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Daniel Heffington – Shipwrecked Souls: A Humble Riddle of Harmony & Monstrous Melody

Daniel Heffington’s latest track Shipwrecked Souls is an ethereal piece of music, it’s zealous energy barely fits within the confines of Indie Pop Rock. The track progresses from an intimate tentatively paced introduction that lures you into the snares that are riddled throughout this track before it leads you to an anthemic hit. The Virginia based singer songwriter humbly boasts the unique gift of being able to create a perfectly resonant universal sound that makes you fall in love with his energy before you even get to the chorus. It sounds like ridiculously high praise, yet it’s the plaintive truth.

There’s a slight reminiscence to acts such as Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, Coldplay and Kings of Leon but if truth be told, I haven’t heard such momentous rhythm alongside such succinct soaring harmonies in a long time. And that’s all before you get to the sensational vocals and poignant lyrics.

You can check out Shipwrecked Souls on Soundcloud using the link below:

Follow Daniel on Facebook to keep up to date with his new releases & live events:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Versus Machine – Sweet Machine: Post Punk at its Most Poignant

With Post Punk being my favourite genre of music, it’s safe to say that Versus Machine had a lot to live up to with their debut release of Sweet Machine which dropped on New Years Eve, 2017.

They stood up against Joy Division, Killing Joke, Interpol and The Editors with their sound, and still knocked it out of the park. The reverb on the guitars was on point. The dread infused bassline carries blissfully throughout the track around the sporadic whispered vocals that draw you further into this instrumentally enthralling track until you’re fully submersed in that iconic nostalgic sound.  Although Versus Machine did more than recreate the same old tired sounds from the genre, they threw in the additional apathy of a more Shoegaze symphony that created an effortlessly enticing track, that almost demands to be listened to on repeat

I seriously can’t recommend this track enough, you can check out Sweet Machine for yourselves via YouTube using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Tipping A Hat To The Past Whilst Creating A Glorious Future

Joon Wolfsberg, as well as having possibly the coolest name on the planet, seems to have one foot in the past and one in the future. Save Him comes on like a long lost Janis Joplin song, only without all the unnecessary shouting, it seems woven from effortlessly cool musical strands harvested from a much more honest, direct and less commercially driven time. It blends rootsy rock with a soulful country vibe and whilst they are more often found tearing the place up, Save Him shows just how tastefully formed their music is, how only what is need to get the job done is put into the song, no excess baggage, no gimmickry or sonic frippery.

And whilst the band clearly tip their hat to earlier times and a more old school vibe, the song is still the product of a modern band, one holding a torch to the past rather than merely replicate it, but one with an eye on the future too. They say that those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, Joon and her musical gang prove that it is by learning from the past that they get a hand in writing music’s next chapter and it is a chapter that fans of songs built on integrity and honest are going to revel in.


Winchester – Diamond: Aggressively Raucous Screamo

The pragmatic Pop Punk Metal collective Winchester have just dropped their latest beast of a track Diamond, if you like your metal heavily undulated you’re in for a treat.

The track was released on January 21st 2018 and has already gone viral. Metal aficionados can’t get enough of the not so dulcet sounds that come curtesy of the guttural screamo vocals, wailing guitars and cold as ice bassline. In short, it’s an instrumental masterpiece that you just can’t help getting caught up in, until your heart beat is matching the furious tempo of this raging track. Any fans of Gallows, Bring Me The Horizon and Suicidal Tendencies will love Winchesters 00’s infamous metal sound.

Winchester are just about to drop their much anticipated album ‘Life Begins At These Dead Ends’ (cheery, right?), until then, you can head on over to YouTube to catch the official music video that accompanies the raucous mix Diamond.

You can pre order their upcoming album & check out their UK tour dates by using their website:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dilute To Taste Delivers A Definitive Rock N Roll Song With “Burnout Syndrome”

The drummer yelling “1, 2, 3” to lead into a big guitar riff, fuzz driven bass, and a steady drumbeat is the epitome of what rock n roll sounds like. Big bass and open-chord goodness fills “Burnout Syndrome” to offer a classic vibe from a bygone era. Mick Jagger style lead vocal delivery, beautiful vocal harmonies during the chorus’, a tastefully placed harmonica solo, and a beautifully raw guitar solo is the definition of what classic rock n roll music is! Okay, maybe that isn’t the definition, but it makes for an incredible song nonetheless!

This song is high energy from the initial count-in throughout it’s 4 minute duration. Unrelenting, unchanging, and full throttle, this track has you hooked from the beginning when the band kicks off as one powerhouse. An excellently crafted tune that combines the undeniable raw charm of garage rock production with classic Rolling Stone inspired instrumentation and arrangement. I use the term “Rolling Stone inspired” pretty strictly, as the vocalist delivers in a spoken style similar to Mick Jagger, and the the lead guitar sounds very much like Keith Richards tone.

A contemporary classic may best the best term to summarize “Burnout Syndrome” by Dilute To Taste. Don’t take my word for it, go listen for yourself!


