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Never Settle: I-am-us sees no reason to stop on WHEELS FALL OFF

Sliding onto that beast mode and delivering his zero tolerance for anything getting in the way of success, I-am-us shows us the grit needed to keep the money flowing no matter what on WHEELS FALL OFF.

I-am-us is a Seattle, Washington-based indie singer-songwriter who loves to push the boundaries on what is actually possible in life despite the odds stacked against him.

With a grind-now mentality like none other witnessed so far this year, I-am-us shows the kids what is required in this fast-changing world. Sung and rapped with real insight and demonstrating a rather smart mindset, we find a release made to open up the eyes of those who have lost their edge.

WHEELS FALL OFF from the vibrant Seattle, Washington-based indie singer-songwriter I-am-us is a hustle song for the ages and doesn’t hide away from that fact. Replenished with a thoughtful melody and packed with so much to be inspired by, this is an anthem for anyone who knows that grind world all too well.

When you’re in form and looking upwards, the future shall always look bright.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Loving You So Long: Tyrone Bradley stays on track with Don’t Want You Back

Taken from his latest 7-track Loser/Lover LP, Tyrone Bradley opens up about the time he thought the love would be strong forever on the raw new single Don’t Want You Back.

Tyrone Bradley is a Seattle-based and Lynx Records powered hip hop artist who spits hard bars to feel better with on each of his tracks.

After dealing with so much fakeness and unnecessary pain recently, Tyrone Bradley leads himself away from a reoccurrence and walks away for good. Showered in distance and a need to break the toxic relationship before the venom reaches the soul, we are treated to a hungry rapper who slices the past away rather impressively.

Don’t Want You Back from Seattle-based hip hop artist Tyrone Bradley is a passionate sizzler to turn up on max when it’s time to end something which is unhealthy long-term. Wrapped in so much electrifying lyrics and a speaker-breaking beat, this is an underground track for anyone who needs to move on to a new love.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Do You Feel The Same: Arlene takes us into her bedroom on when i call

Wondering why she is playing this childish game with a greedy lover who is clearly wasting her valuable time, Arlene senses perhaps she is a side girl to a player who isn’t ready for genuine love on when i call.

Arlene is a Seattle, USA-based indie pop singer-songwriter who creates those sweetly delectable gems that will be stuck in your head for hours.

Soaring so high after a tragic event while shepherding us through her sore heart, Arlene projects the feelings of so many who have been let down in this swipe-quick world where true love is so hard to find. Despite always being available and opening up her hopes, while now feeling the frigid winds of realization that it’s probably over.

when i call from Seattle, USA-based indie pop singer-songwriter Arlene is an eerily honest story that so many of us have felt before. Those lonely nights waiting for a call that never comes is the picture presented, in a lovely way, by a stunning vocalist who puts her whole heart into this fine effort.

Sometimes walking away from a cold love is the only to be happy again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Susan G wants that smell of his cologne all over her body on ‘Could You Be’

Urging her new lover to take her home so that they may share another round and start to move closer as their lips tingle with excitement, Susan G returns with a song so sensual it might cause heart palpitations on ‘Could You Be‘.

Susan Galbraith aka Susan G is a Seattle, USA-based indie-pop artist, lifestyle writer and content creator who makes that finger-clicking music you can’t help but enjoy.

You’ll often find her collaborating on projects with her husband Jake, writing about the harsh realities of trying to get anything done with kids at home, and laughing too loud in public with her ride or die group of friends.” ~ Susan G

With a wonderfully electric atmosphere that has your eyes wide awake as you imagine this drink-filled moment of feeling like you have met the perfect connection for tonight, Susan G is at her imperious best with a saucy new single that will have you grinning broadly with a cheeky wink.

Could You Be‘ from Seattle, USA-based indie-pop artist, lifestyle writer and content creator Susan G, is a stranger-packed story that will steam up the windows as the danger unfolds right before our eyes. With salacious vocals and naughty lyrics that might have you unwrapping this hot picture, this is a single that will warm your whole body as you remember meeting that new lover who took your breath away.

