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That Racket By Gabe Aronson

Rock music at its best!!!

Gabe Aronson’s passion for music began at a very tender age. He took up piano lessons at the age of five and has since groomed himself into becoming a music professional.

Aronson’s musical journey officially began when he auditioned for the Million Dollar Quartet, but before that, he had featured in several school musicals and bands as a teen.

His acceptance into the Million Dollar Quarter (MDQ) really did set his musical career in motion. At the end of his MDQ contract in Las Vegas, he did a final musical with them at Berkshire Theatre Group’s summer stock, and booked a cabaret at the Florida Studio Theater also known as the Blue Suede Shoes.

While at Blue Suede Shoes, he performed as a singer, pianist, lead guitarist, bassist, actor, and even released the alternative rock album titled “Before The Rise,” a ten track album.

That Racket, the ninth track on Gabe Aronson’s new album Before The Rise has the young artist at his best. This is a good rock song that has you banging your head, rocking with excitement and singing along even if off-key while alone in your room.

A song for the younger generation, That Racket by Gabe Aronson has all the elements to endear listeners, with its well crafted distorted guitar melody, loud drums that gets you grooving, powerful bass lines, impressive vocals and lyrics that are not just catchy but playful as well.

If you’re yet to listen to That Racket by this rising star, rush over to Apple Music or Spotify right now to get a dose or several doses of this beautiful jam, as the album (Before The Rise) containing the song can be purchased and streamed on there. Thank us later.


The Royal Turns – Back to the Beginning: Compellingly Haunting Soundscapes Curated by Guitar Driven Sound

Back to the Beginning is just one of the ethereally empowering tracks from the Royal Turns latest EP ‘Empty Hands’. The Atlanta based Rock outfit may be new to the scene, yet with tracks as soulfully blissful as Back to the Beginning I’d put money on the fact that they won’t stick around on the underground with their compelling soundscapes curated with their guitar driven sound.

To anyone that still appreciates a soaring riff, you won’t be disappointed in the instrumental breakdowns to Back to the Beginning paired with the Folkish Indie Rock female vocals. The Royal Turns have brought the Classic Rock sound to a contemporary arena with their pioneering infusions of Pop, Blues and Folk. With this intoxicating cocktail of sound, they create succinctly cacophonous vocal arrangements packaged inside haunting melodies, with the occasional catchy hook thrown in there to keep you on your toes.

The Empty Hands EP is now available for pre order, available from May 4th, 2018. To find out more, head over to The Royal Turns official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


All Hope Remains – HindSight; An Astral in guise of Rock.

The 4-piece punk rock outfit; All Hope Remains just recently released their newest 7-track EP Hindsight, a fast paced, gritty, guitar driven collection.

Hindsight is the first released project from the band and marks the start of what to expect from the 4-piece.

Forming a little over 2 years ago, All Hope Remains is an amalgamation of members from former Surf Coast bands, LostBoyFound and Driveby Epic. Spending the first chunk of their time together behind closed doors writing and creating a fresh sound that they were all excited about, before moving on to gigging under the band name Kill The King, which was eventually changed upon finding the name didn’t truly reflect the project they’d worked to build, All Hope Remains is a punk-rock band taking a contemporary approach to a scene that boomed in the mid 90’s.

The EP’s song opener,  ‘Sorrow Sustained’ is a heavy metal rock song with a simple but yet captivating lyrics. It’s got an immense deep sound that’s enhanced by the rhythmical rock madness that’s induced by the rock guitar string.

The lead singer of the band has this nice vocal ability that’ll make your pay close attention to the song lyrics.

‘Tolerate’ is also one of my best personal song from the EP, it’s just a peculiar grace waiting in line to be felt by listeners: a mini-odyssey in quiet post-punk experimentation, brought to life with playfulness, eccentricity, and sly compositional sophistication.

‘Bleed Regret’  ideas are caught in mind-warping feedback loops. It’s more of a mix of twirling reverberation of a balmy calm kind of song that’s definitely reflective with the heart-tugging lyrics.