Oddnote – Money Comes, Money Goes: The Future of Alt Rock is Written in the Past

Oddnote are an Alternative Rock collective from Nashville, who may have to go down as the sexiest band of 2018 with their Punk Rock take on music. Frontman Arman Asadsangabi’s vocals will quite literally send shivers down your spine whilst he raucously spits out pure, undulated poetry through his lyrics. Oddnote create waves of rhythmic discord through their bone-rattling riffs and swampy Soul approach to music, their latest debut hit Money Comes, Money Goes, is such a refreshing change from artists singing about lavish grandiosity, they chose to create a mind-numbing ethereal sound that transcends the talent of even the most sensual of Alt Rock bands for fans to resonate with.  Money Comes, Money goes was first released on January 10th, 2018 by Oddnote who have only been around since the start of 2017, after Asadsangabi joined together with instrumentalists; Joseph Downing, Rocko Beall, Nick Huff & Matthew Millstein. Their collective sound is a representation of passion and veracity that sets Oddnote as far as they could possibly be away from the other independent artists on the scene.

Crank it up to 11 and check out Money Comes, Money goes by Oddnote via SoundCloud:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Black Ring Dreams – Blood: Alt Rock Anthemic Angst

If you’re a fan of My Chemical Romance, Panic At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, or Lil Peep, you’re guaranteed to love this track. Blood (I’ll Go Down With My Friends) transported me back to my revelling misspent youth which I spent soaking up Alt Rock hits. Yet Black Ring Dreams have put their own stamp on the genre with the inclusion of relentless rap vocals that make Limp Bizkit sound like an absolute amateur. The track flows with so much contempt and vehemence it’s blissfully cathartic.

The debut track was first released on January 8th, 2018 from the New York based collective of delectably talented musicians that clearly have no trouble when it comes to putting an angsty anthem together. Black Ring Dreams is the poignantly powerful brainchild of Rock aficionado Christian Hartt who has poured his black soul into relentless rhythm that any millennial is sure to want to devour.

Check out Black Ring Dream’s debut track Blood using the SoundCloud link below:

Keep up to date with Black Ring Dreams new releases and tours by following the official Facebook page:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jet Luv remember the roots of their music

If Angel sounds like it comes from an earlier more innocent musical time, there is good reason for that. Jet Luv aim to create a sound which harkens back to a much more innocent, or at least less calculated musical time. One which saw jobbing musicians playing night after night to small but full rooms of pre-TV, pre-video game, pre-box set fixated fans looking to get their musical fix.

Gimmickry and fad are left to one side and instead New York’s Jet Luv lean on 60’s pop sensibilities and psychedelic vibes, 70’s hippiedom and any number of back to basics counter-culture movement which has followed in its wake. The song chimes with eastern exotica and arabesque beats but also with western pop confidence and rock muscle. Timeless, genreless and geographically rootless. What more could you ask for?


The Broken Bones – Blue: Humbly Hammering Hard Rock

Blue is the latest release from the delectably talented Rock Collective, The Broken Bones. The Melbourne, Australia Hard Rock Quartet may be new contenders to the Rock genre, yet this doesn’t impede their veracious flow of their nostalgic Grunge sound. You can taste the 90’s Alternative on their music through their seamless Grunge revival. If you’re a fan of Alice in Chains, Faith No More, Pearl Jam or Gnostalgic, you’re going to want to check out The Broken Bones to hear their unchained melodies, relentless riffs and fuelled cadence of the drum roll. From start to finish their debut track Blue rings with raw, uncensored feverish passion.

Blue was released on January 5th, 2018 alongside their other pioneering debut single Bitter, which rings with the same audible Alternative vibrancy. After listening to both tracks, I’m definitely ready for an album from these bone-rattlingly talented musicians.

Check out the debut track Blue via Soundcloud using the link below:

You can also add both of the singles to your Spotify playlists:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Brian Dalton – Drown: Orchestral, Soul Shattering Industrial Rock

Fans of bands such as Incubus, Nine Black Alps & Nine Inch Nails are going to want to devour Brian Dalton’s latest track Drown which was released on January 5th, 2018.

Down is a prolifically rounded track, which grips you like a vice and doesn’t let go until long after the flawless instrumentals have faded out. There really is no criticism to be found in Brian Dalton’s latest hit, which he’s mixed up from his earlier releases which possess a more mellow grunge undertone. His sensational vocal ability allows the track to soar from resonant melancholy to raunchy rock vocals that make your heart pound with the industrial beat. The orchestral cacophony that swoops into the progression after the last chorus to tear a little piece of your soul away with it, bringing this palpably pounding track to life. And all that is without mentioning the pensive lyrics that ring with poetry steeped in vehemence.

It’s not often I can refer to music as sexy without cringing, but there’s something zealously Godly and sensual about Brian Dalton’s command of sound. He certainly has the Eddie Vedder effect.

Check out the stunning official music video to Drown on YouTube now:

Drown is also available to listen to via Spotify:

Review by Amelia Vandergast.

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