Take another sip with this hot new track on Spotify and see more of this incredible talent via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Legendary Seattle folk artist Jim Page is at his best with the instant classic ‘Sleepin’ on a car seat’

Taken off his 24th album called ‘About The Time Is Now‘, Jim Page shows us his incredibly inspiring experience from touring in 17 countries on his latest single about making do with what you have on ‘Sleepin’ on a car seat‘.

Jim Page is a highly-regarded and much-respected Seattle, USA-based indie folk singer-songwriter who is the type of rare prolific artist who has played so many gigs that his name is entrenched into the souls of music lovers wherever he travels.

The core 3 players; Jim, Dune (bass), and Joel (drums); recorded ensemble, each in isolation. The other parts were added individually later. It had to be that way. The ideas came together during the summer of street uprisings and climate change fires, and you can hear some of that in the music.” ~ Jim Page

Jim Page is one of the most beloved musicians around and returns with another glorious soundtrack that should be lodged into our minds forever. This is the message about sleeping where you must – as you get to the next day – even if it’s not the most comfortable bed you will ever find. With witty lyrics and a smooth vocal ability, this is a really enlightening release made by a true underdog great.

Sleepin’ on a car seat‘ from Seattle-based, California-born indie-folk royalty Jim Page is the story about doing what you must to survive in this rather odd world. This is an artist who has travelled all over the world on his mission to get his music out to as many people as possible – while seeing places he probably would love to go back to – while others he will definitely avoid.

We are in the midst of a true storyteller who has blended in wherever he goes and should be admired for never giving up on doing what he truly loves. If you believe in yourself enough and are willing to do what it takes, the quest is always worth it in the end, even if your wallet might go missing sometimes.

Hear a true great at work on Soundcloud and find out more about his incredible life on his website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Seattle-based pop artist Hila wants to be taken to paradise on ‘Thoughts Out Loud’

Returning with her 4th single, Hila wonders if this relationship will end like the others or be something different and long-lasting as her hungry heart desires that special love after many disappointments with ‘Thoughts Out Loud‘.

Hila is a fast-emerging Seattle, Washington-based indie-pop solo singer-songwriter who makes the type of music that is lyrically honest and is vocally superb.

She wants to inspire people to follow their dreams, and to believe in themselves no matter what obstacles they face in life.” ~ Hila

Showing us into a world that so many feel right now as the various emotions of the past two years have traumatized so many, Hila sings with an effortlessly-seeming style that is quite exquisite and has you wondering if she will soon find that lover who has her back no matter what.

Thoughts Out Loud‘ from Seattle, Washington-based indie-pop solo singer-songwriter Hila, is a love-filled single from a romantic soul who just wants to find that fairytale courtship. After being let down so many times before by greedy ex’s who just wanted a piece of her, we find a young woman who sounds ready and wants this special feeling so badly. Feeling content and not anxious anymore while being held close, is something that is on her mind and is eloquently expressed on this sweet pop single.

Listen to this new release on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Meet your new slide guitar hero in Forest Ray’s psych-folk single, Always

Forest Ray

The notion of forever may be farfetched, but Forest Ray’s title-single from their upcoming album, Always, melodiously exhibits the beauty in love persisting. The folky psych rock soundscape carries the finger-picking influence of the late and great John Prine as the psychedelic nuances freshen the familiarity under the honeyed timbre of Forest Ray’s vocals.

The soaring guitar slides bring an absorbing dynamic to the release, entrenching Always next to the roots of Americana while simultaneously bringing in the future of psych-rock. Forest Ray deserves to be equally as revered as Kurt Vile for their hazy and cathartic sense of soul that leaves you with no question over their sincerity. For your sanity’s sake, delve in.

The single, Always, will release on January 22nd with the official music video.

Check out Forest Ray on SoundCloud, Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Out Of The Cold: Seattle’s Lauren Drake drops reflective 3rd single ‘Play Along’

Recorded and produced by John Lowell-Anderson, Lauren Drake shows us all that it’s vitally essential to learn that self-worth, love, and find your ultimate purpose, that is all interwoven inside your soul already as you just need to believe in yourself on ‘Play Along‘.

Lauren Drake is a Seattle, USA-based singer-songwriter and actor who studies at Pepperdine University. After her much-loved previous releases called ‘Malibu‘ and ‘Okay‘, we find a highly thoughtful artist in a contemplative mood with a song she wrote back in 2019.

She writes to fill a void of articulated emotions and shares her music in order to help others have their different feelings, emotions and situations become seen and understood.” ~ Lauren Drake

Showing great courageousness to elegantly navigate us into this emotional story that is so personal, Lauren Drake holds our hand with supreme care and guides us into her past life while also thrusting us into the future. This is a determined young artist who was lost for a while in the winds of change, but found her inner compass and now is so much more self-enlightened as she emerges victorious.

Play Along‘ from the Seattle-based indie singer-songwriter and actor Lauren Drake is a regret-filled track about wishing that you could just do it all again to avoid all the pain that really broke you down for a while. After a period of profound introspection, this is a deeply inspiring song that shows you that you can’t change the past and that is a good thing. Growing stronger and figuring out who you actually are when the chips are down, is the best way to see through the fake smoke and mirrors and into a better world that actually completes you.

Hear this new single on her Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feeling In My Stomach: Romantic Relevance shows us how vital friendship really is on ‘Wedge’

Conveying to us a deeply intimate song that strikes personally right at your beating heart, Romantic Relevance reminds us that keeping a close eye on your friends is of paramount significance during these dark times with ‘Wedge‘.

Romantic Relevance is a Seattle, Washington-based indie alt-rock band that intricately show us their stories about small-town blues, finding your way in this strange world and their religious upbringing growing up.

With a touching story that could fit into a movie, Romantic Relevance shows us why they are one of the most must-listen-to bands in the world at the moment. They give us an accurate illustration of how many of us are feeling right now and avoid the fake flash, to only project realness that is such a welcome listen.

Wedge‘ from the excellent Seattle, Washington-based indie alt-rock act Romantic Relevance, is a track that will have your heart beating faster and your mind strolling to the times when you lost someone close to a tragic event or come close to. Sung with real intent and featuring honest lyrics and a hair-raising vocal shirtless exuberance, this is a meaningful single that needs to be heard far and wide to those who feel a bit lost today.

Someone needs your love out there after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Can’t Let Go: Brilliant Seattle alt-rock band Romantic Relevance bravely overcome those dark demons on ‘Kingface’

Through an outstanding and surely memorable soundscape that compels you into the picture projected and a subject that is highly relevant in this overly stimulated world, Romantic Relevance takes charge and set their valuable minds free from any uncertainty on ‘Kingface‘.

Romantic Relevance is a Seattle, Washington-based indie alt-rock 3-piece band that sing about small-town stigmas that are all-too-common, that scary boredom that can grip you excruciatingly tight, and religious upbringing topics from their past.

Romantic Relevance shows us why it’s ROMREL season with a fantastic display that leaves you quite breathless at times. They are a tight-knit group that belt out marvellous melodies –  with ravishing riffs to truly cherish –  that have your whole consciousness on the edge of your seat as their spirit is quite remarkably compelling the whole way through.

Kingface‘ from the thoroughly enjoyable Seattle, Washington-based indie alt-rock outfit Romantic Relevance, is one of the most notable tracks of the year so far. With incredible vocals that remind you of some of the prime acts from the ’90s and a barrage of thunderous vocals from this electrifying act, there is so much to love about a band that is certainly only headed upwards. They lead us into this darkly-lit story and emerge victorious, winning over the evil force that threatened to break down their souls forever. Winning through your mind first seems to always set you on the right path in life.

Immerse yourself in this well-made music video on YouTube and see their development on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen