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A rock ballad with mellow hints of alternative rock and grunge: Night Hymn is the first single by the solo project named Ghost and Ember

Under the influence of 90’s alternative rock and grunge and with a handful of songs produced within multiple past acts, Night Hymn is the first single by the solo project named Ghost and Ember.

Night Hymn presents itself as a rock ballad with mellow hints of alternative rock and grunge that you can mainly appreciate in each instrumental section in the arrangement. With drums and bass beautifully sticking together for a solid rhythmic section, an overdrive guitar accompanies the pleasing vocal melodies, giving back a pop rock feel that many of us were so drawn to in the 90’-00’s.

By channelling all of his previous efforts, Ghost and Ember is the project by Shay that embodies and fulfils the artist’s experiences throughout the years. It’s a combination of different opportunities where he definitely had enough time, and drive, to hone his song-writing and sound, supporting his dream to become a renowned musician.

Check out Night Hymn for yourself on Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.


A grunge-y vibe in a heavy but tenacious style: Heavy Hands release their new single Devil Nets

From what pops up as their first EP Through the Night, Heavy Hands release their new single Devil Nets.

Leading in with a drums incipit and a pair of generously distorted guitars, Devil Nets present a shift to an ongoing alternative rock tempo that opens up the track to a raw grunge-y vibe in a heavy but tenacious style. Although I’d personally have enjoyed if the bass emerged a little more to complete the sound, I found consolation in the guitar taking center stage in a long and proficient solo where the delay plays a widely satisfying part.

The band pursues a constant sound pattern throughout the entire EP showing an alternative style that doesn’t die out in just one track but is maintained all along. This lands them with a recognizable tone, something that most acts definitely hope to achieve.

Check out Devil Nets and the EP Through the Night on Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Aliens in Bowties have made their Alt Rock debut with their fiercely authentic EP “Take Me to Your Tailor”

Up and coming Alt Rock 3-piece powerhouse Aliens in Bowties dropped their genre-defying debut EP Take Me to Your Tailor on May the 5th. Soundgarden, Metallica, She Wants Revenge, and Shinedown fans alike are going to want to hear it.

Each of the seismic shifts in tone and style in the four progressively fierce tracks is as viscerally captivating as the last. There’s a rare sense of urgency found in both the vocals and the tight instrumental arrangement. So, whether you’re enjoying Aliens in Bowties ability to spin intricate mellifluous melodicism or you’re caught in the frenzied electrifying doom-laden breakdowns, you’ll be equally as arrested.

One thing which remains as a constant is the mesmerism which spills from Mitch Rector’s vocals. In the slower track on the EP Mystery, he doesn’t hold back on the soul-bearing sultry romanticism. Yet in the first track “Hesitate” you’re treated to his uniquely volatile charisma which sets Alien in Bowties leagues apart from your average Alt Rock newcomer. Pair that with their prowess on a fretboard, and you’ve got a second reason to put Aliens in Bowties on your radar.

You can check out the EP for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Versailles upstart ALT Rock band Prosody reach for the stars with powerful single ‘’Neptune’’

If you were my Neptune /You would make me so pure/I would take you somewhere. Formed in 2017, ‘Prosody’ are making a name for themselves with their good sound and strong lyrical abilities. They are an enjoyable listen and seem like they are climbing up the European music ladder.

Previously in ‘Newborn’ in 2016, you can tell that the band are quite familiar with each other which makes such a difference. Bands take many months and years to know what each other is thinking and this can’t be faked. ‘Prosody’ is off their album ‘Keep Your Dreams Awake’ and is a fun song to listen to. Vocally I feel that an extra backing vocalist would help tremendously to get their sound out more. 

After only playing in Paris so far, let’s keep an eye out for this newish band to make a name for themselves next summer at festivals in Europe. They certainly have all the ingredients to make it big.

Get more of this fantastic French band inside your ears via YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Raw Indie-Rock with San Diego band Happy K-O ‘s ‘’Alarm Clock’’ single

Based in San Diego, California, Happy K-O are just that. A happy band who just want to play live and jam out to an appreciative crowd. Their grungy style is a treat to listen to as it’s so raw. I imagine their live shows to be a packed, small and intimate club experience with real music fans. Sounds like a perfect night out to me.

Formally of Colorado Springs, Colorado, this 2 Piece band is slowly getting more music out and let’s hope they can catch that big break and get noticed by the masses. This is a fun band to listen to and hopefully they can go on tour soon.

