Wave Armory take us to the pit with doom-prog new single ‘Iron Lung’.

Wave Armory by Wave Armory

Fans of loud, melodic alt-rock could do no better than checking out this, the first single from Joe Butterfield’s (QUIIET) new project Wave Armory. That’s not intending to be diminishing or ‘box-finding’, either – ‘Iron Lung’ is very definitely modern and progressive, whilst bringing together a bunch of classic 90’s and 00’s grunge and alt-metal influences; there’s a very definite ‘Dirt’-Era Alice In Chains vibe going on with the feedback and heavy drop-tuned riffage, the vocals gently effected and set back in the mix a la Stayley or Cornell. That ‘Rusty Cage’ Soundgarden edge comes across in the excellent doomy stomp of the guitars, too, the bass and drums plodding in the very, very best sense of that description, absolutely inviting the listener to slam, mosh, and wreck before the wah-driven solo takes over, the chorus sticking in your head long after the vocal ends.

Wave Armory’s debut EP – from which ‘Iron Lung’ is taken – is out across streaming platforms now. You can practically hear the circle-pits opening up in anticipation already.

Check out ‘Iron Lung’ here; follow Wave Armory on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

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