Susy K knows who warrants her love now on the inspirational-filled ‘Heal’

Soothing her precious soul after feeling the mean wrath of previous fake humans who only cared about themselves, Susy K certainly refuses to go down any jagged road just to pleasure her desires on the groovy single to help you see the entire picture on ‘Heal‘.

Susy K is a Scottish indie neo-soul singer-songwriter and vocal coach who sings with a beautifully enlightening style that takes you into a timeless zone that is hugely uplifting.

It was created to amplifying the importance of finding self-love and self-worth over seeking validation from others–something Susy herself has taken a long time to learn.” ~ Susy K

With a graceful elegance that is absolutely transcendent on our ears that needs so much love, Susy K is quite delightful on this majestic single that is simply exquisite and shows us how it’s possible to grow from previous mistakes and be the person you want to be on the other side.

Heal‘ from Scottish indie neo-soul singer-songwriter/vocal coach Susy K is such a genuine song that takes you through the past and into the future with such class. She shows us we need to truly care about ourselves and not let anything take our shine away, no matter what the short-term effects in your love life. Sung with a gloriously stunning ambience that will help so many brush away any destructive energy, this is a must-listen for anyone who needs to hear the truth.

That self-happiness you feel each day is the best feeling you can face each day if you choose to unlock it.

Hear this gorgeous single on Spotify and see more from this lovely artist on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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