Happy K-O will appeal to punk rock fans and it will be interesting to see how they mature. Turn them up and skate away. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Up and coming producer and singer Ruyi releases Take Me Back, I Want More

From Melbourne, Australia, up and coming producer and singer Ruyi has released a new outstanding pop track Take Me Back, I Want More.

The song builds up on warm guitar notes and piano chords, and in its even and balanced progression maintains deep intensity of sound. An evolution comes with the vocals that in the bridge range from bass tones to sweet falsetto notes before returning to low tones to quietly finish the song.

There’s a taste of beautiful sadness in Ruyi’s voice, as if he was passionately re-living vivid and hurtful moments. Besides, that pinch of sadness in his voice lies only in the song and doesn’t make of Ruyi a melancholic person, according to what he says on his Spotify profile.

There are some profound and sonorous vibes in this tune that you can get to enjoy for yourself if you head over Spotify and listen to Take Me Back, I Want More.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Parker Sounds drop a weighty acoustic-led hit with ‘Something Heavy’

Alternative pop and rock band Parker Sounds have dropped something heavy with ‘Something Heavy’. 

With clear influences from genre kings of pop rock, Parker Sounds have crafted themselves a discernable niche since their formation – and that sound has been epitomized by ‘Something Heavy’. With a lushly chorded acoustic intro driving the majority of the track, Parker Sounds drop an anvil of distorted, screaming lead guitar as the track ascends into its peak. 

It’s powerful, emotional and extremely well envisioned – and ‘Something Heavy’ showcases Parker Sounds’ signature sonics while remaining an incredibly accessible and well produced pop rock track. Check it out.

You can listen to ‘Something Heavy’ on Parker Sounds’ Spotify page here.


Spiritual awakening 8udDha bl0od style with new song ‘’Only Water 22;11;33: Y!n &; M37 H3R0!n3 7h3 1778’’

With the Amazonian sounding drums at the beginning and the raw guitar riff, this is an experimental song that feels like we are the band’s friends, lucky enough to be on the couch- sipping on a cold beverage and listening to the next big thing live at work.

The Brighton Psych Pop/Rock boys are back and this time they turn up the heat real high that it’s steaming on the speakers. They really let it all out, not holding back anything or for anyone. It doesn’t even matter that the lyrics are hard to decipher, the guitar skills and drum elements are absolutely incredible. This track finds the band in top form and we are just lucky to be here for the ride.

The unique style of ’Only Water 22;11;33: Y!n &; M37 H3R0!n3 7h3 1778’’ blows me away and this is the tribal anthem of 2020 right here.

With quality music firing all the time, stream 8udDha bl0od on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Oklahoma Rap/Rock artist 3Mind Blight smashes through the speakers with ‘’Breaking Down’’

‘3Mind Blight’- also the frontman for Alt Rock band DeadEyeChokeHold- is back with his breakthrough single and makes a big point with this effort. With a heavy start, you know he means business here after a short break from the music game. 

Blending Rap, Metal and Rock, ‘3Mind Blight’ doesn’t fit into any specific box which is refreshing to see, as there are so many bands and solo acts that sound the same in this genre. With stomping beats, this is a powerful song that is surely destined for major attention.

Going full pace through barriers is a hard thing to do and I feel like ‘’Breaking Down’’ does that all the way and pulls it off with a massive jack-hammer to your face. The real genius in this track is when he slows things down and I wish this song had more of this build up. Nevertheless, this is a strong effort for the full 2 minutes, 26 seconds.

If you like RapCore then this one is definitely for you as long as your speakers are up to scratch. I would sound-proof the room for this and look out for more from this creative artist in 2020.

Stream more from 3Mind Blight here on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Tiffany Twisted – Sold My Soul: Refreshingly Phenomenal Alt Rock

Tiffany Twisted’s (Hetti Harper) latest single Sold My Soul has already been met with rapturous acclaim, and there’s little room to wonder why. Their unique amalgamation of Pop, technically melodic Indie, 70s Rock and Pop Punk is refreshingly phenomenal.

The quality of the production is unsurprisingly flawless, as you’d expect from any track recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. Yet, the real distinction lies in Tiffany Twisted’s ability to create a soundscape which oozes magnetic connectable soul and simultaneously offer a side serving of sniping attitude.

The majority of new Rock acts may be assimilative, yet Sold My Soul is a testament to the Alt Rock artists ability to pour fresh, new ingenuity onto the airwaves. As debut singles go, they don’t get much more unforgettable than this. The UK-based 4-piece is definitely one to watch.

You can check out Sold My Soul for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast