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Find Myself: Seattle’s Kid Cambo looks for that true meaning inside his ‘Soul’

Guiding us through the darkness of modern day with a tasteful glance to doing things the right way, Kid Cambo tries to find his true purpose on his latest single called ‘Soul‘.

Janathen Phath aka Kid Cambo, is a ever-growing Seattle-based rapper with Cambodian heritage who makes a fresh blend of music that filled full of that true inspirational seek-your-true-path vibe to enlighten us all.

He has a melodic tone and witty bars, where he has shown versatility in many different types of styles.” ~ Kid Cambo

As he sings with an honest ode to the past – whilst looking towards the future – you feel like he is taking stock of what is actually important in his life. The ambiance is low-lit here with a thoughtful tone, to a world that appears so harsh if you get stuck in the game long enough.

Soul‘ from the hugely talented and fast-rising Seattle-based indie hip-hop artist Kid Cambo, is that smoothly performed track that seeks that true guidance needed to truly advance. This is the true story about wondering who will actually miss you – and if this was actually real – or just a fake game that closes the door so fast on you, that they barely bothered to wave goodbye.

Hear this new track on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Feel The Confinement: Gaby DeSpain desires that stimulating thrill on ‘Settle For Skin Deep’

After dazzling us with the incredible singles ‘Dark Delight‘ and ‘Disaster‘, Gaby DeSpain knows that she shouldn’t submit to her potentially dangerous urges but needs to fill the cravings right now on ‘Settle For Skin Deep‘.

Gaby DeSpain is a thrilling American-Icelandic indie synth-pop and blues singer-songwriter who is based in Seattle. She makes that eerily brilliant music which grips hard at your curious soul, taking you to exciting places in your vividly trained imagination.

Raised in India and Turkey and now based in Seattle, DeSpain spent her formative years traveling Europe and Asia.” ~ Gaby DeSpain

With her glorious vocal ability causing your entranced body to shiver nervously in delight – you sense her smartly-written lyrics open your hungry mind up to the temptation-filled world – which most of us feel is desperately needed currently. She shows us into her night out to the stale smoke-filled local bar – knowing that this evening might not be worth it – but could be a wild adventure she might nonetheless enjoy.

A world weary poet, DeSpain uses her music to broaden perspectives while illuminating the commonality of all human kind.” ~ Gaby DeSpain

Settle For Skin Deep‘ from the Seattle-based sensual indie-pop/blues artist Gaby DeSpain, is that whiskey-soaked experience that you need to have in your life sometimes. She sings with such an hauntingly beautiful tone and is rather refreshingly honest here, as she tells us the frisky story that so many of us have felt lately. We need to get outside and feel that hot spark again with a total stranger, who might be tomorrow’s regret.

Listening to your heart is usually the way to go, but sometimes you just need to take the plunge and seek out something that thrills you enough, to awaken your sleepy soul.

Listen to this sensationally performed new single on her Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m A Bad Girl: Xxngel Baby shows us she is truly ready for the ‘Party And Bullshit’

With a high-energy vibe that perfectly encapsulates real life as she sees it, Xxngel Baby pays homage to the late great, Christopher “Notorious B.I.G” Wallace, on her hot new track about not taking nonsense from anybody on ‘Party And Bullshit‘.

Xxngel Baby is a fiery female rapper, music producer and model from Seattle, Washington. She is a skilled emcee first and foremost, who brushes off any haters to the floor really quickly, as she flows furiously here with a busty beat added in to match her lofty ambitions.

Xxngel Baby has been steadily amassing a small fan base with her cutting bars and cool girl style. With just two music videos out, she is preparing to release a mixtape in early Fall.” ~ Xxngel Baby

With a straight up message of defiance to those who have doubted her path to emerging greatness – she teaches the roaming claw-heavy sisters some much-needed manners – on a highly impressive track from a motivated rapper, with lots to achieve still. Her skill set is easy to see and in much abundance, as she lays down lines which will have the competition surely shook with heartfelt admiration.

