vocalist goes for, but it’s exactly what Zoey The White Lioness achieved in I Can. We were warned that the single was as loveable as the dog on the cover art. It’s safe to say that they delivered on that promise.

You can check out the latest single from Zoey The White Lioness for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Back of House – Take a Bulleit: Confrontationally Cathartic Garage Punk

“Take a Bulleit” is the fiery, snappy new Rock single from up and coming artist Back of House. The Garage Punk attitude runs right through their angsty hit which also uses the stylistically menacing energy of Post Punk.

Artists such as Back of House prove quite irrefutably that Punk definitely isn’t dead. The confrontationally cathartic energy will always be essential on the airwaves.  And it’s safe to say that with Take a Bulleit, they have stamped their own signature sound in Punk.

Their captivatingly bendy basslines, infectious vocal swagger, and ability to pull together an energetic earworm of a hit should ensure that Back of House doesn’t remain on the underground for all too long.

You can check out Take a Bulleit for yourselves by heading over to Reverb Nation now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Bearwolf – Sand and Wind: Riotously Arrestive Alt-Rock

“Sand and Wind” is the latest caustically sweet Garage Punk single from up and coming Denmark-based artist Bearwolf.

Expect fuzzy basslines, absorbingly crunchy guitars and relentlessly frenzied drum rolls feeding into the arrangement which tightly pulls together to create the perfect platform for the punchy Old School Punk vocals. Sand and Wind is a high-octane work of nostalgia which perpetually spills anthemic Alt-Rock energy which will definitely leave any fans of Rancid, Social Distortion, Flogging Molly and The Pogues enamoured.

You can check out the riotously arrestive Alt Rock hit Sand and Wind for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

There’ll be plenty more to come from Bearwolf, their debut album will be due for release in 2020, so make sure you give them a follow and stay tuned!

Review by Amelia Vandergast


LIVE REVIEW: Loserpalooza II

September is probably too early to call my favourite gig of the year. But I don’t care how many more of my music idols I see. Nothing will top the second annual Loserpalooza all-day festival in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Aatma and the Peer Hat are usually places of hipster-orientated pretension, but the independent label Society of Losers invited their most magnetic misfits together to curate an unmissable line-up on the 7th September 2019.

Those who grabbed a ticket to the sold-out show placed money exactly where it is needed in the music industry; in the hands of the artists that are essential right now. The revolutionary powers of Punk and alternative music are fairly limited in terms of national impact. But the raucous experiences of escapism which musicians can offer are priceless.  You’re not parting with your money to gawp at musicians as they parade themselves as deities and watch their egos palpably swell. Instead, you get an invitation to share in the riotously friendly disorder which ensues.

While each of the acts contributed something incredible to the festival, special mentions have to go to Salt the Snail, Witch of the East, and the headline act Hands off Gretel.

Salt the Snail

The first time I saw Salt the Snail I had no idea what to expect aside from well-crafted snappy, witty, explosive Punk. The second time around, I thought that maybe I’d be able to anticipate what’s coming. Nope. There are stage antics, then there’s the full-frontal physical experience which is seeing Salt the Snail live.

There’s no hiding from the giant inflatables which are bouncing around or trying to pretend that you’re not endeared. With stunts such as making “the tallest singer in the world” (the vocalist carrying Crapsons’ vocalist on their shoulders as they braved the pit), it’s hard not to appreciate what the band orchestrated in aid of audience amusement.  Even the highest brows would melt under the manically charismatic energy of Salt the Snail’s frontman.

After treating us to their boisterously cathartic tracks, they equipped a good majority of the audience with improv music instruments and led them to the next stage where the cacophony carried on until the next act was ready to start.

It sounds ridiculous. It was. But watching the frenzied effervescence of Salt the Snail, who was also responsible for the event made me pretty sure that if they started a cult, I wouldn’t need much tempting before I joined.

Witch of the East

The fact that Witch of the East attracted a rave review from the editor in chief of Alternative Press shortly after they released their debut album “Queen of Insecurity” in 2019 tells you everything you need to know about the artist.

Aeris Houlihan’s solo project may be fresh from its inception, but her music also provides the freshest brand of hypnotically sexy grunge which has hit your ears in this decade. That may seem like a massive over-exaggeration but listen to “When You Fuck Me” and tell me that I’m wrong, and the darkly salacious tones are equally as potent when you get to hear them live.

To ease us into the set, Aeris played her first track acoustically before taking to her electric guitar connected to a dazzling array of effects pedals.

From transfixingly poised stripped-back aural alchemy to the bewitchingly dark industrial-laced Grunge which the artist has come to be renowned for, Witch of the East’s set proved be one which invoked a myriad of emotions.

I’ll make very few apologies about making the admission that the seductive soundscapes on offer from Witch of the East had the desired effect. You’d have to be dead from the waist down or a liar not to admit that those dexterously played riffs falling into layers of reverb with the hauntedly lascivious vocals weren’t almost pornographic.

Hands off Gretel

Not only does Lauren Tate possess vocals which make you wonder “what if Christina Aguilera had joined Babes in Toyland” she also possesses an incredible unfuckwithable energy that no other woman could witness and not feel empowered by.

Salivating front-row perverts may follow Lauren wherever she goes, but her vocals project far past them and resonate within a crowd which is uplifted by the fearless expression which she pours into each of her tracks.

After the release of their second studio album “I Want the World” I was ridiculously excited to hear the screams which would shatter the larynxes of most people on tracks such as “Milk”, “Kiss Me Girl” and “S.A.S.S” and they definitely didn’t disappoint.

The fourpiece powerhouse possesses a synergy which is rarely heard or seen in underground music, they definitely belong in the mainstream. But for now, people who attend events such as Loserpalooza can revel in the insane talent on display as they blast their unique brand of 90s Grunge/Punk nostalgia through the speakers.

Artist Links

Salt the Snail: Facebook, Bandcamp, Spotify

Witch of the East: Facebook, Spotify

Hands off Gretel: Facebook, Spotify

Society of Losers: Facebook, Bandcamp, Website

You can also check out the Spotify playlist featuring one track of each of the 16 bands who performed. Whatever your musical inclinations you’re sure to find something that will get the dopamine flowing.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Feminist Punks Jigsaw Youth Unleash Angsty Aural Indulgence with “Acidic Child”

With Jigsaw Youth’s latest single “Acidic Child” caustic Punk and swampy Grunge sit hand in hand, allowing two iconic soundscapes to converge in an angsty aural indulgence. The NYC based Feminist powerhouse may have borrowed a few elements from varying genres, but the authenticity behind their invitingly volatile sound definitely isn’t something which you hear every day.

While in parts you’ll pick up on reminiscences of Rage Against the Machine, there’s also the inclusion of Slayer-Esque riffs proving that we’ve come a long way since the Slits picked up guitars they didn’t know how to use and took to a stage anyway.

Each instrument sits tight in the arrangement – which is still perceptible through the fuzz and distortion, while the constantly evolving vocals move through different facets of anger giving Acidic Child an aggressively cathartic feel.

You can check out Jigsaw Youth’s latest single Acidic Child for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


ATR – It’s a Taekwondo Day Morning: Arrestive Existential Punk Chaos

Kick off any track with existential screams and you will immediately have our attention. Follow up the death rattle screams with a Sonic Youth-style arrangement of chaos and you’ve got our undying adoration.

ATR went with the slightly questionable title of “It’s a Taekwondo Day Morning” for their latest single which takes the Punk genre, shatters it into a thousand pieces and arranges it as Picasso would paint a portrait.

So, in short, ATR’s latest single is fairly ingenious. If you thought IDLES revolutionised Punk with their latest album, prepare for the ultimate facelift of angst. But similarly, to IDLES, ATR are using monumental riffs, tight arrangements, and Punk vocals to address plenty of issues which aren’t usually spoken about – especially in the Punk genre. There’s no petulant spite being thrown at parents or versing about just how great getting wasted is. The band was formed after one of the members returned from Iraq, and their music shines a light on the devastation witnessed there. Expect hard hitting stuff.

You can check out ATR’s latest single It’s a Taekwondo Day Morning for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


If You Needed Proof That Punk Isn’t Dead, Check Out Rodeo Death Burger’s Latest Single

With a track like Cuntsville you’re never going to expect a friendly fluffy composition and it’s safe to say that Rodeo Death Burger delivered anything but. Fans of the Oh Sees, IDLES and, Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster definitely won’t be disappointed in the cataclysmically relentless single which was recorded in a live session at BBC Maida Vale Studios. After you’ve listened to the explosive instrumental progressions and the sonically captivating vocals which run with little restraint I’m sure you’ll all join me in agreement that Rodeo Death Burger is the up and coming Brighton band to watch. You might also find yourself in agreement that it’s just a little bit sexy.

You can check out Rodeo Death Burger’s latest single Cuntsville for yourselves via SoundCloud and join me in adoration of the band with the ability to keep Punk relevant in the 21st century.

Keep up to date with the glorious concordantly chaotic creatures’ latest releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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