B Walls Releases Their Latest Contemporary Trap Hit “Where I’m From”


New Wave Trap fans may want to prick up their ears for the latest release from up and coming Rap artist B Walls. Their latest single “Where I’m From” dropped in 2019 and provides a dark and commanding mix to vibe to.

B Walls was bold enough to lay down emotively candid lyrics which give a stark view into their experiences as an up and coming artist. But ultimately, the lyrics are a reminder that life is a journey and no one was born at the finish line.

The tone and style of the track is one which you will have heard countless times before. So, upon first hitting play it’s hard to hook into the rhythm or let the lyrics resonate without the elephant in the room which is the assimilative style. There’s no disputing that B Walls has the contemporary Rap style and talent to boot, but I’d really like to hear some true individualistic expression behind their tracks in the future.

You can check out B Walls’ single Where I’m From for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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