The beauty of lovely, fingerpicked ‘smoke and mirrors’ song are lit up by strands of clever melodies. However, what’s quite notable is the synonymous of the sound with the previous song before it.  For every classical element in the sound thus far, there is this punk guitar, rudimentary beat. And it come off as though they are exactly of same sound.

The whole EP itself consists of a variation of early songs written at the start of their formation, and songs written more recently, offering an insight into the growth of the band over the past few years whilst remaining consistently tight and mature throughout. Taking influence from bands such as No Use For A Name, Strung Out and Bodyjar, who lead the uprise of the punk-rock scene in the early 90’s, All Hope Remains present a modern interpretation of the music that inspired their development as musicians.

Once you spend enough time inside the fragmented world of Hindsight you’ll be caught wondering which is which. ‘These Machine’ is particularly one of the most creative song in the album although it’s plagued with a myriad of incessant pitch falls.

Hindsight is thrillingly episodic and a severe loud metal rock. The guitarist of the band deserves more accolades for real! Apt and well mastered sound goals was what the guitarist coached us on.  The last song of the EP slowly mirrored Linkin Park’s Numb somewhat – – it’s really an astonishing experience listening to the song.

What’s more laudable is the innate songwriting ability of the band,  and the eccentric ethos of the well composed catchy beat Behind Hindsight.


Musical Scores To Films Yet To Be Made

Rock music has always been about the show, the otherness, the theatre, the escapism. Which is why the best of it feels like the score to films, films still to be made but which paints scenes and scenarios win the listeners mind. And like film scores the music has to embellish, heighten and drive the action taking place in the listener mind and Khaylan’s majestic new single Dancer does just that.

 It is in such regions that rock comes closest to classical music and here the dark majesty of the likes of Wagner are writ large across a sonic canvas, but the weight and delivery also encroach on the star-crossed romance of goth, the weight and intensity of metal and even the lush soundscaping more associated with dream-pop. But at its core it has all the trappings of the rock and metal you would expect and flashes of white hot guitar, pulsing back beats and dynamic interplays that take the song from minimal reflection to heart wrenching drama and back again are all hard at work. Maybe this is the way films will be made in the future, at least in the fringes where art and music mix, that the score will be made first and then interpreted by the film maker to create the story. If that happens Khaylan will have a job for life.


Acadian – Changing Colours: Vibrantly Composed Chicago Dance-Rock

As soon as I saw that Acadian was a Chicago Dance-Rock band, it was hard for me to expect anything but perfection, but that’s exactly what they delivered.

Their vibrantly composed new track Changing Colours was released in April 2018, it might not be on the charts yet, but with such an effervescent Mars Volta hype behind the anthem it damn well deserves to be. Their high-energy sensibility has reinvigorated the Rock genre through the infusing of EDM elements around the soaring guitar riffs. Kevin Frank’s slightly fractured and Twee vocals brought a great dynamic to Acadian’s sound, even if the vocal range does veer off into more of a Pop than Rock arena his range is still resoundingly impressive.

You can check out Changing Colours alongside the other sensationally melodic tracks from their debut EP ‘Neon Heart’ on SoundCloud. Considering that Neon Heart was Acadian’s first independent release I’m bowled over at their synergetic melodies that create a weave of up-tempo hooks to sink into.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jack Farrow – I’m Terrified: A Progression of Quintessentially Sweet Rock

Jack Farrow’s latest track I’m Terrified is a cloyingly beautiful mash up of Lo Fi sound and Progressive Rock with an almost Post-Punk twist. In short, it’s absolutely genius and I enjoyed every second of the mellow chord progressions that were lifted by Farrow’s vocals that were subtle yet palpably passionate. The lyrics to I’m Terrified were fairly simplistic, yet the weight that they carried will almost certainly guarantee this track will stay with you long after it softly fades out.

What sets Jack Farrow apart from other artists is the fact that he performs his music with a humble humility, there’s no Rockstar grandiosity, which you can probably guess from the title of his debut track I’m Terrified. Yet he carries the sweet quintessential loveliness through to his sound which I can’t recommend enough. I think I’m in love. Oh, and he knows his way around a guitar riff too. Contemporary Rock artists just don’t get better than this.

You can check out the official music video to Jack Farrow’s latest track I’m Terrified on YouTube.

Follow Jack Farrow on Facebook and keep up to date with his rhythmic new releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Cruel April – The Immortality Song: A Guitar Driven Celebration of Desire and Longing

The Immortality Song is a Jangle Pop masterpiece production by the sensational Soul Rock collective Cruel April. If you like your music steeped in empowering prowess and driven by rhythmic instrumentals checking out Cruel April’s debut track is really a no brainer.

With the captivatingly genius lyrics, the angular guitar chord progressions and Jenny G’s resounding vocal ability it’s safe to say Cruel April has created an anthem that won’t soon be forgotten. Which ironically is the whole point of the track, written from an artists perspective of desire to be noticed above the rest and remembered after they are gone. Once the sentiment really hits you, it’s quite sobering considering how much passion each artist pours into every production, with The Immortality Song you’re treated to a taste of that frustrated longing. But, there’s certainly a lot more iridescent life in Cruel April Yet. As debut Rock n Roll tracks go it doesn’t get much better.

You can check out Cruel Aprils track The Immortality Song which was first released on February 27th, 2018 on SoundCloud or head on over to her website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Great Noise – Common Ground: A Contemporary Rock Act Worthy of Their Name

I was starting to wonder if emerging artists that created blinding Rock tracks had just slipped off the earth. Then I stumbled across The Great Noise. The rock collectives name is probably the most apt band name I’ve come across in years.

Their use of heavy reverb around the otherwise soaring guitar riffs gave their debut track Common Ground that timeless Grunge aural alchemy that will never grow old. The vocals behind The Great Noise stuck within the safe confines of the more traditional Rock vocals which bore a sweet reminiscence to acts such as Smashing Pumpkins Soundgarden and Basement and other contemporary Rock bands that share the same veraciously raw vocal ability. Considering Common Ground was the first ever track produced by The Great Noise as part of their new raucous project, it can’t be denied that they started their career by hitting the ground running. The Virginia

Catch The Great Noise before they’re famous and impress all of your friends by heading over to Soundcloud and checking out their debut track Common Ground now.

You can tell them how amazing they are on their official Facebook page

Review by Amelia Vandergast


When In Rome…Sound Like You Come From Detroit!

Blending impassioned street soul, rootsy juke box r’n’b, blissed out blues, funky pop and a host of other Americana flavours, Shoes mixes classic, timeless sounds with a contemporary production that makes for the perfect song and curated tour through the last eighty years of western music.

It is the sound of truck stops blending into back street Chicago blues clubs which in turn become the sound of a rocking chair creaking on a back porch as the screen door slams, Mary’s dress sways and there is a distinct possibility that Roy Orbison is playing on the radio. It is the sound of an alternative, underground path that music took when it should have become the mainstream. It is the sound of a midnight ritual designed to re-animate the zombie corpse of the muse of music that mattered, still matters and will continue to matter, long after the current boy band fad has returned to a day job where the main concern is asking the customer if they want fries with that!

All the more surprising then that the band come from Rome!


Revolvers – Stone Island: Pump Up the Reverb

Revolvers latest hit was released in January 2018 and it can only be described as a romantically Lo Fi anthem. Revolvers style bares resemblance to the anthemic icons that blast through Radio X’s soundwaves such as The Artic Monkeys and The Correspondence. The strong imagery in the lyrics to Stone Island have an alt street fashion theme and quite simply the track is bang on trend. The Garage, cramps style strumming, combined with the up-beat anthemic yet Lo Fi aura of bands such as Fidlar, Pavement and The Cribs is a sensational soundscape. I’ve always been a fan of the grungy, reverbed Lo Fi sound, yet I can’t help but think that the London based outfit the Revolvers could have brought a little extra to the table with their debut track. Yes it’s upbeat, instrumentally hot, but there’s not really much that sets Revolvers apart from the other underground acts on the scene today based on their latest hit.

You can check out Revolvers latest track Stone Island on SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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