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Patrick Storedahl – Family Tree: Soul-Soothing Harmony-Driven Rock

“Family Tree (Hi Dee Ho)” is the latest uniquely warming single from up and coming singer-songwriter Patrick Storedahl who laces his soundscape with an accessibly arresting array of Rock-rooted styles. Throughout his career, Patrick Storedahl has proven that he has an inexplicable talent when it comes to constructing harmoniously alchemic soul-soothing soundscapes which incorporate Jazz, Funk, and Blues for a rhythmically tender sound which you’ll be hard pressed to hear from other contemporary artists.

While more and more Rock artists have fallen under the allure of a more electronic sound, Patrick Storedahl has kept his sound organic through eccentric acoustic arrangements which perfectly match the magnetic tonality of his vocal style.

You can check out Family Tree for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now, make sure to follow Patrick Storedahl to keep up to date with the latest releases which are set to drop in 2019.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Alexa Van’s Debut of Angst-Driven Ethereal Expression

The first time of listening to Alexa Van’s debut single “So Angry” for a moment I wondered if Amy Lee changed her name and adopted a Bluesy Rock sound. Yet, as the single progressed it became evident that Alexa Van has one of the most distinctive voices we’ve heard from an up and coming female artist.

The range in her vocals is one thing, the power she uses to dominate the entire soundscape is quite another. Her voice isn’t just one which soulfully resonates, it’s expressively concordant whilst having the power to move tectonic plates. If any of that sounds like an exaggeration. Wait until the raw, celestial power of her angst hits you through her first single. Although the vocals give a lot for the instrumentals to contend with, the melody which they lace into the soundscape adds plenty of weight to the already colossal single.

You can check out Alexa Van’s single So Angry for yourselves by heading over to Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Collective – All in All: Nostalgically Mesmeric Rock

“All in All” is the accessibly resounding latest single by Brooklyn, NYC-based Alt Rock band Collective who take you right back to the smooth snaking rock n’ roll rhythms we come to know and love from the 70s.

Yet, Collective’s soundscape is no mere revival assimilation of former sounds. The Jazz-laced soundscape is sure to appeal to any fans of Bowie. Yet, with their Ska rhythms they’ve carved out their own sonorous signature style with All in All along with the other nostalgia-inducing singles which they’ve released throughout the year. If you can imagine the Arctic Monkeys’ latest album, but infinitely better and indefinitely more authentic, you’d get close to getting an idea of the mesmerism contained within the aural nostalgia in All in All.

You can check out Collective’s single All in All for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Smashing Dreams – La Petite Mort: A Raucously Mesmeric Rock Offering From South East Brazil

Smashing Dreams have recently released their raucously salacious rock n roll album, whilst every anthem contained on the release was as slick and enthralling as the last, “La Petite Mort” didn’t fail to capture our attention thanks to the potent energy which came as a courtesy of the deep bends of the guitar lyrics, and thunderously throbbing bass lines. For anyone looking to greet their latest Rock guitar hero, I’d say the fret board mastery contained within LA Petite Mort is enough to leave most alternative-inclined audiophiles enamoured. The traditionally styled vocals were yet another reason why Smashing Dreams were able to create an instantly accessible sound. The fact that you could actually make out the lyrics was definitely a bonus.

You can check out Smashing Dreams music by heading over to their spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Possimiste – Skin and Bones: A Foo Fighters Classic with an Occult Cabaret Twist

Possimiste’s sound is everything I hope to hear when I hit play on a new track from an up and coming artist.

The first few notes from the Icelandic artist’s latest track “Skin and Bones” which happens to be a witchy occultist take on the Foo Fighters unforgettable single were nothing short of mesmeric. Let’s face it, there isn’t much room to go wrong with a track written by Dave Grohl, yet Possimiste’s ode to the track went far beyond recreating the melodic masterpiece. The harmony in the arrangements waves around the eccentricity to provide a captivatingly dark soundscape. Whilst her hauntedly majestic clockwork cabaret style is sure to go down a treat with any fans of the Dresden Dolls.

You can check out Possimiste’s latest single Skin and Bones for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now. Give the expressively stunning artist a follow on Facebook to keep stay up to date with her latest releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Söur Bruthers – Sinkin Down: Archetypally Accessible Rock

Sinkin Down is just one of the singles from the Söur Bruthers latest album. If you’re a fan of classically styled roots deep Rock, you’re going to find yourself in heaven with the slightly nostalgic mix which throws you back to the time when Rock was still celebrated as a genre.

Whilst there was very little to fault about Söur Bruthers latest single, I couldn’t help thinking that  Sinkin Down would have benefitted from being steered in a slightly more prodigal direction. Having said that, listening to Sinkin Down is as easy as breathing, the anthemically raucous production was packed with plenty of soul and raw emotion which allowed the lyrics to truly resonate, especially in the choruses. Because no one can deny that the lyrical hooks were catchy.

You can check out Söur Bruthers’ latest Rock anthem Sinkin Down for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Rand Bowman – How Will I Know: The Meaning Of Witty Songwriting

If you are someone who enjoys a good blend of reflective lyrics, a driving steady beat and some really juicy guitar lines and backgrounds, then this is the song for you.

Upon first pressing play the first few intro drum beats immediately grabbed my attention, but as the lyrics started floating above the swelling guitar riffs and the pulsing beat, I was completely immersed in this song, and soon sent into a reflective state. Rand Bowman’s ability to write lyrics which clearly question our behaviour and experience of peace proves what a brilliant songwriter he truly is. But needless to say, this is not all that this clever song has to offer.

With a hint of inspiration from some of the greats such as the Beatles and David Bowie, and a strong sense of artistic creativity, together with a clear determination to deliver a message, Rand Bowman has released a true gem. Apart from all of this, and a juicy guitar solo right in the middle of the tune, this song is particularly ear friendly and faithful to its tonality, allowing space for the message to resonate right through.

Oh and one more thing .. Bowman’s music is all self-produced, making it an even better showcase of his multitude of skills. Definitely worth a listen. Check it out now on Soundcloud!

Sarah Marie Bugeja


Woman You Stole – Excuse my French: Female-Fronted Archaically Cultural Rock

Woman You Stole have recently released their first ever single ‘Excuse My French’, and my God, what a debut. Any fans of B52’s, The Cramps and Squeeze really shouldn’t hang around in checking out the anthemically rhythmic single. They’ve taken their soundscape further than any of the founders of the rhythmic, psychedelically inclined artists by incorporating French and English vocals, the dynamic that the multi-lingual vocals adds is almost beyond words – It’s definitely a soundscape that you’re going to have to check out for yourselves. Expect sticky-sweet melodies, and cataclysmically intricate yet raucous instrumental breakdowns.

If you’re a fan of culturally-inspired, raucously enthralling soundscapes, why not head over to Spotify where you can check out Woman You Stole’s latest single Excuse My French. You’re in for a treat. I can’t wait to hear what Woman You Stole cooks up next.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Nathan Degner – 1969: Mastering the Art of Lo Fi Rock n Roll

There’s a little bit of the Zappa quintessentially experimental chaos to Nathan Degner’s latest track 1969. Whether you love or hate the Lo Fi style of production, there’s no denying that the raw energy that bleeds through adds swathes of resonance to the mix.

Nathan Degner’s unique vocals don’t carry a reminiscence to any other, there’s a playful biting of antagonism with an Indie Rock styling. He certainly isn’t a recording artist who takes himself seriously, and you shouldn’t either. Let the lyrically inventive narrative of 1969 unfold to bring you the weirdest sense of nostalgia you’ve ever had and find yourself slap bang in the middle of the eclecticism of the psychedelic era, the instrumentals will also play their part in sending you on your way. Yet, 1969 is no mere revival, thanks to the Ska bass and guitar rhythm around concordant crashing of the cymbals, not forgetting the waves of popping reverb which leads you seamlessly through the progression.

You can check out 1969 for yourself by heading over to Nathan Degner’s website. Where you will also find the other tracks from the ‘Rock n Roll Songs’ EP

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Echoes from Ashes – Down: I’m Not Crying, You Are

As a massive InMe fan, how could I not fall in love with the latest single from the up and coming recording artists Echoes from Ashes?

Down is a cataclysmically deep, almost harrowing Rock anthem which almost veers to the ballad arena. The riled energy behind the vocals makes Down one of the most piercingly emotive Rock tracks I’ve checked out recently. The vocals pair to the flawless progression of the instruments an almost overwhelming sense of remorseful melancholy hits you.

The thunderous reverb from the guitar carries the perfect amount of swampy Grunge synergy, against the tight drum rolls and relentless smashing of the cymbals are almost enough to leave you with palpitations. The progressive styling of the instrumentals is surely enough to satisfy even the most hard to please of Rock snobs, the solo’s and the intricacy of the breakdowns should be enough to leave the rest of the underground Rock artists audibly shaking.

You can check out Down for yourself by heading over to YouTube, or you can purchase their 5-track self-titled EP by visiting Echoes from the Ashes website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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