Party And Bullshit‘ from the sensational Seattle hip-hop artist and model Xxngel Baby, is a statement of intent from a supremely hungry rapper. She has decided to take charge and sounds on top form here with her thunderbolt delivery. With a skilled flow and a barrage of breathtaking bars which takes her onto her own stratosphere, this is a confident young lady on a mission to reach the top and do it her own way with style.

See this vibe-filled new music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feel the chill from Hot Sacci’s latest RnB trap track, ‘ICEY BOI’

Seattle-based hip hop artist and producer Hot Sacci made his debut in 2018 and has remained prolific ever since. His latest single, ‘ICEY BOI’, shows just how dynamic their playfully subversive sound has become.

After a moody intro, ICEY BOI evolves into a melodic feat of RnB-infused trap where Hot Sacci refuses to hide behind a façade. As soon as you hit play, you’re confronted by authentic personality, making it all too easy to fall into the downtempo, almost dreamy versatile track. If you’re looking for tracks for chilled summer nights, look no further than ICEY BOI.

ICEY BOI is now available to stream via Spotify. Connect with Hot Sacci via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Time To Explore Again: Les Ailes yearns to be free as she finds her own path on ‘Lately’

Born with a guitar practically in her hand due to the family genes, Les Ailes is ready for her time to shine on the new single called ‘Lately‘. that is taken off her dynamic new eight-track ‘Tennessee‘ LP.

Les Ailes is the Seattle-born project of soulfully authentic indie modern-folk singer-songwriter Rylie DeGarmo. She makes that aesthetically pure soundscape that feels so good in your heart, as you wash away all the doubts by turning her up to full.

This is the true tale of how you can feel down by current affairs in this complex world, by putting the world on your shoulders to find deeper meaning. Standing up for what is right means so much for your heart and if you are somehow not doing that even if you could be being too hard on yourself, the urge can be to look too far in, without looking up to the bigger picture.

Her voice is absolutely breathtaking, her stunning delivery is so captivating as she peacefully lets you into her feelings to show you who she really is as a human. A kind soul has just opened up her wings, as you feel that she growing up before our eyes, as her creativity is soaring and you feel her energies are gaining steam for more to come.

Lately‘ from the incredibly gifted US singer-songwriter Les Ailes, is a story that makes you feel so reflective, as you wonder if your efforts in this selfish world are enough to make it better. With a self-aware nature, you feel that this is how she is motivating her mind to explore more once restrictions are lifted – as her soul yearns for more knowledge and experiences worldwide – after being stuck in a numbing box for too long.

See her fascinating music video on YouTube and follow her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wave Armory take us to the pit with doom-prog new single ‘Iron Lung’.

Wave Armory by Wave Armory

Fans of loud, melodic alt-rock could do no better than checking out this, the first single from Joe Butterfield’s (QUIIET) new project Wave Armory. That’s not intending to be diminishing or ‘box-finding’, either – ‘Iron Lung’ is very definitely modern and progressive, whilst bringing together a bunch of classic 90’s and 00’s grunge and alt-metal influences; there’s a very definite ‘Dirt’-Era Alice In Chains vibe going on with the feedback and heavy drop-tuned riffage, the vocals gently effected and set back in the mix a la Stayley or Cornell. That ‘Rusty Cage’ Soundgarden edge comes across in the excellent doomy stomp of the guitars, too, the bass and drums plodding in the very, very best sense of that description, absolutely inviting the listener to slam, mosh, and wreck before the wah-driven solo takes over, the chorus sticking in your head long after the vocal ends.

Wave Armory’s debut EP – from which ‘Iron Lung’ is taken – is out across streaming platforms now. You can practically hear the circle-pits opening up in anticipation already.

Check out ‘Iron Lung’ here; follow Wave Armory on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Washington Rock powerhouse Birch Riley address the fragile state of your existence with ‘One Life to Live’

Birch Riley gave us a taste of their highly-anticipated album with the monster of an Alt Rock hit “One Life to Live”. If you need frequent reminders that the sands of time are always slipping, this sonically electrifying hit from the Washington-based powerhouse will gladly hammer home the temporary state of your existence.

Despite the ferocity, there’s plenty of soul to be found in this viscerally enticing hit which was made for radio. With the vocals soaring as high as the guitar solos in the chorus, you can expect to be as adrenalized as the soundscape when you hit play.

There may be some Classic Rock touches to the single, but indisputably, there’s enough distinction and nuance in the deftly crafted track to assure you that Birch Riley are as authentic as Rock acts get in 2020.

You can check out Birch Riley’s single One Live to Live along with the rest of their interstellar album Fragments of Space and Time via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Seattle-based Audri is here with splendidly arranged ”Automatic”

Sometimes the feeling is just absolutely laser focused and automatic. You just know when you are attracted to someone and the spark can consume you. The first time I listened to this song I just knew I liked Audri. A lot. Her voice is smokey clear and with intoxicating power.

This is indie-pop with plenty of punch and perfectly percolated with methodical precision. Taken off the new EP titled Aud, put your hands together as one and turn Audri’s music up loud.

With a way of grabbing you by the soul but not in a pushy manner, Seattle native Audri dazzles with her new single. ”Automatic” is all about the first time your eyes meet with someone and the sparks fly off the earth like a furious welder. Her voice is so incredible and she brings us into the story expertly from a distance. There is no coincidence about this talent, she is here with a bang and we need to take note. I feel free while listening to Audri. The production is fantastic and blends in perfectly with her style and for the song’s purpose. We have just witnessed a breakthrough of a massive scale. Audri is on the rise and we need to tune in now.

Click here on Spotify for this song and more music from this fantastic young artist with the world at her feet.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mitchell Mirande – Oh Ailia – An Emotional Song That Falls Somewhere In Between The Lightness Of Pop And The Intimacy Of Folk Music.

Mitchell Mirande is a singer and songwriter with a minimalist approach to his work. His music makes me think of the work of artists as diverse as Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz, just to mention a few. It is all about trying to find that thin balance that exists between cheerful and uplifting pop tunes, and that intimacy we known and love about acoustic/folk music.

This song however, takes on a different life, as the acoustic guitar and vocals are joined by a full-on arrangement, with lots of counter melodies, drums and other cool rhythmic elements.

Mitchell’s recent studio single, “Oh Ailia”, is definitely a great compromise between these two different vibes. The song has a nice rhythmic twist and a very sparse arrangement that further contributes to the emotional response and positive impact of this particular single release. When listening to this song, I almost find myself wishing it was summer all over again. I could picture myself sitting on the beach surrounded by friends with a guitar on my lap, singing along and strumming along to this great tune!

Nyro Releases Cinematic Track “Terror In Tacoma”

Rarely do artist completely change the direction of sound – and do it as effortlessly as Nyro has done on, “Terror In Tacoma.” The lavish yet slightly monochromatic musical score dances around a colorful yet glassy piano and not much else (maybe some slight strings here and there), but it’s the whimsical simplicity that sets the undertone of mystery and anticipation.  The musical score enters with a reoccurring motif that slowly blends within the score allowing the listener to relate to the sound on a narrative level. If you listen close enough, there’s a story unfolding right before your very eyes or ears rather and that’s the best part of this piece.

The veracity of the piano is a key factor when listening to this track, as it’s use employs a wide range of orchestrated sounds dancing from subtle almost Asian influenced patterns to playfully quaint tones yielding harmonious moments of both beauty and anticipation. Despite its beauty (or maybe because of it) one can’t help but be drawn in from beginning to end. This is a solid track, a refreshing glass of water in the somewhat cottonmouth sound we are slowing becoming accustomed to hearing more and